Monday, January 31, 2011

Knoxville's Terry Morrow Interviews Vanessa Marcil

And it's a goodie! In part one today, he asks her about the rumors of her leaving as soon as March, about who she'd love to see Brenda with (surprise!!) and other tasty GH tidbits! Go on over to Telebuddy's Tinsel Town Tales for the whole scoop! 
It almost answers the question about whether or not "Brenda"  is kidnapped at the end of the wedding!!

Monday: The Prison Reveal...AT LAST.

Well, today's the ready?? 

The opening was harsh...Abby about to be raped, Michael's flashback to Carter. Then Michael beats the hey out of Brandon thinking it's really Carter. Jason saves the day in the end...grabbing Michael away. Poor guy that plays Brandon.  LOL. "hey mom, I'm on GH,  I get to pretend to rape a girl, then get beat up!!" 
I have to say I thought the prison flashbacks themselves were done well, with the right amount of violence and yet not too over the top.  I know some people on twitter didn't agree, but I think they did a decent job. They didn't skirt the issue, but they didn't get all graphic, imo. The reveal (words) was riveting. For me, it could have been much sooner  but they did it well. Kudos.
The bruise make-up people have to be going nuts with all the beatings and bus accident.  LOL 

Shawn is just one fine specimen of a MAN!! wooooo hooo!! I so hope he's a real good-guy. Why wouldn't Theo/Balkan talk to Shawn in his REAL accent?? I don't get it!!

Siobhan gets popped by Lucky. Thank god for closed captioning.  I did get the  "Shaging" part.  Lucky got all crazy-eyed there for a minute!! And OMG, but that statue was a greek goddess in the background, not a Catholic one!! hahaha 

Robin and Brenda and Carly: I only wish the scene was longer. 

Hate that Alexis and Jax HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE FACE. Ugh..please.'s the question I asked on Twitter.   What is Brenda going to tell Dante about the Baby?
A) It didn't make it
B) It's with her sister
C) It's adopted  out to Brangela
D) It's in a tree
E) The dingo took it.

RATINGS!! finally they are out!

GO TO SON for all Ratings!
Ratings for the week January 17-21, 2011
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,182,000 (+47,000/+31,000)
2. B&B 3,190,000 (+129,000/-122,000)
3. DAYS 2,719,000 (-253,000/-474,000)
4. GH 2,680,000 (-172,000/+85,000)
5. OLTL 2,643,000 (-38,000/+172,000)
6. AMC 2,584,000 (-119,000/-224,000)

1. Y&R 3.6/11 (-.1/-.1)
2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.1/-.1)
3. DAYS 2.0/6 (-.1/-.3)
3. GH 2.0/5 (-.1/+.1)
5. AMC 1.9/6 (-.1/-.2)
5. OLTL 1.9/6 (-.1/+.1)

James Franco wants Mario Lopez for GH!!

When Mario Lopez talked to James Franco on the SAG red carpet for Extra, he got a little surprise. Seems ol' James wants Mr. L to join him on GH! Hit the link for a video of our very own crazy-art-house character chatting about the soap and maybe playing Gotti Jr. in a picture.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Win Roses from Your Fave Soap Opera Hunk for Vtines Day!!!

California Blooms and SOD are teaming up to bring you some wonderful blooms from your fave soapy man on February the 14th!! 
You could get roses from:  Kyle Louder (Rick, B&B), Eric Martsof (Brady, DAYS) or Scott Reeves (Steve, GH).
Check out this LINK for information on how you could win!

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Call Button

HEY!  All soapy fans to go to OPRAH's site and fill out a form for the "biggest soap fan". Hell, I know I could send a whole LOT OF YOU over that way! LOL Hit the link and get the info. Thing is..will it be a nice show about soaps or one of those "look at these insane fans" shows?? Hopefully a mixture of both. 

How was your week? This week of GH was pretty forgettable for me. Same ol' Same ol'. I know Brenda wasn't on until Friday... she and Carly did have another nice snark attack on each other. Michael saw Abby being attacked.  *sigh* I realize it's the "catalyst" to his break through but silly me, I really thought it could have happened while the poor kid was in therapy, not while his new gal pal was almost getting raped. Either way, Mon/Tues promise to be big for the acting chops of Chad Duell to be displayed. 

On the other hand,  I do have to plug OLTL again because it's just doing  all those things a soap should do. Using history, vets and giant cast moments to  tell exciting stories. Note how they have two similar stories going on a day and they cut to the scenes while each of the other are talking. Rex/Dorian cutting to Aubrey and Clint.  Shane is being bullied online.  (about his asthma no less). Babies are still switched and we really don't know which one is which one's baby daddy!! A cute scene over scene about the baby names, with both girlies saying the same one.  Priceless. 

If only GH could quit the block taping and endless insertions of characters  while at the same time pulling them back. Case in point: Claire. We don't see her for weeks, she's on with Sonny for 2 days, now she's off again. You'd think they'd have her in the office talking to Theo or Alexis or Diane about things. Nah...why bother? I know "Suzanne" is at the wedding because of AB's tweets, but again, she's been off canvas so long we lose interest. Mayan is on, off, off on. Same with Olivia and Steve. One scene with her eating a grilled cheese sandwich isn't doing it. (they cut a bunch of scenes of her recovering in the hospital, btw).  You know I can go on and on. I still don't know how the hell they are going to "sell" Matt and Maxie when they are on so infrequently  *Sigh* But hey! Tony Geary's back from his giant vacation soon--whoo hoo. :sarcasm: 

The hooplah over Rebecca Herbt's firing isn't dying-- it's still chugging away.  After SOD announced her exit was "open-ended" there's been hope. False hope? Who knows. At least it's not a huge "dying of a tumor' story. There are persistent rumors that Jake is going to die however, and she'll feel responsible, ending up at sister Sarah's to distance herself from Port Charles.  This is only in the "pupa" rumor stage however, a little egg put on Soap Zone, ready to hatch. (like that?! heh). 
Here's a nice You Tube video a fan made about her exit. It's got a nice message...

