Friday, March 30, 2018

55 Years of GH

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Lots of flashbacks today! Starts out with Sonny talking about Memories and our identities. Sonny recreated Luke's Club for Mike to "Work" that night (he used to be bartender there). Everyone stops by to order a drink and talk to him. Kevin calls it immersion therapy and it works great for some Alzheimer's patients. 

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First Luke scene!!  We had Monica and Alan...Edward and Lila-- a bunch of flashbacks. Jason holding baby Michael for the first time.  Ned sings.  BJ scenes...they could have played more of those.  Lucy Coe Nurses' Ball montage.  Sonny shooting Dante.

Wow... All I'm going to say is this was pretty Sonny-centric and..we didn't even get a flashback of Laura. Very thin show for an anniversary edition, imo.  What did you think? 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Life Train

Still rolling for me! Yesterday I got home at 2:45 and had so much paperwork to do I couldn't watch. Today is the "end of the month" so I will be home even later. I heard Dr. Bensch kissed Kiki. Now, think about it--if KRIS Alderson still played her--and he did that? Ewww. I mean, Max Holden and Starr would have been seared in my brain!! 

The show seems to be at a lull right now, imo. Too many thread stories and not enough focus on the Mike drama.  If I have to see Peter and Maxie all spring and summer I will hurl. I can just picture him while she gives birth telling her to breathe and push. 

Monday, March 26, 2018


Alexis and Sam...Alexis wonders what happened. Sam "Drew left Me".. 

Drew's on the docks chugging what looks like Sprite but I guess it's a generic beer. Curtis comes along. Yada, yada...

Carly and Jason are taking WAY TOO long to figure this Nelle crap out. I's not even good psycho stuff.  They look at security footage but Diane told her not to put one on her office because ..."To err on the side of caution"-- I guess because of Sonny. 

Sonny really wants Maddox to help Mike-- He says all of his work was on that Disco Nope. 

Olivia and Ned. They are in some planning meeting for Charles Street renovation.

Ok, this was just a I'm out early! 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Don't Touch Me

A short week for me because of life-- so here's a little something for you involving FREW.  Some tidbits at the end. Enjoy

Let's DO THIS!!
Bobby--you got the rabbit's foot? 
Nutter Butters?
You ready to be trapped and have an intense convo about the past? 
Didn't Jason get one last week? 
Yeah...with Sam...and here I am with you... 
Sorry, Dude..that's how it rolls..

So... I think I should begin by.....

Um, you're not going to sing are you?? Because this is bad enough as dialog, I couldn't take it. 

Nope, no singing ... but I do have deep, dark secrets... ones that involve an older man and a young boy...the dark... and a rabbit's foot. 

So, I take it the tumor Diane put in a jar didn't work? 

Not even close. People are STILL hating on Harvey. 

And if this doesn't work? 
Hell if I know.... maybe I can become Todd again? 
Todd who? 
Never mind, you had to be there. 

I guess we're doing this, huh? You want to hear my story? Or should we just jump...

GOOD Choice!! That was fun... kinda like a ....rebirth.
You didn't just say that did you? You sound like a soap opera!!
AHAHAHAA....and look, my belly is whiter than your's!
You did eat all the Nutter Butters, brother. 
Aw, aren't we adorable? 

Shut up...
No, YOU shut up...

And...there you have it.  Trying to redeem or at least explain Franco attempt number 78,000.  Great acting by both RoHo and Billy. 

Other things you should know: 

Stella schooled Sonny on Alzheimer's... and he went out and is trying to get Dr. Maddox to experiment on Mike. Ergo, he thinks he can overpower it. 

Nelle is doing a terrible job at trying to scare Carly--or make her think she's crazy. Really bad job. AND WHAT SELF-RESPECTING PSYCHO LEAVES THEIR DNA on the evidence?? 

Sam cried a lot when she told Drew she still loves Jason. And him. Both of them. He wasn't having it. He left in a huff and put his ring on the desk. BYE! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Ut oh....did something move??? 

So, let's see how this week goes. I wasn't very interested in coming back-- not a lot was interesting. Bench is finally becoming the perv we thought he was. Such a strange journey for this character. Anna's still looking for that kid. People on the show that had secret kids: Monica, Leslie, Bobbie, Heather, Laura...Alexis.... yada yada zzzzzzzzz.


Friday, March 23, 2018

False Alarm

Sam told Drew she loves Jason and him. Cries. Drew looks pissed. Or hurt....or both 

Drew: You love us both...why did we get married? 

