Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Out of Gas

The Face of Doom 

I wasn't going to do Sunday Surgery today because I really didn't watch most of the show. I saw Monday, the end of Thursday and Friday's episodes. 

Just like Claudette and Nate, I'm outta gas folks. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Feta Flight Lost

The Cassa-Adventure has moved from land to air.  MayDay! MayDay! OMG But wait.. WTF--they don't even have it ON TODAY!?????? OMG!! ahahahaaa. This show is so stupid. I'm sorry but that's is just dumb. Kinda like when Nikolas got shot and they didn't show it again until TWO days later.

What do we get? Hospital Mystery! Franco is questioned by Valerie- the last person got killed weeks ago. Don't care.  Later, the lady dies. Amy finds her (she's the killer so obvious). THEY Killed off another nobody! Wow terrifying. 

Claudette and Nathan-- Zzzzzzzzzz.  On the side of the road. Maxie is like "Where is he"?? wah wah You know, he's a COP--and he's been gone a hot minute.  Claudette hurts her knee. Nathan wraps it in a bandage. They turn the radio on--and it's THEIR SONG!! Oh ..Nathan listens to it "all the time"!! :eyeroll: 

Griffin and Liz-- talking about Franco. She's all suddenly: you are a priest! He says "Do you want my blesssing"? HUH? 
Liz goes out with Franco. They go to Jake's.... it was pretty dull. She mentioned Ric telling her that Franco was dangerous. Franco then takes her to a creepy storage locker-(there's even a fake leg in there) and locks the door. 

Later, Maxie and Griffin go get coffee (Very bizarre, you have to see how it happens to believe it) so THEY can talk about the shooting. They also talk about..get this--Roman Catholic confession and redemption. Yep. 

Curtis and Jordan blabbed about TJ. Exposition. Would have been so much better months ago. 
Curtis is going to help with TJ and be closer to him. 

Wow today's show was ... disappointing and just plain strange

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This was on Ingo's FB page-- saying he was back on set this week--although I think he shows up Friday? Ergo, he must have filmed a bit more. An S&Ber said the set is dark at the end of the week. 
Are you looking forward to seeing Ingo? I am -- but the rest of the show? Oy. to the Vey. I was just remembering that we have a hospital "Murder Mystery" happening! Or do we? What the hell happened to that mess? 

As you know, I'm out for 2 days. I'll have to play catch up this weekend. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3 Days Gone

I'm out for 3 days! 
Mini-Vacation for Wubs!!  One fun thing I'm doing is seeing the Ab Fab Movie tomorrow! 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dad? Is that You?

So Hayden and her Mama are summoned to NYC for something to do with Dad/Hubs Trial. Who cares. 
Liz mentiones Heather Webber again in Naomi's room and she chokes.  She asks Liz if she's related to Heather Webber.  Liz laughs: no! 

Liz and Franco are going out on a date. 

Hammy Finn is leaving on a jet plane. 

Sonny is sort of taking it all in with Parker.  Shakes his head and leaves.  Later he comes in when Parker leaves. Krissy confesses who Parker is to Sonny. Sonny sits down. LOL.  They talk about Parker. Kristina says she's not sure if she's gay. "Could you accept me if I am"?? (ends) 

Cassadine tussle. Dante almost gets Valentin to call the guards off but one snags Ava-- she tells him to let go. JaSam are still locked in the other room. Why? I'm sure Billy and Kelly needed a break. 

Lulu sees the bones. Sees a bracelet that looks like Luke's and his earring. (Hells could have planted any of that) She needs to look at his TEETH. TEETH don't lie.  Of course she won't.  She gets a guard's gun. Goes back upstairs and points it at Valentin (ends) 

HORRIFIC editing: Franco leaves Liz and Naomi. Liz and Naomi finish the NEXT sentence and Franco is in jail visiting Heather.  Heather says, sure go out with Liz! She's Jeff's kid, I liked Jeff.