Looks like Sonny and  Brenda do exchange vows...there have been a lot of  tweets revolving around the reception. (see photos below in blog)  That's great news for the SnB fans..although you know the entire wedding can't be drama free!! NINE days of taping. Good Lord, it's going to last FOREVER on our screens. 
BTW, if you want to buy Brenda's multiple engagement rings, go to Soap Jewelry, they've got them all!

FRANCO NEWS: In a Leonard Maltin interview he said he'll  direct GH eppies and there's a second MOCA shoot.  "Post-Modern Art"...okay...I hope they let the fans come to the MOCA again!!  Franco won Best Actor at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. 

Thank you to everyone for hitting sponsors when you go to the Wubs Net site and on here. We were able to donate to Port Charles Wishing Well again yesterday. They are almost at their goal of $6000! Isnt' that awesome?  Last day to donate, hit the link. You can also go in and sign EACH "baby book" for JJ, Becky,  Derk and Dom.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Perez Hilton Weighs in on Prison Rape on General Hospital

I find it MORE interesting that he's never seen the show!! I mean, with FRANCO on and all I thought for sureh he'd check it out!! We know he watches OLTL. Must the Ford brothers!!

Go to his BLOG to get the whole story.

Friday, January 28, 2011

General Hospital Friday: Wedding Photo Tweets!

NLG and her GIRLS at SnB's wedding!!  

The boys...groom in the back! 


They are taping the wedding for NINE days! LOL...I hope they have wardrobe cleaning in there!! I will have to try to spot the editing probs... you know they'll have them.

OLTL:  The babies names are: Liam Asa McBaine and Ryder Asa Lovett.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Take a good look at happy CarJax! It's not lasting long. She'll  find out he went to help Brenda way back when-- there ya go.  Carly even told Jax to call Alexis about Molly. He gives her chocolates and jewelry. Damn. Carly will turn shrew again and then ask for a divorce! SEE SPOILERS!!

Sam and Brenda's convo--interesting reaction from Brenda or what? the baby alive or dead? I guess Guza's rewrites could be spinning madly. I'm just not that into it much.  Liked her talking to Spinelli too. Enough said about "losing babies"!!??

Molly and Michael run into Abby while her stalker looks on. I guess she'll be attacked soon as Michael has his flashback--then tells Jason.  Yep...I guess that's your Friday cliffhanger for you.

Jason has a suds with Dante!! LOL...they are being real pally-pals!!

LINE O'the Day:
Carly to Brenda: Picked out a dress yet? White's out. What color does a bride wear when the groom's already left her once at the altar?

Amber Tamblyn's Poems Re-released

Amber's poems from her early years  are being released by Simon and Schuster. Free Stallion 
These poems were  written between the ages of 12 and 23. Hit the link for the details.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maurice Benard reschedules NY and NJ dates

Maurice will be coming east..this time by train or car to visit his fans at Uncle Vinny's!  

We just receieved word that the reschedule date for the Maurice Benard appearance will be Sunday June 26:

10 am till 1pm in Staten Island, NY Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club

4 till 7pm in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club

8 till 11pm in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club

Anybody who had tickets, we will be calling them back over the next 2 days to either move or refund tickets.

Anyone who does not have tickets will be able to go to the websites: for NY appearance
or for NJ shows

FINALLY! General Hospital's Balkan!!

@JJpounder sent me this on twitter. I was's the funniest stuff  I've seen in a long time!! I thought I'd share:

Thursday around The Soap World

AMC--Annie's crazy is making me smile..she does it so well! Other than that the show leaves me flat.

OLTL: Aubrey and Clint: awesome...Echo and Charlie..hee hee...Dorian almost telling Rex. Then she told him and Aubrey drops HER bomb!!! (both of them!!)   ah, so soapy. It's only THURSDAY!! 

GH: They are still taping the wedding! Laura Wright said she 'stole' two almonds when she was tweating to Chad Duelly.  It's taking forever to film it!  hee hee. Ryan from SOS said 9 days of taping! wowza

Brooke Lyn slashed some tires, oh, Helena would be proud!! Hee hee.  Liz looks so desperate for Nikolas. Tyler Christopher looked so check out today. *sigh*

Fake ass'd snow during the Spin/Michael scenes. At least they aren't on the docks. Michael's getting a bit obsessed with Abby.

JaSam and baby talk. "I'll support whatever you decide".

The Balkan and Dante..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I think the Balkan would call "Lulu" either Miss Spencer or "Leslie" Loo-loo sounds too weird coming out of his mouth!! 

Lucky and Siobhan weird. She wants to see a "super model" wedding and see "the dress up close"-- this after she dumped his ass.  LOL.  And..Lucky tells Siobhan the wrong church. That's the "trap"!

Robin and Terrell at the SCRUBS would think she could fix that damn garage remote. LMAO. Loved how he fixed her remote to turn/on/off all the household appliances.

Looks like Soap Opera Digest is saying Becky's exit from GH will be "open-ended" meaning she can return at some point. 

                      Carolyn Hennesy at the premier of "The Mechanic" Tuesday in Hollywood,  CA

ALL of the new Charlie's Angels are here!! 

new twitters: @thisisjasoncook (Matt) and @kharypayton (Terrell)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

General Hospital Hump Day: Stalemate

Geesh, I feel like I'm waiting forever for this prison rape story to come out!! Just do it already... The NEW SPOILERS are up. Abby gets attacked, ends up in GH, snooze. Brenda thinks Carly destroyed her wedding dress, Sonny has more nightmares-- Siobhan gets popped by Lucky but then he takes pity and breaks her outta jail. I honestly can't think of more boring scoops.  We know we're just biding time until the WEDDING and the REVEAL -- and the FRANCO. 

