Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day of April..

and that means my month-end paperwork is all due..and I shall not be able to watch our wonderful show!

Dr.O and Donna Mills are back--in the cells that Todd and Carrrrrrlos had? Weird. Or I guess they do have lady vs. men wings in the PCPD? 

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you care anything about Jordan? 

Do you think TJ is Shaun's kid? (again, do you care?)

Tell me what you think Maxie has been doing since she got back--and NOT visiting Mac/Flea

Now that Heather is 'locked up' (supposedly) do you think Kelly's might go out of business? 

Do you care who NotLuke really is? 

What's your favorite storyline right now? 

What do you think Patrina will name their  baby?  

Would you buy a painting from Ava's gallery? 

Do you think Ava will be pregnant? 

Is Morgan auditioning for Teen Wolf 3? 

Have a good one!! XXOO if you are in the twister/flood areas..take care!! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NBA Interruptus

Well...guess the NBA ain't foolin! It was great to see the head of something actually be gutsy and stand up and say what he did. Banned for LIFE! Too bad he's 80. Anyway...


It's STILL crypt sex night...and funeral night. LOL Can you believe it? Things are really moving so so slowly. Weird.

TJ gets into PCU..he's happy.  Jordan makes it seem like Shaun didn't kill her hubby in "Friendly Fire"..that there's something more there. I still think TJ is his son. I don't care about this story. 
I did like the sundae on the counter tho!! 

Morgan tells Julian that Ava was funneling info to Sonny. Sonny was afraid Morgan was going to tell him she cheated with HIM. Welp. NOT yet.

Alexis was on, but I couldn't tell what was happening because of the cut-in by ABC.  Looks like late night wine in the studio. 

Kiki talks to Ava..and there was some fake flashbacks of Carlos "killing" AJ. Anna believes him. 
@@ duh. Same as Olivia believes Sonny.

Monday, April 28, 2014

New PC Hangout: Q Crypt!

I think Carlos and Livvy would be hot together!! WHERE are Dr. O and Donna Mills? Different part of the PCPC?? 
Carlos is gonna "Confess" because Ava is making him.  Great.  NO NO NO I do not like this!

Epiphany says the odds aren't great- Sabby tries to climb out of bed to see her kid. 
Felix helps her--yeah!! Patrick and Britt hug...she tells him the odds are 50-50. The baby weighs 1 pound 4 oz. Patrick cries.  Patrick and Sabby go in to see him. 

Morgan better tell!!  Can YOU YELL MORE in the lobby of the Metro Court? LOL ..Geesh!! And Olivia leaves in the middle of confession because of  a phone call? UGH!! Then, Sonny's talking Morgan into shutting up. Olivia can't figure this out?? WHAT? come on..she's smarter than almost anyone on the show. GEESH.   Sonny says he broke up Ava and Morgan because they 'violated' their agreement. Good Gravy. ugh 

AND-- Kiki and Michael are standing in..ewwwww who knows what!?!! UGH..hose that crypt down!!  Why are they in there? Where's Monica and the snacks? Isn't it like 3am or something?
The Crypt could be the new Bar in town. Drinks? Zombies!! 

Kiki finds Ava's earring. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nurses' Ball News

So....the Press Release is out for the 2014 Nurses Ball and it actually says: 

As the Nurses Ball 2014 begins, several popular Port Charles residents will be noticeably absent from the Red Carpet and stuck at home watching the festivities on TV.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. WHY? Why? Seriously, WHY. This is the one time they need to save up the budget to have everyone there.  I know last year was a blow-out but come on. Everyone needs to be there!!

The Nurses Ball episodes air May 8 through May 13.

According to spoilers, I do know Ric/Liz and Nik will all be there.. I'll try to find out more.  

Sunday Surgery: Short and Sweet

Just like Sonny...Carey N said on the blog:
Wow, Sonny sure is a quick shot! Carlos wasn't even finished leaving his voice mail by the time Sonny and Ava were done. No wonder they were both like, "That's never gonna happen again," "No need to talk about this." LOL

Yep.. that's about it!! What more can you say when two characters go at it in the crypt where the guy they murdered was JUST buried like 15 minutes ago? WTF? I mean, we knew they were going to have Sex..but geesh. 

Today's Surgery is short/sweet because my Aunt's 80th Bday party is this weekend and everyone is coming and some staying over (which means Sunday Brunch). BUT! I couldn't let this fun filled week go without some of my good ol' Wubbin.

