Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of the Month

It's the end of the month and I have mucho paperwork at the office, so I won't be watching.  If you read the spoilers (up on the blog, it's own page) then you know what we are in for. More "will Jake find out he's Jason" (Laura's back)...and Mobular Central. I think every story but Paul's boring movie will be attached. Although in a way, it is-because of Daddy's dirty money. 

Have a good one. It's raining cats/dogs here. Not a great day to work like I do, in and out of your car!! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 13 of Sonny Hospital

CATV 3 20150928 1300(12)

I got home in time for the show today and WTF... omg..Sonny has a seizure and Patrick comes out and says "We need to run more tests".. 
LIKE HE HASN'T HAD 33,000 tests run on him the last 13 days.  Good Gravy. :throwsuphands:
He had a blood clot move to his brain...THEY ARE GONNA HAVE TO OPERATE again! Yep. OPERATE---again. 

Nik and Hayden eating Ribs...then drunk Sloane interrupts. Blabbing.
Hayden wants to know what Nik did to her before she lost her memory. He says they were just using each other. He didn't however, tell her he had her shot in the head. LOL Not that that matters. See: Carly and Sonny. 

Sloane calls Paul about Carlos.  That Anna shot him 4x in the chest. Paul doesn't tell Anna he knows she killed him. Probably to use it as leverage. He meets Sloane on the docks. Sloane gives him the key to the box with the gun inside. Wants immunity. Paul says NOPE, Mayor Lomax says you're a pain.
Shoots him dead. Bye Sloane. 

Ava gives Julian the news she's the head of the Jerome mobular family. He's all "ok"!  He's going to move out to distance himself from that life. Ava talks about getting Avery back. 

Sam and Jake talk at the restaurant. Billy Miller makes me nervous. He walks around and looks up and ..walks around. LOL. Sam leaves her dragon/phoenix for another couple to find. Welp, talk about leaving Bad Luck !! 

Where is Bobbie? 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bedsore Alert: Day 12

Yep, Sonny is in bed day 12 (real weekdays). Carly wants to get married.

Anna's back...seeing Julian and Alexis.  They argue. 

Paul is at the PCPD. Dapper looking. Introduces himself to Dante. Tells Dante to take some time off. Dante's like "nope". 

Liz talking to Patrick about marrying Sam. She's a pill. ugh..they are in the "Blood Donor" corner of the hospital chatting.  They go into Carly/Sonny's room and find out they want to get married today. Liz is all "AWWW" .
Patrick and Liz witness the ceremony. Liz dreams of Jake...Pat dreams of Sam...meanwhile at the Chinese restaurant...

Sam and Jake--talking about Jason.  Sam is so Eore it's driving me crazy. They sit and talk about Jason. "What if Jason was alive"?? (camera to Jake) "what if I could hold his hand"? (Camera to Jake) 
The Chinese restaurant owners come out. The Gram KNOWS that Jake is Jason. Her eyesight is bad but her "other senses" work fine. And then she wants to BLESS the two of them on their special day--Pfffft because she KNOWS it's Jason. So they just go along with it to make her happy.  They "renew their vows" . YEP... they are standing there just like that pic up there and say the words LOL!! 

FIVE Families: Ava names: CARLOS as the shooter!! I would have told them Sloane. No one likes him anyway. But whatever, she names Carlos.  Michael doesn't believe her. Other people do. They want A Cease Fire between Corinthos/Jeromes. Both Ava and Michael have to agree. They shake, Ava leaves to go get custody of Avery. Michael is like "you can't do that and run the mob"..She said Sonny does it. Michael says "He's not a mother". Ava's like Oooooooo what a double standard!! 

END: Carly and Sonny exchange rings only Sonny can't complete it..he drops the ring and THE BEEPER GOES OFF! He's either flatlining or seizure, can't tell.
Dear God he's never getting out of that bed. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Imagine Dragons

Michael Corinthos III

it's great watching Chad Duell in the Michael Corleone role on General Hospital good job Chad

Oh from the mouths of actors...! Well, there it is. All in one tweet.  We are all watching a soapy-Godfather knock-off and there's nothing we can do about it. I suppose if we are to continue with this viewership, the kool-aid line forms to the right. 