I actually got to talk to someone on set yesterday over at Prospect Ave. I can tell you this: everyone is feeling the morale going down, down down. Jokes are up--nervous laughter seems to ease some tension. A certain actor went to wardrobe and switched out all the ladies shoes  for the wedding and it was a scramble to get them all  on the right feet before taping!!  No one feels safe right now excecpt the "ExtremeVets" (as I call them!!) Many actors are off doing auditions for primetime guest gigs. That's good for us, btw...more GH peeps out in the "real world'

SID has a nice little interview with Ron Hale on his retirement from GH. Why the HELL they couldn't have done a powerful exit-story with Sonny talking to his Dad about rehab is beyond me. Have Mike at the wedding, and then do something the next month. It wouldn't cost that much. What idiots. 

Here's a spoiler pic of Maxie and Sam in Jake's....Sam is going to start to feel 'woosy"!! Maxie thinks she might be PG. Sam buys a test and then Jason finds her with it. Word is it's negative but it gets them talking about the possibility of a little JaSam-runnin' around. 


Ingo Twipic'd this photo today--- it's from the WEDDING SET!!! See  Krissy's back there? Ergo Brenda's colors have to be cafe and pink??  The next twit pic Ingo sent was a coffee cup. "18 hours to go"!! I hope that's over 2 days.

 OLIVIA was on!! TRACY WAS ON!! Spinelli was on!!
Tracy better never go anywhere, dang it. If she leaves? Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Loved the scenes at the Q's!! They were good. Glad Mayan is living there, that means hope for interaction.

Steve and Dante were funny. heh. Olivia about knocked Dante over. I guess they cut the scenes where Steve and Olivia were dancing in the hospital room. I have that photo up on the site. I hate when they cut stuff. Makes any "romance" seem so choppy!!

Diane was so mad about Max guarding Brenda. "He went to the cake shop with her and wedding  venue"-- I wish we could have seen those scenes. Max trying all the cakes! LOL...

Johnny and Lulu fans must be happy??! She finds him all bloody--and geesh but hasn't he gotten shot/beat enough? LOL.  OY! Shawn beat him up, btw. A little message from The Balkan. 

Sam and Spinelli have a good friendship.

Franco was on The Daily Show last night...two of my fave men together!! WOOT! Sigh, it's going to be a Franco-PALOOZA until the Oscars!! eeeeeeeeee! Fronkey-Me!! Did you see his Oscar gig commercial with Anne Hathaway, too fun?!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday: Pasties and Prostitutes

                                                      Reeves Tweeted this....MAKEUP!

Well, Abby told Michael the truth about not being a hooker. Jason's all in Michael's corner on that!! LOL 

Alexis' tah-tahs were on nice display today!! Love she when she's with her kiddies!! 

JMB did so well as Lulu today-- I love how she cries!! If that terrible wallpaper didn't distract me so much, I would have liked the scenes better. 

So,  Shawn is working with the Balkan. He's going to "hire" him legit as his security guy, but he's a baddie.  Dang it. Maybe he'll turn out to be a goodie.  He looks like he could be a Fed or something.

Jason and Michael bring up Africa books. Thank you writers for not forgetting the ol' Giraffe stories!! LOL.. I used to make such fun of that in the Wubs :) The whole story should come out tomorrow...I think.

Where is OLIVIA!!??! I have a media net of her still in the hospital dancing with Steve. I so wish Jolivia was still around. Maybe they can buy Kelly's or Jake's! Livvy can cook and Johnny could play the piano!! 

Oscar TIME!!

Look who's ready to watch the NOMS!! I'm live tweeting from @wubsnet !!  
Here's  Alberta...Queenie Cassadine, Fronza and James!! Yes, the lion is a new addition.  He dances to "off the wall"!! They have their acai berry juice ready!

BEST PIC: Black Swan, Fighter, Inception, The Kids Alright, King's Speech, 127 Hours! #GH, Social Network, TOy Story 3, True Grit, Winter's Bone

AND OF COURSE: OUR OWN James Franco for 127 Hours!! From Daytime to Oscar time!! And we know it's because He was on GH and also, because he signed Alberta at the MOCA-- she gave him good luck!! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

General Hospital: The Actors Shine!!

Who IS this new Shawn guy? I really loved him...good actor, nice to look at. Loved Molly's little speech about her crazy families. Cassadines: "They're a little dark" and the Corinthos bipolar problems. "Maybe I'll die abroad"....heh, drama just like a tweenie would have!! Rumor is this Shawn guy is with The Balkan. Booo. He did give Carly his card --and says he's an ex-military guy. Now, he's staying at the Metro.

Chad tweeted this today!

Michael and Jason almost got there..almost. This week is the prison rape reveal--FINALLY but man, it's taking forever. 

Jake's had some people in it today. I'd rather have everyone together, may as well be Jake's!! Does anyone miss Siobhan, who "just stepped out"? Loved that they had Matt actually talk to Robin, be cute and drink a beer. :THUD: Not sure how I like this Terrell guy or not.  Lulu confronted Lucky about not telling her.

That was phase one of the Brandon attack..when Jason rescues her. There will be another. Who else thinks he looks like Logan? And..stupid Brandon comes back with a gun to attack Jason. DUH... idiot. 

Did you read the blog below? About the PR stunt I think GH might be stupid enough to pull? Interesting, eh? We sure are talking about it a lot!! 

Brilliant PR Move or Just Stupid?

I've been thinking a lot about the Rebecca Herbst news and got to thinking. Geesh, what a boon of buzz for the show. Announce a popular actress is leaving, get the fans in an uproar, get the calls, letters and petitions going. Say it's a "must see for the summer" storyline in the press release.  Ergo, she's not leaving immediately (ie: there's hope)-- and people will watch to see what's going to happen to one of their fave characters/actresses.

