Thursday, December 31, 2020

General Hospital WubsALutions 2021

Note: To those of you that wondered who "Sonja" was---apparently I thought Sasha's name was Sonja for a minute. LOL!! 

Anna: I resolve not to cry whenever Peter's name is mentioned 

Violet: I resolve to have more adorable tea parties and maybe dance a little

Charlotte: I resolve to become the Veruca Salt everyone knows I can be

Maxie: I resolve to buy a clue and ditch Peter 

Franco: I resolve to paint monkeys by the dozen and start singing "Mad World" 

Elizabeth: I resolve to find my father and sister and bring them back to Port Charles

Curtis: I resolve to keep looking as fabulous as I always do; and be naked a bit more

Sonny: I resolve to go to Puerto Rico to my island for at least 5 months out of the year. 

Carly: I resolve to speak in an "inside voice" 

Sam: I resolve to speak in an 'outside voice"

Willow: I resolve to stop shopping at Target and get some fashion going

Michael: I resolve to get a bad habit. Any habit

Jordan: I resolve to go work for Chicago PD 

Laura: I resolve to only wear blazers when I'm in my official mayor capacity

Kevin: I resolve to be Ryan more

Ryan: I resolve to wake up and kill some more people off

Jason: I resolve to finally giving into my passion for Carly

Brando: I resolve to save Sasha from a burning building but not making it  out myself

Sasha:  I resolve to feel so badly I move to Albany

Dante: I resolve to shave and get back to PCPD

Mac: I resolve to be Police Commish when Jordan moves

Robert: I resolve to do more spy-adventures

Peter: I resolve to start a murder-mystery: MINE

Alexis: I resolve to be this hilarious even when I'm sober

Tracy: I resolve to extend my time in Port Charles by many months

Scotty: I resolve to take Franco out to lunch more and eat on camera

Cameron: I resolve to find my biological father's story on the internet

Trina: I resolve to become a little bit of a hellion

Joss: I resolve to fall in love with a rival Mobular Boss's son

Morgan: I resolve to stay dead 

Ava: I resolve to reign supreme at Wyndemere and host gala parties

Nikolas: I resolve to support my wife by being the Dark Prince

Jax: I resolve to take Nina to Sydney and stay there

Cyrus: I resolve to wear my hair down for at least 5 shows next year 

Diane: I resolve to move in with Alexis to keep her on the straight and narrow

Martin: I resolve to slowly tone down my accent

Valentin: I resolve to find another obsession that Nina 

Spencer:  I resolve to come back even more of a preppy brat 


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Kudos to Carly

Jackie visits with Anna... she doesn't know Anna knows!!  They talk about Violet and how good of a Dad Finn has become. Then Jackie says she knows Anna knows she slept with Finn. She wonders if they should tell Harry. 

Laura tells Carly that Cyrus is her brother and so is Martin Gray. Goes over the whole story. Carly is surprised. Laura thinks Cyrus kinda likes her (as a sister) and they can use that to their advantage. Laura leaves and Carly immediately calls Jason and leaves him a voicemail. 

Greg and Finn in the PARK...AND ALEXIS comes over, shit-faced!! OMG she's so drunk. Finn introduces her to his Dad. Asks Alexis to go to a meeting. She boops Finn on the nose, says no and Greg notices she's bleeding.  THEN Finn says she needs stitches and Alexis says "Your son is wonderful. Did you know we slept together and he didn't die"?? AHAHAHAHA. Dead. Anyway, Finn convinces her to go to GH. 
At GH he stiches her up. Wants to know who can pick her up or he's taking her home. She says to call Ned! uh oh. 

Cy and Jason at the Pier. Cy thinks Jason might be more reasonable than Sonny. Jason is more 'logical'. Jason says no..and Cyrus goes to Leave. Jason says "if you're waiting for Walker to take me out, I've already caught him".. (sniper). Cyrus whips a gun out "Then I'll do it myself"!! (Scared me a bit) . Carly steps out of the shadows with back up--Brando jumps out, puts a gun on Jason. Finally Jason gets Cyrus and Brando to drop their guns. 

Olivia, Ned and Tracy at lunch. Tracy talks up Olivia. Olivia is like: what is happening here.  Tracy compliments Olivia, Olivia cries a bit. Then Finn calls Ned to pick up Alexis at the hospital. Olivia wants to go. He's like NO! You stay here. You and Mother are getting along so well. 

In the exam room, Alexis tries to tell Ned Tracy was the one that drove them off the road. Then Olivia comes in! 


SO MUCH Jarly goodness!! watch it!

AND OMG, but CARLY got Florence from the Nursing home as leverage against CYRUS!! WOW. 
I love this show without Sonny!! YEAH!! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Polar BEARS!

POLAR BEAR PLUNGE! People jump in the lake almost naked!! Chase is there ...people in speedos lol..And I see Willow. Michael is home taking care of Wiley who has sniffles. Chase's Dad comes to watch him jump. He introduces Willow and Greg is like "OMG I wanted to meet Chase's girlfriend" LOL..whoops he didn't tell him.  Oh he did tell him but his Dad just assumed they were back together because they are at the event together. 

Finn and Anna talk about Chase...and if he should tell him about the Jackie thing. She says..well, sometimes it's the thing to do. They go to the Polar Jump.

Polar jump finally happens and.. Chillow hold hands and go into the lake. Awwwwww. We DO have a Polar Bear Jump here in Rochester BTW. 

Carly dreams of Sonny coming come. She's bummed it wasn't really him. She's like "SONNY"!! sniff.  

Jason meets Brando. He asks if Cyrus knows about Sonny. Jason thinks so.  Brando leaves. Dante walks over to Jason and asks about Sonny. Jason tells him the story. 

Then Jason and Dante go see Carly.  They still have hope Sonny will be found. 

Laura tells Cyrus she was in NYC to see Lulu. He says we are family now. She's like Buzzz off
Jackie gets off the elevator to talk to Laura. They talk about Lulu and the Rib explosion. Jackie asks about Luke. Laura says he's 'grieving from afar". Jackie tells her that her son is Harrison Chase. 

It was mostly Finn-Family Day. 

END: Laura goes to see Carly, tells her the two of them have to have a plan to get to Cy as well, one he won't see coming. Jackie goes to visit Anna. Willow says Chase can text her "as a friend". 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Monday --It's still Christmas Eve on GH

 Police at the Corinthos to talk to Carly about the bridge collapse in NJ. "They found a body, it's Julian Jerome".  Then he says the cameras around there show Sonny chasing Julian so they think it was him on the bridge. Carly wonders what they are doing to find Sonny. She's a great liar. 

Dr O, Scott and Franco sneak into GH, Lesil looks up Franco's scans. He wonders why, if she's free, she can't be out in the open. Dr. O says it's because Anna Devane hates her. 

Paxie at the hospital about stuff..She wants to name the baby after Lulu: Louise and call her Lu. (Lulu's name is Leslie Lu btw)/ Peter agrees. ALL OF MAXIE'S KIDS ARE NAMED AFTER DEAD PEOPLE!! 

Michael and Willow in the kitchen...talking about...stuff. (boring). Brando comes in. They all go out when they see the cops. Chase tells him about the bridge accident and Sonny might not be ok. Tells them about Julian. Jason walks in.  

