Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Prescription: Ritalin

I'm trying so hard. I really DO give kudos to a show when it's deserved. GH is just on my last nerve lately. Ever since I read that Guza said he was "Hyperactive" during his Branco (@sudsreport)  interview, I can't get it off my mind. GH really IS ADHD and in need of some
                                                                   Guza Filled Gore

So, I've written and rewritten this blog about 3x before publishing. Some people accuse me of being TOO negative about GH. I'm trying to take a critical approach to a show I LOVE and have loved for over 30 years. Trying to watch and blog everyday is difficult because I notice when stories have been dropped, or changed or scenes cut. I notice production, editing and dialog. While GH's production has always been top-notch, it's the other elements that can really make my head spin. I can tell that there's little attention payed to what has been said even 2-3 months ago. I can see great actors languishing in the background with little to do. I can see wonderful stories and couples that are over-played and over-used. Balance goes out the window. When I see "Mike" I am so happy-- until I realize he should be on more than 3x every 6 months, inserted into a random scene here and there. Same with Monica, Edward, Matt, Kate. On and on. Olivia is a character that was on 24-7 when she first came and now? She has little to do because not much attention was paid to building her character up outside of Johnny and being Dante's mother.

These just aren't stories anymore, they are just series of moments that someone sticks together on a whim.  Slow down...and by slowing down I don't mean to bore us to tears like was done with the Brenda  "comeback".  I mean take some time to map out your story arcs and then tell the beginning, the middle and the ending. I'm going to use OLTL's Destiny story as an example. This was something that has been building for a long time.  The characters have been around long enough to make us care and figure out their family dynamics. Destiny always worshipped her brother Greg...Shaun was always jealous of him.  They used these details and then weaved them into the Eli story perfectly. The villain Eli didn't just pop up as a random  "Baddie" character either. (ie: Balkan). Not a faceless man people were chasing in the shadows. He was on the show for awhile and built his character up so that when he did go evil, it was a sight to behold. The new characters of the Ford brothers were also brought into the story. Eli had already romanced a high profile character  (Blair) bringing the Cramers into the whole thing. He went after a Lord-- and then..then there's Hannah.  Brilliant casting, brilliant story building on that front. He uses the crazy teenager to do his dirty work and she ends up morphing into this awesome nasty villain in her own right. The next generation Margaret. You know she'll be back!! On a side note, even Destiny's new boyfriend Darren has a brother on the police force. It's giving some connections to use in the future. If only our Diane had someone say, Claire as her sister or even cousin. Newbie Abby-- had some connection to someone in town. Don't drop stories that started (Valentin) with no explanation at all.  Soap fans have the longest memories ever.

I know I tend to make fun of accents and the 'cardboard' scenes that are supposed to be taking place in foreign countries.  That's the sarcastic side of me..I will always do that, but it's not as serious as when I feel a story is being completely blown. It's a whole different Fronkey then.

I just want GH to feel like a community again. A family that I tune into everyday that makes me feel that I want to watch. I would have loved for Robin's birthday party to have been longer and bigger.  I'm a sap for that kind of stuff. I would love to see Maya trying to fit into the Q household on more than a 1x every 4 month basis. I want to see more than just sniping and fighting and Sonny buying a strong woman a dress and reducing her to an obsessive shrew. I wanted to see Brenda come back and fold into Port Charles, maybe through Crimson... yes, she still could have had a backstory but not one that's going to take eons to tell and involve yet more violence. Suzanne could still be the charity lady but maybe a secret Cassadine..or related to Alexis on her mother's side? I just feel such randomness from the writing. Random can be good, or it can be completely off putting for a soap. Like I said, balance. Giving us a scoop about Alexis and Mac being "thrown together" is exactly that. Thrown. It's been done, either build the story or move on.

For those of you that have stuck with me even when I'm Negative Nancy,  I thank you.  You know I care about this show and about the actors and fans. I think GH has one of the best communities OUTSIDE of the show I've ever seen. Fansites, charity name it, we're there. Even people that have stopped watching the show check in and keep up with their fave actors and sites. That's dedication.

We soap watchers can suspend belief for just about anything. SORA'd characters, people turning up who were "dead"...wild explanations. One thing I can't suspend is the blatant disregard for making a story engaging and enjoyable. Sticking things in and then letting them disappear. Can't do it.

Now,  I'm  off to give my neighborhood some, I mean treats. Hope you have a great Halloweenie and I'll see you Monday.  Candy-bloated I'm sure!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alberta Wubs Gets Ready for Halloweenie!!

Alberta's California friends gwaddie and ghubby have dressed her up as our fave GH characters. Can you guess who she is?? Note the MOLE:

OR THIS!!?? 

Anyone else dressing up as their Fave GH character? I think I'll go as Helena...get out my green suit, jewels... feta and Ouzo. Maybe an ice pick or two!! 

This was just posted...probably the most INSPIRED of all the costumes that Gwaddie did.  Note the TREE!! 

The Rally For Sanity and/or Fear...

What an AWESOME, FUN Brilliant show!! Yusef/Cat-- Ozzy doing a "Train Off"?? Peace vs Crazy. Loved it. Loved the medals... and having Kid Rock do his new song. He and Crow were perfect together.

Colbert's Betabrand Pants!!

Stephen Colbert's pants were too fun!!! I tweeted about them and the company that makes them in San Fran tweeted back and said they make/sell them. LOL. Betabrand Pants! MADE IN AMERICA PEOPLE!!

Any Wubbers go? I found one on the Huffington Bus (NYCoverGirl) but we need more!! I need PHOTOS! R2D2 was even there!! The TV remote bit was a hoot.

America is FUN, dang it, and  you can't terrorize FUN. Nope. ya can't  Thanks to Comedy Central for showing this live. Made me happy to be American! :) The "fear mongering" clips were so telling. That's what the news has come down to...scaring us.  The biggest mouths come from the extremes on both sides.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Soap Opera Ratings: GH How Low Can U Go??

Ok, someone SOMEWHERE has to want someone's head over this. One of the most popular actresses in daytime returns and her "comeback" was so bungled, the ratings are looking HORRIFIC. What should have been a shot in the arm for GH looks more like a shot in the foot.

