Thursday, June 30, 2016

Valentin Cassadine FINALLY coming?

You know how our Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential likes to drop things on Twitter. WELL...his latest is that James Patrick Stuart, who's coming to GH later this summer will be...Valentin Cassadine.

WHO? You ask? Well, Helena talked to Luke about him SEVEN YEARS ago. We've all been waiting. Many wanted David Irizarry to be in the role. Nothing happened. We thought James Franco might be him. Nope.

SO?? Will it be this guy? Remember there is also a girlie (aged 7 ish? 11?) coming on as "Athena" as well. Could she be Joss' kidney mystery? 

Here's a You Tube clip to remind you of the date. Because, most of us don't remember 7 years that good. I do remember Hells in the hospital because Luke rammed her IV lol.


Anna and Sonny discussing Alexis. Why do I wish it was Diane and Anna? Alexis is stalling and Jules is holding the pee stick.  She takes the test. She faked it somehow and he bought it. BUT didn't confess.

Carly bitching at Kiki in the park. She's such a hypocrite. Kiki explained the whole Dillon thing. 
Later, Kiki takes Dillon back. 

Nina over hears Liz and Franco talking and she gets the wrong idea of course. She's gonna go all Heather on Liz. 

Hammy Finn is withdrawing. Can't get his meds, they are illegal. Hayden is going to get them. 

CarSon: Blabber Blabber. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Interview with William deVry of GH!

GO to TV Watercooler for a great interview by Jeevan B!! 


You’re about to head to the fan event and meet members of the “Julexis army.” Are you nervous? Things haven’t been so great for the couple the past couple of weeks.I know that a lot of them have sided with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Soon Julian will be trying to fix things and make her see things his way. He’ll tell her all the right things like “I love you,” and “We can work through this,” so soon the fans will wonder what’s wrong with Alexis and why she can’t just take him back. But then of course, some worst stuff will be coming up for them very shortly and then they’ll go back to her side again very soon.

Alexis Negative

Well, Alexis is alone, daydreaming about Jules sex and she clutches her stomach like she really IS pregnant. I can't even. But then, she looks at her photo album, sees her girls and cries says "I can do this I can". Does that mean she can lie? Hmmm??  She goes on an epic rant when Julian comes over. Says he'll never get his hands on the baby. 
In the end, we find out this is a ploy by Anna, Sonny and Alexis to trap Jules. Alexis isn't pregnant.
Julian goes to talk to Alexis and says he wants her to take a PG test in front of him to prove it. 

Morgan buys Carly flowers, or stole them. Where did he get the money? He's all happy about Kiki.

Dillon wants Kiki though...but Kiki says she needs to help Morgan.

Anna talked to Griffin.  Griffin asks Anna about Nathan. She said he was a good cop-- and nice to her. Griffin says he got 'pulled into a situation' with Nathan and Maxie. And then talks about Claudette coming to him for help and then they had sex.
Later, we get a flashback of them in bed..then we see someone with the same ring on look at Nate and Maxie's engagement photo on the internet. 

ME during GH today...geeesh...zzzzzzzzz. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Airport Drinks

I'm actually able to watch again today!! :)  After yesterday though, not sure how excited I'll be LOL. 

I've been eating SO much since my SIL came here Sunday. Good LORD...the Jazz Fest in town has the best Food Trucks ever!! Tonight is our Wine Patio Party at the local winery. I'm gonna need stretch pants soon. ;) 
(aren't you glad you're reading the blog now?!) 

Aaron walking around with no shirt in the park. Wants to know "who Parker is"-- . I might like him IF he wasn't only on 2x per every other month!! 

Lante..drinking (well, not Lulu because of her hormones). She's sad about Nikolas. 

Nikolas and Ava going to Greece. Nik has reconsidered. That so doesn't look like Gatwick or Heathrow but..whatever.  Nikolas tells Ava "he HAD to leave Port Charles". Um, why? WHY did you have to leave and make people think you were dead and probably never see Spencer again? This makes NO sense. If he was maybe going to frame Hayden in the short term?? Or?? UGGGH

Ava's totally seducing Nikolas ...or trying to. 