Molly tells TJ she slept with someone. Then she tells him when and that his mother told her not to try to contact him. Then they argue and she finally tells him it was Brando. He's super upset. Asks her to leave, he needs time. 

Curtis tells Jordan she's selfish and doesn't think their marriage is working. He says he's lost trust. She goes back home alone. When she gets there, TJ is waiting. Lays into her about the texts she didnt' tell Molly about and other things about his kidnapping. He realizes she probably knew about it all along. He's pissed. 

Terry goes to see Liz. She says her parents ask about Liz's all the time. Is she close to them anymore? Maybe it will change this year? (OMG Writers are trolling LOL!! LOVE IT) They talk about Cameron being sad over Dev's death. Franco comes home with presents. 

Britt and Jason... She asks if she got Julian killed because she told him about the baby switch and that Jules knew. Jason says no, not her fault, they didn't kill him. She tells Jason that Cy is trying to develop a new drug in the GH lab. He thanks her. 


Molly and TJ sort of make up

Jordan cries alone

Jarly Hug over sonny being missing

Britt's hand shakes...could she have Huntington's like Faison did? OH NO..Peter doesn't have it but she sure could!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020 Wub Awards: COVID Edition


WHO in the heck would have imagined 2020 would turn out like it did? Absolutely NO ONE. That's who!! What a wild ride. For awhile we didn't even know when or if GH would be able to table. I'm doing the Awards a bit differently this year; adding some things that I thought were fun. 


Alexis/Neil death and her drinking, Gray Family Reunion, Mike's death, Nava's story, Taggert's Back, Curtis-Laura team ups, Tracy showing up, Ned being Alanish,  Everything Robert,  Joss/Cam/Trina, Tracy, Britt's Back  Dante/Oliva, Ava and Ryan; FannA Fun and Violet. 


Maxie is pregnant, Alex return, Franco Tumor-Rebirth, Julian's bomb, Nina's missing child, Anything Peter,  Sasha Drugs, Willow/Michael and Brad leaving. 

So, without further ado, I present the WUB AWARDS! 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 Happy Holidays and all the Yuletide Cheer you can handle! Thank you for reading and being here day after day! I'm hoping to get the Awards out Sunday. Light a candle that I can get it done!! 

I'm so happy GH has been a good watch for me lately and I'm back into the show 100%.  Sad not to have the traditional hospital reading but with COVID, I can certainly understand. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Yesterday's Show:  my "LADY" appointment went over... :eyeroll: 

LOVED Diane and Alexis. Diane is telling her LIKE IT IS!!  Oh, Alexis has to go to rehab or jail? LOL 

LOVED SCOTTY AND DR. O!! LOL They said a mugging going wrong? 

Finn and Anna. Will he tell her? Oh yep!! Great scenes. 

Dante shows up at the Q house..He's like WHAT IS UP with you two?? Olivia finds out Julian is dead. 

Carly and Jason go look for Sonny.  You know if Sonny died it would open the canvas right up. Michael could get all mobular, recast Morgan for a power-struggle and then Kristina wants in. Oh, I can think of a million things. 


OMG Molly bailed Alexis out of jail and they are going to TJs' and Jordan's! Alexis immediately steals some vodka. Molly pleads with her not to spill the secret about Brando. LOL I totally forgot Alexis knows!! Alexis drinks more vodka. She brings up that Taggert is alive. Pfffffft. TJ and Molly don't know. Alexis says to Jordan: You must have been surprised? Jordan is like Um, NO. I knew. Anyway.. Jordan leaves to go find Curtis. Molly figures out that Alexis is drinking-- she kicks her out. Alexis is like: It's Christmas. Molly says you're a mess, get away from me! 

Sam ID'd Julian's body with Lucas. They talk about how bad their Dad was. 

Laura and Kevin. They run into Marty. Kevin knows he's her brother. They are going to see the elderly patients at GH because Martin brought them gifts. Then they will have dinner at Kelly's before Laura goes to see Lulu. Um, I HOPE they remember Laura's birthday. 

Sasha and Brando. Still chem testing. They are at the coffee place in the park outside. Getting Hot Cocoa. 

At Corinthos: Wiley Michael and Willow... Joss and Jax. Carly and Jason come home without Sonny. They aren't telling anyone he's missing.  Jarly talk about having each other. He gets a text from Sam though and she tells him to go.  Carly keeps it together for awhile but Jax finds her crying outside. She tells him Sonny is missing. 

Sam tells Jason she wants him to stay the night at the house. Weird. Oh! He has to sleep on the couch with Danny tho. 

Trina yells at Curtis for lying to she and her mother about Taggert being alive. He says he never lied to her. He didn't know. Trina is like: WOW, your wife didn't even tell you?!!  making him feel worse. Portia convinces him to go home. 

MUSIC MONTAGE-- people doing stuff..yada yada. Alexis sees that Julian is dead when she looks at her phone. 
Cop cars show up at Carly's... 

Kelly and her friend say Merry Christmas on Twitter! 

Monday, December 21, 2020


 St. Jaysus is in the water! He's out!!! YELLIN for SONNAAAYYYY.. Chopper is out looking too! Manhunt! OMG they bring a BODY BAG when the cops come out. Jason is all nervous.  Its' Julian. Oh, he's DEAD DEAD. I thought they'd let him just be missing. 

Dante is talking to Carly about the house Sonny bought for he and Lulu. He thinks he paid the difference. Carly and he talk about how GENEROUS SONNY is and what a GREAT GUY he is. LOL. :GIGGLE:  Dante meets Donna. HE wubs her (we don't see her tho) 

Anna and Valentin talking about Dante and maybe he's not over the PTSD. And WHY would the WSB let him go. She and Val figure that the WSB wanted something from him. 

THE BABY for Paxie? It's a :  GIRL!  Maxie and Anna leave to talk about the wedding. Valentin invites Peter to sit and talk. Peter is glad the baby is a girl so he doesn't have to wonder if she'll turn out like Faison. BUT.. Val knows he's Alex's kid. Doesn't say anything. 

Poker game. Chase and Dad talk about being a family. Chase looks just like him., not so much lol . Dad says he was so much harder on Finn than on Harry.  Harry leaves for a minute. Dad says that Jackie told him it was also her fault Finn wasn't happy with the wedding. She said it probably was too soon. (not the truth tho). They leave and Anna is home. Finn says he's going to tell her the truth about why he was estranged from his family all these years. 

Gray Family. Aww.. Florence doesn't want to see Cyrus. He cries and says to look at him like she's his mother. She's like NOPE! Laura takes him out of the room. She says he can't make his mama love him. She also asks why he led her on a goose chase instead of just telling them they are related. He says she never would believe it unless she found out herself.  Then they argue and she blames him about Lulu. Cyrus says "careful, don't make me more of an enemy"... Martin comes out and tells him "not to talk to our sister that way"!! YEAH!! 

Cyrus goes into the room to talk to mama alone. He shows her all his money, credit cards and his badge as the admin of GH. Says she should see all the good he's done. He's not a delinquent. She doesn't care. He cries. Jeff Kober is great in this. 


