Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Salt Mines.

I HOPE to be here to watch some of GH...we shall see, if so I'll open this up to post. If not, let me know if the DVR is worth watching. I'm thinking YES, because GH has been good for a week now!! Yes, you do have to register to post now--and use that spam detail. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. I tried for a long time to leave this completely open but that has sadly failed. If you have trouble logging in, create an "Open ID" account -it links to a real email (you have to get confirmation) and you can post in many networks that way. Google works best. 

It's Real Andrews Bday today!! (Taggert) wish he'd be the one that Kate's talking to. He's BCI or something now LOL 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rick Springfield coming to GH for an appearance in March!

Looks like more '80's vets are back! Rick Springfield will make a short appearance as Dr. Noah Drake to tie in with Robin's departure. He is after all, Patrick's daddy (oh, and Matt's too).

Desperate Manipulitius!

Ah, Maxie, making up diseases to describe Elizabeth. AHHAA. Too fun.

Jason has had so many head injuries, shootings, you name it. AngerBoy has swelling on the brain.  I  guess Sam stopped cramping or at least she didn't go to the hospital yet.

Lulu: "Everyone tells me your home, a Luke sighting-- like a comet"out! Lulu was so right about Luke not even saying Happy Marriage!! Good scenes with the two of them. "I just needed you to be there"--- Luke and his martyr syndrome.

Carly telling her "bad girl" stories to Johnny. About AJ  in the shopping cart with the vodka! She's DYING to know the secret. I'm glad she found out. She was at least compassionate about Claudia.
Umm WHERE'S JOSSLYN? For all the time Carly spends with her, she could be with Jax! LOL

SKate and the restaurant. Ok,  I'll try to get into it. I wish it would MOVE faster and be a bit more exciting with more people involved but ah, whatever.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG Awards: Emma Stone


Sunday Surgery: Prepping the Patient

Ok... now, take a deep breath-- and know what I say is not a joke: I enjoyed GH this week. Let it sink in. THE WUBQUEEN ENJOYED GH this WHOLE WEEK. :thud:  I know, I know-- what can I say? It had light and funny moments, a great angst storyline playing out in real- time (Johnny) and well, the dialog was  spot-on. You can tell someone said something about the direction of the show. 

Yes, I do think that GH is being prepped for the change coming in Feb. Tracy and AZ, and the fact that Johnny's real life daddy is tied to her as well? Awesome. Brandon Barash is acting his heart out. Even though the Claudia Mama Story has holes all over, I even thought that Anthony's explanation of things was plausible. Tracy and Luke laying on the bed eating her 'wedding breakfast' was refreshing and way better than them bickering on the empty Haunted Star.  *sigh* I loved that scene. 

Please leave your BAT behind when you go!
Wyndemere continues to be a thorn in the side, especially when they brought Helena back to hide and not say one dang word. COME ON... but!! Cassandra waved that stuffed bat around and all was forgiven. (I'm an easy sell) Who came up with that idea? You'd think I was writing. Tee hee. A stuffed bat is just so perfect in so many ways. Just get Stefan back and I'll be a happy camper!

Scrubs are back on track and Robin's on a drug protocol that is working for the moment. We know something big is coming and we also know her parents show up. That's squee worthy!! I hear Holly comes in (maybe because Ethan dies or goes missing)-- and that is also a GIANT scream because I know this time RC won't limit her to interacting with one/two other people. 

Lulu's drinking was really done stupidly --I mean, in the Metro Court surfing the net in the morning? Ummm, ok. BUT! I love that they are not making her a sloppy drunk. Spencers are FUNCTIONAL alcoholics. They exist and I really do like how they play them that way. Maxie coming over with Lulu all ratty was a fun touch too. Speaking of Maxie, I still hate the Matt drama but the new toned-down Spinelli is a treat. When he was watching M&M and waving his spoon around he was adorable. 

I missed the day Edward was on and I still have to watch. People said it was good though. 

Kate? Ugh.. at least I did have Bob the Badger to watch in some of her scenes. Do I even care who her "mystery phone-person" is? No. 
Maurice seems happier  and watching the dimples flash again was magic!!  JaSam continued their mope but there's light at the end of that tunnel. They are using Alexis more and she talked to a new person (Shawn) which was well written and woven into the fact that TJ and Molly were study-buddies. Her menopause story could be done better (enough with the 'flopsweat' jokes) but I can't complain.
SCENE of the WEEK: Had to be Sonny telling Johnny about his paternity. Just the right amount of drama and tension, sprinkled with Sonny's glee. Brandon Barash was awesome. Runner up to this scene was Johnny confronting Anthony. Bruce W actually looked like he was acting instead of being Mr. Sarcastic. The whole thing was done well, and let's face it--it was done in a HUGELY timely manner given GH's history of 8 month storyarcs.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Anything with Michael in it. Sorry but he's on my last damn nerve....PLUS he's whiny!!

Johnny, Angry Johnny...