Enter brilliantly-evil PR person who thinks this is a win-win!! First of all, if RH goes, the plan steps ahead and they save a good chunk of change. (and the ratings boon the buzz is getting).  If they decide to KEEP her, they look like the good guys, "listening to the fans" -- and people watch even MORE to see how the story goes

Why am I suspicious? They pulled similar stuff with VI On AMC not too long ago--and it also seems fishy Becky's taping so long after her termination was announced. I've just got the radar up. Either way, it can't be too bad for GH when everyone on the net is blabbin' about this and even the stars of the show are tweeting. 
Do I think anyone is in on this but some Wizard behind the curtain? No..the actors and Becky herself are too stunned for that to be true. I just don't trust this at the moment.  Of course, this could be just an "innocent" firing because they are total idiots and really don't care about anything but the bottom line. But ya gotta wonder. 


A Quacking Success!!! Thanks to GH Fans!!

This past Saturday, while the GH rubberduckies finished packing for their new homes, a newborn girl was found abandoned in the trash in an alley in California's San Bernardino County, with her umbilical cord still attached.

Over the last 14 years, Project Cuddle has saved over 675 newborns from abandonment ... that's almost 50 babies per year.  John Stamos (previously Blackie Parrish on GH), is the National Spokesperson for Project Cuddle and Advisory Board Chairman.  Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman on Y&R) is a member of Project Cuddle's Advisory Board.  

Tristan Rogers (previously Robert Scorpio on GH & currently Colin Ashby on Y&R) is a longtime supporter; in his words, Project Cuddle "is really something that tugs at the heartstrings, and I can't think of a nobler thing to be involved in."

The rubberducky auction was part of a larger fundraiser to benefit Project Cuddle in honor of the GHers who became parents in 2010:  Rebecca Herbst, Dominic Zamprogna, Jonathan Jackson & Derk Cheetwood.  Over $5,000 has been raised so far thanks to the generosity of GH fans!!  Since every single dollar counts, please head over to the Port Charles Wishing Well site by January 31 and make a PayPal donation if you have not already contributed -- no amount is too small.  

Thank you !! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

General Hospital Sunday Surgery: Special Victims Unit

Ah, here we go. Young girl, stripper with a heart o' gold is going to be attacked by an abusive ex, only to be rescued by a GH "hero" (non-police naturally) right before or during the rape. Yep, they are going there again.
Now, I'm on the high side of 40. I've gone to 4 colleges, lived in the middle of two rather large cities, spent many months on my own in Southern Cal...even bartended for 3 years. Guess what? I've never even HEARD of anyone being attacked that I knew. EVER. Not to say it doesn't happen, and not to say this isn't a soap-- but come on. One reason these plot devices can be so shocking is because they'd don't happen often. Well, of course they do on GH. They happen so often they are a joke.

Our show has a nice, rich history of women being attacked. From the infamous Luke/Laura saga, to Liz's brutal rape...Ric's chaining Carly up in some dang room and on and on. There are too many to list. Faison always had to tie someone up-- Franco puts Sam in a glass Pledge Box. Lulu's on a bomb. Claudia was on a roof tied to a bomb.  "Damsels In Distress" takes on a whole new meaning on GH. Logan turns out to be Lulu's stalker-- Kristina gets beaten by her boyfriend-- the Balkan is after Brenda. On and on it goes. They've become the "go to" story for our illustrious Mr. Headwriter. The guy that seems to revel in female suffering.

Got anything new?? Do we really need to further this Abby story by mixing in another potential rape on top of a prison rape? I  think it may have been cool for Abby to have been an intern therapist treating Michael and have them fall for each other. Taboo right there. The whole stripper crap is just stupid. There's Dramaz and there's recycled victim mentality. We get the recycled bits.
So, when you see those scenes of Brandon and Abby...Jason flyin' in to the rescue, think o' me.  Silently screaming into my air-sickness bag. 

So, anything else happen this week? Heh...that's the understatement of the year, huh? Goodness. ABC Daytime just imploding step by bloody step. When will it end? Not sure..but I do think more vets will be asked to take pay cuts. Specifically, those working over 10 years in the biz. They did this once before (who can forget the Robin Strasser hoo-ha awhile back?). There will be more exits.  And all the while? The stories will suffer. There's a credible rumor out there that another fan fave, vet/female is exiting GH. Since there aren't many "vets" left you do the math.

I tell you one thing, I'm kinda feeling like a daytime victim after all of this! I am, a small blogger/webmistress doin' her thing and feeling lousy about her fave show most of the time.   Someone that's been online since THE BEGINNING of "online" sites-- doing the PR shuffle for free. Doing more to promote their damn show than they do. Now? Eh...they pretend to listen. Pretend to 'care'...but we know it's all a business. I'm of two minds. Support the genre that I love by sticking  it out or just walk away. Pushed up against the wall and year after year of disappointments doesn't really lend itself to loyalty.  I've tried to invest in new couples like Jolivia or new characters like Claudia.  Why bother? They don't last anymore. Anything that ever gets started on GH hardly gets a middle, let alone an ending. 

We spend our money at events, fan weekends and flock to actor appearances.  Give generously to charity. I don't know of any other fanbase that's so invested. What do we expect in return? Not much but a watchable show that has decent, engaging stories. 
We don't like it that SSW in Florida was canceled for east coasters or that Soap Net will be going off the air. 22 repeats a year per soap will be starting and of course, less and less of our faves and watching our history evaporate. Future looks bleak, Blanche.

