Saturday, April 30, 2016

43rd Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards

The Daytime Creative Arts awards were last night in tinseltown! Some Soap sites went including We Love Soaps, Soap Central and Buzzcast. I grabbed some twitter shots for you but credit is all them!

GH's awards include;
Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series 
Mark Teschner
General Hospital, ABC

Outstanding Costume Design for a Drama Series 
General Hospital, ABC

Outstanding Technical Team for a Drama Series 
General Hospital, ABC

Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series 
General Hospital, ABC

Na'Vell of Buzzcast  and Melody Scott Thomas (source: Dan Kroll) 

Red Carpet Ready Lisa LoCicero 

The Daytime Emmy main event will be on Sunday. It won't be available online or streaming. The best way to "see" it is to follow @soapcentral or @BuzzworthyRadio on twitter. They've been periscoping. I will try to update the blog as much as I can for you as well! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bad Day For Karen.

SO, they "Follow" boot prints from the barn and it's Franco..only it could be a total fake out.  Not sure it's him. He tells Nina he broke down. Nina cries. They yell. She wants compassion and Franco just stares at her. Franco wants Nina to "Say Goodbye" ...they go their own ways. I'm NOT HAPPY. Bye my sweet, fun quirky Nico. BYE
It was well written and well acted. BUT I'm still pissed. 
That picture is what Franco drew after he was all nasty stoic face to Nina and she moved out. 

Maxie and Nate. Getting OUT of bed at least. She wants to know about his other wedding. He says "Just dont' cheat on me" She says "What if Claudette tries to find you"...which you know is gonna happen. 

MONICA IS NOW CHIEF of Staff!! Dr. O is demoted if she wants the job. She's mad. Then Mon and Tracy beg him to stay and he has demands and he decides to say ok.  
Dr. O goes to see Nathan and cries on his shoulder. Aww, nice scene. 

Sonny and Carly are the biggest hypocrites to Michael about Sabrina. Geesh. It's just a stupid convo so I'm not going to bother. 

Maxie and Sam are on.. Maxie wants Sam to find out about Claudette. Sam is like "NO".. that's not a good idea. Maxie is being nasty to Sam. 

Michael goes to visit Carlos. 

Carly is wondering where the kidney came from for Josslyn and tells Hammy Finn about it. 

Kassie tweeted this from pre-emmy fun! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Write?

When you can just shoot somebody!!

Ah, yes...leave it to GH to have Julian back in the mob and then have a kid murdered. WHY NOT!? Sometimes this show pisses me off to no end Is it to destroy Jules and paint him into a corner?? Oh you better believe it. I have a feeling that he's the lead being let go that DC was talking about.  If he's not...why have him kill a kid? 
So, Julian goes into Alexis briefcase to find out the name of the kid to kill. JUST after telling her he'd respect her.

Aaron is here to test Krissy's gayism..or bi-ism or...omnisexualism... Morgan asks her if she's going to take the guy up on his advances. She tells him that Parker is a girl. He says: Huh, don't all girls experiment in college? 

Stables for JaSam. Which equals sex. Who's watching them? Don't care. 

Why write a scene with Hayden and Nikolas where he lets her have the bomb of Jason getting the stocks when you can have Hayden and CURTIS just dish about it after the fact in the Rib??
OMG! That could have been SUCH a good scene!! NOPE. 

Dillon and Kiki changing the tire. Please don't make them dull. 

Later, Hayden goes into Tracy's room. Tracy tells her "you're fired" they crab a bit. Then Hammy Finn comes in and sees Hayden and says "are you sorry about the misery your family caused"?? 
Seems his medical foundation was 'bled dry" by Berlin and he lost someone 'close to him". 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sonny's Birthday

Looks like Spencer will pop up on GH sometime...Nicholas tweeted this today. 

Today's show was SO BORING!

If Jordan doesn't realize this is a Sonny set up then she's stupid. The witness? Happens to come in NOW? LOL 

Jason/Franco. VERY homoerotic. 

Nina and Dillon. Zzzzzzzzzz

It's Sonny's birthday. Carly is talking about Joss' kidney. Geesh ..okay then. 

Julian tells Ava he's back in the mob and head of the organization. He did it to save her and "their kids". Okay. Whatever. Alexis doesn't know. 

