Thursday, July 21, 2016

According to Hayden's Shirt..

It's still JULY 5TH!! LMAO!! ahhahaaa. DYING laughing. Will this ever end?

Lucy, Scotty and RIC? What the hell??? HAHAAHA.

Franco wants to take Lucy and Scotty to dinner with Heather's money.  Love these 3.

Naomi fainted at the Metro (doesn't matter why but she gave Heather that money). Liz is her nurse. She talks to her about her parents and then Naomi gets a panic attack again. I guess Jeff had a fling at one point. Hayden and Liz sisters.

Some random chick tells Carly she's the donor. Which she's not-- too easy.  She's not. Carly figures it out. Kicks her out of the Metro.

Sonny wants a favor from Hammy Finn. 

Jarlos (Joe+Carlos). First of all..another new character? UGH but..JVP is so good with this!! He seems totally different. The speech, walking, -- so weird. I'm looking at him going wow, it's a different person!! 

RIC IS ON!!!!!!! RIC!! And it's so random!!

Good Episode tho-- I got to see Franco eating with Lucy and Scotty. Jarlos was interesting. 
And.. Hayden's father is JEFF.. LOL I thought Liz' mother would be Naomi. Nope! 


  1. kd said...JVP is so good with this!! He seems totally different. The speech, walking, -- so weird. I'm looking at him going wow, it's a different person!!

    That's the sign of a good actor. No way you'd mistake this guy for Carlos. The haircut and trim, and the loss of the accent, coupled with a much milder manner made him a new person. Some people could learn from this.

    I chuckled a little at one point and thought maybe José got a little too close to Michael and Sabrina and a little of the Amish rubbed off. PBSL I also love that he's a doctor, and a pediatric surgeon at that. Maybe we'll see some of the kids on the show more often now too.

    ( I think I'll have to go rescue Sonya from a pool of drool now. lol )

    I almost didn't recognize Rick when he walked in. That grey hair really changed his look. He's still a cutie though.

    And 15 year old Liz made a date with Franco just to show her ex who's the boss of her. Very mature. Liz.

    1. Yeh it took me a minute too to realize it was Rick. Haha!

  2. ok, i need to comment. since i am not watching the show, i have some questions and comment. (i no longer have cable and this isnt worth finding online. although I may do it to see the new and improved carlos character).

    if i am a hypocrite for commenting without watching, have Karen give me 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

    (did anyone have a nun in grade school say that phrase?!?!?!?!)

    ok, so...

    this WOULD be believeable IF and only IF Sabrina knew of the twin. Did she? there is no way carlos dated her and didnt tell her he had a brother. even if she never met him in person... did sabrina at very least "KNOW" he existed? if she did, then I can buy this. if not? then sorry, lazy bad writing that is indicitive of how this show is going downhill. and why people like me and karen are tuning out. or, Karen and I.

    seriously, if sabrina knew of this person, it's a believable storyline and I can buy it. if not, then pfffffft.

    which is it? believable or pfffffft?

  3. DAVID,
    Sabrina says that Joe left PR when she was a teen and she hadn't seen him since.

  4. I thought the same Karen! I actually loved today's episode, only ff I did today was the commercials. LOL! Ric! Loved Scott and Lucy, more.please. I am really loving Friz. Not sure how I feel about Jarlos. Carlos was sexy, I think it was the accent. At least he's a dr, I'll give it a chance. Overall loved the show.


  5. No.. actually Sabrina then said SHE DATED him a couple of times! He asked her out before Carlos did!!

  6. RE: Hayden's shirt. Didn't Nik get rid of all her things at one point? Maybe it's the only shirt she has left? :-P

  7. Q home:

    Sabrina: I don't believe this!! Jooose?

    Jose: I go by Joe now.

    Joe?!!?!? Nonsense!!! Jooooooooooooooose it is! :) At first I thought Michael had a gun!!! It was just a phone whew. WOW!!!! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos brother! YAY! A doctor who is a pediatric surgeon!?!?! OH THAT IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel light headed. Wait what? Sabrina dated both brothers?!!?!?! :) I don't blame you! :) When Michael and Sabrina got close, it looked like Joooooooooooooose looked a little jealous. I want Eduaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardo to meet his uncle!!!!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Hammy's room: RayRay wins the line of the day!

    RayRay: Are you a drug addict?

    BAHAHAHAHHAHHA! Like he would really tell you if he was one!!!! :)

    Hammy: If I ever disappoint you, or hurt you, it won't be because I lied to you.

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Hammy: Hey. See you around.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Hammy and Sonny:

    Sonny: Take care of him.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! You want him to kill Julian?!!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Then Hammy will go to jail!!!!!! SONNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    Sonny: I am not asking you to kill anybody. Just do your job. Heal a patient.

    Oh whew. :) Yes yes. He can be Julian's doctor. :)You scared me there Sonny.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sonny:

    Sonny: There is no shortage of frauds out there.

