Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Cheers For New Years

HERE'S TO 2018 
This week was such a lull for me I could have screamed. I think after the whole sweeps then Christmas joy,  everything just came to a screeching halt.  Maybe I was just crabby from post holiday food bloat but boy-- I needed a lot of coffee to get through even a 4 day week. 

I'm having some liberties with today's blog details. Enjoy. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Rub a Dub Dub!

UGH..I was never EVER a fan of the "OMG we are trapped in the wine cellar crap on soaps --which was done TO DEATH on OLTL.. So, this whole "We are stranded on a boat in the harbor" is just lame.  Sorry.  They of course:
Have no cell service

The harbor can't tow them in for 3 hours (non-priority)
Have Dominoes at the ready for a tequila game!  eesh
They talk about Sam moving on. Jason is glad she didn't wait. He had no idea how much time had passed but wouldn't have wanted her to wait on him coming home. He wants her to be happy. 
They play dominoes. All JaSam like. Drink. Then they go out to watch the fireworks.  They look at each other---have flashbacks then..they..

Then, we have Kim and Drew in a car together! HOW Convenient!! LOL  Oh they are bantering so cutsie. And guess what's in the glove box?? THE CD Mix thing!! Of course it's in there.  

Valentin is getting beat up by Cassie's goon. YAWN!!  Cassie finds out her factory was raided.  She says she's going to go kill Anna and Finn then kill Val. 
Nina is worried about Val. (no one else is).  She gets a text saying sorry (he didn't send it, Cassie did). 
Valentin flashes back to he and Nina's wedding last year at this time. 

FAnna decided to spend NYE together.  Finn goes out to get supplies. Cassie and her goon break into Anna's ...Finn comes in with peonies (nice choice) but Anna's gone. He goes to look and comes down to find Cassie holding a flower. Ut oh.

Dante tells Lulu not to go after Faison. She's like: I won't if you won't.  They argue, then kiss at midnight.

Metro Party is so lame. Sonny does find out that Carly has JaSam on the yacht and that she paid the bartender to tamper with Drew's car. He's all: CAR-LEEEE, WHAT DID YOU DO??? 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Year's Peeve

Not sure if you want a spoiler today about Friday? But--eh, I'm gonna do it. I guess JaSam kiss during that show. 

OK, so it's New Year's Eve. Carly wants to plan something to get JaSam trapped together. Sonny is like: Luuucyyyy don't be planning nothin'...Oh LUUUCYY. Then  Carly runs out and up to Aurora Offices (which are in the Metro???) and finds out Killy rented out the Haunted Star for the night (alone) to watch the fireworks. So, for now. Plan foiled. (like her dress--which is totally foil! LOL) 

Michael's at the hospital with Nelle while she's in with Monica. Drew stops by to see Monica before midnight. He asks why Michael's so glum.  Monica is seeing Nelle because Dr. Nero is unavailable. She's been having dizzy spells. Nelle is frustrated about everything. She says Monica doesn't know about being judged. Monica is like: Um, I didn't know who AJ's Daddy was!! 

Sonny thinks Jason should stay in town.  They blabber on.  "She picked Drew but she belongs with you" . OMG TOO MUCH. Ok?  We get it. Why they are pushing them together is beyond me. Let it happen organically--no "Trapping together" .   Later, stupid Carly comes into the Metro and tells Jason, Oh, Sonny is texting. He wants to know if you're still here. He says meet him at the Haunted Star. LAME 

Finn and Anna 'I wouldn't cheat on you in a fake relationship" and they are being cute again.  Finn is in awe when Anna starts doing Spy stuff on the phone with Robert.  They raided Cassie's factory-- and then she finds the bug in her phone and takes Valentin by gunpoint. Why wouldn't they have arrested Cassie before raiding the factory?? OR like at the same time? 
Cassie tells Val to kill Sonny. HHAHAA like that is going to happen. :eyeroll: This would have been a great story if they had come to it from the damn personal angle NOT the scientific mob crap. 
Anyway..Cassie gets wise to the Valentin deception and beats him in a room tomorrow. Really?? 

WOW, boring show today --which I haven't seen in awhile.  They totally ruined the JaSam meeting for me by HAVING THEM STUPIDLY 'TRAPPED' BY Carly. UGH. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

General Hospital 2017 WUB Awards

I hear this year will be better than the last...

GH has been 2-3 different shows this year. We had horrific beginning,  transition slump, then fantastic finale.
Jan-August Grade D

September-December A- 
Thank you for sticking by me at my most snarky and joyless. I'm hoping that this trend of upswing continues!! Do you like me better Bitter or Happy?!! 

In that spirit I give you some kind of Wub Awards for 2017! Going WORST TO BEST, just like the year did! 


Ok, I have a gun.
Yep you have a gun. 
I'm angry...I've been here for months and all I got to play was a hand. Then, talking to one person at a time.  It's been a bore.
Um, what does that have to do with me? 
Not sure, but we can't have you having that baby the easy way now can we? 
Nope. That's why were out here on this damn bridge, isn't it? 


There is no comment needed on this mess. 