Grab a pair of sunglasses because you might want to look away at times!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ut. Oh...Morgan!

MORGAN ...heh..totally goes NUTS on Sonny. Did you see Ava's face when Sonny screamed it at him?! Holy Moly. What if Ava gets PG ?? What will Sonny do when he finds out SHE killed Kate? I bet they get married. Ava's going to screw with Sonny's meds--- 
Morgan goes to Oliva.  Sonny shows up. He'll tell Livvy next week. 

Patrick carrying that "baby" around was so stupid! LOL Geesh, the medical people would have put tubes, oxygen and stuff in there.  Sabrina cries to Felix. 

Nate questions Britt about driving. 

Carlos thinks Ava did the Sabrina wreck and she's letting him think that.  

Olivia and Duke, Time filler.

And...GH makes The SOUP again!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crypt Sex. Yep. Went There.

Britt is going to help Sabby deliver her baby, just like Sabby helped HER on the floor of Wyndemere.
Geesh, get EMMA OUT OF THE CAR!! they kinda just left her in there. 

Anna gets to the scene in a flash..Emma's all "Grandma"!!  The paps arrive and the news is there in a flash! 

Luke is JUST SUCH...OMG, no one notices he doesn't move his head? Or isn't funny? Or anything? WHY wasn't Bobbie at AJ's funeral? She was JUST on the show, you think she would have been there for her bestie Monica. 

Why would Sonny go into the crypt when he's totally claustrophobic?? And you know he's looking at Ava's boobies.  
They did such a good job together. WOW..Maura West just BLEW ME AWAY!!  they are going to DO IT people..and Morgan's gonna walk in??
ALL we need now is for Kiki to have sex with Sonny and the whole thing is complete. GEESH! 

Cam is all "PSYCHE" to Spence...they are kinda driving me nuts today.  

Franco and Carlos. Now Carlos is going nuts, thinking that Franco is in with Ava. Todd's all mad that he almost got the truth outta him.
Carlos leaves Ava a message hes' gonna kill her. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Watch this Clip from 1993 about Bill Eckert and listen to Geary.

It's so BILL that we are seeing!

I'm Not Gonna Let You Dangle Kiki

CARLOS and Todd..tedious. 

Emma got carnations and a kiss from Cam. Spencer saw it..and I'm sure he's going to kill Cam soon LOL. Would have been nice to have Maxie on. 
Patrick, Emma and Sabrina in a car. What could possibly go wrong? 
Please. Spare me.
AND-- who's making the "hit' call...Ava or Fluke? Which is REALLY responsible??!
They crash. 

Monica was ON!  Then NOT.  Same with Anna, Duke and Flea, all mentioned then not shown. Would have been nice to have had Maxie on. You know, with her PARENTS

Is it weird to have a funeral at night? Even the song was about SONNY--all guilt and crap. The funeral was 1min. long LMAO Whatever. Ava never even went out. She drank and watched TV. LOL 

Kiki tries to trick Luke into admitting something, but he's too smart.  It looks like she is coming on to him again. 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I DON'T Like to Be Tricked!!

Yep...Emma, you got it! HOW can ANYONE be sure who's baby is who's anymore!!?? She looked adorable in her little ballet outfit.

Spence is gonna spill? Fluke is pretty funny. Wait until Gam-Gam Hells gets back. She'll give Spence a nice ICE PICK. 
Having Cameron and Spence in the same house is kinda brilliant.

Todd and Carrrrrrrrrrrlos.  HE says 'WESTERN upstate NY" which made me swoon. WE ARE Western NY!!  thank you writers for that.  Todd is trying to get intel on Carlos' and teh murder.

Tracy, buy a clue. GOOD GOD. Like Kiki would come on to Crypt Keeper LUKE! NED --please hire Wally Kurth. OMG, Ned spills Luke's history to Kiki and Morgan. "She MARRIED Him'??
"He convinced her it was a seduction"
"And people BOUGHT THAT'!!??????
"it was a different era"!!

OMG..that's us fans, arguing about it!! ahha WOW.

I guess Monica, Alice and Michael were out getting snacks ready for the funeral? Is the funeral at the Q house? Why is everyone waiting around there? OH I know, the crypt!! LOL

Ava to Carly: I'd offer you a ride, but I despise you!! ahhhaa.

Monday, April 21, 2014


EMMA'S real LIFE SISTER will be in the ballet recital!!! WOOT! Isn't she adorable? Her name is Londyn..Londyn and Brooklyn lol 

OK.. today's show. I did hear "Tumor in a Jar" from Diane.  

