Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heather's Got Anthony!

Heather and Anthony driving around... LOL.She makes him smile-- and come on HE DOESN'T STINK to high heaven yet? There's a Dashboard Mary in the car! Nice prop! It's Olivia's car.  Good RC that she is.

Todd to Tea: Can you even get a seatbelt over that belly??
Tea's having contractions
Then Sam has a contraction.
Two cars, one road..a storm! 
Hmmm,.. you know what's gonna happen!! 

Sonny and Jason. yawn. At least I saw the Badger today!!  Sonny actually says Sam "couldn't handle the baby behing FRANCO'S so she went to John... what an idiot. JASON IS THE ONE THAT couldn't handle it. THAT was a stupid scene and I hated the dialog.

And the show ends with Tea and Sam screaming like banshees!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're ON TV!

Krissy you idiot...really? REALLY? Your Dad is a mobster and you WANT HIM ON TV? ahahahaa. DUH. KeMo's line about Reality TV..hee hee. Don't you have to sign a waiver to be filmed anyhoo? This is so OLTL with the cameras--David Vickers and the Buchannan family! 
"The typical American family doesn’t threaten TV crews with lawsuits and injunctions," says Alexis to the camera!
And Kristina says they HAVE to let her do this or she walks? Um, I'd say GOOD BYE YOU LITTLE WEENIE!!  Alexis needs to not cave.  Geesh!

Tracy can't think of anything she holds dear.  OMG, Luke mentions the infamous heart medication scene. Only the best scene I've ever witnessed!! They realize they didn't do it--and wonder who did?! Luke gets caught with the gun. Whoops.

AZ is hangin around. I want him to rot a bit more each day-- just get really gruesome!! 

Maxie got married in black. Interesting--I know she didn't have anything else but she would want at least pink! Ah, Spinelli is so sad. Wah.

I see that Mulva is still around. Did they ever show her husband again? Maybe getting off the charges?? Nothing right?? Well, that was a waste! 

Flea and Mac out getting a drink! Yeah!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laura AKA Gedstern posting today. Filling in for the super busy wubqueen, Karen. Opinons expressed are entirely my own and in no way reflect on Karen.

Patrick and Elizabeth are stunned by Matt's news. His fate may rest in Maxie's hands. Will she or won't she? Testify..or not.

Kristina is home, and NuFace Krissy has an attitude!

John and Anna talk about why she doesn't want to be police commissioner. John wants her in so he can have inside help.

Jason at PCPD showing off his knowledge of his legal rights..first & foremost-- call Alexis. His one call. HA! She's busy fighting with Kristina. Sam's got a huge baby belly. Sonny looks confused...and Kristina says she learned she didn't belong at Yale.

Maxie/Spinelli arguing about her future,and leaving her there with Tiny and her "ilk". I love the word ilk. Patrick and Liz vow to figure things out for Matt. Hey, after all, he was faced when he killed Lisa, so why should he suffer the legal consequences. After all, Lisa deserved some killin' she shoulda been whacked long before she was.

Felicia and Mac talking when Patrick and Matt show up. Mac is beyond angry at Matt and how he treated Maxie. Great acting by John J York. The expression on his face rings so true to the situation. Meanwhile, back at the jail, Spinelli tells Maxie how much he loves her and why. The same debate rages on about Maxie and Matt, and how Spinelli wants her to admit she belongs with him.

NuKrissy- withholding judgement on her acting so far. Her name is Lindsey Morgan. Spelled just like Jason Morgan which made me smile for no real apparent reason. Krissy is one upset college kid.

Maxie tries to justify why she didn't tell on Matt. She's looking at big problems legally. New lawyer steps up to the plate. I guess I missed something- don't know who this lawyer is or where she came from.

Is the timing weird on today's show? It seems like it's bouncing between one scene or another abruptly. Short quick scenes and lots of them.

John spills family secrets to Anna. How he promised is father that he'd find his sister. She'd been in foster care and had a difficult life. Flash quickly back to Alexis' house, Sonny arguing his side. Uh-oh Storm Alert, broke into GH...storms are coming!  And we are back- right into a commercial.

John and Anna are up again, and he explains his intention to have Sonny pay for his sister's death. Snap back to court, where Maxie is told she must testify or go right back to Pentonville.  Felicia brought Maxie clothes and Mac wants to go out to eat.  Maxie opts to spend her 1/2 hour of freedom with Matt.

