Tuesday, April 30, 2019

OUT of OFFICE--Facebook Live!

End of the Month...big meeting as well. I'll miss the show today so entertain yourselves!! There's a huge FB Event today-- This is the photo from yesterday with all the actors participating! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Memorial For a Hand !!

Franco: What The HELL am I watching?? LOL 

OMG SO..get this, they BURIED RYAN'S HAND and Ava, Kevin, Laura, Lulu and Flea/Mac are there. Lulu's going to post the Kevin/ Ava thing on the net so it goes live for Ryan to see. Kevin is going to try to declare Ryan dead so he'll think he's in the clear and come out of the woodwork. Mac is still not happy with the situation. 
Franco wanders into the ceremony. He's like You are all doing this? Stupid. LOL Lulu films it on her iPad while Kevin gives the eulogy. Franco says (to the mound) I hope you rot in hell. Ava puts her head on Kevin's shoulder For Ryan to "see". 
Laura throws down flowers and said Lulu was too strong for him. Felicia taunts him too. 
Later they go to the Metro. Franco and Lucy are gobsmacked that Ava is with Kevin.  Lucy's yelling. Lulu is filming it all. The memorial already got 'picked up" by other websites. WOW, Lucy really went at Kevin. 

Curtis is in Canada talking to a junkie to see if he can find out if Ryan was looking for Drugs. He gives a junkie money and the guy says that someone gave him a list of things to steal. It was a WOMAN!! WOW, twisty!! 

Lucy wants Jordan and Curtis to do a magic act for the ball. Franco comes up and asks her if he can do something and she's like "Um, you're a murderer"...Jordan says he helped capture Ryan so give him a chance. Lucy walks away lol. 

SONNY IS COOKING In the great KITCHEN!! JaSam are in there too, talking about SHank. Sam leaves. Dr. Neil comes in and says that Krissy wants another meeting because she saw how upset Alexis got. He thinks she sees that people love her. Sonny wants to know if she told him what the secret was-that she told SHank. Neil says no but she did call someone. They figure out it's Valerie and they aren't happy because she's a cop. 

MILO IS AT THE CULT CLUB HOUSE! He says he saw SHank talk at the Square. HE wants to help the homeless and his GF broke up with him and he's  needs help. He also says he has no job but has money from when his parents were killed and has money from from the settlement from the car company.
Sam comes over, acts like she doesn't know Milo (of course). Oh, he calls himself "Mark" . While Milo distracts Shank, Sam goes into the office and finds her folder. Why did't she find Kristina's folder and find out the secret? DERP? Why look at your own folder? 

Curtis and Val come up to DA and Jordan to tell them they need to open up an investigation into Krissy's disappearance. They tell Margot she went missing from DOD. Margot freaks and says NO..it's probably a joke or a hoax. Curtis wants to know if she's protecting Sonny or Shiloh. 
Everyone leaves. Curtis and Val are going to try to find Krissy without permission. 
Jordan walks down the hallway. Passes out. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Candy Gram

Land Shark 

Scene: Kevin and Laura at home. 
Doorbell Rings...
Kevin: Who is it? 
Guy: Um... Special Delivery
Kevin: Who? 
Guy:  Um... Candy Gram...

I would have DIED!! HAHAHA, Ok, so we KNOW that wouldn't happen but what more do you want in a week that gives you a FROZEN HAND IN A PRIORITY PACKAGE?? 
Not much..and it was on a Monday ! 

You know we are having popcicles today.. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Fan Fic Friday-- The Barringtons

DelcoDave wrote 90% of this masterpiece!! ENJOY!! 

A new segment that may start (and end?) with this post. Some of you may be aware that Disney is starting a streaming service called Disney+ in the fall. While they have a wealth of product to refer back to, they will need some original programming. 
Who are we to deny them...May we present:

The great Linda Dano will play Amanda in flashbacks

The series starts with the death of matriarch, philanthropist, multi-millionaire Amanda Barrington. She is found dead in the bedroom of her mansion, presumably from natural causes. (She was 96) In weeks to come it will be revealed that her heart medication was tampered with and she died from the altered medication. She leaves behind the following individuals:

Michael Knight as Derek
Robin Christopher as Lorena
Derek (Amanda's son) - Ruthless business tycoon, always out to make a buck at any cost. He is married to Lorena Sharpe, the owner of a nation-wide chain of health spas called Avalon Spas. Unbeknownst to Lorena, Derek has been laundering money through her companies for decades. Once she finds out, she threatens Derek who in turn blackmails her by theatening to go to the IRS. Derek has been less than faithful to Lorena over the years and has flaunted his dalliances to her.

David Fumero as Mike
Real Andrews as Xavier
 Mike Webber (Amanda's grandson) - Derek's son with Ginny Blake. Although Ginny and Derek no longer speak, she will become a prominent adversary to him in the very near future. Ginny is fiercely protective of Mike. Mike is VP of Avalon Spas and engaged to Jennifer Hardy. They were to be wedded next month but they postponed the wedding due to Amanda's death. Mike is a closeted bisexual and has been in a very long affair with an african-american named Xavier. Mike is on the DL and Xavier is getting increasingly uncomfortable with sneaking around. This will not play out well as it will be exposed publicly right before the wedding. A large majority of their trysts have been at the spa behind closed doors. Were there cameras present to capture anything of importance??

