Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Surgery: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Ok, some people got Friday's show on their DVR, others did not. ABC had a link up for a "full free episode" (what? do they cost money?) if you didn't have it taped. The whole world has gone nutty-- why not the digital stuff too?? 

I ate most of the food in my house this week just over nerves watching the hearings so.. I'm out. Pass 'em if you got 'em!! 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Britch is BACK...

Kelly Thiebuad tweeted about returning to GH ...but no one knows for how long or why. I would LOVE for Britt to be Wiley's mama--she had to have him in prison and didn't want Dr. O raising him. 

Here's a SOAPS IN DEPTH article all about The Britch-- She was a good character, imo. I know Kelly wanted to leave but I also know if things don't work out, they can come back. Yes, the canvas is way over-loaded but I'll take this one. 

Friday, September 28, 2018


Happy Friday Everyone! Today is the day we welcome home Genie. This is your blog for the day. Karen is busy and asked me to open a portal for all of you to use for comments on today's show. (Turning into a Friday habit, arent we, Karen?) I wont be able to watch until tomorrow. Tonight is a Golden Knights game so I have my Vegas priorities! Please post your comments below and remember to tune in to Sunday Surgery on.... well.... Sunday.

PS. Side note: did anyone watch any of the new premieres this week? Manifest? Mom? Murphy Brown? Big Bang?

PSS. I know it is an older pic of Genie, but I just love the way she looks and smiles in it. Besides, we all know what she looks like, right?

Thursday, September 27, 2018


So... I guess we didn't get GH today. No surprise. Every channel has to have this on. I guess so we can flip back and forth? Not sure. I didn't watch. I worked-- went to the pet store. I have paperwork to do because tomorrow is end of the month already! 

So, what are you thinking of GH lately? I'm thinking it's all over the place.  Why the hell didn't they jump right into the "Peter Knows More People" Story? Keep Robert on-- and ramp that up? We saw Cassandra in the car with a Cassadine..and???  

Parry Shen welcomed Kelsey Wang to GH-- She's the one handing out the band things in the bar. Is she the baby mama? (Not likely)..... Krissy's love interest?  Cult person? Some people were saying she's a cultist trying to get people into the group! LOL. Just another NEWBIE! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tears of a Teen

Kim and Drew are trying to find Oscar. They call Chase Ford

Oscar is going to throw his phone into the water--(hes' on the docks, natch) and St. Jaysus steps out of the shadows like a superhero! Don't do that!! Don't do it!! 
Oscar asks Obi Wan..I mean Jason what 'it's like to die"... /? 
OMG.. well.. um.. those scenes weren't again, the dialog is all off. Jason tries to comfort Oscar who I guess is trying to cry? Sorry but--painful.

Finn and Anna are all cutsie and talking about wanting to just stay in bed all day. Anna wants to know why Finn hates his Dad so much. 

Alexis, Sam and Krissy in a bantering session. Same ol' same ol'

Brad, Jules are at Charlie's and Alexis is coming. Alexis comes in an talks to Brad and tells him birth mom reported no heart trouble but they didn't name the dad and have no birth history on him. ERGO, Brad is like: 

Some rando chick goes into Charlie's to pass out fliers for the "Dawn of Day" concert in the park? It was really weird. Is she the birth mom? I don't get it.  Then Krissy decides to go and talks to her. Is she a love interest??? 

Cam tries not to tell Joss about Oscar. But her phone rings--Kim asks her if she's seen Oscar. He wasn't in first period. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cookies Save the Show

Here's the run down:

Jules/Brad....and then Nina/Charlotte-- Charlie's Bar
Carly and St. Jaysus--CaSon's House

Brad is all upset and thinks he'll have to tell Lucas about Wiley.

Nina and Charlotte: Why don't you love PAPA anymore, Nina!!? 

Stella and Jordan talk about the counseling session. Hell, they have a whole bottle of wine. Jordy wants to 'reset' the relationship and said she was sorry for her part in the session. Stella said "You want me to forget you killed Thomas"!! NuJordan is pretty stone faced. EESH. That was bad... oy.  Bad scene there--

Oscar is crying over his tumor. Then he's yelling at Mommy. Kind of yelling. Wow.. not going well here. Dialog is off.. especially for a kid just finding out this news. And .. well.. I'm saying it. Acting. not up to par. 

SO, INTERRUPTUS of GH with the Bill Cosby Sentencing. 

