Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a Note of Thanks...AND SoapNet Watchin!

Guza's obession written in chalk!

THANKS to Geddy for filling in! LOVED her blogs!! Get this: I was driving, get a text from  Wubber Chrissy yesterday-- saying "So, do you want Gedstern to blog today"? I realized there were texts that she was going to tweet about blogging! LMAO! And I DIDN'T TEXT AND DRIVE! I was actually getting a diet coke. My fave driving drink.

Dorian looked JUST like the Queen of Hearts at the OLTL ball! What a great show. Kish-- and the teens--FORD's back! Sky and Gigi. Stacey Pee Pee maybe doing the right thing. Loved the fireworks. I am STILL in stunned silence that OLTL's ratings are lower than AMC's! If I didn't know better, I'd toally say that they were being manipulated. See, they put huge money into moving AMC, ergo, their ratings HAVE to be high. OLTL is just the last NYC soap. I smell a RAT!

Got a bit of gossip when I was gone. Which two actors are causing a stir at GH that don't even WORK there? Seems there's a bit of a choice coming up. Who will it be? Will it be either? We know it won't be both...not full time anyway.

SPOILERS are up! We know Jason saves the women--was there ANY doubt? There's not even any tension anymore. SAD. Love that photo up there with Jason Morgan written about a million times. I think the whole "Fun house Mirror" thing is hysterical. Remember Face/Off? LOL.

GH: Loved the Spin fantasy... haven't had one of those in awhile.
You'd think Robin would stay far away from the Metro Court. Just sayin' and Scrubs are TOO happy if you know what I mean.
Guza is calling DOMte and Lulu..."Romeo and Juliet"...not sure why, other than the families will be at odds. Hopefully, no sword fights.
Love how Spin looks out for Max and Diane!! Diane looks fabu as usual.
L&L2, can't watch with much wub for them, knowing the whole Niz thing.

See Ya Latah!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Frills here for New Years Eve...

Hey Wubbers!

By no frills- I don't really mean GH (well sorta), but here.  I honestly meant to find a cool New Years Graphic or a GH picture to put up, but, well things got out of hand (or foot) when I decided to dunk my feet in parrafin wax as a way to make self sit still while watching GH.  Ok- and it was pampering myself too, lol.  So- sorry no graphic...

I did watch almost all of the show except for when I had to take the grocery bags off my feet and somehow peel the wax off.  Enough on's done and I'm not going to slide around the floor and wax the kitchen floor as I thought might work...hmm:  Housework Skills : Fail

GH today was all about couples!  They did one of those b/w Spinelli daydreams with him and Maxie in period clothes but the same situation for the most part.  Then reality barged in: Maxie herself with her silly ideas about Spin having sex with another woman.  What is wrong with that young woman?
Max was all worried that Diane had cheated on him.  Seemed to come out of no where and was quickly resolved.
Robin was all dolled up talking to Epiphany while waiting for Patrick.  He cleaned up nice too, but of course he was needed in ER and ended up in surgery- with that crazy Lisa broad.  Have to say that late in the show she mentioned to him that "there is no high like surgery".  Seems like I heard that same statement, almost word for word on a rerun of Grey's last night- their first eppy in fact.

Keifer showed up to stay with Kristina and Molly while Alexis went out- except she didn't know she was going out, let alone with Mac.  Had a chuckle when Alexis yelled "Molllyyy" It reminded me right away of Beaver Cleaver yelling "Wallllyyy". Heh.

Looked like Maxie had the hair bump it today.  Yesterday Robin, and I think Karen mentioned someone else b4? Liz maybe? Or Sam? Doesn't matter- I just think the hair department must have bought them in bulk or at a BOGO sale. 

Back to Alexis- I missed a lot of the hijinks with her and the girls because I was trying to figure out what book she was holding. Not that I'm a book junkie or anything.  Never could quite read the title and the author's picture was no help to me.

Liz and Lucky at Coleman's was kinda cute-- too long a story about why they were there.  Best part was the guitar. Yup, JJ can play and sing very smoothly.

Keifer, really thought he was gonna get some with Molly there? What a creep.  What a creepy horn ball jerk head bully abusive sob.

The My Girl montage was good- loved Mac and Alexis dancing in the snow. JJ's rendition really sweet- why couldn't they have played his version for the whole thing? Really now. Hrumph.
So what the heck was up with Franco? Where was he that he had a spotlight on his table for one?
I was so sure he'd take the cover off his dinner plate and it would be Claudia's HEAD!  I guess it was chicken....or something.....

Cute show, light hearted for the most part.  JJ's music was my favorite part of the whole thing!

Over and out Wubbers!  Have a great New Years Eve manana- and while I know you won't drink and drive (being goodWubbers and all), please be careful on the roads if you do go out!  Hubby and I and the kittehs will he home, by the woodstove with our bottle of sparkling cider and the jumbo box of Lindt chocolates he brought home yesterday.
Peace and Light,
Laura (gedstern)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laura/Gedstern Guest Blogger for the day

Hey Wubbers!

Karen is out of town and since she is one of my very bestest, dearest friends in the world, I volunteered to not only blog-which is FUN, but to watch GH today so I know what I'm blogging about!
Sorry I don't watch any other soaps, but for those of you who do watch AMC and OLTL feel free to comment amongst yourselves in the comment section.

Just before 3PM Jonathan Jackson Tweeted: We're in the studio recording with the whole band today. An epic song. Had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you all did as well.  
You can follow him on Twitter  @JSJacksonWrites

Michaels DUI, Sonny's wearing H20, & I think I heard Dante & Lulu are going2 opera? HUH? Me paying attention 2 first 2 minutes: #fail!
Dante's "hooked on opera" Lisa at Sonny's restaurant--should be "hooked on phonics". I didn't even know Sonny had a restaurant! New?
#GH fashion: Love Molly's poncho/jacket and Spinelli's sweater! Jason still in short sleeve T- shows off muscles
Oh Lucky and Michael about their Dads. History, yeah! Family secrets!More Jolivia! Lucky brings Michael home- to a surprise 18th bday party. Tells everyone Michael was DUI!
Booze night in PC. Jolivia, Lucky brings Mikey home- Sonny thanks him, Lucky & Carly talk, mention of BJ's death by drunk driver
Lucky even brings up Jason being in the mob because of drunk driver accident (AJ) BTW- did younger Mikey kill AJ??? Wasn't watching then
Who knew the opera was "mood enchancer?" Dante!! Back to Spixie- doe she ever stop talking? Him too! It's a night of booze & many talks!

Oh boy Jax, Carly, Sonny all over Michael!! I wonder where he did get the booze- he isn't telling! Alexis had the never get in a car with someone who is drinking talk with Molly and Kristina

LOD so far: Maxie to Jason: "Have you been watching talk shows?" Bwaha- Maxie has Ann Hathaways # for Spinelli!
Woohoo Lulu & Dante busted while smooching by limo driver! Dante's shirt undone! Carly toots her own horn telling Michael he's like her!
Creepy music when Jason knocks @ Sam's door..Flowers, towels, bubbling hot tub, but no Sam. Jason's reaction: stare and blink.
PSA by Michael (sorry don't know actors name) about AA, AlaTeen etc if someone you know has a problem. Very nicely done.

