Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Sound Bites!

Hello! I hope where you are it's not TOO HOT..TOO WINDY...TOO stormy, flooding or on fire. Geesh, seems everyone is coping with something somewhere!

Here's a great interview with Lisa LoCicero on TV SOURCE Magazine. She dishes a lot about GH and the direction of her character, Olivia.

I'm saving some stuff for Sunday Surgery tomorrow but wanted to say that I think Connie Tower's stint as Hells has been pushed back now that it's certain GH is on the docket for the fall. I had heard she'd be on this summer but now I'm not so sure.  The whole "who has Robin" story may be shifting as well-- and there are a lot of ideas on hat out there in gossip land. Truth is, I really think Cartini is continuing to evolve the show and trying out story arcs before hitting the big sweeps stories.  There will always be surprises as well, which is a good thing. The OLTL cast will be shifting as we have Blair coming (and maybe staying eventually?) and Tea will be back. Llanview was in the works so we'll see about those sets. People are saying more GH vets will be popping up as well. Jack Wagner? Perhaps... if they can rustle the money up! 

 Greg Vaughn and Allie Sweeney will be in the  Hallmark  Channel's Movie "Two In" ...  sounds fun and good for Greg!

 Alison Sweeney ("The Biggest Loser") and Greg Vaughn ("General Hospital," "Days of Our Lives") will star in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Two In," it was announced by Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel.  The film began production in Los Angeles yesterday for a World Premiere in 2013.
 In "Two In," Sweeney plays a single mom working at a 911 call center who receives an emergency call from a firefighter who has broken a leg while fighting a fire. Circumstances repeatedly draw the two together until their mutual attraction cannot be ignored.

Graduation party later and my hair will look pretty limp..ugh.... and you know THAT'S WHAT'S IMPORTANT! lol  Hope you have fun today too. 

I  put new scoops up yesterday...take a gander!

Friday, June 29, 2012

I played hookie yesteray-- my parents were here. We watched the great race.

The new opening is SO SHORT! ahahaa.  Weird. SOOOOOOOOOOO SHORT.

Today's show was pretty dull....other than Todd and Carly. RH is having a BLAST with this show!! wow. 

LIZ and Sam-- same old dance but you KNOW Carlitini is doing this on purpose. The Liason/JaSam fans will both be going nuts.

John McBain and Jason were seriously fighting over who's going to kill Joe Jr. First ahahahaa. 

Starr asks the judge to dismiss ConKate's case.  

I swear I could see NuXtina read her script in her head. ugh..Do NOT LIKE !! 

ConKate is off the hook and Sonny was beaming!! 

Jason shoots a gun Monday. WOW

WAIT..HOLD THE PHONE--Saw the TomKat NEWS!! And she "Blindsided him" and is seeking SOLE CUSTODY?? wow..someone must have deprogrammed her. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ramblin' Todd

So, Paddy's poppin' the pills!! Wonder what they are... Xanax?? Vicodin? What? LOL.. he's doing some HAPPY THERAPY. Maxie finds the pills.

Heather has on a faux Chanel suit.  You know it's not Diane's or it would be real!!

Liason run into each other again-- awwww. They are in each other's orbits a lot!! Hmmmm. Teasing the audience or setting fans up for a confusion? Liz is looking all  stary-eyed. 

LOVE That Sam's working again!! I am glad she's not mooning for EONS. It's fast but there ya go.  Better than having her cry in the PH for ages.  And  I so love TODD! He was just rambling today... Rambling.  There were a TON Of little Sam mentions today! I miss that little guy. 
Todd tells Sam who might call him and who to put through. He says "My Sister'll know her she's sounds like this Helllooooooooooo this is Victoria Loooooord" ahaha. Oh that was good!!

TRACY IS NO RAT!! grrrrr.  She wouldn't do that to Luke no matter what. She may run him over or bash him in the head but go to the police?? 
Bad writing, and I'm calling it! Although of course Jane Elliot did it up!!