So, do you agree that GH was better this week or am I crazy? All I can say is I'm enjoying watching again. Not the whole show but a decent part of it. Hey the new guys haven't even started yet. This could get good!! Must See GH? WOWza.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Soap View For Saturday

This photo is from a Tumblr Blog called "SoAwesome" it's a SOAP BUBBLE magnified 3x. I just loved it...the blog is gorgeous..Just thought I'd pass it along. Tumblr is a ton of fun for those of us that love visual treats. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kris Alderson Tweets: I Signed 3 Year GH Contract!

That's right... Starr Manning has a 3 year stint with GH. NO comment on the "Three year" bit. LOL. She's a long timer though.  "Todd" and "Blair" are on for a LIMITED run-- maybe Starr will be singing for L&B  records. What are the odds baby HOPE comes too? hmmmm. 

Karmas a BITCH, Kate!!


You go Johnny!! TELL Kate where it's at!!
BOOM! Johnny as a Batman type villian? Yes,  I'll take it!! BOOM!
Maxie and Lulu were fun...Lulu looking all "ratty"...drinking again in the morning. hee hee
I saw Bob the Badger!!
Spinelli and Sam--sorta pointless but whatever
Sonny: "Alexis-- please ummm, my pier, she blew up..and I need you to take care of it" ahahhaa.
Patrick trying to tell Jason it's dude's code and he should have spilled on Robin. heh. Jason was like: Huh? Blink. 
BLAZE...Skye found the birth certificate--- !! that was a good touch. And Lulu freaking out at Luke about the wine..interesting. Lulu throws BAR WARE at Luke. Ummmm, Lulu only Sonny can chuck barware.
Sam's cramping. 

Spoilers and Rumors are UP you Wubbahs!

Ok, great...but can YOU tell Carly? We are too scared!

That's right-- new Spoilers are up and some made me giggle. I think JaSam is going to be more nervous to tell Carly about the baby than anything else? Is the baby Jason's?? See for youself on the WUBS NET!!

RUMORS are up too... hit the rumor button on the wubs page. Things are swirling all over about EVERYTHING! Just reminding you that GH's days are numbered and we need to enjoy it NOW. I feel the lighter stuff already. You know I've enjoyed it this week. Once the Lady in White is cleared up and Robert and Anna get back I'll be positively GIDDY!! 

I hope to be here at 3 to blog!! Work is going well, I love it but boy it's draining-- 
A BIG THANK YOU for the Amazon orders at Christmas, you rock!!  

Give a Vote to ENATION!

 Jonathan Jackson's band..our own "LUCKY" on GH is in a contest to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle!! Judging is being done by number of downloads each band receives. Go to Facebook and sort the bands by "downloads" you'll find them about 1/2 way down. It's a FREE download of their song. Let's give him our Soapy Fan support!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out Of Office Reply

Oh Yes, AZ and I shall be dining at the Floating Rib!

It's Thursday, that means I DVR GH and you tell me if I need to watch or not!! I've been happy with the show the last few days. It's been a lot lighter and more fun. The Johnny/Anthony exchange was done really well. I almost bought that Claudia was naughty enough to go after an ancient guy. LOL

I will have a nice nosh for you all! Let me know if Cassandra is dragging around her Stuffed Bat again today!! Please!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lulu's on her 12 Bottle of Wine!?

Woman in White has such an inappropriate outfit on for WINTER! It's like Easter!! Plus on a launch in January. Oh you toy with me GH!! Where is HELENA?? HOW fun would it have been for her to show up at Tracy and AZ's wedding!!??? 

LULU's still drinking? It's like five hours later! She'd be under the dang table!! LOL. Goodness. Liked Tracy stopping by! Lulu noticed her giant ring. LOL
 TJ kidding Molly about MyFace, too fun. He's right and she's right. They can help each other. Alexis and Shawn looked nice together. I HATED Cassandra's bedazzled tam..ugllllly.  
WHO SAW THE BAT!! IT'S A STUFFED BAT!! ahahhhaaaaaaaaaaa. OMG so Feta worthy! I loved that BAT! Name him: Vlad, Feta, Stefan or LASHA!! hee hee.

OMG, Alexis and Sam. :THUD: Alexis found out Sam is PG!! She knew!!

Johnny is so angry... BB was great to watch!! He almost strangled AZ and he stuck up for his MAMA!
Did you catch where Johnny said was his birthplace? Italian for Devil's Whirlpool? Good dialog about Claudia. The explanation was good too-- even the Tracy Gino tie in. Brandon did an awesome job today again.

Sam and Jason..yada yada... I would love it if Franco got "Mystery Sperm" for Sam's  baby LOL. We could take years to figure it out. 

Looks like Michael shot a guy? Hmmmm, maybe just a ruse? Probably Ronnie did it.

Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany)  is having jaw surgery today...hope she makes a good recovery and gets back to GH!!

Frank and Ron: Say It's So: Is the Nurses' Ball A GO?