Finally, we all know it's not the end of the world. There are a lot worse things happening right in our own backyards. Maybe that's why soaps matter so much--it's our escape.  Now they're being messed with as well. Maybe that's why we are so cranky. Maybe that's why I feel like turning my TV off from 3-4 everyday. Maybe someday soon, they'll push far enough and it won't be worth it anymore. Maybe they'll drive away the 1.7 ratings peeps that are still left.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

General Hospital Friday: Floating Rib

Floating Rib..sigh...

Ah,'s so hard to write about the soaps now a days!! OLTL was great with it's Nora/Vicky moment. Looking at the baby photos. Such a real moment. They are good at that.

GH: Ah..taking the FERRY over the frozen lake to Wyndemere!! That's the ticket. UGH. Thank God Liz didn't make that little baby go too! Hate Brooke Lyn. Just so..not needed.  Liz was obviously overacting to Aiden's pain..and Nik didn't look too happy about it.

Sonny and Molly had a nice, short scene about BiPolar issues. Molly outside with the Stress issue. Poor thing.

Doesn't it seem like this Brenda/Balkan/Brande/Baby Blah Blah Blah has been on forever!!? 
LOVED Lulu tearing into Brenda!! That's our  SPENCER DIVA!! woot!! 

Claire/Carly, interesting. And..yet more SoClair scenes!! :whistling:

Did Coleman give the bar to Siobhan? Cause he's certainly not around much anymore. 

Line of the day: "Lulu can't see you right now,  she has a photoshoot with Giselle,  you know, a real super model"...Heh. Maxie to Brenda.

Brenda and Sonny have their scene at the end of the show.

CLiffhanger Friday: Dante eyeballs Carly's envelope...Patrick eyeballs Robin/Terrell..Lookie eyeballs guy taking Siobhan's phone. ...Some due eyeballs Molly while Molly eyeballs car crash

Jonathan Jackson Tweets about Becky Herbst Leaving

On twitter last night:

I'm heartbroken over the news about Becky. She is absolutely irreplaceable; an incredible actress and a phenomenal person. I'm confident the future has brilliant things in store for her! Right now, I'm just speechless and deeply disappointed. J

As you know JJ and RH basically grew up on this show together. The Boxcar, guitars, subway token... L&L2.

Ingo Rademacher also had a personal tweet to Becky's hubby, Michael saying it 'sucked'. 
It seems everyone is a bit shocked about this whole thing.

In other news, Guza is  quoted in one of the soap mags that Vanessa is here until at least this summer.  I have been one to say I really didn't think she was leaving. It's interesting that he felt the need to  clarify her being on contract and not going. Guess the "ratings sucks" combined with that rumor called for him to make a statement.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Day After Repeat Day

It's the day after GH's repeat day...How YOU doin'?? 

What a week,  eh? And it's only THURSDAY!! LOL... it's been a long one  already. If you look down there, you'll see Annie is leaving the role as Maya for great, greener pastures. What will this do to the new Q storyline? Recast? Hmmmm. She's playing "Kate"  --I think Rebecca Herbst would be GREAT as "Kelly"!! All we have to do is write to Flowers Films/Drew Barrymore!!

TODAY'S GH: Robin said "How can they justify MORE cutbac"?! Ha..telling dialog. 
Tyler Christopher has to be totally thinking and praying that his pilot gets picked up. Heh..and when he and Brooke kissed? I so wanted Helena to come screaming like a banshee out of the walls. 

ANYONE else see that look Claire had when Sonny said "I can't give you anything in return"??!! Think she's PG!? Why is she still  around??! I wonder? And now Theo is going to have her work on the trial.

LOVED The whole  Robin/Brenda scene!! Just like yesterday but #FF! Liked the wedding planner stuff too. "You need to pick another friend with better skin coloring to be  in the wedding" !! She  doesn't like Robin's "coloring"!! 

Join the "Save Rebecca Herbst Facebook Page" is up and running!! Take a gander, lend your support. They have some ideas going on about how everyone can help.

Becky tweeted last night:
:this is Becky using Michael's account read Regan Cellura's article ... Thank U for loving Elizabeth as much as I do #GH

Kelly Monaco: 
So sad and devastated by the loss of Becky, an amazingly talented woman, from the GH cast. It makes me worry about the future of Daytime.

Tonight's Stardish Radio will be dedicated to Becky Herbst/Liz Webber.  

Brittany Underwood OUT at One Life To Live

Another actress to the curb!  I mention this because it's the start of the bloodletting for ABC. First came the 22 repeats a year and I bet casting is going to go through the wringer for the next 6-7months.

General Hospital's Annie Ilonzeh (Maya) cast as an Angel!!

That's just keeps getting better for GH fans... heh, another actress is off canvas!! Annie has been cast in the new ABC remake of "Charlies Angels".  There was a rumor floating around that  Maya would develop a terminal illness --maybe this will be the push for it to come true. Or Recast? Who knows. Which angel  will she be?? !! Kelly, Jill?? What!! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

General Hospital 1996

 Saving money by showing reruns!! 

 GH has announced two newbies: Shawn (up there) , who befriends MOLLY (?) can he be her counselor?  There's also Grace, 35,  some bratty girl. I have no comment. NONE. And oh, Erin was put on contract as Siobhan. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Back when GH was shot thru gauze. LOL. Loved the old opening. ALL THOSE people  who are gone now. Wow. Everyone was so young. Luke and Mac...I forgot he called Mac "Bubba". Heh. JUSTUS!! That's another stupid murder. Ugh. No words.

As you can see, 15 years of basically doing the same dang thing with the MOB is why I'm so damn bored. LOL ...Sonny's dialog was  the same then as now. 