Back to GH:

Jason and Carly: RECONNING THE ENTIRE BODY IN CROTON MESS. Which, btw I proved Sonny said he did't KILL HIM-- he just moved the body with my You Tube clip but..whatever. I guess it's more drama if he killed him. So he murdered a guy in cold blood because someone else told him to so he could be a big man. Welp, if the DA doesn't win on this one, GH is really messed up. 
Carly tells Jason about Wiley having the same heart condition as Michael when he was a baby and Michael walks in. He has cookies from Kelly's. Jason was cute saying no to having any. Michael: You know you want one. Jason: NO NO I DON'T. It was the ONLY fun part of today. 

Nina overhears Brad say he may lose Wiley. She doesn't really care. 

SO.. I'm saying it. The tumor dialog today was just awful. Oscar's reaction? Not believable. 
Nope. Sorry. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

WHAT Gun??

Vinny Marino...well. well. No surprise there. I see DA has on a white blazer--and 1984 shoulder pads going. Ugh. Wardrobe. Stop.  Ok, I got in trouble for being a fuddy Duddy about this on twitter but--man. 

Carly and Franco. Carly's like: LIZ is a giant hypocrite. Franco: Hey, didn't I get you outta Ferncliff. ??  Be nice.  Carly about Liz "Maybe Cam is sick of the revolving door and is pushing back"! YO!!!  Then she tells him if Liz makes Joss feel bad, she's gonna flatten her"!! LMAO 

Sam is trying really hard not to tell Jason about Oscar. :eyeroll: They kiss on the cheek. :eyeroll: she leaves. 

The kids are at the shelter. Cam blurts out Oscar has cancer.. Oscar is like NO WAY... Cam is all: WAY.. Oscar leaves.
OMG, I think Carly is trying on coats meant for the shelter LOL She is!! that's hilarious. 

Drew and Kim talking about Oscar dying..and her not telling him. Whatevvvvvv.  Dr. Terry comes in says they have to think of the future and make some decisions about Oscar. She says there's a new trial medication that may help. It might kill him tho.

Oscar busts into the hospital office where Terry, Mom and Drew are talking and says: I have cancer?  Dr. Terry, are you an oncologist? Kim finally tells him. 

Jason and Mike and Sonny talk about the body moving. Mike saw the gun in the hole took it but can't remember where it is.  "What gun" ?? LOL  Sonny's trying not to throw something at his head. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blindfolded

Um..Why are you here again?
For Carly...wearing white after Labor Day..

I'm goin' in! I'm writing this before I watch episodes I missed because sometimes it's just more fun that way!! From what I saw on Twitter, I didn't miss much and I got the bigger 'surprises' so let's give it a go. 

Thanks to David for having my back on Friday when I missed posting-- 8 hour workshops and people for dinner will do that to you. 

Since it's fall, I suppose we should have some pumpkin something. I'm not a pumpkin spice coffee lover though. Oh, and I don't like cider. Guess I'll go for the donuts. :giggle: 

Friday, September 21, 2018


I guess Karen got hung up with work. Oh who are we kidding. She is playing in the park with Tillie. I'm going to go ahead and open a portal for todays show so all of you can talk about it.

And by talk about it, i mean the LAST 10 SECONDS!

We all knew it. We all saw it coming. But now it is confirmed. Margot's daddy is in the basement and she is out for some serious revenge against Sonny.

Good writing with Drew and Franco today.

And the kids. Awkward scene at the donation center, but I guess it needed to happen.

Let's go everyone! Time to talk it up before Sunday Surgery!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

GH Rick & Lesley ~ 09-22-82 ~ Blackie Takes Mike To His Probation Appoi...

I see You Tube has a fancy new way to embed their vids.. geesh! Anyway, here's your throwback!! AND I totally had that dress Leslie has on..but in Blue. I also had Heather's hairstyle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

You may write HERE!

I FEEL LIKE THIS and I have to go into the Apple Store to have my phone done... I'm sure it will be 10x worse later!! LOL 

Ok, write away.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Just ignore that last post down there!! I made it home by 2:30 so I'll jump into the show. The rest of the week still looks like crap but at least I can catch some of today.

If you wonder why I don't post later in the evening, it's because if I don't watch the show live, I can't deal with watching them later the same day. I don't know why--it's some kind of OCD with GH lol. I CAN binge really late at night or before Sunday Surgery. Go figure. I think because the evening is for doing things around the house and being on the computer so much isn't my thing. 

