Friday, June 29, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Emergency Exit: Shuffling Off

Hi guys! I'm taking 3 days off.  I'll be in the beautiful city of Buffalo-- putting my money and time where my mouth is! (and hopefully getting wings). 

I'm sticking with GH -- I will be leaving the country for a big chunk in August so that will also disrupt things. I'll let you know where I'm going later-- I hope I can post some pics from down there!! (HINT HINT)  

I really hope the summer stories of Nelle's baby, the adoption -- Liz' surprise visitor and the reunification of JaSam go well. I don't know what's happening over there with letting vets go an hiring a parade of newbies other than the bottom line: money.  With The Chew cancelled, I'm sure ABC is taking a very close look at keeping it's last soap afloat. I know people may be losing hope but once a soap is gone--it's GONE.  I don't want this to happen. I still miss the soap channel for god sakes! LOL. 

Stephen Nichols left DAYS? Oooooo....hmmmmm... I'm hearing Bat Wings?? 

This will serve as Sunday Surgery, with Friday an obvious miss--but I thought I'd leave you all with some fun. 

Yeah, I'm leaving, bitches. You'll miss me when all you have is Michael, Oscar and that pretend Priest to entertain you. I'll leave the pillows in my dressing room. Night! 

Why am I leaving? I'll tell you why I'm leaving...
Uh, okay....calm down there, will ya? 
NO! I won't!! I've gotten exactly 33 scenes in 3 years and the best ones were when someone ELSE died! I don't even get Ma's lasagna anymore! Nothin'! 
Well, I don't know what to tell ya...I'm on all the time. I mean, I even got to give Julian a back rub last Tuesday so..
EXACTLY, Don't you SEE IT?

Oh hell, never mind. Say hi to my kids for me. I'm sure you'll adopt them soon. Probably get together with Lulu too..
Wait, is she available? 

I wondered why there was all this fruit in here. 

Well, growing boys need their nourishment! 
Boys? Wait... more than one? 
Oh, sure...Cameron especially has just sprouted overnight! You'll see him at the 4th of July picnic. He has muscles now! 
Wow...Oscar doesn't even have those! 
SO, why do you think we have a scene together?? 
I have no idea... but I hear the gym is busy today.

At night I dream of.... 
What...what do you dream of, Jason? 
Carly... in that cold, lonely room. Hair ...perfect.
Really? I left Drew and a giant company for this? 
Don't worry, we'll get a love scene soon and it will be worth it.
You're keeping your shirt on though, right? 
You betcha! this the best ever!!? 
I've missed you. I've missed being...well...normal. For us I mean. 
I hear you. I have to pretend to like some sappy guy that I could take down with my pinky finger.
I have to walk around, make out with Liz 24-7 and...hey wait...I don't have it so bad.
Yes but, Franco...don't you miss it? The fun, the excitement...the...
Great stories? 

I should have actually asked what I'd be doing before taking this job...

Please. Just kill me now. End it. 

THE BEST THING EVER:  They are SORA'd CAMERON!! I can only hope he's the bad boy I've been dreaming of!! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

ONE Quarter of the SHOW!

So... I came in for 15 min of the show... 

and I saw: Scotty say he'll do Dr. Bensch's case. Ava and Franco want him to tank the case. hee hee. 

Drew is with Liz although, not sure why. 

Alexis and Finn said goodbye--they were at Charlie's. Her new office.

Dante and Lulu's goodbye. Aw...Emme and Dom cried nice. 

Jason: I'll get the flier... 
Sam: You don't get the flier--it will be US. 

Chloe Lanier is Leaving GH

There's two--I expect a third to be announced within the month. Read Daytime Confidential for details. 
She quit, btw--I'm hoping it was in time for a decent exit story (unlike Dom Z got). I for one, grew to love to hate Nelle. We really don't have enough downright evil ppl on GH anymore. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Oh there's casting news ALL OVER the damn place now-- so here we go!! It's going to be an interesting few weeks, people.

This is Patrick J Gibbons, famous for his role as Sam (I loved him) on OLTL. I thought maybe Aiden but?? 

SORA'd CAMERON! I finally finally got my wish!! Here he is Cade Brady McWatt (quite an actor name, no?)  Read more on Soap Opera News. 