So, there you have it- my GH viewing & Tweeting experience in a nutshell!  Twas fun for today but I can't imagine how Karen does it 5 days a week!  Major kudos to her for her wubbly love for wubbers to keep up with it!
Cheers! to our Wubqueen.
Real life: finishing writing sequel to "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana". I'm back and forth between editing and revision hell and actually writing the end of the book, getting cover art done etc etc.....already have a plan for the third in the series about Lana Lang and her wacky cohorts!
Ta ta and Cheerio !

Ratings for Soaps Dec 14-18th

Ratings for the week December 14-18, 2009
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 4,696,000 (-413,000/-519,000)

2. B&B 3,237,000 (-122,000/-588,000)

3. DAYS 2,903,000 (-218,000/+95,000)

4. AMC 2,611,000 (-52,000/-79,000)

5. ATWT 2,545,000 (-51,000/-359,000)

6. GH 2,500,000 (-106,000/-300,000)

7. OLTL 2,386,000 (-67,000/-298,000)


1. Y&R 3.5/12 (-.2/-.3)

2. B&B 2.3/8 (-.1/-.4)

3. DAYS 2.1/7 (-.1/same)

4. AMC 2.0/7 (same/-.1)

5. GH 1.9/6 (same/-.3)

6. ATWT 1.8/6 (-.1/-.3)

6. OLTL 1.8/6 (same/-.3)


Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,102,000 (-86,000/-16,000)

2. DAYS 895,000 (+44,000/-9,000)

3. GH 806,000 (-42,000/-132,000)

4. B&B 779,000 (+57,000/-98,000)

5. ATWT 661,000 (+16,000/-85,000)

6. OLTL 631,000 (+4,000/-159,000)

7. AMC 625,000 (-35,000/-161,000)

ANOTHER giant OUCH week for GH...look at the loss from last YEAR! December can be tricky with the holidays, but usually ratings are a bit up due to college being out and nostalgia factor. a 100K drop from the previous week.
I am out of town for today/tomorrow. I'm going to see if Geddy will blog a bit, ok? Take care.
Underwear. Heh.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Scrubs One Year Anniversary on GH

ALBERTA the Wubs Lobster watching her fave movie.
Speaking HAVE to watch the most joyful flash mob ever. It's the Sound of Music at a Belgium train station on YouTube. Restores my faith in humanity!

AMC-hey, the 40th reunion show looks fab, doesn't it? Glad someone gets a really fun nostalgia trip. If I recall correctly, last of GH's anniversary shows we had a 5.5 minute montage.

OLTL--Not a lot to comment about, other than I do love Kimmy and Clint. Sick of Sky and Gigi and Rex-- I think Gigi sounds so much like LIZ when she talks about her love for Rex but lust for Sky. Dorian needs to get away from Mitch! Stacey PeePee and the baby kicking. Oh REX walk away!! Can't wait to see Dorian dump another bomb on the town at the Mayor's Ball!

GH:  Scrubs 1 year anniversary is interrupted by PREZ about the underwear BOMBER..of which I am so happy he got a crotch fire. Heh. UNDERWEAR. Sorry, I know it's serious..I realize that but the president saying UNDERWEAR cracks me up. Underwear. OMG. I am like 12! LOL Strange to have Diane Sawyer breaking in and not Charlie, isn't it? How's this? I remember when it was Frank Reynolds..then Peter Jennings. That was a big transition to make. 

Spin got a hair cut. I guess he tweeted that awhile ago. Loved the Sam, Alexis, Molly and Krissy caper!

GOD did Target throw up all over Lulu's apartment? Lulu's forehead is almost as large as the Wubqueen's. Hard to break my record though.

Robin's hair is all boofananni! Or she has on a bumpit.  Robin to Patrick "You gave me the courage to be happy"....then it was a Scrubs love scene. 

The whole Lisa, Olivia thing? Ewww. Like you'd ask a guy you just met how they'd "afford" their house. :eyeroll: 

Hahaha. Sam in the hot tub. Love how she stretched out her boobalations before getting in!!

NEW Spoilers are UP! Get in there and take a gander!! Click on something too! Just show some WUB...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy HollyDays! and 2009 Wub Awards are DONE!

Jingle Jackal from 2008

That's was the Christmas eppies of all the soaps. AMC had it's regular "Angel" on-- and because I'm spoiler free, I was shocked that Kendyl and Zach didn't die. I know they aren't going to LA, so what gives? Maybe they'll go on a long vacation. I really want Erica to put on a sweater..brrrr. Greenlee is going to wake up. hmmmmm.

OLTL: Liked the beginning song/montage. Addie was back! Love the white Christmas tree/decor in Dorian's house.  Love seeing Bo/Nora back together. Now eat some cheese doodles. LOVE Mitch screwing with Dorian! LOL...the egg nog thing? Classic.  I am so going to enjoy Roscoe B through the year. (did I tell you he's staying?!) Dani GET AWAY from Matthew. Isn't that Destiny's job? It just sucks what they are doing to her! boo hoo. She deserves at least ONE date with the kid. AW, she did get a hug. Someone on twitter said Matthew's scene was like "Heidi"! Brahahahaaha! Loved the end chorale. Very Amadeus.

General Hospital: What the HELL does Maxie look like? I mean...really. Is that Christmas "Casual" wear or what? I don't like it. I think she's going to belt out an Andrews Sisters' song any second. Spin brings a little Charlie Brown tree, how cute.
Loved Diane at Alexis'...thank you for keeping up that friendship! It would be easy to write Diane off (now that CH is on Cougar Town), and having her on is a joy! Max shows up too. Mac and the mistletoe! Awwwwwww. Mac brings Alexis a gift-- remote starter and snow brush! NLG said that JJY is her neighbor and it was strange playing a "dating" couple.
Poor Spinelli. Bradford did a great job with that delivery. Loved Mac showing up any scene with Maxie/Mac is a good one!  GEORGIE mention.
CarJax House: yeah!! LOL.. carly falls off the roof in fun fashion.
Spencers: Yeah!! Tracey...Jane looked Fabu and there's INVISA- SPENCER! Cameron is the darling of Daytime. Nice to see the house all glammed up for the holidays.
JJ and single most fave thing of the year. Never thought I'd see it again. I do miss GV, I did like him but JJ and  TG? Sorry, it's magic. LAURA MENTION! Nostalgia of old Spencer travels. "Just my Dad with me on Christmas Eve..." sniff.
No Hospital Christmas Story this year. I really do miss that. Especially when the crew/cast would bring their real kids in to sit on set. It was a good show all in all but we needed someone reading about Joseph and Mary looking for a place to sleep!


2009  WUB AWARDS are finished! I also included a few Decade Awards. It took me awhile to think all these out. you agree? Disagree? I'm sure I'll  hear from  many of you one way or another.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Spoilers up for GH into January!

We're gonna party like it's 20-09!

A new year is coming, and I have some great new spoilers for you! Wait until you see who Kristina decides to blame for her latest beat-down! Wow. Franco takes the ladies of Port Charles in a deadly game of Cat-and-Jason.

