Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

Some of my fave GH moments to share... 

Just some of the photos I got from Twitter this year!!  Hope you had a great one!! I saw Star Wars today with my "little" brother. He and I went to see it together in 1977...and loved it. This reboot is awesome, so "familiar" and I cried just about every time Chewy opened his mouth! LOL... Sad thing here in Rochester, NY. Some nut job terrorist wanna be got caught and they cancelled our fireworks! So yeah, for our family here from England. Welcome!! GEESH. 
Let's hope 2016 is a happy, peaceful year filled with laughter and joy. I sound sappy but the older you get the more joy you want. Screw everything else!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Can't be Bothered"


Having British guests is enlightening and I've picked up a new phrase!! "Can't be bothered"!! I'm using it for everything now. 

Based on yesterday's show (and Monday's) I'm not going to watch GH.

:) You have at it though. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Bridge: DAY 2

I saw yesterday's show in about 15 min. 
I'm already sick of the Nikolas fell LOL. I mean I really am.

Spinelli was on point as....Spinelli. 

Liked Mac on. Can he be a real character? In PI biz with Anna/Sam? Get a HOUSE? Please?? 

Embedded image permalink
Danny's Ornament to Patrick


Pretty dull. 

Morgan/Kiki...whatever. "Hating my mom wasn't getting me anywhere"... Morgan's being a brat.

Dillon/Paul: Talking about Tracy

Dante/Sonny: Talking about Lulu.  Then Dante questions Nikolas about the Jason thing and his fall. 

Johnny/Lulu: Getting ready for New Year's...

Maxie/Pat: Waiting for Robin


Jason: "I don't know you, sorry"... 

Robin: You are the best thing since sliced bread my wonderful St. Jaysus. You saved me!!  

She tells him about her HIV and pills. He says he talks about "Jason" differently from everyone else. Billy seemed interested in these scenes.  HE says he was an idiot to leave her for the "Life" and Sonny. She said he was being true to himself. 

BTW, Robin and Jason broke up because she told AJ about Michael. It was kinda a big deal.

When Robin leaves, Jason sees a flashback of Robin when she was about 22. 

Jordan talks to Val.  Jordan is going out on NYE with Curtis (I think it's him). I hope he's nude.  Some people think he's her brother because he said TJ was his nephew-- but I thought it was her dead hubby's brother? Like her brother in law? Hmmmmmmmmmm.
He was ON today!!  Still can't figure out who he is. They are acting like they went to Police Academy together. 

Morgan over hears Sonny talking about taking down Gun-Runner "Raj" while Sonny is in the GH HALLWAY.
Because you know, that's where you talk about stuff like that. 

REPEAT SHOW Dec 31st on show on Friday the 1st 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday's GH

I will be out today as I have Guests-- so I've left this spot for you all to recap and gab. I will try to get some spoilers done late today or tonight.

Please read the post below for fun predictions. 

Have a good one!

Delco Dave's 2016 General Hospital Predictions!

Dave’s GH Predictions for 2016

While I can never top the Wub Queen for her blog and reviews, I know that sometimes some of you enjoy my commentary. (then again, some of you don’t…). Here are my predictions for 2016. 

First, the overall picture. The gloom and doom that has been rumored is real. By the late Spring, with ratings still in trouble and no improvement, Frank will be relieved of his duties as Producer and the 2 new writers from 2015 will be let go. A new team of writers (young writers brought in with prime-time experience) will come on board to “wrap things up” and prepare to end storylines and finish the show by December 31. (internal memo, the fans will be told everything is fine) In an effort to save money, the show will buy out and cancel contracts of all the contracted actors and put the entire cast on “day player” status. This will result in several actors leaving the show altogether and move to other soaps. 

In a very Gloria Monty-esque move, the new writers will streamline the show, truncate storylines, get rid of dead weight characters and write concise storylines. Their goal will be to go out with a bang and make a difference and a name for themselves by taking risks and doing non-traditional daytime soap storylines. After the fall, ratings will go up, fans will rally because of the new style of writing and “prime-time, Shondra-esque” storylines and the show will get a reprieve. It will once again become must-see talk about internet fare. Ratings will go up and GH will move from 4th to 3rd.

Nurse’s Ball 2016 will not be as cheesy as previous years. John Stamos, Rick Springfield, Johnathan Jackson and Jack Wagner will be invited to perform – not as their characters but as themselves. (Some will, some wont). The writers will just ask viewers to suspend belief and be happy that the actors we know and love will be performing. And yes, the fans will “forgive” them and enjoy the show and look the other way. Also, expect to see former cast members to be seated in the background as an homage to the show’s commitment to the Nurse’s Ball. (Brad Maule sitting with Jacklyn Zeman for example). Soap stars from defunct shows will be in the audience as well. Constance Towers will sing. The concept of this year’s ball is that the GH storylines will be behind the scenes and everything that takes place in the actual ballroom and on stage will not be characters, but the actual actors. Stars will be interviewed in the ballroom and will answer questions tweeted by the fans. Kelly and Nancy will interview current and past performers about what the Nurse’s Ball means to them and their favorite memories. Think of it like The Wizard of Oz. The real story took place in black and white. The fantasy took place in color. This will be similar with a definite distinction between real and fantasy. It will be a chance for the viewers to see the actors as themselves and interact with them.

