Thursday, October 31, 2013


Emma and Cam? Adorable
Dr.O wanting Fiason to be David Hasselhoff? ahahaha
and Corn AGAIN this year!
AND NIKOLAS dressed like that gorgeous--prince of the dead?

I LOVED the whole show!

A Huge BOO To You!!

Today I pick up my Gus during I'm not sure when I'll watch the show. Here's a sneak peek  I stole from Facebook from the GH people of today's show:

We know Robin's around-- Emma "recognizes" her--but HOW LONG  will this go on? Well, November sweeps is coming so--there's that. 

Hope you have a good Trick or Treat day. It's raining here terribly...I feel really badly because a lot of schools have their costume parades today. Plus,  I have a fabulous witch hat I want to wear. 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloweenie GH Style!

Here are some great pics from Halloween past and present...

ACTING is FULL On Today!

I'm here-- Gus is doing well, the surgeon said he looks good. Just have to stay over for the night, get pain meds. We get him tomorrow between 3-5. 

I just watched yesterday's GH... Michael's going to make NO money just wining and dining Tiki-Tavi all the time. 

Maxie and Spin were adorable. AND they have an extra bedroom!! 

I so see Delia in Ava!! SO MUCH! And STARR is her grandbaby! LMAO. 


Day 34 in the coffee warehouse--Sonny can't even clean it up! 

Ellie still lives at Maxie' NO. She needs to move over Kelly's or in with her "Aunt Diane" (that's what I want her to be lol)  She's so smart!! She tells Spin to go after custody :)

Sonny's calling Derek's bluff!! He flashed his dimples on him quite a bit there! I like it when he's not all mooning on some lady-parts.  He was brilliant today

Dante takes Baby Georgie to the DAMN DOCKS OF MURDER? Don't they have a park around?!! 
AND LULU I hate you!! Geesh, Maxie grew that kid.  Yes, you "got ready for her" but come on. And how can you justify keeping her from Spinelli who did nothing to deserve this!!??  AND bringing up that Maxie "killed" a baby on New Years??! Now-- let's think LULU what did YOU do when you were younger? Hope the judge isn't pro-life.   NOT that it's wrong at all,  not saying that but going after Maxie that way was WRONG. You also stabbed Logan to death then went a little nuts.
Oh, man I LOVE THIS STORY lol... it makes me so mad!!  So many things wrong with it but it's SUCH juicy drama. :)

:humf: :stompfoot: 

Great acting today, it was a joy to watch!  Carly and Ava were classic. Morgan even laughed in Carly's face!! HELL!!! Ooooooo no!! RUN!



Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh Danny Boy....

Ryan's BAR@@!! A little bigger and more "Sanitized" but still the bar!! And Delia!!  Delia Reed Ryan Ryan Colridge....and she "recognizes McSilas" hah..wonder why! 
Delia was the first character I remember that was pushed down the stairs on a soap when she was PG..Pat did it in a drugged haze.
She knows all about Victor Jerome...and Ava? Hhmmmmmm.  Her mama!

Maxie should remind Patrick no one dies in Port Charles!!  The whole Robin/Patrick split screen was so good.

Stupid Sabby and Carlos. ugh. whatever.  Sabrina can exit stage right.

Robin and Nikolas just sitting around--damn, man...get busy, think of a plan!! 

Derek and Alexis, she looked good today!  Did you note that Danny is the same size as Baby Connie and Big Ben?!

Morgan and Ava get all hot again!  

Sonny's taking a AGE to clean that place up!! 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Death of the Coffee Bags

Why, Yes..I did enjoy GH this week!!
This week was a GLORIOUS romp into the past, present and future!! WOOT! So good!! SO SO GOOD! 
Grab your coffee and some danish because it's time to dish. I don't know if I'll have enough ROOM to write it all down but I'll try...

