Tuesday, December 31, 2013

General Hospital Faces of 2013

Here's a sample of our epic "Face of the Week" for last year!! There's no GH today-- so celebrate however you're going to! I'm off to a wedding in Buffalo--how fun that it's on New Year's Eve? I even have my silver shoes all packed. 
Thanks for a great year. I almost 'retired' but you really encouraged  me to stay on and I'm happy I did. My new schedule even lets me watch GH live!
What was YOUR hightlight of 2013. Mine of course, is the Nurses' Ball. I'm so happy Lucy is back where she belongs. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Minor Procedure

We only had  3 days of GH this week-- which is what we'll also get this next week, so it's been short/sweet! The week started out with a shoot out and ended in a montage. 

Get on your mini-scrubs and let's get 'er done!! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let's Play...What If..Baby Edition

Ok, let's  assume Betty is pregnant. Let's use our soapy heads to think about the scenarios  that could take place...

Robin finds out she can't get pregnant because of her working with radiation antidotes. She's sterile. Meanwhile, Betty is all glowing with a baby belly and Emma is so happy to have a brother!  Patrick tries not to get excited but..you know he is...
Sabrina gets trapped in a snowstorm and Robin has to deliver the baby. and Sabrina either Dies (and people think Robin did it on purpose) or lives and Patrick/Emma are forever in her face with the baby. She gets depressed, maybe leaves. Maybe puts the baby boy in a tree.

OR..Robin gets pregnant the same time Sabrina does.  They have boys. Sabrina gets murdered and Robin has to raise both boys as her own.
ie: Monica/Susan redux

OR..it's really Carrrrrrrrlos' baby because he lied and they did sleep together. Which would make it a rape but since when did that stop anything? We don't find out it's his baby until the crisis hits Robin/Patrick and they are on the brink of divorce....

OR...Sabrina says it's Carlo's baby to 'save Patrick' but lives in angst that it's really his. Of course the baby will need a transplant or other life-saving stuff and the truth eventually comes out. 

OR...it's Patrick's baby and Robin has to save it in some fashion when it comes down with a rare virus...one that threatens all of Port Charles. 

OR... Robin accidentally knocks Betty down the stairs at either the Qmansion, the docks or the hospital. Sabrina loses her baby.  Everyone blames Robin, even Patrick.

OR..Kim decides to leave GH again--Robin is "killed" or "goes to do research" or.. you choose and Patrick has to find his way back to his Betty  baby-mama

YOU have any ideas? You know there's a million.

Friday, December 27, 2013

It's New Year's Eve: Flash Forward Six Days!

 Yep--it's now New Year's eve when yesterday/day before was Christmas.

ABC has been doing a little helping vets PSA and spots on their shows..it's GH's turn today! That's a real life vet that's talking to Silas about "telling the truth".  It's only a cameo for this guy.

Maxie's leaving today.  One has to wonder--will she be back? Hmmmm...I mean, I'm assuming she is but they could just write her out as well. This is NOT a rumor, it's just me thinking. Bradford is gone and Mac/Flea are on sparingly and she doesn't have a job at Crimson anymore--so???  
Maxie to Robin "Oh my God, is that jacket from two years ago"?? 
ahahahhhaha. I died.

Danny looks just like Big Ben to me lol.  Sam went to visit Patrick--I liked it. 

LULU wants to try to make a  baby. I can see it now, a surrogate is implanted, PG with QUADS  and Big Baby Ben is found out to be theirs! ahahaa. Does anyone else find the industrial 'fan' in their flat annoying as all hell? Ugh.

Since TC is pregnant in real life, GH would be CRAY not to use it in an angsty storyline. Even I admit that!!!  Ro on twitter said she COULD be Lante's surrogate. NICE... I think that idea is awesome. 

Nikolas asked Britt to move into Wyndemere with him. We need a Bacchanalia to celebrate!!! 

Patrick to Robin: Let's have another baby--that right after Betty threw up 
oh geesh

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Tanenbaum

Dr. O narrated the beginning of the show and I LOVED IT!! ahaha. AND get this--she's next to Sonny in the PCPD. Adjoining cells ....How co-ed. Do they pee in front of each other? That was a great exchange. 
Dante and Olivia know Morgan did it-- and even Michael figures it out. LMAO ... Worst. Secret. EVER. 


Have we forgiven Paddy yet? No..not yet, he needs to buy me something really pretty!
Emma was adorable in her didgerareedoo (ahaha no idea how to spell it). Sabrina got Emma what she wanted,  not Robin. awwww.

