Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Soap Standing

OMG, this was on FB today: NLG is sharing a dressing room with Benard/Burton to make way for new cast members: Nancy Lee Grahn 
Mo wasnt there today so I cut his face out from all the mag covers that he's in (and keeps all over OUR room) and replaced them with Michael Easton's and Roger Howarth's.

That's the way to handle this!! HUMOR! She's not bitching about dressing rooms, they are having a blast with it. Nice!! 

Ravenbeauty has a rumor up that there's a Michael recast in the works. I'm not kidding you. To that I say...WHATEVERRRRRRR 
I am here to tell you: there will be a TON of rumors out now-- I'll report what I hear and have them up on the RUMORS page, but things can turn on a dime. No use getting happy (or sad) or anything right now. 

Um...Johnny can I see 

 My work is hectic and I'm finding it hard to tune into GH... Really hard. The skulking is really getting to me. Do you think GH could make it primetime? Not like it is now! LOL 

OMG! KATE! Really... I can't STAND  the stupid 'I can't see you in a casket"!!!! 

Yeah for Molly, Carly-- Alexis. That was what I liked today. Lasted 2.3 seconds. 

"I con't know if I can take it"..."You're not safe" "YOU MIGHT END UP IN A CASKET"!! "How did I think I could love A MOB MAN"!!
Ok was this:
A.  Brenda
B.  Kate
C.  Carly
E. Olivia
F. All of the above. 

Yep, Kate may have said it today--  but they've ALL SAID IT!! MULTIPLE TIMES!! :hittingheadonfloor: Kate even said "HOW much MORE can I take"?? Now, Kate, you already got shot, I think you can take more. 
Today's show was painful in so many ways. Showing "afterglow" of Stevia... The Carly TJ thing... EWwwwwwwwwwwwan wants to rent Wyndemere. I guess because he's already keeping a PATIENT IN THE TUNNELS LMAO.  
Mopey JaSam. 
WHY WOULD JAX SKULK AROUND the hospital following MAXIE????? WHY WOULD HE even go there?!! :HITTINGHEAD:
Well, Carly said  Bobbie is in Seattle...and Shawn can run the Diner!! Wow, Bobbie is in Seattle. Starbucks? What?


  1. So 6 months after arriving on Spoon Island now Doc Moreau wants to rent the estate? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?

  2. First Thank You for your comment on Chad. I too read that on Raven's site, I am hoping this is not true. Instead just the beginning of even more 'rumors'.
    Chad does a fine job, its the writing for him that is sad.
    Until Karen or Michael Fairman confirmed this, I am not buying it.
    Also Raven reported TSJ was coming to GH. Though I hope she is correct, again, there is no confirmation.

    I think we all agree that LIW will be the first to leave the show. Probably with Ethan?

    Who is second?
    Dr Ewan

    My guess is Dr Ewan, then Delores than Maggie. That isn't the order I am hoping for, as Maggie needs to go NOW!

    Karen I can forgive & understand you not watching, but PUHLEZ keep us updated on the Chad & TSJ situation as you learn it.

  3. Hi There...

    While I do understand someone's comment earlier this week that tuning out to GH until the new staff arrives doesn't bode well for the ratings, as a long time viewer, I am finding it really difficult to stay interested this week, and it's only half over! Someone did say it looked like a boring week in Port Chuck, and boy was that right! Not even Sonny's shooting was that exciting. And we have Kate now saying for the umpteenth time that she just cannot handle his life. Um, couldn't you figure that out from the two bullet wound scars you have on your body, Katie, that his life is dangerous?

    Dozens of pointless conversations and storylines (if you can call them storylines; Lulu walking a dog and sneezing, I wouldn't call a storyline for JMB) going on...not to mention adding yet another newbie when they already have dozens they honestly don't need or who don't seem to be going down well with the viewers (Cassandra, Delores, Ewan, Maggie, etc., etc.) We really don't need another "angsty" angry young man; we have Michael for that!

    This is just my thought and I am just one peanut in the gallery, but ABC is just smoke and mirrors right now. All they seem to be doing; merging some characters over to GH from OLTL and now talking about moving GH to primetime (it's just not logical) seems like an attempt to keep the viewers tuned in for as long as they can before they lower the boom and say, "Sorry folks, GH is toast too!" That is what this network aimed to do; destroy the soaps. Sure, Frons is gone. His mission was accomplished. It doesn't mean the new folks in charge are going to go backward and see the "error of their ways." Sure...there is always hope until there is no more. But, I don't think ABC is honestly giving a toss about soaps or preserving the last one standing or they would not have done what they have done. The primetime thing for GH reminds me of the Prospect Park thing. It was done to basically make the viewers want to hang in there.

    It would not be logical for an official announcement about GH right now. OLTL has just gone off and we're now headed into sweeps time...not a good time for that kind of an announcement. But, I do think a cancellation announcement will come. I'd love to be proven wrong and see the new GH staff turn things around and make me be more passionate about tuning in as I used to be!

