Saturday, December 31, 2016

Valerie To "recurring"

I believe she will fade away...
Britni wrote this on Twitter last night. Thought it was a classy, gracious quote. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016


SAW Fantastic Beasts and then caught the 2nd half of GH-- I'm very upset Bobbie didn't smack Nellie in the head with her purse. 

NYE Party.  Curtis and Maddox Zzzzzzzzzz. 

I see Naxie didn't get married.  Lucy comes out and tells Nina and Valentine that the wedding is postponed. 
Nina suggests they get married instead. EYEROLL I guess Valentin has a license guy on speed-dial.  They get married. 

Lulu is just going on and on about Charlotte's custody. It's the new EGG convo. Lawd.  

Dilly and Kiki still on the bus--not saying much. 

Robin came in to see Sonny.  Robin is proud of him. Thinks he's strong. 

BUNCH of New Year's Montages. Nothing great.  No show tomorrow. 

Have a good NYE! I'll try to get the blog done by Sunday morning

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Singin' In The Rain

Well, nope. Just no. Let this year just be over. How sad. Thoughts to her lovely family, especially Billie.  If you haven't seen some of her earlier work, seek it out--well worth the watch.

Today's GH and a Spoiler

Did my little eyes see--LUCAS???  Why do they do this to us? He's never on--then he's on for like 2 scenes, then he's gone.  I know this is yesterday but worth a photo op. 

I'm watching today but I'm also going to bitch about an upcoming spoiler so I will cut this in half for those of you that don't want to see it.
HOW nice of me, No?? 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dear 2016 just NAFF OFF already!

Image result for carrie fisher

I never even got to put up a George Michael Tribute and Carrie Fisher goes and dies! WTF! I have no words. Both of these artists were so important to me growing up, especially Carrie Fisher who embodied what it meant to be a 70's female bad-ass.  

One of my fave scenes of all time... from on of my top 10 movies. 

Such a loss. So tragic. And I just want this year to be DONE. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Joyful Yuletide

It's so rare that Hanukkah and Christmas fall on the same day--I hope you are all enjoying the day the way you like to spend it! We are having family over and have been eating for days it seems.  

Thank you for being faithful readers and stopping by now and then.  No matter what happens on GH, we always make merry! 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Early Jolly


This is going out on Saturday! So..surprise! I couldn't get up on Christmas Morning and run in here to post..could I?? (I could but it would be so wrong!!)

Today? Well today I'm giving you all the things I liked about GH this week. Yes, there were some. I'm not going to say anything about all the other doom/gloom.  The week at least ended on a good note so grab a Christmas COOKIE or 10 and snuggle. 

Friday, December 23, 2016


Everyone is in the park where it's snowing. I hate fake snow, it never melts on people's hair. Just sticks there.  Wait until you see Laura's hair..its' covered!! 

Friz.... it's about TOM and Liz thinking she knows what Franco did but it's not what he did. Blah, blah...The police called Liz to tell her Tom is missing. She wants Franco to stay overnight. Jake made Franco a stocking for the mantel. Awww. Franco's all awww... He still wants to tell her the truth

Julexis. Alexis chugs vodka. Wants to know who was on the phone "There are some things you don't know" says Julian.  He ordered a Christmas tree for them to decorate.  Later he says he loves her and they kiss. 

Michael and Kristina decorating Sonny's. Sonny wants to put up Morgan's stocking because he's "always with us". Avery looks cute.  Then, NELL walks in. UGH. Then JaSam comes in. I guess Joss is in Aussy Land?
Michael gives Sonny and Carly a photo of Morgan as the Little Drummer Boy. Carly got Nell a necklace with 3 intertwined hearts for her, Joss and Nell. puke

Emma, Anna , Lante and Laura go to Wyndemere.  Lulu gives Charlotte a gift that Nina already bought her!! LOL!!! And then Char gives it to Emma!! ahahaha. 
Emma goes wandering around the house. When she and Anna leave, she gives her a photo that is Anna in the WSB. 