Settle in and let me tell you a tale of mob-dynasty and a tortured fanbase of shippers-- Oh how they must be suffering!! 

You know I'm going to suggest Chinese Food today. Heh. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Friday's GH

Thought I'd give you a little "Early Alan Q" for your delight! 

Well, I Missed Thursday because I was just too exhausted to deal and ended up napping for an hour before finishing all my OTHER work.

Friday I have a workshop/conference with my speech pathology stuff GH live again. I will have to catch up for Sunday Surgery.

Sorry Folks, but real life...she's a bitch. 

Yes, JT Wrote That Song on GH

Embedded image permalink

Is there NOTHING he can't do? Here are the lyrics to the song Patrick played on his guitar on GH yesterday. He tweeted these lyrics in his own handwriting to prove it. Awwe, the feels.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"What about Today"?

Morgan won't go to the Doctor.. because "I promised I'd go after the wedding. He never got" LOL. He is five!! "What's Michael going to do: talk him to death"?!!  
Carly figures out Avery is vulnerable to Ava since she and Sonny aren't married.  Carly wants Avery brought to the hospital and Ric to figure out what to do to get her to stay away from Ava. I say she'll have to get married to Sonny? 

Sam is going thru Jason's stuff because it's their anniversary. Paddy plays the guitar...weeping softly. HA get it? 
Sam cries when she looks at the wedding rings..closes the box. Goes in to see Patrick with coffee. She says she's happy with him. She still needs time to say yes though. They have sex. 

Liz and Jake are in bed. He's dreaming (I think) about the wedding's just voice over so not sure. She says "it's our anniversary" of them meeting. Ironical, no? Since it's he and Sam's real wedding day?!   (SEE BELOW FOR MORE) *

Dillon wants to toast Papa Paul for the DA job. He's all happy for daddy, having no idea he's really trying to be head of the Jerome mobular clan.

Ava is thinking over Paul's offer over breakfast. Scotty comes in. She wants him to get Avery for her by the end of the day and she's going to give him 1million. 

Alexis says "she hates the mob" and gets Jules some ice for his ribs. She wants him to get away-- but he just leaves. He goes to his apt to see Ava. They talk about the mob and the fact he is really out. 
Later, she goes to meet Paul to introduce herself to the new DA.

*OMG...I have to write this separately..get this. LIZ...says to Jake "why not get married today"?? 
ON JASAM'S WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! BAHAHAHA. Major Troll from writers. WOW can you imagine if they DID get married on JaSam's "day"? HOLY HELLO fights all over!! 
Jake says to her "today doesn't feel right"...They pick Nov 6th, meaning its' going to be until then for the Jake reveal!
I predict that SamTrick will pick the same damn day lol!!

BEST PART OF TODAY'S SHOW?? Baby Avery goes to GH. Carly's holding her. Ava walks in and says "Mama's here"-- and Avery says: "MAMA"??!!
Seriously! It was priceless!! Wow, I love that little baby!!! 

ahahahahaa. Sorry that's just too funny. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Julian Falls Down

Wow, got it wrong. Totally thought Milo would be shot by Morgan.
Oh, did I tell you I hate Morgan today? LOL

Michael and Alexis rush in and Morgan goes "He's not dead, he's on the ground like a little bitch" Seems Julian fell down while tussling for the gun.
Michael is trying to talk him down, and Morgan is going nuts.  He finally leaves Julian alone. Michael kicks him. Alexis is all "Michael is cold, calculated and crafty". They are SO making him a King of the Mob. 

TJ and Ric. Ric is talking to TJ about Julian. TJ's wearing cammo shirt. Does he think that no one will see him? He's done being kidnapped. 
Lomax tells Ric he's fired.

OMG, I'm going to admit something right now. I am so liking Sonny KNOWING Jake is Jason. Why? It fits in a eerie way. He's had a giant trauma and just "knows" that's Jason. Sayson wub!! Liz is going to be in such BIG TROUBLE over this !

Maxie and Dillon scenes were so boring. Talking about Fathers.  She says she'll take Frisco as a Dad but knows Mac is there as her father.  Unfortunately that pic is from yesterday -- Tracy wasn't on today. 