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.5/10 (-.1/-.2) <- ties low rating (Last time: October 4-8, 2010)
2. GH 1.1/7 (-.2/-.2) <- ties low rating (Last time: June 28 – July 2, 2010)
3. DAYS 1.0/7 (same/-.3)
3. B&B 1.0/6 (same/-.1)
5. OLTL 0.9/6 (-.1/-.2) <- ties low rating (Last time: July 12-16, 2010)
6. AMC 0.8/6 (-.1/-.3) <- ties low rating (Last time: June 21-25, 2010)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,862,000 (-169,000/-192,000)
2. B&B 3,187,000 (-28,000/-54,000)
3. DAYS 2,531,000 (+118,000/-471,000)
4. GH 2,380,000 (-144,000/-185,000)
5. OLTL 2,354,000 (-97,000/-138,000)
6. AMC 2,309,000 (-101,000/-361,000)

What has to happen for the direction to change on this show??  Most days I feel like I'm watching some hyperactive storytelling: holes, block taping, edited scenes...then other days it's  like people are asleep at the wheel! We can sit here and go over and  over all the things that have  been just dropped the last two years. All the 'guest stars' and 'comebacks'...only to fizzle. I'd love to use the example of Robin Christopher coming back. Why did they bother!? Shameful. Characters have been shoved so far into the background, we don't even care. Showing Ethan and Maya every other week for 5 months  (with nothing to say) is pathetic. So was Brenda's bazillion week stint NOT in Port Charles. The Balkan and Brenda/Dante's connection  is going to  be dragged out FOREVER.  Lucky's big "undercover role"?? zzzzzzz. 
I'm sorry. There's talent and ideas out there. USE them. Maybe daytime needs some new 20something writers. I'm sick of the revolving door of the pool of 30 they pull from and hop from show to show.  
On a good note, the wonderfully written OLTL is beating The Talk in it's time slot, which is pretty dang good given the PR of that new show and the stars that appear on it. OLTL gets NO love from ABC and it still  draws in viewers.  It's budget is lower than AMC and  GH and yet it's exciting, dynamic and I can't wait to see it everyday.  Today's show was no exception. LOVED it. CARRIE type fun!!

Speaking of bungles, it's FINOLA Hughes Birthday today! How nice would it be if she were around for Robin? Or even if we saw Robin visit her in NY? The Scorpios, Webbers...Q's...all dissolved into nothing BOO.

I still say GH needs a "Brownstone". Ronnie and Max and Milo all living in the same building! LOL....  I also want Diane and Claire to be related. Tie people into each other. Heck, have Brenda visit her friends the Q's ON AIR. Supposedly she does that Nov. 4th, but come on... too little too late. There's just no joy on this show. They have tiny glimpses, then it goes back to dark, disjointed crap. 

Now there's Candy, just another newbie on the show.  yawn. Good actress, but I don't know there's just too much other stuff going on for me to care. 

Brenda did kill someone...shocker. :) At least you all knew about it. HOW Didn't anyone but Spin hear her screaming  her head  off?
Nikolas has on an old daddy sweater. 
OMG....Sam  has a mole drawn on to look like Brenda!! ahahahhahahaaaaaaa!! And her boobs are all covered  up.  Oh, that made my day. That little mole. Heh. Brenda working Spinelli makes me gag.
Sonny and Claire...on again after being off again, and zzzzzzzzzzzzz. 
I am hoping  Siobhan's secret is she's really an AMERICAN so I don't have to listen to her sheeze accent anymore. 
I did like Sexis. For about 2 seconds. 
Dante tells Brenda he dumped  "Alexander"in  some swamp "years ago but it was found 6 months ago"...who I am assuming is Balkan's kid/brother/dog?! hahahhaa. AND Dante covered it up. GUZA honestly doesn't even know what he writes in the past.  Dante was so high and mighty about the Michael cover up and now this? And HE covered up for some chick he just met and couldn't understand it for someone's KID? freekin' idiot writing. Pisses me off to NO END when they don't respect anything on this show.
I'm done.

General Hospital Horrific And Hilarious!

Edward and Courtney as Princess and Benny Franklin!! GH has had a long and fun history when it comes to Halloween. We all know Maxie came along on that day. There used to be parties and trick or treating galore.   Look at  Dr. Kelly Lee as The Birds and the Bees: 

Here is a really FUN video of Carly and Sonny taking Michael to Bobbie's on Halloween! Back in the day of family togetherness-- AND I love Sarah Brown at this stage of Carly.  

AH...loving the nostalgia!! Here's another great photo...Mac, Roy...Felicia. *SIGH*

If you feel like taking a "Scary Survey" hop over to and fill this Halloween Poll out....One BIG mistake however, they left off Helena in the first question! She has to be one of the spookiest ladies of the daytime soaps!! 

 One bone to pick...remember in 2009 when Helena wanted the St. Gregory portrait from Wyndemere? Why was that? WHO KNOWS!!! They've so wasted potential for Helena to be in town. You know I'd love for her to marry Eddie Q. Being Tracy's step-mama and Luke's Mama-in-law!
What about buying Crimson and being all "Devil Wears Prada" on Kate/Maxie/Lulu. She'd kill for fashion! Not to mention her reaction to Kristina...Mekko's granddaughter. Oh, I am just having dreams of a scarier GH! That's all.

SO....BOO! to you!! What's your scariest GH memory? Mine is Georgie dying. It was the turning point for me with the whole Guza-Era. 

Here's a  GH Halloween Feast For You:

Ruby's Creepy Chili

Lila's Phantom Pic-a-Lila
Cassadine Freaky Feta Filled Pie
Lucky's Gummy Worm-Farm Delights
Sonny's Monster Marinara
and Luscious LukeSon Ritas!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back TO Reality...Whoops There Goes Sanity...

Borrowing today from Mr. Slim Shady! All the soaps were back to present day. Yesterday was bizarre. That's all. BIZZZZZZARE. I don't mind shorter years, or days but sticking in random "Classics" is going to mess me up!!

Today's show was all about Brenda...and she was upstairs doing her yoga. We saw Alexis today and MIKE too!! Yep... wow. Alexis and Claire were pretty good together.  Didn't bug me at all. Why they didn't make Claire somehow related to Diane is beyond me. It would have fit perfectly and given both those characters a family. 

Finally Mike/Dante are together..given the fact that Dante's supposed to watch him 24-7 and hasn't been around at all. heh. 