Sabrina's getting all fiesty with Carrrrrrrrrrrrlos.  I think Olivia and Carlos might be sexy together. 
Sabrina didn't know Carlos was in the mob back in Puerto Rico?? I mean...what did she think he did!?

AJ"s all mad-- Ava tries to visit Kiki ..like she's going to forget about MORGAN because it's Christmas. ahahaa. NO.
Hey, what about Ava and AJ!!?? Hmmm. Could be interesting?? AJ and Liz just don't "fit" to me.
AJ drank

Did you see that our BBQ Ariel scene made The Soups top clips of the year!!? woot!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

One of my fave photos from the Christmas Story reading Dr. Hardy did each year. Hope you are all well, happy and having a wonderful week! Thanks for reading, leaving comments and making GH watching fun! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus...for the rest of us

Oh, what I would give to see Magic Milo do the Festivus Pole today!! Well, we know that we are going to see Friday's show at 2-- and since I know what happens, I may be out shopping instead. Not sure. We have to get all our food for the Feast Wed. I'm having the whole family here (Mom's side) which is 10 people. Yes, we have a tiny family! LOL

Milo will be on the show--not sure when..but he and Diane sit Shiva at Max's bedside. This week is pretty messed up show wise, I think. Tuesday is a repeat ..no show Wed, then shows Thurs/Friday ..not 100% sure though.

I'm still scared over the TC news that she's PG in real life.  PLEASE DON"T DO IT!! LOL although Paddy and Robin having a 'Magic Ride" all year seems slim. Would you like to see a Sabrina is PG story? 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Butt Bump

Well, the week was short thanks to the press conference on Friday-- and since it never "ended" this week feels a bit long.  It was taking a ripe old age for Patrick to decide and then, we had to see it on Hulu! 

SCRUB UP like ol' Fe and Brad are!! WOOT!  After doing the 2013 Wub Awards, I'm a bit tapped out, so this should be short/sweet. (or bitter depending --heh)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

The 2013 Wubs Net Awards!

2013..what a year in GH's history. 50 years were celebrated and thank goodness we had a whole new regime that had come in, loved the show and gotten us back our NURSES BALL!! woohoo!!! Let's take a look back and I'll dole out the Wub Awards. 


Frank V  tweeted this photo from the GH party of Kyle "the PROP guy" !!! 

That's our man, Wubbers..

Kyle, we bow to you, oh man of BBQ Ariel and Tumah in a jar!! Bravo!! 

New Cast Member

Hottie..Ryan Paevy--- !! TV Source broke it to me and others on twitter! He'll be playing Nathan, a new PCPD man in blue who will interact with Maxie before KS goes on Maternity leave.  If you want even hotter images Image GOOGLE the boy. phew-whee!

In Case I'm Not Here..

NOTE: NO GH today due to POTUS conference. It will air Monday Dec. 23rd! Happy Extra Hour---
You can write in this spot. I may be SHOPPIN!! 
Things the Warehouse scenes missed:
1. Michael standing there, with his eyebrows knit together and mouth open
2.  No one shooting two handed like Jason used to
3. No opera music or slow-mo (YET)

And, as someone said down below, Sonny totally should get shot in the head by Morgan and go into a coma. It would be Karma and put him out of the mob for a bit.  Into Rehab, trying to walk.
I'm all for it!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Butt Dialing

I DON'T CARE one single bit about the Julian Sonny mob crap. AT. ALL. Seriously, it's not even interesting. WTF cares?
Carlos takes TJ Hostage. Sonny is all "Let him go" ..lah lah. Max comes up behind him.. Julian and Moronigan get there, start shooting.

Morgan bought Ava a stocking.awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. "our first Christmas together"! Molly looked at Ava like: WTH!! You sleep with Morgan!?

Betty bought Paddy a watch!! Better ReGift!! Oh, geesh, she got his initials on it!

Silas and Ava have a secret!! How long will it take to find out what it is!? 

Patrick ruined Robin's homecoming--I don't even care if they get back together, it's RUINED. He's an ass. this writing sucks. I can't believe this is the first time Robin has even been back to her own DAMN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! 

I did like Patrick and Sam's talk..like before. They had cheese doodles then, remember? 

Luke mentioned Butt dialing. heh. And he asked Julian if he and Jerry shared plastic surgeons.  RUBY MENTION!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where are My Embryos!?

Bobbie is on!! Nice to see her.. and she has coffee with Luke at Kelly's. Sniff. Old Times, Old Times. 

Pancakes for Poor TJ!!!  He decides to take Molly to the warehouse. Good lord, I HATE this damn story. SOOOOOOOO predictable. 
Carlos..and Sonny--I REALLY WISH they would have waited until after Christmas for this mobular sheeze. 
TJ lets Carlos go. LOL..whoops. then there's GUNSHOTS!! 
GUN Shots..

