Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blindfolded

Um..Why are you here again?
For Carly...wearing white after Labor Day..

I'm goin' in! I'm writing this before I watch episodes I missed because sometimes it's just more fun that way!! From what I saw on Twitter, I didn't miss much and I got the bigger 'surprises' so let's give it a go. 

Thanks to David for having my back on Friday when I missed posting-- 8 hour workshops and people for dinner will do that to you. 

Since it's fall, I suppose we should have some pumpkin something. I'm not a pumpkin spice coffee lover though. Oh, and I don't like cider. Guess I'll go for the donuts. :giggle: 

So, something's wrong with Wiley? 
Really? Like what? Some sort of rare condition that only a few have ever had in Port Charles? 
Wow... interesting. Imagine that. Out of all the babies in all the world..
Yeah, imagine that. 

So..even though you wanted to buy the bar and your Dad was skulking around the place like a damn guilty choirboy, you're saying you know nothing? Well.. I won't get my PCPD finest on this but I be Curtis can solve this mess! 

You're telling me the vending machine is all out of Snickers? Great!! just great!! DREW, let's blow this popcicle stand!!
I love my job...I love my job.. I love...

If anyone is going to figure this out, it's me Doc..!  I've actually had a twin that looked nothing like me, but played me for years in another town, during another time. Everyone thought he was me, even with a different face! AND--get this..I thought I was a twin..but turns out my cousins were twins, and one has a different face but people believed he was the other twin! So--see, I KNOW Twins. your step. 

Well, I got a new shirt...and it's scarlet so-- something big is probably going to happen. 
Won't involve sex between us though, right? 
NOPE. It's not THAT fancy of a shirt. 

OMG Cam.. you're like So lame.. I didn't even like that kiss, although it did taste like Skittles. 
SKITTLES! Isn't that our thing, Joss--- I mean you know I love  Skittles, right? 
Hey, Oscar. You have a tumor. Put that in your Skittles bag, bro. 

SO! I'm back...
And you are??? 
Come on.. remember? We had one scene in Berkley months ago...think hard...
Um.. the waiter? 
NO! I'm your father!

Huh.. first a brother, now a father...interesting.
Yep.. and I'm here because...well.. there must be some reason. 
Can't wait to hear all about it. Said no one ever.

SIDE NOTE: Props to the hairstylist--lady in the back is on point! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Since I only saw a few, I really have to go with Mike outsmarting the DA and Jordan about being confused. Alzheimer's patients have lucid moments, are still clever and can so amazing things. I think we forget that--and that every moment is doom and gloom. Nope. 

HUG OF THE WEEK: Gah... they finally wrote Robin and Jason they way they should be. I loved their banter "Let us never speak of this again"!! 

GREAT STUFF OF THE FUTURE: Jon L tweeted this pic..looks like Laura and Spencer will be back! I think they didn't SORA him because they love NB so much. I do too but.. a teen Spencer would be awesome so I'm torn.  They could bring back Felix's bratty little sis too--remember her? We'd have 5 teens then, which this show needs to bring in the younger viewers. (We oldsters love teens too--it's what got us hooked in the first place!!) 

NUTSHELL SUMMARY: I think this is what happened this week: 
Brucas Baby has a heart problem
DA found out the body was her Dad's (which I called eons ago)
Finn's father is in town
Robin and Jason are friends
Cam tells Oscar he has a tumor
Ryan has lunch with Lucy and a session with Franco. 

DEAR PRODUCTION TEAM -- So, we have an ongoing story about Mike with Alzheimer's that did include other players like Felix, Michael and Josslyn . Stella's been in there too. What a great opportunity to have Olivia come over to sit with and talk about the old days. Krissy's been around, maybe have a few family scenes with more than 2-3 people at a time? Oh, and what about that baby switch? Can we step up the pace on that, please? You have Ryan and Kevin dancing--and Genie coming back. But wait.
WHAT IS THIS FRESH HELL? You decide to give the new pony-tail girl not ONLY the zip drive containing Drew's memories (which by now no one cares about) she ALSO HAS A DEAD DAD and Sonny revenge to get busy with!! Wow... Then you threw in a tumor for Oscar (??) when you had aged Cam and could have had a normal teen angst story brewing. Maybe introduced some friends?? Don't forget the whole Ava/Kiki/Griffin thing with seems to consist of slaps and shirtless scenes. Speaking of shirtless, Peter's around Lulu and Maxie like some parasite we keep trying to rid ourselves of. In addition to all of this, for some reason Finn's father shows up again (??? WTF).  
Oh, almost forgot, there's also this whole "Nina's baby" story --which mirrors every other "I didn't know I had a baby" tale that ever existed. We just lived through Anna's hell--must we live through this as well? 
For the love of all things soapy listen to me: TIGHTEN THINGS UP.  I might not know much but I know that having Finn's Dad show up can't be great for anything.  Get rid of the riff raff and get Scorpio on full time doing WSB biz with Drew, Jason and Anna. Marry Curtis and Jordan and get TJ and Molly back.  Maxie should be having a tough time with Nathan gone and Lulu and she could move into together at Lulu's house since Dante's gone. There! Probs solved.

Phew. That made me feel better!! 


  1. Priceless SS! So many funny comments can't pick one. The photo about white after labor day, lmao!!

  2. the alzheimers story is great.hope they can to the cancer tumor the same way. not like alexis lung cancer or ava's cancer both cured.or anna's .show what cancer does to the patient and family.

