Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Oh Baby, Baby ...

I'd better get my Starbucks in the morning...

Hello friends! This week on GH was... unremarkable. It's summer and you'd think we'd get a bit more action but..meh. I personally would go for a nice murder mystery with Shiloh being the one dismembered, floating in the river but hey, that's me. 

It was all about the BABIES this week!! Wanting Babies (Kim), Keeping Babies (Brucas) and Testing Babies (CarSon)

JAZZ Fest is in it's last week here in Rochester. One of my faves, Trombone Shorty played last night. and I'm pooped. BUT MacaRollin' cheese is here from the food truck! I love summer in ROC so much !! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Figuring It Out

Brandon Barash and Harper at her Preschool Grad: via: Twitter 

Nina totally went off on Drew about Jax and Jax was STANDING BEHIND HER LMAO!! 
Drew is in a suit-- at Crimson. The sale went through and Nina works for Jax only, not Drew. 

Val and Curtis discuss Jax.. not much to see here. 

CarSon going to #GH for appointment. Michael is there. He tells them about the whole Beecher's Corners thing.  Carly has an ultrasound. Mid way through, the doctor stops and says she has to go get a consult. Very abrupt. I guessed it was Spina Bifida..because it was so fast-- you see that right away. It has a spectrum of severity, btw. Severe to mild. They won't know until longer into the pregnancy. She will have to have a C-Section. Carly wonders if she did anything wrong. The doctor says no. (Folic Acid is what you need to be taking to help avoid SB but she was taking her prenatals). Carly cries and Sonny hugs her.  Sonny says no matter what, the baby will be loved. 

Brad wants to run. Lucas thinks Alexis is right and they should go to the courts. Brad says Sonny can help them get away. Lucas says no. Brad's stomach gets a cramp again. 

Sasha wonders where Michael is. When Curtis leaves Valentin sits with her. She says she's going to stay in PC. Oh, he's mad. Tells her Michael's family will vet her and find out she's not Nina's daughter. 

Shioh and Kim. OMG thank you, she just wants Shiloh to help her talk Drew into having a baby. She thinks his seminars teach people how to persuade others. So, she doesn't want his sperm. yeah. She does let it slip she asked Drew (said no) and so did Julian and he's busy anyway. Shiloh is like; With what? She says Oh, some custody thing with his son. You know Shank gonna figure that out. She says it's about his grandson adopted about a year ago. 
He leaves. Julian tells her that he was a sexual predator and what happened to Sam. She feels awful and mad Jules didn't tell her sooner. 

Willow and Chase..exposition about the adoption. She says she'll stay there forever if she has to. Michael goes to the PCPD and tells she and Chase her dad was murdered. She can't believe it but gets it happened. 

Shank sees Brad at Charlie's and circles him like a shark. Brad snaps "Stay the hell away from me".  He figures out (using flashbacks) that the baby is Wiley's. 

Meet The New...



How cool is that? I totally forgot Robert was a lawyer back in the day(someone on Twitter said he was??) -- and what a good idea to make him the DA. I thought maybe he'd be on a fishing boat somewhere!! Tristian is sticking around Port Charles for awhile...and that's a Win! Story on: Soap Opera News 

Thursday, June 27, 2019


OMG so my wonky laptop wouldn't connect to the net so I'm on the desktop with my iPad mini playing GH LOL 

Lord, what I do for ya'll 

Alexis still yelling at Jules. She hasn't even bought coffee yet. OMG so ALexis gets mad at Julian for "using their daughter" to do his dirty work. THE HELL IS THIS????? SHE'S LIKE 45 YEARS OLD!! OMG STUPID. 
KeMo is 43 so I'm not far off. 

Epiphany tells Bobbie she had Type 2 diabetes too. After school special talk about her. Apparently Epiphany had a heart 'episode" off camera while she was on vacation with Max. 

Lucas probably outted Wiley as SHanks when he yelled at him in the park. 

Michael acts "Drunk" and gets into the prison to "Save" Jason --they pick the lock or something, I wasn't paying attention.  *SIGH* Jason attacks the cops and pulls a gun on them. Whatever. OH COME ON. 

Kim's nutty. She hears a baby cry now. THEN She sees Oscar crying like a weird ass'd baby LOL 
SHE CALLS SHILOH and I tell you what, if she sleeps with him, I'm taking a HUGE VACATION from this show. That's just lazy and dumb. Shiloh is going to help her "anyway he can". 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Park It Here

BOBBIE CALLED OUT THE ANTI-VAXXERS! Lucas tells her she has type 2 diabeties. She can't believe it because she exercises and watches her weight etc. Lucas tells her that she has to be careful a because it can lead to heart trouble and host of other things. 

Sam in the park. He's going to tell her he can't work with her. She tells him recon on DOD stuff. He asks about Jax and she says Jax is a shark in business but a decent guy. 

Jason is trying to get the waitress away and Beecher's Corners police won't let him leave. Oh I love this cop. He's figuring out what Jason is up to. Cuffs him!! Jason's in jail and come to find out, the cop is DOD lover. "Billy" tells Jason he gets no supper lol and he won't let him call his lawyer because the phone is broken. 

Shiloh complains to his lawyer he needs money. She's like so what? He wants her to donate to DOD. LAMO! ahaahaa. DERP. She gives him a bitch look. They go over his testimony as to why he want his child back. She also tells him to cut the DOD ramblings. LOL 

Kim wants a BAY-BAY... Drew is like, YOU CRAY!! She goes on and on about the Seance too-- and how much "Oscar" is ready for a baby.
Oh lord, she's over the edge. 

Alexis is now bitching at Julian. Brad is afraid they are going to take Wiley. Alexis for some reason--wants Brucas to tell the court that the baby is Shiloh's and be proactive. They'll look like good parents yada yada. Julian is going NOPE NOPE DON'T DO IT. Brad thinks it might be a good idea. Alexis says they can stall and of course "Shiloh will have to take a DNA TEST" 
omg FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad of course yells NO!! NO DNA TEST!! Alexis is like GEESH, calm down! 

Later, Shiloh sees Sam in the park. They bitch at each other. Michael finally texts Sam about Jason. 

Brad brings Wiley to GH and they see Bobbie and Lucas. 

Cop in Beecher's corner (Billy) calls SHANK and tells him that Jason is in JAIL!! WOOT! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Bobbie and Julian..makes no sense but Bobbie is at least on. WHY is Scotty on the Scooter?? oh Broken foot IN REAL LIFE. 
Scotty takes her to GH -- she said she skipped breakfast but Lucas wants to check her out. Lucas wants to take blood, think she may have diabetes. 


This is Mandy Musgrave, Matt Cohen's RL wife. 

Michael trying to convince Waitress girlie to help them.  Boring. Jason's in the car. Wish I was in the car. LOL 
Just a bunch of stuff about DOD and overdosing..yada yada. That set is the safe house. Anyway , she agrees to help but has an ankle bracelet on for taking the fall for Shiloh. Jason says "no problem, I have a way around that". Takes off her bracelet but when they are about it leave, cops shows up. 