OMG..Poor Olivia, reduced to talking about Lasagna ....Lisa LoCicero is too good for that! I really like her and love her character.  It's like Guza wrote for her 24-7... then nothing. That's it, all or nothing on this soap, swear. 

Robin and Sonny on the other hand, I'm so glad they are having them talk-- I wish it was with Mac more, but this is good too. Anything to have some character interaction. Sonny talking about Lily was a bit random, even if it was about forgiveness.  Robin had on a band uniform looking shirt/sweater. Heh 

It was a Vanessa Free day.."Brenda" was doing Yoga "upstairs" must be she has a 'rest' clause. Maurice doesn't do that..LOL. You always see Sonny.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lexi Ainsworth...Krissy Davis! She is such a sweetie, btw. She loves her fans and always tries to answer tweets. Rumor has it there's going to be a bullying story involving her character. Given what Lexi did with the Keifer stuff, I bet it will be good if written right.

Ok, I'm  going to watch ONE LIFE to LIVE which I had on my DVR. People on twitter are saying it was WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RINSE and REPEAT: ABC Reruns Boring Eppys Today!

The Announcer said "Some of the best episodes in soap history" before these ran today.  Uh, really. And FAN FAVES? WTH did  they get that!!? Dear LORD make it stop. The older viewers want REAL CLASSICS: ie: weddings, murders, deaths...Nurses Ball-- maybe some  Halloween eppies.  Costumes, Maxie's birth??
I'm sorry but I need to run daytime soaps. LOL. They act like we can't watch stuff on You Tube whenever we want.

THE images were so blurry for me on AMC!! Some people said the same on twitter. Was it blurry to you??  I guess it's the HD transmission. OLTL  was fine and GH a blur.

AMC had on Maria...Edmund-- Aiden....Can you imagine if you are a newer viewer and don't know these people? Jack and Erica are basically the same. I'm also thinking some poor older people with dementia are losing it today. Heh.

OLTL: Only thing interesting is Langston's red hair highlights, Fish and Marcie/Mike. Todd/Tea wall sex.

GH: Well, JaSammers were going ga-ga over the episode today. Twitter blew up about it.  Back when Jax still thought Spencer was his. I like Tracy and Lulu. Luke and Tracy had the same dang dialog then  as now. heh
Jason had on gray..and you could tell it was HAWAII because of the Bird Of Paradise Flower!!  Surf boards!! Sand!!
FOR THE RECORD...I'm am neither a JaSam or a Liason Fan.... they both have their good points and not so good points, imo. 
GEORGIE!! *sniff* I miss her so much.
COLEMAN is so Burt Reynolds heh.
Old  Lucky was on...Emily-- 


Lucy and Alan! woot! THAT'S a fun episode. ANY Q Thanksgiving... any Dream Sequence. Alan/Emily discussing addiction. Really old weddings -- Tara/Phil, or Karen Woleck's meltdown. Tina walks into Cord's wedding with "Marcia Cross"!!

Notes: Rick Hearst will guest star on Castle November 8th! Haley Pullos (Molly) will guest on House as well, not sure the date yet. The Thanksgiving episode taped yesterday and NLG said Haley wasn't there for it!! Wonder where she'll be when they air it? Hmmmm. "Math Olympics"? We'll see the Scorpio and Davis' on that day supposedly.

Check out Lisa LoCicero in SELF Mag about her great nutrition (veggie smoothies?!!) and keeping her smokin' figure!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tricks or Treats: General Hospital Howls and Haunts!

YOU want FUN? Check out this hilarious Halloween JibJab Card starring: Olivia, Carly, Jax, Dante and Johnny!! Wubber Crackie made it! 

 GREAT photo of Tony in "Into the Woods" posted by --He plays the narrator. See it at the new Downtown LA Performing Arts Center Oct 22nd-November 20th. If you go, let us know how it was!!

Hey, Speaking of Halloweenie, we all know that Maxie's Bday is on that day!! There will be trick or treating on GH which is great. I remember back in the day when the kids would go all over town, even the hospital to get treats!

I am DVRing GH if you have anything to add, let me know. I might add show notes later, not sure.  It was so boring yesterday--oy.

I hear Connie will  be back to GH if scheduling allow!!  I was hoping for sooner rather than later in the whole Balkan scheme, but now maybe it's Dec or even January. You know Hells has to have her fingers in this pie--and also dabble again in the whole baby switcheroo. I know how much Connie loves her stints on GH-- Can't wait!

Tomorrow is the big "FAN FAVORITE" on ABC. Hate to tell you ABC but fan faves are the NURSES BALLS or the Q Thanksgivings/Dreamsequences. NOT some show from five years ago that's supposed to give us "clues" for today's story lines.  First of all, just goes to show you the repetitive dropped sheeze they've had and second of all, I'll be so sad to see Georgie!!

Did you see Charlie Sheen  was hospitalized for a psyche eval? He's got  such serious issues and yet, we still seem to pull for the guy. Sad, sad... I hope it doesn't disrupt his Two and 1/2 Men because I feel badly for the cast and crew (not so much him) Get your sheeze together!

Jonathan Jackson Movie: Kalamity (Trailer)


Jonathan Jackson's new film, Kalamity, made its Los Angeles debut at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theatre. Read the full story on We Love Soaps.  For Show times go to Kalamity

Two GH Stars Going to Other Soaps

heard that Tristan Rogers is off to The Young and The Restless for a recurring role (which may become a  contract role) and now word is in that Natalia Livingston is going to Days... Congrats to both!

Monday, October 25, 2010

WOW: Another NOT Miss One Life to Live Day

Go to TMZ "Celeb Scramble" to figure out who THIS COULD BE!! heh Thanks to @babysarms for this. 

OLTL Had a nice crank a boom-boom Guza style...but with more extras and no hose blood-transfusions. LOL. I do like the Destiny story too. Next can be the Mama Drama!! I was shocked about the Shaun thing, then about the Greg murder thing--Squee!! And this is MONDAY?!  Today's show: (Spoilers) Greg admitted to killing Destiny's real mother, Cole shot ELI, Starr knocked out James by mistake--the roof's collapsing in on the warehouse.
 (from twitter) 
@JBernardJones: #oltl Frank Valentini needs to hold seminars titled How To Produce A First Class Looking Soap W/o moving 2 A New Coast.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I think the J&Bers will be happy with the Jax/Brender walk down memory lane. Or WUBBERY Lane. Heh. WUB WUB...those of you that know the Wubs, know that it was their Wubba Love that started the whole thing. Ahhhhhhhh. Such a sweet love they had. Remember  when he brought her movies/popcorn machine? That was a banner WUB day. 