On with the cast:

Sam Behrens returns as Jake Meyer. Will start as stunt casting to have him interact in scenes with Shari, but he has history on the show and will be on sporadically. Bobbie (with financial help from Carly) will buy the brownstone from whoever owns it (seriously, like anyone remembers?) and several residents will take root inside the complex and leave the metro court. More scenes will be filmed at the brownstone.


Brad and Lucas will break up to give closure to that storyline. Brad will leave the show. Rosalie never to be heard from again. Lucas moves into the brownstone.

Morgan moves into the brownstone. (Isn’t he living there now?) Kiki leaves the show. Darby was nothing more than a plot point. Serena Baldwin returns and dates Morgan. This pits Sonny and Scotty against each other, with Laura and Carly refereeing.

When cost cutting starts, Tyler Christopher will leave the show and be picked up by another soap. With Tony Geary gone, there is no need for a Cassadine family anymore.

Wally Kurth returns as Ned. When ELQ is back in the Quartermaine fold, he will be named CEO. Brooklyn Ashton returns. Brooke (as she is now called) will come out as a lesbian. If not Brooke, then Kristina, being the reason why she caused a scandal at college.

The show, with new writers will concentrate on a late-20s demographic with more storylines for Maxie, Nathan, Dillon, Serena, Morgan, Brooke, and Michael. Expect most of this group of people to move into the brownstone. To cut costs, there will be several episodes filmed solely at the brownstone, with cast walking in and out. Think of the series “Friends”, with many episodes solely filmed in the apartment set or the coffee house. It will have a sitcom feel to it without the laugh track. 

Likewise, there will be entire episodes shot in the hospital for the sake of cost effectiveness. The show will start to be shot with more of a prime-time feel. Instead of different locations throughout the episode, it will concentrate on one location only. There will be a distinct 2-storyline “vibe” to the show. It will be as if 2 shows were being filmed. The 20-somethings in the brownstone and the veterans in the hospital. By bringing everyone to day player status, it will be easier to use the vets more often.

In July the new writers will take over. The entire first week of August will be LIVE episodes to aid in the transition. 

Tony Geary will write his autobiography. Instead of being published in print, it will be released online one chapter at a time. Nancy will be a ghost writer and help him. 

Crimson will be front and center the way that ELQ was in the 80s. Nina will buy the magazine and turn it into a goldmine, flaunting it in front of Julian. 

With the new writers, the african-american actors will be more front and center and be given more storylines than in the past. They will be integrated more into the cast and the storylines. Expect to see Jordan, Mayor Lomax, Curtis and Doctor Hottie in more real, upfront storylines and no longer just background filler.

Dante and Lulu will divorce. Both actors will leave the show when the contracts are killed. Tony Geary will return to the show for 2 days of stunt casting and escort Emme Ryland off the show and give proper closure to Laura.

Laura, who is the most wasted character in soaps today, will still be a wasted character through 2016. She doesn't work, has no storyline, wears different clothes every day (where is her income?) and just walks in now and then to give motherly advice to Lulu. I love this actress and it is painful to watch them not use her to her fullest ability. She should be the “star” of the show. Laura, Tracy, Monica and Alexis should be the “matriarchs”. The show will continue to give her nothing to do and by the end of the year she will leave the show over boredom. Again.

Remember the Alzheimer's storyline long rumored for Rachel Aames? The current writers will bring in Denise Alexander for a few episodes to stir up that storyline for her, but since the current writers clearly suffer from Alzheimer's as well, they will forget about the storyline and it will just vanish before it starts. (sorry, I couldn't resist this)

Valerie will leave the show.

Alexis and Julian is a wasted storyline. Don’t get me wrong, they have great chemistry together and I like them both, but without Julian in the mob, it lacks spark and friction. I expect one or both to willfully leave the show by the end of the year. Especially if they cut the costs for actors. 

Ava will help Morgan out during one of his drunken stupors. He passes out in his apartment and Ava takes his cell phone an txt’s Carly and asks her to stop by in the morning, pretending to be him. She does and Ava answers the door in Morgan’s robe. Ava lets her think that she slept with Morgan (she didn't) and goes for weeks taunting her and Sonny about “wouldn't it be nice for Avery to have a little brother or sister?” and then pretend to have morning sickness, rub her belly, etc. just to piss off Sonny and Carly and drive them nuts. Comic relief with brilliant acting from Maura.

Ava is fencing stolen gold through her art gallery. The canvases that the paintings are on are lined underneath with gold and she is selling them through her gallery. She will enlist Julian’s help in this.

Add caption

Stunt casting: Ingo and Vanessa come back to town for the nurse’s ball. Together. They will pretend to be married, but it will be revealed that they never went through with a wedding and remained good friends but are both single and not an item. Which leads to Sonny and Carly going after each of them (shamelessly) and realizing that they are not right for each other after all. They divorce, with them getting neither Jax or Brenda.