Jason arrives home (in about 3.4 seconds) and Carly is like WHERE IS SONNY? 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


ANOTHER Great week! Goodness..I really couldn't wait to get watching. Friday's show went so fast, I didn't look at the clock ONCE!! GH is proving to be a great narrative driven show at the moment and I'm here for it. 

I tell you what. It's way harder to write when you love a show than when you're unhappy. Snark is cheap and easy. LOL 

Sit back and grab something, we have a lot to get through today.  Photo thx to: @crimsonrum 

Friday, December 18, 2020



SIBLINGS!! WOO HOOT! Cyrus says he found out when he was in solitary confinement and looked on the internet. Laura is upset about the bomb and Lulu. Martin says "oh he killed our father too". YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE SCENES. They are such a great study in acting. REAL acting. They were amazing. I was so interested in a story that I had no idea about. Just know that Cyrus accidentally ran over their father with his car. Martin thinks he did it on purpose.

LAURA already cares about her bros! awww. and Florence wakes up! 

Joss finds out that Taggert is alive from Carly. She's all happy but thinks how crazy their lives are.  Carly and she talk about mobular life. 

Curtis and Jordan talk about her not telling him Taggert was alive. He finds out Jason and Sonny knew before he did. He's upset with Jordan. Says she never really trusted him. 

Jason gets arrested in the bus station. Um, stupid. Diane is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER it seems. AND the cop let him talk to her-- like he's not a dangerous guy that had a gun and killed someone! HAHAHAHA. Ok, these scenes are just laughable. Diane is trying to get Jason off-- and it's so NOT REAL but I'm just going to go with them for the sake of the show. He lets Jason go because he saw the security footage and it was self-defense. Jason leaves to find Sonny and Jules.

On the bridge, Julian and Sonny are still yappin' away. He tells Julian he can get redemption if he turns in Cyrus to the PCPD and makes the town safe again. Julian wants reasurrance that Sonny won't kill him when it's over. Then he slumps down to the floor of the bridge. Sonny kicks him, he doesn't move. Puts his gun away to haul up Julian...Julian jumps and ATTACKS HIM! They fight...SOnny shoots him again. Jason runs out and the BRIDGE FALLS WHERE SONNY IS STANDING!!!!!! Oh I gasped!! 

Thursday, December 17, 2020


 Julian is still alive and missed his bus. SaSon are on their way to see him.  Julian tries to buy a ticket from a rando guy in the bus terminal. Then a giant thug walks through who's texting Cyrus. Cyrus texts back a gun emoji lol. He tries to shoot him but the rando guys steps in front to sell him his ticket. The guy goes into the shadows. Julian stands up to go to his bus and Jason and Sonny step out. They go to take Julian. The Goon steps out and shoots. Hell, it scared me! I jumped LOL They shoot..Julian runs, Sonny goes after him and Jason keeps shooting at the guy. Julian runs to a bridge (oh brother)..and Sonny has a gun on him. 

Laura is in Florence's room. Martin comes in to see her. Laura hides.  He says it's her birthday and brought her a cake. When he goes into the bathroom Laura jumps out: I hope you have enough for three! Marty is shocked LOL . She says she wanted to talk to his mother. Curtis comes back. Asks Martin not to tell anyone he saw the mayor. He goes back to PC. Laura stays with Marty and says she wants to talk to him. OK...MY TEENAGE INNERFEELINGS ARE DYING RIGHT NOW. Laura and Tad. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. OMG. WOW. :love: THEN they talk and she ends up telling him SHE IS HIS HALF SISTER! They talk about Cyrus and why he has Florence there. Then CYRUS WALKS in and says it's his mother!! Oh wow. 

Temp-Taggert is on. He's in with Mac. Mac wants to know who helped him. He wants a lawyer. Why would Jordan take him to the PCPD? Wouldn't everyone see him? WHAT? This makes no sense. Oh yeah, they are going to tell everyone.

Trina's trying to tell Portia her dad might be alive. Portia says no one on the staff of GH would do that to her. 

They go to the PCPD. AND OMG but Taggert walks out. You know, something bad must have happened with Real Andrews. This was an important show and he's not there. He was taping. Hmmm...I hope he's ok. Anyway, they hug and Trina is thrilled. THEN she gets really angry "How could you let me see you be buried"?? She runs out. Oh then Curtis comes in and sees Taggs and looks at Jordan ..ut oh. 

Shirtless Michael and Chase are at the gym. :eyeroll: whatever. Michael bitches at Chase for what he did. Then he punches him in the stomach hard. I think to "Settle" things between them. Michael says that makes him feel a bit better. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Brooklyn:  Sonny and Jason talk to Brick about finding Julian 

Julian is at the bus station, bleeding with a ticket to Canada. AND: 

HOLY SHIT. OK, HOLD UP. WOW...DUKE Is there next to Jules???????? WTF. WHAT. I had NO Idea Ian was filming!! I love it.. THEN Kate/Connie shows up! Megan Ward is there to taunt Julian too!! She has on her bloody dress!! Then Alexis shows up (in his mind) and talks about him trying to stab her. 

GH: Nikolas goes in to look at Ryan. Britt asks him what he's doing. They talk about Ryan and how bad he is. She thinks Nikolas is going to try to kill him. He laughs. 

Portia is looking for Trina... she blames Ava? Hmmm....She thought Ava was at the Gallery all this time skipping school. Ava says Trina hasn't been to the gallery since the explosion.

In the park, Jordan finds Trina who thinks she 'Felt' Taggert (he's in the bushes). Trina is angry people think he's a dirty cop and she's going to prove his innocence. Trina goes to see her mom at GH ..she is taking a "ride share" that a good idea?? oh she does make it to GH ok. Whew. 

 Carly tells Cyrus to stay away from Joss and her friends.  Grumble grumble. Cyrus orders someone to shoot Taggert. 

At the facility where Laura went, she's going to be injected with a sedative. Curtis stops him just in time, tells the doc she's allergic to that medication. Curtis tells her she should go back to PC. She says no way. Later, she makes her way into Florence's room. Then someone else tries to get in (is it Cyrus??) 

MAC DADDY to GH...Ryan is AWAKE! BUT he's a vegetable...Ava goes in to make sure LOL He's just laying there...but when she leaves his mouth moves a tiny. 

Alexis tells Julian to die already (in his mind lol) ..Julian slips down and drops his ticket he dead?  He's in the previews but ..??? 

Jordan shot and killed the guy and Mac comes out to see her and she says she killed the guy to protect someone..and TAGGERT WALKS OUT! 


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Double Mint: Two SHows in One


Maxie fires Sasha!! She has to get clean...but... you know, there's some conditions to her contact. 

Tracey trying to get Alexis into trouble LMAO and Chase shows up!! ahahahaa. 'YOU KNOW HIM"? says Tracey. It was hysterical. 

Alexis doesn't GAF anymore. 

Franco: I'm saved!
Scotty: Hold My Knife. 

Oh Dr. O is going to save him? 

JULES!! I love when Sonny calls him that. Julian gets shot by some masked man and crawls away? OKAY

Britt and Cyrus talk about a new pain medication. 