Heather finds Spinelli in the middle of the woods, talking into the recorder about HER! snap!!  She's going to EAT HIM!!  He's like Red  Riding Hood and she's the Big Bad Wolf heh... "Save it you little yellow bellied sap-sucker"


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Some of you know what this means...others are too damn young!! LOL..I am out of the blog today-- serious hair tending and car mending!! Enjoy this FISHTINI while I'm away--play nice. Tell me about GH!

Monday, June 25, 2012



Nancy's Post Emmy Interview in Chicago-- She was there to support her brother! 

Alex Cross Poster

Out Oct 2012 and will have Ingo Rademacher (JAX) as Officer Sachs! First Poster peek!

Post Emmy Glow


Heather, I hope you have a potty under that chair for Luke to use!! LOL I was also hoping AZ was in that shed, rotting in the corner. It would have been a hoot. How come Luke's phone rang when Anna left a message but NOT when Lulu did? Hmmmmm.
"you ungrateful little cutie-pants"!! says Heather to Luke while carrying a plastic knife! LOL 

Lante eating the Chinese food at the PCPD was cute.

Dante and Sonny zzzzzzzzzz How long before Sonny turns his dimples on Anna!!?? heh..special privileges!

Alice and Lulu! Nice touch. I like that people get around now. Never EVER would that have happened in the olden days.

Tracy and Anna...Tracy is just perfection I love her. "Until someone younger and edgier comes along..there's enough humiliation there to last a lifetime" gah! Poor Tracy!! Jane and Finola were awesome today!

Carly trying to tell Michael Johnny's a good guy. ConKate talking to Johnny about it all. They do have chemistry!! 

Somewhat Dull today--at the end, all 3 ladies "hold a candle" for Luke.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jen Lilley's Interview...

Great stuff...some Maxie intrigue! Thanks to Frank for finding this:

Sunday Surgery: Taking Happy Pills

What a Night! Laura and Frank V (that's Jason Thompson on the side)
GH Emmy Group Shot!
The Emmys were fun, I really liked them. Congrats to Tony Geary, JJ and Nancy Lee Grahn! Wow.. I'm so happy for her.  

Alberta Got all Ready for the Show!! 
 This week's GH:

Well. I loved Friday's show. LOL.. I'll start there. It was light and fun and I just really enjoyed myself for the whole hour. Can't say that a lot with GH even though it's HUGELY improved. Things I liked:
Actually liked Anna having Dolores go undercover to feed Johnny stuff. It made sense. We need more than one or two cops on the show. So, I'll give in. There. I liked Lulu's interactions as well. It's not just she and Dante sitting in a room anymore.  I really REALLY liked Spinelli and Todd--and Todd and Todd. He's just too fun. Tracy waiting for Luke with Big Alice coming out to check on her. Awwww. 
Heather clunking Luke on the noggin--and her laying on the floor next to him? Priceless. RM is doing it up as the crazy lady.   
Tea party in the park was cute, as were Mac/Felicia's split screen dialogs. 

Kate was subdued this week, telling Sonny about her past. I didn't cringe or giggle once. 
Spinelli telling Maxie off. BRAVO--and Bradford was amazing.
Not so good:
 Not sure about  the "Teen Scene" yet. I do like the new kid--he was pretty funny primping in the mirror and he can act. Juxtaposed to NuKrissy's puss face-- although I do say she has beautiful hair. I miss Lexi *sigh* 
I'm still getting used to THREE women fighting for Luke!! LOL Tracy was all giddy--Anna was fluttering. At least Heather wasn't acting like a 13 year old. She was just nutty. heh 
Jason is driving me insane, just not into his character or dialog.. ugh.
Things aren't "gelling" together like I want them to yet. The show still has that choppy feel. I need to get into the rhythm of it all . Still, it was a fun week and I did enjoy it. 

I even liked Kris Alderson singing. I think she's a good singer-- and it wasn't over the top, imo. (You haven't seen Over the Top unless you saw her "Jail Bait" video on OLTL!)

SCENE(S) OF THE WEEK: Go to BRADFORD ANDERSON. He was just awesome in every scene he had. Telling Maxie off, helping Sam with the PI business and with Todd. Comedy, Rage... subtle drama. He really has a range that's not appreciated. 