Paul will try to play Tracy and get control of ELQ stock. What we dont see is that she knows it. And she is really the one playing him. And just when we think that Paul is going to crush and destroy her, she will play her trump card and expose him for who he really is and the audience will give a collective fist-pump for her. Dont underestimate Tracy. She got played by Luke, but learned her lesson and will not get played again. 

Hayden Barnes? Not her name. But if you ever watched Tracy on The City, you will recognize her real name, as she is the daughter of someone from that show that Tracy knew. Can a character from The City be crossing over? 

Michael as a Q was more fun than Michael as a C. His animosity against S&C was fun to watch. When Ned returns, and with Jason with 1/2 a brain again, see Michael work with Ned at ELQ. Once the truth comes out about Sabrina’s baby with Carlos, Michael and Sabrina will break up and both Sabrina and Carlos will leave the show. Michael stays single for awhile. 

I hope to someday see Michael in a PTSD storyline based on his rape in prison. Have him talk to a therapist and to really delve into what that incident might have done to him mentally and emotionally and perhaps show that he is having trouble in relationships and with intimacy. It would be a good storyline for those viewers who may have gone through something like that. 

What to do with Jason? He is neither a Q or a M. But the mind-numbing drone that he is will end. The writers will realize Billy’s strengths and what has made him a multiple Emmy-winner, and will let him loose. They will write to his personality and let him shine and flourish and rock the character in his own way. Jason will be a new Jason, not a Q or M. I hate to burst bubbles, but when this happens, he might not be paired with Liz or Sam. That was another actor with different chemistry. Expect a new love interest to come on the show to be paired with him. (perhaps someone from Y&R tht Billy worked with before?)

When a new writer comes in to “tidy things up” they will bring Mac, Felicia, Doc, Scotty, Bobbie and Lucy back for a week or two in order to give them one last hurrah and a fitting, closing grandiose storyline for all of them. Fans will voice their enthusiasm on Facebook and other blogs on seeing their beloved characters again and the trend will be to bring them on more often, even if in small doses. Rating go up for those episodes and that cannot be denied. The vets will come back for more screen time, just spread out over time.

Greg Vaughn returns as Lucky and will be linked once again with Liz. Instead of returning as a police officer, Lucky is now undercover with the WSB as a special agent to Frisco to try to infiltrate the gold smuggling by Ava and he enlists Anna’s help in a case. 

Annie Logan?

To give more hospital scenes, doctors and nurses will be added. Anne Logan returns. (Now played by Robin Strasser of OLTL fame) She left as the “virginal nurse”  but returns as the head instructor to the GH Nursing School. She will be the ultimate “cougar” and will shamelessly (and quite comically) go after and hit on the 20-something male nurses and doctors on staff. 


Patrick will not be recast. Dr. Jeff Webber will be recast by Grant Aleksander from GL (starts as a brief stint, which will lead into something long-term with fan popularity). 

Nina and Franco will marry. Heather will be released from crazy house (it’s a soap, let it go), and will be there for the wedding and hilarity. Robin M. will be on hand for a week or two during this storyline. Nothing long term, but her release gives the writers a chance to have her pop back in now and then. (It’s Robin Matson… she is comic gold, they have to find a way for her back now and then)

Sonny walks again. Did I really need to write this?

That’s all I have. I tried being realistic instead of my usual wish-list fantasies and stunts that I dream of for this show. I personally hope this show gets its shit together, starts listening to their fans, and streamlines storylines and brings the show into this century. Year-long storylines with sub-par payoffs do not help ratings. As “negative” that some of us are on Karen’s blog, we all love the show deep down and want the best product possible on the screen. And I have to believe the actors do to.

I look forward to your comments and most importantly, YOUR predictions for 2016! 

**Note from Karen: These are great. I especially like the Brownstone concept, the recasting of Dr. Jeff Webber, Dorian as Annie Logan and the Nurses' Ball. A week of Live episodes? Yes! I'll have to think of some of my own wishes for 2016. Thanks Dave! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Holiday Feels

CATV 3 20151222 1357(36)

Such an interesting week. I was so frustrated and then Friday came along and little GH heart went pitter-patter. All the holiday notes were just there, waiting for me to smile at them! 

Since It's after Christmas, I'm having egg nog (Not my fave but I'll try some) and cookies! Hope you had a good one and are ready to settle in for a long winter's read! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Post ..LATE!!

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OMG... my INTERNET is down! I am at a friend's house to say Merry Merry and I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! Today's show had all the feels, no? 

I will try to get a Surgery in Sunday.. we are supposed to get it fixed Saturday. !!! xxoo

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gala is Over

Dante and Valerie. UGH. NO...and I swear DZ isn't in to it at all... he just doesn't sell this couple at all. 
Johnny talks to Valerie. He's trying to schmooze her I guess. Oh, he is getting photos taken with her by some guy. He gives her money. So, she'll be seen taking money from a known fugitive lol. Ok.

