Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tracy Q changes a diaper!

 and Olivia watches! Nice Olivia Tracy moment!! 

Brad and Felix sittin' in a tree.. awwww...

Lante DENIED the baby..you know Dante's in for a world o' hurt with LULU! LOL 

If you're not watching Orphan Black..you're missing AWESOME TV! BBCA on Demand.

GUS has to go to the vet today ..so I am leaving early. Please leave your comments below!!


  1. Let's hope Spinelli gives the baby a better name than Connie. Is there a chance that Lulu will be shipped back to Shadybrook?

  2. They can ship both Lulu and Maxie to Shadybrook!

    AJ is back! AJ is back! AJ is back!!!

  3. I was hoping he asked Diane to start paperwork on changing the baby's name. I guess they need six month for KS to get back from Maternity leave.

    Lulu I just don't feel sorry for her at all. I now hope Ben does not turn out to be hers and Dante's and she is left childless.

    I ff through all of the Sabrina/ Carlos scenes.

    The highlight of todays show was the previews for tomorrow AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not just a picture.

  4. Karen I hope Gus is okay!!!

    Wyndemere: Luke wins the line of the day!

    Luke: And if you won't help, I'll go to wacko island on my own and get them out of there.

    ROFL! Wacko island haha! Oh he sees Robin!!! :) Yes Luke you can't do it! You can't save Robert and Anna! But don't worry they are on their way along with Jerry! :)

    Court: WOW! I love this judge!! I'm on team judge! Spinny gets full custody! YAY! I get why the judge did it. I mean geez. Maxie and Lulu were so vindictive and Spinny was so wonderful yesterday on the stand. So sweet! So let's see, Maxie gets NO visitations and has to wait 6 months until she can revisit it in court. And if Spinny wants to give Maxie pictures of their daughter he can! Consequences Maxie!! I don't feel sorry for Lulu, but I do Dante. Poor Dante. :(

    Luke's room: Olivia scared Tracy haha! No Lulu don't lie and say you and Dante won!! Tracy knows something is wrong!!!! Dante shows up. Poor Dante!! :(

    The hospital: Wow so Felix and Brad went wedding dress shopping for Sabrina ROFL! Was that their first date? :) Oh no wait Brad just asked him out so no it wasn't their first date. :) Felix and Patrick scene is so funny. Now that Felix likes Brad, he is sticking up for him about baby Ben ROFL! Oh Caaaaaaaarlos forget it! Sabrina will never believe you! You need proof! And Brad won't help!

  5. Whaaaa!! Tears all around today. I feel really bad for Maxie, Dante, and Lulu (even tho, no, the actress hasn't grown on me; I'm just still fond of the character). I know some people here think DZ has been "phoning it in" during the court scenes, but to me he was really in character. Dante is a detective, therefore he's very good about detaching his emotion from the situation and trying letting the law decide what's right and wrong. I think DZ's "indifference" was really solid acting, with Dante trying to remain impartial. But, as usual, DZ surprised me with his emotional scene at the hotel. He hit a home run there. I forget how great of an actor he is...until scenes like this. Lisa LoC does the same sort of thing, just coming out of nowhere with quiet, understated, moving performances. Maybe that's what really sells me on them being mother and son?

    Anyway. Still tearing up as I'd always loved Maxie and Lulu's friendship and hate to see it destroyed this way. Also, I really wish Alexis had said "For all it's worth, I am sorry it ended this way," to Maxie on her way out.

    Soooooo.... placing bets?
    Dante and ... Maxie? Britt? Sabrina? Robin? Kiki? Liz? Ooooooh, Dante and Liz??? Diz? :) I could get behind that.

  6. Considering Mac and Alexis' friendship, I expected her to show a bit more emotion toward Maxie.

    CarneyN is spot on about the destruction of the Maxie, Lulu friendship.

  7. CareyN said...Soooooo.... placing bets? Dante and ... Maxie? Britt? Sabrina? Robin? Kiki? Liz? Ooooooh, Dante and Liz??? Diz? :) I could get behind that.
    Yeah after Dante told the truth and didn't lie for Lulu, she will not want to be around him. So he could have an affair or she might. Once Robin shows up at the wedding and ruins her perfect day, Sabrina could have rebound sex with Dante. :) Or she could have rebound sex with Caaaaaaaaarlos! :)

  8. The Spinelli decision was okay, but the whole thing was so bogus. Did the judge ever even ask where the baby would be living - Spinelli sleeps at the PI office and has no home? And who would be able to provide financial support - Maxie doesn't work and Spinelli was never questioned as to his employment? I hate to see Maxie and Lulu's friendship destroyed but ER is just not Lulu to me. She has no nuance whatsoever in her performance. DZ and LLC were great. Sabrina is such a moron. Can't wait to finally see AJ!

  9. I think they intended for Maxie and Spinnelli both to have custody but with KS pregnant this was the only way to go for now. I just don't want Ellie sticking her nose in there. And I agree about Orphan Black, amazing actress and show

  10. Dante was fantastic yesterday. As far as his testimony -Dante doesn't lie - his honesty put Michael in prison. What did Lulu think, well actually not think, just acting in panic mode. It was so much fun watching Lulu and Maxie's friendship grow and now it's painful watching them destroy it.


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