Monica tells the kids what Christmas is about.

Dante and the Police come in to talk to Franco because Tom Baker was found dead. (Oh Heatherrrrrrr).

On a joy scale, GH was a 2 today.

Jingle Jingle! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holly Jolly!

Drunk Alexis..Krissy is moving out. Jules is moving in.  Yep.

Julian tells Ava he's going to save Alexis from her drinking because it's 'his fault"... He also says they have 'love for each other' and he wasn't really 'going to go thru with' killing her. He's trying to make us feel sorry for him.
Blink. I loved Julexis but they wrote the story to implode them and back tracking now? DERP. 

Hayden is 'dying' ... her mother is out of jail (SHOCKER). Tracy brings in Hayden's penis cactus (you'll have to see it to believe it). Her mother is made Hammy Finn gave her lizard DNA.
Hayden wakes up. She's not dying? Wow, so surprising.

Dilly and Kiki just having a boring covo ...zzzzzzzz. He and Val were talking at Kelly's, Kiki over heard. 

Franco in the cage.  Different Day, same sheeze. He breaks out, calls Liz and goes to see Heather. 

Finn said it was "Christmas Eve" ??  Is it? will we have the Christmas Story ?? I'm not holding my breath

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


WELP. Franco ended up with the dog collar on. Fa La La La La... He hallucinates Sam coming into the room. She talks about how he made her think he raped her..yada yada. But it's hollow because she's not real. She also tells him Tom is free to rape again thanks to him. Then, Hallucination Liz comes in. 
I'm not making this up.
THEN he talks to Hallucination Franco. 

I guess Sam was hallucination past, Liz was present and Franco the future. 

Liz went to visit Heather. She wants to find Hayden's mother. I guess--um... she'd know. Anyway--Naomi's sentence got COMMUTED and she's not in jail anymore. Shocker.  Heather tells Liz Franco is basically evil. 

Alexis and Jules would be so fun if that whole abusive "I"m going to kill you crap" didn't happen. I really like WDV and NLG.  Oh, Julian tells her he's going to move into her house.

Sam's baby shower. Monica was there!!  BUT, then Monica says "I have to check the kitchen" THIS IS AT THE METRO. Why would she have to check that out? Anyway, Monica gives Sam Alan's old pen for a momento for the baby. Alexis got a cute motorcycle rocking horse for her and Maxie brings out a 'reveal cake' which Sam doesn't want.  Maxie is sorry. 

Kristina is moving out of Alexis' house. Alexis looks worried. Probably because she knows she'll drink 24-7. 

Jason and Sonny have a spat. Jason asks about the Chinese Mob..Sonny says before his time. 
Jason goes NO I WON'T 
wow...trouble in SaSon land. 
Oh nope. Jason caved, told him Julian may have 'bombed his own car" Sonny's mad.  And Sonny says he's going off to KILL JULIAN.'s never going to end, people. NEVER

Sam and Jason do cut the cake at the end but the show ends before we know. Because, GH. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Papa Val comes and gets Charlotte at the Metro.

Anna wants to find out about that song she was singing.  It's Russian something, Anna thinks she knows him from 

 Lulu is just being annoying today. "I WANT CHARLOTTE! I WANT CHARLOTTE". She has me rooting for Valentin.  LOL

Hayden didn't die. Shocker. JUST A SHOCKER...Finn injects her with the fluid at the end of today. 

Franco is arguing with Tom's brother. Tom is out, trying to get a weapon to pry open the door. He can't get the outside one open. He hides in the cage for Franco. Franco decides to let him go and be all "good" about this and then Tom gets him with the chloroform. 
Oh geesh, reallly????? 

Laura is now on the hospital board. Lucy said she's ok with the Kevin/Laura romance. 

OMG Today was so so boring.

Monday, December 19, 2016

I'm NOT Giving her Back

Brad is on! Finn wants to use the lab.  Finn shows Brad what looks like Roxy's pee. Brad will help him find a cure. 