Laura is on the HS, thinks Lulu slept with Johnny. They leave when they find out about Nikolas.

Nikolas' fall is broken by the scaffolding. Liz is pleading with him not to die. Hayden is screaming at Jason. Jordan comes over to see what the fuss is.
OMG I have HAD IT WITH BILLY MILLER. Done. AT Least TRY to do something in your scenes PLEASE. Watching him with Becky on the balcony was painful. Maybe he's trying to act all 'robot" but dear GOD-- do not waste my time anymore. He looks the same in EVERY DAMN SCENE he's in!!!!! I don't think I've ever been like this about an actor ever. I know he can act, he got a damn Emmy but what the HELL is happening here? Ruined that whole after-math of the fall.  

Sam is at Sonny and Carly's. Carly has to go back to the Metro to see "who got hurt". 

Everyone is at the Hospital. Carly is saying it was an accident. Like she was even there.  It was the strangest episode I've seen in like forever. Laura is mad at Jason. At least Lucas is there. You know, since he's the only doctor left.  They arrest Jason. Liz hugs him. Sam sees it. She leaves. 

I guess, MERRY Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Prince Charming Vs Christian Grey

CATV 3 20151221 1351(27)
Gala's a snore.

In Greece, Patrick awakens Robin with a kiss.
I AM NOT KIDDING. She's in a tomb, similar to the Q crypt and is laying just like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and he kisses her and..AAHAHHA

Jerry gets sent away with the police. 
The family is united. 

Then, over in PC, Ava and Paul are all porno and he's gonna tie her up ala 50 Shades. Get the kids outta the room!

Sabrina admits to Michael the baby isn't his. He guesses it's Carlos'  He's mad. He leaves her in the room. 

Jason/Sam talk. Liz wanders around to try to find him. Carly stops her from going anywhere.

Um, Oh, Jules gives Alexis a ring that looks like Sam's old engagement ring, I think he bought it from Patrick for 1/2 price. 

India singing was nice, great voice. 

Liz goes out on the roof. She gonna jump? What?  Ok this has to happen: 

Jason and Nik start fighting and......well, NIKOLAS gets knocked off the balcony. He lands down on the roof where Liz is sitting and crying. LOL 

Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Wub Awards

20150703 0915(13)

They are here!! Yes--- just click right here: 2015 Wubs and feast your eyes on this year's best/worst awards!  Face and Prop of the Year...Best Actor/Actress. My fave scene. Do you agree? It was a long, strange chaotic year that's for sure. Enjoy! 

Toys For Tots PSA

What the HELL with the hair? Laura looked like Naomi Judd in the 90s'!! EESH..

Liason.. and Sam. NOTHING Happens in the hall way. LITERALLY nothing. 
Monica says she's grateful that "Carly knows how to handle Jason" to Jason. Geesh whatever. 

Liz is chugging champagne. She says all drunk things. 

 Monica looks at the ultrasound photo. Says it's the size of a Pontiac. Michael goes to confront Sabby. Monica also tells Carly the baby is coming REALLY SOON. 

Ava and Paul basically talk porn-like around the sculpture in the lobby.  She leaves him an envelope with her roomkey and panties in it. He has to stuff the panties in his pants pocket before making his speech.  He leaves after his talk and finds Ava in her room, naked I guess? And the porn music plays. 

Sam is hanging around after giving her Mom the check. She goes out to the hall with her sisters. 
Julian asks permission of the  3 girls to marry Alexis. Even Molly is ok with it, appears. 

Their proposal was cute. Elvis Costello mention. 

Dr. O wants to make peace with Nina. Nina's like "ok" 

Jerry shows Anna/Robert/Paddy a photo of Robin "dead" Polaroid. He says he didn't do it.  "I know nothing"! Just like Hogan's Heroes lol. The guards rush in and Jerry says to show the 3 Robin's body then "Kill Them".  They stand around. They are SO SO Batman. UGH

Sabrina goes into the toy room to log the toys. Carlos is Santa! (saw that coming a mile away). He gives her is address for when he runs away. 

OMG SO BORRRRRRRRING.  Today had to have been one of the worst shows in recent memories. WOW. Even with the Scorpio crap happening! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Galas. Guns and a GPS

20151217 1614(7)

Well, it was an unexpected 4 day week! Thanks to the POTUS Friday's show is moved to Monday and instead of a rerun on Christmas Eve Day, we'll have a new show. Not sure how many of us can actually watch it though!! 

The Nutcracker Gala is starting so let's have some sugar plums! 

Friday, December 18, 2015


So, only about 5 min of GH today. Nathan Varni says it's going to be re-run on MONDAY. 

From last night's Christmas Party for GH cast. crew. Queen Helena! YEAH!! 


NLG Spilled it was Julexis engagement day today.  BUT.. POTUS. WHOOPS. 


update: TODAY'S previously scheduled show will now AIR Monday 12/22 (except in Canada which aired today). NEW episode will now air 12/24

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gala Gets Going

Nancy and Lisa tweeted this today in honor of Star Wars!! They are Leia heads! WHOOT!! 