 NOT THE SCENE(S) OF THE WEEK: All the flashbacks. WE GET IT. We don't need a flashback of last week every 2 minutes. That's my only beef though--hey, not too shabby! 

YEAH FOR GH last night!!  Hopefully it will keep the show going for at LEAST another year. We can celebrate our 50 years. HLN did a great job producing the show as well. I think there were no clips of OLTL or AMC because ABC wouldn't release them. You know they'd be that stupid. 

PS I'LL TRY to find some clips from last night for those that couldn't watch. Here's Tony's Acceptance Speech. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daytime's Night to Shine!! Live Blog

Kristen Alderson and her brother Eddie on the red carpet-- LOVE! 

The red carpet on HLN..AJ Hammer did a great job--and it felt like it was respected!! Tony Geary was charming. He and Erika Slezak may both win their 7th Emmy, making them the biggest winners in history. Tony did spill he spent '3 weeks in a chair in a garden shed' on the show!! spoiler alert heh.

Finola and AJ  Hammer
Massi Furlan...our Balkan Thug!
Scott Reeves
Bradford and Wife Kiera
Chrissell from AMC in HOT PINK!
Lisa and Scott, table mates
Jen Lilley
Here we go!! They look like they are having fun!! I love the round tables--much better than the auditorium.You can get more drunk that way lol
Lisa LoCiccero tweeted this shot of TG accepting his 7th emmy
 Tony wins his SEVENTH Emmy--wow.. He thanks/recognizes his fellow noms...and says GH was almost cancelled for "Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong" LOL.. Nice. He did THANK GUZA though. Which was a BUZZ KILL for me!! 
Becky and Hubby Michael
 Days of Our Lives won best writing, first time since the 70's!! Wow... Johnathan Jackson won his FIFTH EMMY and second in a row!! He thanks God, Tony Geary, Becky Herbst, his wife--Guza JFP and Some Monks praying somewhere. LOL Okayyy..
Tony and Nathan

Younger Actor is Chandler Massey from DOOL...someone I don't know. They say his character came out this year.  I wish it would have been Nathan Parsons or Chad OR Bradford lol. I think Bradford deserves it because he's great at comedy and drama...not an easy combo. 

Morning Show winner: Today Show and only one person goes up? Geesh? 

Leading Actress: Heather Tom Bold and Beautiful  

Talk show finally goes to Live! with Regis and Kelly--it's never won, ever! 

Eddie and Chad after they lost their as tweeted by sis Kris
Kelly and Julie 
 ELMO won something!! LOL but he wasn't!!

NANCY LEE GRAHN WON and she WASN'T THERE!! Damn it!! she was tweeting up a storm but didn't go to the emmys, I'm sure she didn't think she'd WIN!! LOL... I'm so happy for her. 

Lisa, Sean Blakemore and his wife
There were no clips during the tribute to AMC and OLTL. Some are suggesting ABC wouldn't release them to CNN. That could be totally true.

BEST DIRECTING TEAM:  General Hospital !! I have to admit I was pulling for OLTL just on sentimental sake. 
Younger Actress: Christel Khalil  From Y&R

BEST DRAMA goes to GENERAL HOSPITAL!! (then again, OLTL wasn't nominated)
JFP said "From the OLD GUARD to the NEW GUARD"...and looked at the newbie Producer FValenti!

Daytime Emmy Prep!

Tonight at 7pm/est watch the RED CARPET show on HLN! Here are some pics that have been tweeted of actresses getting prepped for tonight! Nancy won't be able to make it but WILL live tweet follow her @nancyleegrahn on twitter.

Becky Herbst, Gorge without makeup!

Nancy, in "Target" outfit tweeting lake side
Laura Wright getting a blow out
Lisa LoCiccero poppin the bubbly!

Reminder: Daytime Emmys Tonight!

Starting at 8pm/EST on HLN !! If you miss it, they are re-airing it again at 10pm!! GH has a ton of nominations!! I will be live tweeting--@wubsnet

Also, Watch this fun Tony Geary video on AOL...

