Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday BUS Aftermath Day 4

Ah, Thursday..I can only hope today's show is as good as yesterday's!! See, we need NO CGI or that stuff. Having everyone at the hospital was awesome. Of course, I missed Bobbie but hell-- it was just a great change from all the Balkan crap. I so wish the entire show would revolve around the hospital again. I didn't ask--what did you think of the new doctor? He didn't make me gag on his acting  (usually I can tell if I like/hate someone in about 5 lines). I'm just stumped as  to why they are bringing in another newbie. If say, Matt would have died in the crash--maybe. I think Jason Cook has gotten the shaft so badly on GH, he needs to go somewhere else. 


 Jason and Jake--'member them?? 

I do get the thing about Jason/Jake--- while I was praising yesterday's scenes I am also well aware of the missed opportunities and dropped stories that have happened in this tale. I do think they are showing this now because Sam will be able to maybe have kids. The same exact thing is happening with Nikolas/Aiden/Lucky. If they never show the kid with either guy, how is the baby reveal going to mean anything? That's GH's M.O. though, families and history ties are so seldom used, they really aren't part of the canvas. Newbies might never even know Jason HAS a son. Or that Molly is actually Ric's kid, not Sonny's! LOL We sure wouldn't know Carly has a Mom in town. She can't even mention Bobbie when they are in the damn hospital! It wouldn't have killed the writers to have had her say "I'll have Gram check on her later"...

TODAY'S SHOW: More Krissy/Sonny scenes...awwwww. He tells her about Stone. One of writer Karen Harris' shows. Her shows will end next month I think. 

Lisa is having Terrell mess with Robin to get her away from Patrick!! Did you see the looks Lisa and Robin gave each other?! 

Mayan and Edward... I would care more if they were on more. Once and again isn't enough. Tracy was back without Luke..damn it. BOO.

LOVED Theo's talk with MORGAN!! LOVED him with's good we know who he is and can catch all this double-speak. I am liking it right now.  (I know, shut up! LOL) Maybe he's seeing Helena on the side!! Heh. Nikolas did say Helena knew "The Balkan"!! 

Robin said she was "Born and Raised" in Port Charles-- which we all know isn't true. She wasn't born there. 

I still think Abby is going to be a man..really messing Michael up. He's going thru "transgender" THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!! :twirling: 

Yes for the Jolivia mention, too bad Johnny didn't actually GO IN THERE. ;/ boo. 

OLTL Today: OMG, Natalie swinging that gun around...with her fugly outfit, threatening Marty was just hysterical!! She was SO ASA!! I was wishing she would go find Inez for target practice. LOVED when she went into's PERFECT. Soapy and used a million times but I love it.heh
"I'll do better than an autographed photo for your wife..I'll sleep with her"!! Says David. Remember TED KING  is coming to OLTL soon! woot!! Maybe he's the  artist that did that pic of Blair in the box!!  

HEY! LOOK, let's hope they find a home on some TV channel so we can watch!
8th Annual Daytime Emmys Are On — And Will Include Web Series Awards Digest has learned that the Daytime Emmys ceremony will indeed take place on June 19th this year, however, details surrounding the broadcast remain up in the air. Awards Director Brent Stanton tells Digest that the awards will also include a new category to accommodate Web series called Special Class Short Format program. "This year it will encompass all daytime genres, including Daytime Talk, Children's, How-to etc," says Stanton. "After we see what dominates in this category this year, we are looking to separate out to a more defined category." Stanton hopes the drama Web series will dominate the new category, which means fan faves including EMPIRE, VENICE and GOTHAM could be considered.

 Twitter @wubsnet hit 7500 followers!! woot! Thank You to all that follow me and my live Soapy Tweets! I love doing it. If I go back to work full time, ok WHEN I go back to work  I will miss you all so much!! That's not coming for a bit though.


  1. OK, did I miss something? How did Natalie get Marty to the lodge? did she sling her over her shoulder or what?

  2. wow jason and jake. how old is jake suppose to be? crazy! he's a cutie and I'd like to see more of him but what are the odds he'll be on again this year?

  3. I just can't believe how much Jake looks like Jason. Their face shape is so similar.
    The scoops made me yawn, but I really hope that it is Steven that helps Liz with her money troubles and her not having to rely on another guy...
    Always having money troubles, that girl. you would think they would find a different story for her.

  4. So Abby is 10 years apart from Michael!!!! So she is 28 yrs old! DOH! :) How does Carly know how old she is? Did she ask her and we didn't get to see it?! :)

    And Hope I was wondering how Natalie got Marty to the lodge myself!!! Strange!

  5. Haven't seen today's show, but my first impression of the new doctor is a good one. He has personality, he's good with the young actors, and he's very believable. Now, you say he's working with Lisa against Robin??? Holy cheese! Can't have one day of happiness around that joint? Here's hoping that won't last long...still think he and Maya would be a GORGEOUS couple! She is so much older and more sophisticated than Ethan, and he's only in this thing for the "perks" he has said quite a few times. Supposedly she gets sick later this year and possibly ironic for a doctor to lose someone he couldn't cure. So soapy, so full of possibilities! Save Ethan for a SORAS'D Kristina (they did it for Starr on OLTL, they can do it on GH...who cares if she's short? hahahaha, being 5'1" I can identify, hahahaha)Onward and upward GH!

