Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tyler Christopher lands ABC Family Pilot

The Lying Game is a hour drama slated for AMC Family. He plays Detective Matthews, father of Garrett Matthews. The Lying Game is based on the book of the same name by Sara Shepard. The plot resolves around a teenage girl who’s killed and the long-lost twin sister who takes over the dead girl’s life to try and find her murderer. This is a recurring role, so not sure how it would effect his stint on General Hospital. Hopefully it will get picked up!! 

Thx to Sheri for info 

General Hospital was LAST in Total Viewers for Soap Ratings last week.

Wow.. WOW. . This actually makes me sad--sad for the show that once was. After watching Wed, and knowing there can be so much more to this soap, just breaks my heart. Many people were lamenting the show after catching the marathon on SoapNet over the weekend. Shows where it once was in cast integration and more fresh ideas. 

Get all the ratings on Soap Opera Network.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,019,000 (+26,000/+202,000)
2. B&B 3,070,000 (+21,000/-160,000)
3. DAYS 2,432,000 (-66,000/-692,000)
4. OLTL 2,351,000 (-45,000/-177,000)
5. AMC 2,349,000 (+88,000/-182,000)
6. GH 2,344,000 (-184,000/-311,000
1. Y&R 3.6/12 (+.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.2/8 (same/-.1)
3. AMC 1.8/6 (+.1/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.8/6 (-.1/-.5)
3. GH 1.8/5 (same/-.2)
6. OLTL 1.7/6 (-.1/-.2)

GH is still 2nd in 18-39 women however, you can see how many other people watch if it skated to 6th place. This show has the best actors out there. WTF-- AND Vanessa's back!! What is it going to take to get this back on track? On another note, I am so glad OLTL is up there because it deserves it.

Here's Lisa in ITALY!! She found a fun store close to her heart. That's another character I miss on GH--and now she's going to sleep with--STEVEN?! :throws hands up:  I mean, I like them both and maybe if they saw each other more than 1x every 5 months, it would make sense. Nothing happens naturally anymore.

OK, enough of that!! OLTL was fun today, although the new Joey is bland as soap water.  Aubrey seems ok. Inez can get killed for all I care. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  IT'S THE BIG DATE DAY!! And where do they go??! METRO Court...because?????? errrrrrrrrrr?? And why did Sonny bother to even argue with Carly!!? 

OMG...those black shoes and DRAMA music when people talk about Jerry Jax!! ahahhahaaha. I was crying laughing. AND the Jerry Jacks mention 99 times today! I really think  this show is written for 12 year olds.  Someone says "Jerry Jacks" and we see black shoes tapping. Like 5 times. LOL How can Dante even think the Balkan could be Jerry Jacks? The Balkan had a KID that was too old to be Jerry's. Well, unless we get some trick GH aging.  Then again, this is GH.  Someone told me  the Balkan won't be "Theo" because DB has scheduling conflicts..but I'm not buying that yet. I still want Suzanne to be the Balkan, it would be brilliant. 

What WAS the point of the Jax/Olivia scenes?? I love LLC and I'm glad she was on, but geesh. It was such filler. 

Lisa's Viral  "Confession"--whatever. 

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Afternoon Soapy-Town!

Today's OLTL was great-- Joey's home, some new chick's on the plane. Clint's trying to get Inez to sleep with Bo. Oh, he's so nasty!! Loved it!! Bo taped Ford Daddy's mouth shut. He says to Nora "Nice rack! I thought you'd be a hag"!! Pffft!! He also mentions "Castle" which is a direct nod to Nathan Fillion (Joey) when the NuJoey was coming today. I also HATE Inez so much.  Her acting, her character..everything. BOO

Oh the OSCAR news with Franco hosting is just making me giddy today. Sorry, but you know my obsession with the CO77x man after he was all over Port Charles. Alberta got signed by him, he met a ton of fans, and now? Hell, he's gonna host the Academy Awards! DANG! Think he'll have a Fronkey vest on? I'd love it. I want to be his stylist for the night. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: What fryin' pan hit Steve all of a sudden being al awesome with Lisa?? GOOD GAWD. Then Nikolas is kissing her butt? LOL. Okayyyyyyyy. Nikolas and Steve's  hair both looked like crap today.

I am so hoping that "Siobhan" is really Sally Smith from somewhere in the midwest when her interpol connections come out. I can't deal with her accent anymore

Brenda's outfit was sooooooooo size 00 Kardashian today!! I am really hating her clothes lately. I thought it was so cute when Spinelli tried to be all "Fatherly" with Sonny regarding Brenda!! ahahaha! He even tells Sonny to use 'protection'. GH has such great moments.

Liked Lucky showing up to Sam's "work".  They all had black on...kinda like the "Men In Black" movies!

Oh, I like the random "My Confession.com" with the cheerleading girlie and Lisa. What the heck!! LOL. Good to see something going on in the ER.  By the way, when you go to www.watchmyconfession.com it takes you to the ABC/GH site! 

I had to put this tweet on here I saw today: @ChrizNasty: AH #GH the show of many two people scenes where everyone talks about nothing lol

I saw Ted King on a LOWE'S commercial? For a wrench! LOL He'll be on OLTL next month! woot! 
From Soap Opera Source: GH will air the first two episodes from their 2007 MetroCourt storyline on 12/23 & 12/24. Maybe to remind us how evil Jerry Jacks was?

James Franco and Anne Hathaway to Host Oscars!!?

It's all over the net that Anne Hathaway and "our" own James Franco are tapped to host this years Academy Award show!! You all know he signed Alberta Wubs-- she's totally getting ready when he asks her to be HIS DATE!! From GH to the Oscar GIG...what more could one ask for!!? Will he have a Fronkey there? 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Blood Type A Positive

Oh, yes...here it is a Sunday Surgery Blog that is all about the GOOD things on GH. This is all going to lead up to December's Wubber Awards for 2010. I have to start thinking about the positive stuff I like on this show or I'll end up giving out nothing but coal !!

Here we go!! (fasten those Wubber-Belts) 

Kudos for using the hospital more. There was a time when the hospital was on maybe once a month. Now, it's more of a hub and we are even getting some interesting guests in with illnesses. The nurse's station is a hot place for gossip.

Dante has a kitchen!! I love it when they bring in groceries and start cooking.  I totally miss kitchens on GH and showing Lante doing some domestic stuff warms my cynical heat. 

The "other" players. GH probably has the biggest cast of supporters out there. Max, Milo, Coleman, Conan, Diane, Ronnie, Big Alice and Epiphany all contribute to the canvas. 

More Mac Daddy. He's been on lately. Thank you.

Claire, Alexis and Diane going into the lawyer biz together. Oh, yes. 

The Foursome of Lunacy and Mayan. Luke, Tracy, Maya and Ethan are adding a fun element to the show. Now they are all living at the Q's!! eeeee!! (dare I hope it means more Q scenes?!)

