Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mac and Kathleen Say... TURKEY!

Happy Turkey Lurkey!

Some vintage GH For you to Savor on this Fine Thanksgiving! Why do I love it? You EAT. No gifts, no riff-raff of cheer..just eat, drink and be merry! We have it here, the British transplant Wub Hub cooks--brines the turkey the night before. The snow was heavy and nasty but roads ok. We don't let 10" stop us here!!! Hope you're happy and healthy and with family/friends.  Thanks TO YOU this blog and my site are going strong!! Thanks to TPTB on GH because our ratings are UP..the show is still on and we get to see some way-back vets pop up.
Last year we were remembering John Ingle. *sniff*  

Here's to us!  ENJOY...


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding...HA !!!

Hey, I watched B&B towards the end... and I loved the "thanking game"... cool.  I saw Dillon Q, and LOIS and JR from Pine Valley and the lady from The Wonder Years!! Lookie there!!

Todays' SHOW:

I thought Bobbie was going to walk in on Tracy and Luke!! DOH!! There's Jerry!! She and Julian Stone used to be a couple when he was Jerry!! They almost got married themselves.  How stupid i she? GEESH.

MAXIE Stop it.  You are making things worse.

Luke gets Nikolas free... well..whoops --Luke you were NOT PAYING ATTENTION! lol. This is round 99 of hostage taking Luke almost gets shot! But wait! Anna's there!

Wedding: Lucy..well, that was random  "My marriage is over"...ok, we haven't seen Kevin in forever.   

ROBIN, do you really want Emma to watch a wedding KNOWING  you are going to bust it up at some point? MOVE YOUR ASS.

STUPID CLIFFHANGER..that was just stupid.


Mac is going to cut a bitch when he finds out about Robin 

EVER.... ugh.... actually hated it. Yep...I hated it. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UGHHhhhhh Frustration

FINOLA and KIM....nailed it!! Awwwwww ...Just think Kim has been on about the time she was Emma's age!

That apt is too dang clean to have two babies in it!!  Throw some stuff around.  It's empty!


OH for godsakes, did they stand there long enough and NOT TELL PATRICK? geesh!!  GET a move on!! Liz looks fabulous. HAHAA..Epiphany took pics of a drunk Liz on her phone! yeah!!  NOW Robin is like: I can't leave until Nikolas is found?! WTF!!  COME ON. At least Duke hands her a phone. And..Patrick left  his phone at home.  LOL 
AND.Nikolas and Faison are gone--and Luke too. GOOD GOD

AND PS..didn't Patrick show Brad a photo of Robin ON HIS CELL PHONE????????? and his cell phone was home??????????? wtf.

Maxie is so sad. She needs Prozac.


Monday, November 25, 2013

The ROBBIES Reunite!!

Ava and he'd believe a psychopath. Although he is slow on the uptake. geesh! She even CALLED YOU

Faison and Luke..stand off...  Obrect and Anna stand off... 

BOOM goes Faison! Luke shot both Helena and Faison!!  Faison for the fake-out! He's up!  Then he's down..then he's tied up. Don't they know how to kill people? Go for that kill shot, son!

Obrect is so  nutty LMAO... Anna out smarts her and Duke gets out of his bondage to trap the woman. Good team work.  TOOK FOEVER though.

Britt and Felix fight in the Lab.. that lab has more action than any other place in GH. Brad says he's no the daddy to Britt.

Awwwwwwwww, Robin and Robert.

Juan..hell, he and Liz look the SAME they did eons ago. Did you hear what Juan's "wife's" name is?? 

Awwwww, Anna and Robin seeing each other? Adorable.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Crabs

Ok,  so... I chose "Crabs" for one reason-- because that's what I AM! Lol.. I realize you are not all on the same page, but you have to admit that I did twirl and sing GH's praises for a long time. Just this week, I got nutty. SO, you ready for some rant-o-rama?   WHIP YOUR HAIR Faison-style and let's dish!! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Choose Sabrina's Wedding Dress!!