Gala is starting. Carly's dress looks scratchy. Nina looks great.

Embedded image permalink

Dillon and Maxie are out thinking about Georgie. Maxie's hair...I'm sory BUT MAXIE'S HAIR! wow. EESH. 

Robin is getting killed...but not really. She is wooing the guard. With opera references.  Jerry throws them out. Tells the guard to kill her while he saves the data.

ROBERT is in Greece with Anna and Patrick. See those throw pillows on the bed? That's how you tell you are now in Greece!! OH, Felicia flew to Paris to be with Emma (off camera) 
They find Robin using an "Infra'RED Camera" (I kid you not) and rush in to find her. They see Jerry who tells them Robin is dead. 

Krissy is home! All the Davis girls are together. I'd care more if I thought they'd be on more than 2x a year. Kristina is in trouble at school for some reason, we are not sure why. 

Yea, they have Liz and Franco talking too much. Liz is so boring. Stop with the Todd relationship right now.  

END: Sam, Jason and Liz all find each other in the hotel. Boom boom boom! 

YOU should just watch the show..I can't type it all ##

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brain Tissue and Tissue Paper

Tracy and Paul. Damn it. I wish she would either say to hell with it and embrace the bad or Paul was good. Wah.
Paul pays off Carlos to leave town.  Carlos tells him he's Sabby's baby daddy. Paul freaks out. He said he'd better not stake a claim. Carlos laughs.
Will Carlos be dead soon? 

Ava looks great... love her top. She and Kiki talk and Kiki melts a bit when they remember her making gingerbread houses. 

MAC DADDY!! He's looking so great in his blue sweater.  He and Anna were at the Metro. Talking about Sloane. They might have a break-through.

Morgan is so good at being a snotty ass'd kid. Bryan sold it for me. He was perfect as the kid coming in late telling his parents to leave him the hell alone. 

Dr. Kelly on Halloween years ago. She looks the same

Michael is all concerned his kid is gonna be huge.  They are in Dr. Kelly's office.  Later, he leaves and Dr. Kelly says she knows Michael isn't the father because Sabrina is ready to give birth, basically. 

Emma and Pat are in Paris. We can tell because they showed us the Eiffel Tower. The address they have is false.  Later, some French lady comes in and tells him about Robin. It must be an address on the other side of the city she says. Emma notices she has on a necklace just like Spencer has. Patrick realizes she must be related to the Cassadines.

Patrick calls Anna..he said he thinks Robin was never in Paris!  She's flying there right now. 

Jerry asks Robin to hurry up and if she can make someone immortal. She says yes.  She can use a digital chip for memory from brain tissue. (I know, just go with it!) Jerry tells the guard to kill Robin, he has no further use for her. 

LOVED the Carly/Morgan and Sonny stuff. Great dialog and so true to life. Love Carly's mama desperation. She's a pain but I get it. You want to control the situation. Sonny says "We are new to this".  
Morgan storms off to the Metro to eat. Kiki says that Vince the busboy found pills when he was clearing up.
BUSTED!  Morgan says he 'forgot' to take them.

TOMORROW: Kristina and Robert Scorpio are on! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recast Mayor

  Shari Belafonte to GH! She's the recast mayor. I love her. She's married to GH's "Jake" (Bobbie's Jake)  in real life! 


You know Dillon's photos are probably SO vanilla. He's such a white-bread boy. Maxie says their regular photog quit, so would he like the job?  Franco warns Nina again about Julian's intentions about the mag. 

Carly goes and does "errands" . Liz is at GH all mopey. Some new doctor chick talks to her (she took Patrick's 'case' she said)
Carly shows up at the hospital. She goes in on Liz 'Patrick was your friend and you screwed him over" Carly is saying it was horrible to keep a man from his children. (really, really YOU said that?? Okay then..)  They fight some more. It was kinda underwhelming.
Carly and Liz go into Franco's art therapy room. Carly storms out. Franco was sleeping on the couch-- he heard it all. Liz throws stuff, he says calm down. 

Dante goes to talk to Pops. Laura is talking to Lulu.  

See the synergy? See it?  Laura knows Lulu has something planned. Dante asks Sonny about the arms dealer (thank god not the 'legs' dealer....ahhaha..get it?) 

Julian and Olivia are eating at Floating Rib.  Olivia runs in with matching ugly Christmas sweaters for Leo and Jules. AHAHA. She makes Alexis scootch over and asks her if she wants a sweater too! Julian gets all flustered and gets up and leaves. Alexis is like: Where you going!!? 
They figure out they both have babies from Julian and Sonny. Heh. 

Val and Johnny. Zzzzzzz. Just get to it already.  He puts some wires under her hood. Bomb? GPS? What?  It was a GPS.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Curtis has a

Lulu and Johnny Z are plotting to 'get rid' of Valerie. Bake her into a pie? What? 