Lulu holds Rocco for the first time today!!  That baby had a fronkey! 

ALEXIS was on too.   She won't tell Julian about Lucas. Julian finds Bobbie. 

Brad, just steal some other person's embryos. Who cares, this is a soap and there has to be some in storage. 

Dr. O and Britt have a faux flashback to "Feb 2013" where the Dr. tells her to implant herself with a baby. BRITT KNEW that she was impregnating herself with Lante's zygote!! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GH Promo: GIANT MOB WAR!! Merry Christmas!!

HO HO HO!! Have you seen our Mob-War promo yet? I'd put it up but we've seen it 50x before. Sonny's yelling, waving a gun around, people getting punched..yada yada.

Location SHOOT TODAY!!  Warehouse!! Carlos' hair is all messy. Sonny, you bad boy. This threatening is so borrrrrrrring. zzzzzzzzzzz

Morgan, LOL was totally in just boxers and a Santa Hat!!  I bet they had to Fabreeze the apartment after THAT session!

Dr. O will tell everyone how "Ze baby was created" if Britt doesn't bail her out!? She also called Robin a gremlin today. heh.

Dante threatens Brad and tells him to produce the embryo!! Only on GH would an "elf" have a secret to their embryos!!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Molly and TJ were on. NO ONE cares. NOT ONE PERSON -- geesh. Molly I like..the TJ mess is a  mess because they never developed that or made it a viable story. 
You like Rafe! 
Well..you like Taylor!
bye! bye!
Molly is with Morgan. I think it's the first time NuMorgan and she have been together? 
TJ, wrong place, wrong time!  Shaun is like..um, I'm really stressed here, TJ, move along lol. Morgan is totally manipulating Molly and it's going to get TJ hurt..or Killed! She'd better get that box o' pain out!!  She's sending him back to the warehouse to find Carlos...

Officially out: Britt has Lante's baby. Like we didn't know that eons ago! LOL

BTW, GREY'S ANATOMY fave Chandra Wilson, a passionate soap fan, will put in a cameo on GH on January 28 as a psychiatric patient of Jon Lindstrom's Kevin. According to a show rep, Wilson's character "coincidentally has a lot in common with her GREY'S ANATOMY character" and "finds herself in a peculiar situation when she goes to General Hospital for her doctor’s appointment."

Monday, December 16, 2013


Instead of my regular blog today, I am going to do a homage to Bradford Anderson and our wonderful Spinelli! Bradford has met Alberta at LEAST four times!!  As you can see, he Wubs HER@@!!

Who remembers when he first came on GH?  In 2006, he came on our screens as the fast talking computer geek. Let's face it, "those kinda guys" are NOT usually on soaps. Or, if they are, they are here and gone. NOT OUR SPINELLI though!! WOOT!!!

Spinelli ("The Jackal)  first worked for....ALKAZAR!! but, he couldn't be on the bad side for long!!   Spin eventually started working for Jason and they had a nice bro-mance on the side. Spinelli could read a traffic camera from 1000 feet on his computer!! 

He fell hard for Maxi. He had a brief fling with "Winnie" a character who came on that was a geek like Spinelli. "Spixie" couldn't be denied though and Winnie soon left the canavas.
Other nicknames: The King of Cyberspace and The Grasshopper.  He became 'The Jackal" after being shot in 2011 and would live in a sort of 1940's gum-shoe world.

Spinelli's nicknames for people are long and fun...here's a sampling:
Stone Cold
The Valkrye 
The Bernificent One
The Blonde One 
The Divine One
White Knight 

Trivia: Spinelli was a student at PCU...his grandmother lives in Tennessee and also supplied Alexis with medical pot during her lung cancer storyline. 

The character really matured after Cartini joined the show and Bradford was allowed to show more depth with more complex material to work with. He never missed a beat and when he found out Connie was his daughter,  it was amazing.

In 2011, Carolyn Hennesey (Diane) wrote a book based on the character called  "The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli" which followed his fantasty "Walter Mitty" type daydreams. 

Probably the most popular storyline was the "non-wedding" of Spinelli to Maxie.  It was a fun time--only to be ruined when Maxie slept with..Franco!
When Ellie came on the show, he fell for the red-haired lab tech and they are now going off into the sunset to Portland, Oregon, land of the Hipsters.

In his real life Bradford is married to Kiera and they have a daughter Juna.  He appeared on NCIS LA earlier this year and is a member of Port Chuck, the band that was made up of GH actors. (Their farewell tour is coming this spring). 