Alexis Natasha Cassadine would NOT have taken a bath alone with Jules in the house --but then HERO Sonny couldn't come along at the right time. They can't even write him consistent from week to damn week!! He was just telling her to go to hell and now he's all "WE are Kristina's parents"!! WTF!! 

Alexis hair: WET ....then DRY....

Sonny: HE HAS NO CODE! At least I have a code! I don't hide behind women and children!

Only you do-- about a zillion times.  You wanted to kill Ava !! Remember? You totally killed AJ after you said you wouldn't ! But hey. 

Alexis and Krissy really don't know about Nikolas, do they? 

Oh, Jason's at the shed looking for Ava and Nikolas..and some guard got him. He pulls a gun on Jason..they tussle... goes off....

AND SUPPOSEDLY Alexis is pregnant? Maybe it's a ploy? but it looks real, especially if she tells Krissy that tomorrow??? 
she's PREGNANT? ahahhhaa. OMG she had a menopause story!! WELP

Monday, June 27, 2016

Scotch Flights?

HELLO~ One good thing on the England romp! Sam and Jason sit under a board offering "SCOTCH FLIGHT" Yes please!! They also put Johnny Walker up for me. Just take note. Those props people love me.

The baby has been all over the place--- Canada, England... yada..Puerto Rico. He might have a virus. Dr. O tries to stop Finn but Felix locks her in the closet.  She calls 911. Val comes to arrest him. It's Botulism! From Honey that the nanny gave him.  And..Hammy saves him. 

Nik and Ava, they didn't do it in the shed. Other than that boring.  Ah- but Ava did really keep the real statue. So, she wants to go on the run with Nikolas (don't ask) 

Yeah, Carlos is trying to get Jules to kill Alexis. She's throwing up. I think she had a menopausal story so baby.  Jules day dreams he drowns Alexis in the bath. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Good Vibrations

Oh. GH. I don't even know where to begin. I have all 5 episodes sitting on my DVR and I so don't want to watch them all.  But... I will for you.  All for you. 

Today's breakfast is in honor of my sister in law coming from England! Scones...clotted cream- some fruit? - 

Friday, June 24, 2016

OH wow, Ghost shocking

Image result for carlos on GH

NOT! WTF...LOL he gets so much more airtime as a ghost than as himself. Jules and Anna have the same visions. BHAHAHAAA. I think he's trying to get Julian to kill Alexis 

Thank GOD For Diane. She's just great. And Alexis face cracked for a min there.
Anna is trying to get Alexis to find some other evidence against Julian. "You can

CarSon is so repetitive. Carly, shut up. She is mad Michael might raise Teddy? When Sonny raised Michael? WTF. UGH I hate her. 

Felix and Sabrina. I like Felix. That's about it. 

Finn and Tracy-- Jane looks so GOOD with her hair cut and decent clothes on!! Hammy says she's made a 'complete recovery". Something is wrong with Baby Teddy though. They take him to the hospital. (that baby just laughed and giggled thru that scene LOL!!! ) Sabrina is all "What's the matter with my baby"?
Maybe this will be when he finds out the baby is his? 

Welp, Mayor Lomax is still on the show. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Implant Consultation

NOT THAT KIND!! a TOOTH implant! We speech pathologists get asked to do all sorts of cool stuff. This one happens to be at 2pm, then I have to go to calling hours. So, no GH again today! 

I did hear that TJ wasn't on  yesterday--but Nina and Maxie had time to dish about vibrators? SMDH. I get we need some levity but for cripes sakes, PACE YOURSELF people!!

Here's a photo courtesy of my friend Nancy who saw JJ at the Rusty Rudder last night.

Have a good Thursday..I think I fixed the spoilers page up there. I took the Wub Awards down. Let me know if you can see it. It's not Fancy yet (no photos) but it will get there. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


again's my last week of work before summer break and I have meetings. know how to self-blog! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I can't seem to get the page to publish and when I try to create a new one, it won't show, I guess I'll have to put them IN the blog for now. Sorry. 