The stupid set up of the "eyewitness" by Sonny is so transparent. UGH 

UM... Sonny is having RIC look into Josslyn's kidney donation. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Late to the Party

I came in at 2:40.... 

Jules and Nina? Just sitting there chewing the fat? Hmmmm?? He says Franco obviously cares about her...

Franco and Jake...yelling about the dog-- Franco says that Jason is "all about Sam...and he's a lonely kid"... "He reminds me of myself" Jason gets pretty mad. "He's nothing like you!" 

I missed new Jake was he? 

Alexis is telling Molly why she's defending Carlos.  Molly makes her cry. 

The baby IS at the Aunt's house. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: A Blog Named Sue

20160422 0700(10)

Boy, it's getting harder and harder for me not to sound like a broken record..but here I go! 

There are a few things about this week that cheered me. Other things? Not very interesting to be honest. I do have a giant grievance to air regarding a main character, so hang on to those hats. 

It's Sunday and my parents were here to see STOMP last night. They guys all went and Mom and I watched Beyonce's Lemonade.  We loved it. Great artistry. 

Too tired to make any breakfast so, I'm just having my chai. 

Blog Title? Well, I couldn't think of anything and Wub Hub said "A Blog With No Name" and I thought Of Johnny Cash for some reason?? LOL..sooo there it is!! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Puppy Love

Maxie and Nathan get thrown an engagement party. Felicia and Mac are there!  OMG, Maxie talks about Claudette and GRIFFIN walks in!! Hmmmmmm. Nate and Maxie kiss after he gives her a ring and Griffin drops his beer bottle (like a girl, I swear). 
Maxie is all "I HAVE to find out more about Claudette, I have to" !! 

Felix and Michael are in Puerto Rico, you can tell by the stucco decor and flowers. They talk to her Aunt. She hasn't seen her or the baby.  BUT there's a baby toy on the floor!! Aunie might be lying!! 
The only way this story would be interesting is if Felix and Michael came back a couple. 

Maddox won't say anything about Anna's mental state. I am going to say A LOT about this Anna "STORY" in Sunday Surgery, btw. 
Anna and Paul just yabber it up SO MUCH today. UGH.
Jordan is jelly of Anna when it comes to Maddox. She tells him she knows he has feelings for her. Then he kisses her. 
Scotty is hired by Felicia and Mac to represent Anna. He tells her to stop talking to Paul. 

Griffin got a hair cut.  He flashed back to being shot after he talked to Nathan. Hmmm. 

Franco got Nina a puppy..she's mad. It's not a replacement for a child!!  Franco is like "I was trying to do something NICE for you..geeesh" . She gets mad and walks away as the puppy licks Franco lovingly lol. She tells him either get rid of the dog or go live somewhere else. 


Thursday, April 21, 2016


OMG... Prince. What a icon he was in my life. I wore out 4 cassette tapes of Purple Rain. I wore the clothes. Not only did I listen to his 'popular' music, I really became a fan of his productions, writing and over all musical talent. He was so much more than a singer. 

So sad. I feel like my 80's soul is just being crushed. Feeling Old. All I want to do is sit and listen/watch his videos. 

It's been seven hours and thirteen days
Since you took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since you took your love away

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heartbreak Hotel

SO, there was a great Laura/Helena flashback today. Both had big hair and looked fab. Laura remembers that Hells said because of what Laura did to Stavvy, she will do something to Lucky. 
Kevin found 2 words: Heartbreak Hotel. 

Lante......still in that damn shoebox of an apartment. MOVE THEM ALREADY!  They made love.
They have a fireplace?????? Huh

Felix, Michael and Griffin all discussing Sabrina, the baby and Duke. Griff finds out Anna tried to kill Carlos

Anna and Duke in jail together, yelling about whether or not Duke was good or mobby. She said she hopes he knows what it's like to be a parent and never see his kid. She tells him Duke has a son. 

THEN, Griffin runs in shouting (very weird scene) and says "it can't be true that you tried to kill a man"!! She says: YES, I SHOT HIM!!
Carlos is behind them both in his cell...
Griffin struggles to believe that Anna shot someone and Carlos is like: BELIEVE IT BUDDY.
That whole scene/dialog was weird. Griffin asks Carlos if he's sorry he shot Duke. Carlos says "NO" Griffin grabs him and says I HAVE To find a way to forgive you !!

