Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TVLine: Tristan Rogers Is Back!

For Robin's exit story?? TVline is reporting:  
Tristan Rogers also tweeted the news at 7:50pm tonight!

Rogers is due back on our screens in mid-February, and not for a short stint but “the foreseeable future,” I am told. And though a GH rep declines to confirm Robert is returning for Robin’s exit story… that’s where the smart money is at, amiright?


  1. YAY! If anyone hears us however, please do not kill Robin And hell bring back Jake too.

  2. Please, do not kill Robin..and please have Anna and Tristan on til GH is over

  3. Of the remaining veteran characters, Robin is my least favorite. Although I do find her and Patrick cute at times, in the past was often super bitchy and boring.

    I am very happy about Robert and Anna being back. I'd love to get Frisco and Felicia back too. Add Luke, Laura and another Brenda return and I'd be thrilled.

    I'd love to see GH go out with a bang and at least a brief return to it's former glory! Finger's crossed.

  4. Yes! Best news I've heard in forever! I'm so tickled to have Robert & Anna back. I hope they have plenty of Robert & Luke time too, they are great together. Awesome news! :)

  5. GH is going down but at least we get some classic Scorpio screentime before the end. I hope, I HOPE that they carried through on the promise of Nightshift 2 and the Robin wedding storyline that Robin and Anna are freakin' married again now (but still smartass bicker to each other - they are great when they do that).
    Also, for God's sake please let Robert and Luke share a good storyline and do a some freaking improv - when these two have substantial storylines together and can riff off each other it can be, by turns, funny and moving. They have some of the best buddy chemistry in TB history and it needs to be showcased!
    Crossing my fingers!
    PS Robin is not going to die

  6. Whoops, should say "ROBERT and Anna" are married, not Robin. Typo there!

  7. I hope they bring back Holly so she can let her hubby know that Ethan is truly a Scorpio!

  8. Didn't we know this about Tristin months ago?? Wasn't it announced before Anna's return?
    Robin won't die, and I believe Robert & Anna will stay until the end. Which isn't that much longer! Unless there is a miracle.

    Felicia needs to return. Close out her storyline with her daughter.

    Ric Lansing needs to come back.
    Yea bring Laura back, with Scott!

  9. OLTL was good today. Enjoyed it. Very sadden that Ford is dead.

    Glad Cole got the ending he did. I know him and Starr will be together again in lala land.

    I so hope we get to see the truth about Jessie's birthright on the show in the next 3 days.

    Where is our Roxie? And Echo? And Rigel??

    GH?? Carly has worn me out.

  10. Yah! I agree. I love having Anna and Robert back.

    And bring back Jake too. That would be the perfect end to the stubid Franco storyline.

  11. question-if Michael Easton is coming to GH as John McBain will his girlfriend Natalie come with him???????

  12. Anon 3:44am - I hope not

  13. If it were not for the writing team change, I would be very pessimistic about this return. But the writing for vets is great on OLTL and I am optimistic that Anna and Robert will now have good storylines. I'm still holding off on turning GH back on until early February at least. There is going to be a huge void in my day next week without OLTL and I will not be working Monday-Wednesday, so I will really feel the void. Am contemplating watching Days again- gave up on it a long ago, but with vets back, it might be worth watching again.

  14. I have no doubt this new writing team will change GH around. My question, are they coming to wrap it up like they did OLTL, or they coming to try to draw life back into.
    I wish I knew for sure.

  15. mobsbp2003 I went back to DAYS after years of not watching. I don't regret it at all. You should definitely try them again! They are FILLED with veterans and they are in front-burner story lines. Most of the younger newbies are tied to core families so they are easy to watch.

  16. What great news! I hope Robin isn't gone completely and that Kim Mc. works out a schedule to suit the other interests she is pursuing. Actually if these vets are coming back to help end GH it really isn't a good thing - just a form of torture as to what was and could have been. But, I am thrilled. Had to put Carly on mute yesterday - enough already!

  17. This is FAN-tastic!!!

    What with Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton coming aboard, there is going to be NO ROOM for Maurice Benard and Steve Burton.

    And no, the NO ROOM was not a jab at Burton's girth. =)



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