So, there you go. I crab enough about what's missing on GH, and those are some things  I am really liking lately. I LOVED the day before Thanksgiving's show. LOVED it. I am all about the cast integration and families. As I'm finished I notice just how small this blog is!! LOL..well, I can only do so much. I guess we have to gear up for December and all it's angst with More Balkan, More Lisa and More Lunacy planning.  I've seen a couple of small spoilers with Helena mentioned, but nothing major--nor have I seen an official ABC 'comeback' notice. Keep your fingers crossed for that.  

I asked all of you what you're thankful for on GH...and got the most comments ever in a blog post! See all the responses below. I also asked on Twitter.
Here are a few samples:

Jarnold said...
I'm thankful for the cast. Through good storylines or bad, I still am addicted to their characters. Best overall cast on soaps! I'm going to add another one, Brenda Barrett.    **I am thankful for crazy Lisa, Robin, and Patrick. Especially when they throw in Maxie and Matt--Mrs. Goose.
@WubsNet The thing thankful for on #GH: Is the Scorpio/Jones/Drake family: Who are there for each other no matter what. Is why I love them----@cecape

@WubsNet I'm thankful Carly and Jax are back together!!!!!  @lexi_nicole

Thank You for ALL your answers!! They've been fun to read. So, when we're bitching away next week, we can take a look back here to see a few bright lights.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Give Me ONE Thing you are thankful for on GH!!

                                                                    Bubble Lamp

In prep for tomorrow's blog, please write down one thing you are happy about, thankful for or like on our Soap.  It can even be something as fun as the costumes  they wore in "Vegas" --to a couple or character.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Wubbers!!

I am so thankful for all of your support --especially during my "Crabby GH" times (which are quite a few!). General Hospital is our passion and our pain. Just like the soap itself. I hope you are with family and friends today eating your fave goodies. I found this old clip of a vintage Q Thanksgiving 1995. Ned, Lois-- little Amber Tamblyn as Emily. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maurice Benard Interview with Telebuddy

A great new interview with Maurice Benard from Knoxville's Terry Morrow is up online now. "Sonny's ruthless, not mean" Maurice says. There's also a sidebar where he compares/contrasts some of Sonny's loves over the years, for example:

Sarah Brown (Carly #1 / Claudia): "She was way beyond her age. Three Emmys by the time she was 25. Her acting would blow me away."

Read the full interview by hitting the link!

Soapy Turkey Trot!!

                                                     RISE YOUR GLASS TO THE FUN!

AMC...didn't watch it but I think it wasn't Thanksgiving at all..cause you know,  David was back and Zack is dead.

OLTL pulled out all the stops!! Echo, Vicky and Dorian were hysterical. I loved Dorian making fun of Echo.  Heh. SHANE was even on!

They had a turkey trot-- the Ford boys ran, Brody did too.
Clint had everyone over-- Nora, Bo..Matthew ...Inez, Nate-- Nigel playing the wii . I like how Clint is being Asa-fied. :) Love that Matt and Nate are all mean with each other.
Blair..Christian, Starr..Lang Ford boys, Charlie..
Nigel's British cousin, Kelly and Kevin and the new Joey!
Tea, Todd, Dani and then Destiny comes in. 

General Hospital gave us a traditional day too!! KUDOS and CHEERS! HIP HIP HOORAY!!

 Luke: "Tracy, you look like a millon bucks!" 
Tracy: "Actually that would be Maya; I look like a lot more!

I am so happy they are doing this today. I might even be in a good mood for Sunday Surgery. 

Maxie, Sam and Robin, all in the same room!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loves it. Too short of a scene though. Uncle Mac coming in with a basket Awww... he tells Patrick to stay out of Robin's room or he'll break his legs.  Matt later tells Patrick to man up and get in there with Emma. Patrick does go in and we get a cute Scrubbie Family scene.

The Q house: Edward looks so festive in his tie...awww  Maya looked stunning today. Ethan looked like his usual Hot Topic self. Edward loves Siobhan of course.Lulu wonders if Siobhan is with Lucky to get a greencard. 

Edward said Carly was in Manhattan and Monica was at a spa. LOVE the engagement ring Luke bought in Amsterdam! Tracy is all tearing up!! I did too a little. That was an AWESOME scene. Kudos to Jane and Tony for it. 
Those Pizzas were giant.  Edward makes them all sing the "Gathering" song.

"Buy her a ring, you Bafoon"!! Says Edward to Luke

DAVIS house: Too fun, I really liked the whole set up. Diane, Max...Spinelli, Maxi and Mac too! 

Sorry, but it was nice with no mob sheeze today. REALLY nice. *sigh*

Karen Harris wrote today's show-- and of course, she's LEAVING. @@ boo

My friends and family are thankful that I will NOT be cooking on Thanksgiving. says NLG (@nancyleegrahn)  on twitter!


General Hospital's Bradford Anderson Lands TNT Pilot!

                                                                    Brad and Berta!

GH's Loveable Spinelli lands a yet unnamed Allen Loeb project over on TNT. TV Castings explains that Anderson will play a top computer investigator (perfect or what?) This pilot is based on The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp. Steven Weber (of Wings) is set to star. 

 The show, focuses on two detectives as they deal with the world of “mystery, intrigue, and occasional hijinks.” Weber will play widowed Detective Mike Lomax, who receives a letter each week even though his wife has been gone for a year while D. L. Hughley will play Lomax’s recently married partner Terry Biggs.
Here's hoping it's picked up and congrats to Bradford!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Couples-O-Rama on General Hospital

Today is a palooza of couples on GH... Brenda and Sonny make out in the rain. awwwww. The RAIN. I'm only HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS....I'M ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT'S COMPLICATED!! ode to Garbage
Sonny even gave a shout out to Foster, Lucky's doggie!!

Brenda told Sonny half the story about the whole Dante mess....  and you know Sonny is going to LOVE IT that Dante covered up for Brenda. It will show him he's a 'real man' ...heh. So much wrong with that...(Michael backstory) but whatever. Works in Corinthos Mobville. 

The Johnny/Lisa scenes were so ugh... weird. Sodium Pentothal? Like that sheeze is what they put dogs down with! LOL...and why would Johnny go along with any of this? Oh wait..I know, because they need to give Johnny and Lisa a chem test because they didn't know what to do with JOlivia!

Thank God Diane and Alexis were on today...And Claire asks to join the Law Firm. Alexis wants it, Diane doesn't.

Spinelli and Molly were fun but we hardly ever see Molly anymore. JaSam had on fancy clothes!! Nice flowers on the table!

Lante fans: Dante made Lulu dinner. 

Robin and Jason were cute...finally talking about the past.  Then Patrick had to come in and talk about stupid Lisa and Maxie maybe lying about the syringe. Matt annoyed me too. Poor Matt, who does nothing but stand around. 

Ingo's wife @ehikurademacher)  tweeted this today: I think @ingorademacher is possessed by the Hawaiian air, he already swam laps in the pool, ran the kings trail, had a shower and got coffee!

The cast isn't taping this week, they are busy tweeting up their plans! Laura Wright (@lldubs) is busy at her winery and Lexi Ainsworth (Krissy) is home with her family.