Matthew Ashford as Malcolm
Michael Park as Jimmy Lee Holt 
Malcolm (Amanda's deceased son) - Long presumed to be dead, Malcolm was declared dead in a hiking accident and the body was never found. He survived and changed his name to Sawyer Denison. He left the country and started an environmental, green-friendly group called The Greenbelts with childhood friend Jimmy Lee Holt. Amanda knew about this and continued the rouse and silently funded their company. Malcolm is not materialistic at all. He returns to PC for his mother's will and surprises the family but insists that he wants only what he needs for his environmental group. Jimmy Lee is still married to Celia, with several children. It will eventually be revealed that years ago Malcom and Celia had a brief, torrid affair that resulted in a son. The child was believed to be Jimmy Lee's and raised by Celia and Jimmy Lee. Celia and Malcolm have known all along that he was really Malcolm's biological son. Like all secrets, this will eventually come out.

Gail O'Grady as Elizabeth
Elizabeth (Malcom's supposed Widow) - There was no love lost when Malcolm died. Elizabeth was already out of love with Malcolm and seeing another man. She has remarried (more than once) and will find herself conflicted when Malcolm surfaces.

Brian Gaskill as Rafe 
Noelle Beck as Allison
Allison and Rafe (Amanda's granddaughter) - Allison is Malcom and Elizabeth's daughter and is married to Rafe . The bulk of the estate, including the mansion was left to Allison. Derek is furious about this as he wanted to take the fortune and use it for his corporate raiding. Allison is very much like her father Malcolm. She is not materialistic. She is into philanthropy, General Hospital, education, assisting many charities, etc. She wants to set up foundations with the estate, but Derek will do anything to stop that.

David Tom as Sly Eckert

Sly Eckert  - After finding out about Malcolm, Derek recruited Sly to work undercover for him by getting a job with Malcolm's group The Greenbelts. It was easy for Sly to get a job with Malcolm as his Aunt, Jenny Eckert (formerly Hornsby) was employed by The Greenbelts in 1991 when Jimmy Lee hired her to protest the SS Tracy. Malcolm welcomed him aboard immediately and has continued to relay information to Derek.

Image result for jenny eckert gh

Jenny Eckart, played by the awesome Cady McCain will return to cause trouble for everyone. She's got years of pent up rage behind her and she's not afraid to show it. 


There will be no crossovers from the current cast of General Hospital. Prominent families from GH past and present should have their extended families be a part of this show along with long dormant characters. The locations (the hospital, bars, restaurants, etc.) will crossover, but the cast will not.

Most episodes directed by: Kimbery McCollough 

Show will be one hour a week, added to a streaming service. 

PS. No Vampires were harmed in the making of this Fan Fiction. (Much to Wubsie's chagrin but please look for her new series  "Teeth" to be added soon.  It will be the spin off of Caleb-Livvy days at Port Charles. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

"It's a Good Day"

WHAT THE HECK! Um it was a CHARACTER day!! 

 BOBBIE IS ON THE SHOW! They talk about Sonny being with Kristina so much and not CARLY because you know, all about Carly.  Bobbie is going to the OBGYN with her. New OBGYN is sparkly and a good actress. They talk about Carly's kid's history and her previous pregnancies. She doesn't think there will be problems but they have to run tests. 

EPIPHANY IS ON THE SHOW! Gives advice to Liz about having Cam and Franco work it out themselves. Nice scene. 

ROBERT IS ON THE SHOW!!-he looks at the bracelet she has and he remembers buying it for her. "I was never with Alex, I was always with you".  She wonders what's wrong with her. He says she's in love...and he thinks Finn is good for her. Anna says she's afraid to be happy. Such great dialog about the past and moving forward. Anna cries pretty. Finn walks up. He sits and basically watches as Anna and Robert banter and talk about Robin. He gets that "look" on his face.  They continue to talk and then Anna wants to facetime Robin. She goes in to freshen up. Robert says Finn needs to learn how to "read Anna's signs better". Finn says "You probably could give a master class" and rolls his eyes. 

MONICA IS ON THE SHOW!!  Oscar Death Watch 2019. Scout is on the porch with him and he says she won't remember him. He wants her to climb Mt. Kilamonjaro (SP)  in his place. Monica comes out and takes a photo with he and Drew. Later, He asks his Mom if it is ok to add Quartermaine to his name.  "You welcomed me, no questions asked". Monica says it's an honor. 
Oscar says it's been a "Good Day". 

MAC DADDY IS ON THE SHOW!! with FELICIA!! Ava's at the bar, they are telling her she can't kill Ryan, just "bring him to justice'. Yeah, like that's gonna happen!! 

Josslyn goes to GH and rips Cam a new one for not seeing Oscar. He can't deal with it. She's like SUCK IT UP, this is the end, you have to come and see him!!  He says he will. They hug. Later he goes to the Qs. They all play poker with Edward's poker chips. Awww, cute and fun. I do wish Olivia was there serving food but I'm not going to be TOO bitchy! 

REALLY REALLY NICE Dialog all around today!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kidney Failure

Laura is trying to convince Kevin to do the whole "in love with Ava" thing. She says they have to end their marriage to make it look real. Kevin calls Ava to tell her "we're in" for the Ryan caper.  All I can think of is after a week with Ava he'll be ready for a long vacation LOL . Laura tells Ava to NOT go over the "line" with Kevin. LOL.. warns her 

Chase is telling Michael that if they took Krissy because if they did, they are in BIG TROUBLE

Sonny Jason-- Brick found out the cup had drugs in it. Sonny is like: She could have overdosed!! Um, you mean like when you drugged KAREN WEXLER? Ugh, such a hypocrite/ 
Anyway, he wants Shiloh eliminated. Jason says don't do that-- he'd lose Krissy forever. 