And...Sonny and Michael are ... blah blah blahing over AJ
YEAH! Ghost AJ is back! he was awesome again today. Hey, put EVERY person that Sonny directly or indirectly killed into that room!! 

Ava threatened Sabby and her unborn kid to get Carlos in line. 

Sabrina and Patrick are going to tell Emma about the baby boy. She's not happy.

Spencer and Fluke were cute. Fluke threatened Emma if Spence didn't shut up. Sonny walked in.

People still gots their SUITS on for the funeral!!!  It's going to take another DAY to happen.  


Just Gabbin'

It's Monday, the day after a long break and I so don't want to go to work! So, I thought I'd have a little chit chat with you all.
How was your weekend? It was finally NICE here-- Sunday was perfect. We had a nice brunch at my hometown's country club. I saw people I hadn't seen since the '90's. I ate too many red velvet truffles. Oy.

I have to say I'm watching some great shows. Fargo is SO GOOD, and if you are a Cohen brothers fan, it's even better. Many little hidden eggs to find (white russian specials). The cast is awesome. It's on FX.
I also started season 2 of Orphan Black. If you can, watch season 1 (I think it's on Netflix now) --it's just one of those shows that make you think TV is really advancing and glorious! 

Is it wrong I totally think Lindsay Lohan is faking having a miscarriage? Geesh, you know you are on bad terms with the public when they think stuff like that!! 

Call the Midwife was so sad last night. Another stellar show. It's on PBS. This is season 3.  

I have the big Atlanta Housewife Hair pulling reunion on DVR, can't wait to watch!! 

What are you watching?? I really tried to get into Scandal..and I couldn't. I watched 3 shows from Season one and was like..meh. I think we may try The Good Wife next? I do love to binge watch a great series.  It's either that or The Black List. 

SO, GH starts another week and AJ's funeral is finally here. Only 23 real days after it happened. @@ I'm going to TRY to be more positive on the show (if I watch) this week, but don't expect miracles!! If they don't tighten up stories/cast soon, it's just not worth the time.  Nancy Grahn put up a hilarious post on her FB page; enjoy! 

Today. Pretended to forget my wallet forcing Maurice to buy my lunch. Jane Elliott attempted to teach me to knit. It did not go well. However I kept a pair of knitting needles in my dressing room to fend off Finola Hughes constant attempt to make me watch her old "Blossom" reruns. Let it go Fin. Tony ran through the halls naked again swearing at the cast in Danish. Security doesnt even come anymore when we call. Between Kin Shriner constantly parking his Pink Vespa in my space and Tony streaking, they are fed up and bored. GeneralHospital Facebook Page is showing #julexis fans some love, so be sure to go on there and like how they're liking us. More tomorrow. xo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday... er Saturday Surgery: Bloody Mess

 SURGERY is ONE DAY early due to Easter tomorrow.  I figure you are all busy so what the heck. Here is it today:


That's me pulling on my gloves because I'm going to be elbow deep in a blood bath when I dish on the show this past week.
Between NotCreepsterLuke, Levi the GURU and Dr. O just waltzing out of jail, it's been a hellofaweek.

Let's get going...and here it is almost  EASTER SUNDAY! I wish I could be more cheery about the show!! Maybe having some Peeps and cramming a chocolate bunny in our mouths would help. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!

WTF with NotLUKE! This is STUPID! Dave, you are right, his ass needs to be in JAIL! They'd better out him soon ..because not only is it riduculous it's getting boring as hell.  I know he's NOTLUKE--- but given REAL Luke's history it's so wrong.  What a mess of a story. BTW, it wasn't CUTE or funny in ANY way, shape or form. 
Kristen Alderson pulled that scene with Morgan off just wonderfully-- she was perfect; all shaky and upset. Good job. 

UM... I don't know what to say. ahahahhaa. Carly and Franco. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz They just review everything for people to catch up. LOL And hes' going to jail so he can talk to Carrrrrrlos.?? Oh, brilliant. (she says rolling her eyes) Hope Donna Mills isn't in there too. How would they all pee? 

Could they get a MORE boring "driver" for Spencer? GEESH!!!  MilkManMoo. With all the character actors in LA --they get HIM!???????