Diane is trying to argue about the HIPA thing. Says the records were obtained illegally..yada yada. All you need to know is like "yeah, whatever, turn over the records"... more arguing. Judge says they have to answer his questions.  Diane is going to go to prison instead of answering. Willow says no and says 'FINE I HAD A BABY" -then she starts screaming at Shiloh looking like a loon. Shiloh is just sitting there, smug.  She won't hand over the records and has to go to jail. Chase cuffs her and its' sexy? LOL

Cam brings flowers to Kim. Drew is there for dinner. They talk about what else? Oscar.  Later Kim gets out a music CD with "their songs' on it. She basically jumps Drew and kisses him. 

Mike..has an iPad and OMG.. but he mentions BARNEY MILLER!! He wants Carly and Sonny to stand up for he and Yvonne at their wedding. Fake wedding. Sonny asks his Dad about some family member--cousin and he wants to say Dev is him. I can only hope that means Dev will have to speak American. 

Joss and Dev go to the park. Cam is there. They tell Dev about Oscar. Joss thinks that the water moving was Oscar-- but Dev tells them it was HIM. And also tells her "People die all the time and Dead is just DEAD" 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Garden of Ava

Brad having a Panic Attack..Bobbie and Carly are there. Lucas shows up and Bobbie is told everything about Wiley. She's mad at Julian for being underhanded with the paperwork. She goes to Charlies' and slaps him. 

Jordan and Curtis..fighting over her checking herself outta jail. Ok, I'm saying it. I don't care for NuJordan and I don't see chem between she and Curtis. 

Michael and Jason talking about going to Beecher's Corners. Michael's gonna go. Looks for that Lockhardt girl. 

" Midnight in the Garden of Good and Ava" is her feature in Crimson!! SO NICE-- Jax wants Joss to have a summer internship at Crimson. Maxie is so happy. Joss didn't even KNOW it. She's like "Couldn't you ask me first"!!?? She's not sure if she wants to do it. Aww cute Dad girlie moment. 
While Maxie talks to Joss about the seance, Ava listens in and I think she'll do one for Kiki?
Jax tells Nina that Curtis is head of security. 


You'd think Willow would just run out. Anyway,just like I said, the principal offered her her job back. Yada blah blah.. .FINALLY Diane tells Chase to go get Willow. He interrupts and they leave.
Meanwhile, Diane wants to know how Shiloh got the records from Mercy if her client didn't sign off of them!!? 
Willow gets there. They are in recess but the judge is going to rule when they come back and Willow can't talk because she missed her chance. 
Diane is pissed.  The judge rules for Shiloh. NOW, forgive me but wouldn't Shiloh have to prove he's the father? He's not listed on the Birth Certificate..and how would the judge know if Willow slept with just one person?? 
AND the judge says Willow has to give Shank ALL the information on the baby's adoption. 

Friz' Venue was cancelled due to MOLD and Lulu offers the Haunted Star. Liz is like, ummm probs not a good idea. SINCE KIKI'S BODY WAS THERE FFS. Franco says "the past is the past and a place is a place" What could possibly go wrong??
OH HELL..welp! Cursed that! 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Surgery: School's Out For Summer!


Yes, you know I played that song in my head while Willow was saying SO LONG, KIDS!! Here in WNY we just got out of school this Friday so it was perfect. 

Delco DAVE reminded me about Sunday Surgery, btw. LOL I have so much end of the 'year' paperwork to do I almost forgot about this! Eek! 

Hash Browns today because I haven't had them in FOREVER. Yum. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Meet Maysoon Zayid:

I don't watch many Ted Talks. Hubs has them on all the time and I usually walk on by. Not for Zayid's however--I sat right down and listened. If you don't know her, she's an actor, comedian. She also was the first person to perform stand up in Jordan and Palestine and Jordan. How's that for a resume? 

Newest member-- and she LOVES GH! This is her photo from twitter 

What I didn't know she also appeared on As The Wold Turns for two years and has guested on a host of TV shows. See her WIKI Page, it's impressive!! 

Maysoon has landed the role of Zahra Amir, a ruthless lawyer who at present, is representing Shiloh, head of the DOD cult. She may just be General Hospital's first Muslum character who also happens to have CP.   Maysoon's first scene aired yesterday with Carolyn Hennesy's  Diane Miller.  

View her Ted Talk on You Tube.   You won't regret it!  Maysoon is also on twitter: @MaysoonZayid  and she tweeted yesterday that she ran out of her nephews graduation to say hey to the 2:00pm crowd! (I think she went back in!!).  From her Twitter account, she's also a fan of GH which always is a refreshing thing to see.  Also: Friend of Nancy Lee Grahn and all around funny gal. 

Friday, June 21, 2019


Jax and Nina at the MetroTalking about the mag. Flirting a bit. Nina then threatens to quit if she doesn't get what she wants. She leaves.
Robert comes in. Sits down. THEN he talks about JERRY JACKS!! Says he knows he may be in touch with Jax and he wants to know. 

Valentin and Curtis at Kelly's. ANOTHER JERRY JACKS MENTION. Val wants dirt on Jax.  Blahyadayada. 

Curtis goes to talk to Jax. Curtis was asked by Drew to do security for Auora, remember? Well, he tells Jax he has to get to know him "inside and out" for that. Plus that gives him dirt for Valentin to get money that way too! 

Dev is eating the Cortinthos out of house and home. Joss is talking to him about 'rescuing' him from the PCPD.  She asks his real name but Sonny comes along. Interrupts. Sonny leaves for the metro.
There he and Robert talk about Dev. Robert says that Dev ran when the WSP offered him a new identity and cash. Didn't trust them. 

Last day of really IS the last day of school here! Nice job. Anyway, Lulu, Franco and Liz come in to see Willow and wish her well. Diane calls and tells her TO BE ON TIME even if she has to miss the kid's awards ceremony.  Lulu and Friz give her a spa gift cert and wine for all her help this year and for putting up with NINA lol
Later, Val and Nina come... Willow is saying what a 'year it's been" LOL. You know what? Nina and Sasha look NOTHING alike now!! 
Then the kids are there and Aiden gets reading rock star award and Char gets "kindness"? LOL OKayyyyy, anyway Lulu gives them flowers and a photo book to give to her. They say "We'll see you next year, right"??  The cut out the answer.
Willow is held up at school to see the principal. They won't let her out the door. LOL She's LATE FOR COURT!! 
(I bet the principal is giving her her job back?)

Alexis is waiting after her last case to talk to Diane, and ask about her strategy  regarding Wiley. Diane says to go home because Shiloh might find them together and he can realize the Wiley connection. AND SHILOH WALKS IN LOL.  Alexis tells him he will never find his baby. 
He says she should have continued DOD. DERP> she tells Diane she hopes he goes to jail or '6 feet under" Diane is like "did you just threaten to kill a man in front of a court appointee"? 
Alexis leaves.
Court starts and Willow: Abesnt

Shiloh's lawyer is played by Maysoon Zayid who has done a Ted Talk and is a comedian. She has CP-. 

Sonny tells Carly and Joss that "Devin" is going to stay with them for the summer-- he's his "Cousin".. 

Cult Connection

Neil sits across a desk from Kevin in his office at General Hospital.
Old Colleagues 

So, here's the thing. I thought I would explain a bit more about the Dr. Neal review yesterday. I had thought all along that Neal may be Willow's Dad, especially when his book was dedicated to his wife and daughter. Couldn't figure it out though because Willow didn't blink when she saw him at the Cabin while talking to Kristina. 

