Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Baby Lila

Sam lost her baby...Jason is with her. Baby Lila will give her stemcells to Kristina.  Jason will tell Sam that her baby died. (Sonny was the father)

Kristina is a toddler in the hospital needing stem cells. Sonny is there with Alexis. Ric gives him a restrainting order. 

OMG.. Sonny is the father of Sam's baby that's dead. OMG 

CONNOR is on!! He's the Doppleganger for Nikolas!! AHAHAHAA 

NuLois is on!! So is Alcazar. 

Mike is on!! RON HALE!!  As is Corbin Bernsen as Carly's real Daddy. 



  1. My time machine is still broken.. Today's GH is from November 10, 2004.


    Mike, Kung Foo Barbie, and NuLois: Talking about Sam and Sonny's baby that died, and about little Kristina. I never warmed up to the NuLois..

    Mike, Kung foo barbie, and Lorenzo: Kung Foo Barbie talking to Lorenzo.

    Kung Foo Barbie: Stay away from my family: The last thing Sonny and Carly need is trouble from you.

    Oh shut up! Don't act all high and mighty! You are not the queen of that town!

    NuLois and Loreno: She is testing him to see if she still has feelings for Carly!! :) She says Carly and Sonny are over for good because Carly broke the cardinal rule!!! Lying about family!!! That is a NO NO!

    The hospital:

    Sam's room:

    Jason and Steven: STEVEN LARS!!!!! Man he was so HAWT!!!! :) Jason is so broken up about the baby's death!!

    Jason and Liz: Liz is so helpful! Sharing her experiences about losing a baby. Awwww thanks Liz for being there for Jason!!! :)

    Jason and Kung foo barbie: Oh go away Kung Foo Barbie!!! You are not needed here!! He doesn't love you anymore! You two are over!!! He has started to love Sam now!! Don't be talking about the baby you lost with Jason!!! That is all on you!!!! You are the one who wanted to help Jason with his business while you were pregnant! You kung foo'd your way into helping, then jumped into the water!!!! Stupid idiot!!! Man I need break from her already! Back then she made me angry all the time!!! I don't want to feel this way again! UGH!

    Jason and Sonny: Damn Jason is more broken up about the baby's death than Sonny is!!! It's like the baby was Jason's! :)

    Jason and Sam: SO SAD!!! She woke up and he had to tell her!!!! :( GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :( They did that you don't hear him tell her you just look in the window trick! You do hear her screaming. :(

    Church chapel:

    Carly, little redhead Michael, and Sonny: Tamara Braun as Carly!!! Little Michael wants to know why Sonny isn't blaming God for the baby's death!! Sonny tells him to be kind to one another!! Awwwwwww. :)

    Little Kristina's room:

    Ric, Sonny, Alexis, and Kristina: That poor little actress is probably all confused and scared about what is going on!!! She has a breathing mask on her face!! Ric and his restraining order HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you Ric! Come back!!!! Ric and Alexis are married.

    Ric and Liz: Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :) I know they are not together here, but awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Carly's new house:

    Carly, John, and Michael: Ohhhhhh. Carly's new house! Carly's daddy bought her a house! Michael don't like it so he went to sit in the car. Now that Carly and Sonny are over, she had to find a place to live. Now they are playing hot potato with the house key! She don't want the house! ROFL!

    Carly and Michael: Well, Michael sorry but you are going to live there! HA! :) He ain't very happy!!


    Connor and Emily: CONNOR!!!!! OH NO! You stay away from her you jackass!!!!! Oh, well, he isn't doing anything right now, but THIS IS A WARNING!!!! Connor with the accent is in pain. Emily is taking care of him. He also had a very very bad nightmare about his friend dying in the military! Man he is sweating a lot!!! Oh hi Nik!

    My flashback: Sam and Sonny when they were sleeping together.. Carly walked in on them. :) They were hot together, but back then I wanted Carson to get back together.


    Tomorrow's episode, October 12, 2005: Sam and Jason have a water gun fight in Hawaii.