We know she's wearing her Mama's dress, but one can only hope Nurse Betty's ensam will look something like these stunners. Which do you like?

The old "BirdCage Masked" look? Maybe that way Robin could switch places with her and rip that thing off when the judge says "I now pronounce you.."

Sabby's Mother was probably a Saint in her native land--and how fitting to have this be her gown!? Part wedding cake, part pilgrim! 

Nothing says "I love you" like this full on black/white and red number. Kinda has an '80's flair as well. 

This is so Sabrina can also hide Emma and Felix underneath her dress in case she needs back up 

Emma inspired, this "Hello Kitty" dress is simple (like Sabrina) and comes in a lovely baby-blue and pink. 

If you look closely, this actually COULD be Betty-- looks just like her.  Maybe her Mama dried some of her floral arrangements  and she can float down the aisle in dead flowers.

Did you know her Madre was really an Octopus-Goddess? Well, she was. 

Oh, the shoes and head dress just make this outfit!! It's flirty, fearless and will show off her great legs. I think those are maracas in her hands. OLE! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blah Blah Blah..

Wedding...blah blah blah...

Robert and Luke-- both gray and old.  Oh and there's Jerry-- lol, just limping and bleeding along.  I'm sure customs just told them "COME ON IN"!!
Yeah, Luke says "I saw Robin"!! 
So, they stand there. Good GOD. COME ON. Make Jerry call off O and  Faison and give up Duke--he's DYING.
And for F SAKE CALL PATRICK!! what the hell!! UGhhhhhhhhhhhh This is so stupid!! 

Liz is hungover, Paddy's not since he used to be a party animal.  Mac is gonna be SO MAD WHEN HE finds out no one bothered to tell him.  Geesh!  LUKE, Anna and Robert go to Wyndemere. 

Robin is being mean to Faison. I mean why taunt him?  He knocks out Nikolas.

Anna has a gun on Obrect..Obrect has a gun on Anna..Robert finds Robin.. 
Next up: Faison is shot, Ava tells Patrick Robin's alive and.......
Juan brings Sabby her dress. 

Sorry I'm such a bitch but..I am SO OVER THIS, I honestly don't care how it goes.

Nikolas shirtless was the only fun thing.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ruining the Robin Comeback

Enough's enough. I'm sure this will be over like TOMORROW but I have to say I'm tired of it. While it's no where in the league of the "Brenda's Back" in Paris debacle, it's still pretty much a pain the viewing ASS.
It WAS exciting.
It WAS intriguing...

Good lord, make it STOP.
I actually didn't do the blog today at 3 because I was getting my hair done. Three of us sat (all generations) and dished on GH. I was surprised at the degree of the frustration out there with this story. (I always think we blow things out of proportions on the net). And, swear to god, this MORNING I was at a preschool and the teachers were dissing the fact that Robin hid under the desk while Patrick and Sabrina kissed. LOL. They can't take this story either!!

Despite the fact I HATE "back from the dead" dribble, I watched this hoping for a somewhat fast-paced story.

It should have ended when Luke/Tracy were there--or at the very least when Robert and Anna got to Jerry. This skulking around is just.. please. Stop. First the "masked party"-- then the poorly guarded "lab" crap and the hiding under the desk.   There are SO many holes in this story it's just laughable. To think Robin wouldn't have somehow gotten word to Patrick is just redonkidink. 

So, here's hoping that some of the 99 people that know she's alive finally fesses up to clueless  Patrick tomorrow. Which's about time.

Thank you.  And by the way... If you're going to kill someone--KILL THEM. 

People  on canvas NOW  that were presumed dead and came back to life:

 two I forgot but people knew: Julian and Duke!! DOH!
Leslie (recurring but still...) 
and I'm presuming Helena still isn't dead. 
Who did I forget? I know other people like Lucky, Jax and Brenda too--but they aren't on canvas.
Others: Kat Bell, Stavvy, Stefan.. on and on and on.. 

