Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mr. And Mrs. Anthony Z!

My TV is on the blink!! I hope it's on before GH comes on. Something's up with the digital feed dang it. Boo. Well, at least yesterday we were all happy for a change (or close to happy)!! I will enjoy Bruce, Jane and Tony hamming it up with the whole 'Zaccarah" marriage deal. I'm sure they are having fun. I wish Edward had been there too!! LOL. That's the kind of fun stuff I like. 

The job is coming along. I'm really tired out. Working with 3 and 4 year olds. LORD. They do NOT get my humor LOL 
What was my 'trauma' today?!  Missing the dang Academy Award noms! LOL--I have live tweeted those for 2ish years.  I couldn't even watch this year waaahh. I wasn't that jazzed about the whole thing actually. I haven't even seen any of the movies. Last year I had seen 6 of the 10!

Oh! I wanted to say I loved Once Upon a Time this last Sunday---they tell such good tales!! The dwarfs! (although  they looked more like trolls) I think I like Grumpy! Sneezy is already in town (he's the guy at the drug store that wanted Hansel and Gretal arrested last week). Just good FUN. 

AZ is gearing up to go after one of Sonny's kids!! Can I hope it's MICHAEL??! CAN I CAN I? 

Carly tells Luke to stop the Johnny reveal but he already did it! LMAO Whoops. Carly will probably get Michael killed. Carly was DYING TO KNOW Johnny's secret.

Spinelli giving Matt the Business... I loved him watching Matt/Maxie fight while eating his fruit loops heh. He was too cute. AZ was behind the stalker guy LMAO
AZ and Tracy didn't consummate their wedding. wooooooo!! Luke comes in with room service! heh. "Sausage?!" AND AZ is moving into the Q mansion!! ahahaahahaa.  OH YES!! luke and tracy were so cute today!!!!
Lulu should be a wine steward.  She's drinking in the morning!! Um, if you want to HIDE it Lulu, don't be guzzlin' in the hotel restaurant. 
STUPID KATE. Now she's all cute with him again. awwww. I really REALLY hope she's  got a giant secret --like I said being an informant. It had better not be something stupid like she's trying to take over Cartullo or something. 
Michael was the worst part of the show today. Just sayin'. ugh


  1. Michael was the worst part of today's ep. And I'm sure he'll be back tomorrow whining again to Dante and Delores about the same old-same old. I hope Anthony Z gets PO'd about the Johnny reveal and kills him. I hope Sonny then kills Anthony. Tracy will then be free and own all his stuff! How appropriate would that be! lol

    And since Lulu doesn't have a job how can she afford to go to a hotel in the niddle of the day and start drinking their expensive wines? It's just too ridiculous for words.And how did she get there? I'd love to see her get arrested for DUI, the hypocrite! ( I'm so tired of that storyline. Anthony can kill her too.)

    And did anyone else notice how Jason's face lit up when he was talking to Robin?

  2. Hey all check out the breaking news at daytimeconfidential.com regarding JFP she is going to be working for Nick at night.

  3. Was Ethan on today? I thought he was supposed to be on last Friday and today -- I guess TPTB are realizing how incredibly stupid this LOON In White storyline is and have been cutting scenes. I love Ethan but CasSUCKra has GOT TO GO!!!

  4. I wish Matt & Maxie could get a scene or storyline together as a couple that doesn't involve Spinelli.

  5. Karen I hope you don't mind, but I had to steal this photo of yours.
    Some things in life are just 'PRICELESS'. This photo is it.

    Carly is obnoxious. (nosy)Pain in the ass. Add NuMaxie to that list too. Can't wait for Spinelli to be written out. None to soon either.

    I agree. Michael was the worst part of todays show.

    Good cliffhanger....Johnny vs Papa!

  6. I saw the JFP stuff and I refused to even put it up.LOL She's going to ruin that station too?

  7. With OLTL gone I've reincorporated GH into my days and it is so boring! I "liked" the wedding but it was just kind of a rehash of Luke and Tracy's wedding where they were drunk. Robin and Patrick were good, though.