OMG..the, GET HIS! Naomi is out of the hospital in the NEXT SCENE and is sitting with Heather in JAIL and tells her no to tell Franco "about Liz". 

WOW. Today's show was just all over the freaking place. UGH 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: The Pride and The Promenade

You're no Romeo..

This week's GH was another reminder of just how HUGE this cast is and how the stories are all over. 
BUT! The bizarre Thursday show gave me a ray of light so I won't be all doom-gloom.

It's that time of year when we must have some BBQ!! With corn bread--New England Style. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

According to Hayden's Shirt..

It's still JULY 5TH!! LMAO!! ahhahaaa. DYING laughing. Will this ever end?

Lucy, Scotty and RIC? What the hell??? HAHAAHA.

Franco wants to take Lucy and Scotty to dinner with Heather's money.  Love these 3.

Naomi fainted at the Metro (doesn't matter why but she gave Heather that money). Liz is her nurse. She talks to her about her parents and then Naomi gets a panic attack again. I guess Jeff had a fling at one point. Hayden and Liz sisters.

Some random chick tells Carly she's the donor. Which she's not-- too easy.  She's not. Carly figures it out. Kicks her out of the Metro.

Sonny wants a favor from Hammy Finn. 

Jarlos (Joe+Carlos). First of all..another new character? UGH but..JVP is so good with this!! He seems totally different. The speech, walking, -- so weird. I'm looking at him going wow, it's a different person!! 

RIC IS ON!!!!!!! RIC!! And it's so random!!

Good Episode tho-- I got to see Franco eating with Lucy and Scotty. Jarlos was interesting. 
And.. Hayden's father is JEFF.. LOL I thought Liz' mother would be Naomi. Nope! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Purple Bra

Krissy goes to see Parker. She says she's "moving on with a great guy"....Parker's marriage is over. Shocker. 
She cries, Krissy consoles her. 
They kiss.  They get in bed

Dillon hooked up with Darby? Must have missed that.BUT DARBY? seriously? Darby is still around? Later he has a sit down with Carly and Darby comes out with his sweater or something. Carly is SO happy they slept together! She celebrates with a drink. 

Felix in with Jules...Sonny is trolling him. Alexis goes to the hospital. Sonny's is all "what are YOU doing here"??

Ghost Carlos rolls out from under the bed.  Taunts Julian. Tells him to kill Alexis. Julian is saying he loves Alexis and she shows up in the door to hear him. 

Bunch of stupid Kiki/Morgan stuff. "I want you" ..."Well, I'm not sure"..."I'm not going to not be able to perform this time"...yada yada. They kiss when he starts to freak out but then they go into a hotel room together. She says she loves him. OMG They have the grossest love scene --he took  off her bra and panties.

The Amish are fighting about where Sabrina should live (I think) ..she's staying at the Q's. 

END: Carlos' Twin shows up at the Q house. YEP. It's His TWIN

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Image result for general hospital 7/18/16

I got here in time to see on Twitter that Alexis isn't pregnant. THANK YOU SOAPGODS!! Although I don't know why they bothered with that day 'fake out'. LOL.
SO glad Diane was on. 

Jules goes unresponsive.  He needs more tests. 

The CASSADINE Island stuff is SO SO bad. Wow.  Why would big BAD Valentin keep AVA in the room and NOT Sam...who actually IS a Cassadine?  This story has no point, especially if Nikolas things the fortune is gone and is stealing diamonds? 

Ok, so Valentine ends up shooting Nikolas who FALLS OUT THE WINDOW. Yes, really. Maybe this time for reals?? 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Show Interupptus

Not going to be around tomorrow--real life is seeping into the blog-time. So, have fun, be safe and here's hoping Alexis doesn't have a bun in the oven. Seriously. I don't think I can take it. 

It's all Greek to Me

The island? OMG...first of all "Valentin" isn't nasty AT ALL. Sam and Jason act like they DGAF about this.  LOL 
Theo is speaking Greek. Nikolas can speak it too. 
Theo/Valentin flashes his Cassadine Tattoo. He is indeed, Valentine...Mekkos bastard Son.
Boy, this is really boring. Sad. 