    Now as soon as Sonny said that, they showed that scene with Sabrina opening the door to Jooose! Hmmm wonder why the writers decided to do that. Is Joooose really Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos? Hmmmmm. Nahhhhhh.

    Carly and young girl: Geez is this young girl a sister to DarDar?! Come on Carly letting her have the money anyway? You are becoming soft!!!!

    Scotty and Lucy: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Wait they are both broke because of Raymond Burlin? I don't like that one bit! Come on writers! Scotty is a lawyer!!! Give him clients!!!! BAH! Lucy's broker was Raymond Burlin?!!?! BAH! Forget it you two and just kiss. :)

    Scotty, Lucy, Niaomi and BobTodd: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great scene! Looks like poor Niomi is having a stroke! Oh and there she goes down like a sack of potatoes. Oopsy. BobTodd give her mouth to mouth! :)

    Scotty, Lucy, and BobTodd: Love how Scotty is so protective of BobTodd. :) Awwwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Frizz: Now Liz cut that out! Take the check and then go on a date with him!!!! :) Someone is watching them. I didn't recognize him at first. Who is that person? OH IT'S RIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :)

    LiRic: Ric!!! WOW! Where have you been honey? And you look so sexy with all that gray hair!!!!!! :) Awwww Ric doesn't want Liz to get hurt. How sweet. :)Oh Liz stop being a hypocrite, forgive him, and be friends. :) I will always love Liric.. Always will have a special place in my heart for them. Oh Liz! Calling BobTodd for a date just to stick it to Ric, that is soooooooo teenageish! You are not that person anymore!!

    The hospital:

    Niaomi's room: Hmmmmmm... She is having panic attacks? Well sure with all the secrets she is keeping..

    1. She either gave Heather the money or she knows her husband gave Heather the money.

    2. RayRay and Liz are sisters.

    3. She used to be a man named Fred? :)

    Niaomi: Your father won't care about me. Not the father you know, or the father you don't know.

    DOH! :)

    Throwback Thursday: May 1992. Tracy is with Jenny and Tracy is in labor. She is pregnant with Dillon! :)

  8. "Di said... PBSL"

    What is PBSL?

    "( I think I'll have to go rescue Sonya from a pool of drool now. lol )"

    Uh yeah. I think I need little bit of help!!!!!!!

  9. "Di said... PBSL"

    What is PBSL?

    Peeing beside Sonya laughing? hahahahahahahahaha

  10. "Di said...Peeing beside Sonya laughing? hahahahahahahahaha"

    ROFL! Very funny. :)

  11. It was just a typo. lol But I thought that would work. lol

  12. "Di said...It was just a typo. lol But I thought that would work. lol"

    It worked well! Hahahaha! Love typos! :)

  13. I loved yesterday's show, too! Scott and Lucy are always priceless, Ric, don't disappear again, and Joe! Good decision to bring the actor back and this new character is a dr., even better. Well done for once.

  14. "Michelle Latta said...I wish every day could be like yesterday"

    Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yes, ITA, now just bring back Ned and Bobbie, we need the whole gang!! Oh, and Audrey, too!!

  16. Hmmm I will put my comments here.

    Cassadine Island: After 3 days NOW they show the aftermath?!!?! Come on writers! You should not have done that! You should have shown the aftermath the next day!!! 3 days later I don't care!!! I want this storyline over and everyone to go back to Port Chuckles!!! Where is fake Nik?!

    Ava and VC: Oh I am back to being interested now! Ava and her feminine wiles! Hahahahaha!

    VC Jr: OW BITCH!

    VC's head: OW!!!

    YEAH AVA YEAH! You should have done that 3 days ago! BEFORE Fake Nik got shot and fell out the window!

    Main room:

    Lante: Oh geez. More chit chatting of the plan. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The Plan: When Doc and Dante were fake fighting, that bad guy with the gun, looks like Lucky!

    Laura and Ava:

    Ava: He's gone. Nikolas is dead.

    Blah blah blah no he isn't!!! I wonder where he went to.

    Laura and VC: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the winner for the emmy award goes to..... GENIE FRANCES!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Damn she got me all teary eyed!!!

    *VC shoots Doc*


    Metrocourt hotel:

    Dumb and Dumber's room: No dummy the real reason she doesn't want that kiss picture up on the internet, is cus she doesn't want Dillon to see it! She just won't admit it!

    Central perk:

    Aaron and Sonny: Hahahaha you hurt my daughter and I will hurt you.. :) Hahaha. Love the speech. :)

    Sonny and Morgan:

    Morgan: Nothing is going to come between Kiki and I.

    That's what you think dummy! She don't love you anymore! She loves Dillon!!!

    Parker's room: Okay how long are we going to have to watch Parker do the push and pull thing? It's annoying. Come on Krissy! Parker is lame you can do so much better!!!