Uh-oh, Krissy is throwing the guilt monkeys at both parents. Sonny for using his clout and Alexis for wanting to control her.  Then super short scene of Liz and Jason at PCPDand now back to John and Anna. Talking about his family, Liam and whoever...Sorry I have almost no knowledge of OLTL, and to be honest I don't care to.

Felicia and Maxie-- did they know each other before?**Sorry! I meant Felicia and Spinelli! I know Flea is her Mom. Sorry!!!** I'm confused. Maxie is back for court and sporting a little black dress. Flash to Mac and Anna outside the courtroom. Anna tells him she's been offered and is turning down the commissioner job.  Mac says maybe they are hiring in Beeches Corners. Isn't that where Luke and Laura hid out ages ago?

OK kids- its 3:50..just finishing up the Jason and Liz scene about how Monica came to love him even though he wasn't hurts.  I'm finishing up the blog here--I know I'm not as fun as Karen, but I gave it the old college try. Oops- was it too soon to say that after Krissy's Kollege Kollapse?

Going to get an ice pack for the whiplash I got hopping scene to scene so fast!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Back To Life?

Well, Last week I was feeling "meh" about our show---this week kicked me back into gear!! It's like I'm watching 2 shows sometimes. Swear. "boring writers" then "great writers". If you read my blogs this week you saw I was pretty happy. 

Grit, humor...a dead body just sitting around? What more can a girl want?? Not much. Monica was right on telling Jason what THE DEAL IS (the idiot)-- Heather was talking about "Finger Painting"-- AZ was shot point blank. No Foolin' around anymore with that!


We got a glimpse of a NuFace...saving my opinion until next week. Oh, speaking of, Monday is a repeat of Jason finding out Franco's his twin. SO, we wait until Tuesday for more.

In the middle of all this rich-goodness were moments of pure acting genius. My fave moment came when Carly started to "forgive" Johnny for sleeping  with Kate and his face got like a little kid's. It was heartbreaking. At that same moment you could see him thinking "but you know not what I've done"... It's my SCENE OF THE WEEK

Here we go-- SCENE TWO--Sonny gets SERVED by Todd. Oh yes, two of my fave men dueling in Sonny's office, being overseen by Bob The Badger himself. HONORABLE MENTION

"Weekend at The Q's" with Dead AZ was hilarious and I loved it. Luke was back in fine form, Heather was in the mix--just like old times. I was surprised this week many times, especially with the new Mayor "Jan".  Didn't see it comin'. Nor did I see Johnny shooting Gramps right in front of us like he did. BOOM! Susan Moore mentions were plentiful and Monica--oh MONICA!! Glorious with he line about Alan "installing Jason in the Guesthouse"!!

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I really REALLY didn't like the Maxie scene with the "ladies" in Jail... I realize Maxie had to have something huge happen to her to flip but I just didn't need to see that.  Plus, all I could think of was how are these chicks just wandering around the place?

AND Mea Culpa: Kate as Kate this week got to me. I did like KS'  interpretation of the scenes with Sonny. I was a bit sick of her crying all the time, but when Olivia got there, it was awesome. Lisa LoCicero finally got a decent scene that wasn't connected to Dr. Steve. Again,  I do hope it's over soon and the two 'merge'-- but according to some of the rumor/spoilers that's not happening.  

This week seemed way more even keeled and had a timeline I could follow. The story flowed and I looked forward to watching each day. I hope "Good Writer" is in the house the next week.

 HAVE a great Memorial Day--Ithaca for me. What a beautiful town.  I will try to get on here  Monday and we can do the Franco Dance for the repeat! Check out some of the SPOILERS coming up...a storm's a brewin'!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Spoilers are UP!

Yepper,  go check them out...WUBS NET What do YOU think Krissy's 'project' will be?? Hmmmm!! I can ONLY IMAGINE!! Jason gets arrested for murdering Franco and then McBain is beaten!. Hmmm. And it's just when Sam needs some help with the Bay-Bay!! Heather is all over the place in PC.

TV Guide Survey--Make Your Voice Heard!

On Facebook, TV Guide is asking if you'll watch the new GMA show, GAA-- ! If you have a FB account, please let your feelings be known that you will watch General Hospital and only GH. Unless of course, you WILL watch-- then, well, you can say that too!