    1. Totally forgot about the actor who played Steven Lars back then. He was HAWT! I agree!

      Is this when Jason's box of pain started? :)

    2. "Julie H Totally forgot about the actor who played Steven Lars back then. He was HAWT! I agree!"

      Yeah I forgot about that actor too. I just looked him up. His name is Shaun Benson! :)

      "Is this when Jason's box of pain started? :)"

      Great question! I think so?

  2. Why can't I remember Tyler (Nik) playing a dual role??? Lil Krissy was so adorable! Finally Alkie has good hair! Loving these past 2 days! Give me more please!!!

    1. "Michelle L says, Why can't I remember Tyler (Nik) playing a dual role???"

      Maybe you blocked it out!! :) It was a really bad storyline. I wish I could block it out! ROFL!

    2. Alcazar and his hair, hahahahaha! He looked much better in this episode! I was giggling about Tyler playing 2 roles. He's always reminded me a bit of Elvis, and then dying the hair blond to be Conner was too much for me. That's what they did to Elvis when he played twin cousins in Kissing Cousins. I know, I'm weird! Lol!

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  4. I still can't use my time machine. I ordered a new part.. The episode today is from October 12, 2005.

    Paris: Oh come on!!! Hahahaha. They showed Robin but not her face the whole episode until the end!!! It's so obvious it's her! By her voice, and her Silhouette. It was so stupid to hide her!! Hahahaha! She was at the hospital working and then went home. It's her birthday and Mac sent her a cupcake. Mac even called her to wish her a happy birthday! She had a nose ring! :) I remember that. Back then I thought it was strange that she wears a nose ring and she is a doctor hahaha. Anyway, she is going to Port Chuckles and this is where she meets Patrick. :)

    The hospital:

    Kung Foo Barbie and Dr. Meadows: Kung Foo Barbie got the preggers and wants to find out who the father is! Too soon says Meadows. You don't need a test! I can tell you who the father is!!!! NIK!!!! :) Oh hi Jax! Oh sure just lie to him about why you are really talking to Dr. Meadows. Telling him that they are discussing the foundation's "Mothers without Means" project. Sure why not?! *roll eyes*

    Kung Foo Barbie and Jax: They are talking about the baby they lost because Liz was their surrogate and Liz lost the baby.

    Kung Foo Barbie: Give yourself some time. The pain will go away eventually.

    Don't patronize him!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH! I... Just.. GAH!

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  6. Gazebo:

    Nik and Emily: Oh they are divorcing. Nik is with Kung Foo Barbie now and they are great together. :) Emily wants to give Lucky and Liz a surprise wedding!! :) Nik promised Lucky that he wouldn't invite Kung foo Barbie at their wedding, but Emily thinks he should.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Jax: Alexis is really really preggers with Molly! Jax is talking about his divorce papers, when Nik shows up with divorce papers.

    Alexis, Jax, and Nik: Nik wins the line of the day.

    Nik: Okay so. I got my divorce papers. Except their for him.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pregnancy brain Alexis? :) Alexis is married to Ric, but her marriage is crumbling, Jax's marriage is over, and Nik's marriage is over.. Hysterical scene. Alexis kicked them both out hahahhaha. Later Jax shows up again and has signed the divorce papers, but Alexis noticed he didn't get it notarized!! Jax asks Alexis to uh misplace the divorce papers for a little while longer. NO JAX!!!! You and Kung Foo Barbie do NOT belong together!!!!

    Kung Foo Barbie's home:

    Kung Foo Barbie and Emily: Emily knows the secret!!!! She knows that there is a bun in the oven! Emily tells her to tell Nik or she will tell him!!! Kung Foo Barbie wants to wait until she takes the test to find out who the papa is!!! Emily doesn't think she can wait that long!!!


    Brooklyn and Diego: Brooklyn has a stalker, and is upset thinking that Diego is her stalker! Diego denies denies denies, but then Mr. sneaky McSneakerson sneakily puts a pill in her drink!!!