Yesterday, Diane Googled him because Alexis was basically waxing poetic on the guy. We found out his daughter, Joanna died. Ergo, because of his statements to Kevin about "sharing an experience similar to Alexis', his daughter must have been in DOD or another cult. (I'm assuming it's DOD because...why else??) 

I like the fact Neal and Kevin know each other through work... and actually like the idea they used the last name "Miller" again. Why? Because so many times in life, people have the same last name and aren't related. That's not meaning Diane won't be related to the late Mr. Miller ... but I'm thinking not. Although I do wonder why Jason hasn't asked her yet. Maybe he did off camera. 

photo credit: @SheKnowsSoaps 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I see Sam's weird Moss growing in Corinthos' kitchen LMAO. Jarly is arguing about Jason going alone to Beecher's Corners'. Cripes. BORING
Carly is such a mouth. Carly wants her to go to a therapist.
Carly should not be pregnant.
CARLY AND JASON should have had a HUGE AFFAIR under Sonny's nose. Can you imagine???Sonny finding out?? OMG!! SOAPY!! 

Liz is having Coffee and Sympathy with Kim. Kim looks really haggard, like really realistic. Liz says "I don't know how you're feeling but.." UM WTF? YEAH, YA DO..Jake DIED remember?? Pretty tragically as well.  That was a dumb line.

photo: SID

Sonny and Turkey Boy. "Dey didn't helps me of the WSB so I toog the mooly and escaped" Good lord. ICE gonna come for this kid or what? 
Upshot is: Sonny tells Chase that Dev is an old friend of the family. Yada yada. 

Drew to Franco "Do you think you can be the brother you were once to me" LOL..Franco haters gonna LOVE that. Pffffffffft. Franco's working on a party invite for he and Elizabeth. 

Later, Drew gets a call from Kim. She wants DINNER. Ummmmmmm booty for Baby

Willow and Michael. She's telling him about her Dad. He followed her mom all over and joined whatever she did. He didn't like DOD though. He left and she shunned him. He reached out and she finally said she'd go see him but Shiloh decided it was time for her initiation at that point and she did that instead. And when she did go there, she found him dead in his hotel bathroom. 

Kevin and Neal know each other from the past.  Neal wants a session with Kevin--he has conflicting feelings for a patient. He also says he shares a history that would help Alexis deal with what she's going through. 

Diane and Alexis dish about Alexis' sessions with Dr. Neal and Diane can tell she likes him. Diane googles Neal Burns. AND Says 'NOT David Burns"..Alexis doesn't KNOW WHO THE TALKING HEADS ARE?? WTF? I will NOT accept that. NOPE. 
Anyway, A death notice came up for him. Hmmmmmm, if this is Willow's DAD why didn't she recognize him at the Cabin? IF Kevin knew him 7 years ago-- he didn't change his face, right? I DON'T GET THIS. 
Oh NOW I DO!! Ok, so "Joanna Burn" died... his daugther! SO probably SHE was in DOD!! Ok, got it.
Aren't you glad you worked through that with me. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wiley's Army

"I would have rather have left him in a bathtub in a crummy motel in ice" AHHHA FINN!! Kidney legend.

Board voted, close call but Kevin is back on staff. Finn tells him because Monica is busy. Aw, Finn is telling Kevin he's there for him if he needs anyone to talk to. 

Kevin and Laura are happy, going to go have Pizza and Champagne. 

Chase tells Willow that Wiley "as an army" including Sonny Corinthos 'Coffee importer" and basically says he wouldn't care if Sonny"took care of" Shiloh.  OY GEEZE really?? Cripes. 

Corinthos Kitchen; Suspicious death at DOD compound, some  "Douglas Miller" ... Jason's going to check it out.  He's supposedly not related to Diane but is Harmony's husband. 

Diane meets with Willow. Says Shiloh's attorney is ruthless. Her name wasn't given to Diane, she saw it. Not sure who it is. Nora?? Or that new lady that's guest starring?? Maybe. 

Then, Michael goes to talk to Willow. He wants to talk about Doug Miller, which would be her father, right??  She says yes, and she can't talk about it because "I killed him"..dun dun dun

Lulu and Josslyn. Lulu yells at her about going into a house when it's open-- EVER--and yells more. "Quit channeling my mother" says Lulu.  OH Lulu yelled good!! 

Dev is at the station, they found him on the 'description" -- Chase calls Lulu. Joss and Lulu go to the PCPD. Dev says he's not a robber, he just knows Sonny. OMG HE'D BETTER LOSE THAT DAMN 'ACCENT' lol 
Oh he said he SCARED OFF THE ROBBER and was just looking to find Sonny. He does't want them to torture him. You think he's here legally??? 
Josslyn looks at him kinda like "aww he's cute" She calls Sonny and says some kid is there and says he knows him.
Sonny gets to the station. Carly stayed with Jason. Sonny flashes back to meeting Dev in Turkey. 

PREVIEW:  Dr. Neil goes to Kevin to say he's having "feelings for a patient" LOL (Alexis!!) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ithaca is GORGES

FORGOT A BIG RUMOR: Shelly Altman, co-head writer at GH Rumored out in the fall. 

Ithaca has tons of GORGES so... lol

KIM: I want a baby
Jules: Blink
Kim: I really do

Julian says no. Says Kim doesn't want a baby, she wants Oscar back. She's mad at Jules. He ends up leaving. 

Corinthos House: Carly and Sonny come home. Rocco's staying the night. They went to the Carnival in the square. Carly asks about the Seance stuff and realizes what Joss was trying to do. Hugs her.

DA Lady going to see Jordan. Stops and sees Drew in the hall. They talk about the mustard and his memories. He says that they are 'safe' in his office in Aurora-- and the NEW NURSE is listening. She's gotta be a SHANK plant.  DA lady thinks something is on the memory stick Shank might want. 

Birthday Party. Lulu's still got that top on (3 days now). She's waiting for her "date". :eyeroll: See, a guy is going around having dates, then robbing their houses while they are out meeting. Well, he's having someone rob them. Mac says let me take care of it at the PCPD. Lulu says good but SHE has to write a story. blah blah. She also gave her OWN address--um, wouldn't you give a dummy address?? Have someone watch that, not your REAL HOUSE! 

OMG So her date shows up. She sends the "look out home"-- because he showed up so "he's not the burgler"-- well, WOULDN'T HE JUST HAVE A PARTNER THAT ROBBED HER HOUSE WHEN HE WAS ON THE DATE? This makes NO sense. Turns out the "date" just though she wanted him to sit with her (he had ordered fries) and wasn't the guy on the app. Nope, he's robbing the house as we speak.

In another side of town,  Rocco left his glove at his house-- so Josslyn is going to go get it. In an UBER. And we KNOW the thief will be there. 