Hey. you. soap writers. STOP IT.

New Hair-DO!

Screen cappy of Becky Herbst's new hair cut..the TALK of Twitter and FB yesterday! To heck with the whole AJ trial,look at that hair!

Yea or Nay? I like it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LULU is Losin' IT!!

Baby Corgi's fave band!, you CAN'T DO THE PARK!!  She's going to SPINELLI! sorry!!  Olivia and Sonny stop by to say goodbye to baby CawnGee. She loved Maurice. Adorable.  Dante was crying--Lulu was blaming him.  They didn't even know Spinelli got custody!  Lulu calls Dante on lying for Sonny but not for her.  He says "It's complicated".  I think he knew the baby belonged to Maxie/Spin.  Spinelli shows up with the cops to get the baby.

Carly blurts out she slept with Franco to Felix..LOL. She and Felix are huge BFFs now!! Awww.  Felix's face was priceless.  He tells her to run just as they show Heather skulking.  Franco says he'll kill her

Franco almost beaned his father on the head with a vase. heh... Kin and Roger!! WOOT!! I've been waiting for this.  Similar acting styles, btw.  Franco calls him POPS. 

AJ AND MONICA!! She brought him a suit!!  AJ wants Liz to be there but she hates courtrooms.  Michael is there though. OH! She shows up !!  Sonny testifies. Liz testifies. OY.  She says AJ said he would have shot her if he had a gun. Olivia jumps up and starts yelling her head off "You COULD HAVE SAVED HER"!!

HOLY CRAP! Did Becky get her hair cut!?? WOW! What! I don't think I've eve seen her hair that short! LIKE It, I like it.

Diane blurs right into the wallpaper in Maxie's apartment LOL.  Like a hologram.  She totally teared up when saying goodbye to Maxie. I've never seen her tear up!
Ok, who saw that dreamy read Hindu head on Maxie's side table? NEW PROP??!  Flea-Mac come in to help Maxie cry a bit. KS needs her maternity leave.

Just thought I'd let you all know, I'm starting to dig The Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlos!! You tell her!! GO Carlos! GO Carlos!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tracy Q changes a diaper!

 and Olivia watches! Nice Olivia Tracy moment!! 

Brad and Felix sittin' in a tree.. awwww...

Lante DENIED the know Dante's in for a world o' hurt with LULU! LOL 

If you're not watching Orphan're missing AWESOME TV! BBCA on Demand.

GUS has to go to the vet today I am leaving early. Please leave your comments below!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nik and Britt were  SO GOOD..and SO SOAPY!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he's like "is kissing me like PTSD?"!! ahahaa. OMG. 
I miss  Helena.

Luke is CURED!! Tracy is so happy! Luke finds out about Robert and Anna.

Faison is so mean to Dr. O-- she's KNOCKED OUT!  Get up get up!!! He ties her to the pole next to Duke. Um ..doesn't Britt know they went down there? Not that she seems to care. 

OMG Dante told the truth! Lulu about killed him with her eyes. He'd better go get her some BLING tonight!! she's not happy. Spinelli was all contrite on the stand..awwwww.

Robin tells Carlos she's EPIPHANY. ohhhhhhhhhh. that may come back to haunt her. And it does like 2 minutes later when he sees Epiphany's photo in the hallway! aha. He figures out who she is from the photo Sabby showed him at the house.

Anna and Robert shoot Jerry!! 

Tomorrow : Luke is going to see Robin

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Definition of "Murder'

          The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought
Yep... that's the definition. Not that anyone in that courtroom seemed to use it correctly! Maxie "Murdered Robin" (uh, no)..she "murdered" Lante's baby by chasing a dog (no). Same with Lulu. She didn't kill Logan on purpose (it was, technically "self-defense") and abortion is not murder under the law since it's legal and protected by the constitution.  So-- all that posturing  is really null and void. 
Made for GREAT TV though, huh??!! WOOT! 
Let's get ready to 'murder' this week's show-- get on those scrubs and maybe a mimosa!

