Tuesday, June 30, 2020

GH "Schedule" Released

This is it according to TV Source Magazine. I guess they really might just stop trying? I mean? Who wants to see these?? 

I know Ratings have been low low...but at least you could tune in and see old characters and such. I'm also concerned that their Mid-July return to filming may not happen because of the increase in cases in California. 
Ugh, Mess. 

Today's show is the Kristina/Sonny therapy session. air date: June 2, 2010 

Here's hoping they change their minds on this: 

General Hospital episodes tentatively set to air July 13-17 are not themed. Though **SUBJECT TO CHANGE**, the plan is to re-air episodes 14532, 14533, 14533A, 14534 and 14535 which originally aired 5/6/20, 5/7/20, 5/11/20, 5/12/20 and 5/13/20.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Baby Josslyn


Josslyn's christening... Michael #2 (not Chad), young Morgan. LADY JANE! And baby Joss..aww.. Lady Jane got Josslyn a Maple tree for a present. Mercedes mention! 

Ronnie is on with Dante...they both met Alberta in Toronto.  They call Dante Dominick-- because he's undercover. LOL

OG Lulu with JJ's Lucky. 

Luke and Liz talking about her being with Nikolas.  She is sad she cheated on Lucky.

Oh, Ethan's on!! Robin and Patrick!  

Johnny Z!! 

This is the one Sonny SHOT his own SON! 
Great ending with the church vs Sonny 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Fill in the Blank

I WATCHED GH __________________ Times this week. 


Monday: Sonny shoots Dante (airdate 1/2010)
Tuesday: Sonny and Krissy go to therapy (airdate 7/2010)
Wednesday: Michael confronts Sonny about killing his father (11/14)
Thursday: Michael "Gives Avery back to Sonny"? (6/15)
Friday:  Sonny saves Morgan from jumping (2/16) 

Source: She Knows Soaps Soaps.com 

Looks like the week after that it's Sonny-Centric yet again. 

GH  is set to resume filming in mid-July. With numbers rising in CA, this may not hold ?

Have a good one! 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Daytime Emmys

Were "on" CBS this year. I didn't watch for reasons of my own. Who won? Young and the Restless for Daytime Drama, Tamara Braun for Supporting Actress, Jason Thompson for Actor, Heather Tom for Actress and  GH got the direction Emmy.  

Tamara posted that nice message. No mention of Billy tho. LOL 

The sheer fact that neither Maura West or Finola won Best Actress? Another reason I don't watch anymore. Jon Linstrom lost to Jason Thompson (which I hear was deserved I guess) and guest actor went to Eva LaRue 

Here's a link to all the Winners: DEADLINE 

Friday, June 26, 2020

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Date to Start Shooting Again-maybe

According to Deadline, GH is scheduled to start up production up in Mid-July. That's as long as LA County allows it and they follow strict protocol. Since BB is going ahead sooner they may even see how that all goes first. 
I'm just hoping they don't decide to do an All-Sonny Show or something. LOL 

At least there's a date out there! 

Where Have You Been?


No I haven't watched GH in a few days. I guess you could say I have Sonny burn-out. While it's fun to tune in to see old characters, I just had too much to do. Today the Zacchara fam is on so I might take a gander. 

I'm feeling very wary about GH at the moment. The longer this goes on, the longer ABC has to look for 'replacement' material for that time slot until they 'return'. The resurgance in CA of COVID isn't boding well either. The Bold and The Beautiful were going to come back but that's been stopped. Even Disneyland isn't opening up on schedule. I just hope this doesn't spell disaster for the show. If ABC finds running some game show is more cost-effective, welp. There ya go. 

Next week is yet another Sonny-Centric one with episodes centering on each of his children. Maybe we'll get crypt-sex again? Hmmm... 

Are you watching the show daily? I know Twitter is WAY down as far as discussion goes. The more time that goes by, the more viewers will peel off.  Here's hoping for a solution soon. I'd hate to lose it all. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Baby Lila

Sam lost her baby...Jason is with her. Baby Lila will give her stemcells to Kristina.  Jason will tell Sam that her baby died. (Sonny was the father)

Kristina is a toddler in the hospital needing stem cells. Sonny is there with Alexis. Ric gives him a restrainting order. 