Other news? Sarah Brown will be guesting on an eppy of "Castle" opposite Nathan Fillion, another one of my faves! That will be in the spring.
Vanessa Marcil is doing a new web series called "Bannon Way". It premires Jan 6th on

Also on Jan 6th? Recast Lisa appears.

I thought Franco taped 20 shows in 2 days. Tony Geary says it was 19 shows in 3 days. Oh well, it's still choppy-choppenstein.

CHAD Brannon DAY on GH!

That's what Twitter has declared! Here he comes people! First up, the other soaps:

AMC: Guess that's how Kendyl/Zach go....all frozen over. Plus, if they are never found, we know they can come back. Just think, you Ohioians can go look for them.

OLTL: Mitch was in top form today. My newest thought? Stacey is really the granddaughter of Mitch and Helena! Can you imagine? LOVES the idea! I told you Kimmy was the new Asa-like Chicklet. Natalie should have harvested Jarod's spermies before he was put into ze ground. What do you think about Gigi? With Rex or Sky? (I still say those two are brothers). I like them both, hard for me to choose! Tweets say about 4:1 for Sky.

GH: JaSam haters must be hatin' on the new promo! Gee, wonder if Jason will save Sam from Franco.  :eyeroll:  Pool table Christmas tree.
It's OlSon full steam ahead. I just really hope that Johnny doesn't get totally lost in the crossfire. I Love JoLivia. I hope for ONCE Sonny doesn't get the GIRL!  Goodness, Italian enough dinner? LOL.
I have to say the whole Niz thing is going to make me gag and Liz saying that Rebecca lied about EVERYTHING? Uh...hellloooo Liz. You are a liar liar pants on fire too!
Nikolas didn't move me at Emily's grave.
FAKE snow. You could almost see the box.
Zander!! Well, ok, not Zander-- but two people on a plane who used to be one character now they are another. Is that it? Did you blink and miss it?
Yankee tawk...sigh. God, when are they going to FIGURE IT OUT?! We both know that Sonny/DOMte aren't that stupid.

A FEW NEW SPOILERS are up. Including Franco's supposed leave date.  Hit an ad for me. Thx.

Doing the Wub Awards for this year. Here's my fave scene of the 2009. Not only for the content but the acting by EVERYONE in the room. I also felt the most shocked and just plain glued to the set during this whole thing. BRAVO! Much more to come about 2009. It was a very interesting year in very many ways!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bye Bye Rebecily! GH

Buh-Bye Rebecily...I so wish she would have YELLED OUT the truth before she left. Made herself useful. I mean, really...what WAS her purpose? They just F'd up the whole twinlet thing. Just sayin'.  Liz and Nik were just standing there like---'guilt'. I'm glad that they had her say goodbye to the Q's. Tomorrow we see Zander!

Maurice and Ingo:...Maurice: Hey, Dude, how's PEANUT? brahahahaha.

Didn't like James Franco's "sad" acting at the Christmas patch. I did like the glare and spooky part. The whold back-story about the daughter? Fake? All close up with Ronnie.  Ok, this is enough for me already. It's moving at a snail's pace and I can see just where it's headed. Sam's in danger-think she'll be all tied up sexystylie?
 Nancy Lee Grahn is on Twitter all p-o'd over something Franco said about GH going "backward"-- "Everyone says it's a step backwards, my family, my agent, the other actors on General Hospital" James Franco SNL... "uncool" nancyleegrahn

That Christmas Tree park is getting it's use! Didn't Johnny sell trees there last year? hee hee. Where's he this year?

Brittany Murphy. :( --so sad. I heard on Twitter right after TMZ  posted it. I was just watching her in "Just Married" this week. She was so fun. I thought that maybe she'd get a big break soon, she really was a talent. In "Girl Interrupted"?? amazing. She was horribly thin of late though. I hope the heart stuff wasn't anorexia related.

Thanks to everyone that clicked on google ads during the holiday season.  "Jingle Jackal" was a hit! You helped contribute $50 to Toys For Tots.

Mitch is staying at #OLTL! woo hoo! I had heard that but Lori confirmed it on Twitter for me today. I am so happy. I loves him. Scott Clifton tweeted on Sat that he was stuck in the NYC airport for DAYS! Or at least he couldn't get a flight out. I told him I'd come and pick him up if he needed me to. hee hee.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Franco in the Soup!

Fantabulous!'s hysterical, just watch it. And they also see the WUB between our Jason and Franco. He was also on SNL...I will have to catch it on hulu or something. I hear he did some guy on guy kissing. heh. Anyone see it? What's your review? Did they mention GH?

Next week we get 3 days of GH...hopefully all holiday happiness. Mistletoe kissing, parties-- can't wait. We'll see Olivia, DOMte and Sonny all together at dinner. Ronnie's in the hospital.

I am working on the 2009 Wub Awards. It's tough, let me tell you. A very uneven year. I have to sit and think for awhile!

I hope you're not in the area of the giant snow. I almost feel badly for the south, you are just not used to it. At least if we got it, we have the means to take care of it. (and ignore the stuff). Stay warm!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday on General Hospital and all ABC soapies! Plus: ratings

So, on AMC? Is David really dying? What do you think? I mean...he knows Trevor isn't his kid but isn't saying so. We know he has he going to fake his death so he's not blamed for keeping her? It's hard to be Spoiler free!!!

OLTL: Love the Kimmy/Clint thing. Too fun, old SOAPY SOAP stuff!  Ha on the shot gun! Nigel is a riot. Poor Destiny..not fair that Matt likes Dani. First Greg, now Destiny.  I have to say the actress playing Dani is a pistol! Wonder when they are going to make Starr Cole have some dramaz again.

GH: SPOILERS are up. Looks like a good 1/2 week next week. Lots of parties, family time--Laura's angel. Mac/Alexis smootching under the mistletoe. Find out what Jax got Carly for Christmas! Guess what Franco got Jason! (no, not a thong...!)

Today's show:  Lucky and Liz. Liz is in some deep poo.  I hear rumblings they'll go with a Lucky relapse because JJ would do it up so well. Poor Lucky. His Dad, brother and Rebecily know.
OMG, Lucky looks so stupid! And Liz brings up her rape to shut Rebecca up? Nice. Real nice.

Sam: "That wack job took Claudia's body out of her grave"!! brahahahaha Too bad Sarah is over on B&B, I so want her to zombie it up.
Sonny and Joss! Aww. Then, Sonny and Kristina! Double awww. ;)

Poor Ronnie. There's the backstory now. And Franco mentions "Serpico"... wonder how many wubbers under the age of 35 get that. Serpico was a true story about a cop blowing in cops on the take--played by Al Pacino.

I forgot to tell've probably seen it.  Stephen Nichols (Stefan) is going to the Y&R! I'm happy he's on the top rated soap, sad he won't be on GH when all Cassadine Feta breaks loose. Read all about it on Daytime Confidential.  I would have so love for him to come back...there's always Stavros.

RATINGS: read 'em and weep! OUCH ...I mean AMC keeps going up. Poor GH, tied with ATWT. A canned soap. So much for much for storytelling. Looks like people jumped the GH ship and stayed off. I have no more to say on the subject, btw. Said it all on Twitter  last night. I do think it says a lot that Guza's been around before the begining of time on GH in soap years.