Monica, Tracy and Paul meet in The Metro Lobby to discuss the Gala.  Monica reminds Tracy about She and Paul's rocky past.  Monica wants to buy back guns and donate toys. (Amnesty for Gun program). Paul's all ok.

Curtis and Hayden. Nik catches her. Hayden tells Nikolas that Curtis is an interior designer. She was going to have the office all "decorated" for him as a surprise. He doesn't buy it but needs a drink and tells her the whole Liz story. Later, Jason walks in and looks all "angry" (Hard to tell). He is because he punches Nik and says "I'm comin' for you" before walking out. 


Liz hears Jason. Goes on the porch. Sam is calling. He pushes "ignore"... He tell Liz he's moving out.  Becky is awesome..her face, her tears. So real. Billy? I just can't. I know you all like him from ATWT but he ruined that scene for me. Wow. Terrible. 
Later, Diane comes over with papers for Jason. Liz has a mini-meltdown and says crazy things to her. You can see her slipping. Then she finds Jason's shirt on the floor and rocks and cries. 

Curtis breaks into the PCPD.  He sees Jordan. She's all "what are you doing here"? He's TJ Uncle! Interesting. HE says he came by to 'congratulate' her so I'm assuming he was a cop? She asks if he was looking for a job. He says no, he already has one. 

TOMORROW: Carly vs Liz 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Surgery: The Crying Game

CATV 3 20151208 1321(9)
Best Way to watch the show this week? You bet. 
Geesh, more tears flowed on GH this week than in they have in years. Everyone was cryin'. Little,, women, you name it.  I had a very up-down week myself. Some days I thought were ok, others were just boring.  And yes, even ol' cynical Wubs teared up a time or two.

Another long blog.  Epic Long. There were quite a few things happening this week and people moved all over the place. Trying to timeline this was a bitch lol. I'm having a protein shake. I need it to keep up.  I can't believe I don't get paid for this. It only took me 2 days and hours to write! Ah, for the love of our soap. 

This week's blog is dedicated to the numerous tissues that had to be available around the set this week. All that crying. All those tears. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Hiding the Pills

Embedded image permalink

Sam is at Julian's and Alexi's house. She talks about her breakup.  Nancy tweeted that photo up there! Too CUTE. 
Sam's going to stay at their house for the holidays,

Mopey Morgan is eating at the Metro. Carly is trying to Mama him. Kiki is there too. Ava drops in to see Kiki. Kiki screams at her to "LEAVE HER ALONE" and smashed something. Geesh, scared me a bit. 
He ditched his pills under his plate and went to meet Darby. 

Curtis (that gorgeous man) found Hayden's bullet in the garage. Nik sees her talking to him at the Floating Rib. 

Sonny and Jason renewing their bromance at the gym. He tells him that Liz knew the truth. They drink whiskey. Sonny says Carly and he always found himself going back to Carly even when she lied. BUT he wouldn't forgive Liz because she was selfish. 
Carly finds out about Jason. She's relieved because he'll see Liz for the selfish bitch she is (HER words not mine). 

Nikolas and Liz... talking about St. Jaysus. Yada yada.  TOO MANY TIMES

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting My Blonde On!!

I'm at the salon... First time doing it on the phone!! Will watch GH later..I found this old photo from years ago!! Enjoy. 

I'm watching at 3:00 :) 

OMG!! Jerry Jacks is on!!???? What??! Cool! I had no idea. I like surprises. Robin needs Helean's body to experiment on LOL He wants to kill Robin.  

Liz and Jason: She says she knew since May..."7 Months Ago".  RH is so good. I'm still not enamored with Billy as much as some.   Jason's so mad. "you didn't let Jake know he was really my son"?  Wow, I really REALLY was underwhelmed by Miller. I never saw him on YR so... ?? Geesh. 
Jason finally left on his motorcycle. 

Sam and Patrick say goodbye.  Emma comes in "When ya getting married"??!!!  Oh geessssh SO SAD. "You're leaving"?? 
God, Emma sobbing at the end!! WOW... I hope someone got her ice cream after that. 

Lulu and Dillon and Johnny Z.... boring but Dillon isn't telling.  

They are so trying to make Val a "good girl" caught in a "bad situation". Whatever.  UGH

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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Today's show. MADDENING!! 

Jason and Sam:  She knew... How you know she knew? I know she knew. YOU SURE SHE KNEW?

OMG STOP THIS!!  Sam's like: Look at me, then go look at Liz. See who's telling the truth. 
Jason leaves to go back to Liz'. To TALK. 
Liz finally at 2:58 says she lied. They'll TALK MORE TOMORROW.  @@

Patrick and Sabrina.  He realizes he's in the same place he was.  He cries a bit. You know, gentle tears. Then he leaves. 

Michael realizes that his baby is the size of a pony. Starts counting on fingers and asking Felix. They walk into Floating Rib and see Patrick and Sabrina. She's like WHY are you here? Michael invited Felix to dinner (??) Felix gets a chance to tell Sabrina that Michael is suspicious. 

Johnny and Lulu doing shots. Then Dilly walks in.  Johnny hides behind the bar.  They talk about Dillon going 'back" to LA. I thought Maxie hired him to work at Crimson?  Anyway, Dillon finds Johnny. 

Dante and Val almost have sex but Olivia comes in. Val goes and hides. Olivia is all like "GET back with LULU"... Did you see that side Wine Rack in the loft? WOWZA.  Anyway, Dante leaves to get Rocco baby aspirin and of course, when Val is watching him, Olivia comes back. WHOOPS.

Patrick breaks it off with Sam. They both sit there and cry.  "We are done" ...

ROBIN is on tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smashing Roses

Sam, Liz and Jason... "You're no better than Hayden Barnes"...
Oh "Shut your MOUTH" Jason says to Hayden. EEP! 

He kicks Sam out. "GET OUT, leave us alone"...and the story moves no where. 
Later, Liz puts the kids to bed and when she comes down, Jason is gone. (See bottom)

Hayden and Nikolas.. she dreams about him killing her. "are you playing me"?? He says to her.  Said he's having someone follow her.  She used to be on Wall Street. Didn't she live in Beecher's Corners? LOL
This is SO DULL. 

Val and Bobbie. I really can't with Valerie giving Bobbie "her side" of the story.  They are at Kelly's. Good to see Bobbie. Geesh-- Bobbie and Mac on in the same week? what!?
Bobbie leaves. Dante comes in to sit with her. Dante says he doesn't want to wait to have 'something' with her.  "You're the one I need right now".  He is happy with her but no guarantee on the future. 

Maxie and Lulu doing shots. But those AREN'T 1/2 shots! Come on. And Lulu is still bitching about the same old thing. Nathan talking to Dante about cooling his jets for awhile.  Which he obviously didn't listen to. 
JOHNNY walks in! yeah!!  He heard she and Maxie talking about Dante's affair. He's all smiley. She's worried because he's a fugitive.  He talks to her about how bad her marriage was anyway. She cries, he hold her. Strokes her hair.
"I want that Bitch gone" Lulu says

"So, you want me to kill her"?? replies Johnny  ..YES! PLEASE says the audience!!!!
Lulu says "No... It's a figure of speech"
Damn it Lulu. 

Maxie leaves the HS and goes to see Nate at the PCPD and brings ribs.  He talks French to her wearing a BBQ bib LOL. Cute actually. 

Paddy is getting a nice romantic dinner ready for Sam. He asks where she was. She said she was at Liz' house.  He's like "nothing's changed". He totally smashed roses on the floor. Scared the hell out of me!

Jason arrives later...Patrick leaves. Jason apologized to Sam. "you've been nothing but kind to me".  He wants to know what's going on between she and Liz. Sam tells him Liz knew for months who he really was. 

Yesterday's wonderfulness 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Landlines and Landlords

Anna. You were in the WSB..and you don't use a BURNER PHONE when you are on a case?
Good Grief. She and Mac figure out that he hasn't answered his texts since Oct 14th. 

Paul talks to the landlord because a phone call came from Sloane's apartment.  Sloane talks to the landlord.
Anna thinks Paul killed Sloane and passed him off as Carlos. 

Letting Jason Thompson get away is criminal. CRIMINAL. He's so good with Maurice. He talks to Epiphany next. He tells her about Jason yada yada. Epiphany wants to know how Patrick feels about Sam. Patrick orders 3 dozen roses later.

Sam and Liz...Sam tells her Laura CONFIRMED that Liz knew the truth! She's lying like a rug but it's perfect.  Liz isn't giving in though. Sam calls her "worse than Helena'.  Liz tells Sam that she's lying because she doesn't love Patrick, she loves Jason still. They argue..yada yada.. and Jason comes in.
Tomorrow he screams at Sam to GET OUT! 

Carly bugs Jason about not marrying Liz.  He's all "Leave me alone"!! I'm going to marry Liz!! You can't change that!!  HE leaves. She goes to the hospital to see Sonny and continues bitching about Liz to him. 

Jules and Ava--talking about Thanksgiving and having a family. She wants to get together for Christmas. Sonny comes in and asks her about "Raj" ..who I'm guessing is the gun dealer?  Sonny yells at her for committing federal crime. LOL... Like Sonny's all "GUNS ARE BAD" !! 

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Perry on Twitter with his new pool table...

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Chit Chat

CATV 3 20151204 1330(35)
ALL THAT CHITTER-CHAT!! Makes me As Mad as a BAT! 
As I sit here ready to write my mind is about blank when it comes to last week's show. Certainly didn't have many "highlights" other than Mac showing up. It was more of the same. Supposedly we get some movement next week on the Jason front but whatever. I so don't care anymore. 

The week was also interrupted by more horrible news on the home front which makes the soap world seem small.  So very small.  I guess I do look at it as entertainment that is much needed during this time. 

My son made banana muffins last night (his first try at baking) so I'm having one.  Let's not think about anything but our shallow stories,  shall we? (Just for a moment or two!!)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Another Interruption

Mac's on! He's been trailing Anna! Oh how I've missed you. Anna's trying to break into Kyle's apartment (Sloane).