Monday, November 22, 2010

GIANT KUDOS to All My Children Today!!

WOW..ok, so... I knew David was probably alive, but had NO IDEA he was walking into the courtroom like that. NONE. None of the mags even spoiled VI was coming back to the show!! Even his Facebook was full of goodbyes. AWESOME keeping that under wraps!! I twirled!! (and squealed a little hee hee) I'm spoiler free on AMC and OLTL but everyone was spoiler free on that one.  The promo gave a hint but I though, nah, no way they'd keep him coming back under wraps But they did!! Both AMC and OLTL had pretty good sweeps (OLTL the best). Can't say that for snoozefest GH.
OLTL confused the HELL out of me... LOL. We had such fun on twitter trying to figure out who's was who's!! Clint had someone's switched...did he switch Nat's or Jessica's?? Oh, it's delicious!!

There are SO MANY RUMORS out there about GH right now, it's rather comical. Johnny gets a brain tumor. Johnny is killed by Balkan... WTD for Maxie...WTD for another Brenda kid. Sam is held hostage, meets Brenda's kid-- Sonny's restaurant burns down. Whatever. 

Here's a photo from EW of "Theo Hoffman" (Daniel Benzali) who plays a hypochondriac patient that befriends Robin. Of course, speculation has him as THE Balkan. (he's got the black gloves for it!)  Maybe Suzanne will be his "ex". I'd like that.

So,  why do they only have Carly and Luke together like once a year!!?? WHY? They even look related!! Carly had better be in his WEDDING, DAMN IT!! 

Lulu has peppers!! Who remembers Robin's "peppers" speech to Jason? LOL.  I do. Cause I wrote a WUB about it. And today Jason visited Robin..wow. They remembered!! I just watched a bunch of their stuff on You Tube and they were so cute.

Lisa and Johnny. What you thinkin' about that? I'm going to hurl I believe.  Just sayin' Lisa is kind of the new Bobbie on GH. Bobbie was quite nasty in her time, btw. She drugged Scotty. Pretended she was PG too.

Sonny and Brenda banner day for those fans. Rain, old memories...a kiss. *sigh* and think about it, only FOUR MONTHS after she got her butt on the show. LOL

WHY is Johnny even covering for Lisa? That makes a lot of sense. And he had to look at it 50 times.  LOL. His lurking on the docks when she was talking to Nikolas? Stupid.  

Well..that's that!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Soap Opera Genetics

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I'd talk about the families on soaps and how important they are for the storytelling aspect of the show. Most soaps are built around a central family (or two) and then branch off from there. Even if newbies are introduced, they either are a long-lost something, a distant cousin or come in with their own brood pretty quickly. (ie: Ford Brothers, OLTL) Rarely do you get a character not related somehow to someone...either from the past or present. 
General Hospital are full of them right now. After wiping out the Quartermaines, Cassadines and most of the Scorpios on GH, we saw an influx of characters that just didn't have much to do but hook up with Sonny or chase Sonny or fill the world with toxic balls. Here's a list of characters that have no family in Port Chuck right now: 


and, although Matt has a brother Pat, we all know how that's been going. While it's true that soaps do need a few floater characters, GH seems to just have a glut of them. Why they haven't written some of these people as being related is beyond me. Abby could be Coleman's sister. Claire and Diane could have been related. Jason who is actually a Q, hardly interacts with them, even after making some kind of peace with Monica. We were so happy when Luke finally shared a scene with Carly people were tweeting about it for the whole day!  Hell, that shouldn't be something that's unusual--that should be he norm!!! Of course, this all contributes to the disjointed feel of GH--- Brenda's back in town and doesn't mention Emily or Alan's death. Isn't she Brooke Lyn's godmother??  Steven moves back home but has little to do with his sister (maybe if Audrey were around still that would help?) Carly not only never sees her mother, she never mentions her anymore. Poor Cousin Lucas evaporated long ago. 

The Davis clan started to gel and then...disappeared. They'll be on again for Turkey Day, but it's been a noticeable absence for Kristina. I guess Michael has Abby to talk with now. Perhaps she'll turn out to be related to the patient Theo Hoffman coming in December? I'd love it. 

So, as we watch the Thanksgiving show this week and get all happy about the group scenes, remember this is how it always should be. Not once or twice a year. If they continue to break the family chains it's going to become even less of a shell than it already is.
I know you're waiting for me to talk about Sonny, who's now the head of the main "Familia" in town. Problem is? Rarely are their true family scenes. He has so many baby mamas, they can't all seem to get together at the same time. Sonny also lost his sister and brother..and hardly ever sees his father. Ergo, Sonny doesn't even have an orbit of his own.

I guess having a lot of unattached characters makes it easy to insert and not have to connect the scenes. You can write day after day of 1-3 characters just talking to each other. 

Have a turkey leg, eat some stuffing and if you are so inclined, watch the Oct 5th repeat that is on Thursday. No GH Friday due to football I believe... Tues/Wed should be the best days to catch some good old soapy stuff. At least we know our Q's will do the traditional pizza day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So, You've All Been Lively Since I've Been Away!!

    " See,  Cowboy if I get hitched on your Mama's Birthday, it will be so easy to remember the anniversary date!!! It's a Win-Win!!"

OMG, I love the blog posts!! 
I see that the Tracy wedding date came out. I think it stinks. I love Luke/Tracy, and hope they get married in a lavish fun affair-- but why drag Laura in there? Even IF Genie's coming back at some point, why put us L&Lers through that? NOT FAIR!! 

I'll talk more about all  this in the Sunday Surgery!!

GIANT Spoilers up on Wubs Net!! Ok, not giant...I was just trying to get you excited!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

General Hospital: Mini VayKay...

Well, today I had to get fully glammed up (just a touch up) and the only time I could be seen was during GH. Tomorrow going to be networking and digging up all the dirt I can so the show will have to wait until the weekend.

New Spoilers are up...  not that they say much. Sonny and Brenda will start to 'rekindle the flame'-- Carly's still on the warpath-- yada yada. I also read that Kristina's bullying story is moved to spring. But when it does come, we'll know it was moved, just like a ton of other things. *sigh*
There's a giant rumor floating around that both Claire and Brenda are PG by Sonny before long. I'm here to tell you all..if THIS IS TRUE, I will quit GH For GOOD. I can't imagine this is at ALL  true--  but I have seen it at least 3x now, so I'm going to react. 

I will  try to do a Sunday Surgery that is fresh and exciting! LOL...  Let's hope lightning strikes my brain between now and then!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

General Hosptial: Brenda's Day Off Today

Sweeps: Let's give it a grade, shall we? I'm going for a D. FOR DULL. DULLDULLDULL...Even with the Brante reveals, it's just not moving. I have so many great ideas for this show and I'm tired of talking about it.
One, one interesting thing came out of an appearance this weekend. An actor said there were disclosure agreements  going around the set during the time that Franco was there. Seems he's making a documentary about his time on the soap. Hmmmmm....for one of his classes for for Comedy Central?? Hahaaha. Sorry, couldn't resist. 