STUPID MAXIE with the Dante come back crap--I hate this. She's harping on this when he NEEDS TREATMENT and she's all "well, they'll break up". HE NEEDS TREATMENT for a serious condition!! GGEEZZEE . Mac's says they have to find a higher up at WSB to help. (STUPID)
Robert walks in...he's tipsy. The WSB is forcing him to retire for "someone younger and cheaper"
Maxie asks if he knows where Dante is. He says he can't tell her because it was an order and you don't just give out information. He also tells her Dante needs to be WHOLE for Lulu. He gets a call from his replacement and goes into the hall to talk.
STUPID Maxie follows him and hears him say Dante is in Ithaca WHOOT! ITHACA SHOUT OUT!! 

END: CARLY'S Protein's are elevated, they need more tests because it could be birth defects. 

DEV is the one robbing Lulu's house..Joss catches him. 

Kim looks like she's going to call Drew for some "donation" since Jules said no LOL. 

Rumor Round-Up

Some rumors--some truths and a little fun. OH! The WUBS NET Is up and running!! 

FORGOT A BIG RUMOR: Shelley Altman may retire in the fall??? Hmmmmm, would CVE continue alone? Would they put in another co-writer?? Or just hire someone else that's been around the soap loop 88times? 

We all know TV Source Magazine has predicted that Mr. Miller won't re-sign his contract. Like I've said, Ryan doesn't usually put stuff out there unless it's almost 100% BUT Maybe in the 12th hour they'll offer him a hella deal?? 

The new character  "Dev" (Ashton Arbab)  is coming---he was the kid in Turkey that helped Sonny.  He's gotta be the one in the bushes looking at Joss. I say he's in the USA looking for Sonny because he's running from someone back in his home country? Sonny can be Bruce Wayne to his little Robin. 

Sites like Celebrity Dirty Laundry or Soap Opera Spy crack me up because I swear they look at Twitter and round up what people are saying and use it for click bait (no I'm not giving you the URL, won't give the the clicks)  One was that Steve Burton was "leaving his job of 17 years"... which was NOT GH but his video game narrating gig. Stuff  like that kills me.  Another one wa "BOTCHED KIDNEY TRANSPLANT"!!   lol  
Other "Spoilers" they have at the moment  are:
Kim either attempts suicide or really does kill herself. 

Kim steals Carly's baby in a delusional haze (This was actually something I put out there while tweeting--just brainstorming) 
Mac gets shot on his temp job as Police Commish. 

**I'm not saying that none of these won't come true but it's like fishing in a barrel with a shot gun, you will hit something eventually. 

MY Rumors include:
Robert goes into a whole other line of work given he's staying in Port Charles--what it is may surprise you! 

Harmony and Nelle clash-- is this how the baby secret gets out? 
Sonny takes Dev under his wing and of course, he likes Joss and Cam likes Joss and---you get the picture. 
Carly's blood test will show an abnormality in the far chromosomes but we won't know for sure what that is just yet. 
I'm also not convinced about Jordan and her kidney-- there's always a chance of rejection. That, and I want Mac to stay police commish!! 


Trina to be either Marcus' grand daughter OR Clauida and Bryan's.  Could also be a Hardy/Simone relative but that would mean explaining why Audrey hasn't been around. 

Kim and Drew to leave together. I like Tams but Kim never really went anywhere--unless they use her as a powerhouse OBGYN at GH, she can go-go. 

TJ and Molly to have a story. Is that so much to ask for?? 

Glorious Shiloh murder. We have 90 suspects. In the end it could be Harmony because--disposable. We wouldn't think she did it because she's in jail but she would have escaped, killed him and gotten back before anyone noticed!! 

I'm a Franco-Ava Fan. I'm up for a really great old-school affair between them, duping Elizabeth. Since JJ will be coming back as  Lucky (My fantasy, remember??) Franco needs to exit anyway!! 

I have way more ideas and not enough time!! You know I wanted this Dev Kid to be a Spencer recast but alas, that didn't happen. 

Have a fabulous day-- I'm back to work for the first time in a week. I have a full day and Tillie duty. I will do my BEST to get here and blog the show. May be a bit late. 

OH AND AMBITIONS IS PREMIERING TONIGHT!! 10 PM--ON OWN!! Can't wait to see Jamey's creation come to life.  Did you see RICK HEARST IS ON THERE!/ That's Jamey and he at the premiere last night. 

Monday, June 17, 2019


I'm back!! Stiches are out, looks good, go back in 3 weeks to check swelling and to see if cartilage has shifted. I'm going back to work tomorrow. Have to wear a bandage but at least the kids won't be scared. I hope!! 

New Nina...2 seconds in--and I like her!!  She has mannerisms of Nina. She talks to Curtis, offers to pay for the hospital bills he says no. 

Jordan and Finn... Jordan want to know how Ryan is doing. Why? Says Finn.. she says not everyone has his kidney.  
Curtis and she talk about bills. Drew comes and says he'll pay. Jordan says no it could look like a coporate mogal making a bribe? So...
Offers Curtis a security analysis position.

Valentin and Jax. Valentin wants to buy Jax's 1/2 of Aurora. Jax is like, because of NINA? Valentin says yep. WE are just getting back together, don't rock the boat. Nina walks in.  Jax leaves. Valentin wants to get married NOW and thinks Jax is holding that up. 

Maxie and Mac.  Laura comes in to talk to Mac. He's shocked she'd  ask him to be temp police commish. HE SAYS YES!! 

Peter's Party. WHYYYYYYY. ugh. Maxie's all nervous about it--Lulu and Felicia are decorating the Floating Rib. 
Maxie comes in. Peter doesn't like PIE--he likes CAKE. She's upset. She wants Peter to like his party. UGH.
Later: Finn gets Peter there under the guise of wanting to go to dinner ala a suggestion by Anna. Peter acts surprised (he knew about the surprise and talked about it with Mac). 

Kim and Drew. Drew puts all her stuff down and is going home to sleep. Julian comes in with burgers. He and Kim hug. Kim doesn't "know who she is".  She talks about losing Oscar. She and Carly should get together. Geesh. 

Seance with Josslyn... she's got candles on the table.  Cam is angry she wants to "contact" him. He wants her to let him go. Cam says to go to the meadow or play a song or something. Joss thinks he may be trying to get in touch and how would she know? LOL. Trina is IN. Trina is ALWAYS IN !! They sit down and try to Summon OSCAR NERO.. spooky music. Cam starts laughing. "If Oscar heard this, he'd be laughing his ass off right now" --they all laugh. Aw, cute scene.

Jax goes to GH and runs into Laura..tells her he's getting back on the board. He wants to talk about Valentin. She says stay away from he and Nina..he says TOO LATE!! 

Valentin calls Curtis for a job: "Find out everything you can about Jasper Jacks"

Kim wants to make a baby with Julian.
The Cam and Trina leave-- Joss sits down blows out candles..and someone is watching her from the outside. Will that be DEV? 


Thank you to all that emailed and messaged me about the domain name running out. I secured it about 14 years ago and forgot all the ways to get back in to renew! FINALLY today it's all taken care of. Probably will be 24 hours, then you can use the Wubs.Net URL again. Of course, if you don't know how to get into the blog without it, ummmm, you won't be reading this!! LOL

Today is my big day with the surgeon to check out the cartilage in my nose. I also may be getting my stitches out as well. Whew, what a trauma. Still achy and my arms are killing me because I had to hold it for five hours until they finally stitched me up! That was a week ago!! I had JUST finished watching the great black and white Episode and BOOM!!