BREE WILLIAMSON IS COMING AS CLAUDETTE (Via Daytime Confidential) She played Jessica on OLTL **"Temporary re-cast" for Tyler Christopher as he is in contract 'negotiations' **Emergency re-cast for Kirsten Storms. Hit that Daytime Confidential link up there, they have all the details! 

UPDATED: June 18th

 **Crimson gets a package...but what? 
**Griffin isn't sure he should give Maxie advice 
**Michael shows off Baby Teddy to his Mom and Dad 
**Diane vows to help Alexis 
**Jason and Sam go to Nikolas' rescue 
**Morgan isn't happy about Kiki and Dillon's new relationship
 **Finn goes to the Quartermaines ...will he have to explain himself? 
**Jax is back the end of July 
**Kristina might like Aaron but has feelings for her old love...
**Maxie thinks she will never be happy 
**Hammy Finn needs his life saving medicine. Can Tracy help?
**Kevin finds another clue
**KEEP an EYE on Dr. Mayes (Crabby Pants)
**Julian tries to manipulate Alexis 
 **Nina still thinks about Franco..a lot! 
 Will Liz and Franco's spying on Hayden lead to valuable information? 
 Hayden's Mom has more than meets the eye Diane has her own suspicions
 Will Hammy fake his drug test? 
 Morgan thinks about his life when he gets out of rehab 
Michael and Sabrina try to repair their relationship 
Will Olivia think the worst of Julian and Nina?
 Paul tries again with Anna Maxie is not ready to forgive and forget 
Claudette will make a big entrance 
 Joss' Kidney Trail will lead to something big 
 Kristina and Aaron find out they have a lot more in common 
Dr. O finds out some dirt on Dr. Finn...the odds are in her favor 
Krissy starts work at the Coffee Office Who's Aaron--really?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Spoiler Page? Wacky?

Why can I see the spoiler page and no one else can??? Weird, it's all updated and it looks ok on my computer but people are saying they can't see it??? 

TODAY's SHOW:  ( I only caught 1/2 of it) 

Hayden going to get Hammy's works from the locker.  Lizzzzz comes in. They verbally spar--- 
She goes to the hotel room. He wants HIS NOTEBOOK!!  He tells her he's dying. 

Nina wants Sex with Franco. Just straight up Sex.

Nathan/Maxie/Priest. Don't care. They want him to marry them. 

Sonny says he was with Alexis when she killed Carlos, plus how could she do it? Alexis won't talk. Anna tries.

Olivia. Hey, there..Olivia. Talking to Jules. Sonny walks in. Tells Julian that Alexis is arrested. 

Franco is shirtless and Liz sees him in the locker room. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Snakes On A Plane

20160615 0755(23)

Getting my toes wet here, trying to come back to Surgery. I watched every day..but not always the whole show. These will be a BLAST of impressions instead of in-depth analysis because I didn't watch any of the prior week to this. (So my snark has to be cautious as I may have missed something).

House is still sad, quiet without my Gus. Can't believe how much of my day was spent with him. Kind of 100% when I wasn't at work or out!!  It's going to take awhile.

Breakfast is FATHER'S DAY...and Wubby Hubby chooses beans on toast and sausages like a good Brit would.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Cop Corinthos

SONNY is all up in the PCPD telling Paul his IDEAS on Julian!!? WHAT!?
OMG AHAHHAAA. Because you see--Sonny isn't just  A MOBSTER, he's a police consultant!!!!

And, get this: Anna tells Paul they may as well tell Sonny the evidence they have on Jules because "he finds out everything anyways". SMDH

NuNik. LMAO Thought it was Sean Kanan for a hot minute. JUST when I get to liking Nava this guy shows up.
The whole Huxley stuff? Falling Flat, imo. All I can think of this is a Helena set up, right? 

JaSam go to the hotel where Nikolas is. They ask about him and hey, the book was left out telling them his next flight info! 

Curtis is doing a hot photo shoot with Nina. Thank you for the shirt lift.  There was a bunch of stuff with Nina and Julian. Nothing big. 