Sam and Jason. He has a flashback to them being together in bed before he got shot on the docks.  She doesn't want anything to ever happen to him again. Jason says "It won't"
Meaning, it will! LOL 
Sam wakes up from a nightmare, Jason is shot in bed...and HELENA IS STANDING THERE!! WOOT! ahahaa! Nice. Helena grabs Sam and whispers the curse in her ear. heh!! That alone was worth the watch today. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Badger the Badger

Maurice just tweeted me this: 

I love Bob what a great actor equal to no one

Franco was talking to the couch when Kiki comes out. He decides to go to work.

Nina is talking to Dilly at the Metro. She's obviously not going on Vacation. Dillon takes her home when she gets trashed. She ends up kissing him.  Takes his shirt off, then passes out. Kiki finds him all shirtless in the livingroom. He puts Nina to bed.

Dr. O tells Franco Nina should basically get a hobby. 
Carly brings in Josslyn. Dr O told Finn to leave but he treats Josslyn. He thinks she has 5ths disease but send her stuff to the lab to make sure

Sonny's got Jules in his office, tryin ' to get him to talk.  "if Carlos dies, YOU Die" says Sonny to Julian. 

Alexis with Carlos. Tells him not to take the deal. He decides to let her be his lawyer. 

Lomax is mad Jordan arrested Paul. She wants him released and Jordan to say she made a mistake.

Anna and Paul talking in the jail. Paul says he's in love with Anna. She says she can't stand him. He smiles. He gets out of Jail when the mayor comes in. 



OMG I totally missed him yesterday!! I was looking at Carly's GIANT photo behind Sonny the entire time and didn't see him.

This is a wonderful new development, no? Awhile ago Frank (EP) did tweet a photo of I guess he was telling us Sonny's office is back-- and BOB!! 

Hope I can get a screen cappy. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

You are UNDER arrest!

Kristina and Sonny. Max has some nice things to say to her about the "situation". OMG he wants her to work at the office in the Warehouse!!!! BECAUSE......HE HAS TO DO EVERYTHING!!!

Carlos and Juilan. Jules gets Carlos an attorney. It's Alexis! 

Jordan says to Paul "I'm busting you, Hornsby"... she says he's aiding and abetting  Carlos. AND she knows the body was planted.  Anna totally ratted Paul out about Sloan. Paul yells and says if Anna tells, SHE's GOING TO JAIL TOO Neener Neener. 
Jordan arrests BOTH of them. Anna for attempted murder of Carlos. 

Nina and Franco. Nino's sad he doesn't want kids. Nothing new here.  You know, we never HEARD Dr. Kelly say that Nina couldn't have kids. Nina 'heard' something on the phone. WE Didn' maybe?? 
Nina booked a trip-- Franco is like I can't go. Kiki is here. I have to take care of her. 

Maxie and Nate.  So, Maxie introduces Nate to Griffin and Nate doesn't recognize him. BUT!! Griffin recognizes NATE!! AAAAH HA! DUN DUN DUN....
Maxie is like, proposed to me out of the blue. She finally says yes. 

Sam and Alexis. Talking about Sonny, Anna and Duke. that was about it.

Krissy still doesn't want to tell Sonny Parker is a girl. She's still not really sure if she's gay. Sam said "Get some experience and find out"... Oh lah lah 

END: Sonny and Max kidnap Julian to "take him for a ride" ..

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Surgery: It's A Mob, Mob World...

20160413 1040(20)
Say a Little Prayer...

Well, if I thought for one half of one second that GH would get any less mobular under yet more new writers, I was wrong. You can tell Guza's not at the helm but I can still here him slow clapping in the background every time someone is forced on their knees with a gun to their head.
This was also the "All Hail Sonny" week in so many ways, you'll want to hurl yourself out the window. Just over the top and ridiculous.

I am doing things differently again today because I'm sure you get tired of the same ol' same ol'...this blog will be done in chapter style.  

Breakfast is going to be some pasta and red wine. It's that kinda blog. (no birds were killed this week however, I guess we can be happy). 

Friday, April 15, 2016

If You Dye It...

This...was on Snapchat tonight.

YEP. Thanks to Dustin for his quick thinking. Just thought you'd like to know.