Friday, November 15, 2013

LULU on the Stand!

Yes, please answer the questions!! LOL  And..the Logan murder is brought up and the abortion. Oh nos.... 
I swear Dante looks as invested in this as a toad.
Lulu lies on the stand.  Dante--will he lie or tell the truth? Hmmmm. 

Ok, So we got a GOAT MENTION today!! And who loved those cobwebs in the basement of Wyndemere.

Faison is yelling at Duke..Duke is yelling at Faison. And Anna a Robert are trying to get out.  The guard gives them salt. LOL  that's so Robert can make fingerprints from salt and gum. Which someone on Twitter said was done on "24"  The door opened! 

 Poor Dr. O she so loves evil Faison and Faison just loves ANNA.  

omg...CARLOS THINKS Robin is SABRINA? he has to be high!! LOL

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Better Late Than????

UGH.. My laptop is still in the shop--they can't get in it! That's how bad my hard drive is broken  LOL. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for all the great GH photos I have in there. ALL the faces of the week, man!!

Today's show: Lulu--geesh, I just want to punch her! WOW-- I think she's going to go a little crazy after all this. Poor Dante just stands there. LOL Now it's going to be Lulu's turn at the 'questioning". Notice how shocked she looked when they brought up Logan? UH..DUH. Did you think that that wouldn't be mentioned? Geesh!

Sabrina and the dresses. Oy. Emma was so cute. "Here, wear one like this"..her Mommy's! awwww. 

Tracy and Luke with the bay-bay. Sweet. Did you read RC's explaination of why GF wasn't on? I told you she wanted time off to get her kid settled in college, and they wanted her part of the time. So, it didn't work out in the schedule so, there it is. 

Robin is just IN THE LAB, hanging out like that? Um, ok. I do like that Nikolas played the "I own everything, now get out" card! Spoken like a true Cassadine. Dr. O looked jaunty today and her hair was a bit different.  BTW, that baby looks SO MUCH the opposite from BOTH Britt and Brad!!

BTW: BIG Thing on Twitter today! RC said he didn't know Tristan Rogers had gone back to the Y&R and had ONE day to write the Feb sweeps scripts differently! WHOOPS. There's a story there, huh? Must be Tristan got offered a contract over there. Interesting. So, with RC not happy about not knowing he was leaving, will Robert be killed off? I wonder. I mean I'm expecting him to be "gone" again--but one never knows when you piss off the head writer!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TV Guide Interviews: GH Scribe Ron Carlivati

Ron Carlivati sat down with TV Guide's Michael Logan for quite the frank interview, especially when covering his twitter-usage!


TV Guide Magazine: You do seem to take offense on a fairly regular basis. Would you say you're overly sensitive to Twitter criticism?Carlivati: People have different ideas of what constitutes criticism and, to me, "This show sucks" is not criticism. I will listen and respond very thoughtfully to someone who says, "I had a problem with this because of such and such..." That doesn't mean I'll change my plans, but that's completely valid. But, yeah, call me sensitive when someone says, "You're the worst writer and human being on the planet!" There are some very angry, very hateful people out there and who needs that in your life? I would never talk about people the way some of them talk about me. But the fun part of Twitter is really fun. It's a great way to interact with the fans, promote what we're doing, and really show my excitement about this show. The danger is that you're very accessible and people want answers to everything under the sun, and when I don't give them what they want they end up frustrated. Or they make up rumors and want me to refute them. I'm not going to do that. But I love checking out the Tweets while the show is airing and seeing how the audience is responding. "Oh, my God! Nikolas just found Robin!" There are also times when I feel the need to take a step back. But, for the most part, it's an overwhelmingly positive experience. [Laughs] As long as you know how to work the Block button!
TV Guide Magazine: Are you maybe making Twitter too important? It's still just a sliver of your total audience. Carlivati: You're right. It's always a wakeup call for me when I encounter fans in other arenas, people who aren't on social media. I will often get a very different point of view about how the public is responding from the one I might get on Twitter, where there's a real pile-on mentality.