Here's another one! This one is...Elizabeth's childhood friend from before she even came to Port Charles! HOW special is that??!! ANOTHER backstory about another person...we don't know!!  Bonus--the is Terry who by all accounts is transgender.  Actor's name: Cassandra James.  She's is a transgender actress who has her own You Tub Channel (click for link). 

Marry Me?

So that nurse that dated Michael was going to tell him something because he's on the GH board. She saw a sign saying that "any" form of harassment needs to be turned in. Then she saw Kiki and stopped. 

Sonny "talks" to Rupert about Carly. 

Ummm.... Oh, Chase meets with Nelle at Kelly's and stares to the right as he has flashbacks. He notices the smell he's smelling is the same smell he smelled at Morgan's grave. AHAHAHAHA. 

Alexis gives Jules back the house he bought for her. 


Nelle pretends Chase grabbed her hard. Michael comes in and is all: WHAT YOU DOIN"!?  Did you send that Tshirt? (Michael knows he didn't). 

Julian thinks he and Alexis might be friends. He tells her to keep the house. She's like OK! Guess she didn't want to fight it. 

Sonny bought off Rupert to "Protect" Carly so that fun is gone. I tell you what, that had BETTER NOT BE MORGAN in that room next to Carly. He better not have amnesia and a new face...then has to convince people he's really Morgan--then Bryan Craig decides to come back and we get another Todd/Victor  Jason/Drew Mess because I CAN NOT. 

AVA AND Franco are talking about Kiki. They wish they were still evil. SO DO I!! The best most grandest nasty duo are with a priest and an angel. UGH. 

Nurse Francesca comes to tell Kiki and Alexis that Bensch harassed her-- and she finally gave in and had sex with him. 

Kim and Julian might go to Tuscany. Julian surprised her with the trip.

Michael proposed to Nelle. Although not sure why..does he think he has to to keep her 'close"?? Ugh. 

I think Dante tells Lulu tomorrow hes' going into the WSB....

SCOOPS: Hmmmm do they finally SORA Cameron??? 

4th of July Peter begs Nina to set him free Jason, Sam and Danny on the footbridge Julian, Kim, Lucas and Brad at the MC Joss, Oscar and Cameron at the park watch fireworks from their doorstep. They will be exploring their family dynamics as they move forward

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Stinky Perfume

Jason tells Sonny he was fired. Sonny's like: AWWW Bummer. 

Nurse Meanie finds Carly with the phone Jason left.  NOPE!!  Carly switched the phone with a diary-- it was pretty good!  That guy is still knocking. Wasn't he screaming, soooooo if he can scream doesn't he have vocal cords?  Anyway, Nurse Mary Pat goes and gives the mystery patient a shot. 

Sonny asks Dante for a favor (probably their last scenes?!) and it turns out he goes in to see Carly. 

Drew won some writing award and Kim's all happy--Joss is all mopey because her family sucks. 

Nelle can't find the HIGH KARATAYYYY someone stole.  Joss  took it for OSCAR? She wants Oscar to smell like MORGAN? Oh, it FELL IN HER BAG-- when Nelle's got knocked over. LOL!!! FELL IN HER BAG.
Good GOD. She found some RANO cologne in her BAG and gave it to Oscar??? AHAHHAA.
Joss goes home and is so sad no one was there to see her get her award. Awww. She lashed out at Oscar for having such a perfect family. Awww. 

Eden can cry really well.  Nelle goes over to ask Josslyn if she took the cologne.  Nelle says yes, it fell in her bag and then she put it in the recycling bin.
Later, Nelle goes to Kelly's and smells Oscar (who had put some on) and finds out Joss really gave it to him. 

Jason goes to the Qs to see Michael. Michael says he'll risk his life if it will help his mom. 

SO I thought they were talking about CLAUDETTE being the one that Valentin could blackmail Nina over but it's CASSANDRA. See, both are blondes from OLTL and I just...OMG have no clue what's happening. Nina tried to kill Cassandra with a syringe-- and the WSB ended up moving her somewhere and she's in a coma.
OR IS SHE???!! 
Either way, dragging this shit up now is just -___-  Finola is taking a vacation so why not just have her go try to patch stuff up with Robin ?? 

Monday, June 25, 2018

1/2 show

Fe talking about Dr. O and wondering why she hasn't been around James.