What's in the Cards for GH?

BTW, yes, I realize that Olivia and Steve had scenes before, it was awhile ago and brief. It's not like they were "chem tested"--not in my book.  NOW they are being tested. Will they have sex? Probably. Lisa LoC's body and his abs? How could you NOT show that action? LOL I just want LLC to stay on the show, so having her be a potential Webber Wife? Hell ya. 

Ted Casablanca of "The Awful Truth" mentions Tyler Christopher in his blog about the Eva/Tony spilt.  It's interesting!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Well, it's Wed, meaning "Brender" is up "doing yoga" on GH. It's hysterical..EVERY WED she's either sleeping or doing yoga. ahahhhahahaa.

At least we saw the inside of the Q mansion...Edward was there and Lulu showed up. REALLY RANDOM was Edward offering a million for Mayan to stay married for a year. Because they remind him of he and Mary Mae?

We learned Spin is snowing Maxie about Brenda--so he can win her back! Jason's face was pretty funny. "You spend too much time around Carly" heh.

I hate Siobhan's brogue...it's too thick and way too garbled. ugh...now she's going to play soccer for us. ;/ Liz doesnt' like her... that was evident. Poor Liz three kids, hardly any help.

Suzanne grilling Dante..random. 

Alexis was on to talk to Claire about Sonny. It was so ---SONNYCENTRIC!!

Diane was on to talk to Sonny about Michael. 

Michael meets Abby on the docks. Here's a gorgeous older girl...looking for an 18 year old guy she was going to have sex with "to  be nice".  WEIRD!!

Man, I hate the decor in the Metro restaurant. ughhhh. 

I am sure "2007" is the new "CO77x" cause I hear it every damn day.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Franco News and GH on Tuesday

James Franco is named one of GQ's "Men of  the Year". I am also predicting that Entertainment Weekly will name him "Entertainer of the Year" because of all the TV, Movie and Book Projects he's done!! Of course, he also signed Alberta (see side photo) --how can he NOT be Man O' The Year??!!

Can you imagine if he wins the Oscar for "127 Hours"? Will he still come back to GH to act/direct like  he said he was going to? Hmmmm. If so, would ratings shoot up?  Perhaps..or it might just be us loyal hanger-oners that still tune in. heh.

Speaking of "127 Hours"...anyone see it yet?? It's not here but I think I might go. Not sure about  the amputee scene. Eeeeee!!

Amber Tamblyn posted a new BLOG today...has Honolulu Film Fest and Girlfest info. Great pic of her too. She's such a talent. If you ever get the chance, read some of her poetry.

OLTL was fabu again...love how they are doing the Rex story!! The people move all over the canvas too.  Dorian chewing out Clint was brilliant. 

Please check out the Wubs Net  for the latest in the Brante Baby saga. You'll see that it's NOT Dante's...as far as my insider says they never slept together.  I also think she lost it. Guza may rewrite at ANY TIME however, so keep that in mind. 

Jonathan Jackson's Enation's  song "Eyes of Grace" was heard  on GH today. Want to order it or their album "World in Flight"?? Go to iTunes.  (great bit of PR there)  

Olivia and Steve chem test today!  (Stevia) Will they pass? If it keeps them on GH, go for it. I do love Jolivia though. Sigh. BIG rumors that BB is leaving. I haven't heard anything  firm.

Connie (Helena) should be back in Dec  (crossed fingers)-- and still the rumors about Genie persist.

29 Years Ago SOAP History Was Made!!

Where were you? I was in college-- no VCRs even. Sigh..we watched in the dorm lounge!! It was a magical day...sigh. The entire cast was there, on location at the "Mayor's Mansion". 30 million watched.  IN REAL TV time!! No taping!! 

Genie cried so pretty for this ceremony. Don't laugh at the lavish dress/headpiece --everyone was doing it back then, even Princess Di!! Of course, they 'remarried' for their 25th reunion....only Luke was really married to Tracy. Now we find out that Tracy and he were never married, so I'm not sure what that means for these two. I think the writers forgot that point. Oh well. All I can say is it's too dang bad Genie hasn't been around all these years. We know she's regretted leaving, has said how much she wants to be on the show for more than "guest stints". *sigh*....

Monday, November 15, 2010

General Hospital: THIS Warms My Heart! Jacks Brothers!!

Ingo (@ingorademacher) tweeted this pic of he and Sebastian (@sebastianroche)  on the set today!! I was so damn happy.  Sniff. Why? It's family and history, no matter how Guza-fied it it. You gotta take what you can get!! I wonder if it's like having your  "family" come home when your pretend sibs are on set. I bet it is.  Jax finally has family around!! Even if Jerry was written into a stupid corner by shiteous writing.

Well, that made me feel a bit better about GH! LOL.. I also heard the Orlando event was a ton of fun. KeMo and Lisa LoCicero tweeted pics from their "Epcot Crawl"-- I would love to run into them in the British Pub or something. I think I'm going to another Toronto event if it happens in the early part of next year. It was a great city to go to. Closer than NYC actually. BUT a l ot of you Wubbers are in NYC. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do. I need to win the lotto so I can stage my OWN Wubulation Events! 

OLTL was so great. The whole Rex reveal?? How many characters were there!!? AND MOST ALL OF THEM WERE THERE back when Echo was first on!! That's awesome...and so fun to watch history come full circle. Kelly drunk dialing. LOL. Clint made me jump and LOVED the Dorian lurk!! ;) squee!!

GH: The first 4 scenes were each of 2 people all talking about..Brenda. OR in the case of Dante, actually TALKING TO Brenda. "Baby" is mentioned. Brenda still doesn't say if she actually gave birth, btw. I still say she and Dante didn't sleep together --they are not playing it like they did anyway. If she didn't have an abortion, Guza sure wanted us to think so-- I bet he hasn't even made up his mind on that one. LOL.

Vegas is fun..at least it's not just about Brenda. That money looked so fake! LOL Mayan love scene finally happened for their fans. It only lasted 2 seconds though...make out on the couch, that's it!

Jake's had: Lulu, Siobhan and  Olivia (plus Coleman) --  I wish they would have shown more of that place. Sigh. Johnny stops to talk to his Mama before going to see Lulu! heh. Lulu ate a whole bowl of pretzels, I watched. Siobhan had to refill it. hee hee

Siobhan's "Jack"=Jerry Jacks.

I hated Jason talking about Michael going to prison AGAIN. Haven't we heard it a million times? Yes. We. Have. They've talked about it  and talked about it..and...I GET IT. GOT IT. Good, enough.
Brenda smiles so big when she sees Jax. It's the difference between heart-love and soul-love.

Sonny calls Suzanne on the carpet.  Like he has a right to? But I did like his "All I ever did was love her"...  Sonny let us know that yes, he DOES have prostitutes but they aren't "UNDERAGE"!! SO there!!