NOW you must read the whole thing!! GO to TV Guide, and read all about it--from Liz and Laura's MIA to the Masks! 

Shirtless Hump Day!

Well, Julian, Todd and Sonny were all showin' the goods--- I guess I can be glad Luke had his on! LOL 

Lulu shows up with Baby Cawnie and Dante at Luke and Tracy's. Maxie's all dressed up to get on the judge's good side. 

I LOOVED SOlivia!! WOW. I wanted her with him since she came on. And I was a huge JOlivia fan. But she and Sonny? Just go together, imo. If Brenda isn't in the picture, let it be Olivia! 

Alexis and Julian. She so want him, why would she go there if not? 

Maxie and Flea...Kristina looked gorgeous!  WOW, Liz told the whole sordid Lucky-drugging story! OY!! and the fact Maxie tried to get PG then threw herself down the stairs! Now Maxie is on the stand. You know this is PISSING ME OFF!! Maxie wouldn't have to pass a TEST to BE A MOM! GOOD LORD.  It's her bio-kid. There is no contract in place and it's under 6 weeks. OMG LULU is saying Maxie MURDERED Robin?! What the hell?!! That's tomorrow! 

You know Heather send those dead roses to Carly, I bet they smell like BLT's!   Yep, Heather sent them.  She's going to control Franco from afar! 

Luke said he got Baby Connie on e-Bay when Ellie asked him. ahaha. "Bidding was brutal" HEH 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Wet Day

TJ and Molly were taking care Danny. Guess they got out of storage. Well, we knew TJ did. Finally Molly's out.

Sonny and Michael both feel SO BADLY about that Security Guard Julian killed. ERrrrmm, Sonny, it's not like 200 innocent bystanders haven't gotten shot on YOUR watch. lol Julian is going to be a walking donor farm. Julian won't let them harvest his marrow because Sonny will kill him if Danny can be saved without his marrow. 
Who else wants to know about Silas and Ava's history? Tons of hot sex I bet cha! \

Carly and Tranco just going at it. She can't do it yet.
Do tumors grow back?'

Kiki jumps in!
Todd Jumps in! 

Michael's a wet fish! LOL He spits out water! He's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive!! Michael doesn't tell on Morgan, he says his cell phone fell in. 

Alexis and Julian. She's giving it to him, and they kiss. 

SO..montage at the end: SOlivia sex, CoDD and MiKi. At least TJ and Molly aren't doing it on my screen! LOL 


This happens today

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day WUB

My usual laptop is not working--it IS a DELL Vista though. Yes, a VISTA. And this one is really slow/bad at posting. SO, I don't know what you're going to get today. 

I feel like a pioneer lady! ahahaha. Ok, not that bad. Can you imagine? Not me, I want my indoor plumbing, 

GH is rolling along and posted some of it's best numbers in the "good demos" in awhile. SO, that's good! I am liking it, even though I still think it's bloated with characters.  Wish they'd let me go in with a hatchet and cut a few :) 

Morgan acts all clueless to the bug that Sonny brings out. Not had for him to act all dumb about it though LOL 

OMG Michael was on MY LAST NERVE! He's so Jason and Morgan is so AJ in this. They go to the Death Docks to hash it out.  That can't be good!!  Michael calls him "Sniveling"!! Says Kiki never loved him.  They SWING! MICHAEL falls into the water!! 
OMG on the previews Kiki jumps in after him---and its' so FUNNY. Wait until you see it!

Meanwhile. Sam and Silas make out.  Then they come in and find out that Derek is really Julian. Alexis is gobsmacked.  And Julian is trying to explain himself.  William D did a great jog. 

Todd's hair is way different than at the gallery! Geesh, huger!!  He went nuts on Carly, and Carly of course loves a man that rejects her so.. they kiss like hungry animals LOL

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Surgery: It's A BOY!

From Bobby Baldwin!