  6. Lately, KM has been looking great, but in these scenes her makeup looked horrible and her New Jersey hair was even worse.

  7. KM has been heavy on the lip gloss, I even tweeted that!!

    I never thought about Marty and the lodge!! I just thought Natalie was mad enough to haul her in there!! LOL

  8. KM's makeup is always heavy. she is not a natural beauty like liz and carly.

  9. IMO KM is such a cute girl. She doesn't even need much make up. When they put her in too much she looks like a girl playing dress up. Liz is gorgeous. I disagree that Carly is a natural beauty though. Her hair is to die for and she has a great curvy body but that's it. And before you go all Snookie on me I am no perfection either. Just answering to the natural beauty comment. I end up liking the girls better that need a little more to look good. Makes me feel like they're more like regular women. Diane, Alexis, Carly, and Natalie, Vicki, and Nora on OLTL. Makes you feel so much more connected versus Kendal on AMC, or Sam on GH running in heels in a 12 year old girls body. No I'm not jealous, most men like real womens bodies.

    As for Jason & Jake, I loved the naturalness of those scenes. But I had to choke on my soda when I heard Liz say "Jake you remember Sam" Yeah, the one that scared you with guuns in the park and watched a phycho kidnap you. RUN JAKE RUN!

  10. Hey last Anon: Kemo's eyemake up is one of the most heavy on GH. I disagree that Lm always has a lot on but to each his own. VM is a close 2nd to Sam, followed by Olivia. Speaking of, I miss Jolivia already!

  11. I SERIOUSLY need to see Ethan go visit Kristina in the hospital. My impression was that they were still good friends and that he cared about her. She slept in his hospital room and made sure he didn't die in the night after he was shot and nearly bit it back in July. So let's pretend he doesn't know her now after all that and after he spent days waxing philosophical about her for days on end back around Halloween, 'kay? Whatever, show.

  12. Your statement was soo funny Piper....I was checking on CNN'S website and guess who was on there?A interview about James Franco being gay lol he's everywhere is he not?If they would give Jason more lines and different tshirts it would be great.I saw his movie he did and I loved it.Hes a really good actor and so is Maurice why oh why are they staying on GH????

  13. OOOOps I forgot I was going to ask how Natalie got Marty up there too.Maybe they will say tomorrow.......eeeewww get rid of Inez please

  14. James Franco is gay? Could have fooled me when he was in Tristan and Isolde. He was uber HOT in that movie!

  15. I think when Carly said Abby was 10 years older than Michael that she was greatly exaggerating because she doesn't like her and she's trying to convince Sonny that she is bad for Michael.

    As for Theo, I HATED his talk with Morgan. No child should have to face a menacing adult while laying in a hospital bed, certainly not one he does not know. I am no fan of Sonny, but I truly want him to fire this guy. In the past Sonny would have had him 'dispatched'. I can't believe Guza is turning Sonny into this distracted wimp.

    As for the new doctor, I don't like him. I think he should be more differential to everyone since he isn't on staff yet. I wasn't at all surprised that he is probably a bad guy.

    As for James Franco being gay, I read the article and I think this guy lives to get one over on the world where his personal life is concerned. I do think, however, that he is very serious about his work.

    End of rant.

  16. Dante and Olivia are creepy together, in an incest way. Seem more like a couple then a mother and son. I can not watch it.

    I still want Liz with Johnny together!

  17. I think Franco is playing with people SO many interviewers ask him that question!! LOL... It's like hell, I may as well be Gay or Bi cause no one believes anything. I think he's omnisexual. He likes everything!!

  18. WHEN you all said KM I thought you meant KIM McCoullough! I call Kelly KeMo.
    ROBIN has had on the lip gloss! LOL

  19. kemo always has on too much makeup. she does not have very nice skin. liz,carly and alexis makeup is done natural looking.

  20. I think the new doc will somehow take the curse off Lisa, since they like that actress and want to keep her. She'll use him, until he catches on.
    They did this years ago with Bobbie. Bobbie was so mean to Laura and was so manipulative that Jackie Z was getting threats in the mail, so they decided to bring in big brother Luke to lift some of that heat off her by having him do some of her mean stuff. Then, strangely enough, they discovered that this young character actor (as Tony thought of himself) had much talent and charisma and in any scene with Genie, who was a good fifteen years younger than Tony, had a chemistry that leapt off the screen, and they were relunctant to kill him off as planned.
    He did take the heat off Jackie, but he and Genie created an all-new era on GH!

  21. I also thought KM meant either Kim Mc or Kelly Monaco, wasn't sure who.

  22. This isn't basking the actor but the truth those scenes in the hospital with Kristina without makeup Lexi height isn't the only issue she looked eleven years old lying in the hospital bed. And I like Terrell but he hasn't been in one scene with Maya why pair them. Oh they are both black how progressive and I would and do enjoy Mayan and Edward wish they would get more airtime its sad that a stripper, killer are judged more worthy than an beautiful intelligent intern and Brenda acts and dresses like a teenager which wouldnot be bad if the actress wasn't in her forties!

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