Saturday, October 26, 2013


You know, my idea of she and Mike Corbin meeting at Gambler's Anonymous is right on target! LOL

Friday, October 25, 2013



Favorite Scene today?
I would have liked more of ____________________ and less of ________________

One thing we need back on the menu at GH is __________________________

The  show was: ___________________________________________

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morgan Thinks A Thought!

Yep..he figured out Julian is Derek. Or..Derek is Julian..He'd better back up with the eavesdropping because he's going to be dead man walking if he gets caught!  Oh, forget getting caught, HE TELLS THEM HE IS THERE! 
what an idiot. LOL 

Diane figures that Todd isn't really painting!!  She mentions "Misery" ..Stephen King movie/novel about an obsessed fan. LOL  She's warning him about Heather...She's brilliant. She should buy Kate's house an Ellie could be he niece. 

Silas and Sam talk about her connection to the Jeromes.  He's like WHAT? You might be related to AVA? what!?  

Heather brings up Joe Kelly and tries to strangle Scotty LOL. That's JOE KELLY. Hottie back in the day.  He was Rose Kelly's stepson--and Rose and his Dad started Kelly's diner. He was involved with Heather and Annie. 
LMAO-- Heather grabs Scotty and kisses him.  SO much history going on today-- LOL!! "Carter administration"!! 

Guys, we are GOING TO RYAN'S BAR!! OMG..that's where Deliah is going to be!! This is so cool. I'm so happy!  Do you know who's MAMA she's going to be?? Can you guess? It fits! 


Jacklyn Zeman will be reprising the role of Bobbie, which she last played in April. "#GHrocks. I'm excited to be coming back. Good times!" tweeted the actress. Look for the fan fave to be involved in a big storyline with daughter Carly (Laura Wright).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sonny: My Coffee's been TAMPERED WITH!!

Sonny, hell, you have sucky security.  LOL. Just really, really BAD!! 

Carly and Derek lip lock..Are you team Carly/Todd or team Carly/ Julian?

Diane "Morgan, I see you still can't find your shirt"...ahhaaa. Morgan is so--well, NINETEEN. He called  Ava his "GIRLfriend"
He's going to be a pain in the Jerome side really soon...!!

LUCY looked so great-- I love her and stupid KIKI was totally rude to our QUEEN! Off with her head! Alexis and Sam asking her about Victor  Jerome..who yes, choked to death on her necklace.  Lucy says Victor had a mistress and a kid named "Dino" ...

The DA Lazaro is all of a sudden all over the place. Sonny's got him in his back pocket. Shocker. 

All you need to know:

Morgan found out Ava and Derek are Bro and Sis

Heather and Scotty see each other

Guest Blogger: Villians vs. Heroes

This was sent to me by long time blog-reader DM and I thought it was a great point of view. I totally understand what he's saying. I also think writers can paint characters into a corner,  which just makes it all worse
SO, do you agree or disagree? While I don't want my Faison killed, I totally GET IT! 

I hate to say this because I adore every single actor on screen, but I am really not liking the Robin rescue storyline.
Last week I was watching a Friday the 13th marathon, movies which I haven't seen for decades. Cheesy, yes, but I did find myself rooting for the heroine. I wanted the blonde female virgin to escape triumphant and while doing so to get an axe, gun or machete and give Jason a good thrashing. Knowing full well, that the villain never dies, at least I got to cheer for the hero and for the villain to at very least go down for the count.

This series was from back in the 80s. It is now the 'teens and we root for the villain. Both on screen and in real life. When someone kills a bunch of people, the story is  all over the Internet and tv screens. When a little boy helps a lady cross the street, no one knows. Or cares.

What I am getting at is that Anna held a gun to Dr O and Faison. Instead of shooting them, even just disabling them with a shot in the leg, she goes on and on ad nauseum verbally talking to them to give them a chance to come up with a way to turn the tables and over power her. Nikolas has a gun drawn on Faison. And did nothing. Robin had a gun drawn on Dr. O. and could have shot her in the leg or shoulder to slow her down, but does nothing. Tracy had the guts to shoot Jerry and how did that turn out? He is wielding a gun using the shoulder/arm that he was shot in, with no stress or strain. Miracle cure for the villain. If it was the heroine, she would still be in a sling for sympathy.

If Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees was chasing you, you would look for a weapon and USE IT. How about Osama Bin Laden? When he was alive, if you came face to face with him and you had a gun, would you shoot him? Yes. But on GH?

Evil always wins. Evil never dies.

I want to root for the underdog and root for the good guy ever now and then. Especially with all that is happening in the real world. When Luke shot Helena, I cheered. I screamed. I jumped out of my chair. I was smart enough to know she wasn't dead and would be coming back as long as Constance Towers is available, but still, I applauded when my heroes win, even temporarily. And evil lost. Even temporarily.

I remember first watching GH in 1977. On the horizon was Luke and Laura, a spirited couple, a hero and heroine who, no matter what unrealistic trouble they got into, we knew that they would persevere and win. They had to. They were our heroes. And we rooted for them. Then, for about a decade, the big heroes on GH became Sonny and Jason, two mobsters who killed (excuse me, ordered others to kill for them). People tuned in daily to see their knights in shining black armour. Women wanted their sons to be like them, and their daughters to marry someone like them. I have been reading GH blogs religiously lately, and so many people are excited about Faison, Dr. O and Jerry Jacks, that we forget who our heroes are. Or at the very least should be. We root for the wrong people because we have become used to that in our daily lives.

With all the good guys vs. bad guys action on the screen the past 2 days, I want to be able to root for a good guy (or, gal) to win. But I can't.

I don't believe in heroes anymore.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Going to Pawt Chawoahz

Watch my Betty Vine: 

Because if you hate Sabby, you will LOVE IT!!  Emma mentions HER MAMA when they tell her that they are getting married. Thank you.  Then she's all for it when they mention cake. UGH 

Stupid LULU.. that's SPINELLI'S KID!  Just give that giant Cawnie up. I think she's going to go psycho. Mac tries to help Maxie. Awww. wish Fe was there too.  

Robin finds out Anna and Robert are on the island and goes to find them--until Jerry stops her. Damn.  Then Britt says the baby IS hers and she only said that because Fiason was going to take him.  Good gravy. We know he's not, so don't continue lying! 
Britt sees Robin and is stunned.  

Nikolas is getting all Cassadine Bad-Ass.  Then Jerry shows them the TV cams of Anna and Robert then shoots off his gun.  Faison tries to elbow Nikolas and fails totally. heh.  Obrect is mad that Faison is happy Anna's there. 
Jerry wants Obrect, Faison and Robin to go get Luke's blood and make the cure before he dies or he'll kill Anna and Robert. 

Why didn't anyone call the Greek Police?  

GREAT SHOW!! Although you know Robin will skulk around PC for EVER and then wear a mask on Halloween and..
Oh hasn't this been done before?   AJ--- Gigi... on and on for YEARS!! 

Tomorrow looks like a total filler day, btw 

Monday, October 21, 2013


Anna and Robert!! They find Dr. O on the floor and are telling her to "wake up bitch" so they can ask her about Robin. Dr. Obrect tells Anna that Faison wanted her to put on "her face" and go to bed..Robert's face was PRICELESS when she said that! heh
Robert knocks Obrect back out when she tells them where Robin is. heh. 

Britta sees Faison with BEN!! Faison puts the baby NEXT to the dang Anna-Face mask LOL oy! Brit says: He's NOT your flesh and blood!! Ooooooooooo!!! Who's flesh and blood IS he then?!  Well, she's not the Mama... we know who is!!  Brit admits to just "carrying" Ben.  Nikolas holds a gun on Faison.

Nik sees ROBIN!!   Nice hug!!   Nikolas is standing there with his mouth open like: WHA??! Don't stand there gabbing, run you weenies!! geesh!! 

and then he says: STAY HERE? Um, NO--run Robin! 
She leaves JUST when Anna and Robert get there!! Hell no!