"Maxie's Mom": She's Back!

Leave it to your MOM to spill the big it over on Daytime Confidential. Kirsten Storms Mom says she's back to tape at GH at the end of the month.

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Are You Asking Me Out"??

SO...It's Friday!! Looks like SOD is saying Kirsten Storms is in "talks" to return to GH! I saw it  in the check out line and they tweeted it today as well. You happy? I miss her..but I do like Jen  Lilley too. I personally think she's done a great job.

Lulu might as well be a police girlie. She's there 24-7. Tracys all prepped for her dinner with Mr. Luke and he's NOT SHOWING UP!!! Because HEATHER knocked him out. LOL. She must have cracked him a good one, he's been out forever. 
SO Tracy finally goes looking for him and goes to his hotel where Anna has dinner waiting too. Ut. Oh. Same food as Tracy had. I think Luke's fave would be ribs NOT Caviar and pate.

Todd: Trey is the french word for shower....ahahhaah which is DOUCHE! He danced in front of the mirror!! This story is very OLTL. And Starr and Trey bickering is sooooooooo OBVIOUS!

They keep showing FLASHBACK AFTER FLASHBACK---after FLASHBACK  GOD!! We GET IT!! geesh!! 

Spinelli and Todd!!  This should be good. They "met" during those ABC mashups but it was Trevor St. John's Todd, not RH's. 
Spinelli was so fun. "Are you asking me out" Todd says...Spinelli " I? oh..Nope"! 

Todd "Did you get beat up on the bus a lot"?? ahahahaha. OMG that whole dialog was awesome. I think that's harder to pull off than any drama.  Bravo.

NUKrissy has nice hair. That's all I'm sayin'

BTW, GH is totally morphing into Old OLTL stories...the teen scene-- Luke standing up his ladies (Dorian and David and the prison)... tons of stuff. I shall have to ponder this for Sunday Surgery.


Anyone watching The Glass House? Is it only on one day a week? If so that's weird.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twitter is being a meanie today...not sure why but it's acting up. 
Hey, you know that Bus Monitor from Greece? That's right near here, other side of Rochester. Ugh I can't even watch it. Glad she's gotten support. 

I watched the end of The Revultion today and I can so see why it was canned. Ty talking about cleaning your bathroom. And he is too manic to talk about anything.. UGH.. Stupid ABC. Got rid of OLTL to teach me how to use Cola to clean my toilet. 
Still Stalking LUKE I far will she take the obsession?

 GH today.. Jason going to see LIZ about Sam?? Brahahahahaa. Ok, I guess that's a way to provoke response. Split screen responses again.

Mulva is the one telling Johnny all the secrets!! Can I dare hope this means she's leaving. 

Anna's asking about who's dishing about the PCPD stuff and Dante, Lulu and Mulva all have guilty flashbacks. Heh.  And she wants Mulva to go undercover. Great. More Dolores.

ConKate-- cray cray continues. 

LOVED GHOST HOPE!! JOHNNY'S LOSIN' IT!! She's a little Great casting. Looks creepy.

DON'T GO WITH HEATHER!  And TG'S VACATION HAS BEGUN!! She's going to kidnap him LOL. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For Wubbers

I just saw this and though of us--the last ditch daytime fans..holding on!! LOL.. Just loved it. Also a reminder that the Daytime Emmys will be on HLN June 23rd!! I'm so happy they 
are televising them.

Tea in the Park!

A few new SPOILERS are up...take a gander. I'm trying hard to be excited about the show. It's probably just one of my 'cycles' with it. *sigh*
Maybe part of it is LUKE AND ANNA...which still skeeves me out. That kiss today? Like Bro and Sis. oy.I loved Lulu's face when he was telling her about Anna. She had on an "ewww" face.
She also wants to have him tell Anna about AZ's body. Now, Heather heard that Luke lied about Ethan and Robert! Oh interesting.
Tell Maxie off.
She deserves it-- and it's about time!! 

