Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LULU is Losin' IT!!

Baby Corgi's fave band!, you CAN'T DO THE PARK!!  She's going to SPINELLI! sorry!!  Olivia and Sonny stop by to say goodbye to baby CawnGee. She loved Maurice. Adorable.  Dante was crying--Lulu was blaming him.  They didn't even know Spinelli got custody!  Lulu calls Dante on lying for Sonny but not for her.  He says "It's complicated".  I think he knew the baby belonged to Maxie/Spin.  Spinelli shows up with the cops to get the baby.

Carly blurts out she slept with Franco to Felix..LOL. She and Felix are huge BFFs now!! Awww.  Felix's face was priceless.  He tells her to run just as they show Heather skulking.  Franco says he'll kill her

Franco almost beaned his father on the head with a vase. heh... Kin and Roger!! WOOT!! I've been waiting for this.  Similar acting styles, btw.  Franco calls him POPS. 

AJ AND MONICA!! She brought him a suit!!  AJ wants Liz to be there but she hates courtrooms.  Michael is there though. OH! She shows up !!  Sonny testifies. Liz testifies. OY.  She says AJ said he would have shot her if he had a gun. Olivia jumps up and starts yelling her head off "You COULD HAVE SAVED HER"!!

HOLY CRAP! Did Becky get her hair cut!?? WOW! What! I don't think I've eve seen her hair that short! LIKE It, I like it.

Diane blurs right into the wallpaper in Maxie's apartment LOL.  Like a hologram.  She totally teared up when saying goodbye to Maxie. I've never seen her tear up!
Ok, who saw that dreamy read Hindu head on Maxie's side table? NEW PROP??!  Flea-Mac come in to help Maxie cry a bit. KS needs her maternity leave.

Just thought I'd let you all know, I'm starting to dig The Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlos!! You tell her!! GO Carlos! GO Carlos!


  1. I like Carlos too! LOL
    New Lulu is very good, I could totally feel her pain, even if I never liked the character. Dante, Spinelli and Maxie did great too.

  2. Yes, he was! And I'm glad Lulu told him he lied for Sonny but not for her...
    I know the judge was harsh with Maxie, but maybe this will help her change. I mean, I like Maxie, she's a complex character, not the usual black-and-white one, but wow she has done so many bad things and even if she never meant to, she did hurt a LOT of people and she never truly "pays" for it, even Spinelli keeps forgave her after sleeping with Franco and lying about the baby...Maybe one day they're gonna let the character grow up a bit...

  3. Why doesnt Sonny just walk into the courtroom with a gun and shoot AJ?

    Think about it:

    1. The cops in PC are extremely inept. He can walk right through the metal detectors undetected because the police officers are incapable of doing their jobs properly and they wont detect him.

    2. AJ wont die. Not with Monica alive. She will rush him into surgery, pronounce him dead and then whisk him out of the country to live in Paris or some other city undetected. Maybe to live with Alan?

    3. Sonny can shoot the gun without anyone knowing it is him. As a diversion, Olivia can scream like a banshee at the top of her lungs, because as the character has been written for the past 6 months, all she knows how to do is scream and yell. Thus, a diversion.

    4. If there is a trial against Sonny, Dante can just lie on the stand for him and say that Sonny didn't do it, regardless of a number of other witnesses, and the judge will beleve him because he has been such an upstanding cop in matters that pertain to Sonny.

    5. Villiains and mobsters do not, now, nor ever go to jail or get caught or punished in Port Charles. Case in point, Faison, Jerry Jax and Dr. O just come and go as they please and no one will shoot them (except in the leg, which frankly will not stop them). Sonny serious lyhas carte blanche with killing people in PC. He is, after all, our generation's "Teflon Don".

    Anyone want to add more reasons why/how Sonny can shoot AJ in the courtroom and get away with it?

  4. Karen, that red Buddha head has been in Maxie's place since they changed the wallpaper to the dark print. FYI. I noticed it right away.

  5. OH! I can't wait until tonight to see Liz's hair. Anyone have links to screencaps from today? She had super short hair when she first joined the show.

  6. This whole a Lulu/Maxie storyline is still missing a crucial piece for me -- Britt! Why hasn't anyone mentioned her assistance is this whole mess? Shouldn't someone tell Nick that his new lady love totally screwed over his sister? I really want to see Lulu & Dange sue her for malpractice! I want Maxie to sue her! Seriously when will this character get what's coming to her? On a side note I kinda like Franco being Scotf's kid.. It works for me!

  7. Becky had mid-long curly hair when she joined GH but she cut them short around 2001. Now they're similar to the Liric's years.

    Olivia needs to STFU. Sonny too.

    I can't wait for Britt's world to implode! She's getting so much whitewashing these days, it's time for her to pay.

  8. Liz's hair looked great!

    Someone needs to stuff a sock in Olivia to end that screaming.

    Dante was awesome, telling Lulu the truth. This was the first day since NuLulu started that I thought she played the character well.

    Poor Maxie, she even got to Diane - waiving the fee! and Spinelli finally got to hold his baby. Now change her name!!!