Get Felicia and Mac on and Lucy/Kevin..maybe a scene at Floating Jake's to all see Maxie?  NO, let's have her stand in her apt for three days talking to WoodMan and Levi. @@ 

SONNY..and AJ and Spencer were great. Only part of the show I liked. SK is great!!   I do wish they'd make that blood look a bit more real but hey..

Ava is going to kill Sabby and the baby if Carlos doesn't take the fall. Interesting. That actually fits and makes sense. 


I'm headed there today!! It's a gorgeous little town on one of the Finger Lakes. I was going to watch GH last night and just couldn't bring myself to do it! Someone (DAVE) told me Tracy bought NotLuke's crap about no pre-nup. WTH. Come on now. So, that made me mad and I decided to wait until I have to do Surgery on Sunday to watch yesterday/today. 

Have a good Friday--we can feel the warmth here finally. I can only hope it lasts and we don't have snow later in the week.  
And..Good Friday to those that observe. Easter's coming soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Watching Later..

I'll be watching the show later and I'll update when I do!
Too nice out to be inside...FINALLY! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And Jordan is..

A dealer! Kingpin..not a druggie mule. That's good, I'd rather have her be that than the other. That shirt tho..
Julian thinks Jordan is a narc. She could still be one, we won't know. She does a strip tease for Julian to show him she's not wearing a wire. She stomps out the gallery with her shirt open. LOL

Anna takes Carlos in for questioning and "roughing up Dante" (she just wanted to frisk him lol) NO WAY would Carrrrrrrrlos sit there with no lawyer. 

Luke is SO NOTLUKE...there's no humor there, and Tracy doesn't notice!! Ned wants a pre-nup. No way is Luke gonna do that. Tracy tells NotLuke--oh yes you are!! 

SONNY THREW that glass. I would think Olivia could see Dead AJ?...huh. Dead AJ sniping at Sonny is awesome.  Sean K was having a blast. Olivia got yelled at --wow!!  She left him, told him to get help. He calls Ava.
Let the games...begin!! 

Duke and Shaun: Blah, blah...blah...Jordan's a drug dealer, jail time..Hey, Shaun, you have BLT orders piling up!! 

Dr. Chu said she was assisting Dr. Pacabra with a double delivery.

OMG..that's hilarious..get it? Chupacabra??  ahahaa. Patrina will find out their baby sex..and it's a ..BOY O'BOY! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke Disses Edward

Edward's portrait!! GOOD LORD... Tracy is just delusional. COME ON...BUY a clue. YEAH Ned is back. Get rid of 10 characters, get him back and recast Dillon. Get the families back on track.

Duke's back.
Yeah, Duke who? And that criminal was fast to turn over, wasn't he? Although kudos for mentioning the new NY state gun laws! 

Boston Marathon Interrupt. Which was fine. SO sad. 
Sweet Martin... Krystle RIP... and Lingzi. Salute to Sean. #BostonStrong remembering all those who were affected.
Moment of Silence

Recasting Betty?



Steven Bergman
GH has sent out a casting call for a role that sounds like a recast for Sabrina, whose portrayer, Teresa Castillo, is slated to begin her maternity leave soon. The actress would begin taping in May in a part described as "Hispanic. 27-33. Beautiful, passionate, dynamic. Originally from Mexico [Sabrina, it should be noted, is a native of Puerto Rico], she has come to Port Charles to pursue a career in medicine." While the show is seeking a recurring player to fill the role, the casting notice asks, "Please only submit actresses that are open to the possibility of a Contract Role as well."

GH Viewers React to Storylines! readers have the best comments!! So, if you didn't have time to scroll and find them, I'll highlight a few here. Even people who disagree with me..LOL. I'm not scared of that!! If you already read the comments, feel free to skip this post. I am on a break from work all week and am concentrating a bit more on the site/show. Forgive the indulgence. 
THANK you to all that leave comments, hit sponsor buttons and also those that just read and lurk. You're all part of the Wubber Fam! BTW, my Sunday Surgery posts get double the hits that the daily ones do. Guess people love a round-up. 

Here we more after the jump! 

The ADD editing is distracting, creating false climaxes. We don't need every 30 sec clip to end with a contorted face in mid-speak. Also, have a conversation be deeper and don't cut from it. Allow the cameramen to use the camera to imply things. Cinematography is an art- USE it. Use music better. The 80s were loaded w character themes songs- the villains' were great.