Meet Me in the Park

Nina and Nathan.  She sees Maxie's ipad and says 

Nina's not calling Franco. He's all anxious. Kiki is scared to be alone. 

Maxie and Griffin talking about Duke's killer, Carlos being in town. "Duke Lavery is my father"-- Maxie is interesting. My mom and stepdad loved your father. He was a great friend to my family.

Julian and Ava ...Ava is dressed like a SPY VS SPY LOL

Carlos at the PoPo Station. HE and Paul talk alone. Paul is like "Roll over on Julian and I'll go easy on you".  I bet Carlos murder mystery is coming. Sonny..Julian and now Griffin were all "Can't forgive" yada yada. Plus there's Paul. 

Hammy Finn and Carly. Oh he says he's a diabetic. He's a liar you don't mainline insulin.  

END: Nate proposes to Maxie at the Metro Court... down on one knee. Griffin sees him and goes "Oh My God, that's HIM"...
SO we have another freaking secret going to be going on top of all the other secrets. 


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Breakfast at the Metro!

Laura sees a cryptographer today at the Metro. She found them "online"'s Kevin Collins! This may prove interesting, no? KevRa ??
They talk about social media. Then she says it's Helena's book and hes' all intrigued. THEN she says it's Scotty's law book and he throws it on the floor! LOL. (he hates Scott) But says he'll help Laura.  

Lulu is bugging Nikolas over what's going on. She all "You're married to RACHEL BERLIN?"" She's being a PILL. Keeps needling Nik. He finally yells at her that if she tells Dante and Rachel is arrested, other people she cares about can be in trouble too. BUT-- she goes and tells Dante anyway. 

Tracy and Hammy Finn. She wants him to stay on. He's like I might! Tracy asks Monica to help her.
Dr. O sees Finn in the hall..he's sweaty. She says DON'T BE LATE to the meeting!!!!! 

Dr. Finn goes to the Metro 
Carly: Dr. Finn you look pale 
Finn: "I never work on my tan until the summer solstice" 

OMG I TOTALLY think he's a vampire LOL.. it sure sounded like it.
He goes and shoots up 

Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells Carly what happened with Carlos.  He says he didn't kill him because of Anna but also for Carly. He wanted to do things differently-- and he loves her. Yada yada. They make the love. 

Later, JaSam goes to see Tracy. Monica and Michael are there. Jason tells everyone that he bought the shares. Tracy is like how did you do it? Gun? Blackmail? Michael says, who cares! We have them back!! Jason tells Michael he should run the company.  Tracy says Thank You to Jason. She says when Jason abandoned the family and changed his name, it killed grandfather... but now he's smiling on him.
GEESH she was nice! Must be the worms talking. 

JaSam are going on a trip to settle Jason's offshore accounts. Oh, Sam can't go! because of Danny. Wow. Writers look at you! Remembering Danny! 

END: Carly finds Hammy Finn passed out on the couch with the needle on the floor. (He had a wake up call and the staff go no response so she went into this room). 

GH Cast Members in "The Storyteller"

In 2017 we can expect a movie starring Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma), Connie Towers (Helena) and Kristina Wagner (Felicia)! 

"The Storyteller" is about an enchanted young girl who brings love and healing to a family.
Brooklyn plays Abby, the little girl with the heart of gold and ability to bring others together. The film will be shot on location in Indianapolis Indiana. This movie is currently in pre-production but you can bet I'll keep an eye out for any updates  


Hold On To Your Hats...

Because this IS RARE. Extremely RARE.

Two characters I really dislike..couldn't care less about in one scene together and "CLICK".

HUH. Dillon and Kiki. Who'd a thunk it. 

BUT! That's the magic of soaps, weird things happen...weird chem happens. This just worked.
So, bring on Killon! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Be a Gentleman" ...


So. Carlos and Sonny get in a tussle...and Carlos gets shot in the shoulder. Anna pleads with Sonny to let him live and she can arrest him.
He finally lets her cuff him. They go to the plane and the guard Anna punched is going to arrest her for assault. 

AND..get this. To piss me off TODAY--- they have Robert call from the WSB to get Anna off the hook. BUT The guard still says NO.
He ONLY LETS Anna go when Sonny mentions his "Work" with Don Phillepe!! YES, So Sonny saves her at that point too. The guard is all scared of Sonny and lets them leave. 