Alexis bought a pregnancy test. YES she DID. UGH. Her girls want to have a movie night and she wants to go pee on the stick.  They find it in the kitchen. Alexis says yes, she could be pregnant. (:eyeroll:) she asks them to leave so she can pee in private. She doesn't do it today. 

Alexis needed to be ON THE ISLAND!  You know with the rest of the Cassadines?? It's like they don't even remember she IS a Cassadine. It's a boring ass'd story but.... at least include her. 

Lucas is talking to Jules. "you're not my father, Tony Jones was my father" !! Olivia walks in to bitch at him too. "You'll never see Leo again"! Then she goes to say that SONNY (Unlike Jules) is Wonderful, Loyal and Courageous -- Barf. 

Hammy and Sonny...bonding at the Metro. Hams wants to know if Sonny deals in illicit drugs--prescription to be exact.  Sonny lectures him on why he won't sell illegal drugs. Hammy tells him he's dying and got a disease. Sonny thinks he might know someone that 'knows someone'

Tracy and Hayden meet her mama. Hay thinks she can get what they need. She says she'll give up the name if they pay her.  She calls her dealer. He tells her that the street name for the drug is Zen Zen. She also thinks Hammy is an addict since it's a street drug.
If it's a STREET DRUG why the hell would Hammy Finn need an overseas connection??????? this makes no sense. None. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Sparkle Pants

HELLO from the Outside.....

When I was younger we'd watch soaps (or even prime time shows) because we either identified with a character or wanted to BE them. I loved One Day at a Time because of Valerie Bertinelli. I watched GH for Genie Francis. I didn't care if she stood there and pouted the whole show (which she did a lot of), I just wanted to see it. All My Children had Erica Kane (bad) and Tara (good). There has always been someone I've tuned into see on my soaps. 
Until now. 
Yes, there are a ton of characters on GH. Yes, for the most part, the actors are great. I just can't get into anything on this show right now. It's so bloated and jumps around SO much I find myself unable to latch on to any 'favorite thing'.  I might get intrigued by a portion of the show and then it's not on again for weeks. 
There are seeds of good that never get a chance to grow.
And now we are getting MORE characters.  


Let's look at this week. I hope you enjoyed it because I was way underwhelmed. 

Not sure what to eat today, maybe some Snap Crackle and Pop! Could that pep me up? 

Friday, July 15, 2016

JVP coming BACK to GH

So..just when you think Carlos was gone-- he's back. Or is he? Will JVP play a ghost or a twin?? While I LOVE Jeffrey, I mean LOVE him, why can't GH just get it and not PAINT CHARACTERS into corners if they are just going to bring people back? It's like they don't think. Carlos was very popular yet they went with the "Kill Duke then have Anna Kill Him then bring him back then have Jules kill him". 

I just can't. Either he's going to be a ghost again or a twin. So there it is. Read it all on SID. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Don't Rummage

SO Happy Constance Zimmer got an Emmy nod for UnReal! 

Saw the last 1/2 of GH: 

TJ and Jordan have to talk in weird places because they HAVE NO HOME!! And this might be at ALL the interesting if SEAN WAS STILL ON THE SHOW! I mean, Bajubus. Seriously? Who cares? 

New out door cafe thing being used!! 

Carson-- talking about the kidney magazine article. 

CJ and Nate eating lunch? Huh?  Nathan totally still likes her. He even mentioned their "Grand Central Station" stuff. 

Curtis catches Maxie in CJ's purse.  They both go in her hotel room. Curtis tells Maxie not to rummage thru her things. 