Robin and Brenda...girlfriends!! looking at the clothes/hair!! squee!! Brenda's shiny pants. LOL

Sarah Brown as Carly a Go-Go!! "Hot,  Hot like a parka"!! And hell, they had extras in Jake's!! You could smoke in the bar!! Jason's a horndog.."Let's go upstairs..." hahhaha. How hysterical was the music and the condom ripping open? :thud:

TWEETS about RH's firing:

@lisalocicerogh Really shocked...will miss her gorgeous smile! Becky will be snapped up by another show in no doubt about it.

Stunned and saddened. That's all--writer Michelle Val Jean

@JimRomanovich: Becky-Herbst-: She was the show's warmth and heart. Her absence extinguishes a bright light on an already dark street.

@Ingo Rademacher: @: So very sad to hear the news of Rebecca Herbst. I love you Becky and will miss you dearly. What a loss to GH and her many fans.”/ I couldn't agree more. Bad decision.

Hello everyone, most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she's a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition.
Much luv to Michael and Becky.--Steve Burton

Liz Webber: Why She Matters

On this day of yet another GH repeat, I thought I'd take the time to write about the news of "Liz Webber" leaving the show. ABC actually said "Storyline dictates that Liz Webber leave the show in the spring"... Whatever idiot wrote that or decided it was a good idea to put out there needs to go in my mind. Uh,  last I looked, the WRITERS dictated the storyline. Who's fault is it if they can't write for someone that's been on the show since they were a teen? A character rich in history, who's brother just got back on canvas. Someone that's been half of two hugely popular couples? A single mom with three kids that is a nurse in the actual HOSPITAL.

Whether or not you "like" the character of Liz... it really doesn't matter. By firing  Becky Herbst, GH is losing one of it's pivotal players and and part of the legacy of GH.  We've already lost almost  all the Quartermaines.  There are two Webbers left.  Who's Dr. Steve without Liz? Some dude who just showed up on canvas, that's who.  There are no Hardy's. The Scorpios are about done--Maxie,  Robin and the seldom used Mac are it.  They killed off Georgie. They may as well have killed off  Felicia. We know they do f'all with Robert and Anna.  The Cassadines? Stefan, Stavros gone. Helena? Brought out when they need a baddie to shake a stick.  I bet Tyler Christopher is eyeballing that door right about now.
 The Falconeris could have been a great family to weave into the Corinthos.  They take Kate out of the equation and shove Olivia to the background.  Dante's on every dang second. No balance. 

We have a bunch of newbies floating around...struggling to find a story.  No one related to anyone else.: Claudia..Abby...Terrell...Siobhan...Lisa and there's a casting call out for some 35 year old "Grace".  Whatever. I don't care about these people!! Even people like Diane and Spinelli don't have anyone else in town related to them.

Finally, Jonathan Jackson is back-- and now Rebecca is leaving. L&L2 for me, was the next generation. I know it also tears Liason fans apart.  Well, EVERY fanbase needs to be pissed off. If she can go, anyone can go. I remember when they killed off Alan..Emily..Georgie... let Dillon go...killed off Alkazar, brought Skye back for NOTHING. Genie Francis basically begged to come back only to be told there was no story for Laura!! WTF!!
I love Tony Geary but between he and Ingo's vacations, I'm tired of all their be-boppin' airtime. On then then on.  "Luke's" airtime cuts  into Tracy's...Ethan is sputtering around almost getting a story going then languishing in the background. This Mayan thing? Talk about lost momentum.

Why oh WHY can't GH use it's vets like other ABC soaps do?  Why do we have to watch our history evaporate?  Stories that don't weave together...stunt after stunt with no meaning. 

And not for nothing, but Becky herself has a huge fanbase. Who remembers "The Pearls"?? They've been around since the late 90's and used to post all the time on the AOL Message Boards. Liz Fans First!! They didn't care who she was with. I so hope another soap grabs her up quick. Hell, almost all of GH has moved to another soap!! 
I don't even know what to say other than it's another blow for our once beloved show. We can turn our sets off but ratings are so low now, I don't even know if that will matter. Unless there are RH fans out there with Nielson boxes, it probably wouldn't make a dent. Calling the hotline? You can try it, but we know how Guza loves even negative attention. I for one am going to send Rebecca a nice handwritten thank you snail mail and let her know I appreciated all the years she gave to us on our screens. Wish I could send a big ol pile of something else to TIIC but that would be beneath me.
Wouldn't it?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


*** As of 6:28 ABC just confirmed that she is indeed out. 
Yes. ABC confirmed tonight that Rebecca Herbst/Liz is leaving this spring for "storyline-dictated" reasons--Soaps In Depth (on Twitter)
I wonder if it's  FRANCO related? LOL...oh I so hope not.

 Daytime Confidential and Jamey Giddens broke this news earlier  and at first considered it a rumor but she is gone from the show. So sad.  If Becky wanted to leave on her own, I would be sad but this?? Not cool.  She has a huge fanbase. NOT to mention the Liason and L&L2ers out there who are going to really be peeved.

How do YOU feel about this news? I'm a bit shocked. Comment line:  



We've got SIBLING ducks of the day today!  These giant brother and sister ducks are QUACKDORABLE and QUACKCLUSIVE, with signatures by 29 -- yes, TWENTY-NINE -- GHers!!  The links to their auctions are here:,
BOTH ducks are signed by:  Annie Ilonzeh (Maya),  Blake Gibbons (Coleman),  Bradford Anderson (Spinelli),  Brandon Barash (Johnny),  Brianna Brown (Lisa),  Carolyn Hennesy (Diane),  Chad Duell (Michael),  Dahlia Salem (Claire),  Dominic Zamprogna (Dante),  Haley Pullos (Molly),  Ingo Rademacher (Jax),  Jane Elliot (Tracy),  Jason Cook (Matt),  Jason Thompson (Patrick),  John Ingle (Edward),  John J York (Mac),  Julie Marie Berman (Lulu),  Kirsten Storms (Maxie),  Laura Wright (Carly),  Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina),  Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), Nathan Parsons (Ethan),  Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie),  Scott Reeves (Steve),  Sonya Eddy (Epiphany),  Steve Burton (Jason),  Tyler Christopher (Nikolas)  and  Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda). 