Spencer knows that Nikolas is alive. He called his phone left a message. 

Yes, adorable. Kevin could just talk all day to Kevin and I'd watch.  Oh Kevin told Laura he 
had info on Helena's mystery but she was all "nope, cant' concentrate now" LMAO

AND...Alexis gets Arrested for Carlos' murder.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

GH Cast Rant

Ya'll knew it was coming, so here it is. I can get it out of my system before Sunday Surgery and not clutter up the blog with nonsense about the 899 people on the show. 

I've never seen this many people on a show--soaps are usually intimate stories about character development and quirks in a small town we grow to love. Not everyone piling on a cruise ship for a dang adventure that makes no sense and is heading in 9 different directions. 

Look if GH could write multi-cast stories I'd be all up in this but..nope. 

First off: 90% of the cast is above average in acting and I say that based on my eons of watching soaps. There are a few I'd get rid of off the bat, but even with newbies streaming in, it would be hard to cut people solely on acting. So, I'm not attacking the actors. 

Now, let us begin. 

Today we learned that the talented (yes, I saw him on AMC) James Patrick Stuart is coming to GH. I don't even know who the hell he's playing but it's like--WTF?  Seriously? I get soaps are 'fluid' and changing. Problem is--GH has become so fluid and changing the stories are just being lost in the great water slide of life.

Jax is coming back for Joss' Kidney Saga. The kidney RIC went to find. Yeah, RIC. :throws up hands: That right there is a reason to be pissed off.  So, while we are looking for Joss' kidney, Carly and Hammy Finn were trying to do some things together, but he's also involved in his syringe usage-lizard loving ways. I forgot for a minute he was even helping her. He's now BFFs with Hayden for some reason. I guess with Nikolas gone, they had to get someone in there to fill up her time. 

Mommy,   Diamonds..and...? Oh, by the way if Hayden had those diamonds why was she broke enough for Ric to hire her on some dating app to fool Jason into being his wife? Oh posh-- why you thinking like that!!

GH Murderer:  Here's the thing.  2 old people bite the dust (they were on exactly ONE day) and Lucas almost dies. And? Um? Is this exciting? I was so happy for it all  but the convolution of Hammy's drug/potion use over lapping the "killer" is so weird. I get it may all tie into the kidney story but lord, at least tell it in a way that makes me care! Instead of having all these people come on why not, I don't know, bring on guest people to die in the hospital? Ones that last like a week or so?

Or...god forbid use the cast you have. 

Case in Point: 

Laura's mystery is just pathetic now. I can't even talk about it without getting mad. You can't show something like that exactly 3x a month and expect us to be all excited about it. Last I knew she and Kevin might be going to Beecher's Corners. SO? Um?? what? WHAT!!??? 

Lucy's in limbo again.  Scotty seems to have vanished. We did get Diane for a bit but I'm not holding my breath on that front. 
Brad and Lucas left on their honeymoon and I bet boots that we see them...well, will we see them again? Hmmm.  What happens when you have a giant ass'd cast!  Lucas and Griffin had exactly 2 talks when he first came on. The next time he talks to him it's all 'You're a Priest"? Why wouldn't you foster that relationship so that Griffin's religion and beliefs would have really affected Lucas? Nah, we get a 3 min scene while he's buttoning his shirt to go home. 

TJ finding out Shawn was his Dad today? Hilarious because that was so long ago who cares? Jordan isn't even shown to be his mother most of the time. Curtis hasn't had a convo with the 2 of them since like February. So? Whatever. Molly and TJ gonna move in? Probably so Sonny can get pissy. Then I'm sure we won't see them. 

What can happen when you have too many things going on without weaving them together?
Alexis doesn't find out about Nikolas (that we know of and Sam leaves without talking to her at all about anything)
Lulu doesn't find out about Lucas until way after (or did she at all?)
Brucas Wedding is reduced to a rushed house wedding done while there's a search warrant going on. 