Jordan tells TJ her kidney is failing. 

Willow and  Harmony. Willow says 'you were Kali Miller's mother, not mine"... Harmony says she's her only friend. She didn't tell Shiloh she was pregnant when she left. She wants to see her grandchild.  Willow said he died. Harmony doesn't believe it. 

Kristina calls Valerie.. she asks for help. Alexis is talking to Dr. Neal and wants to call Molly, notices her phone is gone. She runs in and takes her phone. Kristina yells at her to get out. Alexis stays, Krissy goes to her room. Dr. Neal says he doesn't want to lose anyone else to DOD. I bet anything Harmony is his ex-wife and Willow is his daughter. 

Sam and SHank. She's unbuttoning her shirt. Valerie interrupts, looking for Kristina. Oh, no chestial reveal for Sam! Valerie wants to know where Kristina is.  Sam said she may be traveling. 

After leaving the cult, Sam runs to Jason on the docks and they embrace. She says she can't do it much longer. SUCH a wuss and she also didn't even ACT like she wanted Shiloh. Bad Con Woman. 

Jury is out on Valerie: Have to see her with Krissy 

Laura and Kevin go to make the love. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Missing Phone

Laura visits Felicia at The Rib. Felicia thinks it's a good idea that Ava lure out Ryan with a 'new man'. Felicia gives Laura her nightmare journal to read and has a baseball bat behind the bar. TOM Hardy told her to keep it so long ago!! Laura says thank you for letting me see this. 

Ava and Kevin She wants to use Ryan's hand he sent to "bury him"...she wants Kevin to pretend to be her boyfriend. Whoa/. She's like, why not?  He tells her that Laura and he are back together. She's not happy. He tells her no and leaves. 

Sonny's big fat mouth interrupts the therapy session. Even the Doctor was like "hold up". Sonny wants to know if they are holding anything over Krissy's head preventing her from leaving. Alexis drops her phone or put it under the couch and Kristina is eyeballing it. She is yelling. Everyone is yelling. Michael storms out without telling her about the tattoos or the sex. :eyeroll: Krissy eventually grabs the phone when everyone leaves. 

Sam is ready to GO THE DISTANCE WITH DOD . Harmony is like "SLOW DOWN there, chick--you have a long way to go". Harmony leaves.   Sam wonders what she has to do. He takes off his shirt. Takes her up to 'the room' and says that she has to 'reveal herself" to him to get in the inner circle. 

Willow and Chase in Kelly's.. NUValerie is on. She's TALL and more blunt than the old one. Chase and Val leave. Harmony comes in to meet with Willow.  Harmony wants her to teach all the children and that Shiloh misses her.  

Curtis asks TJ about the drugs found in Ryan's tissue from his hand: Blood clotting stuff and pain stuff. They talk about Jordan. 
Later, he and Jordan think Ryan is alive and near PC especially after the blood clotting thing. 

Chase wants to meet Michael at the Floating Rib to see if Michael knows where Kristina is. 



Valerie goes to the DOD and Krissy CALLS HER!! 

Sam is stipping in the Cult Club Room

Harmony is Willow's mother 'You gave me to Shiloh, and it's your job to protect me, you're my mother"! 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Punch IT

IT'S A HAND!! OMG get this, the Canadian police sent it to Kevin to as Ryan's remains!! AHAHAAHA so he can bury it. Everyone thought it was from Ryan. Laura jumped!! They talk about their love. She asks him to move back home. 

Jason and SHank at the gym... Jason is slamming the bag and SHank is antagonizing him.  Not sure the purpose of this scene. We get they hate each other.  I guess it's to set Jason up for killing SHiloh? 

Sonny and Carly ..Carly's just blabbing her face off about HOW SHE WOULD DO THINGS

Michael and Sasha are SO BORING. He's SUCH a good person..and they both like to ski.. aww Banal white bread nothing. 

Ava and Scotty. She wants him to "fall for her" to get Ryan out of the shadows. He says he thinks Ryan is dead.  Anyway hes' not doing it. Ava throws him out. 

Krissy and Dr. Neal. He's getting her to trust him.  Then Sexis comes in, and Micahel will be.They have a session (athough it was edited to bits) ... Alexis phone goes off. Krissy says it's disrespectful. She talks about how she never felt "enough" for her parents and that they'd love her more if she was like they wanted her to be. 

Sam is at the house, trying to get info. Harmony tells her to bug off.  KM seems SO NOT INTERESTED in this whole thing. She tries to get into the 'office' but SHank comes home. 

Kevin tells Ava Ryan's hand is in the morgue. She says 'We are using his own hand to draw Ryan out".

Tomorrow: Felica's on. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Boxed In

If I stare long enough, I know he'll show up! 

Ok, so the week was filled to the BRIM! There's just too much going on in this show. Jumping all over and things just lose their resonance.  Kissy is fighting her family to get back to DOD and she's off this week?? HUH? ...Anna finds a clue..then... isn't on the next day.
I can't TAKE IT!! Get the drama momentum going, will ya? 

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Brunch in the house today and since it's my Aunt's Bday we are having a Carrot Cake in the shape of a bunny. LOL!! How fun is that!!? 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Hey, Hey DNA

Val and Nina at Metro.  Nina is all proud that she got Charlotte to agree to a play date... she texts Liz. She and Val talk about the fact Dr. O is holding what she did to Cassandra over her head. 