Y&R:  3.7
B&B:  2.4
DOOL:  2.2
AMC:  2.0
GH: 1.9
ATWT: 1.9
OLTL: 1.8

Y&R went up from 3.5..those numbers are impressive in this day and age! I don't know how ABC is going to keep it up with these numbers not improving.

Gotta fly...see you tomorrow. Have a great Friday Night!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Franco Storyline Grades are IN!

What better thing to do today when I have a bum knee and won't be home to watch GH?! Well, tally up the "Franco Storyline" Grades you all gave on here and on Twitter.

I got quite a few responses. Most people said it started out good, but went quickly downhill. Others said "who IS this Franco" guy. I want to point out his best work, imo (and try out my new Amazon imbedding thing) he was in the movie "Milk". Hey, look at that, I can put the movie right into my post. Ah, Advertising at it's BEST!

Ok, So, these are the grades: (remember this is on STORY, not about the actors themselves, ok?) I also left off all plus' and minus' for simplicity sake.

JAMES FRANCO'S STORYLINE ON GH...according to the WUB Fans:

A:  7 votes
B:  5 votes
C: 12 votes
D: 17 votes
F: 22 votes

There were a few "other" that I found fun. One gave it a "Z" for Zzzzzzzzz, another gave an "incomplete" and about 3 said "Is there a grade lower than an F"??

I personally had said that the story started out with promise. The block taping and inserting of Franco is all too evident however. Sort of like Martha Byrne and her Mayor's Wife stint. Just too choppy. The party with the whole cast was great...but now it's in his apartment with people coming and going and the 'star' himself only on every other day if that. I am LOVING Steve Burton lately though. He's blown me away with this story and the whole Michael thing. Taking Jason to another level is wonderful. We had robot Jason way too long. Steve Burton can deliver and it's a joy to watch. 

OMG, I think Blogger took out my spell check. Please don't think I'm an idiot. Spelling just is NOT my thing! LOL.

Please comment on GH today and tell me if it's worth a watch. Did you see the new spoilers up on WUBSNET?  I actually heard from an insider that the Cassadine thing is just a mess right now. TG is on vacation, they already hired the Valentine guy...Connie's in a play. Guza says "spring"...but the problem is the story arc in the meantime. It was supposed to be there's a scramble to fill when they Franco storyline is over. OY!  

Soap Blog Coalition Thursday!

BEST OF THE NET! Last Coalition until 2010!!

One Life to Live's cast decked the halls at O'Neals in New York Cityon Monday. Erika Slezak and Patricia Elliot showed up along withexecutive producer Frank Valentini, head scribe Ron Carlivati and manymore! (Daytime Confidential)

GHOFS discusses Rick Springfield's upcoming autobiography entitled"Late, Late, Night". (GHOFS)

The PVB's "Where Are They Now?" feature has been resurrected!! Checkout our exclusive interview with William Mooney, AMC's Paul Martin!(Pine Valley Bulletin)

The cast of General Hospital and their fans contributed their timelast Saturday to Habitat For Humanity's 'The House That GeneralHospital Fans Built' event in Los Angeles. Check out the pictures andrecap of the event! (Scrubs Hub)

General Hospital has been great...every Wednesday, at least. TheSerial Drama girls don't get why quality episodes only come once aweek, but they don't want to jinx anything by complaining about it.(Serial Drama)

A new "Where Are They Now" videos series kicks off with writer ThomRacina who talks about his soap career, living with Brad Pitt and thefuture of daytime. (We Love Soaps)

This weekend in LA, Habitat for Humanity hosted "The House that GHFans Built" and Alberta Wubs, Lobster Mascot for Wubs Net was along for the build! See photos and catch up on other GH news in the SundaySurgery. (Wubs)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luke Throws Fruit: GH Today 12/16

TABLE for Three? Hmmmm, what WILL they tawk about?

So...OLTL! I love being Spoiler FREE on OLTL...Delphina and that chick Dorian married? How fun...heh.

GH: Luke going crazy. Loves it.

Maxie's "I always screw up, so it's ok I screw up" is a little old.
Is it me or does it feel like Lisa's just "stuck" in here? I like the idea of building up the hospital with Steven Lars...and more people but it's just not developed. (big surprise). I really feel like Steven is just shoved in there. If you didn't know him from before, you'd have no clue other than he's Liz's half-bro, you know? BTW? Don't you have to fill out tons of paperwork if someone dies that you operated on? Meetings and such? Going to Jake's to get drunk? Hmmmmmm.

They are playing up Sonny and Lucky's history today! wow... I guess they can now because we remember it. It works. Show some dang flashbacks. AND LukeSon scene! wow...Time for a LukeSonRita (to all the fans who followed me through the years!--click on "cigar lounge" to get recipe!) Loved Luke defending Lucky today to Sonny.
DIANE is at Alexis' house! yeah!! Love it...Carolyn is a gem. Did you she has a blog as "Barb" on for "Cougar Town"? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ethan and Krissy but why did he show up at Davis' house?
Franco storyline is running at about 2:1 on FAIL to an B or higher. I think many people think it's going at such a chopped-up snails pace, it's just not flowing or keeping our interest.
DOMte talking about the 7 Fishes Italian Christmas Eve dinner. I go to one myself on the 24th. Our fave Italian friends include us. Our bellies grow like Santa's that night!
I enjoyed today a LOT and there was no FRANCO DRAMAZ...nice. I know that James Franco brings a lot to GH but the story so far? SLOOOOOOW...SLOOW. Chopped up and slooooooooow.
Things I liked about GH today:
Diane with the Davis Girlies
DOMte and Lucky
Lucky/Sonny history
Jacks Family ornament hoo ha
Spinxie Pain (done well)
Carly telling Lucky he's Michael's cousin.
Not so much: Jake's/Lisa/patient dies story. Darts.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Laura's "Spirit" and I did watch GH Today!

Here's a photo for you of Laura's Christmas she woudn't be TOO HAPPY with NIZ right now! LOL There's also another one that's a bit bigger on the site of Scrubs being all Holiday Happy!! BTW, Diane and Max will be visiting Alexis on Christmas!!

I did get to see GH today. Boy, can the Franco thing move any slower? zzzzzzz.
Of course I loved DOMaLu today.
Didn't like the Luke/Nik fight. I do like how Lucky talks to him... I so love JJ and TG together. Great dialog today. And I so see JJ saying it. Nothing against GV but this seems rooted in history. xxoo!

I asked peeps on Twitter to give the Franco story a grade. Got about 5 F's...3 A's... a bunch of B's...and a whole lotta C's. One nailed it "Incomplete" and one said "Unacceptable"...I say it started out as a solid B-- and then slid to a C because it's so freekin' SLOW! TYPICAL GH.

Do I care about Dr. Lisa? nooooooooooooooooooo.

I am going to like the Patrick--Steven Lars thing.

HEY! Even though the Kate Coleman thing was a total NINE commerical I loved it!

So, YOUR turn, give the Franco story a Grade! I'll add em all up later!

Wubster Holiday MADNESS!