Carly demands answers from Dante!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Surgery: A Lesson in Dissection

Well, here it goes. I'm attempting to show exactly where GH writing has gone wrong in so many ways--just by using one story as an example. (wish me luck!) Watch as I dissect a Guza story arc.

                                          The Story? Cassadine/Spencer Baby-Switch**

This is Liz' THIRD Who's the Daddy story. Let's just start right there. THIRD.  I'm sure as soon as Becky found out she was PG, she just dusted off some of her old scripts, switched the names and she was good to go. 

Let's start with Helena because she's the one that messed with things in the first place.

April 2009---Hells comes to town for hospital opening and steals a painting from Wyndemere that has a birth certificate on it. Flies away...

September 2009 --comes back  to Port Charles complaining/ranting about a terrible man named "Valentin" who's a Cassadine hell-bent on getting revenge from both the Spencer and the Cassadine families. Poor Matt Borlenghi is hired to play the character, who we have not seen to date. Nikolas sends Grandmother to Greece.

October 2009--Jonathan Jackson comes back to the show, prompting many L&L2 fans to tune in and hope for a proper "reunion" of the characters. 

Feb. 2010---Helena comes back after finding out Liz and Nik have had an affair. She switches DNA tests showing that Liz's baby is actually Nikolas'-- when in reality, the baby is Lucky's.  Why would she want to bring a Spencer up as a Cassadine? Something about "revenge"--not that she's interested in her real grandson, Spencer OR her half-granddaughter Kristina. Helena also kidnaps Tracy and Luke follows. There's a dungeon scene..yada yada. Valentin isn't mentioned nor is the birth certificate. By the way, the reason Tracy was first kidnapped by Helena was over her suspicions about the baby's paternity. Tracy seems to have a terrible lapse of memory and never mentions this to Luke or anyone else after she's found. This more than anything else demonstrates the non-continuity in each story even within a few weeks!!

So,  Helena had been on and off  over a period of 10 months, and involved in 3 unconnected story lines, two of which had been dropped. 

On to the baby!! Aiden Alexi Nikolovich Cassadine was born on July 15th, 2010. He is really Lucky's first biological child and Luke and Laura's first grandchild. But why bother with all that? 

As this story has unfolded a great PR opportunity came up for the show and James Franco (Oscar hopeful no less) does his stint as crazy artist "Franco". Ergo, it makes sense that instead of continuing the story about paternity, the baby is kidnapped and sent to be raised by "Franco's Mother'... Uh..ok....Lucky actually rescues his own child but turns it over to Liz and Nikolas. 

Becky goes on real maternity leave in August 2010...taking the children with her.
(PS. Helena still has not been on the show since Feb.) 

Liz is back on canvas October 2010. Nikolas has been having a "story" with Brook Lyn involving her escorting him to parties/events we never see. Lucky is now involved with Siobhan an Irish Lass who may or may not be an Interpol agent.
Liz is working at the hospital-- concerned about Robin. 

That's it. Now..I ask you--- even when  this all fleshes out, who will care? Liz doesn't even talk about Jason's kid, let alone Aiden at the minute so whatever. Helena may or may not be back in Dec or beginning of the year. I have no idea if this is going to happen or not. So many things have been dropped or moved, I don't even want to speculate.  Point being, this is a story that was written so badly, took so much time to unfold that it's a BORING MESS. Who cares who raises the kid when we never see either man bonding with him? Who cares when Liz already has a kid with a man she never even mentions his name to? YAWN. And remember, this is just ONE story-arc being looked at. A dozen more could be looked at in the same way.

**Of course, Brenda's back now, so none of this matters.

We have ANOTHER BABY secret to worry about. :eyeroll: Can't wait.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vanessa Marcil "Glides Home" Yesterday in Central Park!

                                                         For Operation Smile!!

To help make the holiday season easier, Oral-B Glide along with GH star Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, kicked off the “Glide Into The Holidays” program benefitting Operation Smile, with a free skate day at New York City’s Wollman Rink in Central Park yesterda. 

To grant holiday wishes to kids globally with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities, Oral-B Glide will make a $1 donation to Operation Smile for every pledge made at the event. Globally, the need for cleft care is urgent. Every three minutes, it is estimated that a child is born with a cleft, and many of these children cannot eat properly, speak, or smile. 

Additionally, Oral-B Glide and Vanessa hope to inspire others to stick to their oral care routine this holiday season by pledging to switch to Glide online through Facebook and Twitter. For every person who tweets or posts on Oral-B’s Facebook wall with the hashtag #Switch2Glide through February 28, 2011, Oral-B Glide will make a $1 donation to Operation Smile with a guaranteed donation of $10,000 over the course of the entire campaign. 

So has Vanessa ever been caught on camera with something in her teeth as much as she flosses?
"Oh yeah! I've been on-set with floss stuck in my teeth...I'm not kidding you! Because I ran down, ate something, flossed, and then had that moment where it got stuck - and it pulls, and it tears - I literally, no joke did a whole slew of scenes one day with floss in my teeth because everything on set just moves at such a rapid pace.
She laughingly added, "Oh well, there's just a string in my teeth."
 Read complete interview on FIT CELEB...!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ronnie Marmo and Tamara Braun at St. Louis Film Festival!

The comedy "Limbo Lounge" starring Tamara Braun (Carly #3) and Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie) premires Sat, Nov 20th at 6:30 PM at Tivoli. Go to Tamara Obscura for a clip from the movie. If any Wubbers are in the area and are going, let me know!! 

Not To Confuse You- General Hospital New Ratings Nov 1-5th

"Save Our Soaps" totally threw me off by posting LAST weeks ratings. WHOOPS. Here's last week:

See all ratings on SON 

Total Viewers
 1. Y&R 4,790,000 (-88,000/-44,000)
2. B&B 3,043,000 (-65,000/-99,000)
3. DAYS 2,426,000 (+2,000/-440,000)
4. GH 2,407,000 (+125,000/-375,000)
5. OLTL 2,368,000 (+23,00/-82,000)
6. AMC 2,321,000 (+51,000/-255,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/12 (same/-.1) <- ties low rating (3rd straight week)
2. B&B 2.2/8 (same/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.3)
3. AMC 1.8/6 (+.1/-.2)
5. OLTL 1.7/6 (-.1/-.2)
5. GH 1.7/5 (same/-.4) <- ties low rating (2nd straight week)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,003,000 (-33,000/-120,000)
2. GH 782,000 (+95,000/-137,000)
3. DAYS 660,000 (-10,000/-209,000)
4. OLTL 623,000 (-6,000/-99,000)
5. B&B 618,000 (-32,000/-86,000)
6. AMC 551,000 (+23,000/-150,000)

Like I said in the post I deleted...people are not happy. In total viewers, GH hit 1.6 twice last week. That's LOW. The stories are just not interesting. Period. N

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack Wagner to Guest on...

Hot in Cleveland! I hope he gets a date with Valerie!! The show starts back up in January, so I'll keep you posted on that.

Megan Ward is on CSI tonight!! 