Hayden and Tracy are talking by her bedside. Tracy thinks Hayden reminds her of herself.  Later Liz comes in and says her temp is too high, they have to go to GH. Later, Hammy comes in with the 'cure' and is going to inject himself to see if it works but Hayden flat lines. He'll probably have to inject her instead. 

Tom is trying to get Franco's phone. Before he can, Franco comes back. He says that he's keeping Tom in so he can't check in with parole and will end up in jail again.
Later, Tom gets himself out of the cage while Franco is in GH.. but he can't get out of the room. Franco must have padlocked it. 

Anna's talking to Dante about Charlotte. He's mopey. He wants to be Char's real daddy..but Valentin. Oh, Anna tells Dante that Valentine burnt down his old boarding school? Did we know this or is this new info?

Lulu's gone to see "her daughter" at Wyndemere. Which is yet another custody discussion. UGH. Nina's all jelly. 
Val lets Lulu take Charlotte to the tree lighting. 

Emma is on!! Anna puts her and Charlotte out on the balcony!!  Emma hums a song that Charlotte knows and Anna recognizes. Looks like she's in some weird cinder blocked place all 80's glammed out. 

Lulu says to Dante "I'm not taking her back" when he asks about Charlotte. 

Christmas CAGE...get it?? 

On the first day of Christmas GH gave to old rapist in a steel cage
On the second day of Christmas GH gave to me... two infectious diseases! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Surgery: La Cage aux Folles

Let Me Entertain You

General Hospital in a nutshell this week: 2-3 scenes involving the "Holiday Gala" with 4-5 characters and multiple scenes with a rapist in a cage being shocked with a dog collar. 

Yep. That's our show. Just all the joyful jingle of the season!!!

I think I'll have some Christmas Cookies my neighbor brought over with some peppermint tea. Settle in. This should be short, sweet, and bitchy. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Meet Olivia Jerome!

So, as you saw, SOD  confirmed that Tonja Walker was coming back (even tho Wubs guessed it!) So here we are with another mobular character in town. 
YET! TW is so great at being bitchy --she and Maura West will just be great together.

One of the biggest things you need to know is she was involved with Duke Lavery back in the day.  She was on the show from 88-90 as Olivia St. John. 

From Wiki :

Image result for tonja walker

Her brother Julian eventually becomes the head of the Jerome empire, but is seeking revenge on Duke for turning against his father. Her brother tries to enlist Olivia in a plan to get back at Duke for his betrayal.
However, their plan misfires, and Duke's wife, Anna Devane, miscarries their unborn child. Olivia tries to alert Anna about Julian's plans, but Julian kidnaps her and eventually kills her before she can.
Duke wants revenge, but is "killed" trying. However, an impostor named Jonathan Paget shows up looking like Duke. Julian and "Duke" where he us killed and Julian  is presumed dead.

Duke was dead came back
Julian was dead and came back...and now...DEAD OLIVIA is back! 
Oh GH you slay me. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

No General Hospital

NO GH Tomorrow! Instead, a new one will be aired on the 23rd, which was previously going to be a rerun.
Have a drink! 

See ya for Sunday Surgery! 

Photo Album

Ava tells Alexis she's gonna tell on her.  Julian is like Don't tell-- Jordan walks in. 
Alexis @@
Ava tries to rattle Alexis. Alexis says she is there to get a photo album. 

Curtis and Jason...just get to the end of this. 
There was a British guy there so yeah!!

Nina buys Charlotte a dress for Mass. Maxie is like: Ummmmmm, didn't Val tell you.

Lulu tries to get Dante to be in love with Charlotte as much as she is.  BTW, the thermos Hells was kissing was Stavvy and Lulu's embryo. @@ NOT just her egg. So, this whole Val is the daddy thing? PFfffffft. 

Felicia comes in to show Maxie table linens. She tells her about Lulu and Charlotte. 