Sam crying a lot... Drew gets all teary eyed-- "you said..your vows"... 
Crying crying...Drew's not having it. Sam's trying to explain, he's like why didn't you say anything!!? He starts crying.."I can't stay here" ...more bawling from Sam. She mentions Scout. He's like, yeah, I love her. BUT...he leaves and puts his wedding ring on the desk. 

Spinelli is in town, he brought Georgie to see Maxie.  He's going to pretend to be Henrick. 

Carly's got an office all of a sudden?? So, Nello puts a "morgan" scarf in her office--complete with dried blood. Then, she pulls the fire alarm, forcing Carly to leave the office. Carly tells Jason about the scarf and when she goes to show him--IT'S GONE!!  Jason, Spin and Carly are going to figure out it's Nelle in about 2 minutes. Geesh, at least make Nelle be a BIT crafty. 

Mike's getting in an angry stage of the disease... and Sonny also uses it as an opportunity to tell Michael what a great Dad HE was.  Because you know, Mike wasn't... whatever. Sonny actually learns a lesson: Make Mike feel good now, despite the past you remember, 'remember' his past. Nice touch.

Jules is out to eat with Kim.  They kiss. 

Maddox sees Sonny-- I think Sonny might think he  can help Mike? Yes, he's going to ask him about his experiments. 

Anna and Finn: UGH... Anna 'There's this THING in between us" yada yada.. and then Alexis shows up.  I guess Alexis and Finn were pretending to be a couple? 

I spotted Brad at Kelly's!!  He and Nelle talk about his adoption. They are in the "processing" stage. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Love Franco? Hate Franco? Read my Column!!

Image result for roger howarth on general hospital gh
THAT'S THE INFAMOUS BLT sandwich painting behind him!! 

Daytime Confidential invited me to do a guest column for them. Any topic and look what I chose. 

That's right... I'm defending that character past and present. Take a gander. If it wasn't for Roger though, all bets would be off.  Hope you enjoy. 

Short and Sour.

The two Carlys are talking... about JossCar. Tams mentions almost losing Oscar. "I can't imagine losing my son"... and Carly cries.  THEN SHE tells her ALL about losing Morgan. How Morgan was great... yada yada. 

Michael and Nelle.  GET THIS IN GEAR!! High gear!!  She's just NOT PSYCHO enough yet. I don't want to hear about damn birthing classes every. other. day.!!  Michael's moving out of the Q mansion. Into the Metro Court. Which further waters down the story. 

Anna and Maddox joggin on the pier. Guess we have to use that set since it's out. She's talking about finding her kid. I have NO interest in this at all. None.  Done with babies from the past. I've seen over 40 years of them. 

Franco and Drew got the ok to leave the hospital.  They told Sam and Liz about the Harvey past. But they don't know all of it. 

Alexis and Finn were eating lunch and Julian interruptus. 

Geesh, I guess I'm not interested in much. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2:30...Jumping in with Both Feet.

So, who thinks Nelle is going to run that new chick over with the car? SQUISH...Later, Nelle sees a hallucination of what she thinks is them talking about taking a trip.
Yeah, She's gonna stab that girl!

I see Ava and Griff are as boring as ever. 

Betsy Franco has purple hair on my TV. 

Looks like Drew swam to safety.  But Franco isn't there..oh wait, yep there he is. Then they go to the PCPD where Sam and Liz are trying to report that the concrete was poured over them. 

Michael Easton
Billy Miller
Nancy Lee Grahn
Laura Wright
Maura West
Wally Kurth
A Montgomery
Hudson West
Hayley Erin
Chloe Lanier

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!! No one did it better than this family!! Ryan's Hope was such a dialog rich soaps... !! Remember Maeve singing Danny Boy!!?? Hope you have a great one. There will be no Sunday Surgery. Next week!! Eat some Green Bagels and have a Guinness. Or Three! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

So, How's It Goin??

I saw some pics of Franco in distress. I take it he was abused. OF COURSE he was! I love Roger so I'll want to watch the scenes...

How's Julian and Alexis going? Is he with Kim???? 

Is Maxie away from Pete? We need a good nickname for him.  I just don't like him. 

The Finn brother thing is so funny. 

She's the Mary Kennicott of know, Nelle Bad...She good. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let's Face It

I'm not tuned into GH lately-- I've basically been watching the Mike stuff and sometimes Franco and Drew because Roger is hilarious. Just heard this guy got a brother--the newbie cop. Who's name is Harrison Chase. So, these kids are Harry and Hammy. Nice naming skills mom! ONLY WAIT..they don't have the same mama, they have the same daddy.
So...why are their last names different? 