Brenda and Lulu. At least they are going over some history with Brenda. Of course, Lulu was about 5 when she left. Going Ice Fishing. 

Why the hell would Sonny ask Dante to make Brenda's life more comfortable in PC? RANDOM.

CAN ANYONE understand stupid Sioban?!! You know I sit here and make fun of her. Heh. They had her say "Get bent out of shape" which isn't in character. Why do they over do the dang accents and under-do the slang?!

Liz has to tell Lucky she wiped out the boyz bank accounts because of her stupid DRUG investment. I bet Helena has something to do with that!! 

Monica was on!! I Liked her playing along with Luke-- heh. Although I'm not convinced that Tracy doesn't know what's really happening!! She's being too nice too soon!!

Who's watching Michael?? Let the parole board know.  And NOW, Claire thinks it's a good idea if Dante also watches Brenda!! LMAO!! I give up.

EMMA is missing PROMO on ABC.

RUMOR DRAMA: What recent shake up on the #GH Set has many people wondering what/who is next!!? Things might be changing from the outside in!! Why is a certain someone walking...nay Running?! More tomorrow once Gedstern gets it sussed out! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Mid-Afternoon Liposuction


Unlike GH this week, at least I can make the title interesting!! So.. here we are, knee deep in the whole Brenda story and ...Sonny and Claire go back out together. Uh...can someone tell me the point of all that? I guess just to keep  Brenda vacillating and having her daydreams about Daddy's boy. I'm tired of the Carly melt-downs as well. Her kissing Jason?  Beyond stupid. "What are you doing" said Jason. Carly says: "I don't know what ELSE to do"....yeah, reminds me of what has to be going on in the writer's brains. What ELSE can we do? Another heart attack for Luke? Another Lisa melt down? 

There was on tiny line that caught my ear this week: Nikolas said: "Grandmother did some financial  work with The Balkan".  NICE!! It cracks  me up that people go around saying "I met with The Balkan about stock margins" but what the hey. If Helena's involved, it may prove to pull her into this dang dragging story. I have a sad feeling this whole thing is going to last until at least Feb Sweeps. 

BIG RUMOR this weekend? Maxie might be Pregnant?? I guess it must be from that quickie in the closet with Matt? Could Matt actually have more than a 2 second walk-on story?!! Hmmmmm. Remember, it's a rumor.  The other scuttlebutt is that Brooke Lyn and Liz will be  going at it a bit.  Siobhan is going to be kidnapped. (like I care). The most fun thing coming is the Vegas adventure with Luke/Tracy/Ethan/Maya.

Remember that Wednesday will be a repeat of a 2005 show about JaSam when Jason had a brain tumor, Diego and Georgie. GEORGIE!! wheeeee! Did you know that  2005 was the year Patrick Drake first showed up. Supposedly there are "clues" to things coming up in the Balkan story. I think we might be all over thinking that. 2005 also saw Noah Drake come back to the show, needing a liver transplant. This leads me into our next news item: 

That's Right!! DR. Drake on BOOK TOUR!

Everywhere you look Rick Spingfield is popping up promoting his new autobiography "Late, Late at Night". I saw him on  The View and Wendy Williams. Go to the LLAN official page to get all the book tour dates near  you.

Have a great Sunday night!! No Mad Men to watch ...boooooooo. Guess I can go to bed early!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Season 8: Project Runway: Cried Like a Baby, Yes I Did.

I will from time to time, write about my fave primetime shows...and after last night's Project Runway I just HAD to get on here and dish.
OY... if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about. First of all, this season has been pretty good, mostly due to the expanded time. I love that we get to see more of the comments backstage after the judges' critique. It's been too fun. Tim Gunn gets more of a voice too. I remember way back in the beginning that he was just in and out of the work room.  Now? He's got a bond with them all and I really like seeing his advice in action.
Last night was the episode before the finale. Each of the 4 designers had to go home, make a collection, come back and show 3 pieces to see which of the would go to Fashion Week. Tim visited every designer. Mondo lived in a wild house, painted all crazy colors. Gretchen broke up with her boyfriend and was moving. In Hawaii, he met with Andy and his mom. They live on quite a rural farm. Andy even chopped off the top of a coconut for some fresh milk. Over at Michael C's house, there was his partner and son. We find out that Michael's parents aren't too happy with  his career or "lifestyle" choice. 

Back in NYC, everyone gathers for their last touch-ups on the collections. Tim tells them all they have to make another look to send down the runway. Everyone loses it and goes to Mood to find some material. Gretchen is in fine pout-face form and complains about everything. She made jewelry this go around--which  er... well, didn't do much for me. Andy had some sort of head things going on and Mondo also did a little head poof.  His theme was "Mexican circus"... his clothes were about the most jolly in the room. 
I have to say that is season has been lackluster as far as having some wild designs on. Very conservative if you ask me.  Yeah, Mondo had some weird things but there were no Santino, Austin Scarlet, Jeffery or Chris type costuming. I like the over the top stuff. These creations just left me flat.
Speaking of flat, how awful were Gretchen's things? Ewww. Anyone that knows "Flax" or "Eileen Fisher" has seen it all--and about 4 seasons ago. I personally thought she was gone. Oh, how wrong I was. 
Andy came out with a "Laos" inspired line-- and  his pleating did look nice. Again..underwhelming. Mondo had the usual weird patterns and colors. Michael C had his dresses--but a pantsuit that I really liked. The judges took off points because he used all the 'same colors'. Personally, I thought it looked pretty cohesive. But, who am I?
In the end, Michael C was sent packing and watching him go was so sad. He was truly, truly destroyed by not going on. Because of his parents being so anti-anything he does, Michael saw this as a rejection of him instead of his clothes. It didn't seem fake (like some breakdowns can) at all. It was really gut-wrenching. Tim hugged him and all the designers were supportive.
Which brings me to something else: Since when do Andy and  Gretchen like Michael C? What happened? Gretchen was a big nasty to him all season and Andy didn't like him either. Mondo saw what a sweetie he really was and treated him like a human being. I so hope they address this at the reunion special--and call out beeatches like IVY !! They all owe him such a big apology. week is the finale--a reunion and the runway show. I am thinking that Mondo takes it. He's won so many competitions and has that quirky kind of "Christian Siriano" thing going for him. I mean, who won last season? (crickets chirping)
I have no clue.