Dante tells Olivia about Charlotte.

Lulu tells Laura about Charlotte. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Look at my Scar

Cage: Mess.

Nell: Mess.

Hayden: Might DIE! (ahahaha ...NOT) 
Hammy Finn figures out it's something to do with Roxy's skin shedding and injects her with something and.....oh it's stupid. 

Toys for Tots Gala: Was off screen. OFF THE FREAKING SCREEN but we get a rapist in a cage.

Sonny tells Jason to not tell Carly about Nell. 

Well? Olivia Jerome????

Well, look who's TWEET made Daytime Confidential!! My spec that Oscar Jessups is really Olivia Jerome!!  Which totally fits. Hit the link for more info,

Monday, December 12, 2016

HEY... Guess What?

Image result for charlotte on gh

Charlotte!! Nathan is your Father!! 
No...wait... Griffin is!!
WAIT!! No, it's... Valentin!!

But your mother is... Claudette!!
NO!!'s Lulu!! 

COME ON.  By the time this is over, Her mother will prolly be Maxie and her Dillon. LOL ahhahhaa. 

And today was CAGE DAY. So.. I can't say much other than, ugh..why do this story? I feel like I'm watching Bat Man 5.0 or something similar. (But not written as well).

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The 2016 General Hospital Wub Awards

Oh, blank page you haunt me. I feel like one of those people in a Stephen King novel faced with a the vast white paper until they slowly go insane.

ON THAT NOTE! I will TRY and TRY to get this out. I found GH this year to be quite like the rest of 2016--I'd like to forget.  I lost my dog this year (my GH watching buddy) so that tainted things a bit as did all the RIPs in the world and of course, that which we shall not mention. 

The Title of GH this year? THE CAST OF THOUSANDS.  More people work on the show that live in my old hometown.  It keeps expanding to the point that the stories are so watered down and disjointed the meaning is lost. 

PERFORMER OF THE YEAR:  Nancy Lee Grahn just knocked it out of the park. Even though I didn't like the direction/writing for her character, the acting was complex and gripping.  She always is invested and doesn't phone things in--ever. 

Image result for anna and griffin gh

BEST COUPLE: Isn't a "couple' in the traditional sense. I'm going with Anna and Griffin. I like the vibe and the whole Duke connection. 

Image result for morgan bipolar on gh

BEST ATTEMPT AT A STORY:  Yeah, I said it. The whole Bi-Polar mess was just that, a mess. While I give some credit for trying, having Morgan start to get better only to have Ava switch his meds. This not only plot-pointed a potentially good story, it turned it into a a head-shaker. Ava didn't even really 'own' the switch like say--Helena would have. No her guilt is all melted into a puddle of tears.  The "pill story" is lingering on and on-- and on.... They should have explored therapy with Maddox more, delved into his relationship with "good boy" Michael and of course, his mobular father. Hell, they sent him away for years!! There's gold in that mine!

FAVE NEW THING ON GH: Roxy. Although she hasn't been featured much... I still love the lizard. 

BEST 5th CHARACTER PLAYED ON THE SAME SOAP BY THE SAME ACTOR: Has to be Finn! Michael Easton managed to make Finn totally different and quirky. The Tracy friendship is awesome. 

FARMER'S INSURANCE MOMENT: Liz' house blew up, remember that? 

BIGGEST SWITCH:  Gun-Running Paul to..Serial Killer Paul! All because his daughter Susan was slighted at GH after her rape.  (WHICH WE NEVER SAW) Plus, he was killing people so the hospital would shut down. Should have released some bio-hazard. A lot faster. Oh and this story also gets the Swiss Cheese award. SO many holes. SO So many. Giant waste of a great actor.

Image result for sonny with morgans coffin gh

LONGEST SUFFERING REDUX STORY:  Sonny's angst. Sonny's mob. Sonny's guilt. Sonny's grief. Sonny's paralysis.  Sonny's pardon. Sonny's "I want revenge"... Sonny's "Justice".  Sonny's "I want Avery", Sonny's bar ware know, basically SONNY. 