Dr. O is still torturing Peter. She wants him to write a sequel to his book to confess. Just like Misery. How hilarious.


Kevin or Ryan or some rando dude is still screaming in the room next to Carly.

Jordan is talking to Maxie about Peter. She thinks that Maxie was his only real friend.

Jason gives Carly a burner phone. Kevin is talking to Carly about her plea.

Curtis and Sam convince DA Margaux that they are in her room because Jordan said they could investigate.

I'm so sorry. I have to go. It's 1:25 and I tried so hard.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Summer Janitation

Yes.... we ALL need therapy. EVERY LAST ONE OF US. 

Oh here we are again!! It's SUNDAY!! I can't even believe it. -- although I didn't watch a lot of the week and had to skim though and FF through commercials (what a difference THAT makes!) 

Did you ever eat Cheerios dry with melted butter on top? We did as kids on Saturday mornings. OMG-- the BEST THING IN THE WORLD. No, I'm not having that right now. But man, I wish I was. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

I Hear Your Screams

So I haven't watched in 3 days...I have no clue what's been going on but I don't think I missed THAT much. 

St. Janitorial Jaysus sees Mary Mother of Morgan through the window while he's mopping up. They "touch" UGH. Rupert comes in with dinner. Carly spills it so Jason can come clean it up.  They talk about how she's supposed to act, yada yada. 

Body Snatcher Mike thinks he remembers the guy "Charlie" (old bar owner) when he sees his picture on the wall. WHO WALKS IN?'s the NEWBIE DA!! Sonny locks eyes with her-- there's mood lighting and LIQUOR! RUN RUN FOR YOUR BIRTH CONTROL, SISTER!! they argue about how BAD he is.... "no ones ever taken me down yet"!!! "You haven't me me"!!!  

Val tuned Nina's office into Morocco. You know--because they have all that old Pier One stuff in the props room so....whynot?  They have the SAME convo I've heard 77 million times. OY VEY

Sam and Curtis go to search Peter's room. Bet they find the flash drive?  Nope, the room is now occupied by the new DA and she catches them!! LOL 

Julian and Alexis in therapy. All you need to know is that Nancy and Will act the HELL out of it. I may hate the whole thing but they were really good. 

SO, who's in that room in the mental institution? I'm saying: RYAN CHAMBERLAIN 

MY STORY IDEA:  Lucas was trying to get money to put the down payment on that condo he and Brad wanted to buy. To make some quick $$ he decided to donate to the PC sperm bank. Doctor's swimmers go for big bucks. Anyway, Nelle just happened to be in the parking lot that day because she was planning on bamboozling Michael into thinking she was preggo with his kid and had to go get some help in actually GETTING pregnant. 
She sees Lucas coming out of the building...a devious plan forms in her head. She finds out his donor number and "picks" him from the field. SO the baby is actually Lucas' baby :) That way she knew if her plan failed, she had a back up. A doctor who also wanted a baby and would give her child support. 


Some GH Gossip/Scoops!

I WISH I had scoops on Jordan and Curtis' wedding but.....

Watch for Nelle to get closer and closer to Josslyn ... Josslyn will begin to trust her way too much.

I hear Peter isn't going anywhere, he's here for the WHOLE SUMMER. (bummer)

Things will seem choppy-- and a lot of it has to do with scheduling. Many people want off, and you have to rotate. Just like volleyball. SIDE OUT!! ROTATE! 

I'm trying to get intel on the Chase/Finn backstory -- I still say it's more than Finn's Dad just marrying Chases' Mama so soon. 

Murder Mystery? 

So, is Kevin ok...or am I detecting something going on with him...?? Like weird? 

Ned has to make some changes in town zoning and guess who's not too happy! 

Sonny goes on a body hunting-adventure. :eyeroll: 

Liz' past catches up to her present during the wedding. Will she be happy or....angry? OR?? SHOCKED!!? 

Should Nelle be having that kid by now? seems like she's been pregnant for years. 

Gossip: Swear to god, someone had to change their dressing room and threw. a! :giggle: 

Did you know that Bradford and Steve have a podcast show? Yepper--it's up on ITUNES (hit that link) and although there are commercials, it's pretty funny. They recently had Hayley Erin on as well. For her episode click here: HAYLEY ERIN PODCAST .

Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Day, New Wubs

Yes, the blog was down for a bit. I wasn't going to get it back up until I watched the show again. Then I got messages from many of you on FB and Twitter about it saying only "invited guests" could view. That wasn't my intention. I had to pick "Privacy" option to keep the blog while allowing it to be down for a couple of days. 

Many have known me for ages. I'm a speech pathologist by day--and this is something I do for a hobby, I do like connecting with other GH fans/watchers while giving my 2cents on the show. I have restrained myself greatly in this blog and (unlike during the Iraqi War) I have tried my hardest to keep politics out. 

I work with children who are 3-5 years old. Many are in preschools that are home to refugee and immigrant families that have come to this country. Some even seeking asylum. This was an issue I refused to keep silent about. I didn't even think I came off as that bad-- I just made a comment that my husband was an immigrant as well.  

The images and the knowledge that I've had for several weeks now (not just last week when people finally paid attention) filled me with rage and sorrow. I've been to our local refugee center to volunteer and I'm trying like hell to find someone in our local ICE detainment center to give me an answer on how to apply to foster one of those children that are now in limbo.  I put myself and my resources where I believe it will count. I do not sit here and blindly rage on a blog.  I don't need compliments or kudos--I don't need backlash and snotty comments. Yes, I spoke out. I sincerely believe that where you were the last few weeks would mirror where you would have been in the streets of Poland before WWII. 

I refuse to sit idle. GH is important to all of us and we are fans. I will NOT comment any further on politics (cross my heart) and hope you can all enjoy the blog as I move forward. 

One more note:  I apologize that I thought Dom Z's last air date was June 20th. I read it on Twitter and it turns out to not be the case. I don't have a final air date for him-- and there's no recasting information as of yet. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Let's See the Snake

Note: Although my heart isn't into frivolous things like soaps right now, I'm giving myself a break today and watching--not thinking about the world. 
And for the case you didn't know, my husband is an immigrant. 

I take it Heiney McHeinyson didn't die a bloated snake-bite death yesterday?

Alexis and Sam at lunch. Not saying much.  

FAnna in bed. Pillow talk. They say the zex is really good.  Later, they want to go on a trip and they'be been almost everywhere in the world between the 2 of them. SO they are going to Detroit!! 

Chase looking at Nelle's photo at the PCPC. OOOOOO! Flashbacks to her interrogation in MAINE after fiance drowned. EESH! She was a manipulative bitch even then.  Oh, spoke too soon. These are AWFUL. Written awful and the acting for Chase? And I'm not saying it's him, probably is the direction he was given-- the acting is just simple. No nuance.  Upshot is that he believed her and let her go after the accident.  He followed her to Florida and wore a towel when he saw her. Just like the Ford Bros on OLTL LOL  They sleep together. She  is the one that calls his police department to out him for inappropriate behavior. 

Nelle and Michael at Kelly's. She's telling him about Chase and that he came to PC to "see her".  She sees her flashbacks and he sees his. 

Scotty and Liz. Liz is reading a Wedding Book.  He wonders how big the wedding will be. 

Franco talking to Kevin about the wedding. Kevin is distracted.  Thinking about ...Carly. Franco says (just like he's Todd) YOU HAVE OTHER PATIENTS BESIDES ME?? Giggle. Kevin says he has a wedding pressie for him. Franco says: I hope it's the crock pot I saw in Wyndams...!!! Kevin says no, free therapy. Franco takes it. But..still wants the crock pot.

Carly's all better, Kevin changed her meds. Nurse Nasty isn't happy. BTW, I'd LOVE IT if that Nurse was Claudia Zucchara's Aunt or Sister. YEP. Jason is cleaning the floors.  Kevin visits. The Nurse is mad that he changed the meds. He says too bad.  Kevin notices Jason and says "Jason" But tomorrows preview clearly shows he doesn't out him. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Blues

Yeah, can't do the Blog today--maybe tomorrow, def not Wed. Too much going on. My last week of work before SUMMER starts.

Hope that Snake goes nuts. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Rattle and Hum

Yes, this is Western NY -- supposed home to some Roving Rattlesnakes.

Welcome to week ??? of Summer in Port Charles. This is what we have going on: 

One guy tied to a bed 

Two people in a tent
Three people asking about trunk size 
Four people worried about Carly 
Five people..AHAHAA Who am I kidding? FIVE PEOPLE? Together? Oh ppp-shaw!