Finn and Violet. Anna comes in and Violet is SO happy with a double wedding! LOL TWO bouquets!  Chase comes in with Papa. Violet is so happy. She asks about her Papa's wedding and wants to see a photo. Oh boy..Finn gets really bummed seeing it. 

Marin and, did I get the feeling they are..related?? Oh it was more "we are business family" . Yes they make up. You can tells JPS and MEK are friends in real life. Martin tells Valentin that his brother is Cyrus .

The kids are talking about Taggert. Trina is getting mad that they don't support her. 

Jordan wants Carly to tell her where Taggert is.  Carly finds out the kids think Taggs might be alive. She calls Josslyn to come to the Metro. She wants to know what she and the gang were doing at GH. Joss tells her that Trina thinks Taggs might be alive but won't tell her who told Trina. 

Curtis and Laura are trying to get into the facility to see Florence. OMG He goes in as a doctor and Laura goes in as the patient and she looks JUST LIKE SHE DID WHEN SHE WAS IN that wheelchair in the 90s!! oy vey. They do get her admitted. She's in bed, with an IV and PJs lol. Curtis leaves a phone and Laura will be looking for Florence in the facility. Oh, the doctor is going to give her a shot to make her 'transition easier"! 

Jordan sees Taggert. She wants to know who saw him and might have told Trina. He says Julian.

Joss tells Carly that it was Cyrus that told Trina that Taggs was alive

Laura is going to get a shot from the doctor

Trina 'senses" Taggert in the park  

Monday, December 14, 2020

Cuomo on the Go Go

 And... I had Cuomo on for most of GH so I'm going to watch the whole thing tonight. SORRY I WAS HERE ... 

We just started getting vaccines so there was a whole roll-out thing going on. That's important, I know..but still. OY. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Surgery: O No!


Another good week! Things are continuing to move right along and we are also getting some delightful scenes that made me feel great. Maybe I'll talk about those first!  I am loving the character interaction on the show. Scotty and Lesil; Tracey and Alexis; Anna and Dante. All unexpected and just plain good viewing. 

Starbucks today. My fave Strawberry Acai with black tea! 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

When Migraines HIT

 I had the WORST sinus migraine yesterday...oy... I couldn't move. SO.. I watched the show this morning. 

hahaahaha EDEN tweeted that she and the moss have a love story!! AHAHAHA  It's awesome 

Sam tells Carly she and Jason are KAPOOT! She explains why she left. 

Tracey and Alexis. She wants Alexis to work in Amsterdam ahahaha. 

Ava and Nikolas having dinner. He gives her the post-nup to tear up! THEN they go taunt Ryan while he's in his coma. 

SaSon in the car. Json told Sonny he and Sam split up.  They talk about Morgan's death and that Jason wasn't there. Sam basically said NOPE to Scout and Danny's deaths. 

Oh Jules is looking for KIM... and ..there's a baby in there? Oooooooooooo.

Dr. O with Scotty-- oh I'd like them together but that's me. 

Dante and Olivia. I guess Olivia is taking care of Rocco. 

GOOD PARTS of the SHOW: Ryan twitching his fingers... 

Franco sees Dr O!! Yeah!! I hope Lesil convinces him that she's innocent. Tracey and Alexis.  JOY. Scotty killing the Doctor AHAHAAHA. RYAN has NO Guards! LOL 

Thursday, December 10, 2020


 Q Household: Welp. Monica tells Tracey about Ned's affair in RECORD TIME!! LOL Tracey says Olivia has gown on her-- and Ned is stupid. LOL Then she finds out it's Alexis and is like WHAT?? She also finds out Alexis is drinking.and thinks "Loose lips sink ships"! GREAT SCENES! Jane and Leslie must have loved filming it. SO OLD SCHOOL! 

Alexis goes by Sam's to apologize for being so mean about Jason. AHAHAHAH. WHOOPS. Sam tells her that she's just trying to make up for her drinking. Basically  tells her off. Liz pops by and Sam says "Mom was just leaving". Alexis leaves. Liz is looking for Jason because Franco is sick again and Jake might need him. Sam is like "NO IDEA". She tells Liz they are breaking up and why. Liz says she gets it. 

Alexis goes to the Metro Court and orders a double Vodka. Olivia tells her that's not a good idea. Olivia tries to get her to stop drinking. Says she should talk to Ned because he can help her. She cuts Alexis off from the booze. Alexis gets mad tells Olivia to "worry about herself and her own marriage"!! Tracey steps of the elevator just in time. 

Finn and Anna: He has to get Violet's vaccination records. Liz helps. Anna goes on alone. She has coffee with Dante to "catch up". HE tells her about Lulu's care facility and how sad Rocco is (because Dustin died too) She wants to know about Geneva. Dante asks why Robert and Anna were so keen to find him. 

Paxie run into Finn. She asks about the wedding. He pretends he knows what she's talking about. DOUBLE WEDDING? What. ugh 

OMG REALLY CUTE FINNA scenes about the double wedding and how neither one wants it but they said yes to Maxie LOL 

Geneva: Scotty and Franco go there for a consult. Kevin referred them to Dr. Kirk (that's Dante's doc) but there's no record of the referral so the sec tells them to leave. They linger. In another room, Dr. O and Dr. Kirk talk about getting rid of Dante. ALERT: Dr. Kirk was recast with some guy.  Anyway, they finally get in to see him after Dr. O recognizes the name and tells the doc Franco is her friend. She goes away so they don't see her. The doctor finally sees him. Doesn't understand why Kevin would send Franco to him since he works with memory disorders. Franco says "Long Story". (it's going to be about Drew's memories). 

Anyway, at the end Scotty sees Dr. O! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Today: must watch

 Willow and Sasha. Willow is mad about Sasha lying. "You were my first friend that was a girl" ...Sasha says they did it for Wiley. Willow tells Sasha that she should go to GH and find a counseling group. 

Michael and Carly.. Carly wants to apologize for not telling him about the Sasha/Chase lie. He says NOPE. She thinks he likes Willow now. He says that's between he and Willow. 

Sonny and Diane at the Metro Bar. He wants her to find out about Martin Gray's connection to Cyrus. They go sit and talk with him. Sonny asks if he's working for Cyrus. "I have no idea what my brother is up to" says Tad! OH HE SAID BROTHER!! Diane is like WHAT!! @@ !!! LOL Sonny wants to know where they are from and why they are in PC now. Martin says he doesn't know what his brother does but he's helped their mother out with her medical expenses now so he does talk to him. 

Laura is at the firing range, shooting off a gun. Cyrus is next to her. She says "oh I was just thinking of you"!  He says he wants to hear about her history from her own point of view and he'd never hurt she or Lulu. "Then get out of Port Charles' she says. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS TOO. He tells her she has a wild streak, just like him. 

Curtis and Jordan blabbing away about the Cyrus case. Cyrus has a lead on the Gray name. He leaves the apartment. Epiphany comes over and tells Jordan the wheels are coming off her cover-up about Taggert being alive. She tells Jordan he's been around town. LOL Jordan didn't even know he was back!! 

Curtis goes to the gun range. He and Laura figure out that Florence might be in Vermont based on what Cyrus said. My friend smoosh name for Laura and Curtis is: CURLA They are going to Vermont to find her. 