PS did I tell you? They DO NOT use enough blood in movies or on TV. GEEZE. Amazing what my nose could produce. 

SO, I should be back to blog but I'm not 100% sure. If not, just use this space to dish about the show. I think?? The NuNina is starting today?? I HOPE I LOVE HER!!  Oh, I know Michelle's first day back to YR is today--not sure if our NuNina starts on GH ??

TV Source Magazine is also saying Billy Miller is out-- Ryan is pretty conservative about his rumors so I'd bet on this. Hit the link for info. My 2 cents? JUST when I like Drew and he's getting some great material, he's leaving? Maybe that's why Kelly has been such a sad-sack. I for one, am glad they got Ingo back to the show to take that media job--he'll be good.  

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Cellular Attraction

Whatever you do, don't eat the meatloaf 

Greetings!  Thanks for putting up with my crazy week. I'm still on the mend and need to see the plastic surgeon tomorrow. I'm very nervous about this and keep freaking out thinking about getting my stitches out and the possibility of surgery. I tell you what, that fall was TRAUMA!! 

So, what I decided to do is push forth with the blog and get it done. I've seen most of the week but may miss a few details. If I do, I'm sure you'll let me know!! 

All I can really eat are drinks so let's do some smoothies. 

Photo credit: @JoeysTweets/twitter 

Saturday, June 15, 2019


A new Prime Time Old-School Soap to sink your teeth into!! Ambitions premieres on OWN this June 18th at 10 pm.  Why is this such an exciting deal?  Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens created and produced this gem, which is sure to make every fan of the genre clap for joy. If you've ever listened to DC's podcasts, you've heard his wit and banter. Jamey has always had great ideas for soaps (see The Rich and the Ruthless)  so I'm thrilled this has come to fulfillment for him!! Hit the link to listen to the shows creators dish on the new series.  Another soapy link? Michele Val Jean (Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital and Bold and Beautiful) is also a consulting producer. 

"One second you're having the best sex of your life, the next  you want to kill him"-
Stephanie Lancaster 

Starring Robin Givens and also produced by Will Packer, Ambitions promises to be one sexy, devious and juicy hour of TV.   Givens plays Stephanie Carlisle, wife of theMayor of Atlanta (portrayed by Brian White), who dreams of heading her families' law firm.  Political and personal intrigue surround the drama.  (as does sex, lies and crimes!!) 

From Soap Opera Digest--June Issue 

Follow along on Twitter @AmbitionsOWN 

WATCH full trailer on TV Insider 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Flashback Friday Fun; ANSWERS REVEALED!!

My parents are here giving me tender love and care-- so I won't be blogging. Not in the mood much anyway!! 

So, here are some trivia questions for you to answer. Hopefully not TOO google-able so they are a bit of a challenge: 

1. Who wrote Lila's Memoir and...what did Lucy Coe give them to help the writing process? (Hint: It hung from the ceiling) --
Felicia and she pronounced it "MEM-WAH" all the time. lol 
A Pyramid. Yes, Spiritual "Energy" Pyramids were all the rage then. Lucy of course, knew all about them! It hung over Felicia's desk at the old Scorpio/Webber home.

2. What did Jerry Jacks give Bobbie Spencer because she loved eating them so much? (this was the first Jerry-- not the mean second!!) 
A "Bouquet" of red licorice. When he first left the show, a long jar of the candy arrived at the nurses' station for Bobbie to remind her of their relationship. 

3. Who was this character on GH? Who was she involved with? She was one of my faves!! 

Venus..."V" who was with Jax for a time. I really loved Lisa's portrayal of her as a sassy and fun non-traditional soapy gal. 

4. What was the name of the other bar in Port Charles besides the Floating Rib? (which was more of a restaurant??)  Hint: BB is in the title. 

Quite a few knew this!! Bucket O' Blood . It existed around the time of Jimmy Lee Holt, Jake Meyer and Grant Putnam. 

5. Finally, what was on the necklace Johnny gave Lulu as their 1 year "anniversary gift"?? 

Lightning Bolt. 

ANSWERS posted tomorrow!! Hope today is a good show.. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Smidgen of Today

Lulu's on a date..doing her story. This is weird. 

Sonny has to be in on the whole Wiley thing, because SONNY.  Sonny dogs on Julian. Of course.  Sonny shouldn't be in this part of the story. I swear to god every other character has a back burner once and awhile but damn. I mean, Even Tony Geary took time off. 

Nelle and Ryan.  She's telling him she hates Carly.

Carly's mouth is blabbin about Ava--and why she doesn't want to have her on the cover. Chewing scenery all over hell. 

That's all I can do today, sorry.. I'm too out of it. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PHEW. Painkiller Bloggin

I'd put a pic up of my nose but it's too gruesome. Just know I almost took off the entire end. I have to see the plastic surgeon Monday to see if I need it operated on. I'm not in a lot of pain because it was low enough it didn't get the bone. 
thanks for all your well wishes.!

Yesterday's Show:  Why the FK would Shank be calling the hospitals at a RESTAURANT. WHY. Oh, I guess so Sam could see him.
He's so smarmy when he goes to get records for Willow, that chick is right where he wants her. 

Willow: Her classroom is crowd-central--except for the kids. So they show Dr. Neal-- and then Willow talks about her Dad-- so you'd think it was him. BUT he saw her talk to Krissy at the cabin, right??? and Wills says her dad passed away. Maybe he got plastic surgery to hide his identity.  Plus, Harmony could have lied about her dad killing himself. 

They remembered Krissy is a widow! Holy crapolla. She married that Trey guy when she was doing Mob Princess.  She was a different actress then--remember that??! 

Sam and Jason talking about Franco. With all the recon they did on Franco, they drag this up? PLUS I can't FREAKING HEAR Kelly FS . Also, did they swank up Charlies?? With the wine on the table.. yada yada. 


Where am I?
Why am I in pain?

LOL!! Finn is like: "Um, that would be where we removed your kidney"!! AHAHAHA 

Jordan's Room: OMG-- so she wants to talk to RYAN to find out why he was so agreeable to Stella. Kevin says he's in a coma and she can't. She's like, um, get me up. Everyone is out in the hall. Valerie says that Ryan is awake. Curtis looks sheepish. Everyone is looking all over-- lol. 

Valerie says: Ryan is talking crazy, saying he never consented. Kevin "thinks' he'll try to use an insanity plea and say that he doesn't remember anything. Stella is like: he's fooling because TJ and I saw him sign that paper. 

Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to figure out how they got the kidney out. Finn's like "Don't you remember? Stella talked you into it" . The truth dawns on Ryan: Oh my god! It was KEVIN! YOU AND KEVIN conspired to STEAL MY KIDNEY! 

Jordan calls Chase about this whole thing. Says she wants him to keep it quiet. BLOOP! 

LATER: The whole story comes out. Jordan explains what she thought happened to Curtis. It's shown in black and white and DONE SO WELL. Liz, Franco, Valerie-- Kevin and Curtis. They met with Curtis. Finn gave him the drug..he went into a seizure.. they took him to Franco's art room (he told everyone it was a toxic spill and cancelled all his appointments). Liz redirected the custodians. Val was the look out. 
At the end, Jordan said she's not going to look for proof this all happened because if she knew who the ring leader was "he'd leave no proof".  