Um, Curtis is telling some chick she might be Nina's kid? I missed how he found her? Is he going to ask all the women in PC if they'll take a DNA test?? How did they figure out she's in PC?? Could Britt be her kid? Hmmm or is she too old? 

OK so I came into Franco and Liz talking about Oscar's cancer. Franco: "Poor Drew"-- and he remembers about talking to Drew and saying "Thank god teenagers grow old" ... WHOOPS. 

Cam and Oscar 'make up'. Sam and Drew talk about Kim and her not telling Oscar. And I CAN'T HEAR KEMO-- as per usual. Today I could hear BM but she was retrograde LOW DECIBEL !! 

Kim and Julian Flannel Shirt. He got Hamilton Tickets-- It IS coming to Buffalo so that's right. BUT! These tickets are for April 17th-- bloop! Oscar might be ...well..not here!  Kim wants to focus on the 'here and now".  Which to Julian means sex... 

Nina and Anna..Nina tells Anna that her mom died and left her something that might be telling her that her baby is alive. I love Michelle Stafford. She and Finola are gold in this scene.

Lucy and Ryan!! I missed most of it... OH I love these two! Remember the lighthouse??? I still kinda miss Port Charles.  Maxie comes to talk to Ryan about the article-- Ryan thinks he should talk to Felicia. BRauauauahahahha.  So, Maxie and Lucy are going to get RYAN to counsel FELICIA!!  OMG. Yes. 

END: Ok, so Franco knows about the tumor, right ? He calls Drew to tell him he's sorry--Cam is coming in and overhears it.  Then Franco goes upstairs but he left the computer open to the PORT CHARLES BRAIN TUMOR PAGE! ahahahaa. 

Tuesday Wed--Thurs AND Friday!!?

Oh boy-- my schedule sucks this week!! Tillie, new iPhone battery, workshop--work work!! Not sure when I get here to watch the show. 

SO... I will try to get something up in the AM for you to post in!! I really REALLY wanted to see Lucy and Ryan today but I'll have to watch later. Or maybe they won't even be on--you know GH !! They'll wait until Thursday or something. 

I didn't even watch the Emmys last night!! NOPE--just not in the mood. Not sure why but I couldn't be bothered. There are so many great shows on now and SO little awards to pass out!! 

Have a great one-- 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Crock Pots

Franco and KEVIN!!! :) WHOOT!! Ryan asks him if he as an appointment. "you said come in whenever Franco--it's your wedding present, Franco"... Franco runs off a the mouth about Liz and boys and he's scared about his trauma affecting him.  It's really fun/funny dialog, you should watch it. JL and RoHo are going to be great together. 

Drew's party lasted into the night? ahahahhaaa. Oscar is in trouble fighting. 
Liz sees Cam's eye cut. .she's all WTH? He says he fell on a ROCK ahahhahaa. She says ok and puts a bandage on it.

So, Kim calls LIZ...and BUSTS Cameron "Did you know Cameron and Oscar got in a fight at school today"??? AHAHHAA. 
OMG I like Bratty Oscar!! He was good. Liz is mad at Cam.. see we don't need any TUMOR!! This could be all teenage angst. Later, Drew goes to Kim's where she's sitting and crying.  He says they have to tell Oscar about his tumor. She says all the specialists say he'll 'make it to his next birthday' so doesn't want to tell him because it will ruin his year. HUH? Didn't she say it could be a 'month..6months ..a year'?? This is weird.  She says she wants him to be happy without a dark cloud. 

Robin and Jason--awww. She talks about Peter and wonders how he can deal with him just walking around town. She says that her dad and mom gave Peter a pass through the WSB. Jason says he'll leave him alone out of respect to she and Anna. I take it Jason doesn't know about the whole WSB Sting?? Or patient thing?? Why wouldn't Robert have Drew and Jason be in on all this? It would tie people together.

Mike and the DA..she can't question him especially since he's diagnosed with cognitive issues. You'd think Sonny would say NOPE, LAWYER LAWYER!!  Sonny said something to DA about murder. She's like How you know that?? HAHAHA. oh, Carly finally mentions a lawyer. Mike says NO NEED!! He says he was at Charlie's getting a job for Courtney his daugther. Margot tells him she's dead. He freaks out. They leave BUT HE WAS FAKING IT!! Even CarSon didn't know. (I did tho) I love it. It shows that Alzehimer's patients can have total lucidity at times--he was great. 