KinderCawley said...
I agree with most, the show is a mess. But, I stick with it. I was a big fan of 90s GH, so i can see where the show is so completely different now. But, with so many old favorites back, I can't turn away from the show, even if it's sort of disjointed. It would be like turning my back on an old, it's my guily pleasure ;-). I enjoy reading everyone's comments, keep 'em coming!

A Cast of Thousands

I have this week off work. Naturally, I am doing things on the site and thinking about GH. I'd like to give you a list of people on the show NOW--characters that come in and out. Yes, granted, a lot of them are "back ground" characters but many are part of stories, or having stories that start and (maybe) finish. In particular I want you to think about the last time you saw them on screen, who they are involved with and most importantly how they are interacting (or NOT) with others. It struck me yesterday that Duke's been gone so long I don't even remember he's on the show half the time. When he is it's for a blip, then gone.  Same for Lucas...a character with huge ties to the canvas is hardly ever on.
Are other soaps this big? I don't watch so I can't comment. Maybe I'm totally off on this. It just seems I just get into something and people disappear..or they are stuck talking to the same person for days.

Anyway, Here we go..I'm sure I'll miss someone so, chime on in: 



Dr. Obrect
Donna Mills
Victor (returning)
Helena (returning)
Max/Milo (??? not sure if they are still on the show) 

Monday, April 14, 2014

AJ is Ripe

Fast times at GH High... redux. Hello Eric Stoltz!! now if Levi only did bongs, he may be interesting. BTW, how stupid was he today? UGH
WHY does Levi care so much about stupid Nathan?  
Donna told Nate today that Britt is his sister and Obrect is his mother. AHAHA. and his eyebrow went up maybe a 1/2 inch.
Emoting. Such EMOTING!!

This Dr. O getting out of jail for the embryo?

Nik asks Liz to move into Wyndemere. OMG this is SO the Britt story 2!!! ahhaa. I mean, down to the "I'll help you get on your feet"!! Do they have a school bus ferry to get Cam to class? 

Patrina is off vacation. Paddy has a beard. Carlos says "nice beard" after he walks away. Hahaha

Michael storms into the PCPD. He'd better be glad he's white because anyone else would have had a take-down going into the chief's office like that!! 

AJ'S death certificate said MARCH 31ST. March...31st???????????? WHAT? Am I nuts?'s either NOT April 14th on the show..or he's been on ice for 14 days?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Sing a Song of Sisters

As you know I took a breather from GH last week. I did FF now and again and read all your comments. Thanks for that.  As you can see, I did break down and watch the show Friday.

WARNING: Do not read the next page if you are going to ask me "why do you bother" or any other foolishness. This is my OPINION of GH. And right now, it's not pretty. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Broke Down Today

And watched.

Now, poor baby Ben is going from Cassa-Luxury to..what? Tiny fan-wall loft...they are gonna change his name. Wonder if it will be Connor. Connie, Connor. 

Does NotLuke know he's trying to BE the "real Luke"??? Because he's failing in epic ways. Tracy might not realize it but even Sonny is like: WTF. 

So, Sonny doesn't NOTICE Luke has a suit on and cares about him or his business? LUKE says: "You My Dawg"!!?????? OMG You mah dawg!! ahaha.
Luke kept saying watch out for Up and Comers.. and newbies. Like who did Sonny supplant? Frank Smith. Although he HAS to be Bill Eckert.

Looks like Britt and Nathan are siblings, according to der Mutta. I loved when Dr.O said Maddie would hold her down and make her slap herself LOL! Just like a sibling!! Maxie is so happy about Lante. 

Spencer, "I fired Alfred"..and he's worried about Britt and Ben. He's sad they are gone. 

Nathan and Britt almost kiss and Maxie comes out. Britt acts like she's had 89 drinks and Nathan acts like..

well. You know. (wood) 

BY THE WAY they mentioned 2x it was THREE AM in the morning!! What the hell...Olivia's just out, Luke's wandering around. I mean..Ric's visiting Liz?

OK..Dr. O's shocker: What about your OTHER child says Obrect?!!

I Saw Levi and...

Well. He's got an AUSSIE accent. hmmmmmmmm wonder what that could mean?

He doesn't look as good as Nathan in a towel--but can act better.

Looks like the guy in "Mask" and George of the Jungle.

You could sniff the con-man in him when he went on about the "hurricane victims"...

Did he really slobber all over Maxie? 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

So... Someone Agress !!

Just reading the Michael Fairman/Laura Wright Interview. It's a good one. Hit that link to read the whole thing, but here's the clip that got me. Oh we know EVERYONE thinks the show is CHOPPY CHOP CHOP!