EEsh, I'm super busy this week with holiday stuff and guests! No time for GH yet... I will get spoilers up later tonight, I promise so check WUBSNET for updates.

Yesterday's show: What the HELL is up with Nikolas? I mean...left field. If they had built up this great "obsession" with Liz for awhile, then I could buy it. Now? Forget it. It's just grasping at straws. They didn't do the story right in the first place, imo (gee, really, never heard THAT before). Nikolas could have started obsessing on her after Emily's death. Whatever. Just get that Cassadine story started.

Spin meeting Franco? Thoughts? What are your thoughts on Mr. F on GH? Good, Bad...boring? I'm bored at the moment. Again, block taping stretched out for 20 days is really thin.

AMC moved last Friday. I actually heard from someone that works--er, worked there in wardrobe. It is very VERY sad for the crew involved. They aren't going with the OLTL show, they are keeping their own (which makes sense). With ATWT leaving, a big hole is going to be left for finding jobs.

It's also almost time for the great 2009 Best Wub/Worst Wub Wubbie awards. I'd love to give your input. Who was your favorite couple of the year? I would do a "decade" look back but come on, with GH it's like looking at every day over and over. Heh. I can hardly remember THIS YEAR!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Alberta Wubs and GH Fans build a HOUSE!

Maxamista and Alberta "The Crustateous One"!!

BETTY! GHer and Wubber, who received the Habitat for Humanity House GH fans built!

That's right! This Saturday, Habitat for Humanity along with Daytime TV, had an awesome plan to have fans donate and bid to build with GH stars a house for someone in the LA area. 14 Stars participated with an untold number of fans. Wubber Gwaddie and her hubby bid with other fans to build with Kirsten Storms. Alberta was along for the ride and even wrote a note to the family that would be receiving the house. In a cool twist of fate, the lady that got the key (Betty) is a big GH and WUBS fan! How cool is that?! Be sure to check Fans Giving for updates and celeb photos this week.

Gwaddie wrote this about Betty:

Betty is a single mom of three children. She's the proud owner of a brand new Habitat for Humanity house. She's a GH fan. She's a Wubber. She's one of "us". Betty worked alongside the other volunteers Saturday as GH Cast and GH fans gathered to help build a house. For several hours fans and actors worked together measuring, sawing, hammering, lifting. What started as a pile of lumber and nails in the morning was by afternoon, the upper level framing of a duplex. During lunch Betty talked about what her new home meant to her. It meant that her daughter would be able have a bedroom without the pungent odor of mold. It meant that her two older children (both with Autism) would have the benefit of staying in a school district that understands their special needs. It meant that Betty could have peace of mind knowing that her children would have a home, not just a house, but a home for a long time to come.While she has only spent two nights in her new home, Betty was almost more excited to be there with the cast than when she got her new house keys. After all, she's a GH fan. She's a Wubber. She's one of "us". Welcome home Betty, welcome home.

Alberta Wubs has been involved now with the AIDS Walk LA, the Habitat House and will be attending the NYC AIDS Walk in the spring. She's also been to NLG's fan event and will be going to another event in March with Lisa LoCicero, Brandon Barash and others. That lobster gets around!! (she flies everywhere, btw, coast to coast!) Alberta has a fan page on Facebook (Alberta Wubs) and Twitter account @AlbertaWubs. It's a fun way for you to follow her adventures in the World of Daytime Events!
By the way, my ultimate goal? Getting Alberta on the set of GH somehow...maybe in a scene with Molly! Of course, my biggest wish would be to have Helena hold her but that's stretching it! :)

GH this week is a continuation of the the Niz/L&L2 thing...Franco taunting Jason, yada yada. The Keifer story has been languishing a bit, hopefully it will pick up. What do you think of Steven Lars so far? They'd better get AUDREY on, dang it. He kinda just showed up and started work! LOL. Lisa might be getting more of an edge with the recast--we'll see. Check out the spoilers and Christmas schedule on the WUBSNET.

Friday, December 11, 2009

General Hospital: Guza Speaks, Scrubs Signs.

So, in the latest SID, Mr. Guza lets us all know the Cassadine story is going to happen "in the spring"... gee THANKS. I was actually thinking yesterday how the steam has gone out of the Keifer story too.

Kim McCollough and Jason Thompson have re-signed contracts for GH. No one is quite sure for how long. My sources said 3 yr-18 month opt-out which is standard. Others are saying it's for a shorter time. Who cares! Scrubs is around for awhile longer! woot!

NEW SPOILERS are out. Take a gander and please click on an ad, it helps...and I need it! Thx. On that note, the "Jingle Jackal" Toys for Tots drive for Kirsten and Bradford's gift this year--has raised $500! That's not counting all the toys that were dropped off at local toy drives. You all helped by clicking on those ads! See Alberta Wubs up there? She went to the local fire department in CA to drop a doll off and got her photo with a fabu fireman!! Remember, if you want to check the status of ANY GH charity (and other soap stars) go to Fans Giving Back. This weekend is the Habitat for Humanities "House that GH Fans Built". It will have 14 GH stars in attendance plus the fans that bid on them. Too fun. You know Alberta will be there, so I'll have some photos for you.

OLTL: With Ross running off the the border, I hope he remembers you have to have a passport now to cross. They did a real shot of the Whirpool bridge it looks like. OR somewhere that has the same stone walls. If Blair gets shot, it will be her 87th major thing this year!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco and Jason: A WUB Story or what? Geesh... told you it was an uber homage to St. Jason. Wow he offers him chips/dip and RED M&M's. I guess that's supposed to be quirky. (poor intern that had to separate all those!) He's not impressing me with his interpretation today-- if he wasn't THE JAMES FRANCO I might even say it was over the top and not well done. BUT! maybe that's just the "artistry"....I guess it was the voice level as well. I think most GH actors know how to temper their voice levels to TV. I think his voice is a mix of James Cagney and Kelso from The '70's show. Ok, he's creepy but I'm not diggin' it today. A guy fan said he was doing "The Joker" a bit--maybe. I see the whole alter ego thing going. Too bad they didn't wait to have the Claudia tied to a bomb on the roof until now.
Diane is on! LOVES her...she looks too cool for school. ""Maybe Claudia is part of the the foundation of the new apartment complex on Elm Street." She's so good. Loved her with Olivia. And she mentioned the wedding ring!

What the hell? Sonny is still keeping Johnny around...he'd just off him IRL. Lulu tries to cover for DOMte. I'm liking the three of them!! Olivia will fit right in with the Spencer clan.

Awww, poor Spinelli finds out about Maxie. :( It's like "he willed it"-- good one, Maxie. There's that hypnotic line. Maxie's sweater is interesting. Bat like in the front, short in the back.

LOVE DOMte, Lulu and Lucky. Lucky tells DOM that Lulu's nickname is cupcake. LAMO. I love the three of them!!

Rebecca is getting GREAT now that she's leaving!! GOD! Love her calling Nikolas all sorts of names...just like she did Liz. Figures she's leaving. AND she's going to try to get with Lucky. GO FOR IT! "I swear, I'll bury you--and your little slut too". Where's Toto??!

AMC moves from NYC today. I feel so badly for the crew-- all the workers and wardrobe, makeup and hair people. Sucks.

