Sunday, April 6, 2014

But First...

Let me take a selfie...

Boston..look out, it's your turn today!


  1. Love this!!! It's good to see what they look like outside of character.. Not much different, actually...

  2. I think Britt looks really different--that is, her energy is REALLY different from that of her character.

  3. Been considering the Silas/Sam story--and wonder why Ava made a point of going to NY to see her mother, whom she never visits, at the particular time the pharmacist was killed. Coincident? AJ was still alive so it wasn't an alibi for that until later. Did she suspect something? Did Ava know Madeline? If Madeline doped her daughter to get rid of her baby--why? Why did she hate Silas so? Was Nina Nathan's mother? Seems logical.

    This is like a good mystery novel and I'm intrigued.


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