Zulu is still carrying around baby Georgie like she owns her!! Glad Spixie has Diane, she's ruthless.  SHUT IT Zulu!! She even mentions the MONEY she gave Maxie.  ugh 
Diane is getting nasty with Maxie because she was mean to Spinelli.  Alexis is telling Lulu that there's NO WAY they are getting Connie.  UNLESS she proves Maxie unfit. What about Spinelli though? 

"I know every single harmful, hurtful, possibly illegal and definitely immoral thing that Maxie has ever done! Says LULU.

And there's PATRICK being all "marry me" to Sabby. :/ <----mad b="" nbsp="">
Ugh,  #FREEPATRICK!!  I' m not listening to his schmaltzy proposal. NO NONONONO. 
She of course, says YES.
Damn it. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kin and Lynn in Florida!

Fan event in Orlando...Lynn just posted this on her Facebook page! 
Check out all her photos and hit "like"!

Sunday Surgery: The Whole Enchilada!

Usually I go with a nice "Medical" title but Tracy/Luke said this so much, I had to use it. So.... 

My Scrubs are Mexican themed-- and I think I'll have a nice Cerveza to go with!! This week was extreme (on both ends of the spectrum)--I loved it, I fell asleep during it..I screamed, you name it!!
Buckle up!

GH Stars to Appear on "That Show"

Which is on before GH and I refuse to name!! LOL..On 10/24 Sam,  Nikolas... Shaun...Patrick and Todd will be on. Who knows what they'll cook up. Maybe "Humble Pie" (yeah, right!) Of course the actors are on the show--I'm just too lazy to name them all :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

GH Ratings ARE Amazing!!

GH Beats Y&R for the first time in over 2 and 1/2 years in Women's 18-49 rank!! 
 Rises to Over 3 Year High for women 18-24 and another high in women 18-49.  Here's hoping they keep at this pace. We'll be safe for another year for sure!
WOOT!! Read the stats over on TV By the Numbers!  

"May I Have Some Warm Nuts"??

Liz' kids are visiting HER SISTER!???????? Hell. I hope Cam is behaving!!    Liz  and Paddy should have been a couple.

OMG Faison speaking some crazy foreign language!! WOOT!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeee And Big Ben  loves him! ;)  "You may call me Papa"!! 
Obrect with the BRA OUT LMAO!! She's so desperate!!  
"Happiness is for Dogs and Americans'
AND HE WANTS HER TO PUT THE MASK ON!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit!! OMG!! YES! Oh, this is sick.  SO sick.  I LOVE IT!!!
Obrect is SCORNED out!  OMG Brit knocks her out!

Jerry is going to shoot Robin? You know he reminds me of Gordon Ramsey more and more each day!

Luke: "Can  I have Warm Nuts"?? To the flight attendant!! LMAO-- "I want the Sky Mall magazine"... heh

damn it PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT STOP IT!! NONONONO.......... 

GREAT SHOW!! Stupid Sabrina though--BUZZ KILL
And the door opens and Nik sees Robin!! I'm so glad he found her, they do have such a history!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Faison Holds Big Ben!

Rubber Masks 

Creepy Grandpa holds Ben!!  That's nightmare stuff ...Ben Licks Faison! Eeewww!! 

and HOW NASTY was Obrect with the face thing? Even though I knew it, it was still sad. Robin "Mommy...I knew you'd come"..geesh.

Sonny calls Duke in to talk about Julian. Good idea! Robert found Julian's body, btw. Sonny still thinks Derek is Julian. 

Nikolas obviously has NO staff on the island he can contact??

Ok,  I'm saying it..does KM look like she might the family way? There. I got it out. Had to. Maybe it's just her scrubs but dang. 

Robert and Anna are off to the island! Brit and Nikolas landed-- Tracy and Luke are going back to PC. 

Tomorrow looks good too! 

Top 10 Things Robin Missed While On Cassadine Island...