OMG.. Sonny is the father of Sam's baby that's dead. OMG 

CONNOR is on!! He's the Doppleganger for Nikolas!! AHAHAHAA 

NuLois is on!! So is Alcazar. 

Mike is on!! RON HALE!!  As is Corbin Bernsen as Carly's real Daddy. 


Monday, June 22, 2020

2003 A Young GH

OH so this show is where JaSam first met!! 

So, Tamara Braun is on today playing Carly and my GOODNESS, she looks exactly like she looked THIS LAST YEAR playing KIM!! She does NOT age WOW. 
Maurice has.
Ingo Has
Steve has 
Kin has...
KeMo has a bit.. 

GEORGIE!! DILLION! TRACY!! Tracy hates Georgie and wants DILLON with SAGE!! 

FAITH ROSCOE MENTION! AND SHE'S ON!! OH I loved her so much. 

Liz and Emily eat at Old School Kelly's and Liz is PG with Zander's Baby!! 

Oh I enjoyed today's show so much.. I loved seeing all the old characters when they were young! 

ALKAZAR!!! A really young Ted King!! and Courtney !! EESH!!  Courtney tells Jason she loves him, wants him to "LEAVE THE LIFE"!! and Alkazar loves Carly. 

This really wasn't A "JaSam" episode much. I guess it's when they met but they werent' on together a lot at all. 

I was delighted watching these old timey characters!! 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Summer Blues

Winner of The Week! 

First day of Summer yesterday! Growing up, my summers were the best. I was very lucky--great neighborhood, a pool, a river, a creek and plenty of bikes and friends. Summer has always been that golden time in my mind. My birthday is at the end of August so you know I love the season!! 

And.......here we are!! Usually at this point in our soaps, we have something coming up for summer. Danger! Runaways! Kidnappings! Peter Tied to the Bed!! Now? Who knows. I think The Bold and The Beautiful were going to start taping then backed off after thinking abou things for a minute. That means more weeks of reruns. I'm just hoping they keep those up instead of replacing it with a game show or something. That could spell DOOM!! 

I really only enjoyed Monday of this week: Metro Court Hostage Crisis. And why Frank didn't do the entire story is beyond me. We did get to see a lot of Ric last week--I'd forgotten and and Nina got married.  Silas was on as well. :Giggle: I mean, so weird. Eden McCoy had her first day as Josslyn at Sonny and Carly's Hospital Wedding. She's grown so much! 

Get Ya Leather Coats out! 

NEXT UP on GH: The Best of Jason and Sam...so get your JaSam stuff out. I'm sure we'll have a lot of Chinese Food, Dragon and Phoenix statues and motorcycle rides. 

The week after that??  All Sonny's Children. Um..Okay? 

Have a good father's day if you are lucky enough to still have your Dad around. Mine is 83 and he's amazing and has more energy than I do!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Stone Cold and The Jackal -- TV Streaming!

Bradford and Steve 

Have you listened to Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson's podcasts? Beginning Monday, June 22 at 7:30 PM PT, viewers will be able to watch “That’s Awesome!” as a weekly television series – with reruns occurring throughout the week as well exclusively on Popstar! TV. The episodes, created exclusively for the streamer, will include interview segments, comedy segments and the duo’s popular “Seven Questions” segment with guests. Upcoming guests include Katelyn MacMullen, Laura Wright, Maurice Benard and James Patrick Stuart. 

Emmy-nominated OTT channel Popstar! TV is widely available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and STIRR as well as in the Apple App Store and via Google Play among others.

The premier episode will have Katelyn MacMullen  (Willow) as their guest.  Congrats to the duo for launching their show. It will be a great thing to have while we are waiting for GH to begin again! 

Friday, June 19, 2020

CarSon Wedding #34

DA Hornsby: Serial killer time. He's plotting with Ava against The Corinthos Family.  He's the guy that killed Sabrina. 

Carly and Sonny getting married in GH while he's in a wheelchair. Josslyn is SO LITTLE! OMG...Eden has grown so much over the years. 