    The walk in freezer:

    Brooklyn and Diego: Brooklyn is drugged! Diego is pissed and admits he drugged her! He spills the truth! HE IS SAGE'S COUSIN and is pissed that Sage is dead. He has Sage's diary and is reading it. Sage wrote how she hates Brooklyn! Diego blames Brooklyn! It's not Brooklyn's fault! Georgie is the one who put Sage in the walk in freezer because they were fighting and had enough. Mary Bishop is the one who killed Sage!!!

    Hawaii vacation:

    Fun fun fun until daddy takes the T bird away.. Jasam was having a blast! Oh look Manny! He is a teeny tiny bit cranky because he was in a coma and just woke up. You know how that goes.. Manny says he wanted to watch Jason die, but he can't!!! Jason had saved Manny's brother's life, and that means family honor! Manny had to let Jason live unless Jason tried to kill Manny. Manny gives him a gun! His men beat him up!!! If Jason tries to kill good ol coma less Manny, then Manny can kill Jason! Manny's men are still beating him up, and oh look there is Sam. She came back from whatever she was doing.

    The park:

    Maxie and Jessie: Apparently Jessie was in a fight with Diego. Maxie is all confused. Jessie is an undercover cop and her bodyguard and her It think at the time her boyfriend. Jessie says he is only doing his job. Mac showed up and fired him from being Maxie's bodyguard, but he didn't fire him from being a cop.

    My flashback: Jax's first scene! He came on the show on January 1996. Lois met him.. JAX! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! His luscious luscious hair!!!! I forgot all about how his hair was!!!! :) I remember this scene!!


    Tomorrow's episode is from July 21, 2011: Jason proposes to Sam on a rooftop, using a chrome nut as a temporary substitute for an engagement ring.

    1. Such a great recap, and not one comment. :(
      So I totally don't remember Jessie. And 3 days of Kung Foo Barbie, how did you make it thru Sonya! HAHAHAHA!

      I also forgot how whispery Emily was. She was the original mumbles if you can call it that. She and KF Barbie were both ticking me off.

      Alexis, Jax and Nik were the best. I loved them! And of course it was great to see Robin, even if they thought they were tricking us. Please, so obvious!

  7. "Julie H says, Such a great recap, and not one comment. :("


    "So I totally don't remember Jessie."

    Yeah me neither, until I looked it up.

    "And 3 days of Kung Foo Barbie, how did you make it thru Sonya! HAHAHAHA!"

    Hahahaha. I can't!!! She is the worst character ever on GH! I know there are people who like her, and that's fine I don't care. :) She even won the fan favorite in 2015 when she came back as a ghost. Remember? :) It was between (I had to look it up) Stefan Cassadine, Ron Hale, and Serena Baldwin! I wanted Stefan Cassadine to win!!!! There was a twitter uproar and Nathan Varni had to prove she won. ROFL!

    "I also forgot how whispery Emily was. She was the original mumbles if you can call it that."

    The first!!! OG Mummbles! ROFL!

    "She and KF Barbie were both ticking me off."

    Yeah me too!!!!

    "And of course it was great to see Robin, even if they thought they were tricking us. Please, so obvious!"

    ROFL! We are not idiots or blind!!! :) Hahahaha!

    1. No, I didn't remember KFBarbie winning the fan favorite. NO WAY!! I would have wanted Stefan, too. If I was on Twitter I would have been one of those in a mega uproar, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, No, I didn't remember KFBarbie winning the fan favorite. NO WAY!!"

      ROFL! Yes way!!!! I couldn't believe it either!!

      "I would have wanted Stefan, too."

      Stefan needs to come back!!! :( I remember that Stefan and Laura had great chemistry!!

      "If I was on Twitter I would have been one of those in a mega uproar, lol!"


  8. So, my time machine works! YAY! :) I cancelled the part I ordered for it. *Steps into the time machine to July 21, 2011. Ahhhhh no Kung Foo Barbie. :) It feels so good. :)

    "Brenda, Sonny, and Carly: I wish Brenda would stop saying wow and tell Carly off! Or say wow but tell her off! :) Carly made a good point about how Brenda made a promise to Sonny.