The elevator talk was creepy. I guess it was a shock value scene because it ended up with Liz saying she had feelings fo him. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

There's an app for that

Sonny the Lord and Savior comes to visit Alexis! I'm so glad. I'm sure he'll make her feel so much better! Said NO ONE EVER. That idiot  trashed her house and threatened her and she's all "thaink you"?? WHAT? ugh He also asked her if she put the knife in Julian to "protect HIM". Because you know, all about Sonny. 

Franco got Jake a scholarship for Jake for art camp. Liz is mad because Cam wanted to go to Space Camp and Aiden wants to go to School of Rock.  She's mad because they can't go. She storms off because Franco didn't tell her.  She tells Epiphany to not schedule her with Franco. 
Franco hears her. Says to Epiphany "I'm through being nice"! 

I like TempMaxie. I miss KS but this girl is cute. Good actress. She doesn't bug me. Nina fired Claudette when she found out who she really is but Maxie wants her to stay so she can keep an eye on her. 

Everyone is calling in sick to GH, they don't want to work where the murders are.  Epiphany is going crazy trying to schedule people. 

Mule Team Hammy Finn are going to get him the drugs.  He doesn't want Tracy to go out of the country because of her post-worm immune system. Hayden can't go-- she's under FBI scrutiny.  Finn finds a vial of what he needs. Tracy and Hayden leave. 

Nina is sending Curtis out to find out about shady surgeons in the area (under the guise of bad plastic surgery). She also wants him to look up CJ's background. 

WHERE is Diane in all of this?  OMG get this!! Alexis is checking her phone FOR HER PERIOD! I AM serious!!!!!!! :cryinglaughing: Will she really be PG? Good Gravy no. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Remember that chick that played Young Patricia on the 50th Anniversary Episode? She was good yes..and well, now she's been added to the cast!! Yep. IN a CONTRACT ROLE. 

I can't even believe I am typing this right now. Hey, instead of investing in new actors (Of which we have PLENTY) how about WRITING SOME STORIES that make sense and use who you have?

I need OUZO

I GUESS it's still July 5th? LOL Okay then!! whatever... 

Jules is in the hospital. Dante reads him his rights. Anna comes in to bitch 

Laura tells Lulu about Nikolas being alive

Fishy-Fisherman warms himself by the fire.  He's SO bad at being whatever he is trying to do

Hayden tells Tracy about Hammy.

Hammy goes to GH, tries to find his papers. Nurse Amy has no idea. 

Ok, it was so bad I left at 2:22. Can't do it anymore 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Family Jewels

Today so highlighted why this show bores me. Sorry but it does. I watched because I'm home from work and you know, the BLOG.

Don't care about Hammy Finn at all now. Boring. They made it boring by isolating him first with Carly. now with Hayden. Tracy will get involved but so what? WE KNOW he's NOT GONNA DIE.  
Tracy gets his job back at GH 

The Cassadine Island thing? I could write it better. Yes, I said it. It's horrible. Ava read Helena's diary and it said Nik poisoned her. She's all "didn't know you had it in you"!  Valentin showed up and said he's "Theo" from a fishing boat.  He's all dry and hair is ok. But! 
Ava and Nikolas kiss but she only wanted to get the diamonds he had (in his pants). 

Spencer was cute but... I wish he would have barfed LOL. He told Laura and Kevin that Nikolas' 'death' was a fake-out. 

Nina and Carly talking about Joss' kidney. Nina says she'll do an 'investigative" story on Joss' kidney and the black market. 

Oh, and Michael tells Sabby he'll get her nursing job back. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Plan In A Van

WE ALL need a little 4th of July Sundae this Sunday! 

In a week filled with sorrow, it was hard to get into GH and watch the show from Tuesday on but I did.  So here it goes.

Let's eat hot dogs, Dover Sole fish sticks and a big ol' Sundae like Spencer. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

2 Kick Ass Law Enforcers and.....

we get SONNY to the rescue. 

I can NOT with this show right now.  Then Natasha stabs Jules. So, I guess the Curse is complete for her.  Too much crap happening with the world today to finish. Sorry. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

How To Dull A Murder Mystery in 6 Easy Steps

20160704 1559(36)

1. Kill people no one knows...or cares about. Sure they were old people. But--we never even saw their families and they were in the hospital for a hot minute. Then, found dead.  OH, so unsettling!! 