Why didn't I blog GH today? I did watch 30 minutes of it. I honestly had nothing to say. Nothing. I didn't think you'd want me to come in here and gush about OLTL again today, so I just didn't blog. I am so over Brenda's long sleeves already, I can barely stand it...YOU? 

                                                          Not even this could save me

PS. That Irish chick is going to turn out to be a Fed, or some spy, you wait.

Holy Krap! Kourtney Kardashian Goes to OLTL!!!

Hell....it's breaking news on E! that miss K will be gracing our screens on One Life to Live...and NOT as herself. Okay....She's having scenes with Blair and Christian. I hope I can get over her voice long enough to appreciate her onscreen performance. Kassie DePaiva is even excited and says she'll let everyone know how the taping goes. Think the taping will make it on to the "Keeping Up" show?? Hmmm. that would be interesting. OLTL is really getting PR this week between this news and Ted King!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OLTL was Classic Soap Today and GH Was In Full Vegas Farce!

Sniff...Cole leaving, so sad. Even if you didn't like his character after awhile (me) it was still the end of an era. Kris Alderson even tweeted a pic of her wearing a fan fave "SOLE"  bracelet.  She also said she didn't know until that day that it would be Jason's (Markko) last day as well. *SNIFF*  The whole show was amazing. The Ford family-- and I tell you what, but James acts exactly like a real abused kid would. And Gigi- decking Audrianna. Heh. John and Natalie. AND IT'S A WED!!

Exclusive picture from the set of PRETTY,  the Series!!  That's our own Denise Alexander (Leslie) doing a cameo for the webseries. It's a hilarious look at the pageant world.  You must check it out!

GH Today was fun!! Tracy, Maya, Luke and Ethan in their Vegas sheeze. LOVED the costumes. LOL. Maya in a Tutu. Wish the whole show was on this storyline. Ethan wants to stay married for his green card.

Oyrish Lassie Siobhan is on my last nerve..although I do like to see Lucky with someone, I just can't get into her. Sigh. Maybe it's because she's some random chick from Ireland with an accent that drives me insane?   She gets a job in 2 seconds at Jake's-- and meets Maxie. Economy must be good in PC!

Olivia was on with Jax, cause he needs a favor to get into the Carly dramaz. heh. Carly needed Johnny. BOTH wanted info on THE FACE. Of course, because every thing's about THE FACE lately. Thank you god that some characters are in Vegas, far far away! 
Jolivia and Chippino! 

WOW...Nikolas mentioned calling Laura about HER CHILDHOOD house burning down!! Thank you!! AND he said she was doing "really well" in Paris. :thud: I'm stunned. 

Dante is called out by Jason. You know, being such a hypocrite about the Michael cover-up. 

Ah, Suzanne said Brenda was "laid up" for about a week--then did the Africa thing. Ergo, did she lose the baby during that time? Have an abortion? Is there a kid runnin' around after all? Nice tid-bit of information there.  My banner. 
JaSam on toda. More Brante Flashbacks. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ted King Going to OLTL!

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that King, known to GHers as Alkazar, will be popping up in Llandview in January. He's slated to work with Kassie DePaiva's "Blair" Cramer!! I'm so happy this talented guy has found a home on this great show!!

Anyone Know Any OLTL Sources?

Cause dang, that show is just KILLIN' right now.  Today's show--a TUESDAY show had THREE cliffhangers! Good ones!! To have to do GH right after is making the Wubqueen  very CRANKY. I confess  I even put OLTL on the DVR and sometimes skip GH when I'm not home. 

Brenda has been in that stupid position (someone trying to take her) at least six times since she came  on the show. VM's ribs must hurt. Now Jason is scolding Dante for not shooting when he said so.  God, can't they just ONCE balance this show out?!
Mac is yelling at Dante and  Lucky. 

PCPD? Sonny's STILL THERE!!!!!!! Still there!!!!!!!! STILLTHERE!!

Jason Thompson is such a good man-cryer. Nice Scrubs montage. Very well done. I'm  glad they put the wedding in there.  I still have she and Robert on the Wubs net, bottom of the Scoops page! Sigh. I wish they'd have Anna come in every now and again. Like NOW when Robin could really use her help. That doesn't mean Anna would come on forever, but pop in and out. OR...Robert, Anna, Sean and Frisco could be WSB against the Balkan. 

Lulu's face when she saw Dante/Brenda. You can't escape The Face.

Tracy, Luke, Mayan... I said Tracy knew the score with him since day one. LOL. 

Who remembered that Matt lived at Mac's house? I DID!! He should move in with Patrick..and throw Mac in there too. Not that they'd have any scenes, just do it.

Aleksander shot by Brender-- you know it's his baby they are talking about raising in the promo. At least Brenda told Jason.  Part of it at least. Dante kinda lied to Lulu, didn't he? You think Jason now thinks Dante's a huge hero for covering up a crime!!? Hmmmm. That's Guza for you.
And YES, Dante's a total hypocrite for the whole cover up with Michael thing....but that's why I hate the writers,  They didn't write him as even  WAVERING from his convictions. 

Aleksander=BALKAN'S SON. Told ya.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Soap-Madness --We're In Deep Sweeps!

First off,  I found this photo of Amber Tamblyn attending the premire of "127 Hours" last Thursday in LA. She is in the movie with James Franco (one of the few other actors in the pic). Look at his GH-connected show. Remember Amber is on House tonight!   Her character name? Is Martha Masters! Go to Two Cents and Five Questions for a short interview with Amber.
That's not my fave dress on her, btw. Just sayin'

On Perez Hilton today, there was this about  OLTL...which totally made me do a double-take. I thought..Perez, watches OLTL! BUT! Looking closer, it's actually an AD for the show! Totally looks like one of his posts with the writing and "what do U think"?? 
Ford's Daddy looks like Max Headroom..who remembers him!!? 

HEY! go to the EW Hollywood Insider for the Vegas Nuptial sneak-peek. David Leisure reprises his role as the Reverend Grace (from the Brenda/Jason wedding). As the spoilers say, we know that Tracy and Luke didn't get hitched, but Mayan did. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL today: Uh.... can Dante make more COW eyes at Brenda? heh. 

Robin looks nuts..and Matt made sense today. All I could think of was I hope they washed out those nose tubes after Tony Geary used them. heh Thank goodness Mac walked in. And the Webber House is a total loss..that's right. Take away that history. Bye. Laura killed David Hamilton there, put up the Christmas star-- and their kitchen table. SNIFF Lucy and Alan were married there. Blackie was there. Ok, not that they USED the set a lot, but still. Wahhh. 

SO, Jason, Dante and Lucky are going in to save Siobhan and taking "calm" Brenda with them? What are they thinking!! 

How many days has Sonny been in that room? LOL..thank goodness for Diane walking in. 

Carly just blurting out about Dante and Brenda was priceless. Lulu was going: D'OH

Is this sweeps?  Really. REALLY? It's moving so slowly and it's painful to have to tweet/blog it live. I mean, I don't HAVE to, but I do.