10. The birth of Her Highness Princess North West..and that other guy, George

9. Jasper Jacks on "Dancing with the Stars"

8. Taco Bell's Dorito Tacos (all flavors)

7. The whole Todd, McBain, Starr switch-out 

6. All the episodes of "Girls" 

Dear Jesus..
5. Vine 

4. Summer 2012 Olympics 

3. Ben Affleck named next Bat Man

2. The Finale of "Breaking Bad" 

and....the number one thing Robin has missed since being in captivity: 
after the jump...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



UGHHHHHhhhhhhhh.  Goodness. Such greatness followed by SUCH dullness.

I mean, come on--mix it up some!! NLG tweeted she is off  3 weeks now so you know they blocked taped FOREVER. Great.

Franco is boxing after a BRAIN SURGERY? WTF. Come on. Oh, Carly's all concerned. Todd at least has his little bandaid on still!!  This is just ... well, time wasting.  They are now on the couch at the Metro. :eyeroll: 

Ava talks to Julian... Bring on Olivia Jerome..I love Tonja Walker!!  Now Ava's opening an art gallery for Franco's exposition. 

Diane: "Morgan You've been BUSY!!"   She gets him all pissy about Sonny. Geesh  He's yelling about how his Daddy ruined his life. She basically says suck it up. She's going to take Morgan's divorce case. LOL--- she does tell him HE committed fraud by not telling Kiki the truth. 

Sonny finds out Ava has a brother that's "rich".   He and Shaun are putting 2 and 2 together. 

Stars of today's show: Alexis and Sam's chestaloons!!  Sam was afraid she'd be related to Carly since Lucas is her "brother"-- 

PS. Today is the 26th Anniversary of Duke and Anna's wedding! 

Sonny finally figures out Derek may be Julian.

Robin is on tomorrow...


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Much Today


Kiki and Michael..snooze

Ava and Morgan.. Diane comes in to talk to Ava and Morgan sits there like a dolt. LOL

Carly and Derek..blah and Franco and Derek all "She jealous--you jealous? jealous"??  Then Derek challenges Todd to a dual.  They spar, shirtless while Shaun lurks and watches.
Hmm a  bit creepy!

Silas and Sam...yada yada. Third time..well. This isn't as sexy as it could be. Kiki finds out Ava has a brother.  Kiki also wants a job at GH. 
Oh, here, empty the bedpan, girlie.

Alexis and Carly gossip about Ava and Morgan. Hee heee Alexis got the DNA envelope.

COME ON... ughhhh if you have Anders Hove around he needs to be on EVERY damn day.

I tell you this is the one thing I hate about soaps and always have: The FILLER DAYS! That's why I love 30 min soaps!!

Tomorrow's promos are more of the same of today: SNOOZAH

The Dance of the Two Annas!

Saw yesterday's show...good stuff. The "maximum security prison" was a joke, however. BUT! Whatever. Hell, that water fountain was more effective then that GUARD LOL

"Justice is served, BITCH"!! 

Um, and FAISON JUST WALKS OUT!!? AHAHAAHA.  Ok, then. I LOVE this man. Anders is just awesome.  That scene between Fin and he was PERFECTION...OMG!! 
Dr. Obrect! :damnyou:!!!

Patrick needs to just call ANNA!!

I LOVE LOVE Brit and Nik.... they are so good together!! Nikolas recognizes Cassadine Island.

SABRINA MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stupid wench shut the hell up!! I know she's trying to be all supportive but SHUT UP!! I hate this.

And today there is NOTHING that I really want to see...Sonny...Derek, Morgan Horny Ava-- yada yada..
I just want the Anna SHoW!! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Going to Gravity!

So, NO GH today! 

I'll be floating in space.... soooooooooo let me know if I should watch the DVR.

There are new spoilers up on the WUBS NET!  Remember to hit a sponsor while you are there! Thanks.... have a good one.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Latex Order

TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!