Ava and Paul. He wants into the mob... and btw, Paul is now the DA. 3 DAs in 4 months. 3 Polish Commish in 5 months! Goodness. 
Ava agrees to work with him.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cartel Day

Did they even TRY with a different lake house for Alexis?'s the exact same one! LOL Geesh!! Stupid Morgan. Alexis needed to mace his face. Morgan just all mad. Mad and pointing the gun nilly willy. 

POOR SONNY..poor post-op Sonny. Blah. 

Ava and Paul. Paul taunts her with the flash drive.  And yes, as we knew, Paul is the one targeting Sonny all this time. Because he can't be back for the Quartermaine family Story or Dillon. Nah...he's back because of SONNY. 
Every damn storyline on this show leads to Sonny. SMDH. 
He wants to run the Jerome-mob with Ava. 

Patrick and Sam...she's not saying yes right away. She's not saying yes right away 'because of Jason". 

Only good thing was Maxie and Tracy. Tracy is still stuck in the living room but Maxie was a good distraction. 

GH's Nancy Lee Grahn Under Fire for Tweets

I wish I loved Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it.

@nxssy I do 2. I think she's the bees knees but she's elite of TV performers. Brilliant as she is. She has never been discriminated against

Well, unless you live under a rock or don't get social media feeds, then you are missing the huge Nancy Lee Grahn mess right now.
Seems last night she tweeted about Viola Davis and her Emmy-- and one tweet turned to two and into responses to other tweeters and ...

Daytime Confidental has a piece about it with tweets. Buzzfeed  has another with many of NLG's responses to angered tweeters after reading what she said.

Nancy has been trending since I got up this morning at 7:30am. It's STILL going on.  There are only a few reasons people trend on twitter. One is good, one is you're dead and the other is you are in a whole lotta mess. 

I had gone to bed and didn't see the tweets first hand but scrolled through my timeline. I saw some of her tweets to one of my cyberpals on there (who's now got her name all over the internet)--and really just shook my head. When said friend ( who's a lawyer) gets told to 'read a damn book' then I know it got ugly. 

We all know in the soap world that NLG is outspoken. This went beyond the norm however, especially on a night that was meant to be historic and belonged to Ms. Davis. Her speech was moving and eloquent. TV's been around how long and this is the FIRST time a black actress won in the leading category? What the hell does that tell you?  It really shouldn't have been diminished in any way, shape or form. 

The Net is an unforgiving mistress. This will be in the news for awhile, especially on entertainment shows. The saddest part is that this is the buzz instead of Viola's win. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Just Another Manic Monday

CATV 3 20150917 1311(50)


Holy Upon Holy. Even when I FF through most of Wed-Friday GH episodes I was aghast at the continued Saint Sonny Parade.  I put up a photo of one of the few sparkly spots for me...The Davis girls. Miracles DO happen people! 

I guess we should saddle up and talk about last week. Short and Sweet, like me. Ok, I'm not sweet but short--yep. That I am.
Let's have..shortcake!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday GH

Got this off Twitter she's back! I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing this part when I FF through the other stuff on there. OH! AND Someone actually texted me to tell me Ava's FREE! OFF THE HOOK. Imagine that. Wow. Shocker. 

Sonya, thanks for doing the recaps. :) MUCH appreciated.

I'm enjoying my hiatus.  A lot. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Break from St. Sonny Hospital

Just a note that I'm taking a break from blogging daily on the show. I can't take it. I'll watch the 3 episodes while I can FF and then write a recap on Sunday. I can't tell you how much this parade of deja vu scripts is killing me. Between Sonny and the Non-Jake reveal, I need to step back because well, my sarcasm was on such full force yesterday I almost broke my own twitter feed. 
While I realize long time Sonny fans are enjoying this, I am baffled as to why anyone would want to go back the Guza-esque sham of a 'mob'.  I'm off the GH train for a bit. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Holy HELLO! Today's GH was maddening.

Liz didn't confess that Jake is Jason, instead she told the story of switching Danny's DNA. 


Sonny didn't die (shocker) but Pat HAS TO OPERATE NOW!!!! Because the bullet moved and he might DIE!!!!!!

Ric and Sam talked about Jason. All the time. HE was there to see Molly -who cares for Danny 10 hours out of everyday. 