    Brenda and Sonny: AHHHH this is so sad!!!! Sonny made me cry! :( He talks about power and love! And that love leaves and power stays! And that he won't give up his power. He needs his power. :'( Sonny had such a messed up childhood that it leads him to this!!! Maurice Bernard you are AWESOME! :)

    Jason and Maxie: Trying to find the ring!!! ROFL ROFL! Jason is so HOTT in that blue shirt! :)

    Jason and Sam: A long proposal from Jason and a long yes from Sam! UGH! Come on Sam just say yes! Geez you two I'm not getting any younger here. :) When Jason purposed, he says would you do me the honor. Honor?!!?! Jason really? Honor? Jason and honor in the same sentence? I don't think so ROFL!

    Carly and Sonny: Okay you two you gonna have sex? :) They usually do when either one is in pain.

    Brenda, Alec, and Jax: Great scene!!!! :) Yeah Brenda teach Alec Italian!!! :) He is a sponge! Teach him all sorts of languages! :)

    Alexis and Sam: Awww! She wants to know what her mom thinks of marrying Jason! And wants her blessing!!! Love the scene. :)"

    Today's comments: Brenda and Sonny scene made me cry again! My heart was breaking!! Ow ow ow ow ow!!! :( They are married, but it's over! She has to protect her son Alec! Sonny loves her so much!! Carly and Jax are married, but they are over. The Jasam proposal scene was boring. Sam was wearing a white dress, but it looked like a sheet. :) Jason still looks good in blue and I don't agree with Sam when she said she don't want to change him and you don't have to wear blue to make me happy. Forget that! Jason should always wear blue. :) Jax visits Michael and young Morgan. He also went to see baby Joss!! To say goodbye! He is going out of town! He went to visit Brenda and Robin. He is giving Brenda his plane and he decides to go with her and Alec. I didn't put who won the line of the day.. That's strange.. Well, Brenda and Robin scene, Brenda wins the line of the day. They are talking about Sonny and Carly.

    Brenda: Because those two have some sort of bizarre dysfunctional insane relationship, and he will always put her before me.

    ROFL! Glad you noticed that about their relationship. :)

    My flashback: Steve Burton's first scene as Jason! 1990!


    Tomorrow's episode will be from September 22, 2011: Jason and Sam get married at the Noodle Buddha Chinese restaurant. And guess who is on GH at this time? PAPA Z AND JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Sidenote: My favorite part of Karen's post back then, was this.

    "SO, CarJax: Over
    Sonny and Brenda: Over
    Jason and Sam: Getting Married
    Brenda: Leaving
    Jax: Leaving
    Carly: Still yappin'
    AND... Sonny threw NO BAR WARE TODAY!"


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    2. Well yay(!) that the time machine is fixed! I'm sure you're thrilled. :)

      I fast forwarded most of Jason and Sammie, gotta say I didn't care. Seeing Brenda was awesome and the scenes between her and Sonny were very good. Could have done without Carly.

      I always liked young Morgan. Good kid and nothing like Morgan part deux. What a tool he became!

      Seriously, Karen's comment, "Carly: Still yappin'" had me in stitches! The mouth from the south was alive and well even back then, lol!

      Thanks once again for the recap Sonya!

    3. "Julie H says, Well yay(!) that the time machine is fixed! I'm sure you're thrilled. :)"


      "Seeing Brenda was awesome and the scenes between her and Sonny were very good."

      YES!!! It was fantastic!! Lately I have been thinking that Carly is the love of Sonny's life. But seeing this episode with Brenda and Sonny, yeah I was wrong. :) I can't believe I forgot.

      "I always liked young Morgan."

      Yeah me too. :)

      "Seriously, Karen's comment, "Carly: Still yappin'" had me in stitches! The mouth from the south was alive and well even back then, lol!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! And don't forget Sonny threw NO bar ware! HAHAHAHAHA!

      "Thanks once again for the recap Sonya!"

      You're welcome. :)


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