Ah, pulling ANOTHER face off. *sigh*  Ok, love it, hate it-- it was still good acting from Finola. That's the last time I want to see this stunt though. 

Get ready to scrub up--hope you have the right face on, I don't like rubber masks!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes..Faison ...time to freaks out@@@!!! He's so good for the month of October!!  Obrect's teeth looked a bit like Anna's. heh. Great Lipstick too. Man.. Faison hates Obrect!!  Dr.  O tells him he has a grandson. Faison hardly remembers Brita because she 'wasn't  a boy'.  She's going to try to smuggle him out.

Luke had some nice crusty eye-make up on Luke!!  Luke says he loves Tracy and will give her the "whole enchilada" when they get home.  Tracy jumps  Jerry Jacks.

Paddy looking at the round the world tickets. Sabrina getting her stupid ideas in there. Damn, I tell you what. IF this was Liz, it may tug my heartstrings!! 

Nik finds out Faison is Brit's Daddy. 

JERRY LEFT THE PHONE THERE!! she's calling Patrick!! Hurry up before he takes Betty abroad!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once A Sucker...

Aunt Elizabeth..with cutie PIE Emma.That's who should have fallen for least I'd care then! 

AJ! Finally...even if he's on the paper.

Poor Robin having to do science AND take care of the baby.  
Happy Birthday! 

Faison!! with some GIANT  music to introduce him. LOL...geesh... That's SO NOT ANNA!!  She was SO GOOD about playing Dr. O. 
But, can't fool me..
yep. She peels her face off!! heh. Very good. Although come on--Mask OverUsage Alert!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does Heather remind anyone else of Lindsay on OLTL.the way she'd just pop in/out? LOL 

Sonny got another cover on the PC Press. Geesh, he's been on a lot lately!'re going to need a tumor or some miracle to let Lante keep Cawnie.  By the way-- whoo hoo but didn't the ADOPTION lady say Lante were unfit already? Because the ONLY way they are going to get her over Spixie is to prove Maxie/Spin unfit!

ANDDDDDDDDDD just when Sonny pounds on Ava and Morgan's door, the Prezzzzz comes on.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Miss Jerome Checked Out..

With her new Boy-Toy!! Oh AVA, you wear those RED Marilyn dresses..and FM shoes. Er...
The movers called Morgan her son! heh.. 
Julian wants to find her. 

Robin you tried so hard!!  Jerry catches her, and she threatens to deep freeze everything. ONLY! The "deep freezer" was moved. Oh well. Bummer.

Tracy! Rescuing Luke from that Salad!!  She has his hat on. heh.

Carly tells Sonny Morgan is with Ava Jerome!! ahaahaaa. WHOOPS-- you know he secretly loves it. 

All I can think of is Big Baby Ben needing a diaper change.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Wake Up Calls

Mac literally got the biggest "wake up call' of the week, finding out that Robert was out of his coma (and looking like he spent a year at a great spa). Lante got a wake up call about Baby Connie from Brad, Robin got one about Patrick via the DVD--and Luke found out Jerry was using him as a human lab-rat.  

So much happened in five days  it's going to take some time to dissect it all.  Put your feet up and turn off your beepers--let's go-go!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

RUMOR Patrol: Ilene Kristen taping for GH?

Ex-Roxy OLTL... ex-Deliah Ryan's of my fave KOOKY actresses, coming to Port Charles?
Say it's so!!
She can't come on as "Roxy" I don't think because of the Prospect Park lawsuit a new character? A cameo? Short stint?
Either way, I love it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Three Beauties!

Lynn Herring posted this on her Facebook page and I had to share because it's just..AWESOME! 

Weekend The INN!!!

Kyle David Pierce in The INN

Once Upon a a land not so far away....

Have you started The INN Series yet??? If not, what a delicious time to catch up!! On Oct 7th, the series returns with it's third and final chapter.  

