Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out Of Office Reply

Oh Yes, AZ and I shall be dining at the Floating Rib!

It's Thursday, that means I DVR GH and you tell me if I need to watch or not!! I've been happy with the show the last few days. It's been a lot lighter and more fun. The Johnny/Anthony exchange was done really well. I almost bought that Claudia was naughty enough to go after an ancient guy. LOL

I will have a nice nosh for you all! Let me know if Cassandra is dragging around her Stuffed Bat again today!! Please!!


  1. CasSUCKra can fall off the parapet any day now!

    I'd like to shove that bat in her smug face and cut off her oxygen intake.

  2. I say watch, AZ and Sonny stuff was pretty good, Johnny stuff was good, and it was great seeing Tracy, Edward, and Luke talking about the marriage! Not sure what to say about the Alexis and Sam stuff... they were kinda cute. The Ethan and Elizabeth stuff was about Lucky don't think you will like it. You probably won't like the Michael/Jason stuff or the cop stuff but not sure b/c sometimes you surprise me with what you like :)

  3. I would agree, the show was worth a watch for the Johnny/Sonny/Anthony stuff and the Q and Luke stuff alone (an appearance from Edward and Big Alice today!)

    Some things were a bit out of the blue or just so-so...

    Liz and Ethan discussing Lucky. At least he admitted he should not have come down on her about Lucky as much as he has recently. He was "late to the party," as he said, and doesn't know the whole history. I guess that may have been wrapping up loose ends before Ethan bids PC farewell, if he still intends to.

    Jasam...Boring; just let me know when the results are in. Let's hope Dr. Kelly doesn't blab them out in the lobby. Doesn't she have an office?

    Michael...OMG! I actually didn't mind him as much today. I hope they start toning him down now. He admitted to Jason he's been acting like a jerk and he's mad at God for taking Abby. long as this is the start of something good, that's fine!

    Brandon is swinging it home with the acting. I was actually waiting for him to stab Anthony in that final scene! I do think it would be the ultimate poetic justice if Johnny does get to kill Anthony in the end, since he's been the reason and source for all of his pain. Sonny...unless Mo wants off the show, I am not expecting him to die. One of the kids? Who knows!

    But, was worth a watch today. :-)

  4. Yep - Ethan has been "late to the party" alot. He's a douchebag.

  5. Bruce is a great actor. Should be nominated for supporting actor emmy. oh wait, they dont do real daytime emmys anymore do they? anyway, watch for bruce. you can just tell he is having a blast in this role.

    this is delcodave by the way

  6. So Luke came across the birth certificate. Could that possibly be
    the birth certificate that Helena came to town looking for?

  7. Why would Helena be interested in that birth certificate?

  8. Today's show was pretty good. I didn't need to use the mute button like I did yesterday. Mute is my best friend when I am watching live TV with no access to FF! Brandon was great. I actually kind of liked the scenes between Liz and Ethan...but I am not interested in a Liz & Lucky reunion at this time! Jasam is dull but it was only a little portion of the show so I could handle it. It was good to see Alexis. Michael actually seemed like a reasonable person today...color me shocked and pleased. I hope he can keep it up. I still hate Sonny. I hoped for two seconds that AZ's threat would knock some sense into him about his behavior but his comment to Max proved he's just as much as idiot today as he has been for the past I don't know how many years.

  9. I was so hoping that AZ would torment Sonny boy with the threat....some time, somewhere, when you least expect of your kids is going to be selected to pay for the misery you have brought to me and the people of Port Charles...and turn and walk out with a smile on his face.....Bruce is doing such a great job that you want to root for him on behalf of all the misery that Sonny has delivered all these years to the viewers who have seen Sonny get away with everything mob related and his love affair with himself as being the nasty piece of work that he is

  10. Another good day Karen! Not even an eyeroll from me....well, maybe during boring Delores scenes. You will love the Johnny/Anthony scenes and Luke at the Q's! Menopause Alexis w/Sam was even okay. Anthony threatening Sonny in the same way Sonny threatens others was a joy to watch! :)

  11. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 26, 2012 at 8:06 PM

    I. Hate. Lucky. Even when he's not on the show he ruins Liz. Hate.

  12. Agreed, another decent show today.

    I know we can't have it all but the Q's scene was missing Monica. Mention was made of it being her house but it would have been nice had she delivered that line.

    The Liz and Ethan scene did seem random. Made me wonder if they realized the LIW storyline is a flop and just creating random scenes now to get Ethan interacting with other people.

    I see the dates have been announced for Anna and Roberts return and the OLTL imports. Any news on when Emma Samms (Holly) will be back on our screens?

  13. How bad can a show be that shows Alexis, Max & Alice? Never mind we have had the joy of Tracey all week long.
    I think we might be getting spoiled!

    Johnny is running with this storyline. Him and Papa together-greatness!

    Ethan has wrapped taping, so I would assume his days are numbered.

    Is Michael going to change?? Did I hear right??

  14. looks like a lot of other folks are "out of the office too." GH ratings are tanking -- a new low last week, some say in part to no OLTL lead-in.

    the revolution is a certified bomb. ... even cbs' the talk clobbered it the first week out of the gate. biggest week for the talk in a year.