2. Kill someone that we know, but don't care about. Dr. Mayes. He was a "color-character" I liked and we did think he might be the killer but one second of "OH" doesn't lead to any more minutes of excitement. 
Side Note: a friend of mine actually texted me and said "Who IS this guy that just died on GH"? So, there ya go. 

3. Try to kill a lead character but not succeed. No, I didn't want Lucas to die, but he got better really quickly and got married. What pisses me off even more? The stupid interupptus "attempted murder" took away our chance for a bigger more joyful Brucas Wedding!
Thanks a lot. 

4.  Make the story move like molasses. The first murder happened well before the Nurses' Ball. Like in early May. Ergo-- when you spread out murders people don't care about and could frankly "forget" it's hard to get into. 

5.  Have a high-profile character involved (Hammy Finn) but take a turn into his addiction/life-saving serum story instead. Because.....HUH? 

6. Choppy writing. Goosebumps books move at a better pace and have a better plot. Truth right there. 

I have to say this is the dullest "serial murder mystery" I've even sat through on a soap. And I sat through the Text Message Killer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


IT's STEAMING here!! WHAOOOO!! We had lunch at the lake and ice cream in Naples. (NY that is..) Tomorrow is Toronto-- so.. you know I'm not available for the whole blog thing. I will catch up Friday/Sat and then do the Surgery. 

How's NuMaxie? How's Bree? (OLTL Jessica)?? I have to say I'm not missing the show that much at the moment. SORRY

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Didn't Make it Today!!

Sorry, coming home from my parents, road works and all that Jazz. SO, how was GH-- exciting? Fun? What?? 

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th-- BANG!

My Fave 4th of July episode? YEP--BBQ Ariel!! Remember her!!? LOL Oh how fun. I have to find the picture of her all torched up. 

I THINK the episode is a repeat today due to the holiday. Maybe the one with Nikolas on the rocks? Not sure though and I can't be bothered to look it up.

Having fun with my sister in law still! Jazz Fest was great and we went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday and today is pool day at my parents.  I am going to need a rest and a juice diet after this is all over!! 

What are you all watching this summer? I'm down to 2 left on Orange--so no spoilers! Damn it's brutal so far and I hear the finale is worse. Wah. We are also  DVRing Unreal and will binge that soon. OH! And Gilmore Girls will be another one!! 

It's kind of nice not to have TV to watch right now! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Pee For Me

Says right here: Just Pee and See! 

I did manage to watch in real time most of the week. Some days were good-- others well, you know me, I should have napped. 

I've been eating SO much this week due to my SIL  here and the Jazz Fest I need to have one thin mint this morning. Sorry. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

"I'm a Man"

Well, TJ was on. Good Scenes. Wish I cared. It was 9 days before he found out. How long has Curtis been on? This story is soooo badly done.  TJ's all: I'm a man! I should have known about my father!! He cries. Goes to Curtis. Cries. 

Anna and Alexis. Alexis balks at wearing a wire. They are so small now! It's 2016, you can put one in your eyeglasses.  I like Fin and Nancy together tho. Alexis wears a giant wire to see if the audio works when she calls Julian. They are going to meet "tomorrow morning" 

Franco talking to Heather is so weird. Didn't she try to kill Carly like 3x?? Why would he talk to her? Oh, because he's not related or friends with anyone else on canvas?  Heather has a ton of money. 

Liz: Why you here Hayden? What are you doing in the hospital at this hour? What's up? What's going on?

Hayden injects Hammy in the JAIL CELL!! LMAO

Random old guy getting ready to be killed. Don't care.
I wish it was Tracy killing people because she had worms left :) Or something at LEAST shocking. 

OH Snap! Crabby Pants is down!! It's Dr. Mayes!! 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...