RUMOR! RUMOR! We know how much Ron loves to do musicals...we saw a few on OLTL, can the newest rumors that the Nurses' Ball returns in honor of Robin be true? Is Lucy back? Be still my aching old-timer GH Heart!! I hope to heck this is TRUE!! :begging:

In the meantime, feast your eyeballs on these return dates:
Anna will be back the week of Feb 13th

Robert is back the week of Feb 27 
Kirsten Alderson (Starr) comes to PC Feb 20th and I hear it's going to be involved in the explosion and that spurs on Todd and Blair to hurry to town the week  of Feb. 27th. Daytime Confidential reports that Michael Easton (McBain)  will hop on over in March.

More's coming in... I hear that Ewan and Maggie are possibly the next to exit the canvas.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BYE BYE Wyndemere Weepy Woman!

Soaps In Depth has learned that GENERAL HOSPITAL newcomer Alyshia Ochse (Cassandra) has wrapped up her time at the soap! The actress made her official GH debut as the "Woman In White" in early December, after weeks of skulking around the shadows of Wyndemere.
But Ochse isn't the only cast member who will be leaving GH in the coming weeks. We're told that there are other newcomers who will soon see their characters leaving Port Charles! Stay tuned!
THAT'S RIGHT!  Breaking on SID, The Woman in White is GONE-ZO from GH!! How WILL we live without her character!!?

Mr. And Mrs. Anthony Z!

My TV is on the blink!! I hope it's on before GH comes on. Something's up with the digital feed dang it. Boo. Well, at least yesterday we were all happy for a change (or close to happy)!! I will enjoy Bruce, Jane and Tony hamming it up with the whole 'Zaccarah" marriage deal. I'm sure they are having fun. I wish Edward had been there too!! LOL. That's the kind of fun stuff I like. 

The job is coming along. I'm really tired out. Working with 3 and 4 year olds. LORD. They do NOT get my humor LOL 
What was my 'trauma' today?!  Missing the dang Academy Award noms! LOL--I have live tweeted those for 2ish years.  I couldn't even watch this year waaahh. I wasn't that jazzed about the whole thing actually. I haven't even seen any of the movies. Last year I had seen 6 of the 10!

Oh! I wanted to say I loved Once Upon a Time this last Sunday---they tell such good tales!! The dwarfs! (although  they looked more like trolls) I think I like Grumpy! Sneezy is already in town (he's the guy at the drug store that wanted Hansel and Gretal arrested last week). Just good FUN. 

AZ is gearing up to go after one of Sonny's kids!! Can I hope it's MICHAEL??! CAN I CAN I? 

Carly tells Luke to stop the Johnny reveal but he already did it! LMAO Whoops. Carly will probably get Michael killed. Carly was DYING TO KNOW Johnny's secret.

Spinelli giving Matt the Business... I loved him watching Matt/Maxie fight while eating his fruit loops heh. He was too cute. AZ was behind the stalker guy LMAO
AZ and Tracy didn't consummate their wedding. wooooooo!! Luke comes in with room service! heh. "Sausage?!" AND AZ is moving into the Q mansion!! ahahaahahaa.  OH YES!! luke and tracy were so cute today!!!!
Lulu should be a wine steward.  She's drinking in the morning!! Um, if you want to HIDE it Lulu, don't be guzzlin' in the hotel restaurant. 
STUPID KATE. Now she's all cute with him again. awwww. I really REALLY hope she's  got a giant secret --like I said being an informant. It had better not be something stupid like she's trying to take over Cartullo or something. 
Michael was the worst part of the show today. Just sayin'. ugh

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday: Sonny's Dimples are SHININ' BRIGHT!

He can't wait to tell Johnny his "life story" ahahahaa.. Oh Sonny...he's just GIDDY!! I have to say that reveal to Johnny is as excited I've been in awhile. Sonny was all upset Johnny pulled a gun on him. Ummm, you just told him his mother was Claudia and Gino. Did the think he'd hug him? What.

Robin's confronted by Pat. yeah that Robin tried a new Protocol!! I'm so happy! Jason Thompson is such a great crier.

Maggie and  Steven are so stupid. THEY ARE ORANGE AND STUPID. There, I said it. AND they went up to the roof in JANUARY. Oh I wish Olivia would have pushed them off!!

JaSam. Moping in Kelly's office. Good Gravy. Mope, Mope. I hope SONNY'S THE FATHER! ahahahahaa. NO! I hope MITCH LAWRENCE  IS THE FATHER!! yes!! ahahaaha.  Oh that would be awesome. 
LIASON was on today!!!!!! LIASON!!! I think twitter exploded! And Liz tells Jason about Robin next! God, she told you that stuff in confidence!!

The wedding was fun. Luke was "VENUS"?? Oh, Venus!! ahaaha. This is Tracy's ninth wedding. LOL. She's also Johnny's step-mama!! Heh!  LOVED the wedding!! Great photos! She drank shots. Heh. FUN FUN FUN!!

