Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Apples for You

Nina was talking about the 'situation' with Alexis but didn't say any specifics. Knock on the door. 
Kiki comes in.  She tells Alexis about Dr. Bensch and tells her she wanted her to get heads up if she takes him to court. Alexis wants to know if she has evidence of anything. Kiki says she has a diary and she was also awarded the internship that she didn't qualify for.  Alexis will represent her. 

Robin is stunned to hear that Anna had Faison's kid. Anna explained she was young, didn't realize the situation she got herself into...and GAVE THE BABY UP and has been THINKING ABOUT IT-- everyday? Why did I think she blocked it out?? Robin doesn't know "who her mother is anymore"  She leaves and needs processing time. 

Finn went to CA with Anna and he sees his Dad at a coffee shop in Berkley.  Like I care.  I bet you that Finn's Dad got with Finn's girlfriend and ended up marrying her and having Harrison. 

Kim and Jules. He's like...welp, Alexis is rejecting me so... we can go out now!!  This is weird.  Kimmy says she's going to forgive him and they are still going out.

Dr. O almost cuts Peter's finger off but stupid Nina comes back and stops her. :eyeroll: A finger chopping off would have saved the summer. Maybe.  

Nelle is going to testify against Carly.  Michael calls Spin and tells him to "make the move" against Nelle. "it's time". 

So.. you think they'll mention Nelle was in the psyche ward for maybe trying to kill her last husband? Will his sister come back to town and testify? What about Sonny?? I mean.. her kidney story!! 


  1. Another age thing that is funny. The new actor James Read is 64 and Michael Easton is 51. So, Dad was 13 when Finn was born. LOL

  2. In the show, though, I think that Finn is supposed to be in his 40s.

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  4. CA hotel room: Is it in California? I'm confused.

    Anna and DocFinch: Blah blah blah. Blah Blah blah.

    Anna and Robin: Yes Robin I don't blame you for being upset about the rewrite son that your mother had. And the stupid rewrite explanation.

    Anna: You're my daughter, and you're the love of my life.

    GAH! That made me tear up!!!! :'(

    CA coffee shop:

    Daddy Finn and DocFinch: DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Daddy Finn asked was it that bad? WHAT DID YOU DO DADDY FINN?!?!!

    Karen says: I bet you that Finn's Dad got with Finn's girlfriend and ended up marrying her and having Harrison.

    Ohhhhhhhhh great theory!!! :)

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Nina: No Nina don't divorce V.C.! :( Forgive him for the bromance affair he had with Hiney!!!

    Alexis and Kiwi: So glad Kiwi talked to Alexis! So glad Alexis is going to be her lawyer!!! Hmmm diary confessions.. Not bad.. Too bad Kiwi doesn't have audio proof!

    The hospital:

    Kiwi and Liz with the side order of Scum pig: Yes Kiwi!!! Liz should tell BobTodd!!!!! He needs to be told!!!!! Oh that scum pig!!! So you talked to the board huh? How much do you want to bet that the scum pig had the board listen to that message Kiwi left him?!!??!

    Nelly and Michael: So glad Michael isn't falling for Nelly's crap! Make the move? It's time? YAY!!!!! :)

    "Charlie" and CarlyKim: Awwww! Glad he realized that he and Alexis are over and that he wants to be with CarlyKim! :)


    Carson and Diane: UGH! Sonny doesn't give a crap!!!!! Sonny Jr probably cares a lot and is probably yelling at Sonny.

    Sonny Jr: You son of a bitch!

    Sonny: What?

    "Sonny Jr throws barware*

    Sonny: What's your problem?

    Sonny Jr: Oh you know!!!!!!

    Kidnapped cabin: No Nina!!! Don't stop Dr. O from cutting fingers!!!! :) Crap! Wel, Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: Go to hell.


  5. Still think that Finn is Chase's father.
    Smart girl Kiki, get him!!!!
    Of course Carly is going to freak out at Nelle on the stand.
    Michael, what is the plan?!? I wanna know! Better be something good.
    Anna/Robin..would like to have Robin yell a little bit. Was waiting for her to ask "Did Dad know?" This whole thing needs to go away.

  6. Even if they find every thing Nelle did to "catfish" Carly they would need a recording that admitted she threw herself down the stairs. Throwing a killer Mob Boss' wife in jail is still a bonus for a D.A.You can't try to kill someone because they tick you off and she is pleading insanity - basically admitting she did it. I would like to see who Carly meets in the Looney Bin.

    1. Where is Heather? Maybe she and Carly can make some BLT's. Haha!!

  7. I think Finn's dad should get with Alexis!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wednesday's episode was directed by Frank Valentini.

  9. Lante home:

    Lante: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Griffin and Ava: ENOUGH FLASHBACKS GRIFFIN! KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!! Oh there is Kiwi and there goes Griffin quickly leaving.. Of course! Because you feel awkward and GUILTY!

    Lulu and Kiwi: Awww glad Lulu is going to help! :)

    The hospital:

    Liz and Kiwi: DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!! I bet scum let the board listen to Kiwi's message, and that is why he is free!!!! Yes Kiwi tell BobTodd! I want him to threaten the scum!!! Oh hi BobTodd!!! Come on ladies tell him!! Oh rats!

    Friz: BobTodd why do you want her family to come to the wedding so bad? BobTodd calling Audrey? Is Audrey invited to thew wedding?!!! Or does he just want Sarah's number? Hmmmm.

    Court: Wonderful performance Nelly!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Bravo! :) Having nightmares! ROFL! Yeah right and I am Elvis. :) And then when Nelly acted like she was in pain, the look on Sonny's face! ROFL!

    Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: In light of Ms. Benson's obvious distress,

    *Diane smiles*


  10. Carly's eye rolls and side glances made Thursday's show very entertaining for me! :-D Glad that Lulu is going to help Kiki also. The actress who plays Joss did a great job today! She's a keeper.



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