Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CO77x..Solved. GH FANS hold on...

It's HUGE! (NOT!) lol, go look on Wubs Net..and yes it was Franco's long ago. *Sigh* MORE scoops are up too. HIT an ad, thank you. $50 was sent today to Toys For Tots in honor of Jingle Jackal! Because I sent it today, it's going to be matched for the "House That GH Fans Built"...

OLTL: OMG the Mitch popping out of the coffin is a CLASSIC. Heh...I loved it. Natalie's reaction was hysterical. "Where is Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"! brahahahaha. Mitch is wonderful as the evil baddie. I just made the connection between this story and "The Devil's Advocate" with Reeves/Pacino. It's an awesome movie. When Mitch yelled "We have much work to do, you and I" to Rex, it was right out of the movie!! Mitch makes Franco look like a twinkie.

Fish's "ex" is getting creepy.

Awkward convo with Leyla, Fish..ewww. :Hands over ears:
Dorian looked Fab being sworn in as mayor. I'm glad, she'll be way more interesting than Vicky!
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Some of you noticed a pic up on the Wubs Net. There's nothing firm yet --it's just a rumor and it may be just a guest spot. Negotiations for long term is still coming. :wink:

SoapNet has a first pic up of Steven Lars. Take a gander. He looks like Richard Dean Anderson to me..which I guess is good casting.
Tele-Buddie from Knoxsville has some fun stats on soaps. DAYS has TWICE as many viewers as GH does in that ratings region.
Although Luke was at Karaoke today, it was block taped eons ago and he really IS on vacation. I know for a fact-o-rama. Isn't the magic of taping interesting? Just think Mr. Franco taped for 2 days and it runs (inserted) for two months!! eesh.
Karaoke--Luke/Tracy's hair look the same. Think Tabatha Coffey of BRAVO did them?? MAC and Alexis walk in. Diane is going to sing...Carolyn Hennesy was tweeting that she couldn't sleep last night she was so nervous it was going to be on! She was FABU!! wowza. How fun.
Alexis is pretty good too! LOL...Coleman introduced her as "Alexis Not Sammy...Davis"! Luke/Tracy dancing!! Oh, I love the Karaoke. I guess that makes me an old fogey or something. I don't care!

Luke--Ethan singing Stray Cat Strut!!!!! Did I tell you I am liking Ethan now?? I am .
Lisa--doesn't she look young? Farrah hair. I really don't get why we need this newbie character. I guess because they hired poor Jason Cook eons ago, did nothing with him and now need another newbie to pair him with so we don't care. :eyeroll: And I also bet BILLY DEE WILLIAMS is happy HE came back. :double eyeroll:
Spixie... oh, this is gonna be ugly.
Keifer being a bully--Carly walks in. She needs to go-go boot stomp on his FACE!
Can you imagine when Sonny finds out that DOMte is his SON? a copper? OY! It's going to be ANGST AND BARWARE all over the place!!
Not for nothin' but the Tiger Woods story would make for great soapy stuff! Heh.

On a bright note, I got some great shoes today. I've been looking for some black ones and they were on sale! :twirling:
I am leaving at 3:38 ...CARRY ON!


  1. Karen, ITA, Diane was mucho FABU! So were Alexis and Mac (I haven't seen the rest of the show yet).

    Alexis and Diane, such beauty, and such talent!!

    I watched your link to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and, although Kareoke(sp?) night at Jake's is no Nurse's Ball, it does showcase the talent and range of the cast, and reminds us that watching them have a really good time is much better than the usual watching them have a really bad time.

  2. Karen I think you are the only one that thinks Lisa looks so young, heck if you can fathom Robin in a Dr.'s coat when she still looks
    12, Lisa could be her frickin mother! I mean Robin is not only young looking in the face, but she's about what, 4 foot 11? Her kisssing Patrick is awkward for me if they're standing up. Love my Diane, Mac & Alexis. Do I have to see scammy Sam again?