END: LUCY COE IN THE HOUSEEEEE!! She's going to dinner with RYAN!! Squeee!! I'm so happy!! 

Good dialog today, I enjoyed it. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Surgery: When All Else Fails....


Is it Sunday SO SOON??!!! Goodness. I guess the week flew by! This week confused me in so many ways. It was also frustrating and had some of the best scenes shown in awhile. It also had Peter stripping in the elevator so... :throwsuphands: 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Would You Rather?

Nina and the Necklace. She's having some guy look at it. Curtis and Valentin are talking at a table about her and she comes by. There's a body guard there that she has on her and Curtis takes down--Valentine hired him?? Did I miss that?? Oh because Cassandra is out of her coma and on the run. Why does Cassandra hate Nina? Because she put her in a coma? Does she know she put her in a coma?? Anyway, Valentin hired a guy to watch Nina because Cassandra is on the loose. Nina says she's going to hire Curtis to be her bodyguard. 

NEW JORDAN...Briana Henry 

Body in the Basement has a Bullet to check and they are looking at Frank Smith's contacts to see who it could be. They see Luke and Laura..the Disco.. DA wants to interview Laura. 

Carly thinks Mike is ready to go somewhere, Sonny's not. Mike overhears them talking. He comes out and says it's time for me to go. He said Avery thinks her "other name" is Courtney because he can't remember it. Good scenes AND THIS SHOULD be a WHOLE SHOW!! it's wonderful dialog about Mike losing himself and wanting some dignity in this decision. Maurice sobs...I'm tearing up. Great stuff.  They decide Mike will do a day treatment program and sleep at home at night. He'll also look at residential  while he still can.

Party at Monica's...Drew's Birthday. WHAT DID I MISS..why are they doing this? I swear I watched some yesterday but it's like I skipped a show??  Anyway, Kim finds out Drew told Sam about Oscar and Kim is PISSED. I guess Jason isn't there because the celebrates the day 'he woke up as Jason Morgan"... not his BDay. This is the weirdest party EVER. WTF. White balloons?? PUNCH?? And Sam, Kim and Monica there? Wouldn't you take  him out for a beer...and invite Curtis maybe?? This is weirdddddddd. Oh Oscar is there. Sam saw he was bleeding and finds out he was in a fight. 

Kim is telling Drew he was wrong to tell Sam.. she totally ruined his party lol. Sam tells them they were in a fight. 

PS> Baby Lila mention by Monica. 

PETER AND MAXIE stuck in an elevator. And you couldn't think of something more original???? OMG he's freaking out, anxiety attack and ..he takes off his shirt. -____-  They play "would you rather".  The elevator gets going and Nina steps on. 

END: Jordan and DA show up at Sonny's to talk to Mike 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Peter and Robin sittin' in a tree

Maxie and Robin!! MAXIE AND ROBIN!! WHOOTT!!!  Robin wants to meet Peter but isn't sure about a 'relationship" :eyeroll: 
Later Maxie talks with Anna and they make up, say I love you...hug

Julian is talking to Sonny, bugging him about the body in the basement.  OMG. I'm so sick of this damn story. 

Peter wants Lulu to the Ryan Chamberlain story. Lulu wants to give everyone heads up. Peter's like: that's not how Journalism WORKS.  OMG I hate him. 

Ryan is trying to be Kevin with Laura on the phone while looking at a picture of Felicia.  Lulu asks him if it's ok to do the story on Ryan. He's THRILLED! lol.. and he's SO CREEPY. SO perfect. I love JL playing this part. 

NUJORDAN is on..she's pretty-- she and DA Margot are talking about the case. They haven't found the gun yet. 

Peter and Robin talking about Faison.  blah blah She does mention that having 2 healthy kids is rare with HIV diagnosis. 

Kristina is making cocktails and Sam is trying them out. They talk about Krissy's life and how she doesn't know what she wants to do-- and is sad about her relationships. Oh, Julian comes in and loves her cocktails too. 

TOMORROW: OMG the damn elevator is stuck with Maxie and Peter on it. :EYEROLL: 

Did we say anything about DA being "The Body's" daughter? Like we didn't see that coming a mile away. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I'm only here for 1/2 the time--again!! 

Franco tells Liz about the Princess Pencils. She's not happy with Cam. 

Krissy is OUT of the gas-pit!! 
Mike's freaking out.  Julian's suspicious. 

Alexis finds out..remember her sister Christina got blown up?