Kiki and MoMo facetime. Kiki wants to move home with Ava and Avery. And Ava's it's kinda not the right time LOL  you know, dead bird and all ...

Morgan gets a visit from Carly and Michael and tells him about Sonny going to visit Carlos.  He doesn't get mad. He just smiles and they talk...

Julian and Alexis:  Jules is on the phone, has some TROUBLE Alexis wants to know what. He tells her about Crimson and his sabotage. Later, Paul comes over (Alexis is gone) and says "Carlos is alive and coming home, get ready"!! 

Jordan leaves Anna's ..Maddox comes up and asks about Anna and Jordan said there's a warrant out for her arrest. She thinks Maddox knows something about that. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Need a Hankie?

Park..I'm waiting to see Palm Trees LOL Lante and Val are in there. Val has her dry cleaning. Awkward. They talk about graduation. She's meeting Aunt Bobbie at the Metro to celebrate. Lulu tells her congrats "I do think you'll be a good cop".
Lante are working on their couples therapy exercises. And we get to see them talk about it all.

How interesting. -____-

Curtis and Hayden. I take it that's the back up plan? She's explaining it all to him for the summary benefit of the audience. OH! He has a nickname for her! "Cupcake"! 

Nik and JaSam.  JaSam in their black outfits with the leather. So funny. Jason wants to buy Nik's shares of ELQ. Nik is like: no... Jason is like: I'll turn you into the cops. 

Jordan finds out that Anna has a warrant out on her. She goes to Anna's house and sees Paul. 

Carly and Franco. He thanks her for saving Kiki. Carly's dress is so ridiculous. The slit..the whiteness..all of it. He says he's "Sorry" to her. 

Anna and Paul. She's saying she knows he wants Sonny to kill Carlos. She then fakes crying to the guard and ambushes him and knocks him out. 

Carlos and Sonny. Carlos is awesome.  Sonny mentions Sabrina.  DAMN IT..Sonny gets the gun. OF COURSE HE DOES. Because.....every damn thing with Sonny has to end the same. Why could Anna at least have 'saved' him. !!? 

AND WHY I HATE THIS SHOW: Paul shot Sonny. We ALL saw it. NOW, in a rewrite, Carlos admits to shooting Sonny. And it's not like it happened years ago...IT JUST HAPPENED. 
SO, tell me. WHY do I bother watching if you're just going to rewrite things? Seriously. Why? WOW. just WOW

BTW, Looks like Laura and Kevin may be a Go:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Double Crossings

So.. Rick Hearst is going to pop back on GH April 25th. He's only been off since NOVEMBER. GEESH



Hayden is threatening Nik to sign the papers. I do not care about ELQ.

Sonny and Anna. STOP. But I love Finola so.. :) She looks perfect.
OMG Anna tells Sonny she shot Carlos point blank on the pier!! WHY? Oh no, Anna..why. Oh I guess because it's Sonny. He gets to know everything. !
Anna can't get off the plane, she has a warrant out on her. Paul must have done it when he picked his lock. So, Sonny walks off the plane and Anna has to stay on it. Oh brother. 

Sonny is on a real location shoot in a parking lot. They say it's "Ecuador" . We can TELL by the BULLFIGHTING posters that are up. HA. 

Paul tells Anna he is hoping Sonny finds Carlos and she figures out he wants Sonny to kill him.

Naxie, in bed....talking about Claudette Zzzzzzzzz.When he leaves she Googles Claudette. 

Hay goes and Visits Tracy and tells her she'll be Lucky soon and have Good Fortune. Tracy smiles. Hayden tells her though that she's "keeping ELQ for herself" Tracy not happy.  Hayden tells Tracy everyone knows who she is anyway so.. she can't blackmail her anymore. 

JaSam were on. Talking about something. Didn't pay attention. This is a cute picture though. 

END OF SHOW: Sonny asks a priest a question and it's Carlos. He pulls out a gun. 

Daytime Confidential: BLIND ITEMS

a MUST READ!!  Who is it? I'm convinced this is about GH:  READ HERE 


MY Specs:  (UPDATED)

Ok, so.. Number one. I'm thinking Lante. They haven't been on since March 8th together. They are both 'children of core characters'. Ergo...Lulu and Dante? I can't think of anyone else that fits that bill can you? 