See, it's all about the stories. Right now this show can't concentrate on one thing long enough to make it ebb/flow at all. I'm not saying show the same thing every damn day but this jumping around is just plain exhausting.  It's like they are adding people to see if they'll fit the stories. Not the other way around.

I'm going to list all the characters on GH right now. Contract and recurring. 


Hammy Finn
Olivia (remember her?)
NED..ahhaa. Ned. 
Hayden's Mother (I don't even know her name)
Dr. O


all the babies

Ric (ahahhaa...oh poor Ric) 
Dr. Crab Pants
Mayor Lomax? Such Promise..such... :thud: 

COMING: Newbie AMC guy, Claudette--and about 3 other people that have been in the casting news, including a girl named "Athena". 

AND I KNOW I've missed people. I can't think enough!  Who'd I miss?  NOTE: I missed Hammy Finn, Scottie and Ava. The fact that no one told me about Ava until early this morning tells you something right there! 

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: NEWLY installed Male Dressing Room at GH 

Today's Show--Thursday

WOW...the JaSam 'story' is so cheesy. Sorry but this is like 1970s material-- now they are off to England. Whatever. And it's NOTHING AGAINST JASAM! Liason or anyone could have this story and I'd say the same. 

TJ found out today Shawn is his Daddy. LOL that only took like 2 years and he's been on 3x since the last time we've talked about this. So weird. Curtis and Jordan haven't even spoken in ages. Just weird. 

Yeah, I'm about done again. 

Kristin Storms is Back..

in August..even before we've seen her temp replacement!! 

SOD is reporting she's fine and taping in August. 


Photo published for EXCLUSIVE: James Patrick Stuart To GH

Soap Opera Digest has learned that James Patrick Stuart, who memorably played ALL MY CHILDREN baddie Will Cortlandt from 1989-92, is headed to GH. Since exiting Pine Valley, the prolific actor has appeared in prime-time projects ranging from SEINFELD and CSI to ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE and SUPERNATURAL and feature films including It’s Complicated. According to setsiders, Stuart is already shooting, and will debut on-screen in July.



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Party and Drug Testing

PCPD Grads got a surprise party for Jordan. Awww, with his Crimson money he won doing that thing.
Dante and Lulu didn't get the house they wanted. Did Sonny buy it for them? ?I bet he did.

They are trying hard with Maddox and Anna, no? I know people like them, I just don't get any vibe. None. But..whatever. OMG Maddox says he's attracted to her and it's the MOST silted delivery I've ever heard! It was  Maddox had promise and now he's just boring.

Carly and Sonny.  Sonny's finding the trail of Joss' kidney. Jax mention.

Drug interviews. Don't they have cameras? Welp, why would they? LOL  Finn hasn't taken that drug test yet? 
Hammy Finn Refuses to PEE!! OH NO NOT ME!! I SHALL NOT PEE!!
Felix tells him he'll have to tell if they ask if he had opened the drug cabinet. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It just gets so hard to get on this thing when all I see is fighting and sad horrible news. Twitter, FB--all a mess. No, I have no solutions. Just be kind to each other. One person at a time. 

Today's Show (I'm actually watching #GH Today to take my mind off all the real world crap out there!) 

I really wish Brucas' wedding was a joyful big affair. Not a few people stuck in Alexis' house. I guess I should be happy Bobbie was there.
Odds on seeing them again this year? 

Felicia is on with Emma. Cute.  Emma put up a profile for her on a dating website. 

Emma is going back out to CA. 

WHY THE HELL would Jules leave the knife there? I mean...he is a criminal right? DERP.
Alexis and Jules--I'm not listening anymore.  Alexis says she's divorcing him,. He wants to go to A marriage counselor. LOL
Anyway, there was a spot left on the knife because Julian is so stupid he didn't even soak it in bleach. geesh.
He says he'll never EVER give Alexis a divorce. 

Jordan doesn't want Anna working the Carlos case. She doesn't trust her around Julian Jerome. 

BUT First.......