This is a CRITICAL time for us all!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Variety: Daytime Emmys to be shown on HLN

Last year's pics!
 Variety is reporting that the Daytime Emmy show will be broadcast on HLN. This is great for us as it wasn't thought there would be a program at all this year! 

 Ending the uncertainty over its broadcast future with barely a month before the black ties hit the Beverly Hilton, the Daytime Emmys have a deal for a new television home with HLN, which will televise the kudos live on June 23.
The 39th edition of the event, which had spent the past two years on CBS, will air live at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific, with encore broadcasts to follow on HLN, which reaches approximately 95 million homes domestically. It will be the Daytime Emmys' first appearance on cable.

 "HLN focuses on news stories and information and things that our audience wants to talk about," Safon said. "That includes the celebrations like the Emmy awards. If there's a fanbase there, which for daytime television is an enormous fanbase, and the show was really going to delight that fanbase, then we were interested in presenting that -- because that's a news event to them." 

So, looks like we can watch and live tweet at the same time again this year! 

Casting News for GH

Yep, Newbie coming read up Wubbers:  per SOD

Soap vet Richard Steinmetz (ex-Martin, PASSIONS; ex-Jeff, LOVING) has been tapped for a new role on GENERAL HOSPITAL. "Richard is playing the son of a former character who will have big story with Sonny," teases Executive Producer Frank Valentini.

A Sorrento?? Hmmm, of course another mobular person.

Weekend At the Quartermaines!!

OMG...they did a Weekend at Bernies with Anthony!! "Hello you police people" Tracy says!! ahahha. OMG loved it. Dead Anthony was reading CRIMSON!!

And MONICA telling Jason HIS HISTORY!! "Alan had you installed at the gatehouse"! Yep Jason, you are an idiot. Monica and Heather together!! GAH!! Old School GH!!

Brandon Barash killed it today when Carly was forgiving him. He's so adorable and his face was just perfect in that scene.

Kate and Olivia...good scenes. I'm glad they are back to being friends. 

Jason went to talk to Sam...but still didn't say much..again, IDIOT! 

TODD tells Sonny he's going to print the SUN with Kate's face all over it. Todd says he UNDERSTANDS DID because of Vicki !!!!! "Kate remains blameless" Todd told him right off.

I hear Dead Anthony will haunt Johnny for awhile, at least a few weeks!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelly Monaco!

I really enjoy watching "KeMo" as we call her on GH. I've liked her since she first came on. I think she's a good pairing with Becky Herbst-- so sue me!  I just hope this whole Franco-Frenetic baby story calms down soon!! Hey, Sam is a Davis and Cassadine Girlie quite a combo! AND SHE trended in the US for her birthday!! yeah!!

TODAY'S SHOW:  Oh Johnny's losing it!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Zombie AZ--now we need Zombie Claudia. Dante comes wanting to come in. heh..whoops

Carly and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzz but did love Kelly's set outside today. You could see the back street because the lighting was nice.

Tracy, Anna and Luke--they just needed Heather to walk in but it was FLEA!! Felicia should have been way more upset with Anna about Robin. They knew each other REALLY WELL.

Random Mayor: Name is Jan, just fired Mac. WHAT THE HELL!! Come on... a New person just FIRED MAC! I wonder if they are trying to get McBain to be Commish.

Maxie got held down by big Prison Women and they make her look like a clown with make-up. Gave her a fake teardrop tattoo with eyeliner. I guess it's to change her mind about implicating Matt. It was so campy/funny LOL. 

They asked Anna to take over for Mac!!  Tracy finds AZ in the boathouse dead-- and tomorrow Jason tells Monica about Franco.

Good day today.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh, Cartini are great at made up flashbacks!! Note how they inserted the Johnny ConKate scenes? Well, that's a signature for them. SO, even if you get spoilers early they can switch them with no one knowing.

Johnny forgot the kill shot in Anthony's head. Anthony is just bleeding out. AND THE KILL SHOT COMES AT THE END!! WOW--totally Boardwalk EMPIRE on that one!! NICE! AZ is now DEAD. THUD.