Soooo, did YOU cry when Michael C did? Do you think he should have gone to Fashion Week? Is it me or is Heidi getting more mean every season? By the way, I still totally forget it's on "Lifetime" and not BRAVO. whoops. 

PS. I also watched "Jersey Shore" Finale last night. In a really weird way, I'm gonna miss those weenies.   :fist pump:

CLIFF Hanger Friday: Well, for ONE Soap At Least!

OLTL rocked the house!! They have like NO money and still they pull out all the stops!!  woot!! 

GH:  Luke's fake attack. Ho-hummmmmmm.  Carly trying to get Jason into bed: Ho-Hmmmmmmmm. 
Sonny talking to Claire about his cooking. Ho-Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Why are they both being so stupid to think the other isn't playing them? I mean...this is just NOT believable.

The Maya thing would be good if it hadn't been done to DEATH. 

Olivia  catches Dante mooning over Brender!! What WILL she think! LOL. And she thinks that look in his eyes is about the same as it was when "he was on some case years ago". Oh, interesting. What a mother.

Lucky takes Siobhan to Nikolas. Who slept with his last lassie lady-love. LMAO.  Here's another one for you, bro!! Oh, so HELENA knows the Balkan too!! So, I guess all of PC will  know him.  I think they are morphing the whole "Valentin" story together for this.  LOL. "Theo" is the guys name in the hospital that is coming--so, that's the Greek connection.

Brenda and Carly fight today! Some good one liners...."mud puddle" was mentioned. Brenda called Carly "loud and obnoxious"---Jason paces and paces. It was really a let down after all that build up! 

SPLENDA  (Spinelli and Brenda) were on... for a little chat.  Cute but too short.

GH today was such a let down. So much  for cliffhanger Friday? I felt sorry for Tracy though.  I'd like her to love Luke without being tricked.  THE Brante Flashbacks are getting O-L-D. Dante has a Peter Meter for Brender.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writer Karen Harris Leaving General Hospital

Karen Harris has put on her Facebook status that she is leaving GH after this contract cycle. The Wiki lists her stints at the soap as followed: 
Harris also wrote "Life In General"....a behind the scenes look at daytime television that airs on the net. More on this as  the story develops!

General Hospital: Thursday Scoops...New Stuff Up!

Well, take a gander:  WUBS NET.  There are a few interesting things up there.  A Vegas trip for Luke/Tracy/Maya and Ethan. That's a fun thing, I hope. Sort of a "Hangover" type story!!! Brenda's going to shoot a thug..(Love the "Henchmen" "Thugs" Whatever. Just watch OLTL. I'm telling you. ;) Today was absolutely WONDERFUL! And it's only Thursday! They have a cliffhanger every other day! LOL
AMC is boring me to tears, btw. There's never been a soap trial to match Karen Woleck's on OLTL,  so why bother?!

Dominic Z (Dante GH) named his girlie Anbilliene. This was confirmed by SID this am.  The GH cast has been BUSY!!  That's the last bambino to be born out of the four (JJ, BH, DZ and DC)

Hey, here's my new Halloweenie Avatar on Twitter (@wubsnet) ...YOU LIKE? You know I so miss the whole Cassa-Crew!!!  sigh. Parapet!! Helena just disappeared again and it looks like "The Balkan" is taking the place of Valentin.

Here's a direct quote from the SOD November Sweeps Issue: "Sonny's relationship w/Claire threatens to destroy her, which leaves Sonny vulnerable to Brenda, which does not sit well with Claire."
Uh..WTH does THAT mean?!  Sonny and Claire are "reconnecting" I know that (stupid)-- so what's this? More boring sheeze. 
Today's General Hospital:  Geesh... this really IS the Brenda show. Dante's moonin' over her, Sonny/Suzanne gab about her-- CarJax and Olivia sniping about her. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This is going to go on FOREVER. FOR-EVER.

Jax redoing 4 rooms at the Metro for Brender? I would get pissed too, Carly. Carly's right about the Metro being a target.

Maya/Luke/Ethan/ least they aren't sitting around talking about you know who. BUT why on the empty crypt of a Haunted Star? Why not the Q's!!?? Might have to pay Alice and Eddie and Monica? Why WHY does Luke have to fake heart attack number 8 thousand? Monica helped last time. I would have him try to raid ELQ or do something like that to get her attention.  Anything but this again. 

Lisa's wearing vixen-red and black today! Even in scrubs she can look a bit evil. Where is this Steve "Lisa love" coming from? I mean, FOR REAL? He says to "put it all behind them". Like Robin should just forget the kidnapping? Drugging? WTF?

Please, for the love of GOD, just have Brenda spill something already.  PLEASE. This is just painful. I don't care. 

Claire and Sonny get "notes" about dinner. heh
Claire and Sonny go to dinner and the restaurant is EMPTY. Empty!!

NOTE TO FRANCO-FANATICS: @JamesFrancoNews: James to film/direct his own feature in November in NYC script from a bio of poet Hart Crane called “The Broken Tower”

Also, @lldubs (laura wright) tweeted that she hurt her back and you'll see Carly sitting a lot in about a month because of it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did Brenda Plug The Balkan's Baby?

Word on Z street is: Brenda shot The Balkan's Boy and he's dead.  Dante helped her clean it up, and that's the connection. Still cloudy on the romantical front. I don't think they slept together, but I do think Dante has a BIG thing for her. He talked to her while she slept. Awwww. Wonder if that was the Balkan's son that was leaving Brenda's "Flashback" room?

It's the Spencer Connection!! Too Bad Bobbie's in the Closet!

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: Finally I can watch most of the show.
SID reports that CONGRATS are in order to Dominic Z and his wife! She had a baby girl this morning. NO name yet, but both are doing fine. 

If they get any more weird-ass'd accents going,  I'm not going to be able to deal with it much longer. LOL. 
How did Lisa get out of everything? She was there with the police, with a gun, saying she was sorry? Uhhhh, I can see not wanting the story to die, but why write it like that!!? Geesh.