Sam still has the white shirt on! Alexis finds out about the explosion. Will she remember Christina Cassadine was blown to bits?? 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Free Pour


Sonny and Jason talk about Mike. His nurse and driver lost him??? ? Okay. SO Mike's out hacking the hell out of the gas line in the basement of Charlie's. He staggers upstairs and sees Krissy. Freaks out, tells her to leave (not the poor other saps in there). Julian and Krissy think he's just having an episode.  Mike sits down and appears to have forgotten why he's there. Julian smells something. 

*Note: Julian told Kristina she should free pour drinks-- which is the only way to do it. 

Nina makes that BABY leap again.  She didn't sing though. blah blah. Maxie thinks they should go out for a drink and movie. Does she remember she has a baby at home?? WTF? 

Michael tells Carly that Nelle wrote him from prison. Carly's all "She can't write you" Yada yada. Michael says "we both lost our son so..." and BRAD walks in. Of course. Carly asks Brad to join them. 

Ok, I am just too tired. SORRY-- I'll try to catch the rest later. Wubsy OUT. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Surgery: "Tomorrow"

AND I know all the craft beer from here to Portland. 

First full week I've watched since I've been back from vacation! Also my first full work week so ... my attention was up and down. All and all I liked the show-- and Friday's episode was pretty great.
I do have plenty to snark on however, so let's get TO IT!!

Let's have a piece of Vinessa's birthday cake-- :Giggle: We are singing the show tunes from Annie as well. Get your red curly wigs out! 

Friday, September 7, 2018

I believe this is Vinessa's last show.. 

Krissy wants to bartend. Julian's like: OMG your Dad will kill me. She basically says too bad and hops behind the bar lol
SO Jules hires Krissy because she bosses her way into the job and she and Val talk about her time in Portland. 

Mike's all upset about the BODY!! THE BODY!! I'll talk more about this situation in Sunday Surgery. 

Nina got a box of childhood memories from Madeline. And a jewelry box with a note. Note says: "This will mend a broken heart" and it's a necklace.  She used to like Annie and she'd pretend that necklace was like the locket from there. "Where's the other half" says Maxie? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. 
And..then in about 2 minutes she figures out her baby is alive. LOL. Really. Not making that up. 

Illegal Adoption guy talks to Curtis and Jordan. He decides to spill..wasn't hard to get him to talk that's for sure lol  He said Madeline's daughter was in a coma and she thought the father had something to do with it, so she adopted the baby out. 

JosCar is on.. "We have plenty of time to figure each other out"--Ummm ANVIL. 

Jason visited Sam....the Drew visited Sam.  Drew basically just up and told Sam about Oscar! Geeesh Way to keep a secret. They hold hands.  

Sonny's mad Julian got the permit.  Jason says it will be ok, they'll get the construction company under their control. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018


So, I got home at 2:15.. didn't see anything that important that I missed? I see Stella and Mike are 'going out'....Krissy was at Sonny's.  Then that sports guy comes on.. (Brick) and he has apps for Mike and some alarm system to set up. After he leaves, Sonny tells Carly there's a boy buried at Charlie's. 

Donna Mills funeral ....with some homeless person in the back... I think it's Lesil --I'M RIGHT!! Awww, She has no make up on and is fabulous as usual. 
"I have no family left" says Nina
"Zaht's not true, you haz me" says Dr. O!
They are so Cassadine like. Nina's like, yeah, you were gonna burn Peter and I alive...but whatever. LMAO Lesil doesn't think that Donna Mills died of heart disease. 

Kiki and Griffin just "wanna be friends" ..then Kiki is like, but there's an apartment in my building!! Griffin runs into Anna at GH, tells her he's suspended. 

Kiki and Krissy see each other in the park. They talk about love life and that Kristina is back. They go to breakfast. I hope they move in together. They end up at Charlie's. Krissy may ask for a job. Ava tells Kiki she's a liar and a whore! OH Ava, you just OWN being a hypocrite!! ahahhahaaa. 

Mike and Stella are out to lunch. He gives her advice about how to apologize to Jordan. Julian tries to be sneaky and pump him about information on "charlie"..he doesn't fall for it. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cancer of the???

Finn and Anna were cute with Roxy. Discussing the difference between Iceberg and Romaine for Roxy. (Romaine is preferred).  He asks Anna about Peter.  Ok, didn't Finn have a suite at the Metro and not just a bedroom???