WORST CHARACTER: You know, I don't even remember this chick's name

All because Larry wanted a painting Sigh


Apparently, this is the worst episode in 2017, or so I concluded in the blog last February:  The Bomb Was A Dud   This was early in the year and I probably didn't know what mess was coming but if you care to read it, there's the link.  

BIGGEST LET DOWN:  Nell's Kidney-Gate Conclusion 

So, after all this time... all you really wanted was revenge thought I was mean to my old stepdad?  
That's about the size of it...
THIS is for wasting my, wasting ALL our time!! 

WORST USE OF A PROP:  Tracy's portrait 

I can't even describe how bad this story line was. Nope. It was criminal.  Jane deserved so much better.  She is so missed but I'm glad it was her choice to retire.  

RUNNER UP:  Scarecrow

Hi! I'm Mr. Scarecrow! Dr. Maddox used me to get Jake to remember the creepy island and then my Dad tied Franco to a post and beat him! It was great!  Not quite sure the point of all this, but I fit in with the other pointless things this year!! 

MOST OVERUSED WORD IN 2017: (say it with me people)

CHIMERA!! And...after all this time, I still am not really sure WTF it was all about. 


We ARE adorable aren't we? 
Yep..and great chemistry too... I know! I can help you with your old lady professor and we can then fall for each other. 
OMG sounds perfect We are in that good age-demo too! 
You want to tell the writers, or should I? 
Let's both do it then they're bound to let us have an awesome story! 
Note: Complete FAIL.

WORST STORYLINE:   The Painting and the Monks and the Weird Chick

Yes, even worse than Amy, Nathan and Ask Man Landers. Yep. Especially since it was leading up to Jane's exit. 

BEST DECISION AT GH SO FAR THIS YEAR: Make Chris Van Etten Co-Head Writer

That's my fave pic of him--and he's done great work so far. We have way more ensemble scenes, stories are being filled in and most importantly, I want to get home and watch the show. Shelly is a part of this too, I think they work well together. 

BEST SEND OFF: Lee Baldwin 

Great scenes and Serena (who we've wanted back for years now) visited.  Good nod to the OG GH days.


Always a delight. 


Why? Because it's Tamara. She just fits right in like a glove. Plus, we have no idea where this is going.

RUNNER UP:  Aunt Stella

Why?  Love the actress!! Love that it gets Curtis and Jordan on more and--TJ.  TJ and Molly were on for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope it's more.  Oh, and she works at GH. Win-Win. 


Oh, Nell, you were UP and DOWN And DOWN and UP-- and....they didn't know just how to write for you. Well, someone found the Soap Bitch 101 handbook and went for it! Woot! You keep being you, girl and we'll be fine.

BEST COMEBACK: The Quartermaines 

Make no mistake, they are coming back strong in 2017-- and I'm hopeful we'll continue on with the ELQ intrigue. 

BEST ACTRESS:  Maura West 

I could have picked Kelly or Becky Herbst--or NLG for this but on a consistent "I have a sucky story" Maura wins every time this year.  Ava has been through more medical crap than a body has a right to in 3 lifetimes. Her acting is always on point, never phoned in and she gave an extra little kick to the Jasons Story.  While I didn't always like her material, I always loved her. 

BEST ACTOR:  Tie:  Burton and Miller 

Image result for drew and jason on gh

Pick yourself up off the floor and listen to me for a minute. I never wanted Jason to be alive. I thought he should have stayed dead.  Like BIG TIME.  I was done with Miller and certainly had no love lost for Burton. Then...something wonderful happened. This story unfolded with all the drama and feels I've needed in this show. These two just -- made it happen. HUGE kudos to them both. This Jason story could have been a huge miss, and I didn't have high hopes but it's been one thing I just can't wait to see.  I'm hoping that going forward their chem as twins lasts and we get some great stuff.  

FACE OF THE YEAR:  My Franco--doing...Todd Franco. 

I know a lot of you hate the character of Franco but for me...without Roger's humor and delivery I may not have made it to the second half of 2017. 


Surprise! I didn't choose a Franco scene this year! Nope, these girls did a great job. Dialog was funny and they were just adorable. I love their hijinks! 

RUNNER UP:  Sonny's Pitfall. 

Related image

Was Sam's kicking Sonny in the pit of doom supposed to be dramatic? Sorry-- it was so hilarious I replayed it many times! Hey, Ghost Stone even visited! 


Jason, Sam and Drew tell Danny that Jason is his bio-father.  Liz and Drew tell Jake that Jason is his bio-father. Both played perfectly. The raw emotion on everyone's faces was just priceless. 

That's it! In conclusion, this year was mostly a mess and was only redeemed in the last few months. I took a long time thinking about this and about this whole year.  I'm just grateful the show is in my good books again. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hair Story

It's back!! I'm back..after driving into the Lake Effect Tundra yesterday. Oy, it was NOT fun but we made it there and back again.

Sonny's Gym:  Anna Say's it's 'BOXING DAY" and they went "boxing" get it? She needs to teach him self defense. He says "I can take care of myself pretty well"--Anna flips him over in like  2 seconds lol.  They almost kiss-- he touches her neck. She faints. LOL he put pressure on her artery.  Finn goes "See I CAN take care of myself"!! Cassie calls him to meet tomorrow about the drug trial. 

That Aurora manager (something August) asks Sam who "really' owns the company. She said Jason gave it to she and Drew. August says: You 3 should do a joint interview, great for PR. She's like NO way. 

Sonny goes to see Drew-- wants to fix the rift between the families. Drew is like: yeah...I don't think so. Then they talk about Drew trying to save Morgan. Wow--Billy Miller was so GOOD IN THAT SCENE~! wow..where have you been?? Covered in the Jason robot character??  Anyway, they kinda make up but Drew says their lives are moving in opposite directions now. Sounds like the brush-off.  

Charlotte is back with Nina and Val, Lulu dropped her at Kelly's. Valentine tells Lulu if she investigates the Mayoral race it's coming down on Nikolas.  She leaves and goes to the PCPD. The board has reviewed the ballots and they are real. The election was rigged.  Lulu then goes to see the Aurora August manager and wants a job.

Back at Kelly's, Cassie brings a present for Chalotte and Nina grabs her by the hair and tells her to leave Char alone LOL. She was VICIOUS!!  Maxie leaves and swats Val's head and grabs HAIR for a DNA test???? HUH?? Is she thinking it's Valentine who's Nate's Dad? I mean? Isn't he too young for that?!! Maybe she was teaching/schooling him in his spy days and they hooked up!??

Dr. Kim and  Naxie talk about if the medical records are real from his mother or not. Kim thinks they are real ...not sure about the name, but they are real.  They shouldn't worry about the pregnancy. 

Sam goes to see Dr. Kim at her office to ask her about Drew. They met a bar in San Diego and he told her upfront he'd be gone in about 3 months time.  She tells her Drew went to HS in upstate NY. But wow-- I think she's lying thru her teeth. 

END: Kim comes to Killy's and gives then the Mixed CD. I think she wants Drew to remember her. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Extra! Extra!

We know you can sing kid, they sent you from Disney! 

This week had so many group  scenes and extras around, I was all a flutter.  What? A town hall meeting? Wait--with actual extras and cast members interacting together? Is that the ....the....MAYOR? Then all the Christmas stuff (and a wedding) towards the end of the week? Merry Christmas to me.  Yes, there are things to discuss but hell, compared to last year at this time? It's a miracle. 

Settle in! Poor Laura and Kevin are stuck at the church because of the ice and snow. I wonder if they brought food for the reception?? If not it's wine and wafers! 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Roads are Closed!

CarSon and Michael such a good scene-- Liked it even tho they talked about Morgan. Then Jason came by and everyone was happy. OMG. then Michael asks to hear his baby story--his whole history!! AHAHAA Carly will have to tell all the dirty details!!  Geesh, it's all set to soft piano music and Sonny makes himself sound so noble lol. NO meat hook mention!  Then Nelle comes at the door --fake faints-- and says she slid off the road and has no where to go.  They give her tea. Sonny's like ..ugh. Carly gives her dirty looks.
Later, in the hallway, Carly's sitting down and says to Jason "Isn't she doing what I did to you so long ago? Show up pregnant?" Jason says "yes, but you weren't manipulating me, we were friends and you told me the truth." Carly mentions the key chain he gave her then with "Caroline" on it. She got him a key chain that looks like it with a key to the house on it: "This will always be your home". 

Aunt, Molly, TJ-- Curtis and Jordan --awww.. Alexis is there too.  The heat and electricity go off and they decide to go to the Charles' Pub. 

Ava and Griffin stopped by Jules' bar.  Jules isn't happy that Griff is there. Ava and he leave to go to Mass. Julian is all alone.  
All of a sudden,  Julian finds the entire crew from TJ and Molly's and then Ava and Griffin too. Alexis is not happy being there. 
Julian fights with Griffin...Alexis fights with Julian. Stella and Jordan fight. Molly and TJ decide to sneak out the backdoor.  Everyone still fights. Then, the kids come back and say the homeless shelter is full and need stuff. Julian invites them all to the Pub! Aww, everyone working together. 

LESLIE is at the wedding!!  Naxie...Dante... Happy Couple... Bobbie --Lulu. Leslie flew in on a private jet-- and rented an ATV to get to the church. She brought her significant other MARCHELLO who's ITALIAN and SEXY As ALL HELLO! Nice. He's going to marry Laura and Kevin since the minister can't make it. RUBY MENTION--Bobbie gives Laura Ruby's hankie for the wedding.  Laura has on a beautiful royal blue gown-- Maxie has on sure.  They are married. All the roads are closed so they have to stay at the church. 

FUN FACT: Charles' Pub has Lobster Mac and Cheese. 

REASON TO WATCH:  Wedding (Leslie--and hot Italian guy) and The whole Carly/Nelle parallel thing. I couldn't type it all up. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017


I's just been one heck of a week--tomorrow is the end of the month and I have a ton of paper work due. Cocktail hour to go to and just all around holiday joy. So--sorry but I am not watching today until later.

Hope you are having a great one. Happy WINTER SOLSTICE!! 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Came in at 2:25--had and EYE exam today!! 

Dr. O and Britta-- talking about Faison. Lesil is scared of him. Britt wonders why she wouldn't let Nate see his "Dad's" (Victor Cassadine) medical records. Right after talking about Faison. Hmmm. Are he and Britt twins?? 

Maxie and Nate make out. Of course Maxie has a silver tree! 

Alexis and Julian-- they are in the park and Danny is there too. Julian wants Alexis back as we know.

Killy and Jason- Jason's talking about the disco ball. Billy looks nice in that blue suit coat. Alexis brings back Danny from the park. Drew says they should tell him Jason is his Dad!  They tell him and he's trying to figure it out and where Jason was-- and if he loves him. Yada, Yada.. Danny says he's ready to get to know Jason. They hug--awww, priceless looks by both Burton and Miller. 

Later, Killy cry and then Sam asks him to marry her, please please-- and he says "Small but mighty" and they decide to get married.  Having Miller be DREW has been a TOTALLY great decision. He's shining, imo. 

Kiki says Dillon isn't coming back to GH  for Christmas. She wants to go to CA and not be a doctor to keep him? OH HELL NO. You don't need a man, damn it. She's talking to Griffin. He dries her tears. Ava sees it. She's all :Hmmmmmm :sideeye: Kiki decides she'll stay in PC and "Hit the books" after Griff's pep talk.

Curtis bought his Aunt a sculpture from Ava for her new place. Jordan comes in and has a box for Stella too. It's the same sculpture but a lighter color. They are 'companion pieces"--but Aunty is like I DON'T NEED 2--- I'll give this back and donate the money LOL 
Stella sees Alexis

Monday, December 18, 2017

Disco Mania

ABC Christmas Promo

Jordan and Anna commiserate about Andre being such a good liar. They are in the park... and no sign of park bench! 

Jason wants to meet Anna at the Metro. He and Sonny talk at the bar. Sam takes Carly into the hall and says she wants to settle her bill up but she really wants to tell her Drew asked her to marry him. They have a long long talk about Jason/Drew. Carly thinks Sam is only worried about Drew's hurt feelings and Sam says "Jason can take care of himself".  Carly says you can love two people but pick the one that 'gets you--down to your toes'. She also says that whatever Sam decides she's there for her because she's "team Sam". 

Franco explains that he was a coward not to tell Liz the truth but he was scared of losing her. Liz is mad, but they talk it out.  He stops when she asks if he has anything else to tell her. He imagines telling her he 'tried to kill Drew by knocking him down the stairs" but thinks she's freak out so he stays silent. 

Oscar and Jason. Oh, Oscar is trying too hard to have a chip in his shoulder and he's just too wonder-bread to emote that.  Oscar wants to know how Drew was as a kid, what he liked and yada yada. Drew says he doesn't remember. I wonder if this will be the reason Drew wants to get his memory back? Oscar says Drew made a mixed tape for Kim and she has it. Drew is like: hmmmmm, I should hear it.  Oscar leaves.
Sam comes back and says she'll marry him...she loves their life. Drew is now like: Um..well, not so fast, probably isn't a good idea to get hitched again right now.  He thinks he needs to find himself and his memories first 'wait for me".... they hug. 

Jason talking to Sonny about finding the Russian connection. Anna comes in-- and Jason asks Anna about the flash drive in the disco ball ornament. She says she'll get it for him. Leaves.  Jason says to Sonny he thinks Drew can remember on his own.  Anna can't find the ornament at the park, she wants Jason to come there and help her find it.  When he comes she says "it's gone"!! Jason tells her what was on it.  She's all "OMG"!! Then we see the empty ball on someone's desk--BUT WHO'S DESK??!!  Jordan's? (that would be too cool if she was the boss!!) or is it Kim's?? OR Dr. O's?? Hmmmmm

Maxie and Lulu talk about the Feed America drive. Bobbie says they can have it  at Kelly's.  Sort of a weird segway about hunger but must be a PSA thing they are doing this month. Maxie had on DRAMA RED lipstick geesh! 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Tis The Season

You mean I get DOUBLE Presents this year??? 

This week flew by--- I have been busier than ever and it seems like December is evaporating! I'm still trying finish the 2017 Awards! I wonder if that will ever happen.  

So! I think I'm going to do this a bit differently this week-- let's see how it goes!! I went to a giant Christmas party last night, I"m full-- I'll probably be full until January! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

I bought a BAR!!

Julian at the PCPD... yelling about being 'brought in"... Scotty is there too.  He's all mouthy but-- HE'S FREE! FREE AS A BIRD! YEP. The DA is not going to retry the case! So like everyone else in PC, he got off.  Scotty's bill is HUGE tho.  

Alexis and Drew. Alexis says "I'm not only here as your attorney, I"m  here as a Mom. I need to know you're going to do right by my daughter". Huh?  :EYEBLINK:  Drew just wants help on the whole company thing and says Diane won't do it because she's Jason's lawyer. Alexis says she'll help but only if he does something for her. Then, they talk about his will and stuff-- (Not sure what I missed) and Drew asks questions. Alexis says Sam needs to be here, it's her life too. 

Sam and Jason. She realizes she has Lila's right. "We aren't  married anymore"  She tries to give Lila's ring back to Jason.  Jason rails about Faison and "the Traitor" -- and is mad the last 5 years was stolen from him.  He tells Sam that reversing the procedure might give Drew back his memories. She says it won't matter anyway, they are still married. They still have a family. She gives the ring back.  Then Jason says he can't take it. "Give it to Scout" but Sam says that's mean to Drew--then he says "well, give it to Danny, he can give it to a woman he loves someday"

Sam goes to see Drew. She tells him all about seeing Jason and what they discussed. She tells him she should give Lila's ring to Danny. Then he says, we'll give him mine too...I mean Jason's because it was Alan's. Oh, and we aren't really married legally. Then he proposes. 

Finn and Anna....make out. Then Robin and Emma called. Everyone's flustered. Then Finn eats a giant gingerbread man. She's like THOSE are expensive.  Then they wrap pressies.  She can't wrap --he can so they are just being adorable together.  She's getting things ready for the community tree and Toys for Tots. 

Liz and Franco.  They talk about nothing really...Kiki walks up and Liz leaves. She and Franco talk. She says TELL HER.  
Liz goes to the PCPD to talk to Andre. She's mad that he hurt Jake-- and we all think that he's going to tell her that Franco knew about the whole thing but he doesn't.. She leaves and goes back to Franco. Monday's preview shows that Franco WILL tell her. 

Alexis goes to meet David Bensch at the Charles' Pub...that's the place she got loaded at a lot when she was drinking. And...guess what? JULIAN BOUGHT IT!! 

END:  Jason stops Andre before he goes off to jail. Asks him about the mind-reversal. Andre says that he destroyed his computer but he gave a copy in an oranament to the only other person he trusts in town. OH!! It's in the DISCO BALL he GAVE ANNA!! Remember that?? She's going to GIVE IT TO THE COMMUNITY TREE!! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Where's My Lizard?

GOT IN AT 2:36. OY 

Lulu wants the ballots from the mayorial race. Nina is like NOPE...Lulu says "Why you afraid that Valentin is involved? Nina reminds her that NIKOLAS was in Wyndemere in 2014, not Val. Lulu's like: Oh Damn. 

Anna and Finn. Cute Cute banter--- and they KISS at the end. (I don't even know where ROXY IS!!) BTW, I'm team Finna now --if we can't get Tristin or  Duke sign me up. 

Laura and Kevin try to find a wedding date. They can't in all of 2018 Kevin says: Christmas??  They decide on getting married this year, Christmas. 

Jason talks about the night he was shot. HE's mad Bernie died for nothing. Sam is like A LOT MORE than Bernie was lost that night. "I put on my wetsuit to look for you, I questioned Faison. I knew things were't adding up. I'd come down here at night and wait for you to come home. Then, you did come home. I thought your brother was you and even tho he wasn't, I'll never regret loving him"  GAH!! Such a good scene.  Jason goes to touch her, can't --I think because he knows they'll spontaneously combust into SEX FLAMES lol . Sam realizes she gave Drew Jason's wedding ring!! Awkward. !!! 

Drew and Oscar.  Drew's trying really hard, Oscar's upset. Drew wants the chance to find out what he's like. Oscar's kind of upset. OMG THAT KID IS SUCH A DRIP. Anyway, Kim comes home and is like "What are you doing here""???? Drew leaves. Oscar's all pouty. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another Grandson for Monica!

Ned, Olivia and Monica talking about the twins!! Ned says he 'hears mother cackling from across the pond" LOL. Sam comes over to talk to Monica because she's worried about Drew.  Monica asks about Sam. Sam tells her about Oscar! Another grandson!! Monica says 'who" -- then Sam tells her about Dr. Nero, and Monica is happy because she hired her at GH. Monica "Carly's daughter and Drew's son"?? Hmmmm. LOL  Monica talks about Jason. Sam finally says "I can't even say his name...I have all these memories and I don't know what to do with them". She still loves Drew though.

Jason and Drew, talking about Faison and trying to figure out what happened to them. They are at Aurora Media. And seemingly getting along? Jason says he believes Britt.  He also says "Whatever Faison planned by switching us ...blew up".. and we can figure it out because you had some memories of that time in the clinic before they wiped your brain. 

Michael, Carly, Sonny and Nell. Michael says he'll pay medical expenses... (if the DNA proves it's his) AND support it after the birth. Nell says: ONLY the baby?  NO deal!! ahahahaa.  She wants expenses because she can't get a job and she only has ONE kidney (LOL). So she wants money or she's going to leave town. She says all this in front of Sonny!!  Sonny says: Either you're bluffing or you're just stupid" LOL!! Nell leaves in a huff : MY BODY, MY BABY!! 
After she's gone, Michael tells Carly and Sonny he doesn't want a tug a war over the baby like they have with Avery. 

She goes to Kelly's. Julian and Ava were talking. He leaves. Nelle tells Ava that Avery is going to be an Aunt LOL.  Ava says she wants to be Nelle's friend. LOL she's gonna scheme on this! 

Kim explains about she and Drew's early relationship. Drew was overseas when she found out she was PG. Drew's location was secret so she just didn't tell him.  She said 'we were a team' and now that has to change.  She'll leave it up to him to talk to Drew or not.  He's afraid he won't like him because he's not like a Navy SEAL. He likes to read, listen to music and hike. He doesn't think he's manly enough lol. Kim says give it a try. He says "Ok, Mom"  Drew comes to the door after Kim leaves!! 

Ned tells Olivia that Jason being alive is good, but probably not for ELQ.  Michael tells them Nell's going to have the baby. Then Monica tells them about Oscar. Ned is like: DAMN IT--STOCKS!! LOL 

END:  JaSam meet on the docks-- Jason says "don't to me".... 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fun Show

Laura and Lulu are just gossiping away about Nelle, not knowing she's PG. Laura looks great. Laura is against the Charles St. renovations. Lulu is like: UM, shouldn't you be planning your wedding?  Laura says she is, but is taking her time.  Laura asks Dante later if he heard anythinf from Michael on the ELQ deal and the Charles Street thing. 

Anna and Sonny meet at the Metro. HE tells her Faison was in town. She looks scared and opens the 1/2 burned book. "It's starting all over again".... She says she can't do the legwork on Faison -- and Sonny says that's ok, Spinelli will. 

Michael tells Dante Nelle is PG.  Dante says well, Sonny loves Avery, hates Ava so it could work.

Finn is with Cassie in her room. They talk about is drug experiments. He hedges on her offer. Trying to be Smooth?? HE leaves and says he'll think about it.  

Carly and Bobbie. LOL. Carly wants Bobbie to switch the paternity tests after they are done. LMAO. LOL Bobbie is all "Carrrrrly". Carly's like "I know but I have to do something"!!!  She says she raised Michael to be too generous lol "Is Karma biting me in the ass"????? Yes, Yes it is Carly!

Britt sees Nathan. They talk about life and her charges. I think she fake-kidnapped Spencer. Nate tells her he's going to have a baby with Maxie.  He wants to know more about his medical history. Hmmmmmm. 

Nina sees Nell in the Metro. Is mad about her selling out her brother. Nell tells her she's pregnant. Nina's all "Poor Michael" Nelle says" Well, you and Valentin wouldn't know because you can't GET Pregnant RIGHT"?? wooooooooo

Finn meets Anna in the Metro...they banter. She's gonna let him do the job.  They are so Moonlighting and adorable today.
OMG GET THIS!! Finn goes to his room and his key doesn't work!! Then, he goes to the lobby then to Carly. She says 'Yeah you checked out so we moved your stuff, don't worry, Roxy is ok"! He's all: ROXY? Wait?? I didn't check out. She's all YES YOU DID. Then he looks over at Anna who's dangling keys at him!! ahahahaa She says he has to move in with her so she can "keep him safe" !! WOOT!! 

Nelle says (in the Metro) PUT THAT ON MR. CONINTHOS' BILL so Sonny will hear it. Sonny is like NO I AIN'T PAYIN FOR THAT She says 'Michael will".  Then she says he should call Monica so they can sit down as a family. LOL.. then she says she's pregnant. Carly steps out of the elevator at that moment and her mouth hangs open!!  They are going to leave and Nelle says "Wait, don't you want to talk about your GRANDCHILD"?? then Michael walks in.

Nina sees Lulu in the park and tells her that Nelle is PG. WOW-- Lulu and she are totally fun and like friends with this. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

PK in the Fire

Carly doesn't want to believe Nell's baby is Michael's. OHHHH MAN! Nello reads Carly her ENTIRE PAST OF SLEEPING AROUND! LOL Tony-- AJ... Jason--you name it!! Carly says "bitch, you're having a paternity test". Nelle says it's invasive. Carly says NOT NOW it's not--you can do one at 10 weeks no problem. Nelle says fine. Go ahead. I don't want anything from you people. 

Killy's house: Congrats! It's a BOY!  What are the odds that Dr. Kim ends up in Port Charles where Drew is?? Hmmmm... After Kim leaves, Sam says she's fine with him having a relationship with Oscar. 

Oscar and Joss confirm he is his Daddy with the DNA test.  Then he's overwhelmed learning he's a Quartermaine and has a sister yada yada.

Britt doesn't know much about what her Dad did...They went around the world--St. Petersburg too but the "traitor" is in Port Charles.  Jason finds a book in the fire "The Severed Branch" by PK Sinclair.  Holy Blast from the past...That was Faison's pseudonym... he was a children't book author who wrote about a female spy. Befriended Robin-- but Anna found it it was really Fasion. 1990s. 
Anyway, Jason thinks that maybe Andre can give Drew BACK his memory from the mapping thing and then Drew can remember who the "Traitor" might me. 

Anna goes to see Maddox at the PCPD.  She wonders why he didn't come to her about everything. He didn't want to burden her.  He did it all because-of HIS WIFE? HUH? Oh..he has/had a wife?  Her name was Keeda and he loved her. She got early onset, that's why he was mind mapping. To save her. HE sobs...Anna sobs..Jordan listens in.  Anna leaves, Jordan goes in and yells at Andre because he didn't tell her he was married. 

Finn talks to Cassie about his drug trials and how he wants to do another one but get paid this time. She takes his bait and then invites him over. Anna comes by and is mad at Finn but lets him go. "Two can play at this game" she says. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Heart Strings

A week of emotions and some old-school great soapy moments to warm my heart. I was busy on 2 days but couldn't wait to watch the shows when I got home.  That has happened in years!  It was another big week as far as things happening so let's get started. 

I had lobster ravioli last night which that so yummy. I"m still full! Just coffee today. I still have Christmas shopping to finish up.  It's coming too quickly!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

You HAD a Son--You HAVE a Son @@

I watched yesterday's show. Trying hard with Post-Tumor Franco no?? Just once I'd like to see a soap guy give a girl a crappy ring! Or at least TINY LOL 

Maxie and Lulu outted Nellie!! YEAH!!   

I guess Dr. Kim is working at GH as an OBGYN. Nice, jump right in. Good to get her mixed into the canvas. What IF she's in on the whole Jasons switch? She knew Drew, she's a doctor-- she came to PC. Hmmmmm. maybe?? 


SaSon goes to find the burner phone location and they go in an it's BRITTA!!  She says Faison is gone, left a few hours ago.  Jason tells her about Danny and tries to pull her heartstrings to give them information.

Idiot Oscar wants Joss to delete the DNA test from her phone. (they came in).  He wants to give his mom "another chance to tell him herself" .  

Drew is out--Jason convinced the Navy guy to let him go because of what happened.  He's not happy Jason helped the situation. Later, they walk home and run into Friz (see below) 

Carly is donating to Toys for Tots. She runs into Dr. Kim. They talk about Joss and Drew. And the Jasons. Joss comes in with Oscar to talk to his mom. Carly bitches her out because she's grounded and walking around all over. 

Friz is going to take boys to see Santa. Franco wants to marry Liz on Christmas.  Carly stops by to yell at Liz. Liz is like DUHHHHh weren't YOU going to marry him? "Just wait until Jason finds out" says Carly. 

In the Park, ONLY JAKE shows up with Friz (of course) and Drew and Liz explain the whole mess to him. God, that kid can CRY!! wow...he was so good.  He's upset, doesn't want "the other Jason" as his dad. Meanwhile, Franco and Sam are exchanging barbs about Jason
Franco "I bte you want him back"

Sam "I bet your're afraid he'll go to Liz"  Something along those lines. lol 

At the END:

Kim confirms Nell is PG-- they tell Carly "Congratulations Grandma" says Nellie LOL 

AND..OMG Dr. Kim just goes to Killys and STRAIGHT UP TELLS him Oscar's his SON! geesh!!! No build up, no NOTHING!! ahahahaaa. WELP. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time for Teeth!

I won't have a blog tomorrow--I have a tooth appointment right at 2 and I know I'll be too tired to to much of anything after (I usually get a migraine after!) 
We are also due for some "real snow" soon! It's been a VERY mild winter. Hope I can endure it/.

Christmas in the Park

Navy: SO glad they are doing this!! IT's very true to life. They don't mess around!!  Killy are all sad. Navy guy don't care. Alexis tells him to stop it and has a judge's order. Navy guy goes to talk to the judge. Alexis thinks they are in trouble. The WSB might be able to save him if they are still looking for Faison. 

Carly .."But Drew has to know we are still friends" LMAO ...ahahhaa. Oh, good try. She also says Jason needs to fight for his money and life.  So... 2 sides? 

Julian at the Qs.... he hears Leo call Ned Daddy on the baby monitor. Olivia tells him to beat it.  Then she feels bad an invites him to see Santa in the park. 

HELLO ELF NELLO!!  You've got your "Danger Red" Lipstick on geesh!! 

HELLO MAC SANTA!! "Christmas in the Park"-- kids are there. Nelle says to Carly she's going to change her outlook on her being with Michael. (She's going to say she's pregnant!). Julian jumps in all the Leo photos LOL. 

What are Maxie and Lulu doing? Oh they are in the Invader and looking to see got paid for the story. They find Nello's name!! Then they get arrested for being in there lol. They are adorable in those suits. They get out because the Inquisitor guy isn't pressing charges. Not sure why? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Oh boy... I have a terrible cough and just feeling not all "here' . I just watched most of the show today and am...
THRILLED with the Ned/Michael exchange---and Jimmy Lee Holt Mention? What the wha!! Was that on today? It's a clip that running around on FB and Twitter?? I can't get the clip up here but they are  talking about 

AND--Drew was arrested! I was just saying on twitter, um,,,the Navy just doesn't let you walk around if you've been AWOL!! Glad that happened. Kind of like the paperwork mess. And maybe the marriage mess??? 

Anyway, tomorrow is another long long day. I'll try to blog in a more timely manner.  At least I CARE when I miss a day!! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fast Track DNA

Alexis and Jason are both out wandering the docks, catching memories. LOL Alexis wonders where Sam is-- and he says "with my brother" . She says she's relieved.  Tells Jason about Sam trying to find him even after the search was called off...she dove in a wet suit. Alexis also says she's settled in a healthy relationship and loves Drew.  Jason said he never told Sam what to do and he's not going to start now. Alexis was so hypocritical there--geesh, she's basically doing the same thing with Jules!! 

JossCar and Michael. Michael tells them about Drew/Jason. Oscar hopes Drew gets his memory back. 
Stupid Nelle interrupts them. She wants to tell Michael she got a present for Joss and it came in.  It's an autographed photo of some ..singer? Actor? I don't know but Joss is happy and Michael is pleased. 
Oh, BTW--JossCar had a home DNA kit they have to send to the lab-- um..she says "you should know this time tomorrow if Drew is your Dad".  TOMORROW?? 

Liz and Robin talk about the Jasons. Robin finds out who's who and also that Dr. Maddox was involved. They talk about how much Jason hates Franco and she doesn't know what she'll do about Jake. Robin thinks Jake needs Jason in his life. She tells her about having to explain to Patrick how she was friend's with a hit man way back when.  Liz says she loves Franco and Robin wants to hear why she loves him. Liz gushes about him. Robin says she's glad she's happy. She's going to CA. BYE! 

Franco goes to see Andre in jail.  Andre apologizes for involving Franco. He says he was surprised Franco didn't tell.  He says Franco's secret is safe with him, but he should tell and unburden himself. 

Franco goes to GH. Liz is excited to see him. He's going to tell her the truth. Well, Liz says "Marry Me"... and he's so happy he says yes-- and of course, doesn't tell her the truth. 

Drew realizes his name isn't Jason anymore and needs a new license and credit card. "How are we going to tell Danny? He doesn't know him... he'll be scared and freak out...Do you want me there when you tell him?" Sam-- yes, I want you there, you are my heart and I love you".  Drew leaves. 

Sam stays at the PCPD and Alexis finds her. Sam's crying. Alexis begs her not to go back to Jason "He's not going to change". Sam starts not being able to breathe and runs out.  

THEN!!! Sam runs to the docks and sees...... JASON!! EEESSSHHHH!!! No matter what, seeing 2 old lovers see each other makes me go boom. I thought they were going to kiss! NOPE! Jason says "Sam, it's going to be ok, no matter what happens, it will be ok"...Sam says thank you. HEART BREAKING!! Sam is crying...Jason is leaving and he's crying!!  Think about Sam..she can't really celebrate Jason's return and she doesn't really know Drew's past either. eesh....

On the bridge, Oscar sees Drew. They both stand there, looking up. I guess it's a foreshadowing of something? WHAT COULD IT BE?????!! LOL 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Truth Or Dare

And then......POOF..... I was He. He was Me. 

What a week! We got our Jasons Reveal --and I think this is going to stick.  It makes sense (to me) to have Burton slip back into the Stone Cold role and Miller create something new that's just his. I've already seen a huge change in Miller since a year ago. You know I have no love lost there-- but his acting has been great these past weeks.  

So, settle in! I have a big frosted cookie from Panera I'm eating. No, that's not a plug--its' just saying that I can NOT pass up a good frosted sugar cookie. Yum. This is a mitten! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

WILL the Real Jason Morgan.....

So, Diane questions Andre to avoid having to haul him into court. Everyone agrees. Maddox 

says that he was doing research for Alzheimers for WSB and they shut him down. Then, he got a mysterious backer who paid from off shore accounts.  The subjects came unconscious and sedated and he experimented on them. "Jason Morgan lost nothing.....his memories were copied like a Xerox machine".  "Drew lost his memories and past life, he thinks he Jason Morgan".  Then, Miller attacks Maddox for doing this to his family.
Diane says 'TELL these men who is who"@@@!!! (Commercial) 

THE REAL JASON is.... Burton.  Miller is Andrew. He flips out an accuses Sonny of paying Maddox off to say he's not Jason. Sonny's like: Yeah, NO I gots nothin' to do with this. Then Spinelli says HE has proof that Miller is Andrew. He shows a photo of Andrew Kane (looking like Jason) in Navy uniform. Andrew went AWOL in 2012 and no one knew why. Spinelli tells Jordan to look up the Navy fingerprints and Jason's from prior to whenever they weren't messed with.  At first, Miller doesn't believe it but then Curtis basically says: Well... you are Drew and that's ok, man. Killy goes into the interrogation room to look at the photo and talk. 
Diane, CarSon and Spin go out for a drink. Jason has to stay there to do paperwork for the not-trial he's having.  

Looks like Drew is accepting he's not Jason a bit.  He's scared the media company will be taken away. Sam says not to worry, he goes out and tells Jason "I don't care what the DNA says, you are not my brother". Jason is like: Meh, whatever, have a good life.  He leaves. 

Other Junk happening today:  Ava HAS ON THE WORSE DRESS EVER ugh. Julian is home.  Griffin comes in and gives flowers to Ava. Julian is all "You still a priest? you sleeping with my sister"?? Then Ava says Griffin saved her life. Griffin is pissed that Julian is out of prison . TOTALLY Forgot he killed Duke and Duke is Griffin's father LOL!!  Well, he ordered Carlos to kill him I mean. 

Alexis and Dr. Bensch --she tells him the entire Julian Story. OMG FILLER I DON'T CARE!! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!! Get to the Jasons!


  I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see.  Lois and Maxie are d...