Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Surgery: The Wolf Shift

Oh what a week. I am trying to figure out how people that have no clue about head writers looked at this week's show. My hairstylist texted me about spoilers and wanted to know why they didn't show JaSam for "two damn days" after they got engaged! She also said that she hated the Nikolas send off. (which was rewritten to include the Greece scenes) Shannon had no idea a new writer was on--so there's that. 
 MIL...that's right buddy!

Those of us that are more privy and pay attention to such things, noticed a DRAMATIC change.I think it can be summed up in the following list of "Garin Wolf's Top Ten GH Shifts"

10. Sonny wasn't on for a whole week-- We know MB went on vacation but in the old days we would have been served up at least 3 days of inserted block taping angst about the break up. This was a nice, welcome change.

9. Helena discusses Laura's time on the island...compares Nikolas to her son and looks fabulous in python-print. Not for nothing, but Guza hasn't had Hells on in AGES let alone working with Luke and someone else we haven't seen yet.

8. ELQ Offices: What?!

7. Liz, Jason and Sam scene that wasn't gratuitous or just plain weird. Loved the talk--it honored Liason history while looking JaSam straight in the face.

6. Siobhan goes bat-ass'd crazy. Sure, Guza loved his Oyrish Lass...but she was a  bit of a non-issue couch potato. GW has given her some psycho. We like.

5.  Steven Mentions his grandfather, his past AND has hot sex with Olivia.

4. Alexis and Molly discuss Cassadine Lore--all with a nice "wind of change" coming. Alexis also tells Jason she's his new Mom-in-Law after blowing into the brown paper bag. Nice.

3. Scrubs Sex in the Hospital..complete with picnic...and Epiphany throwing new sheets at Patrick

2. Tracy not only GOES to Jake's...she drinks a Manhattan there. What!? (Yummy AZ scenes too!)


MONICA, MONICA MONICA! I half expected Adam Sandler to walk out and start singing his Harmonica song!! LOL... She was on with Tracy, Jason and Liz. Not only that she brought a photo to Jason of him riding a big wheel!! The fact that Monica never knew about Jake in his lifetime was a huge mistake on Guza's part, imo. So was killing off almost the entire Q Tribe. Perhaps Mr. W will be fixing some of that mess.

How did you like this week? Did you think/see changes? I do think one of the bigger issues is the use of more characters in one show.  History mentions like Sam's brother Danny :thud: Lucky staring at the prescription bottle. A mobster that doesn't just skulk around but is a bit fun (talking Anthony here) and seems to be involved with everything from the drug ring to Helena to Skye to ELQ.  Follow them cupcakes!! 
Now, get rid of GumShoe Spinelli---it was cute for about 1.2 seconds. Now? Not so much. thanks.

Scene of the Week: I am going to have to go with the Sam/Jason/Liz scene. I really liked the tone, liked the way Liz said "It was much more than that" --and also the Sam interaction. Very nuanced and meaningful, imo

Who won "Best Smile Male"?? You won't be surprised! Vote this week for Best Smile Female--


AND if you haven't WATCHED One Life T o Live-- do it!! especially MONDAY! It's going to be epic!! 

Have a great Sunday. Thanks for all the Wub here and on Twitter. (@wubsnet)


  1. I LOVED the first week! It actually felt like a soap! I did notice many changes and it's been a while since I've wanted to watch every show to see what will happen.

  2. Karen, well, I'm still here, as Sonny and Brenda still love each other, it's only her child that caused her to leave (or so I tell myself), so I can hang in there . . . AND S & B are declared the great loves of each others' lives.

    The best scene: Alexis/Jason, "I think I swallowed my own spit," LOL, I think that she ad libbed that one.

  3. I liked all of the Cassadine talk, I've missed them. I enjoyed Helena slinking around and Nik being back and it actually looks like there's something intruiging going on there. I liked the spooky Alexis and Molly scenes at the lake house with the wind kicking up. I liked the Ethan and Kristina scenes, especially their talk on the floor of the elevator and her dizziness - could be hinting at a good story coming up for them. I liked that Dante wasn't frontburner. I liked that Sonny wasn't frontburner. I liked that Carly wasn't frontburner. I thought Alexis' and Jason's "hug" was hilarious. I liked all of the nods to history - FINALLY. I cheered when Monica was on. Tracy and Anthony were cute. Lucky being forcibly injected was disturbing, but I understand it was for dramatic effect and I'm interested to find out how he reacts Monday. I liked all of the different characters being on, instead of scene after scene after scene of three or four characters. I liked the different camera shots and lighting and a few different sets for once. The tone overall was very refreshing. All in all, I thought it was a great week. I'm sure there are some things that are being tweaked and it will take a while for things to really get going, but I enjoyed GH this week.

