Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Tyler Christopher


It's with such a heavy heart that I'm telling you this. Tyler has passed away according to People and multiple reports online. Tyler was truly loved and one of a kind talent. We knew he had his battles but most of us had hoped he'd make his way back to GH at some point. He WAS Nikolas Cassadine. 

Huge thoughts and love to his family and castmates, crewmembers and all who knew him personally.  Godspeed, Tyler. 

Trick or Treat --Postponed.

 Trina has a nightmare about Cyrus. Joss jumps up. Adam comes to the door, he heard it too. Then he leaves. Joss wants to know about the dream. She says that Cyrus tried to kidnap her and the worst part is that Spencer didn't help. 

Cyrus visits Esme. She wonders why he's out of jail. Spencer comes in. Esme has to go to work. She takes Ace. Spencer wants to know why Cyrus is really there. Cyrus says it's to see his sister and he's pissed that Spencer would question that. 

Liz is in the cabin painting. Finn wakes up. They talk over breakfast. He tells her he loves her. She didn't say it back. They go apple picking. Lord help me.  They WASH the apples. It's the third time they've had a sink shot. So boring. Then they want to "nap".  Which turns into zex. 

Maxie talks to Carly about coming to Kelly's for Halloween and she's happy she doesn't have to walk all over the place with the kids. Later, Trina comes in and helps her decorate. They talk about Cyrus being out. Then Spencer comes over. 

Joss invites Adam to Kelly's to help decorate after they study. 

Anna is in Kelly's taking to Felicia about finding another place to stay. Felicia suggests she sublets Maxie's place. 

SHOOT over to Maxie's old apartment, Anna and Felicia going to Maxie's place. LOL it's like they teleported. Anna loves it. She takes it. She's going to move right in.  She calls Sonny and tells him she doesn't want her bodyguard anymore. She's in a great place with a doorman and very secure. 

Sonny and Laura talk about Spencer. She tells him about Nikolas and him not wanting to come home. Yada yada. Nothing big. 

Charlotte wants to trick or treat by herself. Val is like ABSOLUTELY NOT. They talk about it and he says if she goes to see Kevin and talks to him, he'll drive her to trick or treat with her friends. Charlotte hugs him .

Laura finds Cyrus yelling about God and Forgiveness when she goes home. Tells Spencer she wants to talk to Cy alone. She tears into him for coming to the house. He's angry he can't see his family. 

Valentin calls Laura to get Charlotte in to see Kevin that afternoon. He's worried about her. Charlotte overhears the whole thing. 

IT WASN'T Halloween today on the show LOL ..I think they are still behind. 

                                    BEST Halloween GH .... FOR SURE ... RIP Mary Pat. 

Monday, October 30, 2023

Snap your head day


Laura goes to The Gallery to tell Ava that Nikolas is alive. Ava doesn't believe it. Laura offers proof. Ava is stunned. Laura apologizes for Nikolas for how he treated her. Laura leaves. 

TJ and Austin at the bar in Charlie's. TJ wants to talk about Mason. Oh, he stopped Austin from killing him with the pillow. NOTHING BURGER. TJ tells Austin what Mason did to him (kidnapping)...then leaves. Ava calls and tells him to get to her GALLERY NOW! 

Austin goes to the Gallery. He's tipsy. Ava says "I know Nikolas is very much alive"/ Austin plays dumb: Oh that's great! Ava wants to know if he knew about it. 

Tracey wants to talk to Brook about her future but Brook has to go sign someone for her label (Blaze). Tracey tells her 'WE WILL TALK later about Deception". Brook leaves. Ned tells Tracey to leave her alone. Then Olivia walks in... Tracey wants O to commit him to a psyche ward and get shock treatments LOL Olivia says she'll accept Eddie just the way he is. Tracey doesn't like that answer. Leaves. Eddie thanks Olivia. She says she still misses her husband. Walks out. 

Blaze walks into Charlie's, sees Krissy. All smiles. She's there to meet with Book about her contract. Says Lucy is calling her all the time about being "the FACE". Then Sasha walks in. They talk, then Blaze has to go do 'something'. Sasha is with Sam. Then Cody and Dante walk in. They all get a table. They talk about a DIY project that Sam and Dante are doing. 

Blaze goes to see Lucy and it's in a NEW SET "Cafe Cherie"?? And tells her she doesn't want to be the face and they should keep Sasha as The Face. Then Laura goes into the Cafe and sees Martin. They talk about Cyrus getting out. 

Brook and Blaze meet at Charlie's finally. Today is like a ping pong day. Brook gives her the contract to go over. 

Lois goes to visit Sonny at his office. She tells him why she came to PC. And then asks about the wedding and how Carly's taking it. They talk about Bensonhurst. Then about Eddie. Then about Sonny's grandkids. 

Liz and Finn--giant love scene. Nope. NO thank you. 

Lucy goes to confront Tracey at the Qs. 

TJ goes to see Mason and says he didn't let Austin kill him because he wants him to spend the rest of his life in jail. 

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Sticky Mess


I'm just riffing today. GH was a long week of sogging nothing-ness. Other than the last minute of Friday's show, I was just trying to get through each episode. Michael and Nina's encounter was good for the 2 minutes she fought back and that's about it. 

Also, NO there's NO MAPLE SYRUP coming out of those fake trees in OCTOBER. :eyeroll: And the vampire jokes? Cute. but unless you're going to make Finn a real vampire--shut up. 

I'd say eat some pancakes but I refuse to eat maple syrup any longer. 