Number Two: Rumors are rampant about Michelle Stafford and Roger being on the outs. I refused to see it because I love Nico. BUT if that's the case, bye to MS. I can't see Frank getting rid of RoHo. Nope. He's probably for Liz. Nico would fit because of their "tenuous connection to the canvas".
Oh.. this appears to be not true! thank goodness for that because I LOVE NICO!! 

Number Three: HAS to be Billy Miller? Right? Who else could it be? People wouldn't revolt for many others. And we KNOW it's not Maurice. Hmmmm.  Some other people are speculating it's William DV? Others are like, nope a different show.So??

Interesting. DC knows stuff so watch for these to come true! Plus with all of Gh's new hires and Nurses Ball coming up, they need moolah. 

I won't comment on my feelings on these yet--but if they happen I sure will! 

I do love blind items lol. They cause us to spec and talk about the show. More exciting THAN the show!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Chutes and Ladders

20160406 0627(6)

SUCH an up and down week for me. One minute I'm loving the show, the next I'm ready to tear my hair out! Let's take a walk outside, shall we? After all, Port Charles looked BALMY. (here it's 27).   

I'm having blue cupcakes for breakfast. I kid you not!  It's 22 degrees out, don't judge me.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Shower Stall

Carly is begging Jason to go after Carlos....she tells Sam too. They are like: Um, what? 
Stupid Michael and Sonny are talking about Carlos too. Whatever. 
Jason then goes to Sonny to tell him not to go. 

Anna duct taped Paul, left him in her foyer with water and was leaving when Maddox shows up. He wants to talk to her about Carlos. Paul is still in the hallway. Maddox is like "What's Wrong"?!  Anna says it's EMMA making the noises. hahahaa. Maddox finally LEAVES. And Anna chloroforms Paul!! He passes out again.

Tracy got Larva CYSTS out of her brain! Ewwwwwww. Dr. Hammy is trying to wake her up. He's "attached to her." awwww Tracy wakes up. She has a FULL bandage, not a Kotex head. !! She's ok says Hammy Finn. 
Dillon and MONICA and Griffin are talking in the hall.  Monica wonders if the personality changes Tracy has experienced will last.
Hammy appears to be having withdrawls.. he gets on the elevator.  Griffin walks into the locker room and notices the shaking. Then he talks about God. Finn is like Shut it on the God thing.
Oh..Good Evil? 
Later, Finn shoots up in the shower stall. 
I am liking Michael Easton in this role...

Dillon goes to talk to Tracy. Where's Ned? Monica talks to her-- and Tracy says "I want to tell you something... I love you" Cries. 

Nina gets Franco in the mood. They make the love. She THEN tells him she may be able to have babies. Franco is MAD. He's like: We talked about this...!! We know, we heard you 400x. 
Nina gets a phone call from Dr. Lee. She found out she can't have babies and she's very upset. She's like: YOU WIN and smashes a champagne bottle. 

END: Sonny and Anna are on the plane.

Laura is in the attic: Day 9. Looks like she's not on Monday either. @@

Thursday, April 7, 2016

GH on Thursday

I have to go around 2:30 so this will be short!

Ava had a bloody dream. She yells at Scotty. She yells at Julian. Julian says the "Family" doesn't like Ava and they are the dead-bird people. 

Krissy and Alexis talking. I think I'm gay...maybe I'm gay... it's kinda like..well, you know. 

Carly and Paul and Paul figures out that Anna tampered with his phone. 

Anna takes a gun. SONNY shows up at her door after she hangs up on Robert who's "on assignment" . Because LET'S HAVE SONNY ON MORE ..... WTF.
Sonny wants to go with Anna. NOPE. Abort that mission right NOW Anna. DO IT! 

Carly is whining to Sonny "Don't go"..she says go to the police???? Whos' writing this for Carly!?? Carly would never say that she knows better LOL.

Sam and Jason after glow. Sam said it "felt Different". 

Image result for risa dorken

AND Here's the AMY Stuff:
The soap has announced that Risa Dorken will debut on Wednesday, May 4, as Amy, a spunky new nurse who can’t resist gossiping and sticking her nose in other people’s business. She’s also a talented singer, so Dorken will likely be showing off her skills at this year’s Nurses Ball.