I went to party yesterday and ate SO much.  People brought mac and cheese to die for and someone else made fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. I'm going to have to starve for a week! 

**Are there Rattlesnakes in NY? Why yes--there are: Timber Rattlesnakes Here's NYS Department of Conservation link for you. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

This is a friday?

FAnna go "public" in GH hand in hand. Seems weird to have them all wubby-dubby. They go for coffee. It's Peter's birthday> Anna thought about him EVERY YEAR on his birthday. UGH Later, Finn gets her a waffle (BELGIUM!) to celebrate his big day. UGh

Oscar talks to Drew. They are so boring they don't even have food in front of them ahhahaa. (they are in Jake's) . Oh now they have iced tea! And Oscar tells Drew he argues with his mom over what a vegetable is... is "jalapeno poppers a vegetable"?
Good god. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Kim and Jules are in a tent. DEER TICKS PEOPLE!! They banter, play that there's a snake in the sleeping bag, yada yada.  

Rochester Mention..Mike drove around in a parking lot when they went there

Peter has an infection. Hopefully it's MRSA.  :) heh  Lesil gets antibiotics.  She runs into Kim and Julian. Makes up an excuse. Then, a RATTLE SNAKE is on his bed LMAO!! ahahha. He's screaming. And Jules and Kimmy hear him.
I think Rattlers CAN be around here but.. come on

Mike stole the body in Croton to help Sonny out. 

Carly talking to Kevin.. Kevin is finding out that Carly's on way too many meds.  

Lesil runs into Kimmy and Jules.  They hear Peter Screaming his head off. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Seeing Things


Jason is going into Ferncliff. I should have played that nurse BTW... I would have been AWESOME playing her! LOL I think I should have been hired.   St. Jayson walks the halls with her. Carly sees him.  Later, the nurse gives Jason the job to start LATER THAT DAY! lol..not even a pee test? Okayyy... 

Sam and Curtis find stuff in the tunnels. Not sure what, didn't pay attention. Val tells Nina to give him a month and if he can't win her trust, she can divorce him. 

Alexis is talking to Kevin about being her mother and making the same mistakes.  "I don't want to talk...FIX ME!!" He says bring in one of your old boyfriends. She says Ric hates her, Jerry is a fugitive and Sonny is too busy so she's going to ask Jules. Later, she boxes stuff up for Charity. Kevin goes to visit Carly.

Griffin takes Bensch and smashes him against the lockers after he hears him threatening Kiki. Bensch gets a twinkle like "I know something"--which means he's going to out them for having ZEX.

Liz talks about her absentee family. She wants Franco to let it go... OMG they are sitting on their damn shelf. AGAIN!  When she leaves, Franco calls Sarah to ask for her parents address. 

REALLY WEIRD ending with Alexis. It was sooooooo strange. Anyone see it? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pills Pills Pills

This Nurse is awesome. LOL Carly's in SUPAH MAX!! The nurse tells her to shape up or ship out. RUPERT comes in (he's huge) and they want Carly to take meds. She's all : NOPE They meds are Llithium and anti-psychotics lol! Carly tries to fake the nurse out by not swallowing but the nurse found them. 

Kiki talks to Ava while Griffin looks really guilty. Ava's all cryin' because Kiki didn't tell her about Bensch. 

Jason/Sonny and Mike talking about getting Carly.  Sonny thinks it's because the DA is out to get him, that's why they had Carly put into the criminal mental institution. 

Jason gets a job at the mental institution as a custodian. 

Alexis and Val... Val gives her a photo of her mother with the watch on. He also gives her a record album.  Nina calls Valentin to come to Jake's and she wants a divorce. BUT REALLY she wants to get him out of the house while Curtis and Sam go into the tunnels. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hot Cop...Psychopath... WIN-WIN!

Spin has Georgie at the Q's and tells Michael he can hack into Nello's computer. Joss comes in-- and is she living there too? Which I could deal with. 

Peter is still in the cabin. He's trying to cut his ties off with a broken piece of glass. He's bleeding and Obrect catches him and SMASHES HIS WHOLE HAND WITH A BASEBALL BAT!! Oooooo. YEP!! 