Seems Liason had good zex last night. They were all over each other. Liz is mad he saw Laura at Sam's. 

Nik and Laura...still gabbing around the 'secret' zzzzz. 

Hayden is meeting "Curtis", Shawn's friend. 

Sam and Alexis are talking like Mama and daughter in Kelly's. Lexi knows that Sam still wubs Jason a little bit. 

I got an ABC Special Report at 2:20. 

Came back on at 2:50.

Liz is leaving Laura and Nik...seems like Laura is all ok with the lie now.

Missed the Diane/Jason stuff damn it

Jordan knows Curtis..she sees him through the window at Kelly's and is all "What? Curtis"?? UGH.... and leaves. 

Jason writes a love note to Liz. 

Buffalo broke a 126 year old no snow record! I'm sure we are in there at some point!! YIPPEE! I am loving this. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jason Patrick Goes to YR

It's true...what DC predicted when Jason said he was leaving GH! The character of Patrick Drake will not (as of now) be recast. It's presumed he's leaving with Robin. 

Jason will be playing Billy Miller's old role on YR.

Follow this: Billy is playing a Jason, and Jason is playing a Billy--once played by...BILLY. 

Good Lord these two soaps are just musical chairs. 


"Are you Busy"?

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Let's see if we can hang on to the hour with no press conferences.

Ava and Paul are going to have sex on the guns I think. Great storyline. Guns. SMDH. Later, Ava basically is giving Jules a BJ and Tracy calls. 

Monica and Tracy!! Yea!! Doing the charity Gala planning at the Metro. Tracy tells Monica to do the silent auction items. Monica challenges her to do a money matching thing. 

Felix is on. Sabrina goes into the sonogram room and Carlos is there, dressed up as a doctor/nurse with a mask on. geesh. He leaves. Michael comes in. They see the baby. Can't tell sex. Felix tells them the baby "might be early"
Felix confirms that the baby IS Carlos'. Carlos over heard that. YEP. Carlos and Sabby meet at the docks-- he wants her to leave with him. 

Lulu's bitching to Maxie-she's going to go tell Val off. WHY? WHY? O

Stupid Valerie is at the PCPD all dressed in her blues. OMG she asks Dante out on a DATE and they have to be discreet because they work together.
Dante says: YES! And it will be kinda fun to keep it secret.  @@ 

Lulu comes in. Wants to turn them both in for fraternization. Maxie says: Don't do it!  Lulu leaves. 

Some stuff with Maddox and Anna. 

Diane is on tomorrow. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shooting Interruption

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So, here we are..AGAIN. 

OMG what a day. I was having trouble lasting through this MESS! Rehash after rehash--between Laura/Nik and Pat/Liz..GOOD GOD LET THIS BE OVER. It's obvious Sam's NOT ready to move on even though we sat through days of her 'deciding' then redeclaring her love to Patrick. UGH Patrick says that she doesn't love him the way she loves Jason.

Hayden and Tracy. Should we team up? Yes..No...Yes.No. They are at the Metro. Saying nothing. 

Liz to Jason: Just go, you don't have to stay here. Jason: Oh yes, I do...Liz: Oh no, you don't..blah blahc

Dillon: I'm leaving for LA. Maxie is like NOPE-- Please stay. I hate Maxie right now.  LOL She hired him to work at Crimson? Bleck. 

Nikolas is never going to tell the truth because of "Elizabeth" and HER happiness. Um, okay then. 
Laura hates Hayden. 

AND ANOTHER freaking shooting. I'm just so sick over this. My son, who's in his early 20s doesn't even blink at these anymore. Another month..week, day-- another one. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"change your clothes, change your life"

That's Maxie's new saying! She wants to give Nina a complete make-over with a stylist to get those mag sales up. Franco figures out that Jules is throwing Nina to the wolves and doesn't care about Crimson.
Roger looked especially YUMMY today. 

Nina gets a make over and looks fabulous. She cries she's so happy. Jules comes back. Nina says they need more money to save the mag and 'blow up the internet'. 

Alexis finds out Helena is "dead" Nikolas says he buried her himself. We know that doesn't matter!! 

Liz and Carly argue. Liz kinda inferred that Carly, Jason and Sonny all slept together. lol

LAURA totally LIES to Sam. BIG time. Wow. I mean, why? Because Nik might get in trouble? She was coming to tell Jason when she came to PC anyway?
UGH. Not happy. 

Carly also lays into Franco when he mentions Kiki and Morgan. I so wish they would have made Todd a long missing Q link than FRANCO! I don't like his history on this show because of the whole serial killer/tumor crappola. 

Patrick called Alexis to have her start the divorce proceedings for Sam. Sam is PISSED OFF.  WOW. 

WORLD AIDS DAY TODAY: Salute to the best GH story ever. In a time of fear, they went with a heterosexual love story involving 2 young people, one who had sex for the first time and became HIV positive. 

OMG I forgot to PUBLISH THIS!! lol I didn't hit the button. SORRRRYYY 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...