Diggin' Luke and Jason!! Yippee!! That will last for 2 scenes, then evaporate.  I'm such a cynic. Does Jason take care of enough people?? Good Lord.

People wearing black, white or gray today: Robin,  Brenda,  Sonny, Jason, Luke, Patrick, Steven, Lisa...Dante,  Spinelli and Michael . Ronnie had on a blueish tshirt. Lulu had on some pink/purple Robin changed into a red outfit. Brenda tells her to tell Sonny to stay away. I vant to be alone.

Tyler Christopher just tweeted this: Just auditioned for a pedafile  on Justified. They said I was right on. Huh. Cool I guess?

PS. OLTL was so good because they have a boarding house with Roxy!! She and Echo were so fun.  And ECHO has the other half of the necklace? THUD. Then, Vicky and Dorian were on the same side hating on Echo together!! Ah, the joy. They also added a real-life mole removal comment by Dorian. ES had a melanoma taken off and they mentioned the band aid.   

On a hysterical note, we here in NYState have a political  party called "Rent is 2 Damn High" and their candidate debated with the other guys last night. Hit that link to watch the RIOT of an intro he gives.  Ahahahaaahahaa.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tyler Christopher's House Up for Sale!

 Uh, anyone else think that art on the wall is Franco-Inspired?!!

Tyler Christopher's Studio City house is up for sale!! Take a sneak  peak  and tour on Luxist properties. The home appears to have been on the market for a while (Redfin says 192 days) and the listing carries the words "huge price reduction." A peek at the property records on Property Shark indicate that he bought the home in 2006 for $1.355 million.
Christopher and wife upgraded their digs when their new baby arrived in October of last year. Still, it's always fun to take a gander at the stars' digs!!


Did YOU stay awake during GH today?

Look for a winter wedding coming up on GH. "It's before Christmas, and let's just say the people who you think are going to get married aren't the ones who are going to get married," teases Guza. 

I asked this question in the blog this Sunday: Who do YOU want to get hitched? I would love Luke and Tracy to have a big old wedding. Some people voted for Max/Diane.  I think that Lucky and Siobhan will do it to keep her in the United States? I hope it's a WEDDING wedding and not the usual Guza-BOOM-sham wedding. 

Did you see the new Banner on  the Wubs Net? I so enjoyed making that.  Pookisama had the idea and I ran with it. Can you name all the baddies?! 

TODAY'S SHOW: Mayor Floyd was dusted off and let out of the closet. Out of left-field. Idiots. Why should we even BOTHER with this character when he's never around? We had the whole "crazy wife" thing..Alexis thing, then nothing. Now he's trying to get Ronnie to turn on Dante?? What.

There's a tam not glued to Siobhan's head. That's a good sign. Loved the maid "talking" Italian!! alaaahhahahaha. How did they keep the fake things straight? 

Brenda. Geesh,  freak out much? Her scenes are WASTED  on fighting with Jason... staring into space.. ugh.

Lisa's eye makeup is in direct proportion to her crazy. 

Boy, if people thought Dante got a lot of airtime he's right in the middle of the whole Dante sheezebang with the Balkan.

Sister Wives Season Finale last night was a hoot.  Good Lord, Kody needs a big old fryin' pan on his head. Just sayin'. Is it the hair that attracts the ladies? The Lexus? The teeth? What!? I'd love for one of them to have an affair next season and want to get married to someone else too.  Heh. 

My Mad Men recap will be up on Pop Confidential Soon. Squeee!!! Great ending. 

I saw the DVD of "Babies" this weekend. My parents and I just DIED laughing. What a cool documentary. They follow 4 babies in their first year of life from around the globe.  I was glad the Japanese looked as commercial as we do! 

Today is WUBBY HUBBY's birthday! By sheer weirdness, it's also Gedstern's hubby's bday too! How wild is that??

Ted King Welcomes Daughter!!

Wonderful news to all of you from Maya and Ted King:

Ava Celeste King arrived Friday Oct. 15, 2010. She is a blessing!!
Mr. King played The Alkazars on GH and he's still missed by many.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Vitamin B12 Shot STAT!!

Mornin'!! How was YOUR soap-watching week? I guess you can tell by MY blog posts that I was so happy about OLTL, I  didn't have much use for GH. *SIGH*. I do not plan these things. I actually had stopped watching OLTL for about 2 weeks-- I'm not picky when a show bores me. Now, it's just everything I really want in my daytime. Thrills, spills, surprises and a huge use of vets and all characters. Daytime Confidential reports that OLTL's ratings have gone up dramatically. I'm taking credit for some  of it--with all my gushing on twitter,  it had to make a dent!!

On To General Hospital.  Where to begin? Well, I have loved having Kirsten Storms back on screen. She just brings a sparkle to everything. She and Spin had been MIA for a bit and now that she's back, the writers tend to give us more "fun" scenes. We had Robin's bday party!! Ok, so it lasted about 3 minutes, but was there!! Diane, Max and Milo? How fun was that? Here's an idea: We see Max/Milo's apartment-- and they live like bachelor slobs. More Max and Milo!! I also wish Suzanne was Diane's sister or cousin or something. That would have expanded her GH base a bit. I love to tie things together, notice? (I wanted Claire to be her niece or sister too).

See that photo up there? I swear it's like Deja Vu..having Luke fake another attack? Wasn't there ANY other options? Plus, if I see the Haunted Star as an empty tomb anymore I'm going to scream. LOL.  I'm not going to complain though. If it gets more airtime for JE, I'm fine with it. I just wish they could come up with a decent story. Luke and Tracy should be working ELQ and doing all sorts of nasty corporate take overs. There's total drama on Wall Street dang it!

November Sweeps are coming. Usually I get a big ol' press PR thing about them. This year? Nada. In fact, the "Sweeps" read pretty dang boring (hence the need for a Vitamin B12 Shot!) Sam's going to pretend to be Brenda so the gang can "lure out the Balkan"-- not gonna work though. Can't have that be exposed yet. Siobhan is kidnapped, which I guess we are supposed to care about. Emma is wandering around on Halloween, which furthers Lisa's plan to make Robin look crazy. 
Lucky wants Siobhan to stay at Wyndemere. Now, think about it, Nikolas slept with Liz, you'd think that he'd keep his newest lady away from his bro! Siobhan is in danger, blah, blah..blah. Anyone care about this chick yet?? 