 Well, revelation week rolled right on along!  By Friday, my fingers were tired from blogging, tweeting and FBing. So  much happened--most of it by totally inventing a new past. But hey, it's the soaps, right? Who cares if Scotty and Heather would have been 12 and 17 to have birthed ol' Tranco. Look at Olivia and Dante!

Put on your baby blue scrubs and get ready to slog through the week with me. It might take awhile! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

MaxALu Quiz Answers

someone reminded me I hadn't posted the answers!! whoops. I didn't think anyone was doing it. Here they are:

Can you PASS it?  TRY not to google answers!! Give it a go (answers later)

1.  Is Lulu's birthstone:
    a.   diamond
    b.  opal
    c.   peridot  her birthday is in August
    d.   coal

2.   Who did Maxie lose her virginity to? 

     a. Dillon
     b. Kyle
     c. Cooper

3.   Was Lulu committed  to Shadybrook? Yes or No it was Ferncliff 

4.  Why did Maxie sleep with Dr. Matt?
      a.  He was hot
      b. To thank him for saving Mac's life
      c. to make Spinelli Jealous

5. What color hair did the younger Lulu have?
     a. Brown
     b. Black and she looked like Nikolas, not Lucky
     c. Blonde

6.  Which food is associated with Lante?
     a. beer nuts
     b. tacos
     c. licorice
     d.  cupcakes (see below)

7.   Who has a love/hate relationship with Ice Fishing? Lulu or Maxie?  Lulu. Luke made her go 

 8.  What is Maxie's first job?
     a.  Metro Court boutique
     b. Kelly's 
     c. Booster club stand 

9.  Who did Maxie try to sleep with to become pregnant so she could trap Lucky?
     a. Cooper
     b. Diego
     c. Logan
     d. Dillon 

10./.  Who would win in a death-match?  Lulu or Maxie?  Can't answer this, you have to. It would be an awesome fight tho!

Finally WHO should get Baby ConGie and WHY?   You know I think Spixie should

LANTE CUPCAKES Were developed in Santa Monica by Vanilla Bake Shop (which I think was owned by JMB's sister??) 

They are: a dark chocolate cupcake with a whipped mascarpone cream center, topped with a mocha/hazelnut butter cream frosting and Valrhona chocolate crunchies.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Caprese Sandwich!

Max knew the sandwich of the Day that Heather painted!! LOL 

'MY OWN Flesh and Blood--Morgan BETRAYED ME"!! Said.who? I wonder. Sonny did smash that clock up! I so wish he had theme music for betrayal. Like Jaws. 

Diane just goes on and on..about bologna. LMAO    and Franco comes clean. Says Heather did them all.  Aw, he's being so sincere.
Alexis shows up at the show and is like:  what did I miss? Oh, Alexis..what DIDN'T you miss!!?

Heather spills that Scott and she are Tranco's parents.  Hope you read my spoilers and knew that was coming.  And yes,  Franco could have still been a match for Danny because Heather and Susan are cousins. 
Oh for god sakes, Heather's backstory is a riot. She and Scott met at Kelly's "one night" and she got PG and she hid it from Jeff.  Okayyyyyy. 
MEET: BOBBY BALDWIN! That would be Franco's new name !! 

I just thought of something!! Heather totally should have said: "I remember the night you were born... I looked down at you, and named you...TODD"!!
OMG That would have been IT! 

Sonny shows up to the party. :eyeroll: Gonna be a lot of yelling Monday!

We all know Shaun is a shitty shot--so who gets plugged?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Everyone IS Related


Sam's related to Kiki..and then to Lucas-- Tranco will be related to a whole bunch of people too!! 

“I don't give a CRAP about your heart! I give a crap about your bank account!" Diane to Todd.

So much happened today, I can't get it all in.