Ryan says "I will GET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU... No jail can hold me. I will come and find you"..
Finn: You know what?? You sound crazy... 


THEN!! Someone comes in Ryan's room after Finn leaves-and they show her in the promo, it's NELLE!! 

They climbed that mountain quick! lol Kim faints. She's disoriented
So. Joss is texting Oscar... just to say "I miss you"..someone answers. Turns out to be Drew. He says that Oscar is on the summit, resting and they are thinking of her.
THEN Kim sees Drew crying a bit after texting and says "It's ok Oscar" AND DREWS' FACE IS OSCAR'S FACE! She talks to "Oscar" about his dad and how she wishes they could have been a family. Drew just sits there, letting her talk away.  She says she wishes he could have had a brother or a sister. Drew lets her sleep. She wakes up and doesn't see Oscar anymore. Seems better. But when Drew walks away, she holds her belly and says 'Brother or sister" OH COME ON..she can't be pregnant can she?? I mean..with Carly being pregnant? And all the babies on the show that DO NOTHING? please I hope not. Oh maybe she WANTS a baby and will try to get Drew to sleep with her?? 

Maxie and Joss hug after Joss tells her she never really said goodbye to Oscar because he fell asleep. Maxie has an idea.She shows her the Travel Guide to Port Charles and how Lucy Coe used to do the Seances. Maybe she could do one for Oscar. 

Jax and Joss..awww..and Ava's in to do the photo shoot. I thought we'd time hopped with the mountain climb but nope. 

Ava wants a ton of contract changes. Jax says: "Ironic you are caring about your rep and voice when you didn't care about Connie Falconeri's"!! OH SNAP!! "You shot her right here, in this office"!! THEN he brings up Morgan! EESH. Nina is about waving her hands: "he's not talking for me!!" 
He really digs into her. Ava says: I'm out! She leaves. Nina is convinced that Jax was trying to set her up to fail. Wants him to beg Ava to come back and do the issue. 

Veronica Cartwright to Guest on GH

WOW...the wonderful VERONICA CARTWRIGHT is coming to GH!! Why am I so excited?? I remember her in SO many things. She was a child star and I totally remember her from The Birds: 

Veronica was also in Alien as Lambert (was due to play Ripley but got bumped for SW), LA Law and... the X-Files.  Her IMDb is huge. She's NOT to be mixed-up with her 'more famous' sister, Angela who was in The Sound of Music and Lost in Space. 

Her character has a 5 arc show and she's seen in previews with Ava. Who could she be? Famous art buyer?  Someone's mother or grandmother?? Maybe something to do withe Nelle and the baby?? Hmmmm... let the speculation run wild.  By the way, I'm not angry there's a 'new character'--she's on for a guest arc. I think those add to the show!!  

PS. Thank you for the well wishes on my nose situation. I'll write more in today's blog if I watch live. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hey You Guys...

Oh my nose!

Now, I realize that Karen might not think this is funny, but I needed to cheer her up and I thought this might be the best way possible. 

Karen is... how should I say... under the weather today and may or may not be able to put together a blog. Last night Karen took a tumble at her home and landed on her nose. Last count she had to get 22 stitches. Spent most of the afternoon and night in the ER. I'm sure she will be online asap to let everyone know she is ok. 

As for me...

Loving the show right now. Well, most of it. One thing that I noticed is the dialogue. It doesnt seem so forced and scripted. It is almost sounding natural. It's good. It has made a difference. And the pacing seems faster. I hope they keep this up. 

We still have the vets scattered across the screen. That is definitely a good thing. 

I dont think they are going to kill Shiloh. I know he deserves it and most people want him dead. And... when is the last time this show had a really good murder mystery? No, seriously, I am asking. When was the last murder mystery on this show? But Coby (love that name) is a really good actor and GH has let some good actors go that they shouldnt have. I think they will find a way to keep him. Either as a villian or as a rehabilitated character. Or maybe he will come back as a new character -- a very good natured priest. GH has a track record of bringing back evil characters as priests for some reason. (I can think of two)

The baby storyline is heating up and I am so lost. I mean, on paper I know whose baby is whose. But I need a flowchart to figure out who knows what, who is guessing what, who is after who, etc. Someone in this blog mentioned that they thought Shiloh will kidnap Wiley. I can see that happening. Somehow Nelle will play into this and let the cat out of the bag that Wiley is hers and Michael's. What I would love to see is Nelle going up against Shiloh. She would wipe the floor with him. But, unfortunately, I think Nelle will be relegated to Ferncliff and there isnt going to be a lot of scenes for her. But just enough to do her damage.

We need a Heather Webber sighting. Just saying...

Jax is a welcome edition. Being an art director in real life, I have to say that print is dead. It is. Entertainment Weekly is becoming Entertainment Monthly in August. Newspapers are all going online. Magazines are folding. I think the concept of Jax coming in and buying Crimson was a very good one. I hope they do it realistically and show the struggles and hardships currently going on in the publishing world. 

You know the way Karen feels about Maxie and Peter? Double for me. 

I kinda hope that Mac and Robert spend more time together. They are brothers and Robert is in town, so it would be nice for some brotherly bonding.

Ok. That's all I got. Karen might get home from the hospital and decide to wipe this whole thing out and write her own Tuesday blog. Who knows. Or, maybe she will just tack something on at the end of this and say hello to everyone. Either way. Happy Tuesday. 

PS. Loving Claws and Animal Kingdom more than life itself. Binge watched Tales of the City last night and also Fosse/Verdon two weeks ago. Anyone else? 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Baby: Lost and Found

THE GH CONVENTION WAS THIS's a great photo that was on Twitter! 

Diane is visiting Wills in her classroom. Love her outfit. Diane is mad that Willow let it out that she might have a baby. Diane says they'll never find out. Willow tells her the records got destroyed in Albany. Diane is all "OMG that's a total federal offense."!! Willow asks her to destroy her copies. Diane is taken aback.  "You're asking me to do WHAT"??! She tries to tell her that he won't be able to get a hold of them.  Willow doesn't believe her. 

Jason is at GH talking to Chase Ford about Shiloh. Chase says the DA had a "change of heart" and he's under arrest. 

NEWBIE Chick Nurse girlie is a DOD'er and you KNOW she's gonna get Shiloh OUT OF THERE!! He bamboozles her into getting him a list of all hospitals within 100 mile radius of there and Beecher's Corners. I think her name is Judy. Although she does look like my cousin Sally. lol
OMG ! HARMONY steps up and says SHE DRUGGED Kristina and it's all HER FAULT. OH!! and She also said she drugged SAM!! AND...get this!! In her last act as DA, Margot let Shiloh go and arrested Harmony!! lol CHASE tells Sonny and Jason and man, Sonny is gonna be pissed he didn't kill SHank!! 

Sonny's in the kitchen! Making a healthy salad for Carly. Krissy brings him some herbs and a hug awww. LOVE that kitchen "We're stubbon, hard-headed and good-lookin' Says Sonny. AHAHA. 