Mac and Felicia--that was kinda cute. The way they split the screens. I loved Anna and Flea talking because they were friends in the past and they are actually acting like friends NOW! 
Mac and Spin-- having a little coffee chat.  Nice.
GAH! Little EMMA with Maxie in the park!! "You're crying, want some tea'??! Patrick is asking Maxie to move into the house. Built in baby sitter--you go Paddy! 
FLEA MAC lock lips!

What did you think about SKate? Way less dramatic than I thought.. LOL Nevermind he fact that if Connie wasn't the alter and Kate was--then Kate's been the "other one" this whole time?? It makes no sense. WTH. I'm comfussszed. I think Connie is actually THE REAL PERSON and Kate is the alter.  That could be interesting.

Love the Starr NuKrissy dynamic because it's just pure snark. If Porno Rick was there, he'd make Starr and Krissy do an on camera hook up with some blackmail stuff! LOL  
Michael "Trey's a Tool" heh...
Can I hope they redecorate MaxieLu's apartment? I hate it. ugh Nursing home wall paper from the 1950's.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Can Run the Obituaries.

 I came in at 3:30 today but by the looks of it, I didn't miss much. 
Starr and NuGuy wanting to live in Lulu's old room. He's so like Porno Rick from OLTL. Starr AND Trey living there. Oh great.

Luke and Anna still going on and on about the "sezy" time.. whatever. Blah, blah blah..should we or shouldn't we? What about Tracy? What about Robert? What about blah blah blah. 

The poem Sam read was much better in Scottish in Four Weddings and a Funeral.  I LOVE that movie!! The first line starts with an "F" and it gets better over time!! 
Sam and Jason -- took an age for them to marry, another age for them to have their damn honeymoon--and now-- GOOD GRAVY. 

Heather and Todd. Interesting. I wonder if he'll take over Kate's office at Crimson. He'll look divine in that red mess of a place.  Heather wanted Style Editor! LMAO...whoops. he thought it would be obituaries. HEATHER BRINGS the Cray!!

My insurance company called because I had a car accident yesterday--someone tried to run the yellow and ;/ boom. I had a green arrow and all of a sudden there was a car in front of me. OY! Any whoo, a lot  of stuff to do.

Monday, June 18, 2012

 Spinelli is down on all 4's like a Basset Hound today, "Retracing" Heather's footprints. IN THE POST RAIN...days after the storm. Well, that's stupid.

TAWWWD takes his shirt off to show CARLY!! WOOT! that's my Todd!! He bought like every media outlet in PC and named it Manning Enterprises "ME" ...get it? LOL!

Jason didn't go to the dang memorial. Idiot. I loved when he said he wasn't invited and Michael said "that doesn't mean you shouldn't go"!! Micheal went, Carly went and Todd went.  Jason does show up at the cemetery last minute. Cue Music.

AnnaLu--slept together -at least we didn't see it. NOT COOL. He did have a robe on too. UGH. He looked like Obi Wan. Tracy walks in on Anna in bed! Interesting. They have a chat and Luke over hears. You know Tracy will find out about the sleeping together eventually. ouch.

Heather says to "Olivia"  "don't you just clean rooms" (at the Metro) LMAO.  They were awesome today.

My Boy Joshua, after his first audition! He did me proud.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Surgery: IV Drip

That's what I feel like GH is doing to me. A slow--slow IV drip. A bit of this, hardly any of that--then dashes and bursts of things. I wish they'd put a little amphetamine  in there. The timeline is so off and I just can't understand why things are still so choppy. Random stuff just inserted then dropped. 3-4 days go by without revisiting a storyline (or in the case of TJ/Molly weeks), then they pop up for a minute--and go away again. Days of really great material and cliffhangers and days of sheer boredom.  Slice and Dice, baby.
This week I'll discuss gauze bandages, reality TV and what I see as a big mistake coming!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Mr. Trouble
 NEW Scoopies are up..and Joe Jr. will be coming back-- he's the guy that raped "Connie"-- I also don't think Sam will find her baby anytime soon and looks like the Llanview piece will be coming. See you for Sunday Surgery!!