Friday, October 27, 2023



TJ goes in to see Mason. Mason wants "MORE DAMN DRUGS". TJ figures out that Mason is one of the guys that held him hostage for days. Mason's like SO WHAT. Then Austin comes in. They jabber. Mason is a pain in the ass. Tells Austin that he's taking him down with him.

TJ goes to tell Jordan Mason is the one that kidnapped him. I don't even remember why he did that. LOL Need a flashback. Jordan says they can't prosecute Mason. He gets mad and leaves. 

Oh it's going to be a MASON MURDER MYSTERY. 

Cyrus visits Trina at the Art Gallery. He apologizes. She yells at him. Spencer comes in and Cyrus says "Hey, there's my boy--call me Uncle". Then he tries to apologize to Trina again and wants Spencer to tell her what a changed man he is. Oh! He sees the turtle dove that he gave to Spencer to give to Trina LOL. Whoops. She tells him to stay away from her forever. 

Joss is studying with Adam for organic chem in her dorm room. They blab on about taking hand written notes to 'retain the information". Looks like Adam's parents are controlling. Then they study more and Joss wants to break to get something to eat. Then Dex knocks on the door and Adam is sad. SO SAD. Joss says she's done studying. They leave to take Sonny's boat to put in dry dock. 

Laura goes to see Alexis at her office. They talk about Esme and Ace and yada yada. Laura tells her that Nikolas is alive but doesn't want to be found. They drink tea. Alexis says that Esme doesn't remember Nikolas kidnapping her and the DA would have to decide to do something about it so Nikolas probably wouldn't face charges. Then they talk about Cyrus. 

Liz and Finn are in the Vermont cabin. Finn grabs a hammer and stake. She wonders if they'll be hunting "vampires" HAHAHA. They are maple syrup hunting? Tapping WHAT? Um.. that's in Feb. Yep, they are trying. :eyeroll: He shows Liz how to hammer it in the trunk. He licks HER FINGER OFF and then they kiss. 
I'm dying here. THEN THEY GO IN and SOAP UP at the sink and make out. I am OUT with this. So bad. ugh. 


Esme tells Alexis she's starting to have feelings for Spencer and wants to move into her own place. 

Austin smothers Mason with a pillow and TJ is looking through the window (blinds are shut) will he tell? 

Thursday, October 26, 2023


 You know it's been 6 weeks so I need that hair trim!!! Sorry. Enjoy the Dairy by my house

Wednesday, October 25, 2023



UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH STUPID CONGRESS! Stupid everything!! We waited FOREVER and it has to interrupt GH ???? Ok, only 15 min!! Thank GOODNESS. 

Canada got it... this is James telling Maxie he loves Halloween. Awwwwwww he's such a pumpkin. Halloween is also Maxie's birthday! 


Ok, so Ava and Trina are talking at the coffee corner. Trina thanks Ava for changing her life because of the art gallery job. Loved NYC and going to the museums. Ava says she's lucky to have Trina in her life, especially after losing Kiki. 

Maxie and James are eating at Kelly's. James wants backwards dinner, ice cream first. He says he wants a different costume. Dr O comes in to see him and says OF COURSE he can have 2 costumes!! Liesl has been away 'to the spa' since the Nurses' Ball! Geesh! 

Cody and Dante talk about Sasha. NEW HORSE alert :Trigger. Dante thinks Cody is telling everyone about Mac because he wants Mac to find out he's his son. They feed the horse. They talk about getting together for the game on Sunday> Dante leaves. Cody talks to Trigger about Sasha leaving and then Sasha WALKS IN. 

Marty and Lucy talk about her signing the ELQ contract. She's mad they are at Kelly's because there's no wine LOL. Then they talk about Sasha and changing the Face of Deception. Maxie sees them talking, goes outside and says that she thinks Tracey is right about Sasha being the face. 

Dr O and Willow talk about the wedding. Liesl is angry. Willow says it was fast and Liesl was at some European spa and Nina didn't want to interrupt her. Dr O is going to try to let it go because she's trying to be more "zen". Willow tells her about the dreams that Harmony is warning her. Liesl tells her to pay attention to them. 

Nina and Michael. He tells her he know what she did and her luck has run out. He plays the Marty tape for her. Nina is stunned. OMG NINA FIGHTS BACK!! She tells Michael she didn't do anything wrong by turning them in AND Carly kept her from her girls and he needs to shut up. 'HOW DARE YOU TELL ME I CAN'T SEE MY DAUGHTER"!! oha ahahahhaaha. Michael yells back at her about Drew being beaten up and Sonny would hate her for doing this. 

Sonny and Brick talk about Cyrus. Wonder where his money is coming from. Carly stomps into the office. Brick hugs her "my favorite girl". Carly complains to Sonny she can't see Drew in jail. Sonny's going to make a call. Brick says he can't call anyone else "Mrs Corinthos" LOL 


Michael yells more at Nina, tells her she can only see the family when he says so AND she has to sell The Metro back to CARLY! THEN Willow walks in!! YIKES!! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023



Yesterday's GH was good because of the characters in it!! So great with Tracey, Maxie and Lucy. Loved the 3 guys too : Scotty, Mac and Kevin!! Of course Brook Lyn and her mama. THE BEST  SONNY AND WU!! 


Austin pulls Cyrus into the storage closet at GH and holds a knife (scaple?) on him and says WHY did you try to kill Ava? Cyrus says "Wow, you grew up..." and mentions knowing him as a young boy. Says to let him go now and he'll visit Mason. They go in. Mason is surprised that Cyrus is out of jail. Cyrus makes him say that he told him to take Ava home. Then yells at him at if he disobeys again, he will have so much pain before death, it will be awful. Jeff K yells a lot and it's awesome. 