NINE didn't get a great review in EW. Just a "C"... the commercials make it look good, don't they?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jason Calls Michael a spoiled selfish...!!

Alberta, the shameless hussy!

GH: Edward visits Liz with an old pic of Emily--I love John Ingle!! Liz is slaggin' off on Rebecca? Uh..helloooo. You need to look in the mirror, girlie. Not that Rebecily is my fave person, but that's just all kinds of wrong. At least she has her brother around...1/2 brother I mean.

Lisa..Dead Lady Walkin! Not the character, but she's recast, so this one isn't sticking around.

Dr. Steven Lars in the hospital-- who I actually called JEFF on Twitter! LOL...he looks so much like him. Good casting. I don't remember a lot when he was on before--do you? I liked the other guy they had cast as him, but he actually got as much airtime as Dr. Matt does now! Monica called to be Chief of Staff. Ok. MONICA in the house! I also totally got Tommy Hardy mixed up with Steven Lars too. Oy, the brain!! I can't keep up with the GH rewriting of history! That's my excuse.
BOOM! Goes Rebecily..did you see the photo down there? Guess she's not dying off, just flying off. Good to see Chad Brannon. He's doing a lot of voice over work for The G4 Network.

Holy CRAP! JASON went OFF on Michael!! Called him a LITTLE Bitch! Said he was selfish, spoiled--wowza. Great scenes. Steve Burton was amazing. (and I don't always say that!) So was Laura Wright. That was a stunning scene.
So, Jax just bails on the tape--in about 2.2 scenes..? Weird.
I'm still aghast at the *Itch comment by Jason! LOL...

Zander on a Plane...

EW's POPwatch broke this story about the Rebecily Exit:

It’s always nice to see old flames together, like in this shot from Chad Brannon’s Dec. 22 return to General Hospital sitting next to his former onscreen love, Natalia Livingston (Emily/Rebecca). In his one-off appearance, Brannon’s not playing Zander, Emily’s great love before Nicholas and also Elizabeth’s baby’s daddy, but rather an airplane passenger who has a conversation with Rebecca as she leaves Port Charles

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

General Hospital: "Sex Obsessed Pigs"!!

OLTL: Marty: "I don't know what you see in him. He didn't even rape you"! about John Heh. He also mentions Hope and says he'll babysit!!

On the heels of the ATWT cancellation, (see below) there is some good news about OLTL to report. Cassie and Adriana are coming back in the New Year!!
Kimmy is the bomb. Love her hair (looks like mall hair)--and blouse. GIANT earrings. She's so perfect to get in with Clint! It's such a 'ASA' story! Loved her finding out about the BO/Nora thing!

What if Mitch and Helena married? ooooooooooo. Can you imagine? Faison could come back as their BFF!! LOL. Start combining all ABC soaps into one MEGA-soap! Hey, anything to save them.

Nice shot in the heart, Natalie! She nailed Mitch Lawrence. Hoping he doesn't have a bullet proof vest on or something stupid.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, there's nothing worse than sitting thru local commericals waiting for soaps to come on!

WOW...Loved Rebecily!! Taunting go girl. She says "Maybe your boys would like to know where you were tonight"...Cam says "I want to know". I love that kid!! She also says: "You are banging Lucky's brother"!! She's leaving and just getting good!! and she calls them "Sex obsessed pigs"! woot!

Ethan/Lucky: Soul Patch beards...LMAO. So '90's grunge. I really wish they'd do the Spencer story UP! Maybe when the Cassadine stuff gets rollin? Can I dare hope!? They could all live in Bobbie's Brownstone. Just sayin'

CarJax: Baby Cutie Josslyn!!

Jason and Maxie. I think sometimes Jason is going to haul off and smack her one. heh....
Luke gets ready to tell Lucky the truth and in walks Nik..and then Ethan attacks him!!

Franco's studio. In walks the doctor, in walks the walks the lady with the alligator purse! Heh...everyone BUT Franco. This story is getting so boring so's pathetic. Poor Franco...all those lines to learn and they stretch it out over such a long period we don't really care what he's saying after awhile. *sigh*

BTW, doesn't look like Genie's making an appearance on GH for Xmas after all. Guess they still can't get those terms ironed out!

Hey, I might be on Soap Opera Source's show tonight! I'll have to find out the or what!? It will air on at 10pm.

Loved Coleman telling Michael OFF...that little turd thinks he can threaten COLEMAN! HA! AS IF!! Michael can't even BE in a NY bar he's too young! oy! Lucky tells him, then Michael rags on Lucky about being a cop!! Thank God Jason can get him under control. dang it.

Liz's dream...heh. Sam and Jason in leathah...heh.

Biggest Loser finale tonight.

Who's your fave GH couple lately? Who do you think they are going to try Steven Lars with? Will he completely shove Dr. Matt off the canvas?

As The World Turns is DONE-Zo! Canceled T

Michael Park: Jack on ATWT from Canandaigua, NY. Thank goodness he's great on Broadway!

Yep...another soap bites it and it's a NYC based one. That leaves ABC's One Life to Life as the last soap on the East Coast.. As the World Turns has been on the air for 54 years. We all have to wonder where in the world the soaps are headed. Or do we?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sonny: Dimples on High Beam today!

NEW GH SPOILERS are up! WUBS NET..and if you can, hit an ad or two! thx

AMC is so unwatchable. The whole Kendyl thing? OMG! I turned it off and I'm not turning it on again-- until you all tell me it's safe.

OLTL...loved the real parking lot. Love touches like that. Heh.Roxy calls Fish "Trout"..I think she and Kyle's friendship is so wonderful. Hate crime stuff. They are timely. I mean, it's behind in the Real World but for soaps, it's good.
All American Rejects on again. Oh, a little Adam Lambert action? I THINK SO!!
I really don't like Leyla and Christian. Leya is just boring.

Fans Giving Back: Great charity website...take a look at their BLOG and find out the newest soap celeb to join! If you ever want to know what soaps are involved in which charity events, just go there and LOOK! The "House that GH built" is coming up--and ALberta Wubs will be there! If you'd like to still donate for the Saturday build check out the LA Habitat for Humanity page. Did you know she has a new Facebook fan page? Just search "Alberta Wubs"..join her adventures!
THE SHOW: Jax...shut up. I mean, the words they are making him say? ugh.
OlSon...Lisa LoCicero is just fab with anyone. It's so 'backwards glance' to the whole SKate thing though, isn't it? Bensonhurst nostalgia? Sonny's dimples are on high wattage today! DOM walks in on Mom and Dad. heh.
Liz is making no sense. I think Helena would have a field day with all of this if she were back.
Carly admits that she and Lucky are family. IT'S TIME FOR BOBBIE to show up! 'member her??! BOBBIE!
Jason..just kill Franco. Just do it. I'm over this already. There, I said it. It's going to be so dragged out. The fact that he taped 2 days and it's going to be 2 months of "story" is about all that can be said.
WOW, GH is a snoozer today. The only part I liked was Tracy, Luke and Ethan.
Anyone else like Odwalla Bars? I love the Berry one. yummy. ;) and they are on sale for 89cents this week! woo hoo!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Already a Cut!