Selfie with Ava and Nikolas. They've NEVER MET.  NOPE. That's GH For you. Characters on for years and never MET. Ava recognized him..but let's think about this. His Aunt is married to her BROTHER. Why wouldn't have have met?
Because GH has a cast of thousands? YEP

OMG Alexis doesn't even know Nikolas is 'presumed dead"??

SO, anyway back on the plane. "Huxley" is on and "recognizes" Nikolas as "an actor". Ava pretends to be his PR person or something. 

OK, I'm out! See ya

AMC's Keith Hamilton Cobb on Acting

From our own Cosmo comes a great interview with Keith. Dan's whole channel is worth subscribing to! Take a look for yourself: 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Brad And Lucas

Via Twitter today:

Today’s episode is dedicated to the victims & families in Orlando.


Saw about 20 minutes today of the show. 
This Hayden Diamond story has to GO GO ...

Spinelli: HI! You're still adorable.   Safe House: BORE

Ava on a Plane (Snakes on a plane?!) 

Brucas wedding...Alexis looking ill. 

Julian didn't hide the knife or get rid of it?????

Nikolas was sitting next to Ava on the plane? LMAO 

Friday, June 10, 2016

For A Dog...

Kildare Gustov Elvis Blue 

You all know my dog Gus...he's been on Periscope many times when I live broadcast GH openings. He's the "star" of #gusdaily on instagram. Gus sadly went peacefully today to start his other journey in doggie heaven. Gus was diagnosed with lymphoma early last week. It came on suddenly and spread fast.
He was the light of my life for almost 11 years. We got him 3 weeks after our first Tibetan Terrier, Frankie had passed. He was a joyful puppy and filled our days (and sometimes my nights) with love and cuddles. 

The loss of a pet can't be measured in words. He will be missed so much.  RIP my furry baby. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

No New GH Tomorrow

Due to Ali's funeral, GH will not air at all in some markets. Because of this TPTB will air Friday's show on Monday. If you do not have the funeral in your area, there will be a repeat episode on. Not sure which one. 

PS. the goat photo is a bonus. 

Bad Hiding Place

SO, it's done. Julexis destruction complete. *sigh* .... NLG deserves all the awards but I HATE this storyline. HATE. 

I tuned in to see Bradford today. Spinelli is always welcome. Hayden's Mom? Not so much! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exclusive:: General Hospital Cast

New Photo Emerges: 


That new little girl may play Stavvy and Lulu's frozen daughter. Celeb Dirty Laundry is thinking this after it was revealed her character name is "Athena". 

SO...Not sure! Maybe she was raised with Jake on the Island. That's the Secret. 

AND.....another newbie is coming as an assistant to "Huxley" who's also a newbie. She's Diane Delano, of Northern Exposure Fame. YEP. I don't even with this. See it on Soap Central.  Huxley airs Monday June 13th.

Yes, I'm still not watching GH-- so, here's a spot to write today's blog yourselves! I will update now and again when I see stuff on Twitter. 

I watched Orphan Black today instead of GH. It was Way Better!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Park Bench

should get a contract!

Didn't watch today...not interested! Sorry I'm off GH at the moment. I did do the spoilers. Sonya, you really should get your own blogger acct--you'd have automatic followers lol 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Post Shooting Disorder

So... whatever...Griffin got shot by Nate just the way we thought he did. Maxie gets mad and goes to stay at her Parents. Wherever that is. 

Hayden's mom is a stereotypical soap mom if I ever did hear/see one. Wow. I give NO F's on this. Hayden says "do you know Liz Webber"?? She clutches her pearls. RUMOR has it she's her mother (eyeroll). With that reaction, probably true.

Jordan is at the hospital to talk with the staff about Lucas' injector . I missed the first half but I think he "saw a doctor"?? Not sure what he said. 
Jordan tells Monica that he's wanted for murder. Um, how can they do that? With no body and he's only been missing like a day? Plus it's only the timeline that is any evidence. Just weird. 

Jason and Sam think he used a dummy body. So, maybe we didn't really SEE was just a ruse for our own viewing pleasure. ????????? 

Jason answers his phone in the safe house. gee.. I hope it was on airplane mode? Monica warns him. 
Monica wants Hammy Finn to take a drug test.