Brook and Lois are going to go over Blaze's contract. Lois invited Chase over. I guess Yuri is the Q butler now! Yep, he's carrying a tray of lemonade! Lois wants Brook to play the piano while Chase sings a song to see if it's good for Blaze. He sings it. Slow song. Hallmark slow. 

At the Metro, Lucy is about to sign the papers for 1% of ELQ to go to Tracey. Scott is there. Laura marches in yells: SCOTT! and they go to the hall. She's pissed he helped Cyrus get outta jail. Scotty says good money. Laura wonders where Cyrus got that from if he gave it all way. Scotty says he took it out of the prison fund. She's pissed. Stomps off. 

Scotty goes back to Lucy who hasn't signed the contact. Then the next scene he's out in the hall with a call...THEN he goes back and Lucy is gone. Terrible edit. 

Marty is in the Metro at the bar now and Scotty tells him to tell Lucy to give him back his pen. Then Nina is there and on the phone. She asks Marty: What have you done? Oh it's about him not filing some contracts for Crimson NOT the Drew thing. 

Portia goes home and stares at Curtis. They look at photos Trina posted of NYC. Portia is surprisingly ok with it. They eat lunch. Portia leaves but she had texted Laura to come and talk to Curtis. She tells Laura not to mention that Cyrus is out. Cyrus is glad to see Laura. She tells him Nikolas is alive but doesn't want to be found. They say they have a special bond. Awww. 

Sonny and Nina look at photos of Wiley and Donna at the wedding. Yada yada...in wub ...Kiss.  Sonny is talking about Carly and Drew. Nina looks guilty. Kiss. Kiss. 

Michael is at his office, about to call Sonny and Martin steps in and says "I'd think twice about that"... Marty says he researched Nina and "knows what she is capable of" and could do the same to MICHAEL ahahahaha. WHAT! I mean? OKAY??? Marty says she induced labor in Ava and kidnapped your sister. Owns a giant magazine and The Metro. "you better dig two graves...one for me, one for you".  This is weird. 

Michael then goes to Sonny's office to talk to him. They go on and on about the wedding. Sonny says he thinks Nina can use the magazine to get Drew out of jail early. He's going to call her. Michael says: NO! wait! 

Lucy stomps into the Qs looking for Tracey. Tracey is in NYC for the day they all say. 

TJ is still trying to figure out who Mason is. Talks to Porta at GH that there's something 'about that man'. 


Lucy is yelling and signs the contract using Yuri's back. She throws the paper at Brook and leaves. 

Michael leaves without telling Sonny about Nina. Says he'll take care of it himself. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

Blame Penfield


UGH someone scheduled a MEETING AT 2:30 today! I also have a hair appointment on Thurs at 2:30!! dang it!! 

So, Today, enjoy a SONIA pic. For those of you that partake :) 

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Snap Out Of It!


Ok, here we are--Sunday Again! I was not really looking forward to this because it was one of those weeks that so much happened, yet so little happened I'm at a loss to writing it up! You know me though, I'll give it my good ol' college try! I also remembered we are still off a few days for interruptions, so Friday wasn't a Friday show. That never helps!! 

I'm not even sure there's enough coffee anywhere for us!! LOL... I don't like Pumpkin Spice --do you? I think I'm the only one around here that doesn't! 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Bodyguard Ahoy


Esme and Kevin bring ACE To GH where Spencer just happens to be hanging out. He's like why didn't you tell me?? I got a text from the doctor about this appointment and you didn't tell me. Esme says it was a cancellation...and Kevin took them there. Esme says she's taking Ace in to the doctor's alone. Spencer asks Kevin what's happening and he says: Esme is exerting her parental rights which you do not have. BOOM! 

Charlotte is home early, she sees Laura and hugs her. Valentin says he has to go and leaves them to talk. Charlotte is glad Laura's home. 

Anna's still at The Metro, asks her handsome bodyguard if he saw anything suspicious. HE says nope. Then Valentin comes in and DOESN'T TELL HER ABOUT Charlotte. Tells her to stay with Friends for now. Not at this house tho. 

Judge Kim is questioned by ALexis and Greg and lies about knowing that investment banker guy. He's angry he was ambushed. Alexis says if he commutes Drew's sentence they won't print any of that info. He says she's blackmailing him and belongs in jail. He leaves. 

Liz goes in to check on Drew. He's afraid he's doing well and will have to leave for prison again. They talk about Cam and Aidan. Aidan has a cupcake business online. Drew is going to ask Carly to sell them at Kelly's. 

Diane and Robert are at the yoga studio. Not much going on there. Banter. 

Dante and Cody are drinking coffee at the coffee corner. Dante has to put in for paid leave for shooting Mason. Cody is talking about Sasha leaving. He says that he made it about him telling her that Mac is his bio-dad, not being sad she was leaving. 

NOTE: WE HAD A NEWS INTERRUPTION ABOUT the release of American hostages. I AM going to WATCH THE FULL SHOW in the MORNING ON HULU. 

Thursday, October 19, 2023


I'm going to try this again! I was SO tired yesterday that live Tweeting and Blogging just wasn't working. Lord... I was struggling!! 