Old Jordan is on with Anna... I miss them together. 

Dillion Q~~ and Maxie. He likes Lulu. 

Valerie Spencer is partners with Nathan. Nathan told Dante he thought Valerie was PREGNANT? I forgot about their affair!! LOL 

BODY in the water!! Carlos!! oh ANNA acting all guilty. I think it's Carlos. BUT we do know Carlos is alive because he comes back for Sabrina and the baby. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

General Hospital 2014

Nina and Franco are gaslighting Ric into thinking he's hearing a baby cry...they say they know they set up her mother. 

Sonny is SHOT and in the hospital and Morgan vows to kill Julian. (for about a half hour) 
Liz is going to tell Jake he's Jason??! (Billy Miller looks yummy) Maybe it's just a ruse. YEP, little Jake interrupts and says he's had a bad dream that "Jake leaves like all my other dads" SO...Liz  isn't going to spill. Damn it. 

Maxie and Nathan.. Maxie's ugly apartment hasn't changed!! LOL 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

General Hospital: 2013

Just after Kiki and Morgan's wedding. 

Sonny is off his meds. Great acting/script. 

Kiki and Michael profess their love and kiss. 

Ava and Morgan.... oh, is she TOUCHING HIM??  YEP...they end up making out! LOL and then have good old fashioned hot zex! wow! 

Silas and Sam eating on the floor. 

Lante with Gerogie, as Maxie tells Spinelli she's his daugther. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday: Metro Court Hostage


I watched today because I wanted to see: Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks), OG Lulu (Julie Berman), Ted King (Alkazar) and I wasn't disappointed!! 

Liz is pregnant with Jake. She, Emily and Carly OPERATE on Robin!! LOL..Patrick talks to them over the phone (not even a cell phone).  

If you want some fun old-time GH, tune in! 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Nothing TO See Here...

WELL.. I was going to leave this blank today but I'm having coffee and thought I'd pop something up. 
How long can this keep up? I guess for awhile, right? Even when they start to tape again, the restrictions are huge and then there's editing and all that. Maybe new shows will run in August? I have no idea. 

Some of the things I've thought of doing would be a week with each character doing a study on their life and exploration of motives. They could interact with other characters a bit and maybe do some spotlight type therapy. . BUT I'd want characters that aren't on everyday.  Do a Liz week, Ned, Olivia-- Ava, even Julian. I'd use old time flashbacks even if there was a recast!  Have each actor that plays them narrate the episodes as well. 

Davis Girls Days! That would be great. Let's revisit each of their births! 

We could have Lesil be transferred back to NY State Prison System and Brad and she team up for some "Orange is the New Black" type comedy and drama.  Have them escape. 

Do a week of "The 4th of July" picnics we used to have (going back to the 70's)  and maybe the Mayoral race when Luke ran. 

A WEEK OF SCOTTY BALDWIN! Come on, there's gold in them their clips! 

I can go on and on. This next week will be a CarSon fest and I'm really not even looking forward to it at all. We see them on the daily. They aren't going to feature the past Carlys either so... meh. 

Same with JaSam week... 

What would you like to see if you could have one character study? I'd also do a Helena Havoc 
Days but you already knew that! 

Hope you are well. We are in Phase 3 here but everyone is still social distancing and wearing masks. I only saw one person without one yesterday. People are being cautious. NY's numbers are on the downturn so I'm hoping they stay that way!! 

Tillie says hello. She's still loving life and being pampered all day. We haven't really started any new series yet. I'm rewatching Ghost Whisperer on Hulu and Marple too. 


Saturday, June 13, 2020


Coastal Entertainment is setting up some fun Zoom sessions for you and some of your fave GH Stars! At first I was like, they are charging for this? After thinking about it though, its' a good way for them to make some money and stay afloat (the company). It's only $25 and just might be a great way to connect with GH actors and other fans. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2020


LA County has been cleared to begin filming for the  movie/tv industry Deadline reports.  They must implement protocols which are contained in documents distributed by the state and counties. 