  4. I would love to be able to confirm or even FIND out about casting right now. I don't know what's going on and that's the truth! LOL. I don't know why they'd recast Michael NOW???
    I'll try to keep up. Gedstern is helping out but remember, I'm gone some because of work. I hope I can do ok by you all!!

  5. I don't agree LIW will be the first to leave the show. It's not groupspeak here. lol

  6. Can anyone tell me when (the actual date) the new writer's stuff will start airing?

  7. Your doing fine Karen...the show is boring, I just want to hear the behind the scenes scoop!

  8. Excuse me 98% want LIW gone.
    Geez...always someone to make a case out of nothing.

  9. Bobbie's in Seattle cuz that's where her son lives and has lived for several years. She basically moved in with him...

  10. I think that the stalker in the fedora is none other than Spinelli...he owned that type of hat when he was in his "40s'" mode and what better way to get to be Maxies roommate but give the impression that she is being stalked and needs someone to protect her

  11. 98%? I didn't realize there had been a poll conducted. Where did you get that poll? LOL I know there are people who like the other new people, too.

  12. Anon..YES there was a Poll. I guess you were the ODD one out on that one!!

    Michael Fairman is stating on his site about Michael (Chad) as well.
    Not good!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hard pressed to see anyone liking this character. Been reading the blogs?? 98% is probably too low of a percentage who want her gone.
    Remember...most people enjoy good writing & good acting. Together. Getting neither from this show.
    Maybe you are watching another show? lol

  14. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooJanuary 18, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Demon child Michael should have died a long time ago.

    LIW, Ethan, Delores and Maggie can leave now. Dr.Abs can stay for obvious superficial reasons :)
    Spinelli and a few mobsters can leave too. Sonny, Jason, Johnny and Anthony, too many mobsters on this show.

    Megan Ward did a great job, they should have kept her instead of nuKate.

  15. I must say that seeing the other boards it does look like LIW is losing any fans she had. The character is ridiculous.

  16. No poll? Thought not. lol

  17. Sorry, it must be 99%!
    ODD one out as usual!!!!!!!

  18. To the Anonymous at 5:57 - Feb is when it's been said Ron C.'s material would start airing, but no specific date has been announced. If memory serves (and these days it frequently doesn't), July 25 was announced as Wolf's first air date as headwriter nearly two months before. I would have thought Ron C's first air date would have already been announced. When he starts, I start watching again.

  19. Jasam fake angst just want to give them a baby franco story is so dull, long and drawn out. I just want them off the screen.

  20. Rumors are Claudia is revealed to be Johnny's mom. This isn't surprising as I remember Claudia telling the story of being sent away by her dad and older men using her. This story reminds me of jimmy darmodey's relationship with his mom in Boardwalk Empire. Someone may come back to take revenge. I wonder if Claudia will be back.

  21. Since GH isn't floating anyones boat why not tune in to Days of our Lives. It is almost like Deja Vue with James Scott and Sarah Brown.

  22. Recasting Chad Duell? Wouldn't put it past them. I 100% agreed that Drew Garrett was not a good fit in the role and needed to be cast with Duell, whom could not only act but was actually easy on the eyes.

    And to SOME degree, even understood why Lexi Ainsworth was let go for a hotter, more voluptuous actress.

    But Duell? Completely scratching my head on that one.

  23. Watching Sonny and Kate is like watching paint dry, although I think KS is doing a good job as Kate even though I would rather have MW. Do these writers have such big egos that they can watch their work and pat themselves on the backwhen they come out with such boring material? I would have Maggie on my list as first to go. I was surprised to see yesterday that Nathan P. is taller than Steve B. Seeing Jason always with the shorty Sam and Sonny I thought he was bigger. I really like Matt and hope he ends up with Liz. Shawn is still a snooze and TJ looks much older than Molly.

  24. Remember Linda...this is still Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza-Frons writing.
    They were SLOPPY with what they put out for us to view. Disrespectful. That is something Ron & his gang are not.

  25. My2Cents2, you are right. And Wolfie doesn't get top billing anymore - he is under Shelly Altman. Can't wait for the new writing if only to see if it makes a difference.

  26. will make a difference. It can't get worse.

  27. DebK, I agree. I also believe that most of the current writing staff should get the boot. They are mostly responsible for this sad state of affairs.

  28. DebK is My2Cents....using a new mail program and not sure what I am doing.

    Instead of replacing Chad, who imo is the BEST Michael, kill him off with that attitude of his. If he isn't going to change, who wants to watch him??

    Is it me, or is LIW ugly??? She looked hideous laughing.

    You GO Alexis! Great lecture to TJ. btw, where does TJ sleep?
    With Shawn? In one room?
    Mac...I would LOVE to have dinner with you!

    Carly is sickening. No free-pass's for her these days. I thought better of Johnny! Shame John!

    And Luke? Where and what is he up to? He looks awfully clean to be living in the gutter. whereever he is, he is taking care of himself.

    Hey Lulu, why not be a LIQUOR salesperson??

  29. They (writers) are totally responsible for the state of the mess GH is in. GH has good actors. Imo better than OLTL actors.


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