Spencer and Trina in the Gallery. Trina is excited that Nikolas is alive. THEN stupid Spencer says he's GLAD his father isn't there because he and Esme and Ace are a UNIT and have a routine and shit. OMG!! WOW.  Then he's like he doesn't need his father, he has me. She reminds him of the conversation they had about Nikolas and he wasn't ALL Bad. Spencer says he changed his mind. Then goes on about how good of a mom Esme is being. Trina goes OFF about Esme drugging her and framing her for the sex video. 'HE'S YOUR BROTHER NOT YOUR SON'!! She says they have to think about their future. He says that Trina makes him happy and so does Ace. Trina is giving him side eye on that. 

Laura goes to see Valentin. He's scared for Charlotte and needs her help. He tells her all about the fire and the hotel room and seeing her on the footage. So much for Marty telling him to shut up. He says it's worse than Laura realizes. He thinks she set the fire. She doesn't believe it. He says Charlotte is disturbed. We should have seen WAY more evidence of her being disturbed, btw. This is just.. um, ok. Laura listens and when Valentin says that Char could be jealous of the time he spent with Anna finding Victor she got jealous. Laura says: AH HA! VICTOR! She realizes he could have influenced her when she was at school for a year. Remembers that he was talking to her once in the Metro and she caught him. Val says that Victor always hated Anna and he could be weaponizing Char against her. GEESH that was fast. 

Anna talks to Jordan at the Metro but doesn't want to be out in the open. She's anxious and paranoid about what's happening. 

Maxie and Felicia are eating breakfast in Fe's new giant-ass'd office. They talk about the new house and grilling hotdogs and yada yada. Then they talk about Deception. Maxie tells her Sasha is moving. 

Alexis and GREG in her office AGAIN talking about the Judge/Drew stuff. OMG it's so.. boring. The Judge arrives to do the interview Alexis wants Greg to stay while she interviews him. 

Finn asks Liz to go away with him for the weekend. She says yes. GRAN WILL WATCH THE BOYS. God, she's like 90

TJ and Portia talk about her being new co-COS. Then he tells her Cyrus Renault got out of jail. She storms to The Metro to ask Jordan why she wasn't at least warned that he was released. Jordan didn't even know. She makes some calls, yells and tells Anna and Portia about Cy's parole hearing. 


Alexis gets Lee in a lie. Says that he does know some investment baker and he was on a plane with him. 

Laura says they have to figure out a way to get Charlotte out of Victor's influence

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Hump Day Snooze

 OMG I swear it feels like FRIDAY!! OY!

Austin goes into a hospital room to treat the patient and it's Mason. He says he can't treat him. Deanna the nurse leaves. Austin wakes Mason up, asks where Ava is. Jordan comes by later and tells Dante he can't go in there. I guess she's back on the PCPD since Laura is bck. 

Carly comes home and Joss goes to talk to her. Right on her heels are Dex, Ava and Dante. Ava wants to see Avery. She runs upstairs. Dante tells Carly Ava was abducted a 'few nights ago" LOL! OKAY. They basically give a summary of yesterday. Ava changes her clothes and is going to spend the night at Carly's. 

Nina is SO HAPPY.. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY in bed with Sonny. SO HAPPY. They listen to the wind... yada yada. 

Blaze and Krissy are going to drink Margaritas. Blaze tells Krissy she's the new face of Deception. 

Tracey and Lois bicker about Brook and what Tracey did to her. Like Lois would be surprised Tracey blackmailed her LOL NOT. They argue. Tracey says she 'got Deception for Book Lyn". 

Curtis gets himself into bed. Portia knocks and is in a zexy nightie. They talk about the dinner Stella took them out to (off camera). He doesn't want sex. Even if he COULD he's 'not ready'. 

Sam brings Drew a plaque that Scout won for swimming. 

I had to go at 2:30 for reasons of falling asleep. Seriously. I am so tired. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Eddie and Lois


Aw, Rena Sofer was on GMA3 right before GH!! She loves the show...it's great. LOVE HER. She certainly likes to play Lois.

EDDIE AND LOIS.. OMG, Lois has a TON of flashbacks!! TONS! Then Brook brings in Chase to meet him. Aw, GREAT SCENES. "Your heart led you to Chase" Lois says. Then Eddie says "Did you heart lead you to me"?? Chase wants to hear about their romance so they all sit down while she talks about the early days of Eddie and Lois. Eddie says not to pity him because he doesn't remember and storms out. 

Tracey is waiting for Finn to play backgammon but Greg walks in instead. He says thank you! He's glad she told Chase because he dragged his feet. Life is too short to be angry. They are going to play backgammon together. 

Greg leaves and Eddie comes in to play the organ. Tracey leaves. 

Spin and Dex are on the phone. Dex goes into the basement but Ava is gone. Spinelli is going to track and look at traffic cameras. 

Joss is in the PCPD with Avery and Pilar. They tell Dante to go look for Ava. She then texts him to go to Rt. 21 after Spinelli tells her that's where he is. 

Mason has Ava in a car in the dark..out in the middle of nowhere. She says don't kill her but he says he's waiting for orders. He yells at her about liking Austin and not him. Yada yada. Then Cyrus calls and tells him to take Ava home. Mason decides not to..and grabs Ava out of the backseat.  OH! Dex shows up in his car. Spinelli told him to go to route 21. 

Dex grabs a gun ...Mason shoots, Ava runs..then Dex and Mason are fighting on the ground. Mason has Dex over the cliff. Dante shoots him in the back. 

Carly is visiting Drew. He says he's well enough to go back to the jail. This is SO pointless. UGH. Cyrus walks in. They are stunned he's out on medical reasons. Cyrus says he saved Drew's life. Drew doesn't remember that part. He leaves. Carly's all pissed because Cy is out and Drew has to go back in LOL.