Sam tells Jason the bomb was the last straw for her. She couldn't take it if one of her kids died like her brother did. "If you want out I won't fight it". They cry.. so if you're a JaSam fan you should watch. Jason basically says he can't leave the biz. WATCH IT..Steve and Kelly are good. Sam and Jason decide the kids must come first. He says he's loved every day with her. Thanks for giving me a family...yada yada. 

END: JaSam break up. Curtis and Laura are going to Vermont. Jason and Sonny are going after Julian. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Don't Come Home


Yesterday was too much of "The Four"..but Violet? Delightful! 

If you haven't watched The Queen's Gambit--ya should (NetFlix) 

Curtis and Jordan are at home and she made the house look "Mexican"-- and Curtis is shirtless. They talk about their anniversary and missing Thanksgiving. 

Danny and Sam playing a board game. Danny wins. Sam and Jason talk about Julian planting the bomb at the Metro Court. AND about the entire baby WILEY STORY!! ahahahaha.  She freaks out. AND he tells her that he jumped off the parapet. She's so upset and sick and sad. Of everything.  Says Mobsters never get happy endings. EVER.  Jason leaves. Danny talks to Sam about Jason being gone and how they can never plan anything. 
Jason comes back later and tells Sam he has to leave. She gets all upset and says she's done and not to come home. Okayyyyyyy? 

Martin Gray runs into Sonny at the Metro Court where he invited Cyrus to meet him. Sonny asks if Julian came to him for help. "Marty" says yes. Sonny then calls Jason because he thinks he might know where Julian is.  **PS Someone on Twitter reminded me that Moe was on AMC as Nico! Nico and Tad LOL 
Sonny sees Martin and Cyrus together. 

Sasha gets released from GH. She's going to do a trunk show --Epiphany wants to know if she's going into treatment. Sasha says she'll look into it. Sasha goes to Cyrus' to get her her coke from the bathroom. IN the meantime, Curtis is telling Brando his first assignment is to get Sasha hooked on drugs because "addicts are easier to control" and then she won't tell on them. Sasha is pissed at Cyrus for not visiting her. She thought they had a 'connection'.  Cyrus leaves. Sasha tells Brando she wants to find her drugs to turn in Cyrus. Brando tells her to leave. SHe's in danger yada yada. 

The kids are skulking around trying to find out what happened to Taggert when he "died" at GH. They are trying to break into the system with Liz' log in. They get in after 3 tries. GEESH, great security LOL 

Trina distracts Epiphany while the other 2 are doing the computer stuff. She asks what Epiphany did to help save her Dad. Epiphany looks sheeepish. Um.. WHOOPS.  She catches Cam with the laptop but he says his mother and he have the same one. Then after they leave, Epiphany notices someone logged into Taggert's records. 

***NOTE: The actress that plays Jordan tested positive for COVID! I HOPE Curtis is ok

Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday Muse

 Oh I just got behind today! I will have to watch the show tonight!! Here's a great pic I found on Twitter that Jackie Z posted for Kin's birthday. SORRY!! 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Letting Go


Another great week for the show! I was surprised and SO entertained. Plus it featured my favorite part of Wyndemere!! I guess the appropriate term is "Turret" that they are standing on but come on, we know it as Helena's Parapet. It's caused more non-death-deaths on GH than anything else besides guns. 

Going to the GH vending machine for a Mr. Goodbar. Did you see the size of that thing that Liz bought Cam? Whoa. 

Friday, December 4, 2020

Little Bows

It's FRIDAY! I sure hope it's sunnier where you are than where I AM..ugh. GLOOM day after day. It will be gray all the way into May lol BUT I'm getting my fave PIZZA tonight so I am so happy. 

Trina tells Joss about her Dad maybe being alive. She's really excited and tells Joss that Cyrus told her about this. Joss is like: UM, CYRUS? You kidding me? 

Willow and Michael at the Qs. They don't regret the sex but the Willow thinks that the information that Sasha and Chase didn't cheat is important. They go on to talk and talk and talk about their relationship...AGAIN. 

Chase and Britt at GH. He wants the substance results that may have come in from Sasha's tests.

Nina visits Sasha. She says she cares for her, wants her to do better. The Chase comes in. She wants to know if he's there as a cop or a friend. He says a friend. Her coke was laced with speed. Also he told her that he told Willow they didn't really sleep together. She's mad.  Chase tells her also that Willow and Michael slept together. 

 Carly interrupts Jason and Sonny to tell them "you've got trouble" with Taggert. "he's bullheaded". Sonny says, yeah yeah but guess what? I found out Julian knew that Brad had Michael's kid for months! Carly is SHOCKED!! SHOCKED I TELL YOU! They tell her all about Julian and she figures out that's what Nelle had over him and that's why he married her. Carly tells them Nelle was Nina's daughter and Jax knows too.

Ava tells Nikolas she almost killed Julian. BUT! She only tells him about the Wiley baby thing NOT about planting the bomb. Oh then she does tell him at the end.  He's angry she even had him in the house. 

Jax and Nina are at the Coffee Corner and she tells him about Sasha. He wonders if she forgave Sasha , did she also forgive Valentin? 

Britt lays into Lucas about giving up on Brad. He says Brad was a jerk. She says Lucas is a jerk. lol She didn't tell him that Julian knew and Brad took the whole rap so that Lucas wouldn't lose Julian too. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Open That Safe

 Trina and some weird guy in the coffee shop. He says he has info about her father. Then he tells her to wait. LOL Oh !! CYRUS comes and tells her Taggert is alive!! 

Carly and Taggert are talking. He's mad there's no body guard on Trina. Carly and he talk about Cyrus. Nothing big. Taggert does mock her tho..then Carly tells him everything is his fault. 

Cyrus tells SaSon that Julian planted the bomb. He says that Julian wanted Jason killed and went to him first to have the job done. He said no. Yada yada, then he leaves. Sonny and Jason think he's trying to throw Jules under the bus. 

Ava flashesback to Julian jumping. Nikolas startles her. They talk about Lulu being in a coma and about siblings. They talk about their marriage and agree they are married for real now.  Ava tells Nikolas Julian is dead "because of her" . 

Laura talks to Curtis and Jordan, she wants the info they go to Cyrus.  Curtis talks to her about  the police record. She tells him it was about her killing David Hamilton. Then he asks her if she knew a Florence Grey--she says that she was her biological father's mother. She tells him that Gordon Gray was Leslie's mentor and she got pregnant by her. He told her the baby died in birth and sold it to the Vinings (Laura's adoptive Family...Amy was her "sister"). 

Martin goes into his office..he notices the blinds are down and he knew he left them up. He turns and maces someone--IT'S JULIAN!!!!!! OH HELLOOOOOOOOO! THAT surprised the heck out of me lol. Julian wants help to get outta town. He found a photo of Martin that has "secrets" so he wants his car and money. Martin gives him a pile of money.  Julian leaves. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Day of Catching Up

 Dev's funeral prep. Sam's all weirded out by it. Joss gives a bracelet of Dev's to Brando. Portia comes to pick up Trina. Sam and Joss pack up Dev's stuff. Joss wonders what life might be like if they were a "safe, normal family" 

Jordan and Curtis are home; Cyrus knocks on the door. He wanted to make sure Jordan and her kidneys were ok. He says he missed her. He leaves. Curtis says he has to find out Cyrus' ties to "Gray" Patient. BTW, Laura's Bio-Dad was Gordon Gray. Can Cyrus be her 1/2 brother? And-- Tad's last name is Grey too! I'd love for him to be her 1/2 sib. 
Cyrus patient at his house was named "Florence Gray" she used to live in Port Charles. And looking at WIKI, that's Gordon Gray's wife! 