Scotty told the DA to quit or he'd blow him in.
Sonny found out about it and told Shaun to shoot Julian (ut oh)
Ava  and Carly had a small catfight
Kiki told Morgan to stay away from her mama
out of LEFT FIELD: TJ and Shaun talked about TJ's mother?? ---I bet Shaun is his real daddy anyway. His mother should be Keeshia. 
Sonny found out about the bug and that Morgan did it
Heather wanted Franco to explain his art to everyone .... then she finally said it was a BLT, and told everyone she painted it.

AND....let's see..oh Max and Diane were on ! 

Tomorrow will be fun..someone gets shot and with SHAUN doing it, you know it won't be the right person LOL.  Franco's real  parentage comes out too.  Just a big ol' ride --oh and the Julian truth. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ER at the Vets

Oh yes...  Gus, Gus Gus!! Good lord... and guess what? When I foursquared there while I was waiting, I Stole  MAYOR-SHIP. 
Because I AM ALWAYS THERE!! Good news: Gus got Valium. Bad news? They didn't give ME any!! 

20131105 1612(9)
So, people on Facebook said I didn't miss much yesterday. I still haven't had the chance to watch the DVR. So much DOG to care for lol!! 

Hope today is better!! 

Heather just comes and goes from Shadybrook LOL .. and today has on Jackie O sunglasses!

OMG!! SILAS' HAIR!! WHAT THE HELL!  .. that's a well, non-flattering cut!  Kris Jenner via Criss Angel? 

AHHHAA...Todd tells Carly that he thinks  Derek is sleeping with...MORGAN!!!!  ahahhaa.  OMG. 

Sonny wants Derek dead tonight and Morgan gives Sonny the wire.  Sonny decides to shoot Julian himself.   I guess because he knows Shaun can't shoot straight to save his life.  BTW, great shots of Badger Bob today--he looked FABULOUS! 
Scotty is going to listen to the zip drive Morgan gave him and find out the DA is on the take. 

Olivia tried to reason with Moronigan.  He was like : DUH. 

WOW! Diane, Carly and Sam all looked FABULOUS TODAY!! 
Tomorrow: Carly/Ava cat fight! 

GREAT article on GH on YaHOO! and looking at another Nurses' Ball! That's Producer Frank up in there with our actors!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BYOB Today crisis again... he is good at contortions to get his staples out!  Even with a CONE ON! 


Have at it! Let me know if I should watch the DVR  fast--or slow!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Maxie and Lulu Quiz...

Can you PASS it?  TRY not to google answers!! Give it a go (answers later)

1.  Is Lulu's birthstone:
    a.   diamond
    b.  opal
    c.   peridot
    d.   coal

2.   Who did Maxie lose her virginity to? 

     a. Dillon
     b. Kyle
     c. Cooper

3.   Was Lulu committed  to Shadybrook? Yes or No

4.  Why did Maxie sleep with Dr. Matt?
      a.  He was hot
      b. To thank him
      c. to make Spinelli Jealous

5. What color hair did the younger Lulu have?
     a. Brown
     b. Black
     c. Blonde

6.  Which food is associated with Lante?
     a. beer nuts
     b. tacos
     c. licorice
     d.  cupcakes 

7.   Who has a love/hate relationship with Ice Fishing? Lulu or Maxie? 

8.  What is Maxie's first job/
     a.  Metro Court boutique
     b. Kelly's 
     c. Booster club stand 

9.  Who did Maxie try to sleep with to become pregnant so she could trap Lucky?
     a. Cooper
     b. Diego
     c. Logan
     d. Dillon 

10./.  Who would win in a death-match?  Lulu or Maxie? 

Finally WHO should get Baby ConGie and WHY? 

Have fun!!! How did you like  Today's Show? Nikolas is still running around in his ZEXY OUTFIT!!  WOOT!!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Halloween and Hasselhoff

Ahoy Mateys! ! What a great week on our show!  I really liked all of it. Wonderful writing and acting. I chose Spencer here because he just charmed me so much. Great little actor to go along with our Emma.  He says: "IT's SPENCER" when Felix tries to call him "Spence"!

Let's get dressed in our best Halloween garb (I'm going as Aunt Ruby) and get going...BOOOO! 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...