    *Karker kissing and Sonny sees*

    HA! Is Sonny gonna have that you hurt my daughter and I will hurt you speech? :) I want to see him do that!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Killon: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) *Sigh*

    Frat table: Love the game Killon did with the frat boys! Love that Tracy watched it happen!!! :)

    Dillon and Tracy: Yes Tracy!!!! Dillon has feelings for Kiwi!!!! :) Tracy is so not blind!!! :)

    *Kiwi calls Morgan*

    Dumber: I love you Morgan!

    Oh stop it. You are SO lying!!!! Even your eyes are lying!!!!

    Tracy and HamFinn: Hey she didn't accuse him of being a drug addict. Awwwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Julian's room: Sign the divorce papers Julian!

    Griffy and HamFinn: HammFinn wins the line of the day!

    HammFinn: Thank you Father, but I have nothing to confess.

    ROFL! They have GOT to be BFF's! :)

    Previews: Wow! They are showing the Cassadine Island on Monday?! Shocking. Surprised they are not going to show it 3 days later.

    Friday flashback:

    Liric's first kiss. 1/22/03 *Le sigh*

    The birth of Georgie Jones.. March 1995

    Maybe one of these days I should make my comments on an episode of GH from back in the day. :)

  17. sonya said...*VC shoots Doc*


    They'd better not get rid of Doc to pay for some stupid newbie.

    And I want to hear Sonny give the speech too.

  18. "Di said...They'd better not get rid of Doc to pay for some stupid newbie."

    Oh no!!! I hope not!!!!!

    "And I want to hear Sonny give the speech too."

    It would be EPIC! ROFL!

  19. Genie was amazing! To bad she oesn't get a chance like that to show her stuff very often. Kevin better not die-love them together! Yet again another Sonny day.☹️ Kiki and Morgan deserve one another-so immature and shallow. Hope we get more Ric. I still find Franco just too creepy and smarmy for Liz. Can't wait for RealNik to return.

  20. Ok so I just finished GH. (Damn work and having to miss that last 10-15 minutes). Wow! Genie was awesome! Kevin got shot! See these episodes, we need shows as great as these every day! Wonder who's skeletal remains those are?? Oh and Sonny's face, priceless. Loving Killin darn it!

  21. "Michelle Latta said... Wonder who's skeletal remains those are??"

    Fake Nik? ROFL!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. ITA w/Sonya and others, I was KNOCKED OUT by Genie's performance I bow to her greatness!! Anyone know if/when TC is coming back? Are we sure Nik isn't really dead this time?

    I also TA that Parker's behavior toward Krissy is unfair. And I STILL am creeped out by them together. After they slept together, the way Parker called her "honey," she wasn't speaking to her as a lover, but as you would speak to your child, niece, student, etc. We should be protective of the children/young adults in our life, not sleep with them!! Especially if you are their professor, or in any other position of power!

    1. Yeh I'm ticked she did that to Kristina. Wrong..

  24. AntJoan said...

    I also TA that Parker's behavior toward Krissy is unfair. And I STILL am creeped out by them together. After they slept together, the way Parker called her "honey," she wasn't speaking to her as a lover, but as you would speak to your child, niece, student, etc. We should be protective of the children/young adults in our life, not sleep with them!! Especially if you are their professor, or in any other position of power!

    I agree with you 100%. When she called her honey in that tone it made my skin crawl. It's how I'd speak to my kids or their little friends. Had she been a male professor speaking in the same tone I'd have the same reaction. It's gross. Get her gone!!

  25. AT last!! Friday's show was a pretty big yawn fest til the end when Genie cut loose with her grief. OMG, So brilliant. Welcome back, I mean REALLY BACK, Genie. I love you!!!

  26. Di,

    Thanks for seconding my emotions!! I see I wasn't the only one who cringed when Parker said "honey" like that. Any women (or man), who has had children, nieces, nephews, students, etc., recognizes that tone--this is someone we should protect--not sleep with!!

    Parker also looks at Krissy the way you would look at a child/young adult in your life, with that benevolent, protective look. AND she was her professor/mentor!! I always knew it was more than just the age difference that creeped me out, as we have seen age differences before that were NOT creepy--think Luke and Laura, and even Krissy and Ethan (well, maybe SOME found these couples creepy). Plus, I am NOT homophobic so it isn't that.

  27. AntJoan said...Plus, I am NOT homophobic so it isn't that.

    Me either. And I'm starting to get really annoyed that we're no longer allowed to dislike any character who's gay without being labelled. Krissy's a small immature looking girl. Molly is actually starting to look like the big sister, and having her with Parker just accentuated that youth and immaturity. It doesn't work. We don't see chemistry; we see the ewwww factor. They need to get rid of the relationship and the character. (Where's Alexis and her car when you really need it? hehe)


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