Franco see Cam and Liz in his hospital room. Franco's tumor got 'shaved' a bit so he might get radiation to help. Cam and he talk about Dev's death. 

Finn and Anna are home. Peter and Maxie are there too. Maxie wants to know why Alex is so obsessed with she and the baby. Anna isn't telling them that Alex is Peter's mother.

Sonny tells Jason Sam has to find out Julian almost blew up Danny. Jason is like "um that won't go over well". Sonny says he'll meet with Cyrus but Cyrus has to come alone. 

Today was mostly catch up because I think we had such a whirlwind 2 days we needed a breather LOL 

Portia and Trina having coffee at the 'coffee corner". 

Cyrus is meeting with Sonny. 

Franco is hearing Peter's voice in his head ? 

Some strange guy talks to Trina.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


 I'm here again today! Look at me!! 

If you're of a certain age, you'll get this reference!!! 

Jordan and Curtis going to Mexico City. I don't even know what it's about..that postcard I found I guess. They get there. Curtis goes into the medical plant and Jordan steals some files from the computer while he's distracting people. 

Lulu is being watched by Laura and Tracy who are drinking Kelly's coffee. There's  nice baby Lulu and Laura flashback. Luke is off on one of his "adventures" . Portia tells everyone the team is there to take Lulu to the long-term facility. 

Cyrus wants to know how Lulu is..he's pretty upset about this. Hmmmmm. 

Sonny and Jason ..."Julian has pushed TOO FAR"! lol Jason thinks Julian could be useful to them to tell them Cyrus planted the bomb. Sonny wants the information, then to kill him. They go off to Wyndemere. 

Charlotte is going to visit Lulu but she's nervous. Nina steps out of the elevator and say she'll go with her. Val is greatful. Nina and Char go to visit Lulu. Tad Martin comes up to Valentin. 

AVA AND JULIAN are the ones to watch today. Wow..Maura kills it. She rails Julian. Holds a gun on him. WATCH IT!!!! She basically says he's a scum, has to die because Cyrus will keep following him and his family. He asks if she's choosing Nikolas over her. She says yes because "she loves him" AWWW. Anyway, she takes him out to the parapet in the storm 'easier clean up'... They talk, he says 'last words" then...SONNY and Jason burst out there right when she's going to shoot and yell. Julian jumps. 

Maxie finds out that Lulu's being transfered AND the whole Sasha thing. Wow..she's reeling. Laura sees Cyrus. Hauls off and smacks him..she's shaking. Good scene. "Nothing will stop me from wiping you off the face of this earth"..ooooooo, good stuff. 

EVERYONE SAYS GOODBYE TO LULU. Maxie tells her she's sending skin products over to help.  Charlotte is going to miss her (she's grown up!!) Val tell her he sees that Charlotte needs her and he's sorry! what? WOW..Tracy does a good goodbye too. Nikolas is in there. 

Dante's is heartbreaking of course. Dom cries so well. 

I can't do the write up justice. 

Today is World AIDS Day. Remember Robin and Stone. 

Monday, November 30, 2020


 PAST SHOWS: Loved Laura hugging Cameron; bomb aftermath looked real... I'm kinda team Alexis right now. Only in soapland because you know, I wouldn't really be all "keep drinking" but damn. Laura telling Sonny about David Hamilton was SO Genie Francis. 

Lulu and Franco had the same skull caps. Maybe they got a sale on the whole lot? LOL 


Lulu's still out. Tracy talks to Laura, she's going to try to find Luke..back in Amsterdam? She's not staying?? 

Olivia's set on cooking that turkey!!

Alexis tells Sam she's putting Jason-loyalty above her kids wellbeing. (She's not wrong) . 

Oliva invited Alexis to Thanksgiving and she went. OMG, Olivia invited Robert to set the two up!! AHAHAHAA..They don't get along well. AND THEN--Robert overhears Alexis and Ned talk about sleeping together!! OOPS! 

Turkey burned up. They had to get Pizza. 

Epiphany tells Sasha Michael sat with her all night. Then Brando comes in to check on her. 

Laura tells Dante they might have to move Lulu to somewhere else. 

Carly and Sam talk about 'the life'... and Sam says it might not be worth it anymore. 

The entire Q fam go to GH to see Laura and Dante-awwwwwww. :) 

OMG THEN TRACY WALKS IN!! So unexpected. I cried a little

Ava goes to see Julian--and has a gun!

Sonny and Jason find out Julian was the one that planted the bomb.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Have a Wonderful

 Thanksgiving. No matter how you are gathering this year. It's been a strange one for all things, but this hits home a bit more. 

Rejoice in the Quartermaine Tradition of Pizza Delivery!! Grateful for all of you. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Temp Recast for Taggert

 Soap Opera News reports that Real Andrews (Taggert) will be temporarily recast with Asante Jones. There has been no reason for the switch but Real had been going for treatment for cancer earlier this year and perhaps the protocol is to keep him more sheltered during COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Post Bomb Post


I realized I left at the absolute wrong time here's a post for your thoughts on the Aftermath of the BOMB. BOOM BOOM! 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Let's Go Out With a Bang...

Wubsy Reaches Her Limit 

I usually take about 10-15 days off from the Blog a year and of course, because of COVID haven't done that. I'm really liking the show right now and think it's doing a great job. I just need to refresh my brain a bit before continuing. 

I've decided to take a break for a bit from the show, Twitter and the blog.  This will be my 4,960st post since I started the Blogger and  as most of you know, I was running Wubs Net for about 10 years before that. 

Lets just have some champagne and get to a brief recap...very brief 

Friday, November 20, 2020

It's Tricky

 Yesterday's Show:
Sasha's going to make it? Why? Unpopular opinion: We don't need her. 

Scotty and Laura. Talking about her court case from 40 years ago. 

Dante and Lulu. See, Dusty hasn't been on enough to even make him a "thing". 

Britt and Brad!! He validates the Cyrus Renault thing. 

Peter and Maxie. UGH 

"Why Britt Westborne? Everyone hates her."? Asks Carly
Jason "Everyone used to hate you too"...

Carly knows about Taggert


I can't make it again- but I will do a Sunday Surgery. See ya then! Use this space to comment 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Michael and Willow try to come to grips with being manipulated by Sasha and Chase ..Willow is SO much better with Chase. LOL Michael gets mad that Carly didn't tell him. 
Yada, yada...yada yada...

Nik says he put a hit out on Ryan to protect "his wife "..aww. Sonny doesn't believe he could get Ryan killed in jail. "I'm a CASSADINE" LOL  Sonny's mad Ryan lived. It was a fun exchange. 