But, do you think the character of Carly is head over heels for Franco?
I guess that is what they write, but I have not actually gotten a chance to play it.  I got rescued from Heather, and then we say, “I love you”.  Then, all of a sudden AJ is shot, and meanwhile, we have a love story to tell.  Roger and I really play off of each other well, and we really have a great time together, and we don’t need a lot to come up with really interesting beats and moments, which you will see in a lot of upcoming scenes.  I mean, Carly says it all the time now: “I love you” to Franco.

I know she does!  I am looking at her going, “YOU DO?”(Laughs)  It’s hard for me to invest.
That is because you did not see the journey of them falling in love, or having a moment where she says, “I don’t know if I can be with you,” because then Franco pulls Michael out of the water, and then Franco got laid! (Laughs)  And that is great too, but it happened very soon after that saving Michael moment.  I don’t know what Frank and Ron’s timing on certain stories is.  I don’t know if they had something they had to get done in two weeks, because we have sweeps we have to worry about, people going on vacation, Nurses Ball, the anniversary, and so o

New Spoilers are UP!

So..can you guess WHO Nathan's Daddy is? Not too hard to get that one. Anyway, thanks for all the updates. I pretty much knew them all.  I can't believe that Det. West will be getting  front-burner story drama when he's pretty much just a wooden actor. Sorry, I'm calling them as I see them. The scene between he and Donna Mills at the Nina "confession"? OY. Wow. Painful. Now that HE is Dr. O's son.. you know Britta is probably??? 

Well, it will get there.

Spencer gets all caught up in the NotLuke story.  And...there's complications with Patrina baby. 

And what do you think about the New KOOKIE-guy Maxie dragged home? 
No comment yet. 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Run By Post

Saw Donna Mills confess to everything.
WHY would she do that? I mean, why tell about the baby..yada yada?? I know, it's a soap.

And I saw Olivia's cleavage. 
And SOME RIBS!! Eat them RIBS!! 

Why isn't Anna helping out with Obrect? 

Oh, and yesterday's show?? What? No one could call TRACY ABOUT AJ?  stupid.

Taking a nap.

Look Who's Coming..

Look who's back..
Back again...
Look who's back..
Tell a Friend...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking A Break

yep..I'm going to step back for a bit from the show..please feel free to post here. I WILL Be doing SPOILER so check the WUBS net now and again. If a show is REALLY GREAT--please let me know in the comments and I'll catch it.I'll have them all on DVR.

Above pic from Tyler Christopher's Twitter *@tyler2929...weekend Boston event.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

But First...

Let me take a selfie...

Boston..look out, it's your turn today!

Sunday Surgery: An Out of Body Experience!

Since FOUR people took the time to respond to last Sunday Surgery's blog, I figure I'll keep this one micro short. No use going over boring bored bore.

Tuesday was ok because it was the 51st anniversary show. I'm still pissed at AJ dying and then climbing the stairs with Emily and a "we already did that" with Lila/Edward impersonators. To add insult to injury, we got to hear Sonny and Carly go on and on about what an idiot AJ was--and a bad father and well, you know, all around asshole. I am not bitching about the writing for the story, that was done well and Michael's angst and Sonny's guilt will be played perfectly. I'm angry because I really wanted AJ redeemed (we've done it with everyone else, why not him?) and ELQ to rise again as a focus of the show. And--well, goes without saying: NO MORE DEAD Q'S!

Lucy, Scott and Kevin. Hey, they aren't ON ENOUGH for me to care. That's the fact. 
I thought for sure Bobbie was crying over AJ but no, she's crying over Noah and Annie Logan! LOL

Who else was on Tuesday? Oh yes, the three Carly girls. That was done very  well and the highlight of my week. (Although weird seeing the three of them all in a row). I miss my Sarah. All the ladies were their own "Carly" -- and we have Sonny. Same dimples, year after year after year. Cool concept, I don't think it's ever been done before?? So KUDOS!!

"I DID IT because I WANTED TO"!! Sonny yells. Um..sir, you are no Walter White OR Kevin Spacey-- it just makes you look like a dick. "I HAD AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE"!!!
Ok, then.  I love how AJ's death is all about Sonny--and now Carly.

I hope Monica gouges your eyeballs out and then Michael pours ants in there.