Tomorrow: Mason is in GH..not responsive but in there. 

Monday, October 16, 2023



So it's... MONDAY and gloomy here. SUCH a great combo!! I hope GH perks me up!! 


Sam visits Carly at Kellys and asks her how she is since Sonny and Nina eloped. Carly says "It stinks". Then they talk about Sasha and her doing better and Gladys being banned from PC by Sonny. 

Krissy, Nina and Sonny are eating and talking about Willow et al leaving the island because Michael had work. Meaningless chit chat. 

Michael and Willow go home. Michael looks concerned. Willow is sad they had to leave PR so soon but missed Amelia. I TOTALLY forgot about Amelia LOL!! Michael goes to a meeting. Wiley eats pudding. 

Lucy and Maxie want Blaze to be the new Face of Deception. She says maybe and says she'll have her manager call them. When she leaves, Maxie is like: shouldn't we have warned Sasha about this? Then Maxie gets a text from Felicia and Marty sits down when she leaves. Then he gets a phone call from Michael saying to come to his office NOW. 

Marty meets him in the office and is pissed. Michael says he made a big mistake turning in his mother and Drew to the SEC. He says he can save himself. 

AND SASHA IS MOVING!! Um, ok ?? Cody comes to the door. He's surprised too. She says PC is too painful to live in anymore. She's moving to Austin Texas. They talk about mistakes. Cody tells her his biological father lives in PC and he lied to him and told him he's not his father. Um, OK? He tells her about Leopold Taub and the Ice Princess and money and... yada yada. Maxie comes in...Cody leaves. Maxie is stunned that Sasha is leaving. 

OMG!! GET THIS!! Blaze left the meeting at The Metro and THEN SHE SHOWS UP IN PUERTO RICO in SONNY'S GARDEN!!!!!!!!!! i MEAN wtf!!!!!!1 AHAHAHAHHAA. 


Marty confirms that Nina Reeves told him to call the SEC. Michael records it

Blaze was visiting her grandma at the island and went to light a candle and OMG Krissy was there!

Looks like Sasha IS going to leave? 

This show is driving me insane. That is all. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday Surgery: We Represent The Lollipop Kids



Oh boy oh boy... I hardly know where to start with this mess. Yes, MESS. The show was so off-kilter this week, I had a headache while tweeting. Stories coming out of nowhere, beats totally stopped and... I sometimes honestly wondered if I'd missed an episode . PLUS the fact that one day it was a repeat due to a news conference just didn't help. 

Grab something warm and delicious. Hunker down. Try to stay with me!! 

Friday, October 13, 2023



Let's see what fresh hell of mix ups happen today for me!! I'm still reeling about yesterday's show. The Cyrus stuff is just-- CRAZY PANTS. And I SWEAR That Warden scene was out of order the other day. 

Ok, Stella goes to see Curtis at home where he's alone, doing weights. THEN SELINA WU comes to the door! YEAH! With a fruit basket LOL . Stella excuses herself. Selina says she still wants to buy the club. She'll pay twice as much. Stella comes back out, gets into the fruit basket and is all like: WHY would you do that!? Portia comes home. Selina leaves. Portia tells Curtis about her getting the job. He and Stella are happy. Stella wants them all to go to dinner. 

Laura visits Cyrus at Pentonville. She talks about his beard being gone, about his heart attack and wanting early parole. He tells her he gave away all his money. She thinks he probably gave away PART of it. He says no, all of it. Then he goes on a tirade about how Sonny has respect and he doesn't even tho they are in the same business. Laura says they've known each other for a long time. He says he envies Sonny. Then he has to go. 

Dex visits Austin at his office and wants to know where Ava is. Austin says maybe checking out an artist in NYC. Dex attacks him, punches him in the stomach and then says "SONNY wants her safe" or something like that. Leaves. Then Mason comes in. TJ is suspicious but leaves. *remember Mason kidnapped TJ long ago*  Austin tells Mason That "Sonny Corinthos knows". They talk about Ava and Austin tells Mason that Cyrus shouldn't hurt Ava because Sonny will come after them. 

Joss goes to Wyndemere and talks to the butler, Giles. He invites her in. He says Ava hasn't been home. Maybe she's with Nina? Or Austin? But he does point out a broken martini glass. Joss calls Dex and he goes to the island. Joss found a lollipop and Ava's cellphone. She knows it's not Avery's because Avery  hates grape lollipops. Dex wants to see the footage of the security cams. They see some of the footage but see the boat leave (not the launch). They go to Spinelli's house. Spin is going to find out where they docked the boat. It's on Pier 17 by warehouses. Then Mason takes his hood off and Dex recognizes him. 

WEDDING:  They say their vows, yada yada. Mushy vows about family and wub and junk. "You've given me a family".  Donna wants to call her "Mama Nina". They hug. Everyone is dancing and Michael gets a phone call about the SEC from his tipster. 


Michael finds out it's Nina's fault about the SEC (doesn't say anything)

Cyrus is out of jail. 

TWO DAYS SINCE Lois/Ned... stupid not to follow that up. No follow up Monday either 

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Puerto Rico


A LOT of Nina/ Sonny wedding stuff and flashbacks. Nixon Falls and their love story. Yada yada but you know what's COMIN!!!!!!! You know what's COMIN!!!!!! boom BOOM. TONS Of flashbacks. Then Donna asks if Nina will be her "Second mother". Nina says yes and Donna is happy because Avery has 2 moms. 

Harmony visits Willow at her bedside "I'm here to protect you". Willow can't hear what she's saying. Wiley wakes her up.  She goes to get ready for the wedding. 