General Hospital Alumni Alerts!! Tonight's the Night for Guest Spots!!

First up, Denise Alexander (Leslie)  will be on the webseries PRETTY (see blog below).

Rick Hearst (Rick)  will have a cameo on "Castle" this evening. ABC  Can't wait to see he and Nathan Fillion (Joey #5/OLTL) together!! 

 Finally, look for Amber Tamblyn to start her run on "House" tonight.  FOX Hit the link and see a fun behind the scenes video with Amber!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Hormone Injection

Well, let's see. I've bitched all week about the show...put up the failing ratings... expressed the few things that brought me joy (the Q's).  What's left? Well, today's surgery is going to be about Guza's Women  and how their stories (or lack there of) totally contribute to the downfall of those key WOMEN'S demo numbers.

Carly, Sam, Alexis, Claudia, Claire, Olivia, Kate, Brenda, (Reese, Emily, Hannah...Angel, Lily) all fell  into the Sonny-Well. You know, that deep dark place where women seem to lose all sense of self. Within the last few years we've seen character after character fall over the edge. Ker-Plunk. I'm going to start with Kate. 

Kate came on canvas as a strong character, editor of "Crimson" mag, moving through the fashion world with ease. She also knew Sonny from her girlhood past. Who remembers the two of them sitting days on end during the "Black and  White Ball" talking about their "relationship"? I sure do. Kate was always on. The wedding, the shootings, the undying love declared. That is, until Olivia showed up. THEN it was 24-7 Olivia,  who actually met Sonny when he was even younger back in Bensonhurst. What happened to Kate? Well, let's just say Kate's now seen maybe 3x in 6 months, making out with Coleman. She didn't even get much to do when Michael came out of his coma, a story she was entrenched in from the start.

Olivia. Olivia was Sonny's "first love" we found out. They bantered, she had a secret--they flirted. The secret was Dante--who quickly took over the canvas and ate up every scene. Olivia was the one that was front/center  in the Michael wakes up from the Coma story. Where's Olivia now that Brenda's back? Hmmmm, reduced to making out with Johnny once a month if we're lucky.  She talks about lasagna and maybe gets a scene with Jax now and again. 

Claudia also came in as gangbusters. She was a man-eater that was also in a mob family. At least Claudia got a brother and a father. Problem is, she was written  into a corner after trying to have Sonny killed (at the same time as wanting his baby). Claudia was brutally killed and "Changed things forever". I personally loved the character and saw a lot of potential if she was written as more than a one-dimensional shrew.  

Claire. Oh, poor Claire. She started off strong, and then got into the Sonny web and totally lost everything that made her character interesting. Thank god they dropped the desperate "I want a baby" story once Brenda got back. That was another Guza trick: all women either want or get Sonny's babies. Claire reminds me of Alexis. Where's Alexis now? Hmmmm. Reduced to either having a line or two with Diane or running to Sonny about Kristina. 
Thank God for Diane who seems to  be the only teflon-donna when it comes  to Dimples Charms. If she ever sleeps with him, I'll fly to LA myself and do some ass-kicking. 

My point is this: our dear head writer seems to bring in new females with new stories and instead of finishing up the old ones or weaving them together, totally drops things. Women don't really have a use outside of Sonny--unless they are Carly or going out with Jason. Robin is connected to Sonny via Stone and thank goodness she's allowed to be a doctor in her own right. The women in question rarely have friends, btw-- rarely indulge in girl talk, and forget about showing them doing anything but talking about Sonny or Sonny's kids. Kristina was beaten by her boyfriend--and it ended up being more about Sonny's revenge than Kristina's healing.  

Now that Brenda's back it's  going to be ALL BRENDA ALL THE TIME...and not only that her "past" involves Sonny's own son! We get a Double-shot of Sonny!!

Michael had better keep ol' Abby away from Daddy, because if she's around for any length of time, you know Guza wouldn't be able to resist sticking those two together.

I understand the need to revolve the show around a central theme. The thing is, in daytime it's usually around a central family or families. Given the fact that Sonny's "Family" is far flung and in the case of his father, hardly shown, it's difficult to care for more than a moment. Look at Ric--Sonny's brother. (Hey, someone had to take AJ's place as Sonny's punching bag). He disappeared on an elevator, never to be seen/talked about again. His sister is dead. We're lucky if his kids are in the same room once a year. He's had SO many pairings, it's hard to root for any of them because you know they'll get blown to bits in one way or the other. (BOOM!)

Don't Faint: I honestly CAN like Guza's writing.  I do think he has talent -- I have enjoyed many of his story arcs. I just really REALLY wish he'd start to weave things together, not get so frenzied over a "guest" star or a couple or a tiny story. While I've never been a fan of his female story-arcs (most end up in Shadybrook) I do think he could write a bang up female-empowered story if he tried.
GH's cast is bloated...the players we'd love to see more of aren't used enough. I'm so tired of seeing the women on this show being reduced to baby-makers (not knowing who the father is), the seducer, the crazy-shrew bent on having an affair with another man. I need some Cramer women on GH. I want Leslie and Monica back, with Audrey thrown in now and again. Mike needs to be on and the Q's certainly need more to do than they have now. If the stories were more balanced, we could have more cast integration going. If it were more balanced and less frenetic, I could look forward to the story-telling of it all without worry that it's going to be dropped for the latest flavor of the month.  Speaking of dropping...Helena was invisible after Franco appeared. Valentin? A guy with real connections to the canvas? Heck, he was mentioned for an entire beginning story, then never heard about again.

Like I said, hormone injection. With writer Karen Harris leaving (a great dialog person, imo) we are in even deeper sheeze in the months to come. Hang on.

NOTE: It was announced that Brianna Brown (Lisa) has had her contract extended to 12/2011. There's another girlie headed to Shadybrook or death.

Final Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares March 2011

Cameron Matison will host the last Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/AIDS Benefit this March.
Playbill.com reports that after 6 years, this popular show will no longer run. To date, the show has raised 1/6 million for the organization.

Executive Director Tom Viola:  "But even in such an exciting world, all good things come to an end. And while BC/EFA is sorry to call this the last due to our own event scheduling conflicts, we are proud to take a final, very special bow with our friends from ABC Daytime".

Tickets are now on sale by visiting www.broadwaycares.org or by calling (212) 840-0770
I know many Wubbers enjoy this annual event and will be waiting in line to get to the final celebration.  It's sad this is closing, but I imagine with only on soap in NYC, the scheduling must be very difficult to say the least.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Denise Alexander Guests on "PRETTY" this Monday!

That's right! OUR Leslie Webber will guest on "Pretty" The Webseries!! Pretty is already in it's second season but you can catch up on all the episodes on their website. 
This webseries is a hilarious look at the world of pageants. A critically-acclaimed, award-winning mockumentary web series, PRETTY is the story of Michael Champagne, a "Proud Pageant Dad," who has one wish: To see his 5 year old daughter Annette win the "Miss Star Eyes" Pageant. His 5 year old daughter is played by a 30-plus year old actress. You know it's right up the WUBBER alley!