Liz/Laura at Charlie's. Liz gets the text from Nina about the playdate. She (correctly) thinks Franco had a hand in it. Laura says that she still loves Kevin 

Jordan and Franco at GH.. Franco says it will be easy to tell Kevin and Ryan apart now and Kevin walks around the corner LOL!! Jordan and Franco just stare..he says "I'm Kevin" Franco says: "Look Ma! Both hands"! ahahhhaa! Kevin says he's clearing his office. 

Franco catches up to him at the elevator and says he might see him again. "you never judged me"... yada yada.  He said he'd see him again as a patient if he decides to.Kevin is pleased. 

Sasha is working out at the gym, Michael walks in. They talk about the people making them crazy. Punch the bag. OMG So Sasha is all "I'm such a bad girl and you are SO GOOD how can I go out with you"...WHICH IS NELLE ALL OVER AGAIN!  Michael just gets the winners, huh?? LOL 

Ava is thinking Ryan is following her. Pulls her gun It's Curtis tho..Julian hired him.  Curtis leaves. Franco goes to see Ava. Ava wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend to lure Ryan out. OH DO IT!! I'D LOVE AVA AND FRANCO!  BUT nope, Franco says no way
Oh PS I'd go for Ava and Curtis as well. 

Dr. O and Maxie. Dr. O totally thinks the DNA tests showed that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. Maxie is like, NOPE she IS her daughter. Dr. O just blinks LOL!! She flashes back to Val getting DNA off Dead Donna Mills.  She says he'd better watch it. 

Laura talks to Kevin about loving him in the middle of #GH hallway. They kiss. Going to try again. 

END: weird sex scene with Michael and Sasha... just edited weird. Ava wants Scotty to pretend to be her boyfiend and Kevin gets a package from a "Chamberlain".. "Perishable" lol 
MY GUESS? Ryan stole Faison's brain from Kevin's office and is sending it back?? !!!??

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cult Crud

Anna 'Most of the records were REDACTED" LOL!! How timely!! She tells Finn she didn't learn much in Italy.

Joss is writing a song in hopes of performing it at the Nurses' Ball with Oscar.  Michael is going to take her over there. 

Olivia is crying..Oscar is moving in and she hates to see his room look so much like a intensive care unit. Oscar comes in with Kim and Drew.  Monica gave Oliiva full use of the kitchen while Oscar is there!! 
Oscar talks to Ned and O alone and wants them to plan his funeral!! 

SHank and Sam..he wants her to find Krissy. but not by herself. 

Sonny thinks Kirstina told Shank about HIS business dealings in her 'Secret" document. He talks to NuDoc.  Says he doesn't connect with the book--Neal says it's really to point out people's faults and their regrets-- 
AHAHAHA SONNY HAS NONE, he's an ego-maniac!! 

OH MY GOD, today is SUCH and exposition day!! 

AND........when Anna's searching a box, the NEWS INTERRUPTS BECAUSE YOU KNOW,  Whatever. 


Again, up in the air. I'm in Buffalo and don't think I'll make the 2:00 mark. Shopping to do and general shennanigans. 

Some questions:
 Do you think if Lulu never came back, we'd care one way or another? 
Do you want Finn and Anna to get married? 
How do you think the Wiley secret will come out, and do you think that Brad will say he's Willow's baby and not reveal the whole switch thing just to save his own ass? 
Are you excited for the NuNina? 

Ok! See you later. And thx for ordering from Amazon, it really helps to maintain the site. :) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Welp, it's Wednesday....

HELLO!! I'm off to Buffalo...it's my week off and my "great vacation" will be spent going back to see my brother. Here's hoping it's above 50. This week has been horrible as far as weather goes. BOO 

I'M HERE!! I can BLOG!! Yep.. so SURPRISE!! 

Chase/Finn...Chase surprises Finn with champagne and is like CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! Finn shuts the door in his face. LOL  It's non-alcoholic btw. Finn says he never got the chance to ask her. 

DA/Sonny at Metro. He's reading the DOD book. She and he banter about stuff. Talk about Ryan. She quotes some DOD to him!!! He looks at her shady. I really think she and Willow could be related because they look alike. And both be Diane's nieces because Willow is really Kali Miller.
See? I'm so smart LOL 

Willow/Michael ...she says her baby is alive.  Michael is happy the baby is alive. She says he's in PC but can't see him. he's upset for her but understands. 

Jason/Brad. Brad is signing up for Dawn of Day Parenting classes, Jason questions him about the cup, Jason's sees the computer screen. "YOU'RE A MEMBER OF DAWN OF DAY"?? He gets the cup from him. Lucas comes by...Jason asks if they are in DOD and Lucas says No--too "New Age" for him. But Brad likes it.

Later, Lucas runs into Liz and asks her about Aiden. Lucas needs a contract. Great talk with Liz about what's happening. WATCH IT!

Nina and Franco--WOW.. also great scenes. He goes to her about Aiden. VERY VERY good scenes as well.  She's really shocked he bullying centers around his being perceived as "gay". "though kids were woke" lol.. Franco wants her to make Char be friends with Aiden. So unfair. You can tell people to please have their kids be civil to theirs...but to "be friends"?? Doesn't work that way. 

Sam/Shank..He thinks Jason took Krissy because of the CUP.  He wants to "use Sam" to get to Jason.  To CON Jason and find out where Kristina is. LOL..so, she's already conning HIM but he wants her to con THEM!! 