  4. It was cool to not see Sonny all week. Now I wonder it will be when MB do come back. Will they balance Sonny or will it be Sonny Hospital still.

    I saw a big change this week. I watched the whole show of GH on Tuesday and that's the first time I didn't change the channel because I didn't like the episode. It was balanced this week. Even Carly was ok.m

    Like I said. I'm more wondering how they will do Sonny since he was always the center of the show. If Sonny is tolerable and not taking up all the week, I'm going to like Mr. Wolf.

  5. I thought it was a huge improvement. It was the first time in a long time I have enjoyed multiple episodes in one week. I am actually looking forward to next week for a change.

  6. I absolutely loved this first GW week of GH...the entire tone and vibe of the show just felt good! The dialogue was smooth, and the scenes were really well-played by the actors. I was completely drawn into the show this week, which hasn't happened in a while.

    My fave scenes of the week involved Sam/Jason/Liz. It was great to see Liz recognize some of her more destructive habits of constantly running to her exes (I sense some personal growth coming on), but it was also great to see Sam acknowledge that Liz needed Jason in that moment. I love that Sam is becoming a serious voice of reason, and would love to see a friendship between her and Liz! Can't wait for the JaSam wedding, by the way!

  7. It was certainly an improvement. I am now convinced GH would not just survive but would thrive without MB and TG. That is no insult to the actors but they seem to gobble up so much of the screen time and/or storylines have to work around there schedules. Letting them go would allow GW to continue what he has being doing, using a greater percentage of the current set. Monica, Helena and Epiphany have been a great start but more Mac, Edward and Diane please. Also, bring back Bobbie, Dillon, Ned, Lucy, Taggart, Tom, Simone, Anna and Audrey. Please keep Franco off my screen.

  8. Best week in the last 8 years.

  9. Watched Friday's show this morning. I was putting it off, I heard about the Lucky scene and knew that it would break my heart to see it. It did break my heart. Sniff...

  10. I was disappointed to see Sonny back since I hoped for one whole week without him. Other than that and Jackal PI which is awful it was a good week

  11. I didn't actually watch the show however I saw the EW/jm/sam scenes and did appreciate them for what they were--the scene would have been more poignant had sam not been that to muck it up. I agree EW should stop running to useless men.
    The other scenes I saw had Nic/Lulu/Helena and that was excellent TC knocked that completely out of the park and told a lot of truth--it's all about Lucky and I'm as sick of that damned whiner as Nic is.
    I watched the scenes with Monica/jm and they were okay I loved seeing her again. however, I didn't watch her scenes with EW because I heard she was mean to her about the paternity etc. if she didn't give her own son HELL she had no business chastising EW for something they were both equally to blame for, again IMO.
    Alexis/jm no way did I watch that because that engagement is a farce IMHO.
    While I LOVED the Liason scene the Cassadine/Spencer one was the best.
    I'm giving GW all of August I have my DVR set to record and will watch if I hear it's worth while so far I like that he's including more characters that is never bad. as for no sonny, carly I never watch them anyway so I wouldn't have missed them.

  12. I'm not sure I can remember the last time you posted something like that. An optimistic/positive GH post - SO LONG GUZA! :)

  13. Sonny/MB wasn't on for 10 days back in January under Guza. This isn't a GW thing. When someone goes on vacation, we don't see them for a few days. That's how it's been w/ everyone (Carly was off screen for a week in June I think it was, when LW vacationed in May). It doesn't appear they do much pre-taping anymore...and it's been that way for awhile. Also..I wouldn't call it Sonny's Hospital..more like Jason's Hospital. SBu is WAY over MB in episode counts this year and last year was the same thing. When are we EVER gonna get a break from all things Jason?