Kate has the NERVE to tell Jax Sonny was "upset" about Brenda-- so it's like, OK-- he tried to kill you.  I really wish that Kate was on the phone with McBain, she's going to be an informant on Sonny. AJ's bankrolling it!!! OH I wish I was a WRITER!

Carolyn Hennesy tweeted this:
Being on the set of GH is like coming home...no matter how many changes have been made. That's the sign of a great crew and great cast!

CHECK THE SPOILERS! There's going to be a big BOOM on the set of GH... who lives, who dies!!? I say they are still figuring that all out. It will be a big shift in the canvas though.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Surgery: M*A*S*H*

What did I do during the CarJon scenes? Well, I don't know why but she reminded me of Hot Lips Houlihan of M*A*S*H*  Oh she of blonde frosty hair and loins of lust. LOL. Yep, that's where my head was and I'm not apologizing for it. This was all melding into the fact that Johnny is really Claudia's son.  Now, that may have been interesting when Claudia was ON the show...but now? Ummm, hopefully his daddy is a doozie to save this lame plot. I'm going for the guy Tracy was married to which makes him a member of the opposing mob family? I guess? :throwsuphands: 
Oh, my other M*A*S*H* Fantasies? Carly (Hotlips) is making out with Hawkeye (Johnny) when Radar (Spinelli) walks in. You know Spinelli could carry a teddy bear and totally be Radar! LOL 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday for the Foamy Soap!

Jax finally talked. Wow. He's SUCH A BETTER DAD than Sonny is!!! GOD! They need him on the show as the other end of the compass. I miss Ingo!!!! Aww, Jax came back for Michael to say he's sorry about Abby and to give him advice.

Sonny and Luke: LUKESON!  Yeah! Sonny got the birth certificate! 

Connie and Olivia-- at least they are talking. So that's ok. Who was Kate on the phone to? I think her botoxin doctor!

AHAHHAAHA...Carly got rejected by Johnny and she couldn't TAKE IT!! wow..

Tracy/AZ wedding farce. There was a "famous' goombah actor on. Not sure who he was but  I think he was on the Sopranos. 

Jax and Kate just "run into each other"

CLIFFHANGERS: Jax sees Kate and vise versa. Luke comes into the AZ/Tracy wedding but I think he's NOT going to stop it-- and SONNY well, he's going to tell Johnny 'somethin'!!
GEESH real cliffhangers.

Kirsten Storms NOT Returning to GH in Near Future

Maxie Jones for Now!

Despite reports that she'd be back this January, Soaps In Depth got an announcement from ABC saying that Jen Lilley will be staying in the role. No word on why or when/if Kirsten will be back.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out With Mr. Potato Head Today!

SO, Thursdays are my day NOT to watch GH -- so it's up to you, Wubbers to fill me in! Should I watch my DVR--spend time on the show? Have a great one, and what do you think about them Spoilers?

I bought a Mr. Potato Head for therapy...he's a Pirate and adorable. heh

NEW Spoilers including a CLAUDIA Shocker!

Um..check it out. Our suspicions are confirmed about Claudia... WUBS NET.  
Johnny and Carly --will they or won't they? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Soap Standing

OMG, this was on FB today: NLG is sharing a dressing room with Benard/Burton to make way for new cast members: Nancy Lee Grahn 
Mo wasnt there today so I cut his face out from all the mag covers that he's in (and keeps all over OUR room) and replaced them with Michael Easton's and Roger Howarth's.

That's the way to handle this!! HUMOR! She's not bitching about dressing rooms, they are having a blast with it. Nice!! 

Ravenbeauty has a rumor up that there's a Michael recast in the works. I'm not kidding you. To that I say...WHATEVERRRRRRR 
I am here to tell you: there will be a TON of rumors out now-- I'll report what I hear and have them up on the RUMORS page, but things can turn on a dime. No use getting happy (or sad) or anything right now. 

Um...Johnny can I see your..um..johnny? 

 My work is hectic and I'm finding it hard to tune into GH... Really hard. The skulking is really getting to me. Do you think GH could make it primetime? Not like it is now! LOL 

OMG! KATE! Really... I can't STAND  the stupid 'I can't see you in a casket"!!!! 

Yeah for Molly, Carly-- Alexis. That was what I liked today. Lasted 2.3 seconds. 

"I con't know if I can take it"..."You're not safe" "YOU MIGHT END UP IN A CASKET"!! "How did I think I could love A MOB MAN"!!
Ok was this:
A.  Brenda
B.  Kate
C.  Carly
E. Olivia
F. All of the above. 