I think Willow is going to go back to DOD to get goods on Shank. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Same View, Different Day

NOTE: this is a repeat of yesterday's show due to the fire. not sure who already saw the show yesterday or ..didn't read my recap down there. This is basically a place holder and for me to add any other little things I might want to talk about. 

Really too bad they didn't cultivate the Krissy-Carly relationship like Laura had with Monica. She drove Leslie NUTTY over that and Monica LOVED it.  

Nina looks nice in her leggings and blazer. Nice change from her dresses. 

Liz looks at Jason when he asks her to test The Cup. 

Anyone else NOT CARE WHAT Carly thinks?? Where's Molly? 

The white ladies' hair is all beach waves today. Maybe getting prepped for Cochella?? LOL.

I liked the Cam/Franco/Liz talk; very true to life and 3 opinions expressed.  Liz is the 'don't label"... Franco is the "so what".. and  Cam is the "cover it up" ... 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame Fire

So, the beginning of GH was interrupted by the terrible Notre Dame fire. I've been there and it's such a sad, sad thing. Over 800 years old. Which also means the timbers are that old as well. 

So, 20 minutes in and... still on!! When Windsor was being remodeled in 1992, that fire ripped through there too...but it wasn't that high and their certainly not that many relics inside. 

I got some info from a Canadian viewer:

Cam got in a fight at school because a kid called Aiden a "fairy boy". Oh Cam doesn't think Aiden is gay, 'he's just a little kid".. so this MAY be the start of the real gender vs gay issue

Jason took the cup into GH to be tested--Shiloh sees it and tries to get it back from Brad. HE says Jason is 'coming after Brad' (I didn't get it all) -- but when Jason comes back Brad tells him there was just tea in there. So..he obv lied. 

Valentin asks Nora if Laura can visit Charlotte in place of Lulu or if that was not legal. Spencer interrupts and says you'd better let her see Char or he'll tell about Sasha. Valentin calls Nora and says that they can visit. 

Nina overheard Spencer mention something about Shasha when he was talking to Val.
Willow confirms to Michael her baby was Shiloh's and that HE'S ALIVE and not dead! Whoa.

So thanks to Bonnie Lee, the Canadian who tweeted to me!!

The Notre Dame thing is still on BTW. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Surgery: POINTS to PONDER

I impressed Wubsy this week.... I need a minute...

This week had me on my last nerve...and yet I was totally absorbed on Thursday--heart pumping and digging the show.  Oh it's just such a Love-hate-Love relationship I have!! Plus the news that Cynthia is coming as Nina and everyone is just running 'round like a chicken with their heads cut off!! 

I have the best left over Pad Thai in my fridge. It's so good. I could eat that stuff daily! I will share with you. 

Friday, April 12, 2019


Jon Linstrom posted this on Twitter.. HOW WONDERFUL.

I was supposed to be HERE but my meeting was changed to 1:30 and ended at 2:45-- OY!! OY!!  
Anyway, my mind is mush. 
So, Here's your place to write and I'll see you either Sat for an update or for Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019


WELL...Twitter is exploding!!  So apparently, Cynthia Watros is something of a big deal actress who was on The Guiding Light, Titus and Lost. I don't know her, or her work so I can't say. Everyone who DOES know her is happier than hell. 
So.. buckle up I guess!! 
NOTE: Thought it was a given but yes, she's a NINA recast. 

Safe House


"You were in a bad place and I took you out".. Jason to Krissy. She's mad. "MY CEREMONY, MY CHOICE"!!  Sonny comes in
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE SCENES!! Lexi and Mo NAIL them. WOW. She sobs,  yanks away.. gets furious...they are so good.
Alexis comes in. She yells at Alexis.. then Newbie Doctor Neal comes in. Alexis is surprised. Sonny is surprised they know each other. Krissy tells him her parents need therapy. Runs into the bedroom.
Dr. Neal explains that if she goes back to DOD now, with this level of rage, she will probs never come back. 

"It's like he branded you" ..Chase to Willow. She said he did, but "now it's just a tattoo".  They are SUCH a Hallmark movie! Michael comes over. They have breakfast (he seems ok with the whole thing_). He has a plan to use Willow somehow to get to SHank. 

Why would SAM go to DOD??  Shiloh doesn't suspect her I guess. DERP. SO, she plays stupid about Krissy and MOLLY charges in!! Yelling at Shank and is like SAM!! WHY ARE YOU HERE? Looking for Krissy?? Sam is like, no.. no biggie. Molly doesn't know about her undercover work and is like ARE YOU INSANE?? GOOD Scenes. Molly flagged passages in SHank's book showing how narcissistcic he is.. LOL!! Sam doesn't tell her about her plan-- Molly says she won't drink the punch like Krissy and she did. When Molly leaves, Sam smiles and is proud. 

Harmony says the CUP IS MISSING!! Shank freaks out. She says they have to find it, it can ruin them! 

Oscar Death Watch 2019:  Oscar can breathe without his tube and his eyes fluttered. CarSon and Joss are waiting in the hall. 
Oscar can't talk because of the breathing tube damage (good touch). Terry wants to examine him alone..and Kim and Drew go out to tell CarSon and Joss.
Joss goes in to see him. Terry says the last seizure took it's toll.  Monica arrives. Joss goes to see Oscar.  Terry talks to Monica, Drew and Kim. He probably won't be able to walk.. and she thinks it will progress quickly. Drew tears up. Monica says "We have to figure out what we do now" 
Drew and Kim go in to talk to Oscar. WOW, Billy Milly is breaking me. ME!! ME!! WUBSY ..it's so sad. They tell him his tumor is growing and he says "well, it's the end then". 