  14. Loved the Liz, Jason and Sam scene too. I'm a Liason fan but I understand that unless Jason discontinues his life of crime that relationship can never work. So, in that case Sam is his better choice. Yet, I hate when writers totally disregard the importance of prior relationships to ship a current one so the scene gave me hope GW will respect the importance of Liz in Jason's life even if he goes with a JaSam marriage.

    And second favorite was Robin getting in the last word with Carly. Woo Hoo!

  15. Being a die hard liason fan, i have to admit Sam & Jason's engagement was cute. Kemo looked amazing (out of black for a change and beautiful in white with an up do) Now that I have said that Liz's line was best of the week saying it was so much mroe than just a connection. I could spend a day on U tube watching old scnes dating 14 years back or more. Some rumors have jason hurt in the car accident & returning to the Jason Q we knew before. Guess we'll see.

  16. I too loved the Liason & Sam scene. Hate that Sam is ever a voice of reason after all the crap she pulled but time has made me forget (some) of it.

  17. The absolute funniest moment on Friday's show was when the passer by threw change in Sonny's coffee cup!

  18. Anon - I would take Jason being on 5 days a week over Sonny being on even 1 day a week. Everything with Sonny is mob, anger, throwing dishware. Even when he interacts with the kids it is dark and heavy. Jason, why still being mob centric atleast has lighthearted scenes with the kids, Maxie, etc. and he (occassionally) interacts with people outside the mob like the Q's, Liz and Maxie.
    I see Sonny is dark, depressing all about himself and abusive...I would celebrate if he was written off the show, especially if it was in a way where he was actually held accountable for his past selfish actions.

  19. It broke my heart to see Lucky drugged too!! I hated that and he fought so hard. =(

  20. SPOILERS: So Liz was wrong again, Lucky gets indeed hooked on drugs, Siobhan gets hurt, Liz tries to take her to GH (that's the least she can do), causes the accident with Jarly, Siobhan dies ( I am guessing) , and Jason is gravely injured. Not to mention Jakeand how he died because Liz was "distracted". What's going on with Liz? when will she stop hurting other characters?

  21. Guys, did you hear this: Watch for a Jason and Liz love scene in the "coma dream". WHAT?????

  22. I'm still praying that Jason wakes up from his coma and can't remember jason Morgan. It would be perfect if he was Jason Q again and out of the mob, and back with the Q's. It would really throw a monkey wrench in many people's works.

    And since this is indeed soap land, maybe we could find out that jake didn't die. he was taken and another child left badly injured in his place. ( Something Franco or Elena would do) Wouldn't it be great to see Jason Q back interacting with his child, and ignoring carley and Sonny.

  23. I have to admit. I haven't watched a whole episode of GH since 2007. When Ted King left GH, I stopped watching because it was just too much of Sonny and Jason. I was just tired of the show centered around Sonny, Jason and the mob. If you're not in their story, you are on the backburner.

    I really hoped GW brings everybody back to the frontburner. Everybody get an equal amount of airtime not just one character. A lot of the stars on the show haven't had a good s/l in years.

    I still have hope with GW, but if I see the show will continue to be centered around Sonny especially the mob all the time, I'm not going to watch anymore.

  24. The writting was much better and more evenly spread out. Let's face it Jason Morgan is here to stay and JaSam is tptb it couple. I'm fine with that I just hope that all other characters get good written and well put together storylines. I'm tired of one person (Liz) being thrown under the bus to make everyone else look good. Why is it that she's going to be the one to cause the accident. Hopefully after all this she can have some happiness and the door mat title can be passed around to other cast members for a change!


  25. Dear Karen,

    I'm a GH fan and I've been reading your blog for years.
    Raven is my main source for spoilers, but i come here every day because I like the way you analyze the show and respect the fact you know so much about it and its history. I like the fact you notice all the details and that you try to be impartial. I also like your sense of humour :)
    Anyway, I have a problem and I'd like to talk to you about it because I'd like to know what you think about it. I'm a JaSam fan and please note I said "JaSam fan", I'm not a fan of either SB nor KeMo, even if I like the way they act/deal with fans and their looks. I'm not usually interested in the actor/actress because I think you can't like/disleke someone you don't know. I like Jason Morgan and/with Sam McCall. But this makes it very difficult for me to keep following your blog. Everytime I'd like to comment on your post or something, I access this page and inevitably end up reading some of other people's comments and most of them are pro-Liz and usually quite mean/offensive, especially towards KeMo. Most of my other Jasam-fans friends of mine never visit this blog because of this, but I still like it and don't want to "lose you". Maybe you don't care about this, or can do nothing about this, but to me it's an "issue": I will eventually have to stop coming here because the comments are really annoying and kind of push towards a useless war.