Lucas and Brad ARE gonna get married. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Nutshell Version

20160602 0606(5)

Oh it's been a long long week--even though we didn't get a show Monday. Well, not a new show. It was Jason and his Memories. Still as boring as the first day it ran. 

Just a very mixed week wasn't it? So many stories, so much dangling.  So many WTH moments. Like Maxie suddenly saying Nathan was shot when we all know (and it was said he had head trauma) he was hit in the head with a rock.
But...why quibble at consistency?  Hell, I saw a palm tree behind Spencer at that Western New York

Let's have Nuts because this is NUTSHELL Surgery today. Meaning VERY SHORT and TO THE POINT. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

'You Used to be a Man"!

Says Monica to Dr. O. LMAO..ahhaa and look who's there? Dr Crabby Pants Mayes, our prime suspect!! 


FBI agents are at Wyndemere to look for Hayden's hidden assets.  Anyone remember there are tunnels under there? 
Hayden laid into Liz about her hypocrisy. 
They find a list of diamonds that her Daddy bought. I think Nikolas left that there. 
Ok, so Hayden tries to leave, Liz tries to stop her. They CAT FIGHT. OF Course they CAT FIGHT. Gratuitous just like Ava and Carly. 

Spencer and Laura. He was blunt. Yes. He. Was.  Little Helena in there I think. 
Kevin shows up in the park. HE thinks Spencer is showing no emotion because he doesn't want to face the fact he's dead. 
Laura cries to Kevin about leaving Nikolas on Cassadine Island. 

Brad and Lucas..sad. Poor Ryan all I could think of was him having to lay there with that thing in his mouth. 

Hammy Finn tells Carly none of your business about why I inject myself. He thinks he can wake up Lucas but Dr. Mayes (CP) is treating him now and says bug off. The drug he wants to use is not approved.

BUT! Lucas wakes up on his own.
Where's BOBBIE?!! 

Post It Note Duo: Who could it be? Who could it NOT Be? Gah.  They should make pictures instead. More entertaining. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Taking Off via Motorcycle

There's also news in SOD that Finola is off for the summer. So, no more Anna for a bit. GH is going to be interesting, that's for sure. 999 newbies, temp recasts yada yada. buckle up! '

Throwback Thursday--Ric with my drink of choice! 

Today's Show: I'm going to blog the whole time, not live tweet. You'll probably get a better blog that way lol. Twitter is on my last nerve lately so I'm taking a break.  Maybe I can remain more calm under a more 'narrative' condition! 

Nathan is dreaming....Maxie is there by his side.  You know I'm checking out her skin. Her make up looks 'white' and they are covering her with the hair and ipad. I think some color of a lipstick could have helped a bit. Hope she's better soon. 
Griffin is alone with Nathan. Nathan looks at him like @@ Nathan asks his "Advice" about lying to Maxie. I guess because he's a "Priest"? Before he can tell him, Maxie comes in to take him home. 
Nathan is going to tell Maxie (or so he says) 

Bobbie and Carly finally hug in the hospital. 2 days too late but-- hey. JZ really does look awesome. Dr. O tells Carly Finn probably did that to Lucas. Carly's like "Shut it"!!
Later, Carly remembers that she saw Hammy passed out and with the needle. 

At the end of the show, she finds Hammy in the Chapel And says "let's talk about your diabetes, I know you are shooting up". 

Finn goes to Wyndemere, asks Hayden if she's ok. Then he gives her back the check she gave him (remember? the $10K?). He wants to talk to her.  His wife died when the research funding was cut. That's why he freaked out on Hayden. He falls down and lays at the door.  He gets some water. Then he asks Hayden to open his needle case and 'hand it to him'.  He tells her it's a "type of diabetes". 

Liz goes to Jordan about Hayden. She wants to implicate her in Nikolas' fall. She thinks that Hayden did this because of her diamonds. Jordan is like "She's got an airtight alibi".  Later, Jordan takes the launch to Wyndemere (Ham left by then). She tells Hayden she called the FBI about the diamonds. 