Yep, Kate may have said it today--  but they've ALL SAID IT!! MULTIPLE TIMES!! :hittingheadonfloor: Kate even said "HOW much MORE can I take"?? Now, Kate, you already got shot, I think you can take more. 
Today's show was painful in so many ways. Showing "afterglow" of Stevia... The Carly TJ thing... EWwwwwwwwwwwwan wants to rent Wyndemere. I guess because he's already keeping a PATIENT IN THE TUNNELS LMAO.  
Mopey JaSam. 
WHY WOULD JAX SKULK AROUND the hospital following MAXIE????? WHY WOULD HE even go there?!! :HITTINGHEAD:
Well, Carly said  Bobbie is in Seattle...and Shawn can run the Diner!! Wow, Bobbie is in Seattle. Starbucks? What?

General Hospital Going Primetime??

TV Guide is saying that a primetime GH may be in the works when Couric's show takes over. A bit like Telenovas. I'm skeptical but there it is.

One scenario being discussed has the drama continuing as a short-run prime-time summer series, similar to Spanish-language networks' telenovelas, says an ABC insider. Even if the cost of production doubled over the typical soap budget (around $200,000 per episode), a nighttime version of GH would still be inexpensive for an original scripted show.

This Blog Opposes SOPA and PIPA

Go to this Google article about censorship on the net... it would kill sites like mine and hundreds of other daytime blogs and sites as well. It would cripple our ability to bring you the dish on all your fave things!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Who WIll Speak, Who Will Skulk!

Would it have been nice to actually SEE Matt and Maxie's photo shoot? I mean, really-- come on, what would that have taken? Not too much.   But hey, watching them in the apartment, leave the apartment then come back to TELL US ALL ABOUT IT! Wow!! So symptomatic of GH. Remember when Sonny and Kate did it for 2 weeks in NYC? "Oh wasn't that a great museum"?? "I loved Shopping"..."Skating was a blast"! Who thinks we like that? LOL

I started with my clients today-- Exhausted!! Phew. It's a wonderful feeling to be working again, my body just has to catch up. Weather isn't helping, it's nasty as heck out. Rain and fog..ugh. I'm sure it will freeze overnight.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: New Kid on the block...chip on shoulder. Seems like a decent actor. -
Tracey's locked on a boat IN THE WINTER. ugh.. make me mad. LOL 

Matt/Liz, doing the dance. A very poorly written dance. 

KATE asks all shocked and pissed about Sonny getting shot. UH, little late for that. Are we going thru this AGAIN? And then she says "Did you call the police"... RIGHT, because Sonny always calls the police.  "why wouldn't you tell me if you were shot"?? Uh Kate because you FREAK OUT!
Carly and Johnny HAHAHAAA.

Liz and Dr. Ewan-- doing the 'elevator game' in the storage closet.  Ummmm, whatever. Get out the magic carpet. Closet therapy. Good Gravy. 

Dante and Mulva-- I have no idea what they are talking about...oh profiling. Dr. Ewan is going to help them catch the stripper killer.

AZ and Tracy were cute-- I liked when he called her Angel and she hated it because it was Luke's name for Laura. SO, he called her Venus. VENUS,  "V" one of my fave GH characters!

Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK: A Day A Soap Was Replaced and Who Remembers Emily and Edward?

Well, today is a day without ONE Life To Live and it gives a taste of what it may feel like with NO soaps. *sobbing* I worked today and didn't watch that Revulsion show--did anyone? We won't blame you for taking a peek.

I remember Martin Luther King Day on GH a long time ago that had Emily asking her grandfather the Ward side of the family's story. I looked for it on You Tube but didn't see it. 

My dog is already mad at me for working -- Poor Gus. I don't konw if he'll make it. Heh. He's such a baby. Today I can watch GH because of the holiday. Some days I do get home by 3 and we'll see if I can keep up with it when I'm super busy. 

 Liz is pretty blabby about Robin but I'm glad, it's about time.  Jason Thompson rocked it today!! He's such a good actor.

Cassandra and Dr. EWAN. ewwwwwwww I hate the EWACASSAWEENIES!! And there's Helena Skulking all over.
Lulu and Ethan were ok, tolerable. Even JMB couldn't do the "art" stuff with any kind of truth to it. TOO RANDOM.

Jason and Sam can cry for another few weeks. *sigh*That's all they've done is MOPE.  Steve has GOT TO KNOW he's orange!! I think it's my duty to tell him. Good Gravy. Terrible Tan!

LUKE AND NATASHA!! I love Luke and Alexis...."You make me laugh" says Alexis..awww. "You still have a car"..."Yes, do you"?? Luke: DON"T GO THERE! LOL
"It  was a Bitch-A-Thon" says Alexis about New Year's Eve!! Luke read Diane's Gossip Column.
"It's never your intention to make anyone miserable...but you always do" says Alexis to Luke

Maxie and Matt were pretty charming too. LOVED Maxie's dress. Skulker guy

Sonny was hit in the side "through and through" Can I hope for a whopping infection? Please? 


A Wubber Must Hear: Daytime Confidential's Interview with OLTL's RC

My friends over at Daytime Confidential have a great podcast that includes Ron Carlivati talking about the end of OLTL and more importantly his plans for the OLTL-GH Meld. It may make you feel much better about the merger. HIT this DCPODCAST link and give a listen. 