Begin here: Episode One, Season One on You Tube....the series stars Crystal Chappell as Jane, a woman who's car breaks down in a mysterious town. It also stars our own lovely Denise Alexander as Lola, a diner owner with good advice and of course, a great cup of coffee.  Denise recently interviewed with We Love Soaps about her role in the show. Excerpt:

WE LOVE SOAPS: How would you describe the character of Lola for anyone who hasn't checked into THE INN yet?
DENISE ALEXANDER: It's not that easy for me because even I don't know exactly who she is. She's a gal who owns and runs a diner a very small town which could be described as being out in the middle of nowhere, but it's a kind of pleasant nowhere. The two big things in the town are the inn and the diner.
*Hit the link for full interview!

What a perfect time of year to start this thriller!! If you've already seen the first two installments, I'm here to tell you that Season 3 will be the best yet. I got a sneak peek and it's fabulous. There's a key--and a lock and much much more to keep you on the edge of your seat. But you MUST WATCH the first two seasons first!! 
They are under 5 minutes each you can't say you don't have the time...just do it!

The INN's Facebook keep up on all things at The INN!

A Nice Salad...

Duke and Alexis...nice mix. He produces a pic of the "old Julian"....Duke suggests Alexis get a DNA test from his SON--
Who's his son? 
LUCAS,  Bobbie's adoptive kid in case you forgot! 
Cheryl Stansbury was the mama. Julian didn't know he had a son when he died. 

Patrick and Sam gab...they have a groovy new friendship going!

ROBERT looks FABULOUS! Never knew he was in a coma for almost a year!! Must have had the tanning light on! He's trying to remember that Robin is alive. 
Even Robert got his Frisco's digs in!

Carlos was on.
Greasy hair.

Ah, HA! look at this mighty Cassadine knicknack!!! BEHOLD!

Luke got lunch in bed from  Jerry.  A nice salad!!   He said he's giving Luke the cure too. 

Obrect taunts Robin with tales of Princess  Sabrina.  I can only hope Robin learns to hate Nurse Betty and smacks her when she gets back.
 Robin totally knocks her out! Says shes' going home!!!!!!! THEN ROBERT REMEMBERS!! 

Tracy is on Monday!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Present You with..ZE BABY!

I hope NuLu doesn't mope around for ages. I'm so heartless. Dante can ...just not Nulu. :)hee hee. Hey,  I might of hated Lulu just as much as if JMB were still playing her, we'll never KNOW!! Today was better. I like her in no make up and not shrieking like a harpie.

Robin should make a temporary cure for Jerry, make him think he's ok--then get out, then he dies. OR Turn him into a heroin addict...give him injections. Tell him it's "the cure". Then, when he's screaming for more, make him release you or you let him twist.
Dr. O shows up with Giant Baby Ben. Is Robin supposed to change that kid's diaper AND find a cure for radiation poisoning?! Dr.O renamed him CESAR ..yes!! ahahaaaa.  

Robin sees Britt tell Paddy's she's PG..and Dr.O takes in the baby!  Robin is like "I'm no babysitter"

Dr. O is so evil. I love her to  bits. She says evil stuff and then smiles. 

Kelly T was awesome as Britt today..she's gotten so good.  Loved Anna talking about Robin's kidnapping and Nik remembering hearing about it., FLEA and Mac were so nice to Maxie until she mentioned Frisco. LOL!!  Felicia is one of my old time faves so leave the hate at the door, Mmmmmmmmmm' k ???

Mac got a phone call from Holly-- I think Robert's awake but-- then THIS HAPPENED:

OK... We were interrupted by the Capitol Hill shooting.  Some idiot rammed the building? Um.. duh

UPDATE: Canadian Twubbers told me that yes, ROBERT is AWAKE!! .. and also Lulu wants to go to court to keep the baby and Spinelli/Maxie want her back. 

Sunday Surgery: Optics

  I'm honestly lighting a candle before diving into this blog today. I was riding a bit high on the soapy Willow/Drew mess and Mac scene...