Cyrus and Julian. Cyrus won't believe him that Taggert is alive. Julian says he won't kill Jason-- and to give Sonny the letter. He'll be long gone. Cyrus tells him his family will miss him. He tells Julian he was a fool for most of his life and he has no one to blame but himself. 

Jason asks Britt to help them get Cyrus. YES! I am loving BriSon!! YEAH!! She says she can't because she's chief of staff. He tries to convince her. 

OMG BRAD IS WHEELED INTO THE ER!! Brad!! It's BRAD!! Cyrus had him beat up because he knew about Julian's role in the baby switch. 

Today's show was pretty slow for the most part. Just a lot of talk that didn't go anywhere.  BUT!! Brad shocked me! LOL 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Cyrus and Julian: Cyrus tells him it's time to pay up.  He has the letter from Nelle that Ryan had. Must have gotten it when he had him stabbed. Julian is like: WTF. MAN!!  Then Cyrus tells him to kill Jason. "Maybe like you arranged that car crash your son and his husband got into" OH! SNAP!!! He knows about that too lol Anyway, Cyrus wants Jules to take a package delivery and then he'll get instructions. I guess it's a bomb for Jason. Julian wants to offer

Britt is angry a patient dies over an OD. Jason sees her upset. He goes to talk to her.  She says that GH has had increased ODs since she got there, both coke and opioids. She thinks Sonny is bringing them to town. Um, duh. Don't you know Sonny is a GOOD Mobster? 

Chase, Michael and Willow talk about Sasha laying in the hospital "How did we not know"??!  Willow and Chase talk. Carly comes in to console Michael. Will she tell him that the whole "sex" thing was a lie? Not so far. Chase comes close...hmmm... 

Carly doesn't tell Sonny about the necklace. He tells her about Sasha tho.  Ava and Nik come over to pick up Avery. Sonny talks to Ava about Ryan. He thinks Ava had him stabbed. She's like NO! Nik tells him to leave Ava alone. 

Portia is walking about the hospital. Taggert is actually dressed up in scrubs and a surgical hat/mask, spying around. LOL! He can't stay home. Epiphany catches him and hauls him into a room. "What the hell are you doing here"? She yells at him. He says he's protecting people. She mentions her son, Stan! Remember him? She said he got killed in mob violence. She wanted to help Taggert because of it. 

Franco tells Cam that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Cam won't accept that. He gets upset and leaves to go study with the kids. 

Dev's trying to apologize to Trina and Joss. They are all studying for the SATs. Joss tells him he was a jerk for being nasty to them. Her feelings for him have changed. Cameron wonders what is going on. He says they all need to be friends because it's senior year. They agree. 


OMG, Carly confesses the Sasha plot to Michael at the same time Chase tells Willow!! LOL!! 

Julian tells Cyrus that Taggert is alive. 

Nikolas tells Sonny that he had the hit ordered on Ryan. 

Briana Lane Exits GH as Brook Lynn


Briana Lane exits GH as Brook Lynn. She sent out a tweet last night thanking fans and cast/crew of GH. She will be missed. She replaced Amanda Setton who left to have her baby. Interestingly enough, when Brook was leaving, she had a pregnancy test with her. I thought Briana did a great job, she will be missed. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

NuLucas Alert!

 Here we go... it's MONDAY!! 

Carly figures out about Nelle's necklace. Avery tells her she found it outside the cabin. Carly calls Jax to come over.  She shows Jax the necklace. He says yep. Looks like it. Carly says Jax shouldn't tell Nelle, it was be bad news. Jax thinks he should. Oh geesh. 

Olivia, Sam at GH. Julian walks in "is it Leo"?? I must have missed something? AND THERE'S A NEW LUCAS APPARENTLY! that's him up there! WHAT? I don't think he'd be a replacement (temp) because why bother to put him in? He's never there. If Ryan DID leave, why not announce the reacast?? Strange???? Anyway a kid fell needs a tetnus shot.  Lucas tells Julian he's a terrible parent basically. 

Sasha still on the floor. Cyrus tells Brando to get her out out --so Brando takes her out and calls SONNY?? lol Then at GH, Jason calls Michael to go to see her.  Um, ok? Lucas says she OD and the coke was "super coke" (well something like that LOL) . Cyrus shows up and goes to turn off the breathing machine and Michael hauls him out of the room and yells at him for being a scum drug dealer. 

Chase has a beer at Charlie's... Willow texts him "I think we should talk" Willow comes to see him. 

Valentin and Tad Martin talking about Charlotte and custody. Val then asks Nina to be her guardian in case anything happens to him. 

Brook and Ned talking. The apologize to each other. Brook is still leaving--to "get clarity". And-- I think so the old Brook Lynn can come back. 


OMG so, Brook says goodbye to Valentin at the Metro Bar. He walks away and she PULLS OUT A PREGNANCY TEST!! 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Wet Paint


So, there I was, complaining on Friday that the show was boring (that day) and BOOM! All hell broke loose!  People coding, Alex sliding away-- seizures, drugs, sex and almost some rock and roll! No wonder Chase has a headache! 

Pancakes. That's what I want. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Pennies From Heaven

Sonny reading the "Enchanted Penny" to Avery. Awww...Oh! Avery is wearing the 1/2 heart charm!! DOH! 

Phyllis Caulfield said Nina's baby lived. She had a girl. Nina asks what happened to the baby. Phyllis took her to North Florida. 

Michael and Willow kiss (COVID Style) Michael doesn't want to sign the annulment papers. They decide not to sign right now. They have COVID zex. 

Brook Lynn tries to convince Chase to tell Willow he still loves her. He's going to talk to Willow, she's going to go talk to her father. 

At The Q house, Monica tells Ned to grow up when Brook comes and sees him. 

So Chase and Brook get to the Q house but Chase decides to wait a bit to see Willow. (which is when Michael and she have sex). Willow and Michael think sex was GOOD! No! Great! Oh lord. "Mr. Corinthos, you've got moves" (barf) 

Brook Lynn tells Ned she's leaving for NYC. Ned begs her to stay in PC. 

Cyrus gives Sasha more coke. She smiles. We called them coke whores back in the day. Sasha goes back to Cyrus place. Brando tells Cyrus that Sasha is 'trouble" . Brando leaves but listens at the door. Sasha is dancing and "flying' around. Tells Cyrus that the coke was great . I think it was probably made at GH, it will be synthetic. I also think Cassandra was the one in the house with the oxygen tank. I think she had some condition-- and she WAS making synthetic drugs too. 

So Sasha flips out on Cyrus...then has a seizure and grabs her chest! 

Carly is REALLY upset about Sasha doing coke and goes to Jason about it. (WTF? WHY). Then Sonny walks in. Carly's like WE HAVE TO HELP SASHA. Jason says "no we don't"/ . Carly leaves. Jason and Sonny talk. OMG--WOW Sonny mentions Karen Wexler!! How he gave HER drugs and he's making no excuses for himself. !! WOW KAREN WEXLER! They have a convo about life choices. 

Carly sees Avery's necklace, figures out Nina's daughter is Nelle. 

Chase walks in on Michael and Willow kissing. 

Sasha falls to the floor. 

