Thursday, December 17, 2009

Franco Storyline Grades are IN!

What better thing to do today when I have a bum knee and won't be home to watch GH?! Well, tally up the "Franco Storyline" Grades you all gave on here and on Twitter.

I got quite a few responses. Most people said it started out good, but went quickly downhill. Others said "who IS this Franco" guy. I want to point out his best work, imo (and try out my new Amazon imbedding thing) he was in the movie "Milk". Hey, look at that, I can put the movie right into my post. Ah, Advertising at it's BEST!

Ok, So, these are the grades: (remember this is on STORY, not about the actors themselves, ok?) I also left off all plus' and minus' for simplicity sake.

JAMES FRANCO'S STORYLINE ON GH...according to the WUB Fans:

A:  7 votes
B:  5 votes
C: 12 votes
D: 17 votes
F: 22 votes

There were a few "other" that I found fun. One gave it a "Z" for Zzzzzzzzz, another gave an "incomplete" and about 3 said "Is there a grade lower than an F"??

I personally had said that the story started out with promise. The block taping and inserting of Franco is all too evident however. Sort of like Martha Byrne and her Mayor's Wife stint. Just too choppy. The party with the whole cast was great...but now it's in his apartment with people coming and going and the 'star' himself only on every other day if that. I am LOVING Steve Burton lately though. He's blown me away with this story and the whole Michael thing. Taking Jason to another level is wonderful. We had robot Jason way too long. Steve Burton can deliver and it's a joy to watch. 

OMG, I think Blogger took out my spell check. Please don't think I'm an idiot. Spelling just is NOT my thing! LOL.

Please comment on GH today and tell me if it's worth a watch. Did you see the new spoilers up on WUBSNET?  I actually heard from an insider that the Cassadine thing is just a mess right now. TG is on vacation, they already hired the Valentine guy...Connie's in a play. Guza says "spring"...but the problem is the story arc in the meantime. It was supposed to be there's a scramble to fill when they Franco storyline is over. OY!  


  1. Thanks
    As A Jason Steve Burton fan that is what I liked about this story see Jason is a different way ,,,,
    I still think the story is really good maybe not the best but for me it is good ........
    I love what he does to Jason I really hope that after Franco will live Jason will not comeback as the same guy that maybe they will change him a bit ..
    I don't care if maybe they will have him miss his family The Q's ... I know more will like that

    About today show not that bad the end scenes creep me out with Franco I really thought he has Claudia's head in the sack ..
    I love seeing Dante's dilemma about Michael I am for one thinks he shouldn't use Michael to get his father behind bars I don't think you should use children in you cause no matter what it is right .

  2. anonymous, do you read your post before hitting enter? none of it makes sense.. maybe you're on some allergy meds or somethin'

    "I love seeing Dante's dilemma about Michael I am for one thinks he shouldn't use Michael to get his father behind bars I don't think you should use children in you cause no matter what it is right "


  3. Sorry a little bit sick .... happens LOL

    What I meant to say is that is that I understands Dante's dilemma about Michael ....
    He wants his job to be done and his mission accomplished.
    but if he will use Michael to do that he will destroy Michael ....
    Michael will always blame himself for what he did to his dad ....
    I don't think he should use Michael to get his mission done ..........

    About Franco ,What I said is I like what it is doing to Jason , I think it is finally give Steve a chance to show how talent he is .. he is rocking his scenes lately ........
    I love the all Franco S/L I think it really is amazing and very interesting..
    I love how it affect Jason and what it does to him.
    I just hope that they will not end it with Franco.
    That we will still see more Jason's emotion...
    My hope that maybe he will have more scenes with his mother and grandmother...

  4. I meant grandfather LOL

  5. I HATE the Franco storyline because Steve Burton is in it and he is the WORST actor on the show. He is the only actor on the show that does not hold his own and you can really tell how bad his acting is when he is in scenes with James Franco. This is just another good storyline that (as usual) Steve Burton gets the lead in that a better actor (Dominic Zamprogna) should have had. It would have been better.

  6. I also almost threw up at the end scene, as I thought some of Claudia's body was in the sack. (I had a stressful day at work followed by a stupid agency holiday party with HORRIBLE food, so maybe that partly explains it.)

  7. I really like Dr. Steven - never saw SR in anything before and he not only can act but he has a lot of charisma. Love Olivia and Dante scenes. They are very realistic in their relationship as mother and son. Tired of seeing Nik frowning all the time. Guza never should have been writing the Franco storyline. He doesn't have a clue as to what would be intriguing - total waste.

  8. Wish they would have included Sam at Alexis's house... this would make us all like her better if she weren't only shown defending a killer 24/7

  9. I think Steven looks leathery (think robert redford when he started to go downhill) I don't actually see the hotness but its just my opinion

  10. I have to agree, the Franco thing is bad. It started out a little intriguing, but now its boring. I have to agree w/ the comment on SB w/ JF in a scene together. It does not put SB in a good light. It looked like JF was trying his little heart out and SB was just standing there, not knowing what to do.

    Olivia needs to keep the girls wrapped up a little tighter! I don't think her son needs a peep show from her, LOL!

    Thurs was boring. I fast forwarded through all MB & SB scenes. Same old blah blah blah.

  11. Anonymous said...
    That Steve Burton is the worst actor and that needed to give it to Dante DZ
    Well you don't know what worst acting is ...

  12. I am over jason(steve burton).the actor and character are so popular because of his looks. the man is gorgeous. I agreee with another poster that he needs others to carry him. At this point I would like to see lucky and dante as the lead actors. botj are very talented.

  13. Ok people that likes Steve are not that shallow ..
    There is a reason why he is fan favorite not because of his looks so all the people who likes are that shallow..

    Yes he looks great but the man can act Jason has brain damage he has problem with feelings .. And Steve does amazing acting when he plays it .. and lately we see him having more depth to his character......

  14. Even he admitted in a video interview over at that he only got the part because he was as tall as the actor who played A.J. That was the only requirement for him getting the part at the time.

  15. Well, I think Steve Burton can act. I've seen it!

  16. on what show? just being sarcastic. steve burton moments are few and far between.


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