Everyone gets ready for the wedding. Donna is in charge of Nina not seeing Sonny before the ceremony. Kristina and Willow come in to see Nina to giver her something blue, borrowed and all that jazz. A shall, earrings and Willow gives her a turquoise necklace her mother/Harmony gave her. 

Dex tells Joss about Sonny getting married. She's pissed she didn't know and Michael went. AHAHHAA. WHY? WHO KNOWS. She feels left out and alone in her 'grudge" . THEN PILAR comes and asks her if she's seen AVA?????/ WHAT? Um, ok??  I mean.. this writing. PILAR says Ava didn't pick up Avery YESTERDAY at 5pm. YESTERDAY. So, Ava's been gone not even 24 hours?? Even for GH time that's a long one. Then Pilar says Avery can stay with her and 'her mother' longer. They don't want to involve Carly because..she's busy with Drew in the hospital? Um, 'kay. 

Mason has Ava in the basement.  They spar.  Not sure how long she's been down there. 

Austin shows up for Cyrus' court date (which I didn't even KNOW he was having but ok). Austin has to testify that Cyrus is too fragile to hurt anyone on the outside due to age and-- maybe he'll get early parole. Even the warden is there. The one that told him "he's on his own" and she was leaving that second for Texas. I must be totally on drugs today. Scotty tries to say Cyrus is a 'reformed' prisoner and Austin says he's too fragile to hurt anyone on the outside. 


Austin tells Mason to let Ava Go. Mason says he doesn't call the shots

Michael ignores his text about the Drew/Carly SEC thing

Wedding starts. 

TODAY'S SHOW really highlights how the writing is just all over the place. WOW.  It's like the stories are ALL out of order, BIG TIME. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023



YESTERDAY was a crap shoot when it came to GH. Some saw part, some saw all, many saw a whole repeat. TODAY was yesterdays' GH:

Felicia and Stella talk about Felicia's new job at the hospital. Portia tells Stella that she was offered co-chief of staff. She's worried about Curtis. Stella tells her to say yes to the job. 

Felicia talks to Mac on the phone and says her new job is going well. She looks amazing. 

Ned has a dream where he's shirtless playing the guitar and sees Olivia there. He says another woman is with her but he can't tell who. She says he should see Kevin Collins. He says nope. 

Q house: Yuri tells Brook that Monica is "in her office". Tracey comes in. Brook yells at her for telling Chase about Greg's ALS. THEN knock on the door and it's LOIS!!!!!!!!!! Tracey asks her if those are 'laugh lines or just lines' LOL Lois says she's there because she read Brook got fired. Brook says it's Tracey's fault. Tracey runs out. Brook explains what Tracey did. She also says she wants to get back into music. Then Lois and Olivia see each other and scream. Olivia wants Lois to stay at The Qs. Lois calls Olivia "Vivvy" LOL Cute. Brook wants her to stay at the Q house too. Lois wonders if Ned still thinks he's Eddie. 

Finn tells Liz he's going to Chases. Asks her to dinner. Terry tells Liz she's trying to find out who was having zex in the locker room (it was Fizz).  Liz tells Terry it was her and Finn but all they did was kiss.  

Yuri comes to see Terry. They are all in her office when Portia comes in and wants to talk to her alone. Liz and Yuri leave. Portia says she wants the job that was offered. 

Finn goes to Chases' and finds him with Dad.. they have hugged it out and then they talk about the progression of the disease. 

Spencer drops Trina off at her house. They kiss. Trina walks in and Curtis asks about the trip. She says it was amazing. Gives him 2 basketball caps. He says thanks, I like BB even tho I can't play it anymore. Curtis is happy that Trina is happy. 

Laura and Kevin are home and Ace is in the living room alone. NO, Esme is behind the couch, exhausted because Ace is teething. She couldn't even go to work. Laura asks where Spencer is. Esme says away and complains about the laundry. Laura is playing with Ace when Spencer comes home. Spencer gives Ace a stuffed apple. Then Esme walks out. ugh. They go to put him to bed together. BLECH Kevin tells Laura he's worried about Esme having no friends. Only work and Ace. Then Laura and Kevin tell Spencer that Nikolas is alive. They didn't see him but he's around. The bank saw him. 


Lois is staying at the Q house 

Portia can start as co-chair Monday

Spencer hopes Nikolas just stays away

Ned sees Lois and says "I know you" 

Monday, October 9, 2023

Mixed Nutty


Plane to the wedding: Nina, Sonny then Michael, Willow and Krissy are on there. They are all going to Puerto Rico.  Kristina tells Nina and Willow all about the island; how fabulous it is. Willow says she'll help Nina with the wedding planning when they get there. 

Maxie and Lucy are talking to Scotty about the Deception case. Maxie leaves. Lucy thinks she should take the deal from Tracey for Maxie's sake. Then, Maxie comes back in and Scotty leaves. GEESH. Lucy wants a staff meeting. Scotty is invited back too. Everyone gathers. Lucy shows up in a SUIT..with a BLUE BLAZER. Says thank you to everyone. I GUESS there was a deal on the table to retain 49% of Deception if she gave Tracey 1% of her ELQ stock? I don't know. They really fk'd that up because it was just not done on any kind of a timeline. 

Cyrus meets with the lady warden. I think she's the warden?  Yes, she is. She wants a meeting with no cameras. Warden tells him she's "outta here" . She's going to Texas to oversee all the prisons. Cyrus wonders what will happen to him. She says "you'll get yours". She says he's like a cat and will land on his feet. She's done with him and has no idea who's taking over for her. WEIRD SCENES. Again, not enough follow-through with anything happening. 