And... Oh, Maxie and Nathan caught the audience up by narrating the entire last few days. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Light a Penny Candle

MY GO TO photo for GH 

The vigil continues, GH faithful. 
Today, Morgan said he was going to kill Julian again. Dante went in and talked to him. Same old adoring stuff. Dante did call him selfish and said that he needs to be a DAD for once.  Sonny's beeping... Yes, Dante is honest with Sonny and Sonny flatlines LOL. GEESHHH

Patrick and Sam are STILL TALKING about damn Jake. GOD Longest night ever. Get some sleep Patrick. 

Maxie and Nathan are talking about Sonny. And she misses Georgie (cue Spinneli) 

Liz is going to tell Jake about his identity and I KNEW Something would happen-- and Jake Jr. Runs down with a nightmare saying he dreamed that Jake left the family.
GOOD GOD.  AHAHHAA Now Liz is all "OMG I'd better not tell him"!!!
After Jake Jr. Goes to bed, Liz then says  to Jake "I've done something terrible to Sam". Like she'll tell him tomorrow. 

THE BEST part of today was Ric being taunted by Franco and Nina!! They got him to sign the annulment. And he's staying out of her money. 

SO, Sonny won't Die, Liz won't tell Jake. So welp. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Glorious SonDay

CATV 3 20150908 1352(6)

Yes, bless us, the GH Faithful this Sunday...for we have witnessed yet another canonization of that sainted dimpled don--that majestic glowing wonderment of a television character: Sir Saint Michael Corinthos. Who, at this time is laying in General Hospital awaiting his fate while the entire town rallies around and talks about living life within his glorious presence. 

Think I'm kidding? Oh, I kid you not. Especially on a Sunday. So...sit back and partake of Sunday Brunch. Eggs, Sonny Side up. 
It's the least we can do for The Man of The Hour. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Sonny's Ventilator

CATV 3 20150911 1319(10)

It's a tough, important job but someone has to do it! I had a sit-down with Port Charles most needed accessory, Sonny's Ventilator.  Born in Kansas City, Kansas, this heavy-duty medical ventilator was shipped in especially to grace GH with the technology needed to revive Sonny. 

Wubs: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. I know you are busy keeping Sonny alive and all..

Vent: It's been quite a few days! I was shipped overnight Fed Ex then blessed by the Pope before coming to Port Charles. 

Wubs: The Pope?

Vent:  Yes, he made a special trip to the plant to meet and anoint me. It was amazing. Almost as amazing as working with Sonny himself.

Wubs: I hear you don't like the term respirator. Why is that? 

Vent: I'm so much more than a respirator. Only people not in the medical field refer to me as such. 

Wubs: What do you think about Patrick Drake, the surgeon in this case? 

Vent: I have no opinion. I only focus on one thing: Mr. Corinthos' breathing. In...out..In..out. Nothing else. 

Wubs: Not even the people that come into visit? 

Vent: Not really. Although I do love that they have such glowing things to say about Sonny. Makes me work all the harder to pump precious air into his glorious lungs. 

Wubs: Well, I'll let you get back to your duties. 

Vent: Thank you. It's an honor and a privilege to serve in such a high capacity. 

side note: We have learned that Ventilator model 222 will be enshrined after use to the Smithsonian. Viewing by appointment only. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sonny Love Continues

The Sonny Opus continues! Patrick warns surgery may kill him. Everyone should go in and talk to him, tell him how wonderful he is.
Michael goes in: Oh Dad, I love you...cries.  YOU ARE MY FATHER...and I will be your son forever.

Exact Words.
RIP Michael Quartermaine. 

Anna and Jordan discussing Sloane and TJ.  Anna back-peddling because she could find out she shot Carlos.  Thank God they got out the scotch. 

Liz and Jake...Jake tells her what Sonny says-- "I knew you'd come"..."you always do". Liz is nervous. VERY nervous. She has to "tell him something" think she will? Ha ha. 

Sloane tries to get more money out of Nikolas. Hayden feels Sonny for him. Boring. Why did they make her boring? She was so sassy! Now she's stuck at Wyndemere being all sensible. 