Hear from Carlivati himself on his thoughts about how the 43-year-old sudser came to a close. Would he have done things differently had he known OLTL wouldn't be moving online immediately following the ABC finale? Carlivati shares how it felt to be able to bring back such popular veterans as Jessica Tuck (Megan), Roscoe Born (Mitch), Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle), Susan Batten (Luna), Ty Treadway (Troy), and more during the soap's "Between Heaven and Hell" arc during its final week.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Surgery: High Blood Pressure and A Bypass

Oh what a week. The ups, the downs, the announcements--the sheer upset and joy watching a well written show ride off into the sunset in such a great way.  That, coupled with starting my new job just about pushed me into heart palpitations. In one way,  I loved it. It was like the old days when I'd literally run from the bus to my house to catch the last 15min of OLTL before GH started. I couldn't wait to watch then, and I couldn't wait to watch this whole week. The writers didn't let me down! 
Ok, enough waxing poetic about OLTL. This blog is about the other end of the spectrum... the reason for a bypass surgery: GH. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Mind-Melding of OLTL and GH: The WUB View

 I've gotten so many emails and post/twitter comments asking me my feelings on the two shows coming together, I thought I'd write a blog post about it and just point people in this direction if they wish to know.
First of all, I want everyone to realize where I'm coming from. I think you know I'm a HUGE OLTL fan.  I loved the direction, production and most of all writing in the past few years. In the end, it became my "can't miss show" . GH on the other hand, let me down time after time and really doesn't hold my interest much anymore. Hopefully, with Guza, JFP and Frons gone, Cartini will have more reign on the golden calves and sacred story lines that have been a steady choke-hold on GH . GH has a bloated cast and storylines that we've seen for years without much modification. I won't mention them all here but let's admit it ---character growth really hasn't been a priority. Right now, under Wolf, things are such a mess, I'm not even sure anyone knows the 'big picture' anymore. Just a bunch of scenes thrown together, edited all over the place and loose ends that dangle every dang day. 
What I want most for GH is fabulous writing. Period.  Characters come and go--actors come and go but  good writing? That  should be a given. I've learned over the years that actors are also coming and going as well as "golden couples".  Soaps need to be  in some form of flux to keep us watching.
Here's an example of good writing not interfering with how I feel about the show itself: I was really upset that Robin Strasser left before OLTL ended. I thought she should be a part of the finale. The last few months were written so well and then the final weeks were so awesome, Dorian being missing was more of my own annoyance and didn't effect the enjoyment of the show. One reason this works? Out of all the soaps, OLTL does not use one actor over another in stories. In fact, most stories involve all characters, even if it's on the sidelines. I remember reading one stat that had "air hogs" from all the soaps and OLTL didn't even make the list because there wasn't one or two or even three actors that got way more airtime than others. That's a great use of canvas and story-threading imo.
Now we come to the actual characters coming over from OLTL to "invade" our Port Charles space. Again, I'm excited for this to happen. I do understand that if you're only a OLTL Fan or only a GH fan, this can seem daunting. I personally have faith in Ron C to make it work. Remember, they are also bringing back Holly, Robert and Anna!! GH's "look" was going to change anyway. Newbies don't know about that past. Everyone will be playing catch up a bit. 

I totally understand the Actor and Couple loyalty. You don't want to see your faves leave in favor of others coming over from a different show. All I can say about that is GH should have evolved long ago into a way different show than it is now. It's not the actors faults but it is what it is. If new "life" and different stories are going to make it better, I'm all for it.
One thing Ron is great with is integrating the cast--that's what I can't wait to see. How will these characters tie into Port Charles? To me it will be exciting to watch. I need some excitement about now when  it comes to GH.

I'm not really keeping up with the Prospect Park deals or who licenses who or how this effects ongoing efforts to keep the shows on air (in another market). I'm looking solely at the next 6 months. I suppose I'm hoping for ratings to climb into the 3.0 range or beyond so perhaps there's a chance at the show being saved. I do believe that by Sept, GH will be done. I'm not being a downer but that's what I believe based on what I've seen/read and heard. Until then, I want one hell of a ride. I think Cartini will deliver it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Our 2:00 Hour of #OLTL is Over... Forever. FIN.

Today was a great show... just such nice closure, even though we thought they were going online. Langston and Markko were in LA for Starr! (she got there in 3 seconds lol) 
Alison's script said Nov. 9, 2011, the last day of shooting. I was dying to see who she was reading it to!! 

There are so many great moments. I don't want to spoil them if you're watching later. If you already saw it, you know them. 
BABY DREW!! awww. I cried. 

In So many ways, this show was even better than the "BELOVED" AMC for it's fearless embracing of the genre. It never backed down from the fantasy, camp and joy of being a soap. Bye. :SOBBING: 


Franco's death..Franco Funeral BYE fronkey man.

