Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Kidney Caper

I command you to give up that organ! 

This week was a delicious treat for true crime lovers!! FINALLY a twist that really was done well and had me guessing.  There was a lot of dialog to get through as well, so let's get to it!! 

What does one eat while watching someone in a coma? You drink a lot of coffee so get your cup ready!!  


KILAMONGOOROO  Drama? Is this just to get Krew in bed?? Probably-- I mean I liked the scene for about 2 minutes. Tamara acted like a true grief stricken mom--sick to her stomach and not steady. The rest? Meh. Also, it really cracks me up when they do "location' sets for hotel rooms. Like hotel rooms are decorated in the kitsch we THINK of as from that country LOL. I also have a bit of a problem with them just going off to "climb the mountain'.Yes, it's a soap and all that jazz but we all know you don't just GO and get up on the highest mountain in Africa because 'you want to". 


Damn...KUDOS to the writers for pulling this off. I had written about the 'conspiracy theory" in an earlier blog and boy, did they do it justice. Usually on soaps the plots and even the most twisty things are spelled out in such a black and white way, all the drama is gone. Not this time. It was done over a series of shows and built upon each day. First was the Finn looks whenever they'd talk about Jordan's kidney... Curtis thinking of a 'plan'.  Introduce Franco into the mix along with Kevin talking about Ryan all the time. Laura was lurking was Valerie who was 'guarding the door" when the IV was tainted.  Combine it all and you have a bravo moment:

"Ryan" supposedly signing the kidney permission papers after Stella lambastes him. Not only was it subtle, you had to look for clues; the drugging of his IV to get him out of the room, his quick "recovery" and then the final words the characters said to each other on Friday. Kevin's guilt over the whole thing when Ryan didn't wake up-- (was that planned too? How would have have reacted to losing a kidney when he knew he didn't sign anything??) Liz's look to Franco and Kevin saying  "we pulled it off ".  Loved the character mix. Liked how they left TJ out of it because of his career and probably his age as well. I'm hoping we will still see a flashback at some point. (Dave put it perfectly:  "Ocean's 8 style" ).  Here's  to maybe  Monica gaving a wink and an nod!  Jordan has her kidney and and a serial killer got outfoxed. :clapping: 

PS. NEITHER JASAM NOR CARSON were a part of this--which is also why I think I loved it! Sorry to their fans but damn, they do everything on this show! 


Ok, this adorable baby needs a little recognition..he was adorable in his scenes and obviously loves both Chad and Parry. He also looks like Nelle and Michael. I'm surprised Carly hasn't glommed onto that fact yet! LOL 

So, as we stand, Shiloh is handcuffed at GH and is on the hunt for his BAY-BAY. Harmony is back to do his bidding and he made her go brow-beat Willow for awhile. The records are destroyed as far as his adoption goes on the on side but they have to get Diane's records as well. In the age of computers this all may be MOOT know, Soaps only use technology when it suits them. 
Nelle is on her way back to the show. Ergo; Shiloh will probably find his 'baby'...then secret number two will come out and WHAMMY.  I'm just wondering if it will end up being Brad who tells because he doesn't want his kid with the cult.  It should be a good summer story. 


Why do I love this so much?? Well.. Nina and Jax intrigue me (even tho Michelle is leaving which sucks) and Maxie's plan to get  Ava on the cover is delicious!! The whole discussion leading up to it was great too and we got to see Sasha's face when she found out Nina drugged Ava to induce labor and took her baby!! LOL!!  She was like: WAH!!??? Anyway, Ava will be a great cover model (if she agrees) and will get her into the Jax and NuNina mix. 


Bye! Sorry your character never really took off. The Sonny's past catching up to him was interesting but then it took weird turns were he ended up being some hero again so-- well. You'll be better off at YR I'm sure. 
Margeaux turned in her resignation to Laura. Who I just realized has to get someone for Jordan's AND her job! 


It's right here people!! Cam was looking at Joss like a little puppy. 


Kevin signed the kidney permission papers after being switched out with Ryan. 
Kidney operation complete; everything went well but Ryan's in a coma
For some reason Alexis told CarSon the Wiley baby story, (we know why...they are CARSON!)
Carly went in for more blood tests on the baby
Josslyn is getting guitar lessons (maybe from Cam?) 
Franco tried to get Ava interested in her gallery and life again
Sasha and Michael are going to Martha's Vineyard
Drew and Kim are in mourning in Africa
Shiloh got arrested
DA Lady resigned 

WHY ARE THESE TWO NOT A COUPLE YET? Asking for a friend. 

ACTING OF THE WEEK: I loved him--he's so smarmy---creepy and just a prick in most of his scenes, it's amazing. AND he's in a hospital bed! That makes it even better to be intimidating. His anger is palpable too. Good Stuff. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Gloves of a good caper 

That's that!! I can't wait to watch next week in hopes that we get in on the Kidney Plan from the beginning,  I also think Carly's blood tests will show something because why else would be be pregnant at this stage of the game? Seriously. We have Leo, Scout and Avery--all of whom are basically never seen. Why put another baby in the mix only to have them be nannied off camera?? Ava better say yes to Crimson as well. Michael and Sasha going to Martha's Vineyard has to produce something-- right? Someone has to know her or--maybe her Mom will be there too? (she has a biomother I'm assuming?) Nelle's coming back and that will be good. It will probably be just in jail house scenes but still. I think a Shiloh murder would be an interesting summer story--but I'm also thinking they'll take Wiley. He breaks out somehow and Harmony and he steal Wiley, forcing a search and the truth to come out? Hmmm.. Anyway, that's a wrap ! Hope you have a great week. Only 1 more to go for me before I'm off for the summer. 