Julian is at the PCPD. Morgan comes in to yell at him. Later, Dante punches him right in the pace because Julian was saying that Dante might have a wandering eye like his father.
Oh, got too close to the truth, did he? 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another New Character

SOD is reporting that an african-american male has been cast. Not for nothing, but isn't Shaun in jail with the wrong bullet matching the one in Hayden? Why did they cut Shaun anyway? Even if the actor wanted to leave? Recast!


ALL ABOUT SONNY. But Sonny wasn't even on. Patrick was checking the bullet by his spine. 

It seems he may be paralyzed. Please spare me this. No one on soaps EVER stays paralyzed. EVER, unless they are in real life. 

Sonny gonna need this?  

BTW, what happened to Molly? She just...what? Gone? She was going to the wedding and?? 

This was the St. Sonny show today. Even if he can't walk, he'll always walk on water.

I hate the mob stuff. Just hate it.

PS. Paul looks suspicious. 

PSS> Tracy hasn't been out of that livingroom in the last 7 times she's been on. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gee..Wonder if Sonny Lives.

\Did Sonny get shot in the same spot on the chest he shot you? 

I went to the gym and got back late so I watched at 3. 

So, does Sonny die?

"He's lost a LOTTA BLOOD"!!! (said 35x today) 

I think it's St. Sonny time!! 

YEAH that Avery was on!! Sabby singing to her--

Ava in her cell... 

Sonny's lost a lotta blood!! He needs a transfusion! Will he be ok? Well, not exactly says Patty. Probably he's gonna be having heart-rehab. LOL 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Got some blood on ya

Hayden and Nik are STILL talking in their bathing Suits!
You know who Jake is!

Hay: Yep
Hay: YEP
They finally decide to take a night swim. I guess Spencer never got home from school lol

Sloane and Anna. Sloane couldn't tell Nikolas because he works for him and he said he'd lose his income and Anna. Anna says "you wouldn't have lost me".
It was all very strange and wooden. 


Jason shoots all 3 body guards in an instant, one between the eyes. St. Jaysus is back. Sonny is bleeding bad and says to Jake "I knew you'd come through, you always do". I guess since he's 1/2 dead he knows it's Jason?  THE LOVE STORY OF GH.
Sonny says to Jake "Tell Carly I love her"
BTW, that gunshot wound is in the heart, not way could he survive that sheeze but he will...we know that.

Everyone waits at Sonny's. And Waits. and Waits. "Where's Sonny" Starts up.  Where's Sonny? Where is he? Why he missing? Carly thinks he's picking up SPINELLI? Why would have pick up Spinelli as a surprise? Josslyn, maybe...but Spin? WEIRD

Valerie is totally pregnant. She feels sick and tears up when Lulu holds Avery. She says she's sick and wants to go home. 

Avery saves the show every time for ME!! She's so adorable.  She even went "yea"!! On cue!!

END: Jake walks into Sonny's all bloody and looks at Carly 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Sloppy Seconds

CATV 3 20150903 1319(10)
HIGHLIGHT? Dapper Ric looking all Clark Kent. 
I hear the ratings have gone up a twinge since the last few weeks. Of course, they were down so low there really wasn't much left to go. Good for the show, and I'm sure they'll be another up-tick for the St. Jaysus reveal (whenever that will happen). In the meantime, I'm left with the memory of  the slow motion sequence that was Sonny being shot. 

What does one dine on when the mobular boss is laying in his own pool of blood?
 Eggs Florentine and Lemoncello. That's what. 
Settle in and let me tell you what happened this week on the show! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday: Shooting Day

Carlos Took TJ awhile ago

We all know it's happening. Then Sonny will be in the hospital with everyone RALLYING at his side.  *SIGH

Not sure if I'm bothering today. If I do I'll update and you'll never know! If I don't, sorry but GH is just not my thing right now.
I guess the ratings went up a smidge last week and people all over twitter are analyzing the days about "Who was on' "How long" yada yada.
Please. Spare me. 

Monday is Labor Day and a repeat Fluke Eppy will be on. I hope I can drag myself into doing Sunday Surgery.

It's broiling hot here and humid as all get out. Maybe that's where the crabby is coming from! 