Chase is home crying about this dad and Brook walks in. He tells her Greg is dying. She asks of what and he says ALS. Tells her he looked it up online then looked at photos of his healthy Dad and can't believe it. He remembers being in a wheelchair and how hard it was. Brook says she HAS TO GO DO SOMETHING AND LEAVES! ahahaha GEESH

Finn finds Greg in Alexis' office and wants to go to coffee with him.  They go to coffee..nope, they go to the park. He says "Chase knows".  Tells him how he found out via Tracey. Greg is upset. 

Carly comes in to talk to Alexis about Judge Kim. They talk about his ambitions and finding a connection between special interest groups and his rulings. Carly knows about a deep sea fishing trip he took with some guys. I don't care. It's basically Clarence Thomas gift type stuff. 


Greg comes to Chases' door

Scotty, Maxie and Lucy celebrate

Warden tells Cyrus that Drew Cain will be "taken care of for good" soon 


Lois' nails are show looking at her iPad, reading about Brook getting fired. 

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Sunday Surgery: PHEW!


I'm back!! Came into GH blind....didn't watch any of what I'd missed and got treated to a 3-day week!! Even caught the conclusion of a whole arc...can't do much better than that!! 
Hope you baseball fans got your fix. I had 2 days to get things done other than blog. 

Let's see how GH faired while I was away and this week...
Grab that Costa Coffee --yes, a nod to England AND The Bills London game today. I missed it by a week darn it! 

Friday, October 6, 2023

It's FRIDAY!! Can You Believe It?


I'm kinda sad Gladys is gone. Loved Bonnie in the role. She was good and looked like a real person (if you know what I mean!) They went SO FAR with the Sasha torture she had to go but dang. It didn't have to happen that way. She could have been a fringe character like Brad.  She's Sonny's gossipy relative. 

On the SHOW: 
Sonny goes to a bunch of people to ask them favors and yada yada. It was a weird sequence. He finally tells Carly that he's eloping with Nina. 
He told Alexis to use the paper to 'save a man's life" (I'm assuming Drew's??) Oh, Sonny wants the paper to leverage the judge to get a reduced sentence or transferred LOL Um, OKAY? Alexis and Gregory talk about that. 

WHY DIDN'T THEY SHOW CHASE?? OMG.. that thread should have been kept up today. 

Anna and Robert meet at The Metro ...they talk about Val and the new house. He doesn't like Valentin, did you know that? 

Valentin has a visit from Nina. She's wondering what's wrong with Charlotte. He says he can talk to her even better than Anna when it comes to Char. I'm telling you they are going to get these 2 back together at some point. Nina tells him she wants to help but she's leaving for her wedding. Then Charlotte comes in. Hugs Nina. Says she wants to go traveling with Nina. She loves Nina LOL. GEESH. 

Carly is surprised they are eloping. He wants Donna to go. She says yes. Where's Avery if Mason took Ava? Because... ??? Carly says that 

Kristina and Dante talk at Charlie's. Dante isn't going to he wedding. Krissy wants him to go but he's too busy. Then Blaze comes in. They talk about the time Dante threw Linc out of the Nurses Ball. 

Michael goes to GH to ask Willow about going to the wedding. He flashes back to Sonny talking to him TODAY'S SHOW and they want Wiley a ring bearer. 


Nina and Sonny are going to leave for the island

Thursday, October 5, 2023

And... WE'RE BACK!

 Mac finds out Dante signed Cody out of the PCPD... 

Cody rushes in to save Sasha...Dr holds her hostage with the needle. Then, Nurse Janice walks in. Yada yada and Cody rushes in and then Dante comes around the corner with a gun. Stuff happens and Mac arrives and Dr M is arrested. Cody and Sasha hug. 

Sonny tells Gladys he knows exactly what she's done and she's gonna PAY! Sam also tells him that the doctor drugged Sasha and Gladys knew him from the poker game. He lists her sins and says she never even loved Mike. Gladys cries. Sam leaves. Gladys says she has a gambling addiction and she's sick. Sonny's like: NICE TRY. She admits she locked Sasha in 'a hell" to pay off Selina Wu. Sonny calls for Frank. 

Chase saw Finn because he got pepper sprayed and needed his eyes washed out. 

Tracey tells Finn she got reinstated on the GH hospital board. Then Chase comes out and sits on the couch, dabbing his eyes. She think he's crying!!!! She asks if Brook Lyn is ok. He says yes. Then she asks if his FATHER HAS FALLEN AGAIN! DOH~ He says he got pepper spay in his eyes and she's like!! OH!! WELP! BYE! He won't let her go until she explains about his dad. She tells him Greg has ALS just as Finn walks back down the stairs. Chase is pissed he doesn't know. He leaves and collapsess in the hallway and cries. 

Charlotte sees Anna in their house and gets big eyeballs goin'. She runs out to go to the skate park with Jake. Valentin says he has to apologize to Anna. He says he bought the house with Martin's help and she says she's known the entire time. OH! CHARLOTTE snuck back in the house to listen in on their convo!! 

CHARLOTTE FLASHES back to Victor writing her a letter about Anna being horrible and ruining Valentin's life. It's a long letter about family loyalty and protection. He gives her the tarot cards. GOOD LETTER, find it on YouTube. Cassadine goodness. 