Jason needs a KICK IN THE NUTTOS!! WHAT A jerk! I am such a Sam fan now!! How are they writing him?? "Alternatives" like ADOPTION. Um, you loved Michael, right? Plus,  Franco is supposedly your TWIN. ERGO most of your DNA you ejit. I hope the baby is FRANCO'S NOW so Jason can't suddenly be all "Oh I love this baby"--what a load.

Todd and Carly--yes...more please. Two peas in a nasty pod!! heh.

Who Shot Whom?

I think you know who is or isn't shot, but I can't wait to see the aftermath!! Alas, I won't be able to watch in real-time today-- I will watch on the DVR and may not look at comments until I do! Do you like Monday cliffhangers? They were a staple on OLTL. 

BTW,  we had the info that NuKrissy was coming yesterday, word now it will be FRIDAY!

GIANT SPOILERS ARE UP!! Hit a sponsor PLEASE!!  Rumor that Helena is back as well. If you can, send Connie Towers a Bday Card at the studio! Her Day is May 24th!! 

address: General Hospital/ABC TV; 4151 Prospect Ave; Hollywood CA 90027

Monday, May 21, 2012

ABC Announces Mid-Afternoon Morning Show...

NOT GOOD people!! Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot are going to host a GMA show in the afternoon that replaces "The Revolution":
 Beginning Monday, July 9, ABC News will air a one hour extension of “Good Morning America” for nine weeks titled “Good Afternoon America.” The program will be anchored by GMA’s Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer, with Sam Champion, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopoulos joining in with special appearances. The energetic, fast-paced program will feature the most-talked about celebrities, performances by the biggest names in the music industry, the latest pop culture news plus offer original entertainment, lifestyle, health, workplace and consumer reporting from an all-star list of contributors and other members of the ABC family.

I'm telling you this is a sign. 
Not a good one.
Start writing again..and watching and light a candle or whatever you do! 
Ironical that her  name is Lara Spencer! Now  I like her--a LOT. If the show is a hit at all, you know what's going to happen.
AZ is on a TEAR!! in his little dapper grape shirt!

Connie is tearing into Sonny--lord "We share the same body"--oh, that's creepy or what! I loved it when she said "Kate's an IDIOT"!! Then Kate comes out when Sonny gets all over Connie. What. oy.

Poor Molly, her big LOVE Story of JaSam  is evaporating!! AND SAM tells her before she tells ALEXIS? I knew my spoilers said Molly tells Alexis the "truth" But I thought she'd overhear it. Molly should know all that sheeze and not Alexis--just sayin'.

LULU has to get Crimson out. ahahaaa. This "magazine" is so fake. 

SO..was it Johnny or Connie? Hmmmm.

GUN GOES OFF and we don't know who's shot!! GOOD ONE!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Patient Chart

Time for a good ol' Sunday Surgery check-list of Health vs Illness--or something like that!! I don't know what's wrong with me lately with this show. I'm just being honest in saying it's just not grabbing me. You know I love the OLTL team, the OLTL characters and the like, but something is just 'off' and I'm not sure what. I'll try to figure it out by using a check list.  Here we go! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger Bailing and JE in TV Guide!

New kid today soooooo, I have to DVR the show!! Sonya, please do your wonderful recappin' for us-- and I will chime in later. 
Let me know how things go!! You know ol' AZ  is going to get even...can't wait to see how. Best part of yesterday's show was Luke and Tracy. 

Jane Elliot gave a fun interview with TVGuide online:

TV Guide Magazine: What's it like after all these years to still play scenes with Geary?
Elliot: It is so rich. We go back to 1978. That's 34 years! Off-screen, we're great friends. We travel together. There's nothing like having all of us — Tony, Finola, Robin Mattson [Heather] — back in the building as a group again. All those years we spent together are still in our muscle memory and it really pays off. When Tony and I look at each other on camera you see all of that history. It goes beyond the words. It's two people who have spent more than half their lives together. [Laughs] Tony and I went on a trip to Norway and we were at the bottom of a funicular, one of those trolley things that goes up a mountain, when this couple came up and said "We knew Tracy and Luke were on vacation but we never imagined you'd be here!" If we could have crawled into a hole together we would have. Tony and I have the grace of a gnat when it comes to being recognized. But it's one of the things that bonds us.

Read the whole thing on TV GUIDE  How fun they go on vacation together!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"You Don't Give a Crap About Monica"!