**yes, I watched. Pretty boring for a cliff hanger/wedding day.
Why would Olivia walk on the docks with a baby? So stupid. 

Sonny's stand off. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

GUY..he's GUY

Rob Derringer is back playing Sloane. I almost wish he wasn't going to bite it ..I like this guy.
Poor Cake. Note the new background behind Kelly's. Looks like a Rochester bridge. 

Ok, so Everyone is all: "You know the guy that took the shipment"?...the "GUY"?? Then Jordan says "that WISEGUY"?
Bahahahahaa...Anyway, HE took TJ.  He's the one that said Julian hired him (which he didn't). 
He's making TJ make a phone call.  He tells Sonny to come to the Warehouse alone. 

Um, RIC looked RESPLENDENT today WOW. I usually don't go crazy over GH guys but I loved his suit/glasses! We need more Ric/Sonny. Way more.  Morgan comes down and drinks coffee

Michael is going to the wedding. That's he and Sabrina's attire up there :) I kid, I kid. I know you all love them and think they are cute. TO me? Amish. 
Carly and Michael just talked and talked about Morgan. OF COURSE@@ and so did Sonny and RIC! 

Sam and Jake stood outside Wyndemere for 20 min talking before ringing the doorbell. GEESH. Sam asks if Hayden knows who Jake is.  Nope.
Then Sam tells Nik that Anna's going to expose his plot in the Mayor Lomax election. 

Anna got Sloane to promise he'll tell Nikolas he's going to tell Jordan he messed with the election.

Ok, so Sam and Anna are trying to make Nikolas give ELQ back to Michael by blackmailing him about the Lomax election.
Sonny went to the warehouse (apparently alone?) 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BACK to School; Carson Wedding

ANNA's HOME!! yippeee! She looks so good. Emma is getting ready for school. Anna tells her she left the FBI. Sam asks Anna to help her in the PI business. LOL. Yep. she did! 

They are right, around here, school started today. First time in my lifetime before Labor Day. So, they got that right!!

Hayden is just moved right in, hasn't she? Eating breakfast, acting all wifey?

Morgan goes to Sonny's all wasted. "Up all night" and he gambled.  Gets all Bieber like and has a meltdown. "It's YOUR FAULT" he says to Sonny.  Then he says Michael is the good son. Cries. Sonny says he'll always love him. They hug. 

Carly and Jake..he brings her flowers. Carly tells him all about how she and Jason helped Sonny with his bipolar. And Emily Q too. 

Michael has a dream about arguing with Sonny. Sabrina's in bed next to him. They talk about (what else?) Morgan's bipolar! 

TJ made a nasty cake for Sonny-- as a "Gift". It's pretty bad. LOL They throw it out and have to start over.  They make it in 3.4 minutes!  

END of Show: TJ Kidnapped by masked men, drops cake.  YEP. LOL 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GH Director Moves to Days of Our Lives

Scott McKinsey 

Although I don't pay attention to directors on the show, it's disarming that a vet would be leaving at this juncture. Read all about it over at Daytime Confidential.  By the way, GH has also lost 2 writers, one script and one breakdown in the past 2 weeks. 

^^UPDATE 10:30pm: Scott will be directing for both Days and GH.   Just thought I'd put this out there-- Sorry about the Hoop-De-Doo.
Oh the SOAP World. LOL

My phone buzzed more than anything tonight and I was watching the end of The Fall !! (Spectacular if you like gruesome crime stories!) 

Jail House

Getting ready for the wedding. You know what's going to happen right? It's not a surprise but there's a SHOOTER THERE! Shocking..not. UGH. 

Nico are still in jail. Why are they still there? I don't get it? Oh, it's 'too late at night' to let them go.  Michelle told periscope she's on vacation. Figures, my fave part of GH will be gone. Yes, I like Franco and Nina. They were so adorable today.  

Day SEVEN of CarSon talking about Morgan...who's out talking to Michael.

Kiki and Ava-- Underwhelming. VERY underwhelming. 

Maxie yelling at Donna Mills was good.

Michael talked to Morgan about the possibility of bipolarism.

Juliexis had sex. 

Tommorow: Anna's back, Emma/Spencer go to school and Morgan cries like Justin Bieber 

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...