Monday, April 1, 2024

Monica's Recast Announced


Meredith Baxter

This morning it was announced that television icon Meredith Baxter will be taking over the role of Monica Quartermaine. The show said that Leslie C. will formally announce her retirement in mid-April, then Meredith's first airing will be in early May.

Meredith has over 102 acting credits to her name. Most notably the TV shows Family, Family Ties, and The Betty Broderick Story.

There was no mention of storyline or what lies ahead for Meredith. What do you think about this casting? Comment below.


  1. WOW! I don't know! I mean if Leslie C wants to retire then good for her!! I'm happy for her. I hope she is okay. Meredith Baxter wow! I loved her on family ties. I don't know how to feel about recasting Monica with Meredith Baxter. I'll have to wait and see. Leslie C was a recast too. :)

  2. Great choice, and she's only 2 years younger than Leslie in RL.

  3. Excellent choice. Happy 61st year GH!

  4. Replies
    1. I didn't think about that! ROFL! I don't see anything about this when I google.. *Snicker*

    2. If it's true I'm not mad because I love Meredith Baxter but that would be BIG news everywhere if true!!

    3. "Aosgh says, If it's true I'm not mad because I love Meredith Baxter"

      Yeah me too. Welcome to the blog!!! :)


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