Monica cries in Drew's arms..GAH

Kim cries in Jules' arms.

TOMORROW ..AND OF course GH doesn't continue the momentum...it's all different stuff! This makes me so angry, it was SUCH a good show today, why do they DO THIS? 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Chase and Willow have the Zex.. she wore striped pink, red and white boy shorts undies which I point out because it was just...unexpected. 

Anna is talking about Robin perhaps not being her daughter and I refuse to write about it. I'm just not. Nope. All I'm saying is that even IF Robin has Alex's DNA, Anna would NOT CARE. And PS, why wouldn't she think PETER isn't his?! THIS IS A MESS. 

Sam acts drunk and lures SHank out of the Cult Club. Jason goes in, finds Krissy who's passed out. He picks her up and starts leaving. 

If I had to see it, so do you! 

Peter and Maxie make out. Thank GOD baby James cried. Peter says he's never been in love. 

Alexis and Sonny are talking about the whole Cult Club thing. WHY wouldn't Michael tell them about this????? Then Alexis would be like "Get her the hell OUT"!! 
GREAT Alexis/Sonny banter--so FUN!!!!!!1 So so fun!! I really like MB and NLG together. 

Harmony finds Krissy gone-- She texts SHANK. 


Someone on Instagram paused it and read the actual trust offering. It threw Alexis under the bus. Said that she purposely ran Keifer over that night when Krissy was pretending to be asleep in the backseat of the car.

Ok, so look!! I wondered what Krissy's secret was and someone was crafty enough to find out! GOTTA LOVE IT!! We are soapy detectives out there. SO that's what she told him. What an idiot she is!
By the way, Jason has a gun the size of an UZI and he and Sam and Michael just stand there in the alley chatting away? What the hell, Storm that house that has like 4 people in it! Plus, why wait until now to have Sonny tell Dr. Newbie about all this? Isn't it late in the game? Daisy should be more involved too. I know she's a new character but they could have fleshed her out and had her set on revenge ...and have her take care of SHank or something. The whole story was just hollow and interrupted. SO much more could have happened. Oscar getting false "healed" which would have put Joss and Cam in there. Trina could have come by and said "You are STUPID' and put a stop to it all.
LORD, this is a mess.
I loved the concept but execution?
OMG I think I'm writing a Sunday Surgery. Forgive me. LOL

Carry on.

Nancy Posted this to Twitter... "Maurice and I after they cut our Nurses Ball Number Out"!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dawn of The Yawn

OMG that "DEN" of Dawn of Day..I can smell the Patchouli from here! ahaaha. The props dept raided Pier One. Sam is searching. 

Ava summons Felicia and Laura. They talk about his hand and that he may be alive. Ava wants to lure him by going out with someone else to make him JELLY. Oh :eyeroll: 

Willow ...WHO IS REALLY KALI MILLER (hysterical shade by the writers, btw) is talking to Michael and Chase Ford about Krissy.  

Sonny and Jason talk to Dr. Newbie. Sonny wants him to get Krissy out of DOD... I guess he has expertise in that area. He's not sure...but he thinks he should take it slower. His last exit therapy ended badly. 

Jordan is having a bad kidney day. Forensics lab has info on the hand. Ryan chopped it off when he was alive. 

Michael, Sam and Jason meet up in the secret alley. I guess they'll have 15 min to get Krissy "out"-- oh and Michael tells them Shank has S-E-X with the girlies after they are done with the ceremony/

OMG this was the most boring day IN FOREVER. YAWN 

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Tale of The Cult Club

Oh geesh, first we have a Monsoon last night and this morning...then a school district shut because of superintendent conf day (Or maybe Nina and Valentin sabotaged it) -- and here I AM!! I have a meeting that STARTS AT 2pm!!

SO, for your entertainment, I'm at a Starbucks (no judging) and I'll write up what I'd like to see today: 

They await in the woods...

Kristina's white ermine coat donated by The Cassadines. She sits upon Sheba. 

Sam's blindfold is pulled off slowly by Harmony.  She sees everyone dressed in black and red robes. Shiloh  is at the head of the gathering and starts praying to the Sun God Aurora. Sam realizes that Drew wanted to name their company Aurora--!! Drew's memories are still locked away. so could it be that he too is into the whole DOD with his old army bud, Hank?? Then she spots Harmony leading Kristina to the Shiloh. Kristina is riding on Sheba, the long dead horse of Nikolas and dressed in a white robe of Ermine.  She steps off and slips the robe down her naked back. Evil tattoo guy is on the side, getting ready to brand her forever.   Shiloh raises a holy box... that glimmers in the cave candle's  glow. He slowly opens it.  Sam looks up--it's..a HAND...a RIGHT HAND!!  Just then-- out of the deepest shadows comes...RYAN!! That's right this whole Cult Club is tied to the TWIN EXPERIMENT! Ryan reaches Kristina and strokes her hair with his good hand. He beckons to the corner. Who's waiting there? LIV.VIE!!.. Sam's other half from Port Charles.  Liv turns and looks at who's holding her hand.  Cableb gazes over the crowd and stops at Sam. Sam clutches her throat. Blood runs down her neck. Spooky music rises and we hear the whirrrrr of the tattoo needle. 