Of course, you can't talk about November sweeps without mentioning BRANTE!! I hear the two of them covered up a crime Brenda committed. That makes total sense. How close they got "romantically"-- that's up for grabs.  We know Dante is sure smitten. Brenda starts to have nightmares. Yada, yada.
The actual Balkan isn't due to surface until December-- and I'm betting on it being "Theo" the mysterious patient at GH. That is unless  Guza gets some weird  change of heart and brings Diego back to do it..HAHAHAHA. Get it? Texting all  over town. Heh. Franco has said he wants to come back at some point to direct and further his Franco-Franchise. I tell you what, if he does get an Oscar nod for "127 Hours" I highly doubt he'll have time for ABC. Just a thought. 

SPOILERS are up!!  Take a gander. I'm being somewhat conservative. I haven't mentioned some of the rumors rattling around like: Sam's PG--  Robin's PG, someone's getting married, Robin's in a fire-- yada yada... Can't confirm any of them yet. There's also one that involves Jax and Brenda thaht I don't think is happening either. Alberta's walking in the LA AIDS walk soon, so please hit a google ad in her honor. we are, starting a fresh week on GH. Hopefully, I'll be here more often than I was last week. (real life called!)  Here's a question. If there was going to be a wedding on GH, who would you like to see get hitched? Tracy/Luke?  Lante?  JaSam?   or a wild card like Lucky and Siobhan (having to marry for her to stay in the country??) Let me know.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goosebump Thursday!

OLTL was just fantabulous. I'm sorry to gush so much but it has EVERYTHING I wish GH had. The story is moving along--winding up together. Every character is invested somehow and Eli? Genius of a bad guy!! They even pulled out an old "The Killing Club" book that Hannah had stashed away. They did an outside shoot... had more than a handful of extras at the police station. SIGH....just in love with it. The Hannah twist was brilliant. EVERY day seems like a Friday too. It was another giant cliffhanger today.
Daytime Confidential is reporting that Kathy Brier is going to be on HBO's "Boardwalk"!! Watch for her November 14th

REMEMBER: Tomorrow is Vanessa Marcil's BDAY so if you can, go HERE To the  Sonny and Brenda Forum and leave her a message.  I think Guza should gift her some Tiffany. heh.

Line of the day: "Sometimes Spinelli has trouble telling the difference between real life and cyberspace" Jason to Brenda.

I sometimes wonder if it would matter if I missed whole chunks of shows all together with this. Somehow I don't think so.
How boring are Brooke and Nik? Geesh, they are involved with no one else, we didn't see their "big adventure" (other than a short airplane ride)... YAWN And then she builds a fire for him (because I guess he's in his 30's and clueless). She used to do that in Bensonhurst with her  Grandpappy Carmine IN TRASH CANS.  Yes, she said that. heh. 

If they don't hire some extras for the F'in Haunted Star--grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's Ethan's house kinda. Just give him a coffee table instead of a bar.
At least Carly went and threw down with Claire.  Loved Laura Wright's face. She looked like Claire smelled bad.

LISA'S BACK!!!!!  "Miss Me"!? 

Dante's got the FACE FEVER...LOL. Staring at her on the computer--all the flashbacks... heh.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Soapy Day! Tons O' News!

It's Vanessa Marcil's birthday Friday and some of her fans would like you to leave a message for her! Go to their BLOG or tweet @vanessamarcilg to give your wishes. 

So, how exciting was the Scrubs shout-out on Letterman!? TOO FUN!! It's not even an ABC Show. LOL. His staff must love GH. See the full clip in the blog below.

FINALLY Kirsten Storms (Maxie, @teenystweeing) has gotten Jason Thompson out on Twitter!! That's right...follow him: @Jason_CT  Kirsten tweeted that photo earlier today. 

Perez Hilton has said that he's going to stop bullying on his naughty blog....uh...hmmmm.  Okay. It's interesting that he's made such a name for himself doing just that and now is backtracking. I mean,  I like snark as much as the next person but he could be extra-bitchy on things like Rumor Willis' face.  I hope he doesn't get TOO sane on the whole thing. But kudos to him for finally admitting he was being hugely hypocritical over the whole gay-bullying issue. Thank god ELLEN is around to help celebs become "real". Watch the clip on the link. NO more "Linsanity" ..end of a freekin' era people!! He's made a pretty powerful You Tube video about changing.

SCOOPS: Things are hard to dig out. First of all, looks like Lisa dies in December and Robin looks guilty.  But we all know she didn't do it. The Balkan doesn't look to be Jerry Jacks like we thought, he's just looking for something or information that Dante and  Brenda might have that involves the Balkan. It's probably going to be Daniel Benzali (See below for photo) who shows up to GH as Theo. He looks like a baddie! LOL The ReRun that's on the 27t has Diego on it, setting up a guy named Carter.  Maybe an  Akazar tie too? Oh, Guza, you don't know yet do you!! I think he's making it up as he goes along. Just like the TEXT Message killer!!

Ronnie Marmo is having a CHAT on Sunday!! Check his Ronniacs site out for info. There's also an ebay auction going on!! This will go towards the 2nd Annual Habitat for Humanity GH Build! Remember that ALBERTA did that last year!? 

Did you see Lisa LoCicero  (Olivia) in the audience on DWTS last night with her hubby?! I missed her somehow, but I was clicking between that and Biggest Loser

Order Vanessa Marci's LOVE Tank Tshirt for Sorjourn House! Read about it at
 The event will be held at the GUESS store at 6801 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California Oct 13th. SID also reports that Vanny will be married on December 31st! Now, I thought she was married, given the fact she's already taken Giovanazzo as a last name. Maybe they had a small civil ceremony and are now doing it up!

PLEASE tell me if I should watch GH today. I am not going to be here and will DVR.  If you all say so, I shall watch. If not...I won't! LOL.   It's getting harder and harder to be excited for the show. The Dante/Brenda connection has me guessing so that's a good thing. 

General Hospital SCRUBS Makes Letterman's TOP TEN List!

LOL...Patrick and Robin made Letterman's 'Obama's Top Ten Enemies" List last  night!!! It's hysterical:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OLTL Left Me Breathless Today!!