Denise talks about her guest appearance and discusses her GH past on We Love Soaps. Great interview!   

"That's the fun of it. That's why I'm involved with PRETTY. My dear friend Steve [Silverman, creator of PRETTY] asked if I would like to come and play and it's really a kick. I never thought about it as a kid. There was television, there was radio, I did theater, I did everything there was to to do, and it seemed natural. Now when I look back I think, "How lucky was I," because a lot of people didn't have those experiences. Here I am now because of Steve. And this is really such a baby form of entertainment."

With so many stars involved with webseries, we get to see them all over cyberspace!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Brante Promo Starts a Stir!! GH Ratings, new LOW!

SID posted the new Brante promo on it's Facebook page and in no time,  people were just screaming about it!

What does it show? 
1. Dante tells Brenda he loves her (flashback)
2. Carly's trying to find out the "truth" about the past
3. Dante tells Brenda he wants to raise "this baby" together (flashback)
4. Dante tells Lulu he and  Brenda were "pretty close"

You do the math. Brenda got PG by the guy she killed (connected to the Balkan, maybe his son) and Dante tells her they'll raise it together. I don't think it's their kid. Now, did the baby survive and she gave it up for adoption so the Balkan wouldn't find it--or did it die and the Balkan not know? More interesting if there's a 3 year old kid running around, right? 
There are A LOT of pissed people out there. Lante fans (one of the last 'newer' fanbases) are mad. S&B fans are LIVID because this is going to throw a HUGE wrench into the whole S&B reunites fantasy plans. 

Erroll Lewis on Soap Opera Network  reports that GH hit even NEWER lows in demos (most important ratings)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,878,000 (+16,000/-124,000)
2. B&B 3,108,000 (-79,000/-169,000)
3. DAYS 2,424,000 (-107,000/-535,000)
4. OLTL 2,345,000 (-9,000/-175,000) BEAT GH!!
5. GH 2,282,000 (-98,000/-446,000) <- new low (Previous low: 2,325,000 for July 6-10, 2009)
6. AMC 2,270,000 (-39,000/-452,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.6/10 (+.1/-.1)
2. DAYS 1.0/7 (same/-.4)
2. B&B 1.0/7 (same/same)
2. GH 1.0/7 (-.1/-.4) <- new low
2. OLTL 1.0/6 (+.1/-.1)
6. AMC 0.8/5 (same/-.3) <- ties low rating (2nd straight week)

I am so damn happy OLTL Beat GH!!! They were bottom of the ABC lineup for a long time and NOW LOOK what good writing can do!!! WOOT!! The show has the lowest budget-- is the last in line for HD-- and doesn't have a "giant" guest star list. The writing is the key. I keep saying that. I just want GOOD STORIES!! 

With the upcoming Dante/Brenda past coming up, it's going to get dicey. Will the S&Bers tune out? Lante Fans? Why would they go this direction?? Having Brenda and Dante know each other is one thing--this is a WHOLE 'NOTHER kettle o' fish.  

How YOU feeling after watching the promo? Intrigued? Upset? Me... I have NO faith the writing will be anything but the mess it has been for the past few years, so I don't care. Any interest I'd have would be either dropped/messed up or FF by Guza.  I don't care who the 'couple's' are  BTW...I care about how the stories are told!!

BTW, the "Balkan" should have been "Valentin"--- the one Hells was so upset about. See, THAT would have tied everything together.  Just an idea. If Brenda got PG with a Cassadine to boot? Ahhh... could have been interesting.  Maybe Bob will read this and have The Balkan end up being Valentin.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

General Hospital Spoilers and Thursday Dish!

Check out the new SPOILERS on the Wubs Net! Remember to please support the site by clicking on a link to google ads! I so appreciate it. The spoilers look about the same as they did weeks ago.  I'm underwhelmed. 

Maurice Benard will be chatting live via GH's Facebook Page tomorrow!! Get on there at 1:30pm EST and he'll answer a bunch of fan questions.

For East Coasters, Uncle Vinny's Comedy Club has a LOT of GHers coming to to the  venue! Check the link out (scroll down) and you'll see dates for Kim McCollough, Maurice Benard, other GH stars  and the Port Chuck band!!

GH TODAY:  THE Q's were on!  BRENDA FINALLY VISITS EDWARD! WOOT!! Small things make me happy. I wish it would have happened way sooner. Edward and Brenda melted my cynical #GH heart. Awwwwww. She also reminded Eddie Jason is a Q too! I wish Brenda had been there when Luke and the gang arrived. The scene was  too short with she and Edward. Nice play when  Monica told Luke he had to marry Tracy within a month or he's OUT!

Carly is such a snoop. Heh. Loves it. She'll get the story about Dante/Brenda!! She said "Bamboozled" ....heehee. She asked Jason which person he'd save if they were  "Dangling over alligators" ..."ME or Brenda"??! HE just blinked. 

SoClaire:Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring as all HELL. I don't care about them. At. All. Sleep together, don't...then sleep together, then get evidence, then ....:throwing up hands:

Emma/Robin were cute. Emma is such a peach!! I would think she would  OR the smoke detector  would go off. You know Mac Daddy has them, with new batteries. That just isn't a good story point. I mean, really. That's all I could think about. It finally went off when the house was FULL of smoke-- and Robin falls down the stairs. Is she  PG? Don't just PG women fall down the stairs. 

We found out today that Steven played guitar in a "country music" band...which is a tip to his real life love of guitar playing! 

BEST LINE: "Fruit upsets me, it's too juicy" says Luke to Alice.  

Those Pesky Genie Francis Rumors...

Will NOT die!! Here's the latest skivvy. Someone went to a Trek convention in Plano, TX and saw Jonathan Frakes  there. He said Genie was coming back to GH  "soon"...and doing The Note 3 for the Hallmark Channel. The reason I'm hesitant on this is for a couple of reasons:

One: MONEY... GH has it's hands FULL with a certain returning vet already and quite a large cast already in rotation.

Two:  I was 99% positive that there was going to be an announcement LAST October about her coming back.. I mean, I thought it was coming the week I put up the "Sprumor" I was that sure. 

Three: I'm not getting a "Laura" vibe right now. Lucky's off doing his undercover stuff,  Liz (who is a part of it all, believe me) isn't around much..Tracy/Luke are cozy in their story. I'm thinking if she does come back it will be when/if the baby reveal comes and Helena is on canvas. Spring sweeps?

I still think Mr. G is  itching to do that "Endgame" with the Cassadines that had to be scrapped for 9/11. In as much as I get on his case, I do think he's the only one to arc out that story. (I am holding out for a secret Franco tie-in and a Stavros return, thank you). 

SO,  maybe her hubby does know and we'll see Genie back in Port Charles after all. I haven't heard it on my end, btw...not even  hinted at. If I had, I would have been on here in a flash telling you all about it!! Everyone said Vanessa was coming back so long...it finally came true, could work for this as well. 

 You know if I know more, I'll be here to let you know!

I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...