  1. Hey now....tell your friend Franco is married LOL!!! 😜
    Just loved little Wiley, that smile was cute!!!
    Nina's dress on Fri pretty, unlike some of the other stuff she wears, wonder if nuNina will have this same wardrobe?
    Loved the whole kidney setup, well done. Still feel like the other shoe is going to drop though?

    1. "Nina's dress on Fri pretty,"

      YES!!! That was a great summer dress on her!!! :)

  2. Would be so much fun to have a Nina, Jax, and Ava love triangle. Then when Nina drops Valentin because of the Sasha lies, he and Ava get together. They become a power couple and will drive Sonny and Carly crazy.

  3. Another great Sunday Surgery. Thank you. NO JASAM NOR CARSON in the conspiracy was another reason I loved it too. And I'd love a well choreograped "Ocean's 8 style" re-enactment at some point.

  4. I just can't get it out of my head (wish I could) when Margoo squirted Drew with the mustard, from like 20 feet away, that was supposed to be their "thing" that they would refer to during their relationship. Well, thank goodness there was no relationship, now if I just could erase that image from my head LOL!!

    1. That was so dumb! I even mentioned it when it happened. The damn mustard wasn't even aimed at him!!!

  5. Little Wiley (Jonah) is so adorable. While Michael was holding him I noticed too how much he actually looks like Michael. Was so surprised no one has commented on this on the show. He looks like Nelle too. Good casting.

  6. karen said:

    WHY ARE THESE TWO NOT A COUPLE YET? Asking for a friend.

    dave says:

    because he is way way way way way way too old for her.

    1. Maura is 47. Roger is 50. That's way too old?

    2. she was robbing the cradle with morgan, so for me i was referring to that... she obviously likes them young

    3. ahhhh...okay. Got ya. I definitely agree with you about Morgan.

  7. I watched the scenes when Jordan got out of surgery. Excellent scenes. The new Jordan is growing on me a little. Great family. Like the new TJ. Guess Stella has come around regarding Jordan now. GH needs to keep those actors together. Soaps need some diversity and I like their family dynamics.

  8. Shiloh will need a DNA test if he ever finds out Wiley is (supposedly) his kid so when it comes back negative that's when the poop hits the fan? Thanks for helping me figure out the 'switch' cos I was so lost! xx

  9. DNA tests are never accurate on GH. Especially with Brad around. I'd like Carly to spend some time with Wiley and pick up on the similarities he shares with Michael. Maybe Mike Corbin could keep calling him "Michael" and set something off in her head. Then a nice confrontation with Nelle.
    Enough of my stuff... Thank YOU Karen for another great week.

    1. LOL!! So true patric! Stear clear of Brad. Yeh Carly for once needs to put her big mouth to use, she needs to definitely spend some time with Wiley.

  10. "Damn...KUDOS to the writers for pulling this off. I had written about the 'conspiracy theory" in an earlier blog and boy, did they do it justice."

    So they DID do that.. I don't like it. I couldn't figure out why, and I realized, it's because they did it all off screen. While watching it, I was so confused and made no sense. They should have shown us what was happening. Flashbacks aren't going to cut it for me.

    "Why do I love this so much?? Well.. Nina and Jax intrigue me"

    ROFL! I love them too! They intrigue me also!!!

    "It's right here people!! Cam was looking at Joss like a little puppy."

    YES!!! You can see in his face he loves her.. I love my Jam!!! :)

    "WHY ARE THESE TWO NOT A COUPLE YET? Asking for a friend."


  11. I loved Friday's episode, and I do like that they pulled off the switcheroo with Ryan. Very clever, and I didn't see it coming. I also like that they were all in on it. Ha!

    Nina still makes me sick and her judging Ava? Oh my god, I'll never forgive her for inducing labor and stealing Ava's baby. Pot and kettle much? And her trying to explain it away with Maxie and fake daughter? Whatever.

    Thanks for the blog!

    1. Totally agree! Loved Sashas face when she found out about Nina!

    2. We need a meme of that face. lol

  12. Oh GOOD GRAVY WOMAN!! Sorry I just couldn't wait for today's blog!! Judy,Judy,Judy!!!

  13. Not sure if today's GH will be on here in the NYC area; helicopter made forced crashed landing on a building in midtown.Programming has been pre-empted the past 45 minutes & GH goes on in 10 minutes.

  14. Soap ages are strange, but Jon Lindstrom is 61. So if he’s the same age as Ryan, Ava doesn’t seem to have a age type. I’m pretty sure Franco is supposed to be younger than Roger since he’s the same age as Jason who was born like late 70’s, I think.


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