Friday, June 14, 2019

Flashback Friday Fun; ANSWERS REVEALED!!

My parents are here giving me tender love and care-- so I won't be blogging. Not in the mood much anyway!! 

So, here are some trivia questions for you to answer. Hopefully not TOO google-able so they are a bit of a challenge: 

1. Who wrote Lila's Memoir and...what did Lucy Coe give them to help the writing process? (Hint: It hung from the ceiling) --
Felicia and she pronounced it "MEM-WAH" all the time. lol 
A Pyramid. Yes, Spiritual "Energy" Pyramids were all the rage then. Lucy of course, knew all about them! It hung over Felicia's desk at the old Scorpio/Webber home.

2. What did Jerry Jacks give Bobbie Spencer because she loved eating them so much? (this was the first Jerry-- not the mean second!!) 
A "Bouquet" of red licorice. When he first left the show, a long jar of the candy arrived at the nurses' station for Bobbie to remind her of their relationship. 

3. Who was this character on GH? Who was she involved with? She was one of my faves!! 

Venus..."V" who was with Jax for a time. I really loved Lisa's portrayal of her as a sassy and fun non-traditional soapy gal. 

4. What was the name of the other bar in Port Charles besides the Floating Rib? (which was more of a restaurant??)  Hint: BB is in the title. 

Quite a few knew this!! Bucket O' Blood . It existed around the time of Jimmy Lee Holt, Jake Meyer and Grant Putnam. 

5. Finally, what was on the necklace Johnny gave Lulu as their 1 year "anniversary gift"?? 

Lightning Bolt. 

ANSWERS posted tomorrow!! Hope today is a good show.. 


  1. I think Felicia wrote Lila’s memoirs. No clue what Lucy gave them (or who her writing partner was) but if it hung from the ceiling, a chandelier?

    No clue on #2.

    Is three Faith Roscoe?

    #4 Bucket of Blood

    #5 No clue

  2. 1. Felicia

    3 Oh my God V I loved her so much and I actually wanted her with the original Jerry Jacks. But she left with Simon who tried to sexually assault her which pissed me off
    4. Bucket of blood and look at that Jimmy Lee hold face Steve bond LOL

    Seems like I remember really old stuff and not the newer stuff LOL

  3. Felicia
    Don’t know
    V she worked for Jax
    Bucket of Blood
    And wasn’t it a big diamond

  4. i love trivia! i wish i thought of this.

  5. "My parents are here giving me tender love and care"

    Awwwwwwwww! :)

    "1. Who wrote Lila's Memoir"

    Felicia!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Jordan's room:

    Jurtis: WOW! What a great scene! They talked about paying the hospital bills and her insurance!!!! They are worried!!! FELT SO REAL!!! :)


    Brad and Nelle: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) So much fun.. Nelle wins the line of the day!

    Nelle: Brad have you been bad again?

    BAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAAHA! And the smile on her face! ROFL! Priceless!!!! Brad gives updates of what is going on with the baybay and his worries. She wants to be part of her baybay. RA RO! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jasam and Carly: WOW! They weren't loud they were actually whispering!!! :0 Since when?!!?!?!

    Carly and Sam: More whispering.. Worried about the baybay. Sam is all tell Sonny! :)

    Kelly's: Boy! Lucy was very popular today. :)

    Margoo and Lucy: Margoo is leaving!!!! Selling her place!!! Buh bye Margoo!

    Joss and Lucy: Awwww Joss. :( Yeah Lucy is right.. She is giving you good advice. If Oscar really wanted you to see him, you would see him. So no seance!!

    Michael and Lucy: While watching them, I had no idea what was going on!

    King Mufasa and Michael: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Michael bought the colt house! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT is what the Lucy and Michael scene was about. :)

    Margoo and King Mufasa: Sorry! Margoo has left the colt house and you are dead to her. :)

    Police station:

    Mama and Willow: Oh Willow! All the begging in the world, would make your mama change her mind to help you! As your mama said, SHE IS NOTHING WITHOUT KING MUFASA!!!

  6. I'm hoping Curtis mentions the bills to Drew. He has lots of Jason's money since he just sold part of the media company. He should offer to help out.

    1. It's been going on so long I totally forgot how it happened til it was brought up today.

    2. Yes, how long HAS poor Jordan been in the hospital? Poor thing!! Now she has to take anti-rejection drugs for life, but she probably won't ever refer to this, she is just saved.

      It WAS realistic to worry about hospital bills, but, she works for PCPD, so, if her providers were in-network, she should NOT have a lot of bills. It's funny, they NEVER speak of hospital bills on the show, even though it seems a lot of patients there do NOT have good coverage, it is strange that they raised this issue with Jordan. So it must have something to do with a plot point.

  7. I was wondering if Curtis would end up doing illegal stuff to pay the bills. Really hope not. That would be a horrible plot point

    1. I definitely hope not. It would be horrible. I'm hoping it's a way to get Curtis and Drew talking again.

  8. here's some news that some people are going to like. I guess they need another teen for the summer.


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