Tracy is going to tie up AZ?? Oh, choke him, hee hee..but that was pretty lame attempt!
Oh Luke saves her from herself!!  
LUKE: You don't give a crap about Monica! TRACY: I know I don't but she may come back to haunt me!! LOL

Towel Dress
Tea's dress is just hideous. SO Towel like! AND SHORT... whoa. Really short for a PG woman!

I do like the DA-- :) he's good..I think he was on 90210.

And TODD shut Sonny up! What!? Yep...Oh Ron C you devil you!  
TODD has Starr's FROG!!  (that's a prop from the OLTL set from when Starr was a kid)
Aw, Sonny's coming to help ConKate.

I wish "alters" would look different to the person that's got them. Like, when Kate "sees" Connie it's played by a Lita-Ford Look alike!! :) hahahaa.

Matt and Maxie..yada yada. I knew Flea would like Spinelli!! Maxie's going to be mad at Spin. Although she did tell Matt herself in the end. Bye Dr. Hunter. See ya. 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Um, Michael SIT DOWN!

God...even CARLY wants him to back off!! WTF! It's  not like he's not wanted to kill Sonny a few times. This is not believable, all.

Todd and Milo--:) LOVED. Too cute the giggle Todd gave!! Todd and Sonny---*sigh* I love them. Mash-Up fantasy galore!! I didn't see the BADGER in Sonny's office. They better not have moved him!

Yeah that Paddy was back at the hospital and talking to Epiphany.

HA! Matt thinks Patrick killed Lisa... whoops.  And MAC is really sucking up to Spinelli today or what!? That photo could have been totally doctored. Why didn't they ask to see the film? Maxie and Matt just gave me a headache. Longest 'scene ever'. 

Matt and Spin Double-Reveal! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Molly's Barney Robe!

 Hell they showed SHAWN. What. hmmmm. Geehsh!!

Jason looked pale today compared to usual.. and he's dicking around with Spinelli about Lisa's murder?? WTF!! SAM IS GETTING an ultrasound and she's alone!

Aw, Johnny gave Carly a Cinderella coach cute. She throws it back at him then TODD comes on and meets Johnny. Todd doesn't like him. Wow, there's a surprise...NOT.

MOLLY'S GOING TO DO IT! just know it!! AND MICHAEL'S GONNA SEE IT!!  ahaahahaa Nope, they were just making out on the couch. Dang. Molly is going to love having a FORBIDDEN LOVE!!

MY IDEA: Since Dr. Matt is leaving, he could be working for David Hayward--and he's the one that saved/took Robin for him!! I TELL YOU IT COULD WORK! 

*SIGH* THANK you that my OLTL people are still alive and running around PC. It's just a dream come true.


A few new spoilers are up---please take them ALL with a grain of salt! Most things coming through are what I call "bland press releases"  like "Liz and Jason have a moment" or.. "Alexis is shocked". I'm trying to wade through the Rumors, real Spoilers and Press Spoilers best I can. Not sure if they will all be correct. Cartini is VERY good at keeping things mum. Which frankly, I like! You can always check out TV Source Magazine Online. Ryan does the detailed spoilers for the next week on Fridays. I usually put a bit of those up but not the full details. (you can also find them in most mags on the stands).

Hope this helps. I will try to update the Rumor page more often but I'm way busy lately-- you know that!! I'm just trying to keep the blog going. Thanks for the support!!

Notes From The Hallmark Channel!

I'm a bit late on this but Genie starred in "Notes from the Heart Healer" on Saturday night on Hallmark. I caught a bit of  it--she looked GREAT. You know they'll repeat it several times so check it out!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Liason Day!

Wow..Liason in Kelly's with..EMMA and Aiden!! Interesting!! LOVED Emma's "I'm mad FACE"!! Well  I guess the new writers HEARD THE LIASON people yelling or what? Sam's with McBam and Here we have Liason in numerous scenes together. 
Jason sees Sam for 2 minutes in the hall and then "Has to leave"-- cause he's a dick. ;/ It's her BIRTHDAY!!
I'm sure my chestaloons and I can help you!
Heather calling Luke...oh I love. Luke is like: NOPE  not answering!! Luke's trying to change his number. Um, he could block her. And Olivia better watch it!! She's just pushing Heather off the edge! LOL..geesh Heather tells Liv she "prayed for Steven Larzzzz" to get off--"you Catholic"?? she asks! 
Luke is liking Anna's smile!! ooooooooooo! Jason says thank you to Luke for the charity set up.