If I could get the rights, Billy Ellish "You Should See Me in A Crown" would blast out while she's getting her ink. WARNING: Don't watch the video if you don't like spiders. 

By the way, I've been watching Sabrina S2 so, probably influenced from that!! 
Have a good one. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Raise Your Right Hand

This week was a treat for TWO reasons...one is the above giant cast episode and...the other is

RYAN CUT OFF HIS OWN HAND!!! And yes, I'm just tickled with that gruesome detail. Not only is it PERFECT for Ryan's psyche--it's also a nod to James Franco with the whole Arm being cut off in that movie.:giggle: Did the writers mean that??? Not sure, but I do love the easter eggs when I find them!! 

So, we are having finger sandwiches today!! 

Friday, April 5, 2019


The Canadian Mounted Police found...RYAN'S HAND!! ahahaha. Too bad they didn't find his kidney for Jordan!! OMG So get this, Ava figures out he cut his own hand off-- he cut his right hand off, not his left. Jordan says, YEP that's what he did! 
OH, NIAGARA ON THE LAKE MENTION!! Oh we in the know here!! 
Canada thinks he's dead, Jordan isn't so sure but the FBI and DA and Canada would have to get in on it to prove he's dead. 

GYM: Oh wow, Finn got Anna an engagement ring!! 

School..Nina and Val with Willow. Willow has the principal come in and is waiting for a Union Rep. That principal is someone--I've seen him in a ton of things. Anyway, Willow apologizes for yelling at Nina-- but Val is vicious and says he won't accept it and something about her saying Char cheated?? Hmmm... Oh yeah, that test. Anyway. JPS is DOING SO well being a nasty parent! WOW.. and Nina tells Willow she needs a different "Calling". Willow says Charlotte could go to the gifted and talented program but the principal is like: Um, that's closed until FALL!! Nina gets really mad, they call for her being fired.
you have to WATCH this segment. The Union rep says nope not happening. Val threatens court. they really should put her in private school, that's a huge hole there. ALL Cassadines go to private school. 

I just remembered that Willow isn't tenured so, she IS on thin ice. Yes, in NYS all  public school teachers can be tenured after  3years.  If you're not, you can basically go for any reason. 

Maxie and Anna having a nice nosh and PETER WALKS IN--damn it. Peter talks to Chad/Chet at the bar. HE's feeling bad for hisself. He's just in an office with a computer. Chet tells him that he likes Maxie but isn't sure she's ready for another relationship. 
Chet finally asks Maxie out but she turns him down because she likes PETER....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

Laura tells Lulu to go to Paris to "heal".. Lulu's like, I can't!! Rocco...Charlotte. Laura's like, eh, take Rocco...Leave Charlotte who cares??!! AHAHAHA. She tells Nina and Val later and Nina's so happy lol. 

Lucy's talking to Kevin. He can't get his identity fixed, Ryan took a lot of stuff. He tells her he's fired from GH. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Apparently with everything else Epiphany does she ALSO runs Lamaze classes LOL!! Remember when she did PT with Sonny??  She wants Carly to go to classes so her baby is born healthy. She also wants her to take the test for abnormalities. Carly was like, I'm too scared. But Epiphany says she's not a coward so she should do it. Carly agrees. 

Drew is.. SO into this. 

The gym..where no one else EVER works out. Remember Llandview's gym? Always full and eyecandy in the back ground!! Curtis and Drew are working out. Talk about Jordan's kidney and Oscar's dying. Hmmmmmm WONDER WHY!? 

Jules and Kim.  ALERT: Julien is wearing his flannel. Kim says he can't come over because she has to talk to Oscar about the end of this life.  Julian goes to visit Ava. 

Joss and Oscar are at the bridge and look at the lock they did. He has to go to a doctor's appointment. Still looking a bit pale yet sprightly. He gives Joss a watch that's digital so when she sees 11:11 --she'll know he's thinking of her when he's gone.   BLOOP! Apparently not tho.. he goes down.
AT GH: He's in a coma. Tumor has grown and isn't responding to medication. Dr. Terry isn't sure he'll wake up. Joss is despondent-- she hates that he's on a machine. 

Jordan talks to Aunt Stella. OH NICE! Get this, Jordan wants to have her dialysis at GH but it's out of network for her insurance co and she has to go to Mercy. THANK YOU for finally including insurance stuff to a story.
Curtis wants Auntie to pull some strings to try to get her to GH.  Jordan gets a phone call about Ryan and leaves. 

Laura is .. her and Kevin's house I guess. I totally forget what it even looks like!! Kevin is at the door. Looking like Ryan LOL..which I guess he COULD be..he could come back at any point and just BE Ryan. Without a body, they could switch at any point. Lulu comes to visit and freaks out because she thinks Kevin is Ryan. She freaks out. Kevin leaves. Lulu tells her mother about Dante leaving. Lulu is crying about her life and the fact she's losing it. Laura thinks she should leave town. 

Ava dreams that Ryan is in her apartment. She's passed out with vodka in her hands. She dreams he's choking her. She wakes up and carries a gun around the apartment, she thinks he's there. Ava calls her Gallery Insurance co and wants them to do her whole apartment. They arrive in 3.4 seconds. 
IDEA: She's getting more and more paranoid. Will become Agoraphobic and more and more spooked out...and what if she shoots Kevin??!! 
Julian is going to move in for a bit to help her out and keep her safer. 

END: WOW..Epiphany just totally DRAGS Kevin!!!!!!!!! wow. She was magnificent in that scene!! The board suspended his practicing at GH. 