GH...the LONG and short of it

Dr. O
Sabrina (returning) 

Newbies reported: Aaron (younger guy) and 60-65 year old lady (prolly Hayden's mama) 
AND NOW...another "Amy" who's going to be just like Amy Vining..and can sing. @@

Dr. McMeanFace

Mayor Lomax 

Other rans: (on about 2-3x a year) Mac, Felicia, Bobbie, Robert?
Black Hole: Ric

Kids: Josslyn, Spencer, Danny, Cam, Aidan, Jake, Avery, Emma, Rocco, Leo--   most are very recurring and or visits. 

Things I think about:

Wasn't Mac helping Anna with Carlos? Then Robert...?? And Dr. Maddox who's now regulated to bringing Jordan sandwiches? 
But hey, let's have SONNY do it. 

I'm glad Ned is back but I'm afraid he'll be on as much as Monica. 

Laura...key..attic....zzzzzzzz Why do they let stories fester for weeks? WHY? Also in Hell's will: Jake's book. By the time we get to that I won't care one damn bit! 

Tracy's surgery prime example. Tracy should have been on ALL WEEK every damn day with this! 

The Nathan Colette story. Is this really a 'mystery'? Do you care who she is/was/might be? Will Maxie mention Levi? same difference in a way. 

Wasn't that the weirdest thing to have Hayden lay in bed with a battered Nikolas? And how much does Tyler Christopher hate the fact that Jason has beat him up about 4x on the show? 

TJ. Either recast or get T back. It's embarrassing. Jordan is such a strong character and nothing. 

The whole "Nikolas had Hayden shot" Um, ok. We got it. Either do something or cut and run. Will Nikolas go to jail over it? No. So...?

Speaking of cutting and running THIS CARLOS THING is out of control. My god-- just end it. He's on the telephone. Paul's on the telephone. Sonny's finding him. Yada yada. Anna is obsessed. If killing Duke off produced all this boring mess, it sure wasn't worth it. 

Ava and Avery. How long will this go on? She's mine..NO SHE'S MINE!! agraaah!! 

Crimson is on..then not on...then.. some stuff thrown together.  Now that Nina is in total charge I wonder how much we will see.

Jake's book? That's going quickly. Why not have Maddox doing therapy with him? Or Franco at least? SOMEONE.

Lulu's Envelope? 

Stop with the Anna and Sonny stuff. Just stop it. Not every person on the show has to like him or even interact with him. Really, they don't. 

I'm just very nervous about the whole thing. Yes, we are getting the Nurses Ball again but...we know how that goes.
I have no idea how they think they can attract newer viewers when there's so many relative newbies on the show and most stories are spaced out so damn much. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

GH Hump Day ...Literally

GH is just a mess right now. Stories are just all over the place and nothing is running in a timeline. 

Laura is still up in the attic? day 7, btw. 

Today we had the following:

Curtis moving into Wyndemere. 

Sam and Jason in his storage unit figuring out that Nik had Hayden shot. Sam acts all surprised. Probably because Sam/Nikolas weren't in more than 3 scenes all last year! 

Sonny and Carly talking about Carlos. WTF. Do WE EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS STORY ANYMORE????/
Ava figures out Sonny's the one threatening her.

Krissy and Molly.  How you know you're gay? I don't know I'm gay.. but I might be gay.. But I don't know

Alexis and Parker. Discussing Krissy's sexuality.  Is she gay? maybe...maybe not? She could be..but maybe not? 

OMG The most STUPID scene ever happened. Ok, so Sam went to Wyndemere to tell Nik she's turning him into the police. (Um, if you are going to turn someone in, you don't GO AND TELL THEM!!). She gets out her phone and Nikolas tries to grab it... and they fight and Jason runs in to stop him..then Curtis comes out and fights. Jason tries to strangle Nik until Sam pulls him off. Hayden is all "That's attempted murder"!! ahahahaa.

Then JaSam goes back into the storage unit. They are going to make the wub. I guess that's why we had to go through all this foolishness. Sam even said when they got back "I don't care about Nikolas"!
UM, but you go over there to threaten him? WTF.
And didn't we just see this at the Metro? 

JaSam make the love. 

If you watch my periscope I totally said the DEAD BIRD would be next. And that's what Ava got. 

GH Housekeeping Stuff

Some things that have caught my attention:

Daytime Confidential reports that both Kim McCollough and Lynn Herring are back for the nurses ball in May.  