Nelle and Chase Ford: He said she left and didn't call back--'after what she did". He mentions watching her fiance drown. He was the police that was working the case. He fell in love with her--and got reprimanded for inappropriate behavior. He leans in to kiss her and ...doesn't ! Oh wow...chem...heat and lust-hate. I'm here for this.  He thinks she manipulated him so she could get off the charges but he fell hard for her. It's so hard to tell if Nelle really loved him--the way Chloe is playing it, not sure SO THAT'S PERFECT!!  

Floating Jake's: Sam and St. Jaysus play pool. Damn, Burton gave her a Vulnerable yet.. hot. That's it up there. Better on TV because of the blue eyes matching his tie. He tells her about Carly shooting Tony Jones. 

Kim and Drew and Oscar. Oscar is going with Drew to the Q's because Drew was going to watch him. When they get there, Oscar sees Josslyn. They hug. 

Maxie and Spin talking about Nathan's death-- and she sees Georgie. Georgie was adorable. 

END: Chase is looking at an old photo of he and Nelle!! He's obsessed! WHEE!! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday NON-Motivation

Sorry... I won't be watching in real-time today--not sure how much I can fit in this week!
Hope you enjoy your day. We've had great weather here for awhile now--which scares me LOL. 

PS. Pay close attention to Aunt Stella when she's on--she may drop some clues. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Surgery: A Cabin in the Woods

I vill burn his boxer shorts in a blazing bonfire ovs GLORY! 

HELLO! Welcome to yet another installment of  Sunday Surgery! Today we will be looking at the seemingly endless story of Peter "The Heiney" August and a myriad of other things making up this Summer of 2018 in Port Charles.    

Did that sound like a professional introduction or what??? Better than saying  "Hold the hell on--I'm winging it"!!  This was a tough week for me to watch because of work winding down and the fact that when I'd tune in, I really couldn't muster much of anything up as far as enthusiasm goes. Just a rough week all the way around. 

I really want some Cheetos this am--but the crunchy kind. The Poofy kind just don't do it for me! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

You're on Trial

I wore my suit for you

Trial: You'd think there would be a giant crowd there! LOL. I'd be there!! Dr Griff is testifying today. Jason is testifying today...and he's sitting in the courtroom while OTHERS testify? Um.. you can't do that. Whateverrrr
Kevin said Carly could have pushed Nelle and not have known it was wrong because of her anxiety disorder and meds. 
Sonny testifies. He's like asleep.
Jason testifies.  It's not really major. 
Isn't this trial the FASTEST EVER?? would they want an independent psych eval? I know, I know IT'S A SOAAAAP. 

Alexis goes to Monica-- tells her she'd better discuss Kiki's case or there may be a lawsuit.  Monica (2.0) says that Bensch was cleared and they were reviewing their policies. Alexis goes to see Kevin. Later she opens and envelope and finds a diamond watch. 

Finn and Anna.  She tells him about Robin.  blah blah... yada yada.. we have HEARD ENOUGH ABOUT THIS.
Finn tells Anna he ran into his Dad. He said his brother has his Dad's name and he took his mother's maiden name after she died. He was "cleaning out her stuff" and his baby brother was being born. Dad moved too fast. 

Curtis and Jordan. I guess her job is in jeopardy over Peter August being out of jail.  She wants to hire he and Sam to find Peter. WHY YOU drinking in a public place if your job's on the line? 

Michael sets up a "SNOO" some sleeping thing for the baby.  Nell catches him talking to Spinelli but Michael lies. 

Drew is moving into the Q house 

Anthony Bourdain ... Opened The World

My husband and I loved this man so much we'd joke about what we'd "serve Tony" if we ever got him to come to dinner.  Didn't seem that far fetched either-- if you watch his shows you'd know he was home in someone's house or in a 5 star restaurant. 

His cooking/food shows were not only about the 'eats' but about the people. He knew all the cool ones from Singapore to some remote village in the jungle.  Anthony talked often about battling his addictions and seemingly had won the battle. A fierce proponent of the #metoo movement, he used his voice to raise awareness on many topics. Watching his episode from Beirut in 2006 is amazingly eye opening. Such a storyteller. 

I followed him on twitter, and just 4 days ago he had fun videos up of he and the crew in post production of them filming in Paris. He was also involved in making a film at the time. You never know someone's pain. Ever. 

Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain's non-flinching look at the restaurant business is a must read.  RIP .. You not only taught me about food, you taught me about the world and it's amazing people. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Apples for You

Nina was talking about the 'situation' with Alexis but didn't say any specifics. Knock on the door. 
Kiki comes in.  She tells Alexis about Dr. Bensch and tells her she wanted her to get heads up if she takes him to court. Alexis wants to know if she has evidence of anything. Kiki says she has a diary and she was also awarded the internship that she didn't qualify for.  Alexis will represent her. 

Robin is stunned to hear that Anna had Faison's kid. Anna explained she was young, didn't realize the situation she got herself into...and GAVE THE BABY UP and has been THINKING ABOUT IT-- everyday? Why did I think she blocked it out?? Robin doesn't know "who her mother is anymore"  She leaves and needs processing time. 

Finn went to CA with Anna and he sees his Dad at a coffee shop in Berkley.  Like I care.  I bet you that Finn's Dad got with Finn's girlfriend and ended up marrying her and having Harrison. 

Kim and Jules. He's like...welp, Alexis is rejecting me so... we can go out now!!  This is weird.  Kimmy says she's going to forgive him and they are still going out.

Dr. O almost cuts Peter's finger off but stupid Nina comes back and stops her. :eyeroll: A finger chopping off would have saved the summer. Maybe.  

Nelle is going to testify against Carly.  Michael calls Spin and tells him to "make the move" against Nelle. "it's time". 

So.. you think they'll mention Nelle was in the psyche ward for maybe trying to kill her last husband? Will his sister come back to town and testify? What about Sonny?? I mean.. her kidney story!! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


NEW Promo pics for GH... interesting that Laura and Wes have photos together... hmmm?

I'm so happy Felix is Mike's caregiver. I like him with Stella too--- He thinks she likes him! Jordan and Curtis walk in, killing that buzz.

Sam wants to give Aurora away to Peter. Alexis thinks Jason might want Sam to get some money for it.  Alexis also tells Sam she wants to find out more about her father Mekkos Cassadine and Valentin is going to help her? Huh? Okay then! 

Kim found a DNR on Drew's desk. I guess because of his mind experiments with Maddox that are coming? 

Sonny, Jason and Diane talking about Carly. They are going to try to get her into Shadybrook intead of Pentonville. Jason says Spin can't find anything on Nelle.  They go over the stuff Nelle's been doing to Carly....Jason realizes that Nelle has been torturing her since the phone calls. 

Lulu and Dante are fighting. Still. 

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

Monday, June 4, 2018



Felix is Mike's nurse...will Mike spill the beans on CROTON? 

Nina and Obrect team up to get Nathan to confess..OMG I MEAN PETER!! ahahaha. Geesh!!

Maxie and Ford Chase chem test exactly 44 seconds after Peter is gone. 

Nelle goes and sees Carly in Jail --basically saying: NEENER NEENER 

AHAHAHAA... Sonny wants to send Joss to AUSTRALIA TO JAX!! ahahhaaa!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blind Trust

I'd really like Cook 2 to bring back the Q BREAKFAST BAR..can you arrange that, please?

Welcome to one of my fave types of Surgeries! Yep.. it's "Blind Week"...I didn't watch Wed/Thurs shows --and have no time right now so.. I'm going to just run with what I think happened based on Friday's show! There wasn't a show Monday remember and not much happened Tuesday did it?? Hmm...

Anyway, here we go!! 

Since it's a Short Surgery please just grab a snack. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Fleeting Glimpse

SO! Pete's tired to a bed! WHOOT! I hope it's Dr. O and she tortures the hell out of him.  oh! It's NOT Dr. O- it's NINA!!! wow. 

Remember Mac tied to the bed?? 
How's he go pee pee!!?? 

Robert is still on! Yeah!

So, I guess Kirsten Storms was out for a couple of days with the flu. Hmmmmm. Okay. 

CarSon   ugh. Whatever. 

I take it Michael is bamboozling Nelle?? Does Jason know he's doing it?? Are they in cahoots ?? I don't know because I didn't see Wed or Thursday. 

I see FINN is getting a DAD. :eyeroll: Don't we have enough characters on this show And if anyone is being cast, shouldn't it be Jeff Webber??! The hell?? 

Presser interrupted GH for me..any cliffhanger? 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...