Jordan says the Canadian Police "found" Ryan. Which I'm not believing. NOPE. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Later Gators!

I will be late watching GH so I'm not sure when the blog will get up. Here's a post for you to just dish in and hopefully Sonya will recap as usual..

Weird things about yesterday:
No GAIL Flashbacks
Why was Julian there again? 
The envelopes contained confetti, should have been a check for each to donate to fave charity. 
Organ donors, Anti-Bullying, Art Therapy-- etc etc. 

Ok! SEE YA! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Scotty, Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Leslie, Laura-- Monica, Julian, all at GH to open envelopes that Alexis gives them from Gail Scavenger Hunt!! Leslie found hers and Monica found hers in the same place. They talk about being in the cafeteria!! 

OMG These two!! 
Look! The showers are co-ed now

You'd never get anything done
Oh, you didn't know how to live!! You were like "Earth Mother"
"Earth Mother?? Better than SLUT" 

Franco and Scotty..have a father/son talk about being snotty. LOL. Neither appreciate what they have/had. BTW The girl that plays Serena wasn't available for taping so don't be all mad at that. 

Felicia and Bobbie meet in front of Tony's photo on the wall to find their envelopes. They talk about BJ and Maxie. Aww. TEARS

Scotty and Laura "You smile just like when you were 17".  They talk about younger days and being friends now. 

Lucy and Monica. Lucy had all the old gowns and tuxes sent to GH to auction off for the charity. She finds Alan's hankie in a pocket of a tux. They talk about Alan and how he always loved Monica. Cute scene. 

Mac and Maxie.. she says thank you for being there for me. She also says thank you for letting me get rid of my scar all those years ago. She wanted to me 'normal" and not heart-transplant girl. 

Sonny and Laura talk about mental illness and shining a light on the struggle... She thanks him for being open about his own mental issues. MB tears up a little. Laura says he's a 'good-guy in bad-guy clothes'. 

Liz and Bobbie look in the in 'old storage" closet. Liz tells her she's one reason she because a nurse. Bobbie comforted her when Lucky found her in the park after her rape. Awww!! That's a great scene btw.. look for it on YouTube 

Carly and Bobbie ....Carly tells her she's pregnant. They talk about babies and that Carly has to be responsible.  Sonny comes in, everyone hugs. 

Bobbie and Scotty. They talk about being together when THEY were young. Very cool... then Monica and Leslie chat and say they ended up with the men they should have. 

Kevin is alone in a room, can't find his envelope. Lucy comes in, hoping to get him back a little. He tells her he still loves Laura but she and he had "Something beautiful" together. She realizes he's not in the right place and takes him to the chapel where Laura is. Lucy tears up but finds his envelope and says "You're where you're supposed to be" and leaves. Awwwwww

Nice Epiphany Scene in the elevator. 

Laura and Leslie ..Leslie tells her how proud she is of her. Laura remembers being a candy stripper! 

They get to the nurses station and all open the envelopes and its' confetti. They throw it in the air.  Some flashbacks but not NEARLY enough. Wow, not nearly enough. 
Gail's picture unveiled on the wall. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Video Games with Grandpa

Nina DNA--of COURSE it says Sasha is her daughter! Welp.  Valentin acts ALL pissy "HOW DARE YOU"!! LOL..Maxie feels terrible about it. Nina is mad at her. Nina leaves. Later, Valentin finds her and she says that Peter was saying that Aunt Lesil was blackmailing him. Val lies and says "yes, she knows about you injecting Cassandra at Anna's house". Nina is furious because she backed Lesil after the fire in the stables at Wyndemere. She storms out to confront her. Val shouts for her to stop (Because he basically lied).  She agrees to let it go because if she talks to Dr. O about it, she may get more angry. 

Laura and Alexis ..hey, they are sitting on a COUCH in #GH ! wow.. not the window sill. Laura gets upset because Alexis brought the divorce papers. She still wubs Kevin.  Alexis can understand that. They talk about their bad-boy loves. 

CarSon and Lulu..Lulu tells them what happened. Sonny thought something was "off".  Rocco overhears it-- and gets upset. Lulu reassures him.  Sonny tells Rocco he's the man of the house now.
NOTE: I wish Rocco had darker hair. Danny and Jake all have blonde hair, Rocco should have dark hair like Dante, Olivia and Sonny.

Franco and Kevin ...Franco's NOT happy with Kevin. NOT. One. BIT. He's never having therapy again and not talking to Kevin either. 

Lucy is there for Kevin. NICE Scenes. She says that it's a loyalty thing and she gets that he made a bad choice. 

NORA is here!! She and Margo talk.."Where from PA are you"?? Nora says: Llanview, it's by Philadelphia..Margo says "I'm more into Pine Valley myself" AHAHHA...get it, she was on AMC!! 
Kevin wants to plead guilty..when the judge asks him tho he pleads "not guilty". Nora and Lucy give a sigh of relief. Nora wants bail... DA lady is like NO WAY. 
Lucy gets up and blabs and blabs and tries to plead his case.  She says he's not a flight risk and if need be, he can be released in her custody. Bail is set at 150K and he has to surrender his passport. 
Lucy paid his bail. Oh ! NO! He thought she did... Laura did! 

END: Maxie goes to Lulu's to tell her about the whole DNA thing but Lulu sees her and breaks into sobs and Maxie just holds her. Nice. job. 

DON'T MISS TOMORROW: Gail's Will!! Leslie is back. 

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