It's going to be an interesting process folks, and who knows what the unions will do as far as people wanting or not wanting to return.  People with underlying conditions/ health risks will probably have to decide what is in their best interests. 

Catching UP

Hi Guys and Gals!! WELL-- time is limping along! It also looks like people were quick on Twitter to say GH was starting production soon because- NOPE. Even when they start back up the restrictions and guidelines will be huge. 
I encourage you to read up about a British soap: HOLLYOAKS and how they are dealing with and starting to film again. 


Wally Kurth (Ned) will be in a upcoming Lifetime Movie A Deadly Bridenapping ! No air date yet, I will keep you posted. 

We've found out that after this week and the CarSon week, there will be a "JaSam" week. This will go back as far as 2003 to relive some of their golden days. 

Today is both Eden McCoy (Josslyn) and Carolyn Hennesy's birthdays! So HAPPY DAY to them! 

With all that's going on in the world, I hope you're taking care and enjoying what you can. I do miss going to the movies--it's my son and my 'thing' together. We've been watching a lot here of course, but not the same thing!  We will enter Phase 3 where I am in NY at the end of the week but it still puts restrictions on things. I also just saw the Canadian border is shut for travel (not goods) until the end of July now. It's going to be a long summer with no festivals or concerts! 

Have a good one. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Patient Data

This is strictly a News and Notes blog so if you're not interested, have a good day!!!  You may have seen that California has been given the go ahead to resume filming/TV production as early as June 12th. 
See LA TIMES for the full article. 
Everyone was all happy, thinking GH might be back but... hold your IV poles because it's by county. And no one is sure LA County is ready for that yet. 

Ergo... who knows. I have heard that even when production ramps up again, it may be a little chaotic at first because of the many MANY guidelines that would have to be followed. Only so many in a space for example...not sure they can touch.. you know they won't kiss!  The unions can also have a say, especially the crew; and they could have a choice to opt out. Will there have to be on-going testing like they have in some industries? 

Either way, looks like the Nurses Ball, scheduled to be filmed when the lock-down hit has to wait. Unless they put one singer on the stage and just let us listen to the acts with nothing else, I don't see how it could work. 

Some actors don't live in LA; will they want to return if it means an air flight? MESS people, it's a mess.  Just like schools and other work spaces that have people crammed in there, it's going to be a long haul until the vaccine comes out. 

Remember to check out Nancy Lee Grahn's You Tube Channel as she has some really hilarious zoom videos and an interview with Tony Geary. She probably could just take over GH's spot now and have a talk show.  You can find her on Nancy Lee Grahn Events 

Next week we will have the 2019 season of the Nurses Ball and then the next week will be a CarSon -centric theme. I was wrong to say there was a Metro Court "week" as the Metro Court "theme" is actually ONE day in the Sonny and Carly fest.  :EYEROLL: --why not show the whole thing? It was a great continuous story that could air really well. If this keeps up, maybe they will think about that a bit?  I'm also afraid if it drags out much longer, the network will just put game shows in that spot and..well. What will that lead to??! ! 

There's a cute show on Amazon now called Upload  that you may like.  I wasn't sure because it started a bit slow but it got really good. Jessica Tuck is in there!! (Cassandra GH and Megan on OLTL) It's a "Second Life" type idea and a great escape. Just what I need now. 

It's a beauty day here so I hope I don't spend it just weeding!!  Have a good one. Be kind to each other and have some cake. We all need some damn cake right now. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

It was 2018

So, we are up to 2028--then it goes to 2019 next week...then, METRO COURT HOSTAGE Situation--Sebastian Roche. I hear it may be part of the Sonny and Carly extravaganza (ugh) but it's worth the watch.

Lord, Peter was on in 2018. Gross. 

I really hated KeMo's dress this year. Loved seeing Old Nina and Old Jordan. Sniff. 
Dante's still around!! 

Curtis did some magic-- I forgot he did that!! Diamond Ring! 

Starts the week of June 15th 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Happy Birthday to Tristan!

  • Our Fave Aussie about town!! Happy Day. 
  • Robert and Anna? 
    Robert and Holly? 
  • Which is your fave!!? 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...