Nina and Ava ---Nina's trying to convince Ava to do the magazine.  Ava said she slept with Ryan and will look like an idiot. Nina says "you're not the only one that fell for a bad-boy" . Ava "yeah, like you and Valenin, WHO MURDERED NIKOLAS" ahahahahah. GOOD ONE! Such great chat--and so happy Michelle and Maura get one last cool scene together.

Jules and Carly. OMG Carly is being such a BLABBER MOUTH to Julian "You stay away from my brother" she says. Because Julian could hinder everything and the adoption. UGH she's a pain in the ASSSSSS. 

Jax and Bobbie..JZ is looking awesome. 


END:  Shiloh walks into Julian's and everyone freaks. Julian kicks him out. Shiloh starts calling all the hospitals in the area to find out if anyone gave birth at the right time...which is going to lead him to the baby. Diane finishes saying to Willow "he can't get a hold of a baby that he doesn't know exists"..meaning he will find out. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Kidney Caper

I command you to give up that organ! 

This week was a delicious treat for true crime lovers!! FINALLY a twist that really was done well and had me guessing.  There was a lot of dialog to get through as well, so let's get to it!! 

What does one eat while watching someone in a coma? You drink a lot of coffee so get your cup ready!!  

Friday, June 7, 2019

Crimson Cover Girl

MAXIE has such a great idea for the cover of Sept Issue!! AVA JEROME!! yessssssssss! GLAMOUR... deadly intent...possible jail time... great past..evil stuff and AGAIN---GLAM!! They talk about Ava's past. Sasha says no because Nina drugged her and Griffin. LOL I forgot about that. Maxie asks Nina what she thinks of Ava. Nina says that her mother paid Ava to seduce Silas and then when she "had a psychosis" induced Ava's labor and stole her baby. AHHAHAA Sasha's face was like: WHAAAAA!!!
Maxie says that Ava is perfect for the cover. Sasha gets a call from Michael to meet for lunch. She leaves. Nina tell Maxie she hates Ava and she's not going on the cover. Maxie's like: You're nuts, it would be awesome. Nina thinks it would exploit Kiki's death. Anyway, Maxie finally says to USE Ava to make money. That convinces her. Nina goes to find Ava. 

Ava and Franco. They talk about Ryan going away ..and Franco says that they should ignore him because he'd hate that. She's not so sure. Franco says she needs to open the gallery back up. "Ryan's taken enough from you". 

Ryan still in the coma. Kevin talks to Laura and I think eludes to them switching out he and Ryan during the permission signing. BUT--he never really came out and said it. Very confusing. They talk about Ryan being abused as a kid and although that was horrific, it shouldn't have turned him into a serial killer. 
LATER: Liz, Franco come up to Kevin and Laura...Liz says Jordan is resting comfortably. Kevin says it was 'all worth it' --to get his signature. SO LIZ WAS IN ON IT TOO! :clapping: I love this twist! 
END: they wheel Ryan out in a coma. Kevin, Laura, Franco, Liz and Finn all watch him go..look at each other like: We did it. '
Good scene. 

News on Jordan: She's good... but Curtis is upset she had a DNR. TJ and Stella explain it to him. WHERE IS MOLLY?? 
Jordan is in recovery and Curtis goes in to see her. She wakes up. They are happy. 

Jax gives Josslyn a surf board. NOT LIKE YOU CAN SURF ON THE LAKE--?? WTH? Carly and Jax are bantering. A LOT. They decide to Co-exist as parents and be nice to each other. 

Carly goes to the OBGYN...newbie? She's getting her extended blood tests. 

Michael wants to take Sasha to Martha's Vineyard. Wonder if anyone will know her there? 

Thursday, June 6, 2019



Carly has a nightmare: Ryan is holding her baby--only..the blanket is empty. Even on kidney day, Carson has to be front and center. Carly HAS to have a Ryan nightmare. :Eyeroll: 
Ava's on her way up. She wants to see Avery to celebrate Kiki's bday. Sonny's all snotty and says they already did "on her ACTUAL birthday"..and Joss has her at the Zoo. "Call next time" OMG I wish Ava would stab him lol. She tells them why she didn't kill Ryan and then ended up stabbing him anyway. Sonny seems a bit impressed.

Waiting Area:: Franco, Kevin, Laura and Finn. Franco says the operation to harvest the kidney is taking too long. He's worried. RoHo is hilarious.  Finn gets a beep. 

Jordan's room: TJ, Stella, Liz... Curtis. Getting her labs in order to receive the kidney after Ryan is done. Finn comes in..KIDNEY IS READY TO GO-GO! Jordan wants to talk to Stella alone.  She has a DNR and wants Stella to advocate for her because she's afraid that Curtis/TJ won't. 

Kevin and Laura look in on Ryan who's post-surgery and hooked up to machines. 
Later, Finn goes in and he's not waking up. Franco and Kevin have a fun convo about killing Ryan with a pillow.Must see.  Finn says he may be in a coma and goes to get neurology. Franco looks longingly into the room.(like he wants to kill him). 

Charlies: Jules called Alexis to talk about Wiley's situation with Shiloh. Blah blah --they'll help keep Shiloh away from Wiley. 

Shiloh is pissed he's arrested DA Lady comes in. The actor that plays Shiloh is really good. He's slimy...scary..angry. Just good. Margot tells him she IS going to put him in jail. He's not happy. Margo says that she has evidence. Shiloh says he'll retailiate with the pledge..she SHOWS HIM THE PLEDGE. He says: Oh well, I have it up here and I'll ruin you. She says she's going to resign anyway (going to another show sooo...) 

Willow's Mama is harassing her to give up the baby. She yells and pleads but Willow says the baby is dead. They go around and around. Somehow Harmony figures out the baby is alive. Not sure how, I wasn't paying close attention. Willow tells her that they got the pledges back. Harmony is SHOOK!! She runs to tell Shiloh the baby is alive. 

Alexis is going to Carly to tell her brother to 'watch himself"..she tells CarSon Wiley is Shiloh's? WTF? SO she can keep an EYE on BRUCAS!! Oh that's stupid. 

Julian tells Willow to get court records from Diane and destroy them (regarding Wiley's adoption). She calls for an appointment. 

Jordan gets wheeled into surgery... end. of show. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sing in Harmony

DA Lady--she's won't believe them that Shiloh is a sexual predator. They play the tape for her. She says there's circumstances that are preventing her from doing anything. Jason says they got all the pledges. He burned them. EXCEPT FOR HERS!! dun dun dunnnn....
Margot calls in Shiloh's arrest. 

Shiloh grabs Harmony and asks about the baby: DID YOU KNOW? She says NOPE. He charges her with finding the baby..that's her mission. She'll be out of DOD if she doesn't.

Sam is going to be Willow? Julian is getting her to burn the paper trail to Wiley's adoption. They end up stealing the paperwork from some town clerk.  Julian and Sam bonded a bit over this. 

Brad is talking to Michael and Michael is holding Wiley. OMG Wiley is ADORABLE he looks about 50!!  LOL ..bow tie. Very cute. Brad leaves.... Chase and Michael talk about Willow. 

Lucas goes to talk to Willow about Wiley. Willow explains why she didn't want Shiloh to know. He says he doesn't either. They talk about what's best for him. 

ADOPTION/SHILOH: MOOT POINT when Nelle rears her head again. 

