Monday, April 29, 2019

Memorial For a Hand !!

Franco: What The HELL am I watching?? LOL 

OMG SO..get this, they BURIED RYAN'S HAND and Ava, Kevin, Laura, Lulu and Flea/Mac are there. Lulu's going to post the Kevin/ Ava thing on the net so it goes live for Ryan to see. Kevin is going to try to declare Ryan dead so he'll think he's in the clear and come out of the woodwork. Mac is still not happy with the situation. 
Franco wanders into the ceremony. He's like You are all doing this? Stupid. LOL Lulu films it on her iPad while Kevin gives the eulogy. Franco says (to the mound) I hope you rot in hell. Ava puts her head on Kevin's shoulder For Ryan to "see". 
Laura throws down flowers and said Lulu was too strong for him. Felicia taunts him too. 
Later they go to the Metro. Franco and Lucy are gobsmacked that Ava is with Kevin.  Lucy's yelling. Lulu is filming it all. The memorial already got 'picked up" by other websites. WOW, Lucy really went at Kevin. 

Curtis is in Canada talking to a junkie to see if he can find out if Ryan was looking for Drugs. He gives a junkie money and the guy says that someone gave him a list of things to steal. It was a WOMAN!! WOW, twisty!! 

Lucy wants Jordan and Curtis to do a magic act for the ball. Franco comes up and asks her if he can do something and she's like "Um, you're a murderer"...Jordan says he helped capture Ryan so give him a chance. Lucy walks away lol. 

SONNY IS COOKING In the great KITCHEN!! JaSam are in there too, talking about SHank. Sam leaves. Dr. Neil comes in and says that Krissy wants another meeting because she saw how upset Alexis got. He thinks she sees that people love her. Sonny wants to know if she told him what the secret was-that she told SHank. Neil says no but she did call someone. They figure out it's Valerie and they aren't happy because she's a cop. 

MILO IS AT THE CULT CLUB HOUSE! He says he saw SHank talk at the Square. HE wants to help the homeless and his GF broke up with him and he's  needs help. He also says he has no job but has money from when his parents were killed and has money from from the settlement from the car company.
Sam comes over, acts like she doesn't know Milo (of course). Oh, he calls himself "Mark" . While Milo distracts Shank, Sam goes into the office and finds her folder. Why did't she find Kristina's folder and find out the secret? DERP? Why look at your own folder? 

Curtis and Val come up to DA and Jordan to tell them they need to open up an investigation into Krissy's disappearance. They tell Margot she went missing from DOD. Margot freaks and says's probably a joke or a hoax. Curtis wants to know if she's protecting Sonny or Shiloh. 
Everyone leaves. Curtis and Val are going to try to find Krissy without permission. 
Jordan walks down the hallway. Passes out. 


  1. Karen, You replaced Chase with Curtis as Val's partner. (Something most of us would like to do)

  2. since when do the PCPD look into anything(krissy). go look into skank

  3. Yeh I was like wth, why didn't she look for Kristina's or hey while looking run across Kelli Miller and see it's Willow. LOL!
    I'm curious who the woman is. Any ideas?

  4. "Memorial For a Hand !!"


    Ryan's memorial:

    "Karen says OMG SO..get this, they BURIED RYAN'S HAND"

    Oh is THAT what they did? ROFL! Poor BobTodd all confused! :) Laura and Lulu, BobTodd is there. Did you two apologize to him yet?

    Metrocourt restaurant: Poor BobTodd all confused. :) Poor Lucy!!! :( Come on Flea! Take Lucy out of the restaurant and tell her the truth!!!!! She is hurting cus she has feelings for him!

    The hospital:

    Chase, Margoo, Jordan, and Val: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Margoo and Jordan: Yeah Margoo notices that Jordan doesn't look so good. I noticed too. Oh oh Jordan is alone and passes out!!!!!!!!! She is so sick!!!!

    Carson's home: The kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Sonny is cooking!!!! Look there is a table at the wall!!!! And also a back door!!! Sam went through it!!!! :) On twitter, Maurice Bernard made a post today and said he has never seen so much conversation about a kitchen! ROFL! So I said I can't help it! I love the new kitchen! It's beautiful! :) I guess alot of people can't stop talking about the kitchen!!!! HAHAHA YAY! :)

    Sonny, Jason, and Dr. Neil: They are talking about the same ol thing, and I am looking around the kitchen. :)

    Colt house:

    "Mark Turner" and King Mufasa: MILO!!!!!!! Glad he is a spy for Sonny and I hope Milo doesn't get brainwashed! Love the Mark Turner persona.. He is very believable! Sam comes in and then when she leaves, King Mufasa wants to look for her, and "Mark Turner" is trying to get King Mufasa's attention! So much so, that another guy who lives there spills his stuff because "Mark Turner" bumps into him! :)


    Curtis and Jesus: Look it's Jesus! No seriously, is he a homeless man? Hmmm a woman? Is it Ryan dressed as a woman?

  5. Okay, I admit I like the kitchen. You all were making me laugh! :)

    Lucy and Magoo were working my last nerve yesterday. Usually I like Lucy, but dang yesterday, I wanted her to shut up. Magoo is just a pain in my keester all of the time, and she needs to stuff it with her "wasting valuable resources" line. She said it with Ryan and now her dreamboat Shank. Bah!

    Sonya, glad you and I are still waiting for the Franco apology tour. :)

    Loving Milo, but the Mumbler is still an idiot.

    I'm betting we will never know the "woman" who is helping Ryan, and the Canadian press will announce that some Jane Doe was found dead this week.

    And better late than never, but I loved the Sunday blog, thanks Karen!

  6. "Julie H onya, glad you and I are still waiting for the Franco apology tour. :)"

    ROFL! It's never going to happen though. :( Never going to give up though! :)


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