JASON SHOOTS him, then screams WHAT! duh.. That's all I could take today.

Susan Lucci going to I.D. Network!

You know my obsession with Tru Crime and there's one place that caters to that 24-7: The I.D. Channel. Now Susan Lucci will narrate one of their cut/paste shows "Deadly Affairs". These are usually more full length 48 hours mystery or other crime shows chopped down for a more "dramatic" flair. I don't care, I'll watch them!

Susan about the show:
"They are deceptive love relationships, love triangles and betrayal that have deadly consequences," said Lucci. "And they end in tragedy. Every day you hear these stories and you think, 'Oh, my goodness!' Then they disappear. You don't know what happened next, and you don't know why they happened. I'm hoping that, in exploring them, we'll shed some light on human nature.

The View and One Life To Live Today

What a send off! WOW... Erika was co-host and Robin Strasser came on dressed to kill. So many stars saying goodbye like Nathan Fillion and Lawrence Fishburne. 
Bo and Nora were so cute too!! Or Bob and Hillary. Sheri went NUTS when Bo came out, just like a fan girl! LOL... Bob and Hillary with the rubber chicken-- he gave it to her. Phil Carey used to use it all the time Bob said. 
Kassie and James! They are so cute. LOVED when Tina/Andrea came out. I wish she had brought David Vickers the doggie out.

"I Pity the Fool that TOOK THIS SOAP OFF THE AIR" said Whoopi! Damn straight. It's such a shame. The Audience was FULL of fans. Every actor got a standing O. Now, The View has been on the air forever and if they had done "tributes" like this a couple of times a year for AMC and OLTL who knows what could have happened? ABC IGNORED it's soaps. IGNORED!

Judith Light was great to see too. I saw that scene with her on the stand LIVE..and was just glued to the TV Set.

Andrea Evans was trending in the US!!!

One Life to Live's FINAL cast photo. IT's GORGEOUS. I couldn't snag it as it's ABC's property but you can order one. I heard AMC's sold out in hours. 

Indulge me today with the OLTL stuff!! It was a great tribute, wish it was longer but what the heck. Soon it will be the final episode.  Not happy. 

The View: One Life To Live Tribute

Will air today at 11am EST. Wubber Walkster was lucky enough to get tickets! Here's a photo of Andrea Evans in the crowd (Tina). Robin Strasser, Judith Light, Erika Slezak were all there paying homage to Nixon's soap. 
It's going to be a long day. *sigh*

Take a One Life To Live Photo Tour!!

One Life To Live's Final week is memorialized in a great slide show over on TV Source Magazine
Since today is the finale, it's a great way to relive your fave moments.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DAY 4 out of 5 For OLTL: Farwell Faternity Row

Oh man, so many one liners in today's show. "Why did Judith Light snub me at the Fraternity Row wrap party"?
Agnes Nixon: "The bridge between  the real and the fantastic"... she was giving an "interview' for the end of Fraternity Row. 
Starr wants to go to LA....Rex, Gigi and Shane going to England. 
Megan's Daisy award was on the table..(an Emmy) "Those stupid writers will have a DNA bombshell on the last show" says Clint. 
Vicki Lord doing interview about Fraternity Row "many inherited a love for their show from their parents or grandparents". Viki's speech is the BEST EVER describing the love of soaps. I hope it's available online in it's entirety for our reading. WOW...
Fraternity Row ending: Loraine  is a MAN!! ahahhaha... too fun. 
David Vickers: "My Wikipedia was hacked'!!  
Sam: "What's a sex change"?? 
Todd liked the ending "I liked the part where MOON stayed with her family"
Someone on Twitter  said the Llanfair scenes were the last ones shot of all the scenes. sniffle
Everyone waving and the slo-mo was just so...sad. Even Todd starting crying (really) and was all sniffling. Tea saw Tomas!!
Matthew's reaction was actually "real" --being a snotty reluctant dad. I could see that happening in real life.
ONE LIFE TO LIVE was trending in the USA again today!! Tomorrow: Baby born!

GH: Why will I bother? Ah, maybe Helena talks today.  NO she just LURKED. What a  waste of a good actress! BTW, how does Cassandra get HER MONEY? I assume she eats.
Olivia saw Maggie/Steve kissing. I so hope that she knocks the beeatch OUT! No, she goes sees Sonny who tells her his restaurant is going "legit" and he's naming it after he and Kate/Connie's fave place from the past.
Mulva was on.
Helena skulked. She could have been digitized into this scene, we'd never know.

I can't stand this Steven and Maggie story....it's so bad. SO BAD. There's still no logical reason he wanted her in town.
Alexis finally calls Sam!! wow!! About My Face--heh. It was really cute and fun. I bet NLG adlibbed a lot of that.
Stupid PCPD scene, Michael busting in, all MAD. Mad, mad, MAD!! I hope McBain knocks him the hell out when he comes on
Some storyline sacred cows are going to get a real beating when the newbies come on.   I hope so.
Jolivia scene! The temp went right up when Johnny walked in!! She walked right back out. And then Sonny/Johnny stood around fighting.