Epiphany is going to bust the door down!! She's like GET THE HELL BACK TO WORK! I wish they'd have them be BFFs then romantical. I'd love that. Epiphany needs to have some lovin'

Tea and Carly: Get your ear plus on.  Both those gals can scream up a storm! They both said Son of a Bitch 2x lol 

Carly is going to have a Gossip-Gasm because Todd told her about ConKate!! ahahaa..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day: GH Style

I wasn't going to post today but decided to put some vintage photos up of GH Moms...which we all know were basically killed off/ran off or just plan MIA under Mr. Guza. I tip my hat to some of my fave relationships! AND RUBY!! 

Jack Wagner Back To GH?

Oh! Knoxville's Tinseltown Terry found out in an interview with Genie Francis that Jack was asked back to GH. Read it HERE.
Here's Hoping!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Xenophobia

fear or dislike of strangers or the unknown.

Or, in this case--Llanophobia! Too many invading the PC space?? Tea comes on and yells louder than Carly. That in itself is glorious. Out Carly-CarlyMouth. heh. 

Now, I must tell you the rumors that are going around concerning the BABIES on GH. Some say Tea and Sam go into labor at the same time...some say baby switch (one dies) others say Heather kidnaps the JaSam baby. Are they born in a cabin? In the woods? In a Motel? Will John McBain deliver them? I'm betting that if Tea gives birth in PC, Todd will be there. So, here we go--into the June speculation. 
This is a night early so I can have tomorrow off and bask in the Mother's Day festivities! 

Jen Lilley Shoots Sprite Commercial!

It's an '80's Prom' for Sprite... super cute.!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dolores... is finally on. Well, little late.

Heather so hopes Maggie dies! LOL Maggie's got the chest-heaving down!! Steve tries to save her with Heart pressure. I wanted open heart massage. Just like on ER. And Steven LARZZZ hyperventilates again. HE does that all the time!!!!! Geesh... it's not DRAMA if you just puff hard. GOD, that toxic report came back in record

"Who could convict this face?" asks Todd. LOL Carly doesn't think Todd will know what DID is!! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah he sure do!! Llanview is full of them!!! Well, get ready for CODD cause you know they are coming!!

What, Lulu are you going to eat the blood? Luke? No one mopped it up?! LULU'S SWEATER was driving my eyeballs out. And Lulu LOVED being held at gunpoint! WHAT!! Just like a Spencer!!  God, she said it was the "best night of her life" basically. What about the BOMB you sat on? LOL... geesh. She just liked the ropes. heh
Luke: "Go out and Danger will Find You"!! 

Heather calls Luke to check "in"!! heh

ALEXIS MEETS TEA!! My heart stopped a little. Tea  to Alexis: "You're a mouthpiece for the mob"
Alexis to Tea: "out of towner"!!
Oh I so wish Nora would come on next! 

Today's GH took a long time...I guess it was pretty dull-- Todd hearing Kate say she thinks Connie shot out the tires was good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


PS: I was just informed that Kim Kardashian, Snooki and JWOW are in Toronto today.AHAHHA.  All the tanning beds will be full!

NEW SCOOPS up... looks like JaSam will have some interesting things to get through. (Or people!) 

FINALLY, Heather is shown. She's been off since April 30th! Olivia is pretty nasty to that crazy lady.  LOL Heather hates Olivia's hair.

Paddy looks like, JT is doing a great job!! He just doesn't care-- and yelled at Matt to GET OUT. People on soaps move on way too fast, this is perfect.

Tea is here! And they mention SAM!! Todd's son!! I loved SAM he was such a great kid. So cute too. I LOVE listening to Tea. I never thought I'd see her again when OLTL went off air. Here she is. SWOON. Dorian Lord mention too!! eeeee! Told you FL was a stellar actress!!

Spinelli and Mac and Flea-- thank goodness MacnFlea are together, doing something.Spinelli shows them Matt on the boat! NO! Wait..he shows them something else. The hammering, not the kick in the face. Hmmm, did he doctor the tape or was that AZ first, then she climbed back on the boat?

Carly whips Johnny's flowers at him--right in her hotel lobby.  Poor Johnny, she's like FLOWERS? Are you KIDDING ME?!! LOL. AND She says Johnny raped Kate!! WOW!!