OLTL  just rocked today-- it has been for so long. I love how they are doing this whole Eli story.  It's happening fast and everyone is involved. LOVES it!! I felt like I was watching a spooky movie! The stories are SO good--and so intertwined. Why they didn't get an Emmy nod last year, ??? I so wish GH could do suspense this great. I was screaming mimi today!! eeeee!! 
Short Recap: Eli has Starr/Dani...Dani goes into the hospice just as Tea is walking down  the stairs out of her room. Eli and Starr fight (Pretty convincing fight) and Starr manages to run into a room. She calls Cole, who just left to go check out their apartment. Hannah answers. Meanwhile, Tea opens the door and sees ELI and she thinks he's a good guy and is happy to see him!! He smiles like a maniac. In the meantime, Blair and Todd are talking together and Natalie is trying to get info out of Marty.  The whole thing is shot horror-film style-- and done so well. In the end, Starr opens the door and  HANNAH steps in!! Eli has Dani in the car, ready to drive away. Can't wait until tomorrow!!

Dante literally looks wet behind the ears. I swear those are Kate's cushions too. You know my obsession with props!  Seems the Balkan is after her because of what she and Dante were involved in!! 
Hey, Mayor Floyd shows up on Thursday. To yell at Dante to hurry up the 'investigation' WHY bother??
Let's see.
Brenda and Sonny are talking about Dante...and the past.

Dante and Lulu are talking about Brenda.
Robin and Jax are talking about Brenda.
Carly tries to bribe Jax with dinner so he doesn't think about Brenda. 

Lucky and Siobhan are trying to get out of a jam with thugs with MORE weird-ass accents. And like they'd believe she's working for Lucky. Lucky needs to act tougher--more steel. 

Thank Goodness for the Robin Bday party!! Mac, Maxie and Emma!!! And Mac even said that Anna was going to call later!  :thud: Mac gave Robin a Spa Day! I so remember the old PC Spa!! It was a hot bed of gossip. Robin  wishes Patrick was there..awww. Patrick shows up with his necklace. 

Liked Suzanne going into Sonny's house and getting in his face,  not taking his money.  Heh. Telling her to stay away from  Brenda.  Oh, priceless. 

Brante Daydreams...they BOTH had them. Dante after boinking Lulu. Brenda just sitting there, remembering how he took home a candy bar for his MOTHER (OLIVIA!!). Interesting.

The Evening with the Stars seemed to have been a hit! Some Tweet pics came up today. Here's Tyler and his wife looking awesome!

Chat live with Ronnie Marmo Sunday Oct. 17th! For details go to !!! 

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that today, she had scenes with Alexis drinking at the bar. I asked her what they used for the drinks:
(@nancyleegrahn) water for vodka, ice tea for scotch, 7 up for champagne. the real booze is in our dressing rooms!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

General Hospital Dazzles with another Guest Star!

According to Michael Fairman, GH has hired Daniel Benzali (NYPD Blue, Murder One) to play a patient that befriends Robin. His name will be Theo. (I'm glad they didn't go with "Telly")! He starts in December.

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 12

 Betty has on the most FAB outfit of the season!!

BLOWING SMOKE!!! Awesome Episode. Loved it. Want to read my recap? Go to Pop Confidential! Next week is the finale for this year. Booooo.

Celebrating General Hospital's Past: Where IS Everybody?

Today is BRAD MAULE'S 59th Bday!! Who doesn't miss Tony Jones?! Dang it...he should be on the show. It makes no sense that he's not..but that's #GH For you! Have him die in some stupid epidemic. Just another notch in the history of Port Chuck that was thrown away. Well, then again, Felicia, Frisco, Lucy and Bobbie are not around so why bother? Georgie is dead. Lucas is...??? Where the HELL is Lucas?  He was only part of the biggest story in GH history (BJ's heart). I think it would have been great for he and Monica to have been running the hospital. That's just me though. 

TODAY'S GH: First of all...see the new Brante promo? Totally looks like the two of them covered up something. There have been some things going around that they DIDN'T sleep together-- we'll see. Maybe it was just a murder or crime?? Hmmm, way more interesting if there is a romantical connection. I know there was supposed to be. You think Guza might be running scared from that given all the negative attention he's gotten lately?   And yes, I know some people get upset that the spoilers aren't months in advance anymore but I'm here to tell you-- they CHANGE directions a lot. A TON more than even 3-4 years ago.  Story arcs are outlined as tight at all. Many changes/edits are made due to budget issues. That's why I won't get people's hopes up (or down) by posting things I'm  not sure about. Hell, even when I'm sure about them, they don't often happen. 

That Siobhan character is going to drive me INSANE. Between the Tam and the "Ye Bastahd" talk I'm going to drive a nail through my head. Just sayin' 

Today's show: All about every female in PC being jealous/insecure around Brenda, and  every guy wants her. Yep. Okay. Robin even goes to talk to Jax about Brenda...after going to Sonny to talk about Brenda. Geesh, is that what she has time for?? Good Laws. :throwing up hands: This is just stupid. Loved Brenda saying that Robin was having a "hard time" with Stone's memory., she's having a HARD TIME because she was TRAPPED IN A DAMN well by a psychopath!! LOL 

Dante's flashbacks: LOVE the slick hair...guess he's supposed to look younger!? 

ONE thing I do like? Lucky and Luke "working" together. I wish they'd stay together instead of Luke going back to PC to have a "heart attack"....

BEST LINE TODAY: "How many times can you have sex on a desk??" says Carly. 

I'm cranky, sorry. I saw "Social Network" today and really loved  it. Reminded me of early days of Gedstern and myself in a way. All excited about breaking scoops or a board war. Some actor calling her up with dish.  The movie takes such dry material and manages to make it really exciting. 

The Man--The Myth--The Sonny

How do YOU feel about this promo?? I think it's 100% Soprano. The show we know a certain someone had wished he'd worked on. Just sayin:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Massi Furlan in "Banned" Carl's Jr. Commercial!!

Massi Furlan (Giovanni)  was telling me about a commercial he shot that was pulled because Italian American Groups Complained. Here's it is:

Massi is the one speaking his native Italian in the spot. Isn't it interesting in these days of "Jersey Shore" and our own Italian Mob-Influence in GH this commercial gets targeted? I find it hilarious...and I'm part Sicilian. Heh. Massi is in good company. Carl's Jr. pulled a racy commercial starring Padma Lakshmi.


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...