Get the scalpels out---guess who's leaving already? The chick who's playing Lisa--Patrick's old flame is being recast! Brianna Brown will be taking over, according to Read all about her on the link.

I've been trying like heck to get some info on the Cassadine storyline--but again, it's pushed back and given that Tony Geary is on vacation and Connie's in a play in January, it may be the Feb sweeps story? I'm also thinking that they won't be able to resist a Liz PG story, right? A fight for a Cassadine heir? Then again, how could they make poor Lucky think yet AGAIN he's having a kid and it turn out not to be his?!

I think Rebecca's leaving will be a bit tongue in-cheek. Can't wait to see Chad Brannon, that's not until Dec. 22nd though. I hear a big New Year's party is planned!! woot!

Wondering: What's going to happen to both Johnny and Ethan now? Johnny loses his sister--Ethan doesn't have the Rebecca tie anymore. We know Krissy has a crush on the boy..and I did hear he's fitting into the Cassadine story at some point. Sonny's going after Olivia with full-guns, will she give into temptation? We know even if things start to look good for them, when he finds out about DOMte all bets are off. "YOU BETRAYED ME" (I can hear it now--probably find it on YouTube too).

Steven Lars is on next week, watch for Liz to confide she's been having a trist with ol' Nikolas. Maybe they've been emailing all these years? Who do you think Steven will be paired with? Hmmmmmmmm.

Movieline has "5 Brilliant Moments From James Franco's GH Odyssey" Which is from November but I hadn't seen it.

That's about it. Susan Lucci is the Grand Marshal this year in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and other soapies will join her. The whole AMC team is movin' on in to LA!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Franco's Mug Shot

Here he is! All rough and ready for you! Thank you

OLTL Today: Spooky good...Mitch and Dorian! Dorian looked terrified. Loved the All American Rejects...they sound just as good live as on CD. They are great and sing naturally.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Quick, name the seven deadly sins?? Just try. What's YOUR worst "sin"? I have to go with Sloth. :) I'll sleep any day, any time.

Think about Nat and Tyler doing those break up scenes....ouch. Just with their history IRL.

Mercedes mention!

Liz was just begging today, that whole thing was off to me. Didn't like the whole scene.

Niz..anyone else reminded of Monica/Alan/Rick? Just her back and forth, my family but I want you..lust stuff? Niz is gonna do it again. boom chicka wow wow

Olivia's suit today? Fab.

BEST thing on GH today? Lulu and DOMte's Rock Band! FUN.. DonALu? And please for the love of all things good, REDECORATE that apartment! I hate it!

So, Genie's interview was all about her CD--not about GH. Hmmm. Interesting.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SO, Nikolas 'awakened' Liz' sex drive? Brahhhahaa

OMG..really? She said she could have lived without sex..until Nikolas?? Well, come on, I'm not a L&L2 fan OR a Liason fan per se but that was just plain STUPID. She certainly LOOKED passionate with Jason and Lucky. And Zander...and RIC! She sounds like she didn't get any for about 5 years. LOL.

They are making Jax really mean lately. I know he's always hated Sonny, yada yada but the dialog is just nasty.

Megan Ward...*sigh* what a waste. Waste. She looks wonderful. Her skin is to die for.

Maxie calls Spin/Jason "Bat Cave Dwellers"...I loved Jason trying to "interview" her. I so want her to redecorate the PH. It needs some spiffin' up. Loved Spin telling Jason to stop being an idiot to Maxie.
How's that Cassadine story coming? Well the guy hired to play Valentine (Matthew Borlenghi) just said on Facebook that he's not starting until 2010. I know Connie Towers is in a play in Canada all of January and TG is on vacation. Here's hoping the writers use the time to do a decent story arc.

Genie Francis to be interviewed by KABC TV today

KABC-TV in Los Angles is interviewing Genie today at 4pm/pst. Get ready for the announcement. I don't think this is for her long time return to GH , but rather to say she'll cameo for Christmas. She may also be promoting her new Christmas CD. She is shown above with her brothers who recorded the charity music with her.


Carly's back and she isn't messing around. Find out what's in store for her and her fellow Oakdale residents with As the World Turns spoilers. (Daytime Confidential)

If you weren't able to go to the Scrubs event at General Hospital's Fan Club Weekend in July, you can now see the videos of Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough entertaining the crowd. (Scrubs Hub)

Sami and Nicole's confrontation on Days was one of the most over-the-top, soapy, fabulous things to hit daytime in ages. If you need the Serial Drama girls, you'll find them replaying the clip on a constant loop and clapping giddily. (Serial Drama)

The soap goddess reaches out to The Young and the Restless' Billy Abbott in Genoa city. (Soap Opera Examiner)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CO77x..Solved. GH FANS hold on...

It's HUGE! (NOT!) lol, go look on Wubs Net..and yes it was Franco's long ago. *Sigh* MORE scoops are up too. HIT an ad, thank you. $50 was sent today to Toys For Tots in honor of Jingle Jackal! Because I sent it today, it's going to be matched for the "House That GH Fans Built"...

OLTL: OMG the Mitch popping out of the coffin is a CLASSIC. Heh...I loved it. Natalie's reaction was hysterical. "Where is Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"! brahahahaha. Mitch is wonderful as the evil baddie. I just made the connection between this story and "The Devil's Advocate" with Reeves/Pacino. It's an awesome movie. When Mitch yelled "We have much work to do, you and I" to Rex, it was right out of the movie!! Mitch makes Franco look like a twinkie.

Fish's "ex" is getting creepy.

Awkward convo with Leyla, Fish..ewww. :Hands over ears:
Dorian looked Fab being sworn in as mayor. I'm glad, she'll be way more interesting than Vicky!
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Some of you noticed a pic up on the Wubs Net. There's nothing firm yet --it's just a rumor and it may be just a guest spot. Negotiations for long term is still coming. :wink:

SoapNet has a first pic up of Steven Lars. Take a gander. He looks like Richard Dean Anderson to me..which I guess is good casting.
Tele-Buddie from Knoxsville has some fun stats on soaps. DAYS has TWICE as many viewers as GH does in that ratings region.
Although Luke was at Karaoke today, it was block taped eons ago and he really IS on vacation. I know for a fact-o-rama. Isn't the magic of taping interesting? Just think Mr. Franco taped for 2 days and it runs (inserted) for two months!! eesh.
Karaoke--Luke/Tracy's hair look the same. Think Tabatha Coffey of BRAVO did them?? MAC and Alexis walk in. Diane is going to sing...Carolyn Hennesy was tweeting that she couldn't sleep last night she was so nervous it was going to be on! She was FABU!! wowza. How fun.
Alexis is pretty good too! LOL...Coleman introduced her as "Alexis Not Sammy...Davis"! Luke/Tracy dancing!! Oh, I love the Karaoke. I guess that makes me an old fogey or something. I don't care!