MAGGIE'S NOT DEAD? WHAT!!  ahahaaha. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jason Cook Leaving GH

 On SOD:
Jason Cook, who joined GH in 2008 as Matt, is leaving the soap next month. The actor already has a slew of projects lined up to keep him busy. "I was going to have to take several months off the show for all these other things I'm working on," he reports. "One would have been this summer, to do LifeCHANGE [his project with Arianne Zucker, Nicole, DAYS] and other shoots, as well as my new cooking show, CHOP THIS. It's an on-location cooking show with a different restaurant chef showing us a couple of recipes each week. It's going to start online at If Genreful [his short film with co-star Bradford Anderson, Spinelli] gets funded, I have that to do, too. So, I am stepping away for the time being. There is no talk about me coming back, but I was going to have to take time off anyway."
GH is interrupted by Obama saying he supports Gay Marriage! YEAH!! I don't care if he "evolved" during election  year, he did it and came right on TV to say so. Historical!

TODD Shows up in PC with a paper that says: TODD NOT GUILTY! heh..

I hope Olivia slaps the Connie outta Kate! Or the Kate outta Connie! LOL one of the two..she doesn't believe her and neither does sulky Sonny. 

John playing Sam Jazz. God, they so better NOT BE RELATED!  This is too good.  I keep hearing they are. I'm looking for clues either way and tapping my sources. Ok, my source. LOL but they are FORT KNOX right now over there!! 
Jason goes to find McBain and finds SAM in there! BOOM! 

Felicia and Mac had like no airtime! GEESH!! 

Sonny was his usual idiot self today. Jason's trying to save "SKate" but not his own marriage? How wrong is that writing??!! Jason did find the bug. And they don't think there can be TWO?!

Spinelli figures out there may have been a camera on the boat that Lisa was murdered on. Whatever. Don't care. BUT! Matt actually kicked Lisa in the face and she drowned. LMAO heh. 


Daytime Emmy Nominations!

Kathy Lee and Hoda only announced TWO categories for Soaps on their show! LAMEST NOM SHOW EVER!! Here's from WE LOVE SOAPS..go there for full list. OLTL didn't get it for best show but GH did? That's bullshit.
 GH Lead with 23 nods


CRYSTAL CHAPPELL, as Dr. Carly Manning
Days of our Lives, NBC

JEANNE COOPER, as Katherine Chancellor
The Young and the Restless, CBS

DEBBI MORGAN, as Angie Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ERIKA SLEZAK, as Viki Lord
One Life to Live, ABC

HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos Jax
General Hospital, ABC

MAURICE BENARD, as Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
General Hospital, ABC

ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer

General Hospital, ABC

JOHN MCCOOK, as Eric Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

DARNELL WILLIAMS, as Jesse Hubbard
All My Children, ABC

ROBERT S. WOODS, as Bo Buchanan
One Life to Live, ABC
MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Annie Chandler
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General Hospital, ABC

The Young and the Restless, CBS

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CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
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NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett
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Gay Marriage WILL HAPPEN!

Well. I'm just going to say this: Karma's a BITCH...and I so hope people WAKE UP to the fact that gay people WILL be granted their rights someday. People will look back at us and  shake their heads at the ignorance that abounds. This weekend my brother is the best man in a wedding of two people that have been together 12 years. TWELVE. NYS didn't LET IT'S PEOPLE 'VOTE' on Gay Marriage because you can't VOTE ON CIVIL RIGHTS. Period. If that were true, women would never have gotten the vote and white male owners would still run everything.
AND BTW, they are getting MARRIED IN A CHURCH. Yep. Unitarian...they and the Episcopalians do "Christ's real work" if you believe in that. They realize that people are people and deserve the respect and happiness we all take for granted.
I'm so mad. And  I have to stand up at this point because it's THAT IMPORTANT!

So here's to SEAN and ERIC ...may you live long and prosper! I'm so happy for you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jason's Chicken Look

 Did you see it when he looked at McBain--?? LOL...good gravy..that whole scene was just horrible and Ronnie just laid there!! Stupid JASON... I think he's mad that the baby is still alive. Jason didn't EVEN GO TO THE HOSPITAL WITH SAM? HE HAD to stay there to argue with McBain!  OH man. 
Maybe the rumor that Steve Burton wants to leave is true? This is just too much-- terrible writing for him. 
"what is your job title"??