Hmmmm, who knows. I do love this behind the scenes photo of MEaston with Roxy. 

I have about a foot and 1/2 of snow. Life in Rochester still rolls on tho! I'm having a giant party on Saturday -- and guests next week so it may be a bit before I get back in here.  Keep it clean folks! Cheers. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tillerson In The Middle

Jordan visits Curtis in the hospital because...he had a boo boo. She's just doing everything but the clean up.  I guess Aunt Stella is ok, she's finding housing for people off camera. Of course. 

Finn and Alexis... Finn says he needs his lawyer.  Does anyone EVER call him Hamilton? LOL. Kinda like Franco and no one saying: "Hey, Bobby"!! 

Carly finds Nello in the Q mansion. She's not happy. 

Liz wants the truth from Franco. 

Oscar and Josslyn--please spare me.

Some new cutie nurse "Francesca" caught Michael's eye. 

OH FOR GOD SAKES Interrupted--- by the Tillerson statement/speech. AND I'M SO TIRED OF THIS.  If we had a presser for every person leaving, we'd never see regular TV. 

I'm done for today. Sorry..I'll catch the rest of the show later.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Daylight Savings

Drew and Franco teaming up to find out what happened on the stairs.  Franco tells Drew he'll be more fun to work with than Jason LOL 

Sam told Liz that Franco may have pushed Drew down the stairs. Liz overheard Jason and Sam telling each other they were in LOVVVvve. 

Carly and Jason. Jason tells her that Sam and he said they loved each other. 

Sonny Ava --Sonny goes and gets Avery and Ava is not happy. 

Anna tells Griffin her and Faison's kid might have Huntington's-- and Griffin realizes it was Peter...because Peter just came back from being tested by him. 

Kiki gets skeeved out by Dr. Bensch asking her to dinner/drinks and then giving her a signed first edition Grey's book. 

Sonny is not reacting well to Mike's illness...I wonder if he's afraid he'll have it? 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: The Saviors

I give this offering to the altar of redemption 

Another week rolls by and I have to decide if I am going to do a Sunday Surgery!! I feel like I'm failing but hey, as you know NEW DOG (only 3 months still) and this is my push week to do all the year end reports for work. Year end being June. (yes, they are due in March!). So, I hope this is better than NO blog. 

Watching this week was...well...a bit sad. I so loved the pace GH had a few months ago and how everyone moved across the canvas. I wonder if production came into the writer's room and said "NOPE! Go back to our 'tried and true' formula of snore and bore'!! Don't get me wrong, there have been near perfect scenes--especially with the Mike story. Other times? I just can't even. 

Daylight Savings Time -- UGH. No thank you. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Out of Office...

Anyway, I found out I have a meeting at TWO today--don't they know GH is on\?? What the hell. Makes me extra mad because I'll have to play catch up in order to do the Surgery on Sunday. What did you think of Peter and Maxie's scenes yesterday?? 

Gee, just happen to have my shirt off

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Post Quake

So I guess yesterday was a pretty big day, huh? JaSam had all the feels and so did Friz...but in the shower lol. This Earthquake thing is just...I mean WHY?? WHY?? 

Drew is hurt in the hospital. Sam goes to his bedside. Tells him she was with Jason. They talk about what happened that night (not the mush stuff) Oscar freezing, the freezer door. Sam says: Oh, Franco saved you--Karma He would have been around to do that if we hadn't saved him.  Sam "It's the first time I'm actually grateful to Franco".  

Carly talks to Sonny. Geesh,...Bobbie had Cameron, Aiden and  during the earthquake LOL Carly says they need to make a plan for Mike. Sonny wants him go back to Brooklyn!! ahahaaaaa. Carly's like: UM NO..he'll be staying here. Sonny says he'll put him in his old neighborhood and get nurses. Carly says "You're his only family"-- Sonny says: Why do you care, Mike always wanted me with Brenda" !!! HAHHAAHA. He said that just to piss Carly off.  Mike wants to know why Rita isn't answering his calls. Awkward!  Sonny asks Mike to stay with them. Tears all around. 

Nelle ..still in bed in the hospital. Monica checks on her. Nothing important goin on.  Later, Nelle finds out her apartment was destroyed. Oh REALLY???  Where WILL SHE LIVE?!!  Monica asks her to stay at the Qs! Michael is like: DERP. 