BIGGEST MISSED OPPORTUNITY:  Remember the Grand Helena died this year??  Yea, I almost forgot too.  Helena's Will. Oh I could have written this so well.  I won't go into all the beats that were missed but let's just say there were a ton. And how about that whole Jake thing, and the "book"--?? His memories? Still floating in the abyss. Oh, and remember the tea poising thing? Black Hole. 

20160615 0755(23)

BEST COUPLE THAT WASN'T: Oh if only...if only we could have seen where Maura and Tyler took these two....

WORST DEATH: I wasn't a super Sabrina lover but she had her place and was finally going to live in the Q mansion and be BFFs with Tracy. BUT! I had to see her strangled in brutal fashion by Paul in that stupid serial killer story.  Not only that, they brought back a twin for Carlos only to what? Have him take Teddy and leave. Huh?  

WORST USE OF AN OLTL ACTOR: Why WHY why.  This story was written so choppy and so dragged out with no movement until the very end, we came to loathe this woman. She was a wedge between Nate and Griffin. He shot me!! And of course the whole: He's your Daddy...NOPE..He's your Daddy dance done in ONE WEEK.  Now Valentine is her Daddy. Lawdy. What? Now she's gone and frankly, no one cares. 

Image result for kristina and parker GH

BIGGEST LET DOWN: The Parker Story. Do you realize it was last January we found out "Parker" was a woman? This had to be one of the most drawn-out non-eventful stories EVER. Parker was there, then she wasn't ..then she was..then..well, she wasn't.  By the way, GH should be stepping up the Next Gen stories instead of dropping them. 

BIGGEST  "MISS" OF 2016: The whole Julian story. Just a waste and so wrong. Now they are going for some cheeky reunion with a "take care of me or I'll tell" story.  You can't undo a knife to the throat or the abuse you piled on. Fail Fail Fail. Yes, I dug the acting but the story? Nope. 

20160129 0735(25)

BIGGEST HAIR GROWTH; That would be our Franco. Here he is last January.'s approaching Glam-Rock Epicness. 

WORST USE OF HISTORY: Bringing Tom the rapist back. Especially in the context it was done. How this is supposed to help anyone is beyond me. 

BIGGEST FAIL:  Lucas/Brad wedding and aftermath. Don't get me started. 

Image result for nell on gh

BIGGER FAIL:  NELL. She's supposed to be an "early Carly"--well, they are writing her like a wet noodle.  Sarah Brown was delicious as the scheming Carly-- the writing was spot on. Having Nelly prey on grieving Sonny isn't entertaining. Add that to direction she's been given to 'act'. And welp. Pancake. 


BOOB-GATE: Yeah, that happened. 

Dixon was the guy that was in the Julexis wedding. Remember him? Hostage taker? 
Kiki got shot
Nathan got shot

Hayden had a Mom...'member her? 
TJ found out Shawn is really his Daddy ( which I though happened LAST year LOL)

Never mentioned but not forgotten: DAISY! 
General Hospital this year was the year of.. holes and frustration. There are so many things I wish would have happened. But, like much of 2016, it is what it was. 

Friday, December 9, 2016


I am so cranky today I decided to just watch GH to be even MORE Crabby!

OMG I have it: Curtis is now playing the role of Spinelli, right?  He and Jason dumpster dive for something. Not sure what. 

Maxie and Lulu in NYC at the gyno. I wish they'd bitch about Trump Tower Traffic. 
Anyway, Dr. Gyno called Valentin in PORT CHARLES and no lie, he gets there in 7.8 minutes. Then Dante and Nate show up too. LOL
Later, Valentine says that he and Lulu are Charlotte's parents. 