  3. "Jon L tweeted this pic..looks like Laura and Spencer will be back! I think they didn't SORA him because they love NB so much. I do too but.."

    I love him too!!!! No SORAS! I love watching him grow up!!! :) Love that he is back! YAY!

    "a teen Spencer would be awesome so I'm torn."

    Nicolas Bechtel IS a teenager. :) He's 13. I just looked him up. He was born February 15, 2005.

    1. He has good genes haha!! I'm almost 49 and have been told many times I look much younger.

  4. Genie looks fabulous as usual. SO glad Spencer is back. Love that pic and hope they do this story line justice.

    Get Jason and Sam together already. Too long and I've lost interest.

    Button up some stories.

    Yes, have Lulu and Maxie move in together. Would be fun to watch two "single" women with children. Give the kids something.

  5. I like Nicholas Bechtel too. Sometimes he is OOT, but that is part of his charm as a kid (child of Nicholas Cassadine) Bring back Emma too. They are cute together.

    1. I agree lindie, out but it'll be good to have him back, I bet he'll see thru "Kevin".

  6. Yes, I saw that too, Carly wearing white after Labor day, what a faux pas!

  7. Michelle, Spencer is a "perceptive" little boy. You could be right about him seeing through Kevin/Ryan. Or, at least calling him out for acting "weird".


  9. ok. you dont like apple cider? when you were a little girls, didnt you go on field trips in grammar school to the local orchard where you were able to make your own glass of apple cider? did ANYONE? Or was that a Jersey thing? We were the garden state after all...

    has anyone ever had an apple cider DONUT? With sugar on top? or was that a Jersey thing too?

    i do not like spencer. there. i said it. and clearly I am the only one. He is a little brat that always gets his way and no one ever stands up to him. He's Sheldon Cooper! Which is why I dont watch Big Bang Theory. If sheldon ever spoke to me like that he'd be in tears. just saying...

    in the photo of finn and his dad, if you look really quick, from side view, his dad looked like rick webber. no he really does! go ahead and look. i'll wait.

    i dont want the baby reveal so quick. let it go for a few years and when the writers run out of stories (and they will...) they can bring it up out of nowhere. they have the nina baby storyline right now to work with. ok, so her daughter isnt a baby. but... you know what i mean.

    drew and franco pic. are you sure that drew isnt saying "why did I leave Y&R for this?"

    i am already lost with the ryan and kevin storyline and I AM NOT EVEN WATCHING IT

    with all the SORAS going on, does Spencer have anyone left in his age range to be in a scene with?

    Ok, I'm done. (for now)

    1. LOL Dave! I can't stand Sheldon either. Gross on apple cider. Baby reveal now.

  10. "Michelle Latta said...He has good genes haha!! I'm almost 49 and have been told many times I look much younger."

    I'm 44 and look younger. People think I am in my 20's. :)

  11. Dave, I lived in Maple syrup country so we did that on field trips. We also went to Corning Museum of Glass and watched glass blowers and Niagara Falls. Never to an apple place-- but it was around and I really didn't like it--especially the murky kind--eeewww. I don't even like hard cider. Yes we have apple cider donuts but I like fry cakes best. Kids HERE make their own cider in school and go apple picking and Hilton has a huge apple festival. But my hometown was too far away

  12. We went to the Corning Museum and Niagara Falls when we were kids in Buffalo. After moving to Brooklyn, we did go apple picking. No cider, though--I'm always afraid of it, I think it's not pasteurized, or something . . .

    I LOVE Spencer, he is SO CUTE, and the actor is so amazing, really love him with Uncle Sonny, they are so cute together, and look alike . . .

    I want Michael to have his baby NOW, I DO NOT want to watch him hold and coo over the kid for years not knowing it is his

    1. Me TOO AntJoan! Give him his baby back writers!!

  13. I just saw a picture of a 6 year old little boy with brown hair and eyes no word on who he's playing but I'm guessing they're aging Leo.

    1. They have aged Leo, I saw him recently, I forget what scene it was...oh wait, he was at the park with others, not Liv, I've slept since then and can't remember but he got hurt at park and Jules was there I believe to help. He was cute.

  14. Leo or Rocco??? How old do they have Rocco now? What about Charlotte? She hasn't been on in a long time has she? I don't watch much

    1. Not sure about Rocco. Charlotte portrayer got hurt over the summer, broke her collarbone, so probably why?

  15. I was gone for a very long weekend, and just got caught up on GH. Loved the picture of Robin and Jason, and I agree Karen, the writers got it right with them. That made me happy! I can't wait for Spencer and Laura to come back, maybe that will limit the Peter Problem's screen time and I'm hoping that they notice right away something is off about "Kevin". :)

    Margoo is an awful human being, and now that she's announced that the body is her daddy, she needs to be removed immediately from the case and sent back to San Francisco or where ever the hell she came from. After she gives Drew the flash drive, of course!

    Cam was being such a jerk, and of course spilled the beans about Oscar's cancer. We all saw that coming. And maybe we should just have an all out brawl with Kiki and Ava. You know, like they did on Dynasty with Crystal and Alexis. Just get it over with already. LOL!

    I loved Karen's letter to the Production Team. I give it a million up votes!! Thanks as always for the Sunday Surgery!


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