  9. Line of the day : Robin Thicke makes her cry1

  10. Metrocourt lobby: Carly thinks that Felix will be the friend who isn't judgemental! ROFL! Now that is really funny. :) Oh look! It's Heather! She escaped again! ROFL!

    FranToddBob's room: He won the line of the day!

    FranToddBob's room: This is Franco Quarter, Quarter well, I'm not really sure who I am. I'm calling because one of your loonies in your bin miss Heather Webber, turns out she is my mother. I just found out. Uh no that's not sweet and no I did NOT call to say hello. I came to make sure she is securely locked up. I'm not kidding. I called to make sure she is securely locked up. Go check. I'll hold.

    ROFL! Perfect line! Oh look daddy is visiting! Oh oh daddy don't want his son to be near him! Oh Scotty! Bobbie Franco Todd Baldwin is your son! I know you are still in shock but still! Give him a hug! :) Oh oh Heather shows up later! Oh oh Bobbie Franco Todd Baldwin is strangling mama!!!! Come on man give your mother respect!! Well, I gotta say, someone finally overpowered her ROFL!

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Maxie is depressed. Can't Maxie just skype to see her daughter?!?!! The judge didn't say anything about that! Can't Spinny show baby Georgie through skype so Maxie can see her?!!?! Well anyway Diane is right on all counts! You better listen to her Spinny! Or you will lose your daughter! Speaking of which, why aren't you going to see her?!!?! COME ON!!!!! Mac and Felicia!!! YAY!

    The hospital: Spinny sees Ellie! Spinny why aren't you going to see your daughter?!?!!?! BAH! Ohhh the social worker texted him. I see. He had to wait. Well it's time now YAY! :)

    Lante home: Oh Lulu is ignoring Dante! Baby Georgie with Sonny awwww! The baby is staring at Maurice Bernard and touching his face. Awwwwwwwwww! :) Oh Lulu blames Dante! And so it begins! Who will have an affair first? Dante? Spinny and Ellie show up with a couple of people to take baby Georgie!!! Come on Lulu give the baby to Spinny!!! NOW! UGH! This is torture!!!! I want Spinny to hold his daughter!!!! And now he does! FINALLY! Awwwww Spinny with his daughter. :) Wait baby Georgie cries when she hears Robin Thicke singing? ROFL! She don't like him. :)

    Court: There is Michael!!!! Someone saved him from the abyss!! Who was it? Was it Bobbie Franco Todd Baldwin?! Michael do you stil have a concussion?! Did you go to the hospital!?!?! Oh look McStarki finds a penny on the Courthouse floor. A good luck penny. Wash your hands McStarki! Or do you have hand sanitizer? Well use it! Oh there is AJ!!! YAY! Oh that jail jumpsuit! So bright! Does it glow in the dark?! Oh there is Monica!!! :) Oh AJ changed into a suit. That was strange. Court begins! Zzzzzzzzzz. Oh there is a video?!!?!! Hmmmmmmmm.

    Oh and Karen, I like Caaaaaarlos too!!! :) He is awesome sauce. :)

  11. delcodave said..Why doesnt Sonny just walk into the courtroom with a gun and shoot AJ?
    Because he sucks at shooting. He might miss and shoot an innocent person. :)

  12. As a long time Scotty fan, I liked today. The guy actual had some storyline and got some fairly meaningful scenes (without having to pine over Laura). Now, let's get him and Lucy together as a couple again (scheming of course!) and bring back Serena for a visit, and that would make my year!

    Good to see AJ back on the canvas as well.

    Before Tristan leaves for the Y&R I hope they got some scenes with Fin, Kimmie, and Tony G. God, I am going to need some closure if Scorpio is outta there again. :(
    Old School Ghfan

  13. I'm kinda starting to like Carlos too, but i still don't want him with Sabrina. Maybe if he was younger... He looks at least 40! Way too old for her.

    Can I say that AJ's trial really came out of nowhere? There has been barely any mention of him since early September! They could have at least mentioned it in passing yesterday or late last week. Liz could have told Ellie that she had to testify in two separate trials in less than a week. She could have been all wtf is going on.

    I still have no sympathy for Lulu. The way Emme has played her from the beginning has been grating and I think it is too late for me to start liking her version of the character. She's been on since April and I haven't liked her once in all that time.

    Why should Brit have to pay for Maxie's decision? She didn't screw over Lulu; she kept Maxie's secret because Frisco threatened her and because if she said anything she would have violated Doctor-Patient Confidentiality. She has done a lot of bad things, and she should definitely pay for them. However, this is not something she should be punished for.


    Liz Webber's first appearance on GH. Her hair was barely shoulder length.

    The new cut/style is great on her.

  15. I used to love Lulu, but they made her completely annoying. Team Maxie!

    Also, On Liz's hair. She had a bob when she first came on in the mid to late 90s. I do love the new do though. Looks fab!

  16. Love4Dos: Thanks for posting that. That set of teens were just about my age so I remember those days very well. Also, I watched the clip this morning, which led me to another, then another, then maybe one more....then I was late to work. Haha. =) Worth it!

  17. CareyN: Re: the clips...they are fun to see, aren't they? That is something I will miss about SoapNet..the marathons of old shows.


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