Greg leaves a story for Alexis to review but he also left his bucket list. ALEXIS HAS A NEW SATIN BLAZER ON! Greg finds out she read it. He wants to go sky diving with her next. She says no. Then they are shown going to YOGA together and sweating. Um, weird. 

Spencer and Trina are making out on the hotel bed. They say they love each other. They talk about art and stuff. More art talk. They decide to eat dinner in the room. They make love again, keep talking. 


Dr M is booked for murder

Spencer and Trina leave NYC

Sonny sends Gladys to Bridgeport, her old town. She's not to leave or make any trouble or he'll have her take A LAST RIDE! DUN DUN DUN

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

In Case You Thought..


Who's on Valentin's PHONE? 

GH Was a new one (if you're on EST Time/2pm)... you thought wrong. It was a repeat of Nina telling Valentin she'd always be there for Charlotte and him. (I think they are going there btw). ANY HOO, if you are in another time slot or ZONE you know BASEBALL WAS ON....and it will be on tomorrow too. 

BASEBALL. Hope you enjoy if you watch. Because....... I do not! I did laundry. It does pile up after a trip, no? I had to buy more Tide!! 

So, I guess if some team wins or something we won't have GH Thursday either-- but if they lose, we will. See you then.


Monday, October 2, 2023

And.. Just Like That...


I'm back! Jumping right into the show "blind"...didn't watch any back episodes. Too many to go through. I think I got the idea of what happened from Twitter. It will be fun to wonder what's up after 8 days off the show. That's all it was because of the weekends LOL 

Laura wants to keep searching for Nik. Kevin is like: Um, he wants to stay gone! Laura thinks she can offer Nikolas redemption. He keeps arguing and she's like: NOPE I'm still going to look. They talk more about Nikolas and her abandoning him and yada yada. Kevin supports Laura and decides to go to London to look for Nikolas. THEN Valentin calls her to say Charlotte's in trouble. WHY?????? Marty JUST SAID NOT TO TELL ANYONE

Anna thanks Sonny for giving her extra protection. She meets with Jordan for lunch. Jordan asks about the guard and Anna says it's thanks to Sonny. Jordan is like: Um, you're WSB why you need that. Anna says that her life is being dismantled and she is losing her mind. 

Valentin invites Marty to talk about Charlotte. That's the new house? VERY Gray. What are those things hanging from HOOKS? Um... ??? Valentin tells Marty about the hotel room. Marty says courts would probably just think it was a cry for help with her mom in a coma and all. Then Valentin asks "well, what if she set Anna's house on fire"? LOL Marty is like SHE'S A TEEN how could she know how to do such a professional job? Valentin: THE INTERNET !! ahahha. Martin says he'll defend Charlotte on the arson charge if it comes to that. He also tells him not to tell Anna or anyone what's going on. 

Sasha has a plan while in Ferncliff. She dreams that Dr. Mean is there but she wakes up.  The nurse tries to get her to take some meds. She says no. 

Dr. M tells Nurse Janice it's his last day at Ferncliff.  Then he sneaks ack in later. He goes into Sasha's room with a needle. 

Gladys is preparing to flee the country and Sam breaks into her apartment. Gladys is like: WHAT THE HELLO? Sam says, Call the POLICE, let's talk about where you're going! They talk some more and Gladys goes to throw her out of the apartment and opens the door. Sonny is standing there. He walks in; Where you goin"??  She accuses Sam of having an affair with Cody Bell LOL... that's why Sam is against her. Sonny just stares LOL

Sonny says he knows Gladys stole Sasha's money to pay off Selina Wu

Dr M is going to inject Sasha and someone walks into the room

Anna walks into Valentin's house "So this is where you've been hiding"...

BASED ON Previews: I think Tracey tells Chase about Gregory. 

NO GH TOMORROW-or Wed  due to stupid Baseball. Sorry baseball fans but, it's the middle of the damn day on weekdays .. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Not-so Sunday Surgery: I Dream of Genie


(This was put together months ago, we've been just sitting on it. This video is really worth watching) 

The other night I found an interesting video that spotlighted 12 of the prime time soaps that didn't last. I commented to Karen how Genie was front and center on Bare Essence. Then Karen mentioned North and South. And I couldn't help but wonder exactly how many other soap roles Genie's taken over the years. Here are a few: 

General Hospital, 1977-Present

Laura Spencer

Our Girl Laura that we all know and Love!! Year she came on the show as Laura Vining? 1977

Young and the Restless, 2011-2012

Genevieve Atkinson

Karen Says: I never saw her on this show!! I had no idea she was on it at all. I didn't ever watch anything but ABC soaps so, I had no clue. 

Dave: I did tune in, mainly because it was Genie. But to my surprise, Tristan Rogers was on the show and PAIRED UP with Genie. Robert and Laura together. Now there was something interesting and worth watching. 

North and South,  1994

Brett Hazard

Karen: I DO remember this show. It was a big Mini Series back in the day-- She looked so pretty in hooped skirts! 

All My Children, 1990-1992

Ceara Connor Hunter

Karen: Yes, not a good time for me because I only saw Genie as Laura if she was going to be on a soap! I also remember her name being spelled weird. Cierra or Sierra was what I expected. 

Loving, 1991

Ceara Connor

Ceara jumped to LOVING for a brief time in 1991 

Days of Our Lives, 1987-1989

Diana Coiville

Bare Essence, 1982 TV Movie 

Patricia Tyger Hayes

This interview is given by Genie and it explains why she left GH to go expand to other roles.  This is a small clip from an Oprah show in 2016. 

Genie also had a rich Hallmark Channel career too but that's a blog for another time! 

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...