 Today was a nice goodbye with he and Maxie--awwwwwwwwww. Sniff.  BTW, Ron tweeted that although it was announced in May that BA was going on recurring status, he was now leaving the show for good. I am holding out hope however, that after KS comes back from maternity leave we see Spinelli returning baby Georgie to her. 
Yes, the baby is GEORGIE!! he changed her name today!!

So, Good bye to our own quirky Spinzo. He'll be missed.  I enjoyed the character, even if he did get on my nerves now and again. For a long time,  Spinelli was Guza's only comedy on the show. Boy, we needed him!
Godspeed to Bradford and good luck out there in Hollywood....you know GH fans will follow you wherever you go. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Serenity Now

Grasping at Straws?

My favorite thing Lucy said! "Serenity Now" ..I guess it's my love of Seinfeld that did it!! It also summed up my feelings after seeing the above had come up outta the dirt! 
Well, we've had a lot of snow here and more is falling. Lake Effect,  Electra, you name it. Of course, no snow days because we are expected to drive through 5 feet of the stuff around here!! 

Speaking of snow, Port Charles hasn't had any yet and most ladies are running around in no sleeves. We did see some Christmas Cheer with trees and tinsel.

Get all warm and cozy..Fleece-lined scrubs!! Here we go!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Leslie got all mad at Nikolas for lying about Faison!! They ended up  hugging and Spencer wants Britt to marry his Daddy! 

Ahahaaaa.. Nikolas gave the egg salad painting to Leslie!! heh..Leslie is taking Spencer to see UNCLE Sonny.  Sonny's sister, Courtney gave birth to Spencer. She died. WELL-- we think she did. 
Sonny and Spence were so cute together!! WOW.. and that kid could box!! 

OMG that was Rafe and Taylor, helping McSilas carry the tree! Random, but ok! OH, Molly and TJ stop by.
Junior Mint Holiday Edition! They are SO DULL..and two of them can't act. And I'm not saying which two.

Olivia and Sonny need to be the old couple in PC..you know, there's always an 'anchor couple'.  They could just dispense advice, do some mob stuff now and then and cook. Spencer looks just like him!!

Lulu and Dante. So not feeling it. Their zygotes are gone. 

WHY would Spin need to leave when you do Ellie? Let him pack!  Geesh.  This is stupid and in 6 months, the judge will revisit the case anyway! 
BTW, Supposedly Bradford Anderson is NOT going 'recurring" ..he's off. OFF OFF so said Head Writer Ron today on twitter! 

Spin took Corgi to see Maxie before he left.

Mac looked adorable in his reindeer antlers!!  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bradford Anderson OUT for Good on GH?

From SID: 

Bradford Anderson created a bit of a stir amongst
GENERAL HOSPITAL fans when he decided to go on recurring status as Spinelli instead of signing another long-term contract. But last month, the actor taped his final scenes and will be exiting the show along with co-star Emily Wilson (Ellie). Be sure to check out our next ABC issue, on sale Monday, December 23, for an exclusive exit interview with Anderson! 

When I reported on this, I felt he would be back after Kirsten Storms got back from maternity leave to settle up with baby "Connie". I still wonder if he will make an appearance. Never say never on GH. He could always do a cameo and let Maxie get custody back? 

And..who thinks he may end up on The Young and the Restless??

Pairs Day...

Exposition day


Kevin and Todd... Kevin's like..er... you killed Heather!? Okayyyyyy. Then they go off on a tangent talking about Lucy and Kevin!   Kevin thinks this is a "one time thing" with Franco.
They are going to have more sessions.

Sam and Spinelli: Sam..."don't go to Portland"! Spin: "But Maxie said it was ok"! 
Spin goes to tell Maxie his decision. WHY would Maxie tell him to leave 3,000 miles away when she has 6 months?

Maxie and Robin.   Maxie, wah..Robin..wah.. we are sad over our men.

Carly and Lulu. Um, why didn't Lulu give Spin all the baby clothes?  Lulu goes over the trial in case you missed it.

Dante and Sonny go over the trial in case you missed it.  Dom Z did a great job today.

Lucy and Scott: Lucy wants Kevin...Scott wants Lucy

TV BY THE NUMBERS: GH First in Daytime in over 6 years for women 25-54...and tops in others! Check it out!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anna and Robert

Talk about Faison... I still think something's up with Anna!!  "What we did with Faison" could mean anything.

Lucy says: Serenity NOW!!  Scotty wants  Lucy as his "Girl".