General Hospital: IF I Only Had a Brain...

A Heart...A Home...The Smarts...DA Nerve.  I'm trying, I really am!!

Where is Morgan? Didn't he break his leg? You think Carly can take a second out of her day of butting into  everyone else's biz to,  I don't know, look in on him? What? Is he babysitting  Josslyn while wearing a giant cast? (I'd ask where Matt with the  broken arm is, but why? That's pointless).
I also wonder why Brenda is living at Jason's and not Sonny's..when Sonny's house is so heavily guarded..and MAX and MILO are there?? I'd love to see them help with wedding hilarity!  

Chad Duell tweeted this today...he's on the set. I snagged it so my blog might be more interesting. Not sure I'm diggin' the hair, but heck. 

Another set photo! 

Thanks, Chad because I really REALLY needed something fun for today!! If soaps were smart, they'd make their actors tweet  from backstage everyday!! 

TODAY'S GH: WTF. Sonny gets one wife blown up, a bride shot...a kid shot and he doesn't take advice from Jason or Dante about the wedding?? Cause "Brenda wants it"?? I'm sorry but that writing doesn't make sense in my book. 

Theo and  Loo-Loo. heh...She should have smelled something when he was spilling secrets --lawyers don't do that! LOVED JMB today..she's so perfect in her scenes confronting Dante.

Carly, OMG..where's Josslyn? LOL... Poor Laura Wright. I hope Carly gets a spa day soon. 
CHAD DUELL was spectacular today!!! He hit that out of the park.  His  upcoming "prison" spilling to Jason will be awesome. 

Molly threw a vase. You'd think she was Sonny's kid, not Ric's!!

They mention Mike today in regards to his GAMBLING streak.  Great way to probably keep him out of  the wedding. And..yep, he's going to REHAB! AHAHHAAHAHHA. There ya go,  ship 'em off. We knew Ron Hale was going but why not do it after the wedding? Why not have a nice exit planned where Mike go to Florida after they get hitched? 

CONAN was on!! DB and MB were great in that scene...that's GH, moments of tiny greatness that don't weave together.

OLTL today was so good, the way they played the Bo/Nora/Inez scenes off the Clint/Echo ones. Kelly/Cutter with Joey/Aubrey. And, TED KING IS COMING to the show soon! what the hell more can we want!!! eeeeee!!! This show also makes me feel  ok age-wise.  People older than me have lives, people younger than me do. Multi-generational. aaaaaaaaa.  Loved Clint's barn coat. HIS TEARY eyed talk  with Echo. Nice. Inez outed Clint in record time...and now Bo is going to shoot him? Naw, I don't think so.

And, who watches  AMC? Does David have some weird psychic thing going with Kendal? What's that about?!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh, today's so was so bad, I dare not write too much or people will be mad at me more than they already are. What idiotic writing.


First off...Brenda spills to The Balkan about Alesander-- just like that..and he reacts like he does and she's not in the LEAST bit suspicious? WTF.  Not to mention the fact I'm so over all of it. The wedding is Feb 18th..a lifetime away.

Siobhan trying to Leave Lucky fer de good of de Lookie....was done 44 million times before.  Thank God JJ can act. 

Sam and Kelly talk again in the hallway about her "problem" doesn't she have an office?

Abby and Carly. This is certainly going to last forever. "You're a hooker"?? Anyone else think of the movie "Arthur"?? You're a HOOKAH!!?? abhahahhaa.One of my fave scenes ever.

Carly: Get away from Michael!! Abby: but..but... he's good he's pure, I'm really good and pure...
Abby will leave Michael for his own good just like Siobhan is leaving Lucky for HIS own good! 

Last but not least, CLAIRE arrived at Sonny's today...announcing she's working at Alexis and Diane's. PLEASE tell me why WHY WHY...with all the dropped characters and all the dropped stories CLAIRE is all of a sudden back in the picture????? She and crazy Lisa should at least have been sisters or something. 

Project Cuddle...Can You Spare a Quack?

The ugly truth behind those cute rubber duckies and teddy bears:  On Friday afternoon (while we were watching General Hospital), the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Meyers, FL was called to a wooded area where a newborn was found dead in a garbage bag.  Sadly, this happens more often than you know -- too often.  Over the last 14 years, Project Cuddle has saved over 675 newborns from abandonment ... that's almost 50 babies per year.  Imagine how many were not so lucky? 
Project Cuddle helps to prevent these tragedies by providing pregnant women considering abandonment with direct resources; the toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day hotline in the U.S. and Canada is 1-88-TO-CUDDLE.  Project Cuddle also educates about state "safe surrender" or "safe haven" laws that allow women to bring their newborns to fire stations and other designated locations. 

John Stamos, who GH fans remember as Black Parrish, is the National Spokesperson for Project Cuddle.  BID TODAY on John's autographed 8x10 photo, a 2011 Project Cuddle calendar, and the official Project Cuddle book signed by Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, Becky Herbst, Dom Zamprogna, Jason Thompson, Ronnie Marmo, Steve Burton, Dahlia Salem, Scott Reeves, and Rick Hearst (you remember Rick Lansing!)!!  The eBay auction can be found at EBAY and ends on Thursday, January 20 at 9am east coast time (6am west coast time).  By bidding on any of these General Hospital cast signed auction items, you will be helping to save a newborn from another tragedy like Friday.  PayPal donations also can be made through January 31 at the Port Charles Wishing Well Site.