  3. I agree, Lisa looks older than Robin by far but I also don't get her place in their lives. I mean Thanksgiving day, seriously? Just trying to spice up Scrubs even thought they're already tasty by themselves

  4. I have watched Days a lot longer than GH and they have had some pretty crappy storylines in the past. Now they seem back on track and I am loving it. Gives me hope that GH can do the same!!!

  5. Really only hated one thing about today.

    Why on Gods green earth would Sam even for a brief moment ask Jason if he thought that Maxie might have done something with Franco. I mean why would you, if for a moment I thought one of my best friends was doing someone on the side I would not tell the boyfriends best friend.

    I mean seriously are we now to believe that Sam is suddenly the most astute woman in Port Charles and can sniff out all the cheaters. First she runs home and tells Jason that Liz is not feeling Lucky and now Maxie.

    Give me a break writers, you will never get me in her corner again until she is out of Jason's life.

  6. I totally loved Kareoke. Whenever Diane said "Im yours" Luke and Tracy pointed to each other. Robin and Patrick did the same. Cute!

  7. I just read that James Franco has a film that's appearing at the Sundance Film Festival, "Howl". He plays the poet Allen Ginsburg.

  8. The best episode ever!!!!!!

  9. I didn't realize that Franco only taped two days???! So, has anyone figured out the whole Franco story yet??? So, if that's his booking #, was Dante the arresting office since he recognized that whole letter/number?

  10. KARAOKE IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO GH!!! I have watched it for 17 years, not as long as some, but I have loved it every time I see it, I actually laugh and smile and can re-watch it. Usually I only half pay attention because it has been so terrible.

    Alexis saying everyone get their *** up and dance was so WONDERFUL!

    Diane was FABULOUS! Her and Max are wonderful!

    Everyone is having fun in the Karaoke scenes... best EVER!!!!!

  11. Well, I saw the rest of the show. Luke and Ethan knocked my socks off!! They were so sexy and wonderful, it was great to see a 60 plus man have such sex appeal, it gives hope to all of us aging Baby Boomers.

  12. This was the first Karaoke episode I have watched because I am not a big Karaoke fan. I loved it! How fun and it lightened up the storylines that GH has been having lately.
    It seems like Mac is out of the awkward stage since he asked Alexis out. Now she needs to get out of it (booze not included).
    I love that Dante has someone to confide in about his issues, but it seems wrong that it is Lulu. Probably because she has not been behind him about arresting Sonny. So, why would he spill to her what is going on in the investigation??

  13. GH was hot wednesday . Karen's Wub site is the best. Daytime confidential sucks just cause i commented and said Genie francis is returnng this month they deny me access now jerks.

  14. I so agree that Lisa looks way older than Robin!

    Love th eppy yesterday, it was so wonderful. I have to say however, Mac was awful. Fun none the less.
    Really like Ethan now and since Karen ementioned she liked Ethan & Kristina I have to say that I agree. Kristina has that prtect me vibe and he has some how grown on me. Loved him & Luke, it was great!

    I think they are having Sam be right back where she was before: Jason's puppet. Michaal confided in her, she spilled the beans to jason. Same with everything. Maxie was the latest (and let's not forget Sam is Maxie's friend)and Liz before that and lord knows who else. I can hardly watch them and end up forwarding most of their scenes if not all. Liason was my fav couple and now I forward through both Becky and Steve's seperate scenes. They have ruined both characters and made them do things that are so far fetched and unforgivale that I can't recognize them any longer.

  15. Hate Sam, and I agree with all you said Dawn. I can never get over all she did and what they are making Liz do is just to put Sam in a better light, I'm convinced

  16. I watched Wednesday's show and I throughly enjoyed it. WOW! No complaints. Diane - I love her!!!! Hope she can stay on GH with the primetime gig.

    I missed Monday and Tuesday - should I go back and watch????



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