It's official: William DeVry Out at GH

 After quite a bit of cat and mouse and speculation, William DeVry took to twitter to say goodbye to cast members and fans as he was leaving GH. "Fans made Juliexis Love forever" .... He will be missed. While I was one who said Julian needed a direction or had to go, I was hoping they'd find something for him story-wise. He and Ava were some of the best siblings on TV! 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Brook and NYC


It's Thursday! 

Franco tells Liz about his tumor. She's upset about Terry but he says it was a doctor-patient prive thing. He tells her it's inoperative. Liz wants a second opinion. Franco says he's too afraid he will turn psychotic again. 

Brook Lynn is at GH trying to see Finn. Oh, she was trying to find CHase. Which she does and tells him she's got a one way bus ticket to NYC. Chase doesn't want her to go. 

Brando is on the look-out for Cyrus at the Metro who's having dinner with a woman "don't let Sonny's wife interrupt us" . Brando is trying to convince Cyrus he hates CarSon.  Sasha is meeting Cyrus. Asks if he sent the coke up to her the other night. She says she know he did. 

Nina is talking to Sasha. She hopes she's not using anymore. Then she sees Carly and Jax together. Gets Jelly

CarJax talk about Nelle. Her death was ruled an accident. 

Willow is painting a room at the Q house. Michael walks in on her dancing-- and it's....weird LOL They have a whole soft porn type thing going-- ugh. Michael catches her off the ladder. PFffffffft. They talk about her seeing Chase after Finn was shot. They hold hands. Yada yada. Oh, the annulment papers are delivered. 

SO, I don't know what's up with my TV but I swear at 2:30 it just decides to cut out. I get that wheel thing going back and forth. It's not my wifi as I can use the computer still! I have to finish the episode tonight! I'm sorry AGAIN@@!! UGH I'll see if Wubby Hubby can fix it? I must just reboot the whole thing. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hamilton and Harrison's Father

 Sonny and Jason. Ryan's in a coma. Jason tells Sonny that Franco asked him to kill him.  Then Taggert comes in. This is in Sonny's office in the restaurant. Tagger's just wandering around. Oh, then Cyrus comes over. 

Scotty is at Franco's house. Scotty's mad that Franco didn't call him when he was in the hospital. Wants to go over his life insurance policy.  Franco's asking what could happen if he died a violent death. 

Laura at the Cyrus House. She is following up the same lead as Curtis and Jordan. She asks Jordan why she's not in the hospital because she heard she was on medical leave. Jordan tells her the truth, it's a cover. Jordan tells Laura the entire Cyrus story and backstory. 

Finn's Dad at the hospital. I like him. He and Chase look so much alike. They all banter a bit. 

Lulu and Maxie gabbing an eating chips in Maxie's room. Lulu's moaning about Dante..Maxie's just listening. 

Peter and Anna talking about Alex and how he could have killed to protect Maxie. Valentin comes out of the elevator. Yada, Yada... The real deal is she says "I was protecting my grandchild". MEANING...she's not telling Peter and neither will Val. Damn it.  BUT..hey, Finn knows, right? No he just knows the results came in. He asks Anna what they said. 

Date is at The Invader Office and looking at Peter's computer for "off shore accounts". He puts in a zip drive. 

PETER walks in on Dante...Dante reaches for his GUN. OH DAMN Dante gets out of it by saying someone was trying to break into the files on his computer and the IT Guys called him. Dante leaves with the zip drive. 

Ok, so ... the whole "40 year old PCPD report" That Cyrus is using and that Jordan keeps saying that is "heavily redacted" has to be Laura killing David Hamilton. She was like 15 or 16?

END: Franco tells Liz about his tumor. Laura calls someone and says "we're in trouble"

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday Trauma

 So I finished yesterday's episode!! Joss didn't kiss Dev back. I like Dev acting like a prick. I'm so happy he's being a Jerk. 

So, Julian got one up on Sonny about the whole Nelle thing and Taggert!!? NICE He tells Sonny if he does anything he'll tell Cyrus about Taggert. 

Finn needs surgery. They might remove the sack around his heart?? 

Valentin and Robert get ready to go get Maxie and Anna and they walk into the hospital! Peter hugs her.  Anna and Chase in the chapel was a good scene.

Valentin wants Charlotte back? hmmmm. I'm starting to like Tad's accent a bit. So..sue me.

So, Alex slithers back into the water.  You know she's probably not dead. She does a number on Anna tho about not going to get Peter and raise him. That's why her memories were switched. 


Anna in the chapel with Robert. He says there's been no body found. She says "it's over". Then Robert asks what the test results were from the hospital "Is Alex Peter's mother"?? She yells at him to stop his obsession. She just killed her sister and Finn is fighting for his life (she's deflecting). Never answers him.  Epiphany tells her Finn is done with the surgery and he's stable. 

Olivia comes to GH and finds Robert. He says he messed up with Anna. 

Willow embraces Chase she said she had to come. Chase talks about Finn. Finally Anna tells him he's stable and out of surgery. 

Maxie is scared Finn is going to die. Epiphany tells them they are ok. Peter flashes back to Alex telling him she can see into her soul. 

Jordan and Curtis are looking at the house that Cyrus sends money to. Oh, Oregon! 

Lulu talks to Cyrus at #GH.. basically  taunts him. Dante happens to be at GH too and tells Cy to back the hell off. Lulu gets mad at Dante for interrupting her. 

Ned wants to help Alexis. She says "no you just don't want me to spill about us sleeping together" 

MY STUPID TV FROZE at 2:45!! I couldn't get it back on the internet in time. Weird, because my computer worked. Wah.. 
SO I'll finish today's tomorrow! Sonya will fill you in in the comments about the end of the show 

Monday, November 9, 2020


 MONDAY Monday--- so good to me. Remember that song? 

Portia gives Trina a new phone to replace the other one. Trina is going to Kelly's to meet Dev and Joss. 

Joss and Dev tell Sonny that Trina is going to prove that Taggert is "innocent". 

Julian comes to Sonny's with Jason. Then Ava shows up. Sonny asks Jules if his little sis has to rescue him. Then says "if you answer the questions correctly, you can go home, if not, you can't" 

Gunfight on the boat. Alex grabs Maxie and puts her in a choke hold. "Anna would you please shoot this crazy bitch"?? Anna throws a glass and Alex pops up, Anna shoots her. 

Finn says to Peter: "Anna wanted to be your mother too much" and codes. Portia gives him CPR

Robert calls Jackie to tell her Finn's been shot. She's at a Spanish airport ( I can tell by the Spanish writing on the signs LOL). Then Robert goes in to talk to Valentin who must have been getting checked out after the explosion. 

SO SORRY..LOCAL COVID Interruption. Our county is back in the yellow so they had to give a bunch of guidelines. I don't want to miss part of the show even if it comes back so I'll watch on Hulu tonight. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Waiting Room

 The. Week. From. Hell. BUT--I'm telling you what, the show was a great distraction, that's for sure. Thanks to the writers, crew, actors et all for taking my mind off of things for an hour a day!!  Hopefully you can figure out why I entitled this "Waiting Room".. because I feel like that's all I DID!

I have many carbs here as I'm a stress eater. Come on over, we have a lot to get through! 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...