Peter, Maxie and Lulu talk about what a good story Ryan's kidney will make. I guess Lulu's trying to catch some guy that scam's women out of money and property. OH YOU mean SAM~~ but a man??

PS. Julian doesn't know the baby is Michael's-- he thinks Brad got the baby from a homeless woman.


OMG! NEW Theory on RYAN


SO, on TWITTER people are putting forth the idea that they SWITCHED Kevin and Ryan!! Franco, Finn and Kevin did it.. then KEVIN was the one to sign the consent...they switch Ryan back and BOOM!! That's why Franco had gloves on... Kevin was on the phone!
OH I LOVE THIS I hope it's true!! 

SO excited I had to do a new blog post about it!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


AFRICAAAAAA.. YADA YADA.....DAHH. I see the wave down in Africa.....yada yada
YES, I'm singing TOTO To you. (The Weezer Cover is basically the Toto song done the same so..)

Liz and Franco talk about Kiki.. GRIEF

CarSon goes to Morgan's grave... GRIEF 

Oscar: GRIEF 

Yep, Kim and Drew are in a HOTEL ROOM that's totally decked out in AFRICAN ART ergo... yep. They gonna be climbing soon!!  Tams is doing such a good job. EESH. It's a grief-fest. Almost over kill... I think they would have been better served to have them GO and stay off camera for a bit. 

BY THE WAY, you can't just say "Oh we are going to go climb Kilamonjaro" its' a PROCESS and it's totally guided and there's a waiting list. BUT YOU KNOW. 

Carly and Sonny look at the fireflies and talk about ...MORGAN. Joss comes out with Oscar's guitar. Gonna get some lessons. Too bad Steven Lars is in the clink, he could do it. Oh, baby moves. They could name it MORGAR after Oscar and Morgan. Joss feels the tummy. Sonny's all teary-eyed. 
Later Cam comes around.  They talk about guitars. 

RYAN Seizes. Read my blog down there to see who I think "did" it. They do show Franco taking off gloves-- Cam catches him. Hmmmmmmm. But Stella is around too.  Ryan doesn't die, he just had convulsions; an allergic reaction. 
Stella is going to go in. TJ goes first and Ryan is like "I'm not giving up my kidney for your mommy, the Queen mommy OR the mommy of dragons"!!! LOL Stella tells Ryan she's not leaving until he gives the kidney up. 

I think Stella evoked Black Jesus. I really do. "Everything you did led you to this moment" .."give up your kidney and live...or keep it and DIE".. 
oh, RYAN Says YES! TJ runs to tell his mom. Ryan basically agreed to it because he said Stella was so annoying he couldn't stand it. 

um. .. well. um.. okay? 
HE signed. 



So, Ryan got something slipped into his IV --WHO DID IT?? We had some interesting choices, most of whom look too obvious but hey, you know GH--they might like obvious. NOTE: I also think that whoever did do it won't get caught (yet or forever) because it will be shown in a flashback. Finn will cover it up and the person will never be brought to 'justice'. 

The Contenders (as I see them) 

Liz:  Dark horse here. She did have a moment saying to Finn  that it was awful that people like Jordan will die and people like Ryan will live so...?? 

Finn:  VERY Obvious..he said numerous times to Curtis he could see Ryan "never waking up" when he went under the knife. I think too obvious. 

Curtis: MOST obvious-- he was anger boy the entire time and said he'd take the kidney out with his bare hands..which is why he probably didn't do it. 

Kevin: Would be a great bookend to the story if it's shown Kevin killed him. We'd see a flashback after Ryan is buried of Kevin slipping the needle in--and just watching his brother die.

Valerie: She went in and had a strange scene with Jordan right before the deed was done. Didn't know they were that close. It was just--odd and thrown in there. She's my next guess after Stella. 

Ava:  Another obvious choice. She was at the hospital...had said repeatedly that she was going to kill him. That's the rub tho, she said she was going to kill him so--very obvious. 

Not on camera yesterday but still viable: 

Monica:  She's chief of staff, no one's going to question her. Plus she old so she could have taken one for the team very easily.

Stella:  My guess because of the Alice Grant Factor (see GH history) plus she's a long-shot given her history with Jordan and being so "nice" and all. BUT.. the actress is going prime time (but can do both shows) So/???

TJ: Son, med student... could be at the hospital and we didn't see him.  If there's no way the person is caught, he could be a good contender. 

On Camera but not at GH that we knew of? 

Frano: I throw him in here because he's shown on the previews for today.. ?? I think he's changed--I'd love for him to be NOT changed tho and just have done it to surprise us. 


Monday, June 3, 2019


It's MONDAY!! It's FREEZING here! Finally the sun came out but this morning?? Dang! In the low 40s!! UGH.  I glanced at the Sunday Surgery blog below and wow, either people don't care one's reading lol. I guess it was a short week and stuff but still....weird. 


Sonny and Michael are at the Metro Bar.  Sonny complains he sees Jax all the time. Annnnnd... Jax walks in. 
Michael goes over to have dinner Sasha. They talk about the history of Jax and Sonny. She sees him as a combination of the 2. WOW. He never mentions AJ! WOW. REALLY?? really. wow.  He could have at least said he was "a lot biological Dad could run a legit business after all"....

Jax and Alexis in the Metro Restaurant: He wants her to look over the Aurora contracts. She wants to tell him about Valentin. "he has all of the money and none of the crazy".  Neil walks in. Jax had something delivered to the Metro to eat lol Panea?? He leaves. Alexis tells him that she and Jax were involved but not "involved" involved. Alexis is kinda pissed that Kristina would give her up and not her father LOL She says their relationship is toxic. I feel counseling coming on. 
Alexis googles him after he leaves. He's written some books and dedicated one to "his wife and daughter". 

Nina at Crimson. She tells Sasha she's going to love working with Jax and Valentin overhears her. Glowers. He wants to take her away... she says no.
Then Jax comes in with the Panera order for he and Nina. Oh, it's Indian food. Sorry. Jax leaves. Valentin comes in. Nina immediately announces she wants to postpone the wedding due to the September issue being so important. hahhaa 

Jordan Kidney Saga: Curtis and Finn... Curtis wants to forge his signature. Finn says he should go under the knife and never wake up.  Curtis says he just wants that kidney, no matter what! 

Kevin to Ryan: People love me, can you say the same? Ryan says Ava.. Kevin says, hope, she despises you. Ryan says nope, it's all "Passion".  Then they discuss good/evil twin stuff for awhile. 

Ava is at Kiki's grave with sun flowers.  Franco's behind her with the same.  "As long as I get the chance to kill him again".  Franco wants Ava to be good. Thank GOODNESS Ava is like: NOPE.

Valerie goes in to see Jordan.... then hugs Curtis. 

END: Someone in a white coat is putting something into Ryan's IV --Seizure tomorrow

AVA Says she wants to kill Ryan
Kevin says he wants Ryan "Gone"...
Finn says he would't mind doing Ryan in...
Valerie is pretty angry
Liz says something about him being alive and Jordan needing a kidney
Could be anyone at GH-and someone we didn't see. 

My guess: Aunt Stella did it, Finn will cover for her if it ever comes out. 

Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE

  MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesd...