Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time for Teeth!

I won't have a blog tomorrow--I have a tooth appointment right at 2 and I know I'll be too tired to to much of anything after (I usually get a migraine after!) 
We are also due for some "real snow" soon! It's been a VERY mild winter. Hope I can endure it/.


  1. Karen, hate to say this, but it's still fall! :) Good luck at your dental appointment, I hope that you feel fine after!!

  2. Living in SoCal where it's still 80 degrees but the only thing falling from the sky is ashes. Everyone stay safe, no matter where you are!

  3. San Antonio got snow today! Beautiful to look at....from inside my warm house. LOL!

  4. It was coming down here in MT pretty heavily on Mon and Tues. It's tapered off by now, and just cold.


  5. Michelle, I saw on the news this morning that there was snow in San Antonio, they were taking pictures of Santa in front of the Alamo (I think it was), and suddenly snow started coming down! They said it is VERY rare there!

    1. Yes Ant Joan very rare. We actually got more than we thought, but this morning it's already gone. I'm a navy brat and growing up for a couple yrs we lived in Maine when I was little, now THAT is some serious snow!

  6. Nelle just all of a sudden said to Michael that she is PG, out of nowhere, when he was "breaking up" with her. Of course, he already had broken up with her, and then, for some reason I do not understand, continued some kind of friendship with her despite knowing how extremely flawed her character is.

    If she is lying yet again, it will be pretty easy to prove, so maybe she really is PG? G-d, I hope not!! She really is such a skank! Plus, I doubt that they would have 2 characters PG at the same time. . .

    1. Ant I want to slap her....and him! He deserves it for keep going back to her!! I wouldn't mind a serial killer storyline if she's the first victim!

    2. They had Maxie and Britt pregnant at the same time a few years ago but given what happened with both of those babies I hope that's not a sign for this time. I heard that Kim verifies that Nell is pregnant but I wouldn't put it past her to have gone to a sperm bank and tell Michael the baby is his.

  7. I just hope that Michael doesn't react like the typical dumbass that he is. Boy, Sam asked Jason for help but is so cold towards him. I know she has remarried but he is still a friend. She doesn't even look happy for him that he came back. I think Liz is making a huge mistake getting engaged to Franco - hope he screws things up again so she can move on.

  8. Franco will no doubt want to get married ASAP because he's scared she leave him for one of the twins eventually. Someone will most likely bust in at the last second with proof he knew who was who and she throw the ring in his face and run to Jason. Here's hoping!

  9. Alicia, I also want Franco found out before they're married. He's rushing through this too fast.

  10. The park:

    Michael and Nelle: Stop it Michael! Don't share with her!!

    Lulu, Maxie, Michael, and Nelle:

    Maxie: You leaked Man Landers!! We have proof!!!!

    Nelle: WHAT?!?!! That's that's that's that's that's ridiculous! That's that's that's that's that's ridiculous.

    Nelle YOU are SO busted! Can't lie your way out of this!!! YAY MICHAEL! Glad you are not believing one word she says! :)

    Michael and Nelle part 2: Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: How can I start fresh when I'm carrying your child.

    BAHAHAHAHA! She got the fake preggers. :)

    Maxie: And once we stop reeking, I can help you find the big scoop that will secure your career as an investigative journalist.

    Wait what? They already got the scoop!!! Nelle paying the inquisitor! Why aren't they going with that story?!

    The hospital/private room:

    Friz: Awwww beautiful scene, but I am afraid BobTodd that the truth will come out and it will blow up in your face. You will lose Liz, the kids, and where you live.

    Friz and CarlyKim: Oh rats! BobTodd was going to tell Liz the truth! DAMN YOU CARLYKIIM!


    Maddox and Drew: Oh shut up Maddox. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again..

    Police station:

    Sam on the phone with Jason: Jason I need your help. I'm at the police station.

    Jason's thoughts: MY LOVE NEEDS ME!!! She wants me back!


    Sam: I'm fine. It's Drew who needs your help.

    Jason's thoughts: Oh crap.

    Jason and Navy cop: WOW! Jason is magical!!

    Carson home:

    JossCar and Sonny: Come on you two! Tell Sonny what is going on!!!

  11. Michelle, my ex-father-in-law was Navy and stationed in Maine for a few years. My ex-husband and I spent our first Christmas with his mother in Brunswick. My sister-in-law was bummed because I didn't get a White Christmas - I'm a Bama girl. If it wasn't for the snow, I'd love to live in Maine.

    Can someone please prove Nelle isn't expecting and kill her? She is annoying. Though seeing her needle Carly with the Grandma stuff should be good.


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