Anna is in BELGIUM with Maddox. And it's basically another cafe like the one she was with FINN in that entire time they were away in Monte Carlo. AHAHHAAA. OMG. Seriously? Some chick comes up an says she was the midwife-- but she's like 20? Oh the midwife was her mother, who is dead. Anna wonders if she kept records. Girl says NO and not possible to find anything out. They talk some more. Her mother talked about the baby that was born June 13th-- and would light a candle for it because the family had to give it away. THEN she says the baby was a BOY.  Just happens to have her moms records--I guess in the car??  It was a boy. 

Maxie and Peter are talking in the Metro. Maxie is staying there, locked herself out of her room and uses his phone. (oy)..she talks about Faison having Huntington's-- and if she should get the kid tested.  She decides to do it. Her mom is "too nervous" and so is NINA so-- PETER IS GOING WITH HER WHEN SHE GETS TESTED!!!!! for godsakes. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

No Bloggin"

Well, today is the AFTER SHOCKS--- and I'm going to miss them. Wednesdays are still my busiest day-- and Miss Tillie has a vet appointment! 

SO! Shake and Bake!! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


OMG Liz is a damn nurse. So she's standing in the church asking GOD to bring Franco to her?? !!!  Although look at that pic up there.  She's so gorgeous. 

Kids are Frozen.  They try to warm them up. I so hope Oscar loses a toe. Joss goes to GH with Harrison and Kim and Drew work on Oscar.  Kim gives him CPR-- and Oscar comes back to life. 

Nelle and Carly are sniping. NO one is knocked out or bleeding. Damn it. Oh! Nelle has cramps!! Carly doesn't believe her. She gives her water. She may be dehydrated.  They stop. She and Carly talk about having a baby...almost get along and Sonny knocks on the door and says he'll try to get them out. 

Griffin says Michael should be admitted based on the 'follow my finger' test. He needs rest. 
Josslyn goes to GH sees Sonny and hugs her. 

Mike is trying to tell JaSam where Franco is trapped. Jason says he'll find him and to go help Sam get to Charlie's.  
Jason finds Franco. Franco begs for help. Jason talks about Michael's rape--and what he did to Sam. Franco is like I HAD A TUMOR!!!!!!!! A TUMOR! Jason says he doesn't care, he's going to finish him off. Then SAM pops in and tells Jason she and Michael have moved on with their lives and made peace with what happened to them. She would rather have Franco live than lie about how he died. 
They get the cabinet off of him. Franco says thank you and leaves. If you are a JaSam fan, watch the scenes after that. VERY Sad--very well done.  Sam loses a dog tag that Danny gave her ????? Um, okay. Jason finds it. She won't even touch him to take it back! WOW...she tells him to keep it!!

Sam and Mike stumble into the church and find Liz. Liz tells Sam Franco didn't show up. He thinks Liz is married to Lucky. Mike talks to Liz about having Alzheimer's.  GREAT scenes.Mike cries about having it and how Sonny looks at him now. Sob. 
Mike makes it to GH.
Liz is still waiting.... and....Franco walks thru the door--they kiss. 

Still no word on Stella, TJ and Molly.

Both Michael and Nelle are in GH for observation. Joss wants to wait for Oscar. 

AND IT'S AN AFTERSHOCK!! Sam and Jason are in the trailer... Drew is in the freezer--looks like Jules brings in Molly tomorrow. 

Monday, March 5, 2018


Priceless Q vases are a smashin!! JaSam are holding on for dear life!! Later, Ned and Olivia come down. Ned says that their house was rebuilt after the 1991 quake and their safety standards are better.  Sam wants a ride to town on Jason's bike. They go to Charles St. 

Curtis wants to go find Harvey. He thinks he caused the earthquake by excavating Charles Street. He's hurt though, his leg is bad. Jordan takes him to GH..let that sink in. JORDAN, the police chief TAKES CURTIS TO GH...with a bad leg. AND-- stays there. But, they can't find Molly or TJ or Stella. And the TOWN IS IN CRISIS. But you stay with your boyfriend. OMG this is bad. Sorry, but do better. 

Franco gets knocked out in the trailer when pipes fall on him...Harvey tries to wake him up-- nothing happens. Harvey panics and runs out. Later, Franco tries to get out. He can't--then someone walks's MIKE!!  Mike can't lift it. He goes for help. 

JossCar in the Freezer, under the table.. They can't get out the door is jammed. 
Dance: The genderfluid kid has a broken arm that Kim has to reset or put into place. Ouch. They can't find JossCar. Drew says the street is a mess and buildings collapsed. Someone says they saw the kids go back to the backroom.
Joss and Oscar play "never have I ever"-- OMG... with COLA. Because this is the Disney Channel. :eyeroll: I know, I know--but can't they do whippets? 