Heather painted EGG SALAD and sent it to Wyndemere because Faison ordered  it. EGG Salad, homage to Britt, I think!! hee hee
Leslie and Monica had lunch off camera...Liz told Nik that. Niz fans lit up twitter!! Liz doesn't like the Britt. Nik says they are a couple!!

Freakin' PATRICK!!!! Can all he do is cry about HIS SITUATION? Good Gravy. Robin needs to slap him silly. It's all about him..HIS decision? How about what happened to her?!!! GEEZE
I think he and Sabby have on their damn wedding rings!!  I know Sabrina does!
UGH He needs a COLONIC! ;/ talking to Emma...geesh. SHUT UP!
I am shipping Robina-- LOL, Robin and Sabrina can move in together and raise Emma together.
I still never saw him "That in LOVE" with Sabrina OR a lot of passion..so this is just flat. Flat as a pancake.  

Do you like Todd and Carly?  I like TODD and Carly-- Tranco is basically Todd, but with the history of Franco..so??

 LUCAS is back according to SID
Ryan Carnes, will be bringing Bobbie's adopted son back to GENERAL HOSPITAL! "Yes, he's coming back," executive producer Frank Valentini shares. "I got to meet him the other day. I like him a lot." Carnes, who is the second-to-last actor to have played the part, appeared on the soap in 2004-'05. There's no official word yet as to when Carnes will first air.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Diggin' A Hole...

Watched yesterday's show...Carlos lingering over Sabby's camisole. LOL.... and KM is sure hiding her stomach with her coat. Just sayin'...

Carly's shower was amazingly loooooooooong...no? 

Todays' SHOW:  

Tracy and Monica. Aw, Mon had a migraine! Luke comes in and tells Tracy that Sean got the antidote and Tiffany gave him the shot. All off camera. 

JURY'S IN! AJ is NOT Guilty!  which makes sense, as SK Is still on the show, sooooooo....
Tracy's like DOH! when he walks in, Monica's all happy. 

Franco's toting around Heather and Lucy shows up.  She just gabs and gabs...yada yada. She's Amy without the nurses' station. 
Geesh, Franco stood there with Heather hanging out from the trunk just gabbing away in the parking garage. 

Carlos is digging his own grave!  Wouldn't he whap them with the shovel? No way could he dig right now, btw...ground is frozen!! 

 Carlos' is Lily's Brother. OR he says he is...he could say that just to save his butt. 

Sam tells Carly about telling Julian about Lucas.  She's freaking out about her seeing Franco! 

OMG!! Todd found the GRAVE THAT CARLOS' dug..and put Heather there. ahahahaaa. Really, only in Port Charles. And don't you think the graveyard people would be like: WHO dug this?
I keep waiting for Heather's hand to pop up like Carrie's LOL 

Lucy and Scott are doing it!! AJ's boozing it up again.


Monday, December 9, 2013



Thaao Penghlis

According to Soap Opera Digest, the baddie  Victor Cassadine is returning!! Looks like the end of January will be the feta time!
He's Alexis' Uncle, btw!

Monday Mouth Madness!


I have a dentist Appointment today!! :) SOooooo let me know how GH is!! Who will cry first today? Will Heather meet her maker (Who is probably SATAN? ahhahaa

I'll try to catch it later tonight!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Tear Ducts

Wow, Over-use of those delicate little things this week, wasn't there!!? Everyone was crying a river! Sabrina, Paddy-- Robin...Maxie, Anna--you name it!  No one seemed to use a kleenex either. Ewwwww.

How did YOU like this week? It was supposed to be the culmination of months and months of waiting and hostage taking.  Did you get all tingly? For me it was like being on a roller coaster and then told 1/2 way through it had broken down and you had to get off.  The ride never finished for me.

Time to get those scrubbies on, wash up and dish about this week.  I'm eating the abandoned wedding cake from Sabby and Paddy's wedding. Care to join?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Week In Sabrina's Face...

AH, Betty had a BAD WEEK or what??
Behold...the entire gambit of her face, spanning seven days--

Happy Bride 

I'm almost MRS. DRAKE!!

Wait...what the HELL? 

Getting...Sick... Gettting..Sick..

Here it comes!!


IS my LIPSTICK still ok? Is it? 

Wait..what? I might have a chance?? 

Oh Nooooooooooooooooooo.

You came for me....but I am not listening..I am noble..I am strong...

And I'm putting ON MY DAMN GLASSES!! 

VOTE for Wubs PROP of 2013!

Wubber's Choice! Go to the WUBSNET and cast your vote for Prop of the year! Choices include:



HEATHER'S  BLT Painting! 


LAST year's prop was the DUKE Mask!! What will it be this year!!?? GO VOTE! You may vote once daily. 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...