Jason wants to leave Port Charles to "find out what happened to Nikolas". Sam says "She's all in".
Guess she forgets about Danny? That was a pretty "I'm all in" response in record time. Jason is like "We can't take Danny" Sam says "oh he can stay with the Quartermaines, he loves it there".  Sam went to the hospital to see Lucas. Of course it was OFF camera. They ask Monica to watch Danny. LMAO. 

You know, it would have been more of a mystery if Nikolas just disappeared. Why the window dive? They know he went into the water. Are JaSam going to scuba dive for clues? I mean?? huh??

Oh, Monica was on today. She's on the "Suspicious Circumstances" bandwagon but doesn't think it's Finn. 

Jason sees Carly. 
They say goodbye. 

Jason and Sam went to the safe house Jason remembers. Jason calls Liz. Tells her he took off and can't see Jake tonight.  OMG, they do a big post-it note wall like "Homeland" or something. Why the HELL couldn't they do that at one of their apartments? That's hysterical!! Wouldn't you stay as long as you could to be around your kid?
Guess not! 

They are trying to figure out what happened to Nikolas...they think it was staged. 

Oh Weirdness of the Day? Griffin prays OUT LOUD on the stairs.  

Ingo is Back to GH!

TV Line announced that Ingo will be back on GH this summer on a recurring basis. Maybe it's just to visit now and again, not sure. So, Jasper Jacks will be around Port Charles. Here's hoping Sonny doesn't get to lord all over him like everyone else. 

How you do feel about this return? I am a CarJax fan (Love Laura and Ingo together) -- but GH is so crowded, I don't know if it will even matter. I mean, Look at Ned and Ric. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What Sonny Could Have Said...

Carly: "Sonny why are you letting her take Avery?!!" 

"Why? I'll tell you why. Michael. Plain and simple. I looked at Avery the other day and thought about all the lies that were told to Michael, to AJ, to each other and realized I couldn't do that to her. Her mother may be horrible and I might hate her, but to keep her away would mean denying her the one thing she'd want the most. She'd grow up and find out about what we did and resent us. It might send her straight into Ava's arms for good. Avery would never speak to us again. She'd forget how we loved her and kept her safe; it would all be for nothing. See, I need to learn from what happened. Out of all of that mess of lies and years lost what did we get? Heartache. Michael got the most of it.  AJ lost his life because of a lie I believed due to my blind hate.  We can't let that kind of hate fester anymore.  Ava is Avery's mother  whether we like it or not. Let the future take care of itself." 

Now, this would be written in CONTEXT after Sonny had a few days of "realization" at Avery's side--maybe with some young Michael flashbacks. I also put that line in there "kept her safe" because it would be totally something Sonny would say. (not because I believe it).

Listening to what Sonny said today made me cringe. I don't know what they are thinking with all the power moves that are basically borderline creepy-vile but it's disturbing.  I also wouldn't have had this happen on the day Carly should have been getting her ass to GH to see her mother and brother.

So, there you go. 

I give up


Kiki and Dillon were boring... they just sat and talked. Kiki never does her job.

Ava is there to get Avery. OMG the writing was so AWFUL. Sonny made Ava apologize to Carly for saying something snotty. He's going to make her do everything--- scrub the toilets I think. 
She finally took Avery. 
and OH MY GOD!! Carly asks Sonny why he gave her to Ava. He says because of Michael. Because AJ came back from the dead and REWROTE HISTORY making us the bad guys -- and "worked on Michael".
OMG. The whole Carly and Sonny talk was painful and just enraging. UGH

Jordan is questioning Jason and Sam TOGETHER with Diane. Together? WTH? Anyway, the camera at Wyndemere shows that Sam went in 7 min after Jason. 

Laura talks to Spencer. Who must have been binging CSI. Lulu finally gets a call..leaves Dante (who goes to the PCPD). They were in the park, talking about buying a house and having another baby with the frozen embryo. 

Liz lays into Hayden. "You could have had Nikolas killed, I know it"...

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...