    Thank you for your time.

    A fan.

  26. Dear Fan..
    I really don't see a "Liason bias' here at all. I personally am not a "fan" of either. I like Steve with both actresses, I think he has chemistry with both.
    You'll actually note that comments on here are against Liz (in this post anyway).
    Are you saying I'm biased? I don't think so.
    I don't delete comments unless they are nasty to an actress/actor or to another poster.
    Almost anyone on here will tell you I don't tolerate anything against Kelly personally, I've deleted posts because of it.
    I have had no idea that JaSam people "won't visit here" because of Kelly bashes, it's news to me.

  27. Karen, you can't make everybody happy, and no one can control what different viewers enjoy or don't like.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  28. Frisco,
    I second everything you said about Sonny vs Jason. I am so hoping that reports of Sonny's departure are true.

  29. I used to not really care about Liz, but I find myself becoming a L&L2 fan with JJ. I just don't like how they are writing for her.

  30. OHh!! And Siohban is making me so mad talking so much smack to Liz about Jake. I mean, is SHE OUT OF HER OYRISH MIND?! She wouldn't understand the extreme loss of losing a child, and I get so mad every time she throws it up in Liz's face.

  31. Any and all sparring GH fanbases better knock that junk off right quick. This show is likely to be cancelled in the next year to year and a half. Now is now the time to be complaining at each other about who the almighty Jason is paired up with. Screw that crap. Time to circle to wagons and take whatever joy we can in the time that we have left. Truth.
    -Old School GH fan

  32. Dear Uma,

    As a former Liason fan just wanted to let you know that all Liason or Jasam fans are not the same. While you my have a few from both sides being hateful and nasty that does not represent the vast majority.

    When Liason was paired together I have to admit that I did like them alot and was even mad when they were broken up. I actually like the Sam character and the actress KM. I may not be a big JaSam fan but I do understand that Sam is better fit for Jason's world. I just wish that Jake could have stayed on the show and RH/Liz character could be written without being portrayed as a needy baby making machine. Hope you don't stop visiting the site because Karen does a great job at running it and stopping any foolishness that anyone trys to start!


  33. RMFE Sonny wasnt on for a week... DUDE MB was on VACATIONS!! that's not a GW thing... Try and be accurate in your statements.. well obviosuly that's a WORD the "Queen" wubsnet is not used too... GMFB

    I was ll those Monica Fans help the ratings go UP... *RME*

  34. I loved the Jasam/ Liz scene. I love Jasam as a couple but like both Sam and Liz on the show. They've both messed up and have come up better for it.

    Loved the Jason and Alexis hug, twas amazing. Hahaha!


    So yes, GW has done pretty well for his first week. I watched the full episode everyday this week and thats saying something cause I haven't since Jasam broke up back in '07.

  35. Dear fan, most of us Liason fans respect Kemo as an actress, voted for her on DWTS and LOVE her with the Davis clan , Maxie & any o0ther interactions minus Jason. I myself have never personally attacked her and don;t think I have ever read another poster do so in 6 years. Your claims are, well, CRAP!

  36. @Mrs. B.: wow, that's classy. Thank you for respecting other people's ideas.

  37. mrs b you just proved her point with your ignorant comment!

  38. Wow, all you people complaining about Maurice being an "airhog". For the past three years, he has been fourth or fifth in episode counts. His screentime has actually DECREASED. And for those just soooo upset about him being on Friday, get an effin grip, his total scenes amounted to 1:43. That's under 2 minutes in an hour long show. Stop whining and just watch the show at a time when viewership is most important. Quite finding things to nitpick about, it gets old really quick.

  39. This won't have effect in reality, that's exactly what I think.

  40. This cannot have effect in actual fact, that is what I think.

  41. Surely, the dude is absolutely fair.


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