NLG tweeted: Mo and I have agreed to share a dressing room to make room for the delicious cast increase of oldies and goodies. It is a huge sacrifice for both of us. Mo is a mirror hog and I talk to myself. I get annoyed when he keeps asking me to touch his bicepts and he hates it that I'm always on twitter

TV Line: Emma Samms Returns to GH

TV Line reports that Emma Samms will be back on GH to play Holly Sutton.

On the heels of TVLine breaking the news that Tristan Rogers is returning to General Hospital this February as Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio, we now can also report that Emma Samms is on her way back to the ABC soap, to reprise her role of Holly Sutton Scorpio.

So, that's Robert, Anna... now Holly. Sure sounds like a send off for GH to me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Twister Of A Soap World Expands!

So.. how are we today? So far so good ...looks like I'm home this afternoon! What do YOU think about the OLTL/GH news? As a HUGE OLTL fan, I'm happy-- as a GH fan, I'm scared. Not sure how to react yet. It will all come down to the writing folks. If the writing is there, it will be gold. Bringing the strongest from TWO shows together might just be great
In other news, it's a BAD WEEK for me to start work! My phone went nuts-- eek!! I'm scrambling trying to learn and do all I need to for next week. We shall see. Just when everything gets good,  I'm not around. I think my schedule will allow me to view GH live 2-3 times a week? I'll try my hardest. 

NLG was tweeting Kassie DP about schools, where to get good martinis! Some soap bloggers/writers and media people were going back and forth about ratings and such. Some hate the idea, some love the idea...it's kind of funny to watch. Many want Sam to come over as well (Manning, the little kid). Would we have to call Sam Samantha then? :) 
If Starr and Michael hook up their parents: Blair/Todd and Carly/Sonny would be the biggest psycho square EVER! LOL 

OLTL TODAY: It's day 3 of 5! booo. The OLTL news makes me feel a bit better though. Rex and Gigi, thought they were done.  Guess not! 
Natalie needs some sweat pants. She looks like a cocktail waitress.  She's a mom and a police person.  
Shawn could come over and be with Sean..or is it Sean and Shawn? Hmmmm. Someone told me Shaun and Shawn. Good gravy. If we get Sean Donelly back, well, helllllo.
Today's show was boring given all the news. LOL.  Looks like Shane got into art school. They are moving to England.
Natalie and John were hot.

And Destiny sounded like a MAMA today! You tell 'em!!

Bought these therapy stickers for my new kids-- LOL I'll be reminded of Franco 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG.. please.  Like a doctor would let someone wander around who doesn't know who they ARE!! LOL in a Mansion on the lake no less. Who's paying for the ferry??
Tracy and Lulu were really good as usual. Love how Tracy wasn't even around with AZ and Maxie who are planning a wedding she doesn't even want!!
Johnny and Steve were ORANGE. wow...big time.
Luke is back. To help Carly...now WHY did she have to HAVE HIM THERE? Stupid reason for him to come back. They could have Skyped. I get he has to come back but that's dumb writing. At least he was drinking coffee. 

Spinelli and Diane. Bradford is doing a good job at subtly changing Spinelli. He's not as hyperkenitic.
Olivia hates Mulva too.  I hate Mulva and Maggie! She and Steve talking about those pictures her patients drew? WOW. zzzzzzzzzz. 

Gotta fly! See ya!

OLTL and GH Crossover Promo!

One Life To Live: In Port Charles??? Big News!

CONFIRMED! OLTL'S Roger Howarth (Todd), Michael Easton (John), Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Kassie DePaiva (Blair) all headed to GH!

Tweeted by SOD around 12:15 today. Yep..they are coming. NO Word on Jack (please no) and Little Sam (yes, yes!)

How do you feel about this? You know Sonny's in big trouble! LOL... I bet Todd buys the Paper from "Preston". This may shake up a LOT of GH people on canvas. Not sure the fall out. Will keep you posted. My phone is exploding!

John McBain is a police guy with super powers of knowing just what happened and when it did.  Always gets the bad guy. Sonny? Watch out.
Blair is a mouthy, strong woman that is in the Cramer Women family. 
Todd ...um, It will take awhile. He is evil, funny, fun, sad, loveable all at once. Owns The Sun  Newspaper
Starr; their daughter. Probably for Michael. She has a kid, Hope. (teen mom story)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TVLine: Tristan Rogers Is Back!

For Robin's exit story?? TVline is reporting:  
Tristan Rogers also tweeted the news at 7:50pm tonight!

Rogers is due back on our screens in mid-February, and not for a short stint but “the foreseeable future,” I am told. And though a GH rep declines to confirm Robert is returning for Robin’s exit story… that’s where the smart money is at, amiright?


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...