Then. Um..the gawd awful, tedious unnecessary Dr. O kidnapping Big Ben and fleeing to Liz' house. I honestly can't find ONE thing that makes any sense in that 'story'. WHY WHY WHY bother. After all this time ..just give that giant ball of fun to Lante. Having Nikolas and the Lulu parade in and out and stupid Liz not doing a damn THING to get out of her situation was infuriating.  

Ava and the KnockAMora-- whatever. Don't care. Don't care she didn't kill him, don't care that Donna Mills did. Don't care if Nina's alive. Don't care if she's dead. Don't care. Nada. Zip nothing. 
Ok, the ONE GOOD THING on Friday was that we all thought Ava was going to show up and kill Sam but it was Mama  Madeline.  How did she find out??

Drugs make an appearance in PC--meaning THE BADDIES are here! We know SONNY doesn't deal in mean ol' blow/horse/meth--but NotLuke does! BTW Disney banned smoking on camera years ago or Luke would be puffing away at the ciggs--another sign of evil-doing. BTW, he was on Monday, then off the rest of the week. Again, thanks for the build up.

Jordan is in town. And.......she has a secret! Wow! Was she a prostitute? Drug mule? What? By the looks of her outfits she wasn't living the high life.  Love how all her scenes have been in Kelly's. Don't think we've ever seen TJ and Shaun's apt over Kelly's. The diner is their living room.  Where's Molly? First she's clinging all over the guy now she's totally MIA. 
Speaking of MIA: Anna sure is invisible.  And until Felix showed up for his BLT Friday, I thought he was too. Nancy Grahn tweeted that she and Julian get busy next week on the art gallery desk. So, I Guess Julexis become the new Lucy/Scotty. Just goin' at it.

Yes, that pic is supposed to be headwriter  Ron C. I still say it looks like Adam Sandler. LOL. That whole "Gallery" is ..well, very '80s. Kinda like Ava's dresses lately. Good inside Joke tho. I wish the gallery had a 'Serge" character like in Beverly Hills 90210.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I guess I'm going for the three Carlys. A stunt but a good one. Made me miss Sarah. All the "Carlys" were unique however.

PROP of the WEEK:  yep..give it up for the generic fruit loops.

FACE OF THE WEEK: Ava's shaking freak out over the KnockAmora paper. 

There ya go.  Some spoilers are up. I've been so bitchy about the show this week, I may cool off for next. I'll try to get something up if you want to post your thoughts though.
have a good one. we are still in the grips of the winter blues here!! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Picking At GH

because this show is on my last nerve I'm going to pick, pick pick the little things today because I can't deal with the big things:

Ava's dress looks like I made it in Mrs. Craft's home Ec class. In Middle School.

Jordan's skirt is HIDEOUS. It's too damn tight and too damn white. 

Lulu. Can you like, go to the spa? For like a week? Thanks. Your voice is GRATING ON ME

Felix is on-- and getting a BLT. 

Morgan's hair. um... hey, gotta use that art gallery set a million times since you built it, right?

Nikolas 'manning the phones' ahahha..whatever.  At least his brain is churning to go and 'save' Liz.

I'm going to bitch about the stupid kidnapping stuff in Sunday Surgery. Get ready. 
WHY DOESN'T LIZ RUN!??????? why? Is this supposed to be SUSPENSEFUL? for WHOM? 12 year olds!!? WTF. ugh. 

"Your mutta is a criminal mastermind"....

AND Nikolas goes to Liz' and instead of being all cool and calm is like WHO'S HERE! Like a Cassadine would do that!? OMG lol

So, Donna Mills goes to kill Sam (KnockAmora) ..NOT Ava, she goes to tell Silas.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I should have napped.

SNOOZAH of a day...good lord. And Detective Nate needs to emote or GET OFF THE CANVAS. Sorry but it's painful now. Ava listening ..and hello, she didn't keep any kind of  a poker face when she read the paper. AT THE END when she shook? ahhaaa.

Jordan buys herself daffodils before finding out the Jeromes are mob material. whatevs Shaun is all mad because, basically HIS mob is better than HER mob.
Don't care about her ---AT. ALL.

Sonny and Carly..blah blah blah..AJ..Ava..blah. Sonny says he shot AJ "because he wanted to". 
OMG I Hated their dialog HATED.  I hate Sonny right now and this protection of him by Carly.  Good God, I HATE IT.
AJ wasn't that bad-- and having Sonny villify him even more right now? Just stupid.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AJ Quartermaine born: 1969

 Nineteen SixtyNine...SORA at it's finest!! They aged Jason and AJ 10 years, btw.