Peter talks about his mama with Chase Ford. He reminds him he's on tenderhooks with the WSB. yada yada..boring. 

Then, Anna goes to talk to Peter and Chase goes to talk to Finn. They talk about the "case" and Canada and all that. Finn says "you and Roxy got off on the wrong foot...want to meet her again"? Aww

Peter wants nothing to do with Anna. She asks about the Intruder--he said Valentin gave her the money. 

Kim tells Liz that Drew has cancer and she gets upset. Goes to talk to Oscar and Drew walks in. Oscar says he had low blood sugar. Kim runs out and Liz tells her to tell Drew about the cancer. Later she finally breaks down and tells him. Kim finally tells Drew that Oscar has a BRAIN TUMOR! that's right people!! another BRAIN TUMOR!! We find out that she's known for two years!! and Oscar has NO idea!! Well, that's stupid. The oncologists wouldn't allow that at his age. PLUS, he'd have a ton of ugh. 
Billy Miller bought all the feels. "Shouldn't he determine how to live the rest of his life"..sniff...
They have a heart to heart. Good stuff. 
Terry is her oncologist 

In the Park, Joss tells Cam he's being inappropriate "HASHTAG ME TOO" she yells. He says he's really into her and he's the one that had Oscar send her the text. She said they were in the "Friend Zone". They both go to GH. Liz sees Cam and says: UM... YOU ARE GROUNDED what are doing here? LOL 

SEXIS!!!! DAVIS GIRLSS!!! SQUEEEE!! Ok, so Krissy is back, Sam went to Portland to talk to her because Parker was living the professor life and Kristina felt left out. Parker's friends didn't like her either. So she decided to live her own life, back in Port Charles. 
I LOVE Sonny when he's with Alexis---and or Krissy. Sorry but I do. Whole different ballgame there. 
SO, Krissy wants to manage Perks again and Sonny says she can't.  Alexis says that she could get her a job as a paralegal. Krissy is like NOPE. So, we'll see what job she gets. Waitress at Charlies?? 
She doesn't want to live with Alexis or Sonny--she's going to live with Sam. 

I enjoyed the show today!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Three Reasons To Watch GH

Saw the last 15 minutes of the show today. Found two right off the bat:

Cameron went for it and kissed Joss...just as we find out Oscar is dying. If you saw Chuck/Tara/Phil on AMC you know where this can lead....yep, right down the soapy path! 

Ryan Chamberlain is on the loose. Creepy... not cartoonish and totally going to own Port Charles in a bit. Can Lucy spot the clone? Hmmmm Can Laura? Can Felicia? Double hmmmm....

Ava is pissed. I didn't see her today but I know she's there, waiting to clobber St. Griffin with all the weapons at her disposal. 

The Ring

Ok, so I heard from Dave that there was a CASSADINE RING and hand shown while I was gone. Hmmmm, so--who could it be? Stavros? Victor? Stefan? Nikolas? Rumors are rife that since he's leaving (or left) DOOL, ol' Batty could show up again in PC. Maybe this was part and parcel of the Genie package? She'd have a front-burner with both JL and SN? I have to say I've heard mixed takes on this. Most want Nikolas back even if he's a recast. 

There's a "hand hint" worth checking out over on Soap Dirt. I don't have much experience with this site but the photos showing the ring and SN's post on Instagram are interesting. 

I'm hoping the Cassandra 'reveal' is a short-lived one because... really? Peter told Robert there were 'others' in the whole experiment and I'm hoping they are more exciting than she. 

I'm also on here to let you know I have to work at 2:00 today so I won't be here unless I can get home, watch and post after taking Miss Tillie for a HOT, HUMID WALK (phew). I'm also working later tomorrow so..not sure about that either.  One must make a living!! 

Hope you're not melting... the kids here return to air conditioning FREE schools meaning it's prob a health hazard to keep them in their rooms all day. Only new builds get the air-con! 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Park Place

You are going to GAG on this in a minute, Cam!! 

Oh boy-- here I am. First Sunday Surgery in a long time!! Pressure is on and I'm WOEFULLY unprepared! I found out my DVR kicks off the GH shows after 5 days so I don't even have all the episodes to watch. I had to go to and you tube to catch some clips. I admit it right now, I didn't watch all 10 days I missed. Nope!! I will try to provide you with my impressions of the show at this stage however in the only way I can, full on snark and fun. 

I ate so much on vacation, I'm giving it up for awhile. Only water and small thin mints. (don't believe it!!)

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...