Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Post ..LATE!!

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OMG... my INTERNET is down! I am at a friend's house to say Merry Merry and I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! Today's show had all the feels, no? 

I will try to get a Surgery in Sunday.. we are supposed to get it fixed Saturday. !!! xxoo


  1. Thanks so much, Karen, for your heroic efforts to post! Love the Scorpio-Drake pic!! I'm still trying to finish the show, loving it so far, had to work late tonight unexpectedly, am going now to watch the rest, hope it's really good!!

  2. Well, I LOVED it, I cried, it was beautiful, only thing missing, IMO, was showing the Quartermaine family. GH can still bring it, that is why I never will leave.

  3. AntJoan, I agree with you about the Scorpio-Drake scenes. It was so wonderful to see them reunited, and for each of them to say they never stopped loving each other.
    I also loved the way they had the pic of Sonny's entire family at the end.
    Have a quiet and restful day tomorrow, AntJoan. You deserve it after working extra.
    And Merry Christmas to Karen and the family, and to all the Wubbers.

  4. Loved all the Christmas miracles happening yesterday. But, I guess we've been put on notice.. the central family is no longer the Quartermaines. It is the Corinthos family... Although I did love that they were altogether for once... well, not quite, Joclyn was missing, but she's not a Corinthos anyway.....

    Merry Christmas everyone, and especially to you Karen, for all the hard work you put into this blog...

  5. ishould: Thanks, hope you have a great day, also. And, to all the Wubbers, Happy Holidays!!

  6. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I loved the Scorpio-Drake scenes, too. They never fail to bring emotion. Too bad Ric was missing from the Corinthos family celebration. I hope they keep Kristina around for a long while.


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