    Anyhow, I'm at least letting it play in full with no FFing on ABC.com (and not a youtube channel) in the hopes that my one view will help count toward total viewership and maybe, just maybe, we won't lose every show we grew up watching. :-/

  8. Carly and Johnny: Poor Johnny!!! :(

    Olivia and Lulu: Olivia is worried about Lulu because she is drinking wine before lunch!!! I liked this scene.

    Sam and Michael: Boy has gun. Boy whines and whines. Girl wants to throw the gun out. Boy wants to throw the gun in the water and watch it sink. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie's apartment: OH FEDORA HAT GUY! :) Ohhhh he is working for Papa Z to protect Maxie!! :) He grabbed Matt and Spinny very well! :)

    Robin and Jason: YAY! A scene with them!!!! :) Perfect. :)

    Luke, Tracy, and Papa Z: ROFL ROFL! More!! I want more!!!! ROFL!

    Papa Z and Johnny: Oh oh! Johnny is PISSED!

    Kate and Sonny: Blah blah blah Kate is leaving town. Sonny wants to go with her. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

  9. About the Oscars - I saw Moneyball and The Descendents. Both were really good. I don't know anything about baseball, and I totally got into Moneyball. The Descendents is sad. I mean, I liked it, but it is much more of a tearjerker than I anticipated.

    Has any official air date been given yet for RC's material? What about for Finola Hughes or Tristan Rogers?

  10. Wasn't really going to watch GH after reading some recaps, but I decided to, since the Prez was on virtually every channel!

    No more Lady in White...there IS a God!

    The show was basically the good, the bad and the pathetic...

    The Good...Mr. and Mrs. Z and Luke (funny stuff)
    Robin and Jason...always like their scenes.
    Luke and Tracy...the same
    Papa Z and Johnny Soletti...good for some explosiveness. Let the fun begin.

    The Bad...Michael...just UGH indeed! I am tired of this kid!
    Sonny and Kate...Zzzzzz. I just keep hoping she's going to set him up! It would then make her wanting to even breathe the same air as he does understandable!

    The Pathetic...
    Spin being used as Maxie's patsy yet again, sitting there eating his Fruit Loops while Maxie whines about Matt ignoring her. Well, Maxie, you pretty much ignored him for the first few months of your alleged relationship, so what else is a guy to do? At least we know who fedora guy is.

    Lulu and her ma-in-law. Can they give Lulu something else to do other than follow in daddy's boozehound footsteps? They are still not convincing me she's got a problem, since many folks on this show hit the sauce frequently or gather at Jake's. It is a frequent thing on the show. That, and drinking coffee. Ma talking to her about her wine drinking at lunch was a bit ridiculous since Olivia's used a glass of vino to celebrate a lot of things at various points of the day...including taking a pregnancy test. OK, she didn't drink it then! By the way, did the wine fairy refill Lulu's glass? Before Sonny sat down to talk to her, the glass looked empty, and then when he left, it was filled again. I used to like Maurice and Julie's scenes together. Today reminded me of that! If they want to reunite Johnny and Lulu, maybe they can go out drinking together, since Lulu has become the classic bored wife, kind of like her mother did back in the day when she married Scott Baldwin. Lulu needs someone in her life like Tracy described her father and that sure as heck isn't Dante the cop!

    Wednesday is a must see for the Johnny and AZ fireworks alone! :-)

  11. skeebob Moneyball was great.Since I was there for the real thing,it was sure true to life.

    As far as JFP,she was on staff of OLTL.She came close to ruining that show and I was upset when I heard she was coming to GH. Glad she is gone.

  12. Skeebob, Nancy L. G. tweeted that Finola was on the premises so she is probably filming now. I just adore Luke and Tracy and with Anthony as the third wheel, what fun! Why doesn't Lulu go to college? When her options are dog walking, waitressing or being Kate's servant, that would make sense I don't remember if she even graduated from h.s. I did notice too, that Jason's face lit up when he talked to Robin. Maybe SB was glad to talk to someone other than KeMo.

  13. Forgot to say that I loved Once Upon a Time, too, on Sunday. I always forget about it and it's not my favorite, but when I watch I really enjoy it - very imaginative. Good cast, too.



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