ConKate trying to explain her DID to Sonny. Laugh riot. Sonny: IS THAT MY FAULT?? getting all upset and moving around. heh.  They are making Sonny pretty stupid. 

Liz Vining was in all her glory today. Where's Emma?? Jake's birthday!

Nice Luke/Lulu scene. 

Michael turns in Starr? That douche. Great... you killed someone and now you are turning in someone else. So she can rot in prison? 

Oh and PS about 9 people on twitter saw Ronnie blink before they closed the body bag! hee hee


ONLY MAKE TWO COMMENTS PER BLOG POST. PLEASE. Do I REALLY NEED TO BEG?? If you can't say what you want in two posts, you're probably just BITCHING with someone else.

I hate like hell to have to do this but looking down there at some of the sheeze that's happening makes me ill. I wish I could ban posters but I can't . Don't have that function or I would. And yeah, I can totally tell by ISPs when you're using multiple names/accounts. So, stop. I can't evn believe I have to say all this. I've gotten a LOT of messages about this and people don't even want to comment at ALL anymore.


DAYTIME Emmy Nods Tommorrow at 10am!

 On the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee!! Check it out!! Here's hoping GH gets actor/actress nods and OLTL gets best show! I may call in late!!

The Dolores Factor

Just want to say that there seems to be some weird stuff going on writing wise! (Editing too but I'll get to that)

Ummmmmmm,  where's Dolores in all of the Ronnie stuff? It's HER hubby accused of these crimes (who we have not seen ages)-- and she was even accused by Lulu of changing the computer stuff.  YOU'D THINK THEY'D PUT HER IN A SCENE OR TWO regarding this? Why didn't SHE confront Ronnie? Makes no sense. And you know I'm not a dang Mulva fan, but come on. 

More points to ponder (because you know I will Sunday)
Where did Luke and Anna go?
Why take so long with the Maggie death? If you missed last Monday's show, you wouldn't even KNOW she's been killed!!

Again with this but: WHERE THE HELL IS MONICA?
TJ and Shawn..if they are coming back at all then why keep them in mothballs? How about Molly? 
Noah never got a last scene. I thought I'd missed it somehow but then someone told me he was just there, then gone.

And... Patrick called Liz to pick Emma up from daycare.  She hasn't moved from GH to get in everyone's business in forever. Paddy must still be on the couch in a wallow. 

Don't get me started on Felicia. So glad she's "Back". 

There, my bitch is done! I feel better now. I'll try to pop some SCOOPS up before I have to leave today. Have a good one!

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Old Enough TO Steal My Gun"!

That's what Johnny tells dear old Daddy about Starr! 

Tracy and ALEXIS!! You know they've known each other for years not that you'd ever know that. Tracy says "let me in, it's billable"!! LOVED their scene together. Tracy stuck a dollar bill down Alexis' shirt LOL.

Um, Jason could never have gotten to the gate without a ticket. That's so wrong. Everyone knows that too, it's 2012.
OMG-- Connie changed back at the airport after Jason shoved her. LOL she's going to gag at that coat. Jason just tells the cops  to bug off at the Hospital. OMG !! 
Liz and Jason talk in the hospital...

BIG Set up for AZ's death-- or WHAT?! Geesh Tracy basically tells Alexis she's going to do it. Meaning she won't be the one that actually does..

Geesh, took Starr long enough to NOT SHOOT Sonny. Good lord!

The Haunted Starr stuff was just funny...McBain hiding in the corner--nostrils flairing. Lulu getting a "Flesh Wound"..and McBain shooting Ronnie. Now he's "McBOOM"
Oh he touched her hair!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Irregularity

Feeling a little irregular? Sluggish? Need some probiotics? Activia perhaps? Well, that's me and GH lately. Some days are smooth sailing and others...well... not so much. I do confess that this week I was 'out of office' more than usual and didn't get to see the show live like I usually do. I did see it 3x however and every time I kept waiting--and waiting...for something.
Not sure what...but something. I mean, don't get me wrong, the show has vast improvements from what it was. The dialog is witty and actors seem "refreshed" There are maddening moments where I still think the pacing or editing or both are just "off".  I need Jamie  Lee Curtis to  help. 

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...