And don't forget ... this fundraiser is to celebrate the arrival of Becky's, Dom's, Jonathan's and Derk's babies -- so even if you're not able to make a donation or place an auction bid -- be sure to leave messages here BABY BOOK because keepsake hardbound copies will be sent to the new parents!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Groovy Golden Globes

LOVED Olivia Wilde's shoes!! I could never ever wear them but they are a joy to look at!! Loved her dress as well.  This year there weren't to many that really grabbed me.

Ricky Gervas was a pill!! LOL...he just killed it. Snarky and sassy!! Wowza!! Love those Brits.

Annette Benning and AL  Pacino had the same hairstyle. 
Jane Lynch's speech was hysterical. "I am nothing but falsely humble"

 OH, SO...SO...SAD. Christina, what were you thinking??! Not only is the dress bad but the hair? EESHhhhhhhhhh. Not a great look, imo. Just heard she is indeed pregnant--I thought so when she was on DWTS.

Robert Downey Jr's little speech before the best actress noms was very fun!! He's so cool, isn't he? *sigh*

Halle Berry looked awesome in her tight black dress!! 

I hated that Glee won over Modern Family-- Glee just takes my 70's and 80's song memories and crushes them. 

The Kids are Alright was an "alright' movie.  Anyone else see it? I was disappointed with the story and thought it just dragged. The acting was amazing, yes, but it didn't do anything else for me. 

Yeah for "The Kings Speech" Colin Firth...go Speech Pathologists! BOO that our Franco lost. He was up in a year of standout performances.

Dear Sandy, lose the NOT a good look for you. You look mad. The dress was ok but man I can't get past those bangs to enjoy it! LOL. I wish she would have shown up with Ryan Reynolds!! Especially since ScarJO was there too!  

The Social Network won and I really did love the was done so well, and I thought that I wouldn't find it interesting. WRONG!!  See it!! 




General Hospital Sunday Surgery: Lab Work

 (all links fixed! thanks for telling me...)

Well. Looks like the ratings plummeted one week and then went up hugely the next. That's what holiday break will do to you!! Soap Opera Network has all the numbers for you to take a gander at.

Over on TVGuide Canada, Nelson reports that there's a casting call for 35 year old "Grace" some bratty rich girlie. WTH! Uh, don't we have enough freekin' ladies running around? Claire, Siobhan, Olivia, Brooke Lyn...Maya...Abby-- It just boggles my dang mind. Not to mention Kate has evaporated when they so could have used Crimson as a Brenda-centric story setting.  :stompingfoot:  

Looks like the SnB wedding will be marred by destruction... you know Guza-fied wedding.  OF COURSE!!! Why would it be joyful!!?? We've got The Balkan all ready to pounce and Franco waiting in the wings-- probably to do a wedding portrait of "The Face" while she's chained to a wall somewhere. *sigh* 
Tony Geary is back, that means more Q-mania at least. I'm  hearing Ethan will decide to go the corporate route because he's sick of being beat-up and he knows there's a hell of a lot of money to be made white-collar crime style. I'm clinging to the hope this happens, and that the Qs get rocking again, so don't disturb me.  If they are going to keep Brooke Lyn (and I'm shocked they have) then have her be his assistant. She could cause trouble for ol' Mayan! 

Franco has announced  he's directing and acting in a "Night Stalker" picture-- and for those of you that don't remember, Richard Rameriz was a strangler/rapist that terrorised Southern California in the '80's. The physical resemblance to Franco is eerie-- and will give me nightmares, I'm sure. I'm a huge true-crime buff so I will have to see it. I guess Franco was doing a little re-con with his GH  serial-killer stint.  This must be it. Yes, I'm officially  on the Franco-Frenia Freeway. Why? Don't know, but between his Fronkey and Guza, I'm hooked!! 

Michael's going to make his reveal to Jason this month about his horrific prison rape...and I hear it's amazingly powerful.  

                                             Scene of the week: Diane/Carly... loved it.

Other than that, I'm still not happy with the whole flow of the show. The sputtering and start-stop of the stories. Just the fact that no one has mentioned the bus crash  patients this week is enough to make me angry. There's a spoiler that Steve will visit Olivia and it may be "romantic" --whatever. They are like Mac/Alexis. How the hell can we care about anyone when you never show them? Bring on a wedding planner, have her in one scene, then she's gone. Why didn't they have her and  Suzanne argue? Claire's coming back for this wack-a-doodle trial after being in the closet how long? LOL..  it's maddening. At  least they are keeping Johnny around to beat up AGAIN. Brandon Barash has to be wondering  if his days are numbered. The insertion of the Spinelli book, while giving Diane more airtime, really needs to be woven into the canvas. Just like the random Sam/Dr.Kelly scene. If you missed that 20 second conversation, you'd be lost as to what's coming with the JaSam story.

Ok, I'll shut up! LOL.  You all know what I feel-- and how I'd write the show. OLTL on the other hand is stunning in it's completeness. (Like that line?!) Switched DNA,  Mean Clint... a circus of a trial, brothers against brothers... Nora/Bo-- fun Roxy and crazy-ass'd Marty. Ah, good stuff. 

BTW, one of my fave people, Real Andrews is off to All My Children as a detective. I can't wait. I still think he could have been used on GH, but I'm glad he's back on daytime.

There's a great charity going've seen the duckies featured on this blog all week. Aren't they darling?? Some are rare (Tony Geary) and some are  filled with about 30 sigs!! Head on over to Ebay, PC Wishing Well  to get yours today!! I still say the soap fans are the most generous and caring of them all!! 

Another shameless plug is the PEPSI CHallenge. "DO Good". They are giving away much money for start-ups that can improve the lives of others or  help the planet. My brother's friend Van, designed a cooling vest for MS patients and the chronically ill. He can win with our votes...and realize his dream of actually manufacturing these great pain reducers. Hit the link and if you think it's a "cool" idea, consider voting..thanks.

Have a great day!! Keep Warm!!


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...