"The Key is Under the Scotch"

Why did Lulu think it would be ok with Dante if she partnered with Johnny? I mean...he's her ex and a mobster. Gee, Hmmmmmmmm.

Kristina. Not happy, don't like her. This Reality show thing--how did they get into Sonny's?? Geesh. He was fun giving them pastries and trying to be all nice. Still don't like NuKrissy.

Luke and Anna. Another NO COMMENT. NO. THANK YOU!! Today they just spider monkey-d each other!!

Ewan seems like Mr. BusyBody--not a therapist. ConKate left her baby boy in a dresser drawer. Um, Emma was left in a tree soooooooo, which is worse? LOL.  Then Connie/Kate talks about becoming Kate and forgetting about her dresser drawer baby.

Dante and Johnny. zzzz "I'll be watchin' ya Johnny" says Dante. Yeah. Ok, right.

SO, we have a baby floating around and a new guy he a red herring? BECAUSE IF NOT he's HUGELY OBVIOUS!!  

OH AND JOHN made a Transylvania joke to Luke! pfft!

TODD bought CRIMSON!! woot!! (in previews) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Un-Kiss!

Dante took his shirt off-- and we saw the loft for the first time in a long time.  He's not happy about the Haunted Star action with Johnny. And Carly's not happy either.

Luke and Anna. Luke looking at her in her yoga gear!! LOL..I love them..AS FRIENDS people. I'm so happy that he and Tracy may be getting back together. Tracy and Alice all pally around, dishing about the relationship!! eeeeeeeeee!! 
FUN dialog today!
I DIDN'T LIKE that massage!! No! stop it. And they KISSED! Better be more of a "Marty McFly and his Mom" kiss

Sonny and John-- talking about Theresa and the CLUB.  Sonny's trying to say nothing is his fault. OF COURSE IT'S NOT! Whatever.  He tried to save her. Got it. He's always the "hero"!

Alert: Connie and Sonny never had sex. Period. This is obviously a rewrite to give Sonny yet more kids..unless it's Dante. UNLESS HE'S NOT THE DADDY--whoa. What is this?! She was raped by Joe Scully. Interesting! Total shift of paradigm. Didn't see that comin'. These guys are good at keeping mum! That kid Trey has to be Joe Jr. JR. He'll be all revenge like on Sonny--he'll find out he was a rape baby or something. 

Wait until you see Connie CHOKE HERSELF. Pfft. Sorry. but 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Maxie" on "Disaster Date"

RIGHT Before tuning into GH I saw Jen Lilley on MTV's "Disaster Date" playing some under-aged internet girlie. ahahhaa.

Liason having beers, Jason is still being an IDIOT. He's jealous of EWAN? Ugh."He'll have to answer to me" stupid line.

Starr's singing--what you think? I don't think KA has a bad voice at all but GH fans don't like her. 

WHAT IS THIS PG TEST!!? Oh please let ConKate be preggo with WTD--and she is! This is such the Jessica story that was on OLTL. (she didn't know who the daddy was because of her DID). Only in that story, her sister also had a baby, and DNA switches were all around.
Wait until you SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! Double Blind Switch to KICK MY HOPES IN HE HEAD!! Good Gravy.
She's hysterical Pregnancying-- is that a word?OMG  she's 17 and thinks she's PG. You know Sonny's getting another kid somewhere.  Or Dante's her's. Great. BTW, on OLTL Jessica went back to the age of 17.

Johnny and Carly are so cute..I like 'em...and I like that he's taking over the boat. He needs to redecorate though. 

Sam leaves her dragon behind. 

WEIRD DAY. That's all I'm saying.

CNN: New Soap Champion!?


This is an AWESOME video about General Hospital. Great interviews and insights. Given the fact that Headline News is embracing the Daytime Emmys this year, I think we should be so happy these stations have "found" us!! Yeah!! Watch the Video, it's really good. NLG even mentions FANS, FANS, FANS!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Photo Fun!

Because I'm bored and want to play!! Which GH Character(s) do these photos represent? These may be a bit harder! (some are based on my nicknames for them) GOOD LUCK!


Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...