Luke--Ethan singing Stray Cat Strut!!!!! Did I tell you I am liking Ethan now?? I am .
Lisa--doesn't she look young? Farrah hair. I really don't get why we need this newbie character. I guess because they hired poor Jason Cook eons ago, did nothing with him and now need another newbie to pair him with so we don't care. :eyeroll: And I also bet BILLY DEE WILLIAMS is happy HE came back. :double eyeroll:
Spixie... oh, this is gonna be ugly.
Keifer being a bully--Carly walks in. She needs to go-go boot stomp on his FACE!
Can you imagine when Sonny finds out that DOMte is his SON? a copper? OY! It's going to be ANGST AND BARWARE all over the place!!
Not for nothin' but the Tiger Woods story would make for great soapy stuff! Heh.

On a bright note, I got some great shoes today. I've been looking for some black ones and they were on sale! :twirling:
I am leaving at 3:38 ...CARRY ON!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WORLD AIDS DAY: GH's Past Tributes...

GH had a first...the whole Stone story with HIV and Robin being infected as well. Here he is telling Jagger: YOU TUBE and it has a nice spot with Lois and RUBY is on there too!!!
I remember after Stone died, Robin talking with her "dead" parents at Christmas time. I had the tears going...sniff.
Of course, GH had it's share of tributes--The Annual Nurses' Ball to help with AIDS Awareness. It was really fun to watch, and I'm sorry for those of you that never saw one. The whole cast did routines--singing, dancing--the works. Kat Bell and Lucy Coe would often fight over MC duties! Here's a clip from the ball in 1998 with the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Little Maxie, Serena and Emily are in it! Robin sings and I see "V" in the audience. I miss V... Did you know the Nurses' Ball was canned after "Port Charles" bit the dust??

It's a shame GH won't take the time to put these shows on anymore. Not only were they an annual event we all looked forward to, it was a tradition and most importantly, it helped AIDS research. There was a toll free number to call for donations. They also sold tshirts and such. But hey, I guess having big name peeps on and building sets for them beats a good ol' time any day. :( Stunts aren't going to save GH..stories are.

It snowed today here. About an 1" on the ground. It's not pretty to wake up to. Sorry, it just reminds me of driving in the stuff. ugh. Wonder when the leaves will finally fall off trees in Port Chuck?!

OLTL: Not too interesting today I didn't think. Jessica was like "whateer" to Rex's announcement he was her brother. Roxy tried to console Nat--who had a weird hair-do. (Pony Express) Charlie with the bottle..will he? Won't he? Tea crying to Todd. The Jarod Funeral...Jared? Jarrod? Jarred? LOL. I AM SO GLAD I watched until the end!!!!!!!!! The casket opened and out POPPED MITCH LAWRENCE! wowza. NICE...I was shocked!! LOL..Me, never shocked Wubqueen. I am so glad I am spoiler free!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liz is going to spill to Robin today! Nikolas already told her. Heh. Liz said about Nik "I never had a kiss like that EVER"...wowza. L&L2er AND Liasoners now have something to be pissed about in common. THEN she goes on to say that her sex life with Lucky is "gentle" and basically Nikolas pushes and it's HOT. Whahahahha!

I hope there's some rum in them cokes...Nik/Lucky. They'll need it.

"Lisa" didn't go to speech therapy ...Just sayin'

OMG another MOBULAR guy? WTF!! Bianco? Something like that?????? ugh enough.

Jason cares that Spin might see the Maxie pic..but leaves it on the desk?

NLG TWEETED: viewed Karoake show. remember that middle aged woman @ the Bar Mitzvah that had the Long island ice tea laced w/crack ... that's me

Word of a Cameo Spreading...

The rumors are rampant. Who might be back for a little spot around Christmas? Go to the WUBSNET and find the photo! Got it up last night in hopes...

Plus...guess who's ratings were DOWN for the big FRANCO madness debut?? Oh, yeah they were! See GHOFS for all the numbers. GH was down around 160,000! Goodness. You know it will be down during Thanksgiving week, they always are on a holiday.

See you around 4 for GH dish. Remember you can follow live on Twitter. Look for @wubsnet!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday on the Soaps: Chili is on the Menu!

OLTL: Love the fact that Kimmy's going after Clint. SOAP!! Reminds me of the old Asa highjinks! woot!! Rex..talking to Jessica! Destiny's eyeballs when Dani told her to wait in the hall. Heh. I'm also glad Sky told Gigi that the baby is his (even though it's not)--and why would Gigi get all militant on his ass?


GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, DOMte..get off the DOCKS when you are listening to your secret footage!! Good Lawd!

I'm already a bit sick of the tortured artist. I'm trying--I'm trying. I just figured it out though. The entire story is a total HOMAGE to St.Jason. I think Franco is Guza..worshipping Jason!! Just sayin'.

Maxie's top was so cute today.

I wish they'd mention Ruby's chili. BINGO! thank you writers. :) Wow, they are trying hard with the whole OlSon thing aren't they? DOMte, put 2 and 2 together, will ya!?
So, does Zander come back to usher Rebeicly into heaven?? Hmm...maybe he and Emily do? (David suggested that). I do think that's what happens after reading spoiler stuff. She leaves Dec. 22ndish--he's on Dec. it figures.
A few new spoilers are up WUBSNET please hit an ad to help the Toys for Tots drive! THANK YOU!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital on Steroids.

Yep...that was our GH last week! More ensemble work...James Franco prancing around, seducing women (and some men?!) nice Thanksgiving scenes--what's going on? I guess the world is watching!! Did you know that in reality Mr. Franco is done taping all his scenes? Just sayin'. What did you think of it all? I personally think any of the soapies we know could have done the part just as well--I mean it's not like he did contortions or anything. BUT! It IS handsome Mr. Franco--bringing with him all the mainstream media so I'll take it. Maybe some new viewers too? Will they be able to hang on like we have year after year? Doubtful.

On to other stuff! Remember Gia? Marisa Ramirez is going to be on Castle this week!

I've been talking about the Toys For Tots drive that the Spixie fans have created for Bradford and Kirsten's holiday joy. Just donate a toy at your local Toys for Tots drive or give directly to the charity. How can you find out more?? Go to Fans Giving Back...a fab new website that has many, many soap stars and their charities listed. Karla, who took Alberta the lobster on the Aids Walk LA started it and the reception by soap actors and writers has been amazing.

Speaking of Alberta, she's off to the Habitat for Humanity GH fans get Building event!! She's going to be with Kirsten Storms, Karla, Paul and other GH peeps. Watch the video "The House that GH Fans Built" on the website: Habitat for Humanity.

There are so many charity events going on, it's amazing. How can you help without spending a red cent? By clicking on the sponsor ads on Wubs Net. $50 is being donated to the Toys for Tots program this month. Thanks so much!

I hope you checked out Chrissie Fit's fun new Web Saga..."The Subpranos"!! GO, watch the intro. It's going to be a blast. I can't wait to watch some great comedy on the net. Two New YAWK girlies let loose in LA!! You can also follow the series on Twitter @thesubpranos. Chrissie will also be on GH again in December!

What's coming up on GH? The Franco mystery deepens, Michael spins more out of control (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?? Hmmmmm. ) Alexis and Mac flirt after she tips one too many at Jake's. We get a Karaoke night again. Rebecca's exit, Lucky's going to find out about Niz and the Cassadine story. DOMte reveal and Olivia and Sonny are going to get cozy and kiss. Let's hope they keep up the momentum.

Have a great Sunday...see you tomorrow for GH

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