I don't like to report sad personal news of actors but SOD did tweet that Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash are getting a divorce after almost 3 years of marriage. (makes me weepy). All the details are on the link. 

Maurice Benard has been tweeting/Instagramming photos from the set of his new movie: "Hold On" Hit the link to check them out! 

Jane Elliott has an awesome interview with Michael Logan of TV Insider.  I know some of you have put it in the comments because it's a great read. 
I wonder if she's contemplating leaving though? Hmmm...

And you wouldn’t miss acting?No. I do not have that hunger. I have logged enough man hours in front of the camera that I can actually retire with a pension from my union, something I am extremely proud of. But, as far as acting goes, I am full. I am satiated.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday: Victor

Victor you say?
Why no, not a soap character but where my meeting is today at 2:00!! Sooooooo, Have at it with the blog. 

Tracy is obviously not cured by any means. I could watch she and ME Play Monopoly all day though.
Wonder when Laura is going to be on again. She locked up in that attic? LOL...

It was 12 outside when I walked Gus. TWELVE and that's not wind chill that's REAL chill. OY!! 

Monday, April 4, 2016


Because I don't look ENOUGH like every other guy on the show...
Oh SQUEEEEEEEEE! TV Line is reporting that John DeLuca is joining GH on a re-curring basis to interact with the "Corinthos Family".
Will he be a pal in Morgan's Rehab? 

Someone to temp Krissy away from the girls? 
Sonny's new coffee bag dragger? 
Darby's Brother? Hahahaa

First Airdate April 26th 

Sigh. Because you know, GH not big enough! 

Monday: Back in the Saddle

Well, more casting news hit the stands--a 60-65 Caucasian woman. They'd like an "established" star.
Has to be Hayden's mother, right?
BUT WHY!!!!!!!?? Why didn't they just make her Paul's!!? We don't need anymore people on this show. We already just got Mayor Lomax.

Ok, I'm watching today but not tomorrow as I have a meeting. I hope today is good. I see they had outdoor scenes with LEAVES on the trees. 
AHHHAAA. Yeah, not until the end of May. The rate we are going it may be August. So much snow out there right now. 
Nathan married French-Canadian Claudette to get her her Green-Card. But he fell for her.  She was cheating on him so he got it annulled. Nathan doesn't know where she is now.  He says that's all the secrets.
You know she's got a baby somewhere, right? I mean why go through this if this is it? 
Nathan calls Dr. O and says he told Maxie "but not everything"
Oh geesh

WHY are JaSam investigating the Nik Hayden shooting thing? We know who did it. SHE Knows who did it.... So?? What's the deal with them knowing? Who cares? Is Shawn going to get out of jail with that info? Even if he did would he be on the show anymore??!! 
This is weird. 
OH!! OK, people on Twitter told me it's to help get ELQ back. Got it. That at least makes sense!
Shawn tells them that Hayden was the intended target for the other shooter. (not him) Finn talks a mile a minute. He can treat Tracy now.  I think he's supposed to be funny? Hmmm. 
He and Tracy were cute chatting about her worm situation. They play Monopoly. 

Franco is talking to Liz about her life and how proud he is of her for doing stuff on his own. 
He doesn't even BLINK when he sees Hammy Finn? WHAT? Oh come ON NOW. Did I miss him seeing him the first time?? A guy looks just like SILAS and Franco says..NOTHING!!!?? oh come on!! WELL, THAT was a giant opportunity missed. 

Nina throws stuff all over Jules when she figures out it was his fault. BUT it's off camera...we just see things flying. Oh boo, I wanted to see it! Nina says she's calling the police for fraud of the advertisers, and Jules says can't do that or the mag goes bankrupt. He talks her into not doing it. She wants full control.  Julian says yes. 

END: Tracy has a seizure again. 


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Ray Charles

20160330 1403(18)
As you know, I took a break last week. I loved it. Didn't miss the show at all. I did watch Monday I will comment a bit on that and then...well, you'll see!
I'm going to pick photos at random I find to "represent" the week. Let's see how I do.

I didn't even watch the episodes on DVR. So..I'm walking blind here. (Hence Ray Charles title)!

My breakfast today will be a banana. I wish it was banana cream pie..but nope. Just a banana.


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...