Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Ring

Ok, so I heard from Dave that there was a CASSADINE RING and hand shown while I was gone. Hmmmm, so--who could it be? Stavros? Victor? Stefan? Nikolas? Rumors are rife that since he's leaving (or left) DOOL, ol' Batty could show up again in PC. Maybe this was part and parcel of the Genie package? She'd have a front-burner with both JL and SN? I have to say I've heard mixed takes on this. Most want Nikolas back even if he's a recast. 

There's a "hand hint" worth checking out over on Soap Dirt. I don't have much experience with this site but the photos showing the ring and SN's post on Instagram are interesting. 

I'm hoping the Cassandra 'reveal' is a short-lived one because... really? Peter told Robert there were 'others' in the whole experiment and I'm hoping they are more exciting than she. 

I'm also on here to let you know I have to work at 2:00 today so I won't be here unless I can get home, watch and post after taking Miss Tillie for a HOT, HUMID WALK (phew). I'm also working later tomorrow so..not sure about that either.  One must make a living!! 

Hope you're not melting... the kids here return to air conditioning FREE schools meaning it's prob a health hazard to keep them in their rooms all day. Only new builds get the air-con! 


  1. I wouldn't mind the original Stefan coming back. Don't want a recast Nicholas. I don't think Nicholas wore a Cassadine ring did he?

  2. I would love for it to be SN. He is definitely off Days - read he was given a 30% pay cut and refused it. They should get rid of Peter and Margaux to afford him. Probably like what happened to Tyler C. at GH when he left.

  3. First off, my name got mentioned. wheeeeeeeee! I'm all giddy.


    My thinking is that they taped the scene with a stand-in (or, rather a hand-in) and are in the process of casting. They are probably trying to get SN back in the fold, but are going through negotiations. This way, if the SN plans fall through, they can call RKK or someone else, or even recast. But I think they made this obscure, hoping that they could get SN on board and I am pretty sure they will. He's available.

    This all could be a red herring. Something for us to contemplate and they might not even bring up the ring or Cassandra again. Could have been a one-off moment.

    Did anyone (other than Karen) catch that Jacob Young wants to come back to GH as Lucky?

    1. Ugh....no please don't bring back Jacob Young, hated his Lucky.
      Wouldn't mind seeing SN back. Agree lose Peter and Margeaux.

  4. I really don't have that e-mail anymore! My e-mail mail is and has been for years ( libr8_2000@Yahoo.com ) so I won't get your reply.
    It won't let me change it???

  5. I don't want anyone but Jonathan Jackson to play Lucky. I know he won't come back, but that is MO

  6. As I said in an earlier post, that ring on that hand in the plane is an homage to how Stefan and Nik came to save Lulu, and the ring was worn by Stefan, and IT BETTER BE HIS HAND!! LOVE HIM, hope he comes back!

  7. well, he left DOOL in April, so by now they would know if he was back.....
    whether they did a hand-fill-in or not.......

    Stravos? nope....
    the writers COMPLETLEY dropped Alexis' fixation on her father and therapy - WHY?
    cause I thought it was Mikos.....
    Alexis seems fine now - even without an audience.....

  8. Ava meeting Stefan could cause fireworks! That might be the next couple worth watching.

  9. jonathan jackson is the only lucky.same for tyler christpher is the only nik. get rid of the extra cast(baggage) and reduce show to 30 minutes


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