    "In head-to-head competition, THE TALK also topped the premiere week of ABC's THE REVOLUTION by decisive margins in viewers and key women demographics. THE TALK out-rated THE REVOLUTION in viewers by +42% (2.39m vs. 1.68m), by +50% in women 18-49 (0.9/06 vs. 0.6/03) and by +38% in women 25-54 (1./06 vs. 0.8/04).

    The lack of having ONE LIFE TO LIVE as a lead-in has already started impacting GENERAL HOSPITAL ratings. The show had an all-time low household rating of 1.6 and an all-time low number of Women 18-49 viewers (530,000). The non-ABC daytime soap operas were up in the ratings!

    Total Viewers (From SON):
    1. Y&R 5,061,000 (+274,000/-121,000) - versus last week/last year
    2. B&B 3,471,000 (+137,000/+281,000)
    3. DAYS 2,528,000 (+104,000/-191,000)
    4. GH 2,209,000 (-348,000/-471,000)

  15. Yeah Deb K, a lot of anons and a lot of hate. I thought yesterday was good - really loved Luke with the Q's - someone is doing some good writing! I'm glad Ethan backed off on Liz. Bruce and Brandon were brilliant once again, and Michael seems to be turning around a bit. He was getting too unlikable. Alexis and Sam great - Sam and Jason repetitious and boring. Max!! Big Alice!!! More!!

  16. Lots of negativity here Linda. Just when (the show) is getting good too. Definately see a change in writing already.

    JaSam was funny because now grandma knows! You know they will write the baby to be Jason's. Those 2 aren't going anywhere, dispise some people's desire!!!
    Me? I could care less if Jason was with Sam or ME!!!

    Looking forward to Michael's change. Could Star be his next gf?

    When was the last time Tracey was on longer than 2 days?? Yea, they brought out their finest this week. Even Max & Big Alice.
    I sent the Prez of abc daytime an email on Monday and then again yesterday praising the show.

    I did like the scene between Liz & Ethan. Since what Ethan said to Liz wasn't wrong, the way he said it was inappropriate. He acknowledged that and she also agreed with what he said to her to begin with. So yea, I liked that scene.

    So confused. Or am I in denial?? Been watching this show for 40 years. Am I denying that it is ending?? Or IS IT ending?? Personally, I don't think anyone knows yet.

    A friend of mine has a blog at She is very positive about the future of GH. She also knows quite a few actors. The only drawback to her blog, is she isn't as quick on the 'news' as Karen is.
    Let me know if you want the website address.

    I want to see positivness on all blogs. As long as I see tptb are TRYING to improve GH, they have my loyalty!lol

  17. Did anyone besides me think that Ronnie was as guilty as sin yesterday of shooting the suspect?
    Since when does Ronnie close a case so fast without first blaming it on Sonny, Jason, Carly or Michael? Mmmmmm.......

  18. Ronnie is so guilty I think he's attacking the dancers.
    New writers have hopefully gotten rid of the idea of turning one of fav character into secret serial killer Jeckel/Hyde thank god.

    So quick wrap up and we get rid of another annoyance! Ronnie.

    I loved the show yesterday. The writing is getting better and better there is actual conversation.

    ABC needs to advertise this show like they used to. During Revenge, Desperate Housewives and Castle to name a few. Just give it a plug Tell viewers to just give it another look. I'm sure it would boost the numbers. Damn, even during the view and those other shows that will not be named. We certainly see their advertisements enough.

  19. Nice post. Here is an email address I would like you to send those thoughts to. It can't hurt, can it?

  20. Raven said that JJ is coming back and I for one am thrilled! I love him as Lucky, who hopefully will be written as he should be. No wonder he had to leave! He was always a delightful character, not the morose, weepy one we had to endure. Raven says no question that the end is near, too.

  21. I don't NP is leaving quite yet.

  22. Michael and Dante: Michael you are an idiot! You are over the body while holding a gun! Michael is too stupid to live! Oh look Ronnie and Mulva showed up. Ronnie did you kill the guy? :)

    Papa Z and Sonny: Deliciousness! :)

    Jason and Michael: It started out bad, but it got better. Michael has realized some things. :)

    Alexis and Sam: ROFL! Alexis is happy Sam is pregnant but is all hot! ROFL! She needs to open a window so bad! ROFL!

    Q mansion: LOVE IT!! Love how Luke said I love how you call me daddy, Venus ROFL! Luke had a lot of great one liners! Love seeing Edward. Loved seeing Alice. :) Now all we need is Monica. :)

    Liz and Ethan: Liz don't mind Cam learning how to gamble ROFL! I love how they played and she "won" hahaha! She thinks Ethan let her win hahaha!

    Johnny and Grandpapa Z: LOVE IT! :) My poor Johnny!

  23. WELCOME back are wrong. That is my Johnny. lol

  24. WELCOME back Sonya...
    Thank you MyCents!!! :)

    you are wrong. That is my Johnny. lol
    ROFL! He is OUR Johnny! :)


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