Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dawn of The Yawn

OMG that "DEN" of Dawn of Day..I can smell the Patchouli from here! ahaaha. The props dept raided Pier One. Sam is searching. 

Ava summons Felicia and Laura. They talk about his hand and that he may be alive. Ava wants to lure him by going out with someone else to make him JELLY. Oh :eyeroll: 

Willow ...WHO IS REALLY KALI MILLER (hysterical shade by the writers, btw) is talking to Michael and Chase Ford about Krissy.  

Sonny and Jason talk to Dr. Newbie. Sonny wants him to get Krissy out of DOD... I guess he has expertise in that area. He's not sure...but he thinks he should take it slower. His last exit therapy ended badly. 

Jordan is having a bad kidney day. Forensics lab has info on the hand. Ryan chopped it off when he was alive. 

Michael, Sam and Jason meet up in the secret alley. I guess they'll have 15 min to get Krissy "out"-- oh and Michael tells them Shank has S-E-X with the girlies after they are done with the ceremony/

OMG this was the most boring day IN FOREVER. YAWN 


  1. I don't get the Kali Miller reference?
    I am VERY VERY intrigued with psychiatrist Neil - I still think he is a bad guy---and that he DOES know Alexis' background
    OKAY so at any time did Robert EVER talk to his BROTHER Mac while he has been in town? I DO like the idea that Ryan kidnaps Lulu - because there is no reference she is taking a real-life vacation.....
    because they are filming the nurses ball - we have these possibilities:
    )(1) Sasha is discovered as not-Nina's daughter, so Michelle Stafford can start the process of leaving
    (2) Wiley baby finally connecting -
    (3) I feel that it will have something to do with Shiloh
    I hate Shiloh's character but this guy is a hit/amazing actor/creepy.......

  2. The floating rib:

    Ava, Laura, and Flea: Oh yes! Let's make Ryan jelly!!!! Now who can we get to help? I know! Julian! Yeah Ryan.. Julian isn't my brother! I just found out! We are in love and getting married!

    Michael and Chillow: She is basically saying that King Mufasa is a God who has all this power! Is he like Charlie Manson?

    "Karen says Willow ...WHO IS REALLY KALI MILLER (hysterical shade by the writers, btw)"



    Jason, Michael, and Sam: Oh yes! Sex with King Mufasa! I had a feeling!!!!!! They don't have time to waste! Hurry Jason!!! Grab your cape and fly fly fly and save Krissy!!!! Super Jason to the rescue!!!

    The cult house:

    King Mufasa and Harmony.com: Oh she seems affected when he tells her that he found Willow.

    Krissy and King Mufasa: Oh yes! Sign those papers and change into the cult clothes!! Wait! King Mufasa is not going to be at the ceremony?

    Krissy, King Mufasa, and Harmony.com: It's time!!!!! It's time!!!!! Oh how exciting!!! :)

    The lion's den:

    Krissy and King Mufasa: Oh first the tramp stamp and then sex? No condoms? Of course not. We need more children in the cult house!!!! Krissy doesn't know about the sex yet..

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Alexis's doctor: Oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alexis begs her doctor to help her and he says no, but when Don Juan sperminator Sonny asks for his help, the doctor agrees! *facepalm*

    The hospital:

    Jurtis: Oh Jordan is in pain! She is constipated again. The hand is RYAN'S!!!!!!! Jordan wins the line of the day.

    Jordan: Assuming I get to tie you up too.


  3. OK, didn't finish watching yet, but I wanted to ask yesterday: WHAT is that stuffed bear, or whatever it is, in Sonny's office? It is driving me crazy--is it a painting, or a stuffed animal? WHAT is it???? There are lights over it . . .

    Also, Sonny SUMMONED the therapist to his office and didn't tell him why? HELLO, therapists don't go to your office, you go to theirs. We actually can make a "house call" if a patient is ill, insurance will cover it, otherwise, PATIENTS COME TO US!! And it still bothers me that Neil and Alexis were initially attracted to each other, and he agreed to treat her--BAD practice! Plus, Alexis should know better, she should see a FEMALE therapist! We need some female therapists in Port Charles! Wait, I will move there, I AM licensed to practice in NYS . . .

    1. I believe that stuffed animal in Sonny's office is what Karen calls Bob the Badger. :)

      And you go AntJoan, get yourself to Port Charles and act like a real therapist! They really do need some female therapists :)

    2. "Julie H says I believe that stuffed animal in Sonny's office is what Karen calls Bob the Badger. :)"

      Didn't Karen give that to Maurice Bernard? Oh wait maybe it was the lobster she gave him. :)

  4. OK, I still haven't finished watching, but WHY didn't Willow tell Michael that Krissy will get branded and have to have sex with Shiloh? She should be standing up, and telling this to the world! I guess if you are stupid enough to join a cult, you might not be bright, strong or brave enough to stand up to them once you are out. Leah Remini should be an inspiration . . . but, of course, she didn't join the cult, she was born into it.

  5. OK, so I guess Willow DID tell them about the branding and the sex . . .

    Be still my heart, my fantasy is coming true of Laura, Ava and Felicia taking down Ryan!! PLEASE have them do it without Jason swooping in the save the day . . .

  6. Replies
    1. Allegedly, it is Willow's real name.

    2. It is Willow's real name, but somehow I get the idea there is some significance to it. Also, I am wondering if Neil's failed attempt dealing with a cult had anything to do with Willow. Seems impossible to believe that him being a cult-redemption specialist is co-incidental to the whole DoD story.

  7. I don't think Ryan will have Lulu because doesn't she have Rocco with her? Makes no sense for her to leave Charlotte. Dawn of the Day storyline is just the worst and to make it front burner...really? Why? Someone on last post asked why Carly was pregnant- maybe to carry on Corinthos legacy since Morgan died. I know there's Michael, but he's not biological son of Carly and Sonny so there's that, however Carly always will need a storyline, so maybe a difficult birth, no WAY will she lose the baby after losing Morgan. That would be beyond cruel.....if not for Ava already just having Avery, might have been interesting for her to get pregnant with Ryan's kid. WHY would writer's have Ryan caught off his hand...will he have a hook? I like Willow and Chase. They could definitely go places together. Heartbreaking to watch Dante come and go again. Hopefully he will be back. DZ is gold, as I've said before. I think only MS can do Nina. Hope no cast. There would be no reason other than the relationship with Maxie and James. I will miss that. PLEASE don't pair Michael and Sasha. Pretty please. GH has gotten pretty dull and several characters seem to have no real purpose. Dawn of the Day to blame, in large part, IMO. Please have Jonah returned to Michael and Brad hauled off to jail.

  8. Ava should get Kevin to be her pretend love interest. I mean he kind of owes everyone.

    1. That is exactly what I am thinking, Mrs. Goose. It would be a way for him to redeem himself, and certainly he wants Ryan caught as badly as everyone else does. Besides Kevin, what man in that town would be a likely candidate? I can't think of anyone.

  9. I may be in the minority, but I really like the DOD story. The Shank actor is fantastic. I love it when he narrows his eyes and does that benevolent smile. SOOOOO creepy! I have no clue about this name Kali Miller and what it means in real life. Any info would be appreciated. :)

    Flea, Ava and Laura should hang together all of the time. Crazy Ava needs some gal pals, and I too hope they are the ones to bring down Ryan, and leave Jason, Carly and their appendages the hell out of it!

  10. the judge in Cam's case last week was Judge Carson - someone reads the interwebs - hahaha


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