Saturday, November 9, 2013

MaxALu Quiz Answers

someone reminded me I hadn't posted the answers!! whoops. I didn't think anyone was doing it. Here they are:

Can you PASS it?  TRY not to google answers!! Give it a go (answers later)

1.  Is Lulu's birthstone:
    a.   diamond
    b.  opal
    c.   peridot  her birthday is in August
    d.   coal

2.   Who did Maxie lose her virginity to? 

     a. Dillon
     b. Kyle
     c. Cooper

3.   Was Lulu committed  to Shadybrook? Yes or No it was Ferncliff 

4.  Why did Maxie sleep with Dr. Matt?
      a.  He was hot
      b. To thank him for saving Mac's life
      c. to make Spinelli Jealous

5. What color hair did the younger Lulu have?
     a. Brown
     b. Black and she looked like Nikolas, not Lucky
     c. Blonde

6.  Which food is associated with Lante?
     a. beer nuts
     b. tacos
     c. licorice
     d.  cupcakes (see below)

7.   Who has a love/hate relationship with Ice Fishing? Lulu or Maxie?  Lulu. Luke made her go 

 8.  What is Maxie's first job?
     a.  Metro Court boutique
     b. Kelly's 
     c. Booster club stand 

9.  Who did Maxie try to sleep with to become pregnant so she could trap Lucky?
     a. Cooper
     b. Diego
     c. Logan
     d. Dillon 

10./.  Who would win in a death-match?  Lulu or Maxie?  Can't answer this, you have to. It would be an awesome fight tho!

Finally WHO should get Baby ConGie and WHY?   You know I think Spixie should

LANTE CUPCAKES Were developed in Santa Monica by Vanilla Bake Shop (which I think was owned by JMB's sister??) 

They are: a dark chocolate cupcake with a whipped mascarpone cream center, topped with a mocha/hazelnut butter cream frosting and Valrhona chocolate crunchies.


  1. When was Lulu in Ferncliff?? She was in Shadybrook after Logan was killed.


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