Hey, Franco's back today. Carly remembers AJ said Sonny shot him "Because of Ava". And Franco says: It's hard to watch someone die.

Um... Hey, there bucko, you are  a SERIAL KILLER! Brahahaa. That's so rich coming from you!

Dr. O is eating fruit loops LMAO . You know, they almost had it believable that she could be free and COS of GH. NOW? After this? WHY did they paint her into a villain corner? Ugh. She hired Diane to be her lawyer. Diane didn't realize that Britt stole embryos. It's not a crime to steal embryos.  SO, probably Britt will get off. (NYS has no law against taking embryos or something like that, just go with it).
Dr. O calls Liz "mousy poopsy" aahha AND makes fun of her pale face.

JULIAN and Ava...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that "art" is from 1983 I swear. Julian prints a false story that Dr. KnockaMora is alive.

Jordan and TJ. Whatever. She's staying in PC and needs a job. She goes to the art gallery for a job and plays the 'I lost TJ's father"card to Ava.
I PREDICT: Jordon is a drug addict..she's going to get back into them ala NotLuke

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1st..Happy 51st Bday GH

AHAHAA..NJ bridge reference.  Felicia for mayor!! The four friends sit together until Lucy leaves to go see Scotty at Kelly's

Bobbie cries in Scott's arms. Annie Logan is hookin' up with Noah!! He and Bobbie broke up. hee hee Annie the virgin! 

Carly believes AJ and Sonny has flahsbacks to all the Carly's..then the actresses playing each sit with him and talk.
I SO miss SARAH!! Hate sex and the love and the up and down. I love her as an actress.
Tamara is up next. When she first appeared, Sonny had the bomb strapped to himself. Sarah started the scene, then Tams stepped in. She never could cry. Do you know she left the show NINE years ago!!!
The Carly now-- I actually liked her with Jax the best. 
Of course today was 99% Carly and Sonny, not AJ and Q flashbacks.

POOR MONICA...and there's Emily and she mentioned Dawn. wow. DAWN Anyway, Emily is there to comfort her. Then AJ.
Ho-hum Whatever. 

They all go up to heaven with look alike Alan, Lila and Edward.  Which is kind like they did it before.  So, the impact is lost.

I've watched GH too long. LOL

The Carly thing was done well... but the rest of the show? eh..

Scoops and Casting NEWS

For April 1st:

On the heels of Donna Mills surprise casting, they have decided to re-cast
Carly again ....this time with Morgan Fairchild!!!

Sonny will close the coffee business and open "Corinthos Cupcakes" to avoid jail time. Community service includes baking for the PCPD and local elementary schools. 

Ned, Tracy, Brooklyn, and Dillion are all presumed dead after an avalanche at the Swiss resort they are staying at  ...making Monica realize all hope is gone for any Quartermaine Thanksgiving Dinner in 2015.  She closes up the house and moves to St. Petersburg, FL 

Luke turns out to be a famous cabaret singer from France and is actually in town to open a new Moulan Rouge in PC.   Delia returns from NYC to bartend.

Kevin, Lucy and Scott decide to live a plural lifestyle and are one of the first to challenge bigamy laws in NYS.  Then, Mac and Flea decide to join the party too, making it Two wives, Three husbands.

Deciding his "talents" are being wasted, Anna fires Nathan and he's forced to seek employment elsewhere. Luckily Luke hires him as a nude bouncer.  That doesn't talk.

Ava and Morgan have twins... Bluto and Farva--one with a birthmark and the other with golden hair and rosy cheeks.  One evil, one great

Michael and Kiki move to Atlanta and take selfies you can view on Instagram daily.

Dr. Obrect and Victor convert Wyndemere into a clinic and spa, specializing in "Anti-aging" drugs and operations. Nikolas gets fed up and moves to Greece with Elizabeth, Cam and Aiden. Cameron grows up to be a firefighter in Athens. 

Guest Soap at the Metro

Badger Bob is the new show piece at the Metro Court, where there new decor is all Honey Badgers and woodland creatures. 

I've been financing EVERYTHING on GH and will take over the show
Starting July 4th with a GIANT FRONKEY Parade!

 Happy April fools! :) ....or NAW!

Canada VS USA

 NOTE: Canadian viewers saw a different show today ! IT had Finn, Liz, Violet. LOL not sure what happened!  Brick sees Sonny. Sonny is the o...