Michael is down in Sonny's foyer, passed/knocked out...wakes up..passes out again. When he wakes up Max is there too. Can't find Mike. Sonny thinks Michael has a concussion.  Later Sonny takes him to GH 

Church: Ava has blood on her face, freaks out. Griffin says it's not her scar. Kevin helps Liz light candles. Scotty is knocked out! Comes to and has a giant shard in his leg. They take Scott to the hospital. Liz waits for Franco. She knows he's coming. HUH? Wasn't she just leaving? Ugh. whatever. 

END: LONG Friz flashbacks. Like a lot. 
Mike sees Jason and Sam-- but can't remember he has to help Franco. 
They get the freezer door open are frozen lol 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Surgery: You Shook Me


What happened? Here I was loving this show so much I was encouraging people to tune back in and --eesh. If it wasn't for the Mike story and some of the Nelle stuff, I could have skipped this week too! The show was so predictable I literally sat on twitter and called out what was going to happen. (And I didn't read the spoilers!!) 

So, here we are!! May as well have snow and maple syrup--a fave around here after a storm!

Friday, March 2, 2018


Liz wonders where Franco is...Scotty goes to look for him. Comes back, says he can't find him. Liz is convinced it's because he doesn't want to marry her. "Wedding is off"! she says. 

Franco is with Harvey making him tell him what happened.  Supposedly Harvey is going to spill but..he tells Franco that Franco pushed Andy down the stairs and had a smirk on his face while doing so. Franco says "no, that's not how it happened"...

OMG! SQUEE the dance is on MAN! So exciting. COOL BEANS!!  I'm so NOT into this clean teen scene. Please. I loved UK Skins. If Josslyn was Effie? WOW... now I'm just so sleepy. Even the gender-fluid story seems like an after-school special. I can't deal. "Now I have a safe space to dance"!!!  OMG get this: A bully comes in (looks a lot like young Jacob Young-- ) and tries to throw paint on the gender fluid kid, misses and hits Josslyn. Oscar then jumps the bully ahahahhaaa. It's really hysterical. Oh geeeshh!! 

Curtis is doing 1/2 naked push ups in that cell! WOOT! He and Jordan talk about Harvey and why he's buying up land. 

Nina tells Carly she saw Joss's pic on Instagram and that Cartullo dress was in Crimson. Nelle stole it. Hee hee

Michael is talking to Nelle about who's going to take care of their baby when they are gone. I mean IF they are gone.  And I got it...yep, it's Jason. St. Jaysus to the rescue.  Michael asks him and he says he'd be honored. 

Valentin is talking to  Peter about Huntington's. He says to get a test. 

Sam goes to the Qs to pick up the kids

Later: Carly walks into the Gallery and sees Nelle on the computer (Nelle is looking up Morgan's facebook memorial page) 

SO Earthquake: is SO SOAP 101 

Nelle and Carly are going to get trapped together..with the baby....
Sam and Jason at the Q's...
And Drew and Kim together.

OH! And Oscar and Joss go into the FREEZER to make out..and

EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!! My son was in the room and he says: are they in California or something?? AHAHAHA 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Friz Wedding

Epiphany is her maid of honor.. Awww..Felix and Kiki come in with surprise champagne. 

Drew and Franco on the stairs.... Franco's crying like a baby-- trauma!!  Drew holds him (yes, HOLDS him) , tells him to breathe. Franco says "Drew--I remember--the RUNS"!!  He stops...tries talking and says "We were little kids" then Kim calls Drew and Drew says "We ok"? and leaves. Franco flashbacks to a guy's pants on the stairs. You know it's Harvey. 
Franco shows up in Harvey's construction trailer. "It's about time you showed up" He confronts Harvey and says "Can you tell me why Betsy sent Drew away"??  Harvey says no..why would I? Franco says: "I remember" -No one is leaving here until you tell me exactly what you did. 

CAMERON IS ON!! This is not a DRILL!! CAMERON! Not aged, same ol' Cam!! 

Guests: Ava... Griffin...Scotty... Kevin.  

Some crap going on about the Charles Street thing--- Harvey is mad Curtis stole his map. He wants Jordan to arrest Curtis...she does to keep up the pretense because she has him working for her.  Curtis tells her later that the map shows Harvey wants what's BENEATH Charles' Street. Hmmm, is this where the earthquake is coming from? Fracking?? where are the kids going to have their cool dance?? Oh! Anna gives her party venue up. She and Finn pick up their medals at PCPD. 

SO, I found out the WSB got Andre out to do the brain mapping?? Welp. Ok. 

Frizz wedding: Frizzled out

I guess Tristan Rogers is back in June?? 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...