Nellie has ZERO sex appeal. She's just not cut out for the bitchy vixen like Sarah Brown was. Maybe she was given this direction? It's awful! Sonny got Nelly a job in Atlanta, a teaching job-- with more money to get her to leave. She says "you can't make me leave"!
She tapes him again with her phone saying they slept together.

Julian and Ava... Julian feels good. He knows who hit him, but Ava doesn't.  Alexis walks in. Oh, she put booze in her coffee, btw. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I'm OUT

There are so many cast members on this show now. SO  many stories to tell...and the writers are stooping to this: 

YEP... FRANCO keeps TOM in a cage, with a dog bowl and a shock collar. I don't want to see this crap. Nope. Bringing Tom back was stupid enough and --what? I want to see Franco taunt the guy in a cage? OMG. You all know how I feel about Roger but this is just too much. We could be having a Parkinson's story with Monica, or how about that whole Parker/Kristina story that was dropped? OR? OR? OR??????? 

The world is too bleak now for this-- and GH isn't Netflix or HBO, I doubt they can carry off any kind of decent "revenge' psyche bullshit to any degree. 

Sorry for the rant but this is just ....wrong. 

Happy Birthday, Kin!

Scotty is still looking dapper!! Here's hoping he and JZ are on the show more often in 2017!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Telling You

Life is just nutty!! My laptop is in the show because of STUPID WINDOWS 10--ugh, don't get me started!! So, I can't watch TV and tweet/blog easily, sorry. I have to say I haven't missed the show at all so far. Nope.

Grammy nods are out today-- Lemonade! yea! I loved loved loved the debut on HBO. BEIBER got some noms (ugh) and I'm happy to see 21 Pilots on there. 

This Is Us is on tonight on NBC and if you want a good soap, tune on in. I love it so much. I cry almost every time!! Randall is my fave. 

Ok, that's it. Just wanted to check in to let you know I'm still around. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Aw, Hell to the Nell!

I finished the Gilmore Girls Friday and I can't stop thinking about how much I loved it. I'm going to watch again just to get all the stuff I missed! Fall was my fave of the episodes. 

BUT I WANT IT NOW!! So Veruca Salt.

Bringing me to GH. I'm not sure why you suffer through these every Sunday but by the blog clicks, I haven't lost too many over the years!! GH is totally in a downward spin right now--I mean I can't think of one thing I really care about all that much. The dialog is 'un-snappy". REALLY tedious. But, there I go again!

Honor of Gilmore Girls: Pop Tarts, Red vines, some pizza and old Chinese takeout! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mink Coat

Kiki and Dillon talking in front of Kelly's. Wake me later.

Franco and Tom. Franco tries to strangle him again.  Monica gets mad. Franco says to Tom "I will end you".  Monica comes along-- fires Tom and tells him she remembers him from Emily years. Franco is like yeah! She says 'not so fast" --because he was violent he has to leave GH too.  Oh, he's only suspended for 2 days.

Kevin has a box with something in it that Monica wants him to do? Not sure what.  Oh! See below. 

Laura is staying with Lulu and Dante. She gives then a Metro "Honeymoon Pass" for the night. Rocco is of course, asleep.  Tracy goes to visit Lulu but sees Laura instead. Laura thanks her for helping Lulu while she was gone and being a good friend to her. They are going to have a drink.  Tracy convinces Laura to wear her mink coat, and go Naked to see Kevin. Yep.
Kevin answers the door in a Santa Suit. 

Lante went to Metro, all 

Anna and Valentin. Yada yada. Anna thinks she knows his "eyes".  Then he talks about Shakespeare and posthumously revenging things--then, he and Anna may have been friends "in another life".  
Anna finds out that he went to school IN ENGLAND and when she leaves, he takes out his box with Anna's photo in it as a teen (??) So ..I guess they knew each other when they were younger? 

Later, Franco goes to visit Heather for "Advice" ... and she tells Franco Liz is a catalyst. To make him nuts. 

END:  Kiki